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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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i just had to do this for noah. i said that, you heard me say that a long time ago. and i would fight for him. >> now, part of noah's law, as part of it, if someone refuses a breath test, they will either have to install an interlock for nine months are or have their license suspended for that time. you can find out more about the law and new requirements right now in the nbc washington app. now, now noah's law came at the of a marathon final day. they also passed the new criminal justice reform bill, that measure aims to reduce sentences for nonviolent drug offenders and focus on treatment. a plan to change how officers are hired, trained and disciplined also passed. a tax relief plan and bill to require companies that have at least 15 employees to provide paid sick days failed to move forward. two people will receive
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man. our partners about in charlottesville have learned the local crime stoppers branch will give awards who spotted jesse matthew jr. in texas lead to go his arrest back in 014. it will also reward a person in the charlottesville area who helped police. matthew pled guilty last month to first-degree murder in the cases of both morgan harrington and hannah brown. a former women's basketball coach with ties to maryland has been acquitted on sex abuse charges. bryce mckeen was briefly at the university of maryland, but charges stem from his time at xavier university. a accused him of gro groping her. he was found not guilty. an attorney called the ruling
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sad. today adam thiel will be named the new fire commissioner. thiel is virginia's deputy secretary of public safety and homeland security now. before that he was the alexandria fire chief for about seven years. it is now time for weather and traffic. and we'll start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. much warmer, but will we stay this way is the question. >> kind of sort of. the warmest part of the day will be the first part when you walk out this morning. temperatures already in the mid-60s. not going to be that warm later this afternoon. another rainy morning, have the umbrella ready to go for some april showers here on your way out. clearing out again just like yesterday, we should be back to sunshine this afternoon. but we won't be in the 70s today like we were yesterday. we'll be turning cooler once again and then after today, we return to the days of sun and pollen. i think that's a novel title, don't you think? the days of sun and pollen. raindrops out there this morning. again, grab the umbrella first
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thing. rain should be out of here by about lunchtime. afternoon temperatures, though, dropping back down into the 50s to near 60 degrees. may need a light jacket from later on today. >> raindrops on roadways not always good news. right now everybody is behaving themselves, so it's okay right now. taking a look at prince george's county, 50 into town, out of town, you can see we're looking good, but again all of this green is a bit of moisture falling right now through the area. inner loop after gw parkway, still have two left lanes getting by the work zone there, so that one is still hanging around. should be out of here in the next couple of minutes. 66 from fairfax county to the beltway, going to take you eight minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car this morning for the latest on the travel troubles around town. 95 here at lorton road, no worries. we'll take a live look at 270 coming up. a fight inside a waldorf baby shower could have turned deadly.
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kn now lynn jr. grabbed a rifle. someone flagged down officers to help. >> he tried to hide behind a vehicle. the officer was able to call him out. the wech was eventually recovered. >> nowlin faces several charges. and the gun was stolen from north carolina. d.c. mayor bowser visited residents last night to announce the arrest of michael wiggins. a stray bullet from his gun hit a 7-year-old girl last friday on knox place. she is still in the hospital, but doing well.
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another fight at a donald trump campaign rally, this time in upstate new york. you can see a man pushed another man in the face twice. police in albany say they took one of men out of that crowd, but did not make any arrests. tonight trump will take part in a cnn town hall event, the gop frontrunner may be asked about accusations he made sunday that the nomination process is rigged. in recent weeks, senator ted cruz has collected more delegates than trump despite trump's claims that he is winning more votes. senator cruz suggested trump was, quote, whining. john kasich called the nomination process, quote, bizarre. and one week away from the critical new york primary, democratic hopefuls senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton will campaign again in the empire state. and nbc news "wall street journal" maris poll puts krin top ahead of sanders by 14 points headed into the brooklyn debate on thursday. the poll has a margin error of about four points. federal health officials say
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than they first thought. researchers now say unborn babies are at risk throughout pregnancy rather than just the first trimester. the mosquitos that carry the virus have now been found in 30 states including d.c., maryland and virginia. the biggest risk may be for pregnant women along the gulf coast. would be tropical disease expert says microcephaly could devastate the region like hurricane katrina. >> areas of extreme poverty and poor neighborhoods such as houston, new orleans, maybe tampa, that we are highly vulnerable to seeing zika virus transmission lead to go microcephaly cases. >> health officials say they don't anticipate a widespread outbreak here in the u.s., but everyone needs to be prepared and educated. happening today, staff bucks is adding wine, beer and small plates to its menu now. five
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evening service menu at 4:00. italian wines, craft beers and snacks like truffle mac and cheese will knnow be served. >> i think one of the locations is right by the station, so there is a plan. >> for what exactly? >> just saying. 4:00, you know, that's pretty late in our day. >> 4:00 somewhere, right? wonder what the prices look like. >> we'll did? research, quote/unquote. chuck bell, you joining us for that? >> you bet. who's buying? that's all i need to know. >> and we'll talk to chuck about a turn for the better in the weather but you wouldn't know that by looking at radar. >> and there is a sinkhole, too, that is more than a dozen feet long, it swallowed up a busy road. what investigators think the caused the pavement to open. >> and what is in
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delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen,
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a 3 month old baby is fighting for her life after being stabbed by a family men in prince william county. police say leah arrington was watching the child when she stabbed her in the lower body. this incident
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afternoon on ridge view court in woodbridge. >> so it's a good thing nobody was in the middle of a central california road when it collapsed. take a look at this sinkhole. you can see it gets bigger. you can watch this open up. unbelievable. it's a 15-foot deep hole. this is in the say of madmadera. >> that's scary. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. you know, yesterday, chuck, the sun came came out and i was thinking maybe is this the turning point. >> maybe. maybe. >> a big scientific maybe. >> it wasn't, but it could have been. we'll be back to pretty much a repeat performance of yesterday. p we're starting out with rain crops again this morning and it will clear out again this afternoon. but today, unlike yesterday where we had the big warm-up later in the day, today it's warm first, later this afternoon it will be turning breezy and
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so on your way out, grab your umbrella and your rain slicker, but temperatures later on this this afternoon, falling from mid-60s now back into the upper 50s to near 60 by later this afternoon. but at least we'll be drying out and going pack back to sunshine. melissa mollett is with traffic. you can see we still have a little bit of rain falling through prince george's county. some of the roads there a little wet. rest of the beltway looking good. night and dry. the earlier construction inner loop at gw parkway is out of the way. beltway at colesville road, looking good. 66 inbound and outbound rolling along just fine. 66 miles per hour. what do you think about that. 95, quantico to the beltway, going to take you 17 minutes just like it should. see you back here in ten. one week away now from the new york primary, but some presidential candidates are already eyeing another state. why they're turning their attentbe
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biggest races of election season. and a rock star heads to capitol hil kathleen matthews: imagine paying 20% more for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood,
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now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. life's morning multitasking for a growing family,
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to show exactly what you need. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. quick note for you. sir ratsville high school will be closed because there is a water main leak in the area, so closed take in prince george's county. in decision 2016, senator ted cruz says donald trump is nothing more than a quote, whiner. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: good morning. and donald trump is claiming that that racist, he has a 33 point i
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louisiana, he should have more. we took a look at it, he's got 45% of delegates right now, but only 37% of the popular vote. and it's not just trump. ted cruz is also claiming that the system is working against him. in michigan where the state convention just elected delegates for trump and for john kasich, cruz claims he was squeezed out because trump and kasich people were working together. kasich denies that. meantime the democrats back to new york where they're both very focused. hillary clinton with a 14 point lead focusing if it on gun violence and whether bernie sanders supported gun manufacturers. meantime sanders is in buffalo talking about jobs and how trade policy supported by secretary clinton cost them be jobs this buffalo. we'll see what happens because this is a closed prinmary, so
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registered can vote. a lot of the independents supporting sanders can't. >> tracie potts, thank you. judge merrick garland has what could be his most important meeting today in the nomination process for the supreme court. judge garland will sit down with senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley this morning. the republican is key in deciding whether the senate will hold a confirmation hearing for garland. many republican lawmakers are pushing against the hearing. they say president obama should not be allowed to fill antonin scalia's seat in the last year of his presidency. scalia died in february. u2 singer bono is testifying about violent extremism on capitol hill today. the musician is going before the state and foreign operations subcommittee. he plans to talk about the role of foreign countries to help fight terrorism. he will be joined by deputy secretary of state and former national security adviser. >> the secret service says a man ride to jump the white house fence last month, now an arrest warrant has been issued for a
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to court. jose fuertes was arrested on the bike racks that serve as a barrier and charged with a misdemeanor. do those metro station names help you get to where you're going? two very busy stations could get new names apparently. metro is trying to decide if it should add national mall to the smithsonian station name or kennedy station to the foggy bottom george washington university station.district would have to pay thousands of dollars for the new signs and some riders are not convinced they're needed. >> the biggest thing is look at the map before you get going rather than just get down here and try to figure out which way to go. >> look at him thibeing logical. read the map. what? a metro survey found that more than half the people supported adding national mall to the smithsonian stop, but only 26% of people surveyed supported adding kennedy center to the foggy bottom station. >> that's more of
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there. it's now 4:48. in the day ahead, terry mcauliffe will speak at the annual government forum on cyber security. mcauliffe will address a growing number of cyber security threats against virginia and america's electrical grid. when it dos to your bottom line, how much of it you pay in taxes depends on where you live. virginia, new rankings from wallet hub show that virginia comes in 39th place. the findings show residentses have a total tax burden of 7.8%, that's the percent of their income they pay in local and state taxes. maryland residents pay nearly 9.4% putting the state in 13th place. new york has the highest state tax burden at more than 13%. these rankings did not include washington, d.c. thanks to spotify, you can jam to the favorite songs of some of your congressional members. spotify lee leasreleased
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lists sunday about cory booker's list is a collection of soul, hip hop and rock featuring michael jackson's man in the mirror, and that is an amazing song. queen's bohemian rhapsody. it's a good list already. paul ryan's lists under pressure as his lead track and better sweet symphony. >> the birds. never heard of that. >> a throw back to the nifrn'90. >> i'll have to look that up. >> so i have to download it. we have to come up with our own play lists oig. i tried that last year and nobody wanted to play. >> we're willing to listen. decent songs if nothing else. >> oh, the weatherman. >> that's what i'm here for. outside we go, and we love this mild weather. jumped up yesterday, bonus territory. five degrees warmer than forecast yesterday. made it up to 74.
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outside and enjoy it. sunshine yesterday afternoon has given way to clouds and rain chances again here early this morning. but we'll be right back to sunshine before you come back home from work and school. so what to expect through the day? showers to get you started. turning breezy and dry this afternoon. and temperatures start to fall. unlike yesterday, there will not be the big warm up in the afternoon, there will be a bit of a cooldown coming. so the weather will impact your plans most first thing this morning. if you have stuff to do outside, may want to delay that until noontime or so. by this afternoon, clearing skies, breezy, but turning chilly once again .next couple days will be a smidge cooler than average. here you can see the rain chances now, it's not raining everywhere, but everywhere has a chance to be rained on between now and about 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon. here is our high resolution computer model to simulate the rain here early this morning. showers in southern maryland, another round likely to be on the capital beltway by about 7:30 this morning.
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these showers will spill down into southern maryland. drying trend starts about 10 ouk, 11:00 this morning. by then should be dry from hagerstown to winchester. still lingering showers along i-95 at 11:00 a.m., but with time by 2:00, lingering raindrops only left into parts of southern maryland and out on to the eastern shore and everyone is dry and getting back into sunshine by 3:00, 4:00 this this afternoon. so it will turn into a pretty afternoon after we had raindrops here this morning. so 64 out the door now. staying cloudy with the raindrops around here for the rest of this morning, but again the afternoon is looking great turning into a mostly sunny afternoon. but temperatures not the big jump. we will hold in the low 60s and then fall back into the mid-50s by this evening. here is your first peek at the "7-day forecast." rain chances and falling temperatures today. turning cool and on the chilly side the next couple of days, but, wow, look at that, sunshine starts tomorrow and goes all the way through the weekend. 70 on sunday.
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how about 77 next monday. that sounds like melissa mollett's kind of weather. >> thatounds right up my alley. very excited for that. 270 here as promised, live look at shadity grove road, we look good. something just popped up in my system, 95 south after centreport parkway, disabled vehicle blocking the right lane and into the ramp. so a tow should be on the scene there shortly. taking a look here top of the beltway, no problems there on 95 in maryland right now. overall, prince george's county looking quite good. again, seeing the band of rain moving through the roadways there, across the roadways i should say. beltway at braddock road rolling along just fine. 66 from fairfax county parkway into the beltway, going to take you 8 minutes just like it should. a terrible accident distracted driving or something more? a crash involving a 10-year-old that has some people wondering if something else is to blame. and just in this morning, crash results on
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trucks. whe yours stacks
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but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. if you're just joining us, we continue to follow breaking news and a reported arrest in the stabbing death of 15-year-old john evans. evan s died after being stabbed at the deanwood metro station. an update in a few
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and check out storm team 4 radar here as the rain starts moving through our area. chuck bell says things are about to turn around. he'll tell us when. a closer look at 5:01. 4:57 now. police in charles county are trying to figure out whether distracted driving caused an accident on sunday in waldorf. a 10-year-old was riding his bike in a clearly marked crosswalk when he was hit by a car. police say the driver did not stop until she hit the boy. they want to know what the driver was doing just before the accident. >> there is no indication that she was on her phone at the time of the accident, however, we are backing that up by writing some search warrants to check her phone records. in. >> and police also rooking in to how fast the driver was going. if you drive a truck, listen to how fast the driver was going. if you drive a truck, listen up. there is only woonly one full se that gets a top
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comes to front crash tests. take a look. the 2016 ford f-150 highest rating of good and only three of the seven rated acceptable. they include chevrolet silverado, gmc sierra and the toyota tundra. we did reach out to ram who had the poorest rating, but we have yet to hear back. that's the latest from the live desk. eun, back to you. in consumer reports this morning, if you want to fly first class but don't want to pay the hefty price, try flying on a wednesday. a new report from fare compare says wednesday is the least expensive day to fly first class. if wednesdays are a problem, then try tuesday or saturday for the best deals. fridays and sundays are the most expensive days to fly first class. you can ride coach and save a whole lot of money. it may be a good time to kick off that
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according to a new study from more than 20 checking accounts in the u.s. are offering 2% interest or more on savings accounts. the average nationwide is about 1.65%. some higher rated accounts may include a certain number of debit card transactions or even paying bills online. bees are considered the most important pollinator on the planet, but they're dying out apparently. so there is a new special initiative at george mason university to study bees and make sure they have healthy hives. the honeybee initiative studies bees all summer long and they say their work is incredibly important. researchers do. >> every person needs bees because you seat and if you eat, you need to take care of the bees. >> bees and pollination are responsible for about a third of the fooded that we eat every
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we have a development in the brussels bombings. two more men charged with terrorist offenses in connection with last month's deadly attack. the men are believed to have provided the hideout apartment for one of the bombers. one of the men was reportedly carrying the bomb, but for some reason didn't follow through with the attack. but we do know between the airport and subway attacks, three suicide bombers killed 32 people on that day last month. it's 5:00 achl. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. let's check our weather first with chuck bell. i like the nice warm-up. >> it's really warm outside this morning. temperatures didn't fall hardly at all overnight. south winds and a cloudy sky and it's in the low to mid-60s as you go outside early this morning. so you won't really need any layer of warmth to keep you going this morning. but you may want to have your rain slicker ready. light rain from frederick to hagerstown to martinsburg to winchester. a little pocket of dry weather


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