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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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record of legislative experience. kathleen matthews is campaigning as a well-known former news anchor and business executive who will work for the working class families. david trone is spending more than $9 million on his campaign. his ads stress his independence. there are session other democrats in the race. >> in the fourth district, ten candidates are running for donna edwards' congressional seat. the three frontrunners are former attorney general anthony brown, glenn ivey and state delegate jocelyn pain i can't medica pain in a medical nick. coming up, we'll take a look at the race for the president and how democrats are preparing for tonight's crew sham debate. happening today, we're expecting to hear from the patient of an alzheimer's patient who died after he went missing. he was at a park with other residents
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because he was unsupervised, the family says he wandered off and was found dead nearly a month later. the family and their lawyer will make a statement this afternoon. a day after a loud and sometimes combative hearing on capitol hill, metro board members will meet. among the issues being addressed, a proposed name change for two metro stations and the general manager's budget proposal. getting more money was a big issue at yesterday's hearings. back and forth became heated when one congressman says metro did not know how to spend money. >> if you're looking at increasing the operating revenue the way that you're talking about, you building the most expensive operating system. >> all i'm asking from you is $300 million which is your fair share given the fact that we transport 50% of your workforce. every day. >> congressman mark meadows eventually said he would support more metro funding, but only if the system can major it more reliable and safe. >> met proceed is also in the hot seat after a bus hit
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in arlington last month. the woman just filed a $25 million lawsuit accusing the driver of negligence. she claims she was in the crosswalk with the walk sign when the bus hit her. her attorneys say she had a concussion and broken arm from that accident. today d.c. will officially join the fight for 15. mayor muriel bowser and thousands of workers will rally for $15 an hour minimum wage. she's expected to propose legislation raising the minimum wage in d.c. by 2020. montgomery koicounty officials introduced a bill for the same measure earlier this week. time to turn our attention to the all-important forecast. the sun came out and it warmed up just a little bit. still not quite the warmth i'm looking for here though. >> let's see what we expect today. chuck bell with four things to know. >> what are you looking for? >> mid to high 70s. >> there is at least one day in the 7 day that has such a
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number. i'll show that you at 4:51. first thing you need to know, another frosty cold start, so put your coat back on. you will need it first thing this morning. perfect afternoon for baseball because it will be relatively warm and perfect evening for hockey. you'll feed your jacket because you will be watching people playing the sport on ice. otherwise it's also chilly and the weekend looks great. nats three in a row including yesterday and it looks like another one for a win today. good weather for baseball, temperatures near 60 at first pitch. and if you're headed to the caps game this evening, about 60 on your way to and in the 50s afterwards. so bring your coat and let's go caps. 7 day coming up in a few minutes. a little bit of construction, not slowing anything right now. 395 north after duke street, we have the left lane getting by that work zone right now. should be out of the way here in a little while just like the others. 270 south from 70 down to the spur, going to take you 26 minutes this mog.
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remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. here are the other two bits of construction right now. inner loop after gw parkway, the two left lanes getting by that zone and after little river turnpike, the right lane getting by the work zone there. 66 coming up. a video shot during the deadly encounter that cost a prince george's county police officer his life was intended to go online. that new information was revealed in court and has county officials worried about a growing trend to use social media to brag about crime. court documents say that the ambush was supposed to make michael ford an internet sensation. ford had asked his two brothers to record his planned suicide and send it to the world star hip hop website. speaking to a group of young people at a forum on social media dangers, maryland's state's attorney -- prince george's county's states
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attorney angela alsobrooks says her office is seeing more and more cases where many are talking about hair crimes online. >> we have very poor examples other and across the country of people who do dangerous an key structure difference things, and they become famous for it, this is a way to become popular. >> officer jacai colson was killed by friendly fire during the gun battle. on wednesday it was revealed that taylor kroes was the one who fired the shot that killed colson. we're learning about a disturbing crime broadcast live on social media. prosecutors this ohio say a woman periscoped her 17-year-old friend being sexually assaulted. the 18-year-old woman along with a 29-year-old man have been indicted on charges evof kidnapping, rape and other crimes. the "today" show will have more at 7:00 a.m. right now verizon work is are heading back to the picket lines and they say they will strike as long as it
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close to 40,000 workers in nine states including our area walked off the job yesterday. workers are in a standoff with verizon over a new contract. retirement benefits are a central issue in those negotiations. verizon says it has been negotiating with the union since june and a strike does not bring either side closer to a resolution. now to presidential politics. all eyes on new york as the candidates get ready for next week's primary. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off tonight in a debate in brooklyn. on the republican side, ohio governor john kasich will take part in a town hall on listening island. senator ted cruz will also sit down for a town hall with meet the press moderator chuck todd, that will be in buffalo. and donald trump will meet with congressional supporters on capitol hill today. also today, we expect florida's prosecutors to announce whether they plan to charge donald trump's campaign manager. cory lewandowski turned himself in to jupiter, florida place. he's accused
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reporting a reporter's arm. politico is reporting that prosecutors will drop the battery charges but that's not been confirmed by nbc news. it is 4:37. in phase two of the earthquake restoration work kicks off came at the national cathedral. they're is a live look. you can see the cathedral there. preparations are under way for a giant crane to lift damaged stones off the building to prepare for newly carved pinnacles to be installed. the second phase will take about a decade and cost an estimated $22 million. the first phase cost about $10 million. earthquake caused structural damage to the cathedral in 2011. the remembverizon center wi tacked tonight, the caps are playing the flyers at 7:00. doo don't forget to wear red if you want to show your support. city hall and other buildings in d.c. are lighting up red today, as well. the caps are so good this past
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almost a full month ago. even in their last home game, they didn't even play some of their stars, just resting them up. >> nice place to be. but you have to get through the playoffs now. >> skakexactly. joy ride goes terribly wrong if a pair of kids and sent one to the hospital. what happened when two 6-year-olds got behind the wheel. just days after her husband was arrested for allegedry hitting her, the wife of a local sheriff speaks out. what she has to say hoping to set the record straight. and we're off to another cold start this morning, but chuck says it will eventually be a great day to get outside. a closer look.
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delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message.
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they definitely did not have a license to drive and just six years old, but that at any time stop two boys from taking this pick july truup truck for a joye in kansas. police say the boys took off in the truck when one of their parents left it running. one boy was taken to the hospital with minor cuts, the other was not hurt. >> good thing they weren't hurt more seriously. happening today, prince george's county officials are making a big effort to keep your kids safe. the child care safety awareness campaign kicks o
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it's a way to educate and inform parents about what to look for when allowing someone as to car for their child. let's check your forecast and traffic. >> getting ready for another day of school, another day of learning we hope for all the kids across the area. bus stop temperatures, a little on the cold side again this morning. kiddos will need that extra layer of fleece this morning. temperatures in the upper 30s in most of the suburbs. another outdoor recess again this afternoon. temperatures mid-50s, so recess gets an "a" for today. but again, there is quite a chill this morning. you'll need your jacket early on, but sunglasses for later. and it's a little cold now, because nice warming trend coming our way. near 80 by monday. wait until you see the "7-day forecast" in just ten minutes. a lot of the earlier road work has cleared out of the way. only thing hanging around, inner loop after gw parkway. and again that should be gone here probably ihe
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rest of the beltway looks quite good. prince george's county, quite good, as well. into town, out of town there on 50, you don't have any problems this morning. lockwood drive at new hampshire avenue in silver spring had the crash there yesterday, that is completely clear here and looking good this morning. 66 into town from fairfax county parkway into the beltway, it will take you nine minutes just like it should. breaking news just in from houston where a deputy has been shot, what we're learning about his condition when we check in with the live desk. and the search is on for the happen accused of sexually assaulting a woman thin
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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developing nooses ewooseew e houston area, a deputy constable approached from behind and opened fired. we're expecting a news conference this morning, but the word is that the deputy constable will survive. back to you. lots of talk this morning over the delegate count in the race for the white house. hillary clinton has a significant lead over bernie sanders heading in to tonight's debate and tuesday's new york primary. on the republican side, it's a closer race. let's bring in tracie potts now live on capitol hill. the question now i guess, will donald trump's criticism of the delegate process have an impact on voter turnout? >> reporter: good question. we don't know yet. but we do know he has a huge lead in new york and that he's moving past new york to begin to focus on other states like pennsylvania. we saw both him and ted cruz there in the last 24 hours
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trade on jobs in pennsylvania. by the way a pretty large rally was held, about 1,000 police officers flanking that rally. and john kasich looking pretty good for second in new york right now, he was just campaigning here in maryland. and the democrats are preparing for their debate in new york tonight. both had been trying to focus very much on clinton and sanders on local issues. it is also worth mentioning that trump's campaign manager who had been looked at by florida prosecutors for possible assault charges against a reporter, those charges now are not going to happen. >> if we look at the democratic side here, hillary clinton's lead over bernie sanders in the polls heading in to tonight's debate, what does sanders need do to convince voters to change their minds? >> reporter: one of the things that he needs is something that he can't get get, which is independent voters in this primary. one of the challenges for him is that this is a closed primary and as a result of that, all the independentwh
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so. he admits it will be an uphill battle. she's been a senator in new york for eight years. he said at a rally last night. and he admits that this will be a bit of a challenge for him. he is 14 points behind. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. police in greenbelt are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a woman at knife point. it happened monday night around 10:00 near beltway plaza in prince george's county. the victim says the man started talking to her inside the mall and followed her when she left. he then bulled her into a wooded area and pulled out a knife. neighbors are on edge after this attack. >> i don't believe out of the house especially with my kids, i don't leave out of house unless i was somebody else with me. >> i don't want to have a fear that my life is in danger. >> if you saw anything, police this green pe in greenbelt want to hear from you. we're hearing from a company that manages a complex where a man sexually assaulted
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77-year-old woman. the company says it is fully cooperating with police to catch attacker. the assault happened last week at forest glen in sully station in centreville. residents complained to news 4 that a security door had been frequently left propped open. the management company says it will reenforce the need to control access. a little boy hit by a car while riding his bike this weekend has dade. james maple died because of severe head trauma. he was wearing a helmet and was in the crosswalk when a car slammed in to him on mcdaniel road. his mother and two friends were with him. place are trying police are trying to find out if the driver was dgs distracted. p. rose ditoro's body was found in the retention pond last month. that pond is not far from the manassas hotel where she was last seen.
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disorder and police don't suspect foul play. happening today, gun violence is back in the spotlight on capitol hill. senate democrats are expected to call on congress today for an advancement in what they're calling sensible popular gun legislation. we're expecting to hear from them at 10:00 this morning. the father of a local news reporter who was shot and killed on air is not going to face any charges. virginia state senator bill stanley accused andy parker of threatening him online. parker's daughter alilison was shot and killed during a live report last year. back in september he posted a message on facebook saying he would beat up stanley. the wife of the anne arundel county tells wtop that her husband did not hit her. sheriff ron bateman was arrested and charged with assaults his wife on sunday. elsie bateman's attorney relse
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sheriff, her husband, asked will her to leave the house and that's when she says they got into a heated argument. she says her husband did not punch or hit or kick her. sheriff bateman has publicly said the same thing, however our probable cause document says he elsie bateman told police on the scene that she was thrown against the wall and hit in the left side of her face. she does not plan to pursue criminal charges. merrick garland will meet with a group of bipartisan senators today. he will sit down with two republicans and three democrats. in all garland will meet with 14 senators this week as they consider his confirmation to the high court. president obama nominated garland after justice scalia otherwise death in february. today the historic vehicle association will hold its second annual cars at the capitol event. you can see president taft's 1909 steam car on the national mall. imagine going by steam. it will be on display between
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museum and national art gallery starting at 10:00. >> we need to document our automotive era. it shaped every area of our country. and we thought bringing out something on a presidential year in a had to with the presidential race and presidential motoring would be a way do that. >> next week president reagan's 1962 jeep cj 6 will be on display, too. you're a car guy. >> i wish i had a 1909er like that. >> you can't go very fast, though, right? >> it's not about going fast, it's about looking cool. >> oh, right. >> that's what old cars are for. >> looking cool is long past my -- >> picking up chicks, that's what you get an old car for. outside, a beautiful morning this morning. convertible owners may still be a top up morning unless you have a new one and heated seat to go along with it,
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cold start here early this morning. just like yesterday, though, 100% sunshine and unlike yesterday, maybe just a touch warmer, about three or four degrees warmer this afternoon. right now, though, a frosty and cold start. a freeze advisory out north and west. most of the chill is in the sheltered valley. not looking for a hard killing freeze, but could be at or below freezing for just a couple of hours. so if you didn't cover up the tender flowers before bed, they could have a nip of frost on them first thing this morning. but on the whole, the weather won't mess up your plans today other than a morning chill, that's about it. the only impact, good weather for baseball this afternoon and great weather for hockey coming up this evening. no chance for rain today. in fact the next couple days all look completely dry. we may not even see a cloud in our sky really until we get to the time on sunday afternoon into monday. so perfect time to get the car washed. it will keep it dry all
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into next week by -- i can't rule out the layer of olen on the roof, nothing i can do about that. here is your planner then. mid-30s as you step out this morning. so put your layers of warmth on first thing, but we'll be in the low 50s by 9:00 and up to near 60 degrees by noontime. headed down to the nationals and braves game today, start off temperatures will be near 60 degrees. it will be in the 50s when you're done. if you're going out to dipper oon, mid-50s on your way out to dinner and about 50 degrees on the way home. and another nice day coming up for tomorrow. in fact another seven day forecast with hardly a flaw in it. 63 today, 65 tomorrow, 68 saturday, 70 on sunday. there is the eun yang day of the week, monday, 79 degrees. i know melissa mollett is in full agreement. >> i hear them clapping and i'm clapping in here, as well. i cannot wait until monday. i already have my plans in place. taking a look at the beltway, we're now clear here. all of the construction is
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of the way. inner loop and outer loop, everything nice and green this morning. 270 northbound/southbound, also nice and clear. had earlier road work that is out of the way. 66 west of ox road looking good. no major issues there. taking a look at 95 now, quantico to the beltway, going to take you 17 minutes exactly on time. average speed 66 miles per hour here. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car this morning for the latest traffic troubles. >> we'll make plans together for monday, melissa. new details this morning in the death of a washington state woman dismembered after going on a date. a look at the charges her accused killer now takess. we're also getting a closer look at how long it takes for private ambulances to arrive since they started responding to calls in d.c. and the numbers may or may not surprise you. and move over math and science, the announceme nt
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and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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if you are just joining us, we continue to follow a developing story and the ousting of washington wizards coach randy whitman. his departure has not yet been confirmed, but we're working tobly you tto bring you the latest. and take a look at the temperatures. a lot of you walking up in the 40s, but chuck says it will be a great day to head to the nationals game this afternoon. closer look at the next 23 hours
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first-degree murder charges accused of killing and dismembering a woman he was dating. john charlton l. remain in jail as police try to figure out exactly how she died. friends and family gather order tuesday to remember the nurse and mother of three. lynn was reported missing on saturday and later take day some of her remains were found in a recycling bin. police say the couple met online and had been dating for about a month. it's no secret the d.c. fire department has an issue when it comes to staffing ambulances. even with the new private ambulances, it takes still 30 minutes, it can, for an ambulance to take you to the hospital. in the first gfew week of this private service, we learned that they were mostly on time, but the fire and ems chief says it's a work in progress. >> there will be hiccups. we are looking to correct them. amr is looking to correct those. but patient care is not one of the hig count
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ambulances are only transporting fewer than half of the eligible patients. today u.s. education secretary john king jr. will call for the return of a more rounded education. king will speak at an art focused school in las vegas. he is expected to tell students and teachers that no child left behind, the main federal education law from 2002, narrowed the curriculum. he says the new every student succeeds act passed will offer students more comprehensive and engaging education. a lot of experts say the subjects should work together. a new study about fast food and just how bad it can be for your health. researchers at george washington university say people who eat a lot of fast food are more exposed to a chemical called phthalates. as much as 40% more than people who to not eat fast food. they're linked to a number of ses


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