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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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media then at the deanwood metro station, it got physical. it got deadly. we begin our story now with the victim's mother. >> to me, god gave me a son and i got a son taken from me. just like that. >> she is trajie wells, she just had a baby bow four days ago. yesterday her older son murdered at the deanwood metro station. 15-year-old john evans stabbed to death there. charged in the murder, 18-year-old ja javonty hall. >> the two had had a dispute that was ongoing. and by happen stance, they ended up being on the same metro car and when they met up, this altercation ensued. >> according to court documents, the two men were engaged in a verbal altercation, stemming from social media. both threatened to harm each other physically.
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witness says that evans punched vante in the chin and vante returned the punch. witness says that evans eventually fell to the ground, grasping his neck as he bled. a month ago miss wells says she took her son to richmond, virginia, to get away from the violence in the streets of washington. she brought him back yesterday for a court date. he was taking the metro home when it happened. >> he was the reason why we tried to move away from the area. because i've seen, i just seen it. seen it coming. i just seen it. >> murder suspect javante hall is no stranger to the law, i'll have more coming up on that at 6:00. live at superior court, pat collins,
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i'm adam tuss at the deanwood station where both d.c. police and metro transit police have promised to increase their presence here after the two deadly incidents here in the last couple of weeks. so did it really happen today? were there more transit officers? what are riders saying all about these episodes at this one particular station? that part of the story coming up at 5:30. developing now, nearly 100 more people were arrested on capitol hill today, during a week-long protest calling for campaign finance reform. 85 members of democracy spring were charged with unlawfully demonstrating. more than 400 of them were of that group were arrested yesterday. in total, 3600 people from across the country are in the district for this protest, they've pledged to risk arrest if their demands for reform are not met. now to decision 2016.
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early voting starts this thursday, right here in maryland. and tonight we're hearing from some of the candidates hoping to fill the open congressional seat for maryland's fourth district. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins outside an early polling site in landover with the story. >> this is expected to be a competitive race. and today we spent the day with four of the leading candidates. >> this is anthony brown. >> if you live in prince george's or anne arundel counties, you may have heard former maryland lieutenant governor anthony brown call you from his cell phone. asking for support for his run for the fourth congressional district. >> i do phone banking. i've been, i've been to senior centers and metros and barber shops. >> said being more hands on is the lesson he learned after losing his run for maryland governor in 2015. he's also showing more of his personal side, in new tv ads and says his experience is needed on capitol hill. >> i bring a breadth of experience, i've served as a member of the
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served in the executive branch. i know how to make government work for working people. >> at glenn ivy's campaign -- >> tremendously excited to have his support. >> the former prince george's state's attorney is rolling out a new endorsement from former u.s. attorney general eric holder and has raised the most money in this race. more than $1 million. >> we want to represent the people in the district, make sure that congress is working for them instead of the other way around. >> i bring a perspective than that no one else does. >> maryland state delegate jocelyn melnyk with the endorsement-the-"washington post" is hoping that her tough as nails slogan can win her the u.s. fourth congressional district seat. >> the fact is if congresswoman donna edwards doesn't win or myself or another woman, we will have an entirely male delegation. >> warren christopher, a retired army lieutenant colonel is running a
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>> i know that i'm not you know someone that's tied to big money or special interests, but i am tied to the people. >> now this is one of the early voting sites in prince george's county. early voting starts this thursday, goes through the 21st. election day son the 26th. it's very important that you check your early voting site. because it may have changed. we have the early voting sites in prince george's county listed on and on our app. you can search prince george's early voting to find locations. reporting live in landover, tracee wilkins. jim, back to you. >> john kasich is hoping to get the attention of maryland voters ahead of the state's primary, he's holding a town hall at savage mill in howard county tomorrow afternoon. and on thursday, early voting again starts in maryland running through next thursday. maryland holds its primary april 26th. the same day as pennsylvania, delaware, connc
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island. with possibility of a contested convention for the republicans, there's been a lot of focus on an outside candidate. a white knight ultimately getting the nomination. riding in and saving the day as some say. well now at least one major republican is saying it's not going to be him. chris lawrence is in the news room with paul ryan's comments today. >> well wendy, speaker ryan has repeatedly said he's not interested in the job. late this afternoon he went to rnc headquarters to try to make that crystal clear, saying he wouldn't accept the nomination even if his name came up. now some people pointed out the fact that he initially declined to run for house speaker. but ryan says that's apples and oranges and being drafted to to be speaker is a far cry from president. >> i was asked by my colleagues to take a responsibility within congress that i've already been serving in from the one that i had. that is entirely different than getting the nomination for president of the united states by your party without even
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i chose not to do this. therefore, i should not be considered, period, end of story. i would encourage those delegates to put in place a rule that says you can only nominate someone who actually ran for the job. >> ryan says he thinks the republican party can ultimately be a party that's defined by solutions and says his current role as house speaker gives him a unique opportunity to further a conservative agenda. wendy? >> chris lawrence. firefighters face dangerous conditions on the job every day. but more of them die from cancer and other work-related illnesses than they do in fires. tonight, a d.c. firefighter who is dying and can no longer work. is fighting to get the benefits he and many others need. news4's mark segraves is live in northwest d.c. to tell us his story. >> yeah, firefighters say there's a difference between if you die with your boots on, or your boots off. but they say there shouldn't be.
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and mayor approved legislation that would close that gap. and would fund full benefits, health benefits and retirement benefits for firefighters who get work-related illnesses like cancer. but they never funded it. now you're going to meet a firefighter who is dying of a lung disease who says he wants to help other firefighters get those benefits they so desperately need. >> there's no cure. the disease is determine nal. the average life expectancy is three to five years. in my case i'm progressing more quickly. >> 53-year-old larry dipietro has spent the last 27 years as a d.c. firefighter. he never smoked cigarettes, but now has a lung disease that's killing him. he believes three decades of being exposed to toxic smoke and diesel fumes is how he got pu pulmonary fibrosis, but the d.c. fire department doesn't recognize it as a line of duty illness. >> larry has
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like what we're seeing people coming off the 9/11 that worked that pile. >> congress recently passed legislation so that the 9/11 first responders could collect full benefits, but d.c. firefighters who get cancer or other illnesses are forced to retire with only limited benefits. >> they're put in the position where they can no longer do their job because they wouldn't be eligible for retirement. we're not being supported. >> councilmember kenyan mcduffy who oversees the fire department's budget declined to answer our questions about why the bill he voted for isn't funded. did he note how much it would cost after hearing dipietro's story. >> it would increase the district's expenditures by $6.9 million. >> $7 million, yeah. out of a $13 billion budget. it's not a big ask. >> as for dipietro, he has budget concerns of his own. >> it's going to work a few more years. but based on my condition, i'm, i can no longer work. >> larry dipietro is still up there today, sticking up for his
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full well he'll never see the benefit from it. that to me is the definition of brotherhood. >> and that brotherhood is why depetro testified before the council today. the good news for him, he has 27 years on the department, so he can retire with that package. he says he's doing this for the younger firefighters. coming up at 6:00, we put the question to the mayor and the fire chief, where they stand on funding this. we'll give you their answers next hour. back to you. let's head to the storm center, we have a beautiful afternoon. but it's going to get a little chilly out there. any more rain coming? >> no, the rain has moved out. and that's the good news here. the rain is gone and we're going to say hello to a lot of sunshine over the next few days. and right on into next week. there's the rain we saw this morning. probably affected you out at the bus stop. now pushed to the south. we've seen the sun and behind this, we're at 63 in d.c. that's the warmest, one of the warmest on the map. 50 in
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college. colder air moving in and a frost advisory in effect for areas north and west of d.c. around friend rick and leesburg. clarksburg and northern pork portions of fauquier county. spectacular weather coming up. we've seen an effort especially during the presidential primary season, to raids the minimum wage. and now montgomery county is hoping to lead the way in maryland. county lawmakers introduced a new measure that incrementally raises the minimum wage. right now it's $9.55 an hour. it's set to increase to $10.75 this july and $11.50 by next summer of all of those are still above the federal minimum wage, which hasn't been seen a bump since 2009. new york and california by the way are both in the process of
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d.c.'s mayor muriel bowser said she support as $15 minimum wage. the head of metro in the hot seat about safety. now at 5:00, the new information in advance of a hearing on capitol hill tomorrow. a hearing that could get heated. a year after part of baltimore fell in the chaos, how teach remembers taking some unusual steps in the classroom to help their students cope. and a judge gets quite real with teenagers in court. >> you'll in this body bag. >> what this judge is saying now that now that her wordhave gones v
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new children in baltimore coping with stress beyond their years. violence like the unrest over freddie gray's death is taking a toll in families already dealing with poverty. now doctors are sk studying whether medication can help them cope. nbc's craig melvin reports. >> deep inhale in. >> for 12 weeks, these inner city students have sat in this circ
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>> focus their breath and work to calm their minds. they are kids learning to cope. >> what's happening? >> it was kind of chaotic. in the middle of that, can you stay focused. >> i had a lot on my mind and in my heart. and it was a big relief. >> doctors at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore launched a program teaching mindfulness meditati meditation, they were seeing too many young people saddled by toxic stress, brought on by living in a place where crime and poverty have soared for years. then, violence and unarrest rest in the wake of freddie gray's death nearly a year ago made it worse. >> in my neighborhood there's a lot of fights and violence up there and i don't come outside. >> they already feel a lot of stress and a lot of weight on their shoulders. they worry about what they might find out when they walk out their door. >> pediatrician erica studied the practice at two baltimore schools to see if it coul
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the results were significant. in a recent study published in the journal of "pediatrics" sabinga found students who medicated found suer signs of toxic stress, less depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and anger. >> it gives them the space to understand what's making them angry. giving them tools they understand that i don't have do react immediately. in a moment of anger. >> at comington square school, their program called destress teaches middle school students and journalists how to focus your mind -- but also how to react to situations more positively. a lesson 13-year-old jeremiah scott needed. he used to get in fights at school. now he's almost mastered self-control. >> the breathing technique. just to calm myself down and walk away. >> courtney bat kiloliter now tune out her surroundings to concentrate on schoolwork. >> it made me feel like i can do other things that help me calm down, and stott being stressed out.
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>> it's been a year since a woman named rachel dolezal made headlines, the former naacp chapter president who stepped down amid questions about her racial identity. speaking with savannah guthrie on the "today show" this morning, dolezal said she has no regrets identifying as a black woman despite being born to white parents. >> i do wish that i could have really owned you know, given myself permission the name and own the me of me earlier in life it took me almost 30 years to get there. >> what is race? >> one human race? why do we so want to go back to that world and be separate races. >> since last year, dolezal had a third son. she's working on a book and hopes to get back to teaching. only one large pickup truck
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from the institute for highway safety. ford f-150 super cab. the test replicates a vehicle colliding with another car or a stationary object such as a tree or utility pole. the ram 1500 crew cab earned the lowest of all the trucks tested. you can see where your pickup stacks up by searching crash tests in our nbc washington app. metro's general manager faces congress tomorrow, a house panel will question him about the safety and security problems we've seen on the rails of late. we already know some of what will be said during the hearing tomorrow. some of it could be heated. news4's scott mcfarlane is in our news room working more on what we can expect. >> news4 has obtained copies of statements expected to be given by metro general manager paut wiedefeld and board chairman jack evans. wiedefeld is expected to say metro is suffering systemic issues with tracks, power, car maintenance and stations, he'll tell the u.s.o
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public's confidence in the rail system safety is shaken and expected to explain again why he ordered the system shut down one day last month in mid march. the board chairman, jack evans expected to urge congress for better fupding for the system. he's been making that argument several teams in recent weeks, he'll say the system has aged and quote feels more like the flintstones than the future. florida republican congressman john micah chairs tomorrow's hearings, he told news4 a few moments ago he wants to discuss the shutdown of the system last month and any future plans to close for repairs, in his words, we've got to sort this out to s if repairs can be done without shutting down. wendy? >> thank you, scott. a judge in georgia is surprised that her reality check for teenagers is capturing the nation's attention. the judge was taking part in a program showing teenagers the consequences of crime and her lecture brought some of them to tears. the sheriff's office posted it on facebook and it took off. >> i am sic
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people who look like you and i come into my courtroom and i have to sentence them to prison. and then you hear them putting on tv about african-americans being in the prison system. guess what, if you don't do what it takes to go there, you won't be a part of it you have the ultimate experience. you'll be in this body bag. and only way i know in here is by this tag that i have your name on it. the way you're going, you will go to jail. or you will be in this body bag. >> the judge says she didn't know the lecture was going to be recorded. she said i wanted to speak to their hearts and that's what i did. police say it's one of the most heinous things they've ever investigated. a mother accused of the unthinkable, stabbing her infant son. why the community is taking it especially hard. and dealing with debt it keeps so many up at night. our consumer team has just learned whether credit counseling can help.
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tumbling temperatures, some of us are in for another cold night ahead. doug's on the other sid of the e the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "every time i think about those kids... it gets me mad" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message.
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so we were looking good yesterday at this time. temperatures in the 70s. we're looking good now.
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now we've seen clear skies, temperatures about ten degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. but 63 with sunshine, that's not too bad. we have rather breezy conditions, winds out of the northwest at 15, gusting up to 25 miles per hour. so once again it's breezy. but at least temperatures are in the 60s, 50s to the north. quantico coming in at 65 degrees. and 60 down towards the pawtuxet river. the radar, we're dry and going to stay dry and i mean stay dry through early next week. if you've been waiting for more spring-like weather, i know so many of you have, this forecast is just about right. temperatures right around where they should be this time of year over the next couple of days. but first we got to go through a little bit of a cooldown overnight tonight. we did have the front come through this morning. did bring us some shower activity around 6:00, 7:00, it slowed the morning rush, you needed the umbrellas. now back to the sunglasses as the frontal boundary clearly
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boston down toward raleigh, the front continuing to move south and east. behind it, notice the air coming across the great lakes so we've got some cloud cover and colder air moving in. and that means tonight it's going to be a cold night. we've got a frost advisory in effect for parts of the area. north and west of d.c. a cold start to the morning tomorrow. most of new the mid 30s. in the city we'll be around 42 degrees with plenty of sunshine early. tomorrow afternoon, still cool, but nice. high temperatures for most areas, close to where they are today. maybe a couple of degrees cooler. so upper 50s to around 60 degrees so we'll be cool for this time of year. that's about it then we're going to start to see some nicer weather. tomorrow even with sunshine, well below average. by about five to ten degrees. 61 manassas, winchester 58 tomorrow. and along the water towards annapolis, with the north wind, 59 degrees. an area of high pressure to our north. the high pressure is great, it means it's going to see sunshine. if it was to the
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be talking 70s. height will move south, allow us to start to see warmer air. we're seeing lots of sunshine. seasonably cool through friday. and then once that area of high pressure moves south, looking great for the weekend. the best weekend we've seen in five months. 60 degrees on your wednesday, 63 on thursday so sunshine, beautiful weather thursday. 65 on friday. so cool mornings, nice afternoons, friday is going to be beautiful. call it a fantastic friday. saturday, a high temperature of 67 degrees. going to any of the nats games next couple of days, night game tomorrow night, night game tonight, take a blanket. thursday, the 4:05 game, looking good. the weekend looking great. veronica is back in a couple of minutes to talk about the 70s coming up. the 70s are making a return, i told you they would come back. >> finally, we need it bad. >> we do. well it looks like something from the movie "castaway." what happened in the hours before this man was rescued after a tragedy at sea.
5:28 pm
banned, which part of our area just said no to an industry that's proven to be controversial across our country. plus two 15-year-olds killed in just the past two weeks. at the same metro station. so what does metro say about this turn in
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a teenager is being hd
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a deadly stabbing at the deanwood metro station. javonty hall killed john evans. court documents show the teenagers have threatened one another over social media a witness tells police hall and evans got in a fight in the station before evans fell to the ground from stab wounds. after the deadly stabbing, metro and d.c. police tell us they're stepping up patrols in the area until further notice. >> our transportation reporter adam tuss live at the deanwood station where some riders say they're uneasy. adam? >> 100%, wendy, that's the feeling out here. you take a look over my shoulder. you can see metro transit police are out here and swing it over. you mentioned d.c. police, are also going to be out here patrolling. they are out here. they're going to be searching of high ridership and lots of riders here, simply uneasy. at the deanwood station, just the name of the station now holds a notorious meaning.
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watch who you talk to, watch who you be around. >> candace rivera waiting to catch a train on the same platform where a teenager was shot and killed weeks ago. yesterday, a teenager stabbed to death inside this station. does she think metro has enough police here? >> now they do. they didn't at fist, but now they do. >> a metro says transit police officer was the first to respond yesterday when 15-year-old john evans was stabbed and killed here. that officer was on a nearby train, on the scene within five minutes. the officer tried to perform cpr. why weren't there more transit police officers around? time of day was a factor. according to metro's police chief. >> this happened shortly before 11:00, which is very odd time of the day. but our stepped-up enforcement, our surge started in the afternoon. so you're seeing increased police presence. >> even with more officers around, d.c. police say it may not have mattered the latest murder happened so fast. for other riders, like carrie woods, an unsure feeling waiting for a
5:33 pm
enough. >> why not? >> there's too much stuff going on that i hear. >> for right now, this particular metro station under a watchful eye. now metro actually has a new training class of recruits about to come through. and metro's transit police chief had said he would simply take more police if they were available. but ahead at 6:00, i'll tell you why it takes longer for metro transit police officers to actually hit the streets here. back to you, wendy. >> adam tuss, thanks. a third suspect is now facing a murder charge in connection with a killing that rocked an alexandria neighborhood. the victim's body was found on a playground. 17-year-old rinaldo nobrano was arrested in january. until now has been handled as a juvenile. his name is concealed, was concealed. yesterday he was indicted by a grand jury for first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. the
5:34 pm
femuren perez was discovered in november here at beverly park. a 16-year-old girl has already pleaded guilty in the case. a third suspect, an adult is scheduled to plead guilty in june. there will be no fracking in prince george's county. today the county council voted unanimously to ban the gas drilling technique. prince george's county sits on top of a known gas basin. and environmentalists say that fracking, many of them say frack something dangerous. maryland passed a moratorium on fracking, that ends in 2017. prince george's county is the first to pass an outright ban on this technique. our hats are off tonight special honors and applause for a job well done. the forestville high school girls basketball team has won the a-1 state championship two years in a row now. today prince george's county chairman derrick davis celebrated their accomplishment by giving the team a proclamation honoring their back-to-back victories. go, knights!
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i'm the caps quest for the cup finally here. a private motivational video for the team prepractice this morning. sends shivers down the spine. as they look to get it started. >> when he came out of there, a lot of guys would say that you could, the hair on your arms would be tingling. >> it kind of makes me want to play right now. we have to wait until thursday. and ease our butterflies, it will be nervous. >> step up to the challenge. the playoffs call for new swagger and swag. shirts with a reminder, hats with a goal. >> 16 more wins here and to reach, to reach the ultimate goal here as a hockey player. it's obviously we got a lot of great gear, but you know it's time to get the work now, it's exciting. >> i thought it was awesome. they look good, playoff time. time to bring out the good stuff. >>no
5:36 pm
waltz into the finals, we have to earn everything we get. >> last little while we haven't played extremely meaningful hockey game. they're got goode to get ready, we couldn't go anywhere in the standings, now everything is reset back to zero and we're taking nothing for granted. >> i woke up this morning and i looked at the standings. and everybody is equal today. and that's the great thing about the playoffs. is everybody is equal. there's, what did you in the past doesn't matter. you're equal. and you're looking at opponents right in the eye and you're going to go at it. that's a good feeling. >> you guys motivated? >> i couldn't help myself. ways getting fired up. coach barry trotz got the media ready. coming up at 6:00, so many heartbreaking hockey members from playoffs past. we'll tell you why caps fans can put those in the rear view. wendy? >> thanks, carol. one of the largest educational events of its kind in the world coming to d.c.
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the fourth annual usa science and engineering festival saturday and sunday at the convention center. with a sneak peek on friday. there are demonstrations and workshops structured to get your child excited about science and technology. engineering and math. preregistration is open right now. and you can find a link and a preview on the nbc washington app. search s.t.e.m. festival and news4 is the official local tv sponsor. storm team 4 meteorologist and the storm team 4 x 4 will be there all weekend. a lot of cool stuff in that room. millions of americans struggle with it every day -- digging your way out of debt. credit counselors promise they can reel it in. but is it all it's cracked up to be? and thousands of you drive over it every day. there's a new sign you're going to be seeing soon as you cross the potomac. it pays tribute to a man who made some big changes.
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delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message.
5:40 pm
alexandria city council is expected to honor former transportation planner kirby. to pay tribute to his legacy. kirby is credited with helping to redesign
5:41 pm
so it included transit and bicycle lanes. he was murdered in 2013, and charles certainens was convicted of his death and the death of two other prominent alexandria residents. new video tonight show what is may have set off a road rage incident that ended with a former nfl player dead. the surveillance video here shows what appears to be the mur said suv driven by former new orleans saint will smith, bumping a hummer. that hummer pulls to the side, but the mercedes drives off and the hummer follows. minutes later police say cardell hayes shot smith six times. >> i believe when the new orleans police department reveals everything that they've learned, what you all will have a different impression of this case than that that's been created thus far. >> hayes defense attorney says the witness accounts he's heard will quote blow the lid off the case. neighbors in this woodbridge
5:42 pm
after a mother allegedly stabbed her infant daughter. i'm david culver. coming up on news4, what police say likely triggered it. and here's something you don't see every day -- a metro train on the road instead of the tracks. what this has to do with metro's plans for the future. and our showers long gone, we have sunshine now and it's nice out there. will the next couple of days be more typical of spring?
5:43 pm
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a mother in jail this evening, accused of stabbing her infant daughter. >> neighbors wishing they could have done something to prevent it. david culver is live in woodbridge to explain. david? >> wendy and jim, that child, just three months old. and we learned late today that that infant girl, who lived in this apartment complex with her family, is in critical condition. >> i was shocked. i was really shocked. >> for 14 years, she called this home. saturday's incident happened in the apartment just above hers. close to home physically, and emotionally. >> it hurts me, you know because like i'm a mother myself and my daughter just her birthday. >> here's how police say it
5:46 pm
started. the baby was crying and the mother got agitated with the baby because she would not stop crying. >> police say the mother reacted to the crying by stabbing her own child and called the child's father. when he got here he dialed 911 and emergency crews showed up, rushed the child to the hospital. >> well right now the baby is still in critical condition. but we're hopeful that the baby will survive. >> outside the door where neighbors say the family lived, a stroller folded up. the child's mother, leah arrington, formally charged monday in court. >> she seemed pleasant and everything like that. >> verlene wished her neighbor reached out sooner. >> it seemed like she could have cried out to somebody. she could have knocked on the door. she could have did something. like i say it just hurts me. >> and as you heard me mention, arrington was arraigned in prince william county court yesterday. ahead at 6:00, what's next in the case. jim? >> david, thank you. new york is the latest state
5:47 pm
hygiene products exempt from sales tax. governor andrew cuomo says he'll sign the bill passed by the legislature. the state already exempts medicine and medical equipment from state's taxes. maryland, massachusetts and pennsylvania are among other states to approve similar measures. the bills have been sparked by social media campaigns. the gender pay gap is closing, but at the current rate women will not earn the same as men for another 40 years. this is according to a new report by the joint economic committee in congress. it finds that in the district, a woman earns about 89% of what a man earns. that's the best rate in the country, by the way. in maryland, a woman earns 85% and in virginia, 80%. president obama wants congress to pass the paycheck fairness act. he said equal pay should be a fundamental principle of our economy. >> it's the idea that whether you're a high school teacher, a business executive, or a
5:48 pm
tennis player, your work should be equally valued and rewarded. >> the president speakinging at the sewell belmont house near the capitol. the former headquarters of the national women's party. becoming a national monument to honor the women's equality movement. we want to know what you think. we asked you on the nbc washington flash survey, when do you think women will earn the same on average as men? in the next five years, or in the next 20, or never? we'll have the results in our next hour. consumer debt, a lot of people spend years trying to dig themselves out of it. >> so can credit counseling really help folks make a dent in their debt? consumer reporter susan hogan is here now with the new numbers that show the impact of credit counselors. susan? >> we all know about debt, right? this is really interesting. if you are buried in debt or know someone who is, listen up to this. according to new research released today, it shows people who got credit counseling from a
5:49 pm
seeing improvement in their finances, get this, in just three months. now ohio state university conducted the study. it looked at the national foundation for credit counseling's program called sharpen your financial focus. the study compared 6,000 consumers who received credit counselling to 6,000 of those who did not. now the study found people who received help showed significant improvement in reducing debt. they had better money management and improved financial confidence compared to those who did not receive the counseling. now the nonprofit plans to expand its program with an e-coaching feature it would help clients stay on track to meet their financial goal throughs direct emails and texts. of course you can learn more about the national foundation for credit counseling on our nbc washington app. search debt. good to know.
5:50 pm
oh! >> wow, this, these are, this is north texas, a hail storm blowing through. that hail is the size of golf balls and even tennis balls. this is vernon, texas this weekend. lots of drivers had to huddle under overpasses, just do to avoid damage and the roads were slick, led leading to crashes. and jackson, mississippi is in clean-up mode after heavy rains cause flooding there. blinding rain caught drivers during the commute last night and ended up leaving some stranded in the high water. number of trees also came down, damaging houses. >> it is incredible the size of the hail and the damage that it did. doug was talking about it blew down some area roofs. but part of the same system that came through this area. >> and it is gone. >> it is gone. and now a change of pattern for us, one that's going to be rather quiet, so we'll talk about what the impact of that high pressure across our area
5:51 pm
radar scanning the area, dry as a bone. with the clouds moving out and with wind decreasing, it could be a little frosty in areas by early tomorrow morning. the locations that favor that the most, hagerstown, gaithersburg, leesburg and front royal and winchester. temperatures there will drop down to freezing or just below. so 31 frederick and gaithersburg, 33. ung see the areas under the clear sky, there could be a little bit of frost. no hard freeze during the overnight. and we're in luck, a lot of folks said come on, when can i get out and start gardening. temperatures this weekend for the overnight will start coming up. a little higher and higher. the average low this time of year is at 46 degrees, we'll get closer to that this weekend. and temperatures overnight will be around 50 degrees. that puts us around the date of the average last freeze, april 10 to the 20th. warrenton to fredericksburg and beaver dam. even the northern neck area
5:52 pm
so for tomorrow, 32 to 42. we're going to be warming nicely tomorrow. and i think warming fairly quickly, too. sunshine with the dry stretch starting tomorrow. and running probably for the next five, maybe seven days. what that means is that with dry conditions like that, all that sunshine, the pollen count will be going up. oak and pine now are high in some very high producers out of the tree groups. so if you suffer and it's a day you have a headache all day long, i was giving someone else some aspirin earlier in the news room. you, too, may be suffering. 60 degrees the high for tomorrow. the upcoming weekend we'll get closer to 70 degrees. but a-plus weather for recess outside with all the sunshine. and this is a a festival kind of weekend. 67 on saturday, we're seasonably mild. festival weekend, we posted on our nbc washington app, there's at least 10 to 20 festivals going on this weekend. we'll be close to 75 degrees comin
5:53 pm
into the early part of next week, you can see for the weekend, sunshine. next week. maybe some clouds building the early part. but maybe around 80 degrees in some neighborhoods, monday of next week. doug's got more in our pattern change coming up on news4 at 6:00, hope you join us then. >> so vj, aspirin for your allergies? come over to my deck, i've got a pharmacy for allergies. the maryland primary is just weeks from today and we are already just minutes away from releasing the first results from our exclusive new poll on the maryland senate race. chris gordon live in the silver spring civic center. where early voting begins on thursday. hi, chris. >> in the u.s. senate primary, between congressional representatives donna edwards and chris van hollen, we'll tell you who is winning tonight according to the poll. and why this race is still so competitive.
5:54 pm
>> carrying passengers, the transit agency posted this video of a 1,000 series car being taken off the tracks and loaded on it a flatbed. it's the first car to be retired. metro will get rid of all 1,000 srs, those cars have been in service since the system opened in the '70s. they're being replaced with the 7,000 series, which has beaued on the red and green line. thnchts video looks like something out of a movie. the real-life survival story for the man who was the only one to survive a fishing trip tued tragirnc.
5:55 pm
at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant. for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda.
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i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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it's a fishing trip that has video to back up this story. while reeling in his line saturday in baton rouge, lance burgos felt something tugging at it. his 11-year-old daughter reached to help, but he told her to stay back. and it was a good thing. seconds later, the jaws of a huge alligator poked out of the water. burgos dropped the line, pedalled off, his daughter screaming in the background. the gator's head was about three feet long. a day of fun in the sun turned tragic along the florida coast. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong, three people were killed, including the father and his 9-year-old son. pat lawson muse has our story. >> 45-year-old robert stewart is now recovering.
5:58 pm
stretch of florida beach waving to rescuers. he's the only survivor of a weekend fishing trip. >> it was very rough out there. and from what we learned later, the boat was under water almost immediately. >> it was supposed to be a fun day on the water. stewart was with palm beach county sheriffs deputy fernandez jones, his 9-year-old son jaden and a third man, willis bell. when they failed to return, rescuers began a frantic search that extended into the night. >> if they're adrith they may have come even this far up, you might want to start looking if here south. early monday morning, three of the missing boaters were found along with their capsized sea ray. stewart was discovered a short time later, he said he survived by clinging to the boat through the night and watched helplessly as his friends struggled. he said he tried to cling dot boy. who was wearing a life vest, but the rough seas pulled them apart. michelle jones is grief-stricken after losing her son and her husband. >> i can
5:59 pm
man. a good neighbor, everybody love him. >> pat lawson muse, news4, washington. news4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. we begin tonight with a first results from our brand new news4/marist maryland poll that show as very competitive u.s. senate race. did shows chris van hollen with a six-point lead over donna edwards, with the margin of error of 3.5%. with the primary two weeks away, 18% of likely democratic voters remain undecided. recent polls have shown a tight race. but edwards has tended to be in the lead recently. from the local race to the race for the white house. our reporters are standing by tonight. with complete coverage. we begin with chris lawrence at the live desk breaking down our new senate poll numbers. chris? >> yeah, jim, we've been digging deep near the numbers to find out what's behind these poll results. first, there is a clear gender i
6:00 pm
chris van hollen has a clear advantage among men. getting half their votes, while donna edwards is at 34%. among women, voters are split with, both candidates getting about 40%. there's also an age gap driving the support. van hollen has got a 10-point lead among voters 45 and older. and he and edwards are splitting the young vote with, each getting about 39%. but veteran pollsters say neither candidate should feel all that comfortable with any of these numbers. only 53% of the democrats polled say they strongly support their candidate. leaving 31% to only somewhat support van hollen or edwards. and take a look at this last number. full 14% say come election day, they may change their minds and vote for another candidate. and when it comes to race, van hollen is ahead among white voters, while edwards is leading with african-americans, if you want to take an even deeper


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