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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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they say e-mail scammers are trying to trick i'm by citing tax fraud. they say that they then ask for people to var tie the last four digits of their social security number. and a link is given to click on. irs says be aware of this kind of scam and contact them if they see anything like this. good morning. i'm molette green at the live desk with new details on a shooting that sent a child to the hospital this morning in d.c. police only have a limited description of a suspect. we can tell you they found the boy in the 5800 block of foote street northeast. shortly before midnight after getting 911 calls and alerts from shot spotters. they have now wrapped up their investigation at the scene and reopened the roads in that deanwood neighborhood. is this not far from nannie helen burroughs avenue. the child is expected to survive. that is the l
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good morning, everybody. it is 5:00 a.m. >> one of the other big stories we're monitoring this morning, take a look at all the rain that is already starting to move in this morning. >> that could have a huge impact on the nationals home opener today. we have complete team coverage for you. if you have tickets to today's game from security to parking to the new food this season, we are your one stop shop and where there is good food and great baseball, there is my partner eun yang out on the field at nats park this morning. hey, eun. >> reporter: good morning to you aaron and erika. i know people are talking about the potential for rain, but that is not going to dampen any spirits here at nationals park. the field is starting to come alive as the team starts to get ready for the big home opener. and really they do have plans in place and they are talking about asking people to make sure they check their twitter handle on social media and the website for any postponement
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but at this rate, they want the game to go on. people are ready, fans are ready for this very exciting day. of course we really want to watch the rain and for that we want to check in with chuck bell to find out what kind of day we'll have. chuck, tell me we'll have a game today. >> i think that at least some portion of the game is likely to be played. don't be scared by the fact that it will be a washout of a morning around here. it's still dry on all corners of the beltway this morning, but look at that push of light to eventually moderate rain coming out of roanoke area. that's about four, five, six hours from reaching in to the metro. so plan on things to go from dry to wet fairly quickly. first drops nearing in on winchester, luray and charlottesville within the hour. timing out your rain chances then for the day, heaviest rain on i-95 likely between about 7:00 and 10:00. by 4:00 this afternoon, how long, there is a risk for a shower during the game. they will role be able to start it, but i can't guarantee that there wouldn't be a delay at some point during the game. speaking of getting the rds
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wet, let's see how they're holding up now under early morning conditions. right now overall we're look pretty good. as molette green mentioned, we have the situation in northeast cleared with police so the road is now open, 5800 block of foote street there in northeast. prince george's county overall everything moving along just fine. we don't have any big concerns there. nice and green. nothinging repo being reported. inner loop after braddock, right lane getting by the work zone. should be out of the way in a little bit. and 270 at old hundred, no problem. today is the big day, nats home opener. and you will notice what a big role security will play as soon as you arrive at the ballpark. kristin wright is live outside of the park now with more on the metal detectors that every fan will have to walk through. kristin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, what metal detectors are pretty common se
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park early enough on a home opening day to get through the metal detectors on time, right? to avoid the lines. to avoid waiting in long lines. the gates open at 1:30 today. that means you have 2 1/2 hours to get through. keep in mind metal detectors are at every entrance. it was last year that major league baseball said, you know what, we have to have metal detectors at all you don't wan through, you can opt for the wands. your bags will be checked by security and this season there are new efforts to keep everybody safe seen and not seen. so some that are quite obvious and some that are not. now, what could really slow you down today is if you bring something into the ballpark that you're not supposed to bring in. so "up" eun has the dos
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you need to know. big question for a lot of you is what you can and cannot bring into the ballpark. let's begin with what is okay to bring through the gates. you can bring a camera, although the lens cannot being longer than 8 inches. a lot of people just going to take pictures on their phones anyway. you are allowed one unopened bottle of water per person. up opunopened bottle. and you can bring your own food in a single serving bag. and you are not allowed to bring a bag that is larger than 16 by 16 by 8 which is basically a tote bag. but you heigyou might want to mt just in case. if your umbrella does not collapse, don't bring it. all up brambrellas must be able fit into bag. no metal, plastic or glass containers. once you get inside, things will look a bit
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one of the things that you will notice, there will be more netting extending out in to the stands. the nats are one of the five teams extending the netting over a dugout in a safety pre-cautious in response to new guidelines from mlb to keep you safer. and that's not the only new thing this season we'll talk about. we'll talk to you about new food you can try and wooe'll sit dow with the vice president of community affairs to talk about the impact the nats are having on the community and of course the problem of parking. everything you need to know before coming down to the park. i would highly suggest not driving down here. it could be pretty tricky. >> good advice there for sure. we'll check back in with you in a few minutes. today federal, state, local police will announ
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effort to keep off road vehicles off our streets. just this past weekend, a group of riders hit and dragged a d.c. police officer. and on monday, as many as 30 atvs surrounded an ambulance that was carrying a child. one rider reportedly threatened the driver. a dr. hall eoiged out his office and faces charges after a woman called 911 from the clinic in northwest. but court documents show she accused dr. robert yancey jr. of placing his, quote, groin up against her left knee during her physical exam. the woman says that happened after he repeatedly asked if she was in a relationship and made a loud sexual noise. three clinic employees denied hearing any noises from the room. the doctor was released on his own recognizance any zi and ordered not to practice medicine and stay away from the woman. he is expected in court later this h.
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this morning in the case of a missing d.c. girl, she's been missing since 2014. what's expected to happen in just over an hour. i know you're getting ready, but look at the tv. all that green and blue you see on storm team 4 radar moving in right now. but will you need the wipers by the time you leave work? and i'm eun yang live at national park for the home opener. we know what the players do on the field, but we'll let you know what the nationals are doing off the field to help the community, that's coming up next.
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but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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nationals today. the home opener beginning at 4:05 this afternoon. we have eun out at the ballpark this morning. you're looking at live pictures of the big screen welcoming people for opening day. >> that's right. eun is very excited to be there. good food, good baseball coming up. eun, how is it looking out there this morning? >> reporter: it's looking
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fan, hometown girl, so this is always exciting for me. it doesn't get old. as soon as i walk through the tunnel and on to the field, it just felt so great and it's exciting. such an exciting day. and i'm right here in the field right in front dugout and this is where the players will be practicing right before the very exciting day. one thing we do want to talk about of course is the weather. we're hoping for a really nice day. the rain is going to be a factor, so that's why we need to check in with chuck bell. >> i thought you had a trivia question for me. >> i do. okay. so can you name all the racing presidents? i want you to do your forecast and think about it and we'll come back to you for that. name all the racing presidents. >> i have to write that down. racing presidents. i'll work on it. i know who typically wins and loses. do we know how many there are. >> >> no, i'm not giving you any hints. >> no
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home opener weather over the past couple years, it's a tricky time of the year for baseball ear in washington. 2005, inaugural season, snoin and 66 on home opener day. but you can get quite a range. 2010 was the hwarn ets awarmest, the year after that, 42. last year, sunshine and 77 for the home opener. this year, we'll be rain challenged. here is future weather, 4:00 a chance for some showers in there. most likely between about 4:00 and 5:00. but then we should have enough dry weather to sneak the game this, but everybody should have their rain gear ready to go today. we'll look into the weekend and answer the trivia coming up about. >> i actually have the answer right here for you. inner loop after braddock road, they have cleared out of the way. 66 and 95, we don't have any problems on 66 or 95 this
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seriously. 95 at 123, gordon boulevard, everything moving along just fine. and taking a look up top of beltway, all of those routes in and out of town also have no major problems. i'll see you back here at 5:21. don't give chuck the answer! >> i'm sorry. >> he has to figure it out for himself. so no clues. we'll be back with you in just a minute talking to the vice president of community affairs. stay with us. >> thanks, eun. 5:14 your time. and divers are preparing to search for a d.c. girl who disappeared two years ago. police resumed their search for relisha rudd yesterday announcing they had new information in the case. megan mcgrath live now in northeast with what to expect from today's search. >> reporter: well, the search is expected to happen early this morning. in fact we could start to see investigators and police gathering here at the national arboretum as early as 6:30 this morning. they're focusing
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a arboretum. dive teams will be part of the search we're told. yesterday there was another search that took place here at the arboretum, that's the video you're seeing here. there were incidence of police officers involved. there were k-9 units on hand, as well. however, nothing was found. now, investigators have been brought to the arboretum by new information in the case. although they will not discuss the nature of that are information. the arboretum we should mention just down the street from the hoe it will where relisha rudd was seen with her alleged an duck tore, kahlil tatum. they were caught on video and that was the last time she was seen. the arboretum also close to other areas take have been searched. 8-year-old relisha rudd's family had been allowed to spend time with that janitor. we will stay on top of this,
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search answer is it happens. back to you. it's official, prince william county middle school will in fact get a name change. the decision came late wednesday evening after a resident-packed board meeting. one teacher says the name debate over godwin middle school has d distracted students. >> no one gave a darn until godwin's character until there were two groups of people who wanted a name on a school and only one school to name. >> last month they decided to rename it in honor of dr. george hampton. some felt the school board never gave them a chance to disagree with changing the name. one teacher says it ordeal has turned in to something that it should not have. >> the whole debacle has been made into a black/white issue and it shoit should not the hav. in the the board's decision is final, the school will be named for dr. george hampton. former stafford
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face trespassing charges this morning in fredericksburg. she was arrested in a wegmans. police responded to complaints that a woman was in the store telling customers personal information. stimpson failed to get the republican nomination for lieutenant governor in 2013. met stroe gettiro is gettin set of eyes as they launch another safety blitz. inspectors will be taking a closer look at ten track sections to see if there are any problems. if problems are found, some service could be suspended, but no system-wise shutdown is expected. 5:17. want to head back out to nats park where eun is standing by with our first guest of the morning. >> reporter: good morning. a lot of people rnkare thinking about the game and the team and how they will play this year, but nationals also think about what they're doing in the community and being involved in the neighborhood. joinis
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mccarthy who is the nats vice president of community affairs. thanks for joining us. such an exciting day. >> it is indeed. >> we know what the players do, they're playing ball, but they also do things off the field with the community. you can tell us about some of the programs? >> yes. baseball is an incredible platform to give back to the community. we very much want tone rich the lives of our fans who are so good to us. we want to being good to them. so we're very active in the offseason. this year we started getting in to the area of s.t.e.m. education, science, technology, engineering, math. teachers told us it's hard to get kids focused on those topics. if we can engage them in a friendly way, we might have a shot. so what is baseball about? math and science. >> people don't necessarily think s.t.e.m. and baseball go together. >> it's all about metrics. we trained about 80 teachers last month and we've already heard from them, they have gone back to the schools and are using baseball oriented curriculum getting kids engaged to learn science and technology and math in a
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baseball. makes their job easier. >> and you will continue to teach more teachers. >> absolutely. may 9 we will have about 30 kids in baseball s.t.e.m. fairs, winning projects will be showcased here at nationals park. and again teachers tell uses's hard to get a s.t.e.m. fair going, but if we can do something fun around it, kids want to do it. >> a great idea. thanks so much for joining us. we'll check back with you later. and now the nats are honoring the community in another way p what is sure to be a very emotion ald moment of is remembering five first responders who died in other area. officer ashley guindon, gentleman kay colson and brandon la pain, noah leotta and kevin mcray. after that two prince william county
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injured in the line of duty will troh o throw out the ceremonial first pitch. and then it is play ball and the team has a strong set to the season, two wins against the braves. however they did that on the road. so this home opener is a moment a lot of players have been waiting for. they told us that they are really excited. >> the day you lose those butterflies in your stomach is the day baseball is out of your system. so as far as that, it's always nice to be home and start the season off in front of the home crowd. >> even the pros are feeling butterflies. of course if they do play ball, but we're hoping it will be game on today even if there is a little rain in the middle of it, we should be able to clear it out. let's check in with chuck bell to find out more about the forecast and whether or not you have the answer to my question,
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most of these i know off the top of my head. there is washington, jefferson, lincoln and teddy. >> okay. you're missing a couple. >> how many are there all together? >> there are five. >> washington, jefferson, lincoln and roosevelt. the fifth one -- who is the fifth one? >> taft? >> taft and coolidge, that makes a six. >> but coolidge was retired. >> sorry, wabad info online. >> bad information from traffic. good thing she knows how -- >> you can't listen to pa lisa. >> good things she knows about traffic. it's a lot warmer than yesterday. temperatures are 25 to 35 degrees hire now than the same time yesterday. so even though it's not going to be cold, you will still need your jacket because of the marching raindrops railroaded raining in winchester, lore rai, not far out of
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about an hour and a half, it will be in manassas and eventually right here in washington. so rain gear required for the morning commute. this is where the bull being of the rain is, this pod rat ramod they're roanoke will get us very wet. after noon, we should get a little tapering off in the rain chances, so that is the good news. here is future weather, heaviest rain between 7:00 a.m. and about 10:00 this morning. then things die out just a little bit, maybe a little break or two of sunshine. 1:00 on future cast. so between 1:00 and 4:00, likely to be dry, but after 4:00, a risk of a passing shower or two. so a postponement not necessarily likely, but i couldn't guarantee that there wouldn't be at least a short lived rain delay or two. here is the forecast if you're going to the ballpark, cloudy, 52 degrees at 2:00, 63 at 4:00 with the risk of a shower. rain becomes more and more likely after about 6 ouk or 7:00 this evening. so should be able to squeak the
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about it. we dry out overnight tonight. and then we're blustery and school coming up for tomorrow. here is your forecast on into the weekend, 63 today, only 56 tomorrow. showers off and on showers, not a washout saturday, but saturday showers for sure. another blast of wind late saturday into sunday. that will be near record low temperatures on sunday. so another weekend lost to the wind, rain and cold. >> i'm so very upset with wikipedia for giving me the wrong information. they said nothing about that retirement. northbound rock creek parkway after virginia avenue, you can see we still have police activity blocking the right lane. just tweeted about that. 270, a tiny bit slow south of 70 all the way down to the spur, going to take you 29 minutes. and of course northbound you don't havefully worries. 66 and 95, rolling along just fine. prince george's county overall no major problems there.
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also rolling along nicely. i'll see you back here at 5:31 with a look at 270. it's 5:24. weeks after the terror attacks in brusselss, friends and family say good b-bye to two american victims. and another push to have the trials of six police officers televised. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we are a 100% fiber optic network... and fiber optics move at the speed of light. over the last 10 years, our cable competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more.
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wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first.
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the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. today friends and family will begin to say good-bye to a young american couple who died in the terror attacks in brussels. two days of visitation services begin this afternoon for justin and stephanie shults. they died seeing off stephanie's other at the airport on march 22nd. their bodies arrived in their home state of kentucky earlier this week. their funeral is set for friday. you may be able to see and hear more about the freddie gray trials if a court approves a
5:28 am
transparency. a baltimore judge agreed to consider the media's request during a hearing on may 10th. "baltimore sun" reports that request includes access to transcripts and evidence. it's the same scheduled start for the trial of officer edward nero, the first of six scheduled to appear in course since the mistrial of officer porter. gray died in april of 2015 after getting neck and spinal injuries in the back of a baltimore police van. i'm eun yang live at national park where the team and fans are closely watching the weather. rain will be a factor. coming up, we'll talk to the man in charge of the grounds here at nationals park and find out what they're doing to talk about the rain. >> and grab an umbrella. the rain is starting to move in. when will re see the heaviest of it? chuck bellas that in your four h
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narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews.
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she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. i'm eun yang. we'll have everything you need to know about the big home opener take including security, how to get here and what to skekt on expect once you arrive. and the gloves come off, from trump and cruz to clinton and sanders, how decision 2016 is heating up. >> i'm erika gonzalez. get out the big uh-h
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so let's bring in chuck bell with the four things you need to know about the forecast. >> absolutely. be ready to get rained on today across area pap certain. grab the umbrella. heaviest of the rain likely between now and lunchtime. tapering back to occasional showers by game time this afternoon. and another chance for record low temperatures coming up on sunday morning. there is the rain now, this is all scooping up in our direction here. so umbrellas required as you're heading out the door here early this morning. if it's not raining at your house yet, it will be soon. the up side is at least it's not freezing cold. temperatures in the 50s thousand. we'll be in the 60s by later on this afternoon. they should be able to squeak the game in, but if you're going down, have a poncho ready to go. if they postpone it until tomorrow, tomorrow will at least be a drier day for baseball. it is getting to be traffic time, so time to bring in melissa mollett. no rain yet, so whatever troubles you have, you can't blame it on the rain. >> no blaming it on the rain
5:33 am
no singing. northbound before 301 merge, left side blocked by a crash. no rain through the area right now as chuck said. still, though, have that problem. northbound rock creek parkway after virginia avenue, police activity blocking the right lane there. 270 at falls road, you can see no problems or any rain falling. and top of the beltway, those routes looking good. travel times in ten minutes. now give yourself plenty of time if you are heading to the nats home opener today. there are just a handledfful of parking locations. there are no parking in some neighborhoods. kristin wright has more on the best ways to get here and where to park. >> reporter: you know, what parking is not easy. we all know that. i remember coming to a game last year with my husband, we spent most of the time in the car
5:34 am
parking because we came with no parking plan whatsoever. and let me tell you, that is a big mistake. one that you don't want to make. so if you're going to drive to nationals park today, you want to be strategic. despite the massive amount of development around the park, high rises, condos, you name it, there are still we're told about the same amount of available parking as before. so that is one thing to worry about. advice, use the park mobile app if you can. you can pay the meter on that you can do it from your seat without missing the game. we talked to folks who live right around nats park and they really know the parking deal around here. best advice from them is simple. listen here. >> parking in the area is a big issue because of construction. i work down at district doughnut, so we have a lot of customers coming in asking where is parking, where
5:35 am
early. tell them to get here half an hour to an hour early. >> and you can actually reserve spots online in advance. we have all that information and much more in our home opener guide on the nbc washington app. eun, back to you. thousand the are area arounk has changed dramatically and people living around here are definitely taking notice. >> now there are four hotels i think being built, navy yard obviously, businesses coming to town. so looking nice, like a whole new part of the city. back 20 years ago it didn't look like this. >> city officials have turned old parking lots into hotels and restaurants throughout the area. a new hampton inn opened up as well as a buffalo wild wings. and all throughout the area, new restaurants are parking
5:36 am
my favorite style pizza is also around here and i'll have to check it out. nats came here in 2008 and the neighborhood has not the been the same since. back to you. >> i just moved back into that neighborhood a couple months ago and there is so much still being built. kind of nice to see. eun, we'll check back in with you. thanks. today in decision 2016, democratic candidates from maryland's fourth congressional district will debate. all six are hoping to replace donna edwards. they're expected to answer questions on issues like the fbi headquarters relocation. immigration and criminal justice reform. tonight's debate begins at 7:00 in the hyattsville municipal building in prince george's county. and to the new york presidential primary, donald trump is make sure how ted cruz insulted the new york values. he brought up the controversy again at a rally last night. you might remember the explosive exchange in
5:37 am
south carolina. cruz suggested trump was more liberal than he let on. trump used the city's recovery after the 9/11 attacks as a defense saying the city was insulted. recent polls show more than 50% of new yorkers plan to vote for trump on april 19. to the democrats now and a serious challenge from senator bernie sanders. >> i don't believe that she is qualified if she is -- if she is through her super pac taking tens of millions of dollars in special interest funds. >> sanders made that comment last night hours after hillary clinton questioned his readiness on msnbc's "morning joe." sanders won tuesday's primary in wisconsin, but clinton needs to win only a third of the remaining delegates to secure he
5:38 am
we've heard from many of who you want to help d.c. firefighter denisha morris. she lost her apartment in a fire on easter sunday. on tuesday, she received a huge gift from a fellow firefighter who didn't even know her. retired battalion chief john lee won the grand prize of a st. patrick's day raffle and after hears morris' story decided she needed money more than he did. 5:38 your time right now. buy me some pea nuts and cracker jacks and maybe a poncho. live look at storm team 4 radar. we'll show you that park this morning. we're waiting to see if the game will be delayed or called off at all today. we're hoping not. but meteorologist chuck bell will have a closer look at the forecast. and we'll take a look at the roads. new problem 95 north and another one in brandywine.
5:39 am
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. i'm it is a day full of excitement here at the ballpark. i can feel it already and the game is not until 4:00. the nationals home opener facing the miami marlins who left sunny and 80s behind. we're expecting wind and rain here. it's not going for affect the excitement, that's for sure. let's check
5:42 am
with the forecast. but first, another trivia question for you. >> i'm ready. >> tell me which building here in washington was the inspiration for nats park? i'll let you think about this one. >> okay. which building was the inspiration for nats park. >> so many beautiful buildings here. >> okay. i've never heard this question before, so i'm working on it. you're right about one thing, though, the marlins probably wish for sure they were playing this thing at home. a couple showers in miami, but 86 degrees down there in south florida today. we'll be milder here for a changes but nothing close to that. rain showers moving in to culpeper and rappahannock county ma marmi marching toward the metro. rain at the bus stops this morning, showers at recess. recess gets an "f." coming home, there could be breaks of sunshine and we could start the game dry with temperatures in the 60s, but i n
5:43 am
be a rain delay. 7 day forecast coming up. >> i was trying to look for you, but i couldn't do it that quickly. >> i'm not relying on your help anymore. >> 95 north before the beltway, a crash in the center lane. northbound 5 before the 301 merge, left side blocked by a trash. 270 top of the beltway, no problem. 95, 66 also good. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. i'm eun yang live at nationals park. half the fun is the food. coming up, we'll have the new food you can try.
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the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but not with democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. radar shows the advancing raindrops, they're coming your way. grab the umbrella, eveod
5:47 am
it will be a soggy start to your thursd thursday. 95 north approaching the beltway, a crash in the center lane really slowing things down. today is the nats home opener. a live look for you at the ballpark. says is it right there, opening day. weather and traffic going to be on a lot of people's minds today as they head down to the first game here at home. >> we'll have your traffic coming up, but we want to get back to eun yang anchoring from the field. >> reporter: good morning. this is such a great day. so much excitement for the home opener here at nats park. but everyone is talking about the rain and the potential for what might happen and this man has a very important job. this is john turnauer, director ofld
5:48 am
john, good morning. you know, i can see that you have this tarp down over the field to protect it. the rain is a big factor. so what do you do on a day like this when you're expecting rain and the game is not until 4:00. >> we'll certainly keep a close eye on it like we do every game. well be monitoring it closely and hopefully we'll have first pitch at the 4:00. >> is there anything you have to do after the rain goes away to make sure that the field is ready for the players? >> the good thing with opening day, the team is on the road, so we were able to get just about game ready under the tarp. so as soon as we pull the tarp, hopefully we will be game ready. so very little work that we'll have to do. >> and what about leading up to the big season? we know there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. what did you have to do to get ready? >> as far as getting ready for opening day, our preparation starts at the conclusion of the previous season. so subpoenas
5:49 am
started. and as soon as the weather turned for us this year back in march, we got out here and we've been out here every day since. and obviously working all the way up to opening day and hopefully being able to put out a good product today. >> and do you ever get tired or bored? this is something you do day in and day out. >> yeah, day in and day out from now until the end of the baseball season. so a lot of coffee, a lot of red bull and once we get in the routine, we get pretty used to it. >> john turnour, thanks so much for joining us. now, we alleways talk about how important food is during the ball game because that's half the fun, right? we get to eat a lot of fun things. well, we want to let you know about some of the new food options that are coming up here at nationals park. in section 302, pinch dumplings from maryland will be serving traditional chine
5:50 am
in section 105, virginia's recognized hot dogs and friday using local ingredients. and restaurants outside the ballpark are also getting ready. >> we have a real southern vibe here and i think everybody in the south loves baseball. so we do a lot of smoked meats and barbecue and i think it fits right in. >> and that was from a new restaurant in the area called due south. and today they will have a pop-up beer garden on fourth street. that is just for the home opener. there will be a lot of food, music and a excitement for this home opener. so even if you can't come in for the home opener because you don't have a ticket, you know there will be a whole lot of partying going on around the park to celebrate the boy being back for baseball. >> all the food
5:51 am
could go for a hot dog right now regardless of what time it is. eun, great to see you. we'll check back in with you in a few more minutes. 5:51. today president obama takes his push to fill the open seat on the supreme court to chicago. he'll make his case to students at the university of chicago law school where he once taught. the president nominated merrick garland to replace antonin scalia last month. a police officer shoots and kills a pit bull in northeast. this happened just off new hampshire street yesterday afternoon. police were called after a dog bit a woman. when they arrived at the scene, police say the dog moved towards an officer and that's when he shot the dog. one witness says it didn't need to he saepnd like that. >> i take the dog back up to the house with a stick. i said go, go, get back in the house. i let them in. somehow they got out. i don't know how they got back out again. they got back out.
5:52 am
see was the officers pointing the gun and shot the dog. >> the humane society took a second dog from the scene. the woman that was bit was taken to the hospital but is okay. attorneys for dennis hastert want probation for their client. lawyers for the republican asked the federal judge to sentence will him to a term of probation saying he was if poor health. has territory pleaded guilty to violating federal banking law. . has territory pleaded guilty to violating federal banking law.s. has territory pleaded guilty to violating federal banking law.i. has territory pleaded guilty to violating federal banking law. he could face up to six months in prison. everyone is watching the skies. chuck bell with more on what we can expect at the game. but first, do you have an answer for me, which building in washington, d.c. inspired nats park? >> the music is driving me crazy, eun. do i really have until -- i don't know the answer. i'm going to go with national space museum.
5:53 am
answer is national gallery of art. the east wing. it's beautiful in there. so maybe more reason to check out some of our beautiful galleries down on the mall. >> actually one of my favorite spots to go. good first date place the national gallery, as well. it was that pointed side on the south side of the stadium. oh, so close. outside this morning, we are oh, so close to getting rained on here in the metro area. it's already raining across much of northern virginia, raindrops advancing steadily towards the d.c. metro. it will be a wet ride to work and school today. heaviest rain still down here near roanoke, but that is also coming towards us here. heaviest rain likely in the metro between about 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. this morning. so still a couple of hours away. so we're dry for now, but if you're taking the dog out early this morning, walk fast or be wet. here is 8:00 a.m. on future weather. moderate rain showers right up and down the i-95 corridor, take
5:54 am
this morning. after lunchtime, we will get a little break in the action. could even see a little bits of sunshine between about 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon before clouds build back in and with the unsettled atmosphere, we could see the hit and miss shower chances. so your ball game forecast, cloudy skies at 2:00, a little sunshine. a shower possible at 4:00, and rain more and more likely toward the tail end of the game. so have your ponchos ready to go. what about tomorrow? if they postpone until tomorrow, better weather for baseball tomorrow. dry during tdaylight hours. and this weekend, you'll need to be dressed warmly. saturday cold, extremely windy saturday afternoon at game time and just flat out cold and sunny on sunday. high this s this weekend only generally in the 40s. your 7 day, not too bad today. cloudy, cool tomorrow. windy and cold officer the wee
5:55 am
week. trouble on 95 northbound just before the beltway, we have a crash there in the sfr lane and we are seeing some slowdowns because of that crash here this morning. again just before the beltway that crash still hanging around hoping it will be off to the right side soon and won't be causing any issues. 66 overall looking quite good. 7 east at battlefield parkway, a crash blocking the left lane there. northbound 5 before the 301 merge, left side blocked by a crash. big loork, overall pretty green. prince george's county school officials looking for parents' input on how to protect students. this comes after a school volunteer was charged with molesting students and making kild porn. ceo kevin maxwell has created a task force to figure out how this was able to happen, but meetings of that task force are not open to the
5:56 am
and online survey regarding reporting of abuse and screening of volunteers. some folks say they don't want to be shut out from the actual task force. >> i think transparency is important. it allows people to be held accountable. >> now, we've posted a link to that survey on our nbc washington app. just search task force. a teacher's arrested this newtown for having a gun at school. remember newtown is the site of the 2012 shooting where 26 kids and teachers were killed at sandy hook elementary. in this case somebody actually saw jason adams' gun and notified school security. adams was arrested and released without posting bond. turns out he does have a valid gun permit, but for thousand ed a now he's on administrative leave pending investigation. drivers overcharged on the express lanes in northern virginia will get some cash back. trans urban has settled a
5:57 am
more than a million dollars in fines will go back to drivers now. the returns could be at small as $10 or reach into the thousands. one driver says he was hit with $2200 in penalties because his e-zpass linked to an expired credit card. trans urban says it wants to make things right. >> i feel this is a win for every. a win to people who use these roads, ordinary guys like me, it's a win for trans urban who is doing business in in community and has to become a part of the community because they expanded. >> trans urban says drivers who do miss a toll on one of the express lanes will now have more time to fix that mistake. a judge expected to approve the settlement this summer. a live look at nationals park right now. the nats set to take the field for the first time this season this about ten hours. we are live with the changes you can expect at the ballpark this year. we're also watching a developing story as the search for relisha rudd takes a
5:58 am
where police will be searching for the missing girl this morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer.
5:59 am
's quiet right now, bruh fans will be pouring through the gates for the season home opener. >> and the tarp is out as we
6:00 am
we have live coverage from around the park all morning long to help you prepare for today's festivities. i'm sure a few folks leaving work a little early today to get to the park. good morning, everybody. >> eun yang got the lucky assignment today anchoring our coverage of opening day from nationals park. hey, eun. >> i do feel like a lucky girl being down here on the field for the home opener. i'm right in front of the dugout on this very exciting day. and you can feel the field coming alive and even though the nats do this every year, there is excitement and even the players said if you don't feel butterflies, you shouldn't be playing baseball. of course people want to know if the rain will wash out today's festivities. for that we put pressure on storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. tell us it won't be a complete washout. >> it will not be a complete washout today. i can play ball with the best of them. the bulk of the rain is heading


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