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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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come through, these downpours. heavy rain. a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued. >> that is now expired. you see where the heaviest rain is right now. around the crofton area, moving over towards annapolis. they reported a 40-mile-an-hour wind gust. do the south, another storm. this is to the west of fredericksburg. it should stay south of d.c. so again, athink the game is fine. there could be a brief delay. you can see around bowie, crofton, right along 50, along route 3 here. bowie, arnold and annapolis, we will continue to see the heavy rain. the wide view. notice the snow book to the west. >> that shows you cold air is on the way. we will talk about the cold, how cold things get for the weekend in just a minute. >> thanks, doug.
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get the news 4 interactive radar, that is. the news 4 interactive radar on the nbc washington app. >> that way, can you track the storms right down to your neighborhood. a bitter war of words, probably not what billy joel had in mind when he wrote the song "new york state of mind." a lot of people predicted the race would turn nasty when the campaigns hit new york. they were right. edward lawrence is on capitol hill now with details on a democratic dual. edward. >> reporter: doreen, senator bernie sanders is accusing hillary clinton of saying she's not qualified for the job. she says she didn't say that. that started after the question sanders' preparation for an interview with the editorial board of the new york daily news. hillary clinton took the subway in new york city. >> she's got people
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>> meaning potential societiers and calm an escalation of words with senator bernie sanders. sanders still upst. thinking clinton thinks he may not qualify to be president. clinton talked with matt lauer. >> i believe voters will be looking at both of us, but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >> reporter: but sanders didn't back off. >> if you want to question my qualification, let me suggest this -- that maybe the american people might wonder about your qualification madam secretary. >> reporter: for republicans, donald trump and senator ted cruz attacked each other and also the democrats. >> the democratic field consists of a wild eyed socialist with ideas that are dangerous for america and the world and bernie sanders. >> reporter: trump, trying to cement his huge lead in the new york polls and avoid a contested n
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night. >> i got this guy standing over there, looking at me, talking about new york values with scorn in his face with hatred, with hatred of new york. >> reporter: governor john kasich in the bronx tried to capitalize on the front runner feud. >> this is the broompgs. it ain't over. >> we don't quit. >> reporter: the new york primary is still a week first half away. drufr has now cancelled some trips, postponed the trips to california and colorado to focus his primary on this company in new york. he says this is how important new york is to maybe swinging the moment item back after he lost wisconsin. reporting live on capitol hill, edward lawrence, back to you, doreen. the republican race grows more uncertain. we posted an nbc news analysis in our app. to read it, you can use the term, the search term kasich. it is awful what we as human beings do to each
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time to time. ka is in point. a man burst into an apartment here in the district last night and opened fire. he wounded a 6-year-old child. tonight, that little boy is recovering as police continue to look for the man who shot him. it happened along foot street in northeast d.c., a couple blocks from the maryland line. pat collins is on the scene, matt. >> reporter: jim, people out here are just shaking their heads tonight, wondering how such a good little boy could fall victim to a horrible act of violence. this is what the scene looked like outside last night. this is what it looked like inside today. police say this is where a six-year-old boy was shot and wounded. they say two men forced their way inside shots were fired. the boy struck twice in his
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the little boy taken to the hospital. he was treated and released. his mother is okay t. gunman, he's still at large. people most upset by what happened here. >> it is zefb stating to say, say it. >> it's a shame. it's a place this neighborhood calls home. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: police say this was no random act. they say it appears to be the result of a neighbor dispute. a friend of the little boy's mother. >> it's just out of control. why would somebody come in and shoot? i have a child who's five-years-old. that's devastating news to know that came so close to home. >> people are working the case. so far, they have been unable to pinpoint a motive or identify a suspect. >> now to the story of some wild and crazy
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we have reported pedestrians and dly results. now, the police from d.c., maryland and virginia are joining forces in a crackdown. today the police released pictures of 245 suspects who have been caught on camera riding those illegal bikes. news 4's mark segraves learned they are trying to catch these people. it's frustrating to police. a bands of more than 30 bikes were videotaped there last weekend. mark, you talked to the chief and prosecutors today, what did they tell you is keeping police from getting these menaces off our streets? >> reporter: well, the law, quite frankly, doreen. they say the law needs to be tougher in two different respects. one they said, right now, unless they hurt someone, in the case where they did a police officer, this is a traffic
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any time, despite more than 200 arrests. they say the law prevents people in most places from destroying the atvs. it's been a revolving door. they conif is indicate the atv. someone shows up. a weeks later. they confiscate it again. they want tougher laws. >> what if the cop says run them down? >> reporter: the chief says that's a frustration the officers and public express t. police when they encounter these groups, they don't give chase. here you can listen to her answer that question. >> if a police officer and police cruiser attempts to pursue these vehicles, what will know we happen, we seen it happen, they will go up on the sidewalk and strike pedestrians. we're not going to do that. with our motor officers, as we are saw over the past weekend, i'm not putting
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eels's life at risk to try and pursue large groups of these vehicles in a manner i think people want to see us pursue them in. it's very frus rate ising for us as well r. now, the prosecutor said today the majority of the suspects who have been arrested have been adults in their 30s, mid-30s. if you want to take a look at all 245 pictures of these suspects. we have them at the nbc walk app. can you search dirt bikes. we will go right back to doug in the world trade center centers. he's got a weather warning t share with us. what's going on, doug? >> reporter: well the stronger storm is now moving out of the area. we talked to you about that fredericksburg storm. that is a severe warning in effect until 6:45, stafford count 80 i that does include the city of fredericksburg. so heads up, we could see very strong winds, could see hail with this storm. we have seen a little lightning, too, it's moving through the region. it should move through fairly quickly.
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will keep you posted. >> that warning is in effect until 6:49 i'll be back in a couple minutes. >> thank you, doug. what an entertaining start to the nat's home opener. julie carey is down there. he is quick on her feet. what does it look like now? >> reporter: you are right, i am high and dry. i have been talking about die hard nat's fans, showing you the crazy gear they are still sitting in the stands in spite of two downpours, thunder and lightning here. they have stuck it out. because in spite of that forbidding forecast, some fans were determined to be here for this home opener. nat's gear. nat's
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>> reporter: die hard naft's fans, yes, national's band aids a. season ticketholder lines up three hours before first pitch filled with optimism for this new season. >> we're starting with a clear slate and that's very, very important. you go in with high hopes. you hope the team stays healthy and plays well. >> reporter: for many here at the home opener, this is a can't miss event. >> opening day for each state, it should be like their own state wide holiday. >> i'm always excited. he got me into baseball. now like the opening day is like a holiday for us. i say it's a holiday inn our relationship. >> reporter: hundreds of fans, pulling out jerseys with their fate player's guide. he has grown a beard and he has come to resemble one of his favorite players. >> i have been doing this for years now. >> fans did get an unexpected treat, though, even before making
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this eight horse clydesdale team became the center of attention, creating a home opener memory for national's fans. now, on a fence just down the street, there are a bunch of famous quotes from baseball greats. this was my fate one today. there are only two seasons, winter and baseball. i'm a national also fan, i'm glad we finally made it to baseball. even though it doesn't feel like baseball. we are hoping for that soon. back to you, guys. >> we will start playing on the field again if a few minutes. we asked how far do you think the nationals will go this season? we have been sharing that question on facebook. most people think the team will have a --. coming up, a heart broken family, warning about a potential safety h
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millions of cars. it's a hazard that can be prevented. well, what's the speed limit here? is it 50 miles an hour or 25 miles an hour? or something else completely? a speed camera in this area is getting a lot of people. as a matter of fact, i'll tell you about the controversy coming up. >> mayor gar is back on capitol hill working the halls of stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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we've seen areas of heavy rain move through on occasion. now sunshine across much of the area. still dealing with that severe storm. right around -- severe heads up. >> that storm we will watch. into portions of virginia. prosz securities have dropped charges on six teenagers accused in a high profile beating back in february. our mark segraves has
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>> reporter: when the rider fought back. the other teenagers lunged at the man. five boys and a girl, all wilson high school seniors have been charged with aggravated assault. the charges were dropped. d.c.'s attorney general would not comment on the case. it's unclear whether the rain caused a woman to drive her suv off the parkway into a creek. she was driving northbound about noon. it was raining at the time. well, a speed camera in d.c. was handing out one ticket after another. it was driving motorists up the wall because the speed limit signs didn't match up. they made no sense whatev
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the problems aren'ted. we asked adam tuss to take a look. >> reporter: plenty of speed camera tickets handed out, now, all of a sudden no camera. >> i got 13 speeding tickets from a camera that's not even here. >> reporter: this driver got ticket after ticket after ticket from a camera like this one a few weeks back. he now owes $1,500. >> which think of it as a money grab. >> reporter: the issue here, he says, has to do with the speed limit signs, which appear. is it fist miles an hour or 25 miles an hour? or is it something else completely? the metropolitan police department says the whole reason the speed camera was put in here
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issue. we asked why the speed limits changed so frequently here, but why the camera vanished, although, it's possible it's a location that changes. meanwhile the camera has been lighting up local list serves. some who have received ticket are saying this is a classic speed trap. >> what is your thought when you were opening the mail and seeing one after the next? >> i wish i would have gotten it sooner. >> reporter: he says he does plan to fight the tickets. in northeast, adam tuss, news 4. we are learning new information about the death of a victim of the tenth victim of takata airbags. >> last week, her airbag deflated and ruptured. susan. >> that's right. today police in texas who investigated this latest death
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the victim should have walked away. instead, she was killed by her defective air back. we want to warn you. the video is graphic and may be disturbing. >> this is the metal fragment that we recovered from her neck. >> reporter: graphic and disturbing details reveal a news conference in texas, after an exploding takata airbag claims another life. >> this is the actual airbag an as you can see here, there are several holes within this airbag, where the pieces of fragmenting metal actually came through. >> reporter: the victim, a 17-year-old from richmond, texas, was driving this 2002 honda civic when her car rear ended other vehicle t. air back was deployed. the defective inflator ruptured. >> our investigation revealed that the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the right neck area, which severed her ju
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otid artery. >> reporter: the defective airbag inflators led to the recall of 24 million vehicles by 14 manufacturers. but replacement of the recall parts have been slow, honda offering free rental cars to consumers on waiting lists. the victim's car was recalled in 2011. in a statement, honda says multiple mailed recall notices were sent over the course of several years to registered owners of this vehicle. our records indicate the recalled repair was never completed. >> and our message today is to reengage the community, bring in awareness to vehicle recalls specifically airbag recalls. >> and there is a way to find out if your vehicle is a part of that recall, log on to our nbc washington app. you will put in a vin number there. now, to the latest on t
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judge merrick garland met with four democratic senators on capitol hill to talk about his nomination to the high court. meanwhile, president obama joined the law school, he once caught constitutional law. talk turned to the refusal to consider any supreme court nominee until a new president is elected. >> as a consequence, we have a 4-4 tie in the supreme court. potentially, at least two supreme court terms in which this vacancy will remain. >> that is unprecedented. >> reporter: this is president obama's first visit to the law school since he took office. a collision today, one vehicle was a police car. the other was a school bus with kids on board. >> last hour, we told you about the pains of metro's purple line. this hour, we will talk you about busines
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from the new transport. >> new at 6:00, we will take you inside a new training facility for police in prince george's county. we will sho w
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but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. . zouk, it's a challenging day for a weather forecaster around here, isn't it? >> it is, we are just watching these showers. you physical some areas we will get
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who got them today? right downtown. some heavy downpours have moved off to the east. a severe thunderstorm, we saw a rainbow about 20 minute ago. now we are looking at beautiful shots here. you see the blue skies off in the distant. cloud cover, too. more showers, just out of the south. more thunderstorms, too. you can see what's been happening over the last hour. these storms dying off as they make their way towards the chesapeake, annapolis seeing more rain, more rain in through warrenton and frederick. down towards extreme southern maryland, down towards st. mary's county, you see waldorf, around calvert beach. around the river year, too. inside the beltway, though, we are all drive. i will watch this one right here. this little storm. >> that may move along 66. if it does, it may skirt around the nat's game, restart of the game. severe thunderstorm warnings
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effect for 6:45. this storm has weakened. some wind associated with that one, too. this is all going to continue to move through. southern maryland, you are not done with the rain band yet. like the fast one, it will be a fairly quick mover. so there's the first round we saw dom through. here's the next round come through right now, there could be a few more showers. notice what's going on back to the west, though. snow. that's the cold air. we will continue to see this cold air. current temperature, 54 d.c. 62 degrees down toward richmond. 72 in virginia beach. 42 around pittsburgh. much colder air making it down from the north and west. >> that will be the case the next couple of days. temperatures with sunshine, 54 degrees, winds out of the west at six miles per hour. temperature wise the next few day, temperatures tomorrow about where they are now in most locations. 58 fredericks burg.
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from time to time. it will be rather cool and breezy as we move on through the day tomorrow. saturday, a different story. take a look at the wind chills for saturday. here we are around noon, wind chills in the 30s on saturday. that's going to be a cold day and, yes, we even have a chance for sour activity could be mixed with snow at times, a high of only 48 a. chilly and cold saturday and sunday. sunday morning, down to 29. >> that will be near record breaking cold temperatures on sunday morning, highs on sunday, even with sunshine into the force. the other thing about saturday, could have 30 to 40-mile-an-hour winds, by monday, though, we are back into the 60, even near 70. >> thank you, doug. gun control and the commonwealth. ahead at 6:00. the move virginia's governor made today that will keep certain gun legislation from becoming law. now the purple line is on track to be built soon, how it ll wi
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
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>> i'm scott mcfarland, first at 6:30, we're following a car chase temporarily stopped. it's los angeles, that blue convertible had been weaving through and around for quite some time. earlier t
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mustang was driving on the wrong side of the road and got on a freeway a. tour bus tried to block them at one point. the two men were throwing things while they were passing them. our sister station in l.a. are reporting they are robbery suspects. at one point, they were doing donuts in the middle of the street. they were riding on a rim on one side of the car. >> that convertible. you see it there, dodging through highway traffic, ha has a moment ago stopped. we'll see what the police do next. we will keep you here with more details as they come in. >> scott mcfarland, thank you. now metro's contract is approved, construction will likely begin at the end of this year. >> reporter: the purple line will have an impact on people who live, go to school or drive along its route. our chris cordin has more on concerns and who stands to gain the most from the new light rail
6:32 pm
line will be a plus for many, but could prove painful to some along the 16-mile light rail stretch that will be built between bethesda and new carrollton. ground breaking for the purple line is expected before the end of the year in prince george's county, which is already looking forward to its benefits. >> starting in new carrollton where we are doing massive development. this will help, to college park, we are doing a brand-new hotel and conference center. if we get the fbi, it's an added bonus, a feather in our hoot t. ro riverdale park station will be demolished, causing six employees their jobs. >> and there will be trouble for us, yeah. >> trouble meaning financial trouble? >> financial trouble, definitely, yeah. >> reporter: people who own buildings and homes near the purple line expect to see
6:33 pm
>> hopefully more people in this area, we bought the to grow the business and make the building bigger, yeah. >> reporter: with the purple line across the street. >> it will be great . >> reporter: in silver spring the purple line will require wane avenue to be twice as wide as it is now. >> that means some silver spring homeowners will have part of their front yards taken by the state. pedestrian safety is a concern for the students here. but even in this neighborhood, many residents are looking forward to using the purple line. >> it would be a way to actually connect us easier to bethesda and get us around as opposing to taking the red line for 45 minutes, which is essentially a ten-minute trip otherwise. >> reporter: the purple line is expected to be fully built and carrying passengers in six years. that's the latest live. doreen, back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you. it made for an unsettleing scene. a fairfax
6:34 pm
of students collided with a police cruiser in springfield. two of the students, a chaperone and a police officer all had to two to the hospitals. the students were headed back from a field trip just after noon today. police tell us the unmarngd cruiser was driving along black lick road when the bus pulled in front of it. >> it looks like the bus was on the eastbound side of floyd avenue traveling westbound. the bus pulled up to the bus sign and stopped and proceeded into the intersection in front of the officer. >> reporter: investigators say the officer could not avoid the crash. everyone is expected to be okay. three bills aimed at changing gun laws in virginia made it to the governor, but he refused to sign it. governor terryartin luther king jr. --
6:35 pm
the bill. it would make it hard tore prove brandishing a fire arm. >> we have worked so hard to protect these communities and families from violence. >> reporter: this year, the governor had bupartisan support for a separate gun control bill that he signed into law. you can read more of that by searching gun compromise in our nbc washington app. developing right now, prince george's county is a step closer to a new hospital. maryland governor larry hogan says he will not veto a bill mandating new funding. they were working on an agreement that would not require legislation. mark miller says the process was taking too long. the bill guarantees the hospital will be built. strip clubs in prince george's county will be closing tomorrow. tracee wilkins first reported this story, whose business
6:36 pm
that they have to stop operating by friday. the order follows a year-long court balle between the county a and the strip club, prompted by neighborhood complaints. county officials used zoning laws. they say adult clubs should be located in light industrial or warehouse districts rather than in residential areas. a teenager in loudoun county the way she reacted when her biological father stormed into her home with a gun. news for your health, a major advancement for a disease, often extremely difficult to treat lung cancer. i'm still tracking the showers across our area. you have a couple thunderstorms through the south. these track through southern maryland. they may clip d.c. again. we ave it forh y
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virginia was given a valor award today. her calm and quick reaction to a really terrible situation. a man ran into her house. to protect her siblings after her biological father shot and killed her stepfather. they honored her today for her heroic actions. >> despite the risk, desperate to protect your siblings, madison ran inside the home and ran upstairs, several deafening gunshots ran out. she directed her siblings safely into a bathroom for safety, in the face of incomprehensible fear. she maintained her composure and calmly called 911. >> madison's father was convicted of murder, just this week was sentenced to life in prison. in news for your health, a new
6:40 pm
cancer treatments with patients with advanced tumors. it's called a liquid biopsy. doctors say it's just as accurate as the more invasive tissue biopsy when it's positive. if the mutations are not detected in the blood work, then a traditional biopsy would be needed. doctors at the dana carver cancer institute in boston says they can result results from the liquid biopsy in days not weeks. >> if we get a quickesult in a couple of day, it tells us where to go next, instead of weeks, and get those results. we can accelerate the ability. >> now, this test is only used to help guide treatment a. blood testing diagnosis is still years away. as for the cost of liquid biopsys, they can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. >> this isn't about you. is it?
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with a few chapter in the "star wars" saga. this year, we will see the first spin-off from the originals. rogue one is an original story. it's meant to be a prequel to the original 1977 hit. saul new characters. the film site says it's about unlikely heroes uniting to steal plans for the death star. oh my heavens. rogue one will hit the big screen in december. oh joy. >> cingom
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offer insight to help you achieve your business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow at ♪ tonight, we're getting a first look inside a multi-million dollar training facility for prince georges county police. >> tracee wilkins got a first-hand look at the high-tech equipment used to recreate real life scenarios. >> once the scenario start, you interact. talk to it. >> reporter: the prince georges have experienced how intense it can be. when you are facing an armed bank robber. it's one of many training tactics featured at the new prince george's police training
6:45 pm
future. >> reporter: the company welcomed the building once operated by the irs. >> we built it to our specifications, so it meets our needs. >> reporter: it consol dates training and police resources, preparing recruits for the future in law enforcement technology. >> it's a better environment. >> as we tour the facility, the prince georges police officer are still wrapped in black bands, honoring the memory of an officer killed in a gunfire. four years ago, he was a recruit. his class pains with countless others on the walls of this new building. >> we carried that with them on runs and everythingching every time an instructor dpos in, they have to stand up and say their motto.goes in, they have to stand up and say their mott motto. >> it's how parent this work is
6:46 pm
with it. >> they know the training they are receiving and this stuff will most of the time help them survive, prevail and just go home at the end of the day. >> reporter: so this is the new police training facility right next door. we are expecting in the next year or so, this will be the home for the new police county headquarters. tracy wilson, news 4. >> this is something you don't see every day. nasa opportunity rover. that's the one up on mars. they snapped this photo of a dust devil on the red planet. it's a rising rotating column of warm air i thought there was a little atmosphere up there. >> there is. >> there you go. it picked up grains of dust from the ground. it transformed floating through the martian desert. >> now we know there is
6:47 pm
>> sliding twisters. >> that's pretty cool. >> i make it you heard that, too. okay. >> we needed a good laugh on a rainy, dreary day. >> it's getting now in most location, still some showers out there across the region. the good news is they started the nat's game an hour ago. we are watching showers and a thunderstorm or two. take a look at a storm through d.c. earlier. here's our studios out west. look at the winds picking up. here comes the rain, really coming down in part of the region, winds gusting upwards of 30 miles per hour, we did see some reports of 40 and even 50-mile-an-hour winds, look at that. now it's just about done there. right now, we are dealing with sunshine outside. here's the rain, making its way down across portions of maryland, across the potomac, a few more showers o
6:48 pm
were not done. mosf therea should stay on the dry side, with the exception of southern maryland, friday ricks burg, are you done, this rain through charles county, heads up at charles town, waldorf at 7:03. st. mary's i think will see the heaviest rain, watch out lexington park at 7:108. evening planner. we got sun and clouds across our region. more clouds coming in. 54 degrees, temperatures dropping. it will be a cool night tonight t. winds will peck up. we see a chill for sure. 50 degrees in camp springs. 52 back towards na mass sass, here's what's happening, you see a band of shower, that was the one right here. >> that stopped the naat's game. >> that is moving up towards delaware and new jersey now. it's all a part of a big storm system. look at this, the spin here. this twist in the atmosphere,
6:49 pm
towards the east and bring in some of that colder weather to make its way in? so if you are going to the game, saturday 4:05 start, cold, windy, a passing shower. bundle up for the games, sunny and cold on sunday. game time 1:35, with a 49 degree temperature there. if you are headed to the games, that's the biggest thing, bundle up. the shower activity. a 30% chance of a shower. 48 on saturday, 49 on sunday, plenty of sunshine here. you won't see the temperatures rebound until monday. next week, at least we're milder. highs in the 50s and 60s, a chance of shower activity on tuesday. the worst part of the 7-day forecast happens to be the weekend. >> early spring baseball. not for the faint hearted. >> very seldom is. >> you dress for this game like you are going to a mid-season football game. so true. we got sports coming up.
6:50 pm
going again down at the park. >> also, there could be history at the verizon center tonight. jason is up next with that and more. >> first, here's jason holt. he has a look ahead on nbc nightly news. >> qualified to be president, we'll tell you about the president generating a nasty exchange. there is new video of the mysterious man in the white hat at brussel's airport bombing suspect and narrator: all that political mail might be overwhelming. let's simplify. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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down at the verizon center where they can do some things they haven't before, huh, jason? >> reporter: history can be made by the xol capitals. their goaltender brayden holby can try to break the most records in a season. he can tie that record tonight against the pittsburgh penguins. a big game for the capitals. no shortage of motivation tonight for this group. the last time these two got totaler it was can cavs
6:54 pm
followed 6-2 in pittsburgh. the outcome doesn't sit well with these players. >> they don't like us. it's kind of always been that rivalry. they beat us pretty bad last time we were in pittsburgh. so lots of reasons that we should be up for this one and just making sure that we put forth a great effort at home here and send a message to them. >> we didn't prepare ourselves against a good team that's hot right now. it's a challenge going into playoffs in order to have that necessity of a top game in order to be successful r. some good news for the capitals. backstrom back in the lineup after missing the last three games with an upper body injury. he was hurt in that game against the flyers last week. he didn't miss practice time. his head coach completely understands his value. >> you know, as always the face
6:55 pm
the face, too. so getting him back i would say gives us a little more depth and options. >> we want to finish up strong and play good hockey. we have to turn it on pretty soon. it will be a different game in the playoffs. it's something we want to be ready. >> reporter: it's great to see nicholas backstrom back and healthy. the puck drops tonight against pittsburgh at 17:00. it's been a busy sports day, especially here locally. we will go out to nat's park right now. they had home opener against the miami marlins, what a day it was at nat's park, manager, dusty baker. we're seeing a warm welcome from national's fans. bryce harper receiving his mvp award and presented with the key to the city for the game. daniel murphy is still making noise, here he is
6:56 pm
of the 1st, it stays in the park, though, it clears the bases, that is murphy's fifth rbi in three aims. that one tied the game at 3. it went into a rain delay. they started up in the 3rd inning. the marlins are on top right now 4-3. the nfl pre season schedule announced this afternoon. take some time, still to be determined. the red king, stale start their pre season against the atlanta falcons him then they're at home against the jets and buffalo bills. they close out the pre season on the road against the tampa bay buccaneers. you can watch all the pre season games right here on nbc 4. meanwhile, they lose another play tore the nba this season. robert carter foregoing his final season at maryland, carter, a transfer from georgia tech. he was big for the
6:57 pm
season, helping them reach the sweet 16 for the first time in 13 seasons. carter led in rebound, he scored in double figures in 25 games. so, congratulations to robert carter, jr., we're waiting to hear if they will declare for the nba draft or come back to college reports, reports are out he is leaving, a busy offseason for mark turgion. a chance to tie marty brought zsczur for the most goals, or wins in a season by a goaltender. we'll see if he can get that record or tie that record here tonight against the penguins. jim. i will send it back to you in studio. >> jason, are you seeing carter as a 1st round draft choice? no, i don't think he's a 1st round, he's a 2nd rounder. he's been in college for four years. >> time to go i
6:58 pm
mon money. >> it's catching them turkeys down there, whopping them, so dusty can start off with a win. >> are you talking about the marlins now? >> i h time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
6:59 pm
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