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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the final repair work set to begin at the d.c. came tee dral of cathedral. and the wizards are in the market for a new head coach after randy witness mtman is fi. but first, chuck bell as your out the door forecast. welcome to thursday. it will be another blue sky day here in the washington area. it's cold again this morning. temperatures in the 30 m
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and also time to get the car washed. many days in a row of dry weather coming your way. so a year sky and frosty cold start. temperatures in the mid-30s again in the suburbs. high today around 63 and light breeze. so again a great day to be be outside today. we'll talk more about the impacts for travelers in ten minutes. now an improving situation on metro. red line, still delays in both directions, but we are no longer single tracking. had that earlier problem between due month and van ness. 66 east before 29, crash still blocking the right lane there. and again, those backups are building. southbound bw parkway at 32, have the right lane blocked there. northbound georgia at colesville road, left lane blocked each way. we're sending chopper to this one right now to see this from above and see what exactly is going on. inbound river at golds borrow, we're very slow there. if this camera would flip around, you'd see a big long line of headlights. today we will learn more about the second phase of the earthquake restoration work at the washington national cathedral. it will cost $22 million. megan mcgrath has more on the repairs and how long they will take. >> reporter: it will take a while. ten years or more, that's the estimate on this next phase of repair. the sun has come up a little bit this morning so we can give you an idea of what we're talking about. if you look along the side, you can
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still in place, an indication of all of the work that has yet to be done. and this earthquake hit back in 2011, so giving you an idea of just the amount of dwandamage t done here. phase two gets under way and later today we'll get a look at some of the broken typicals and the replacement pieces robotically carved that are going to replace them. now, a giant crane will be used to take brochb stones off of the cathedral. these are huge stones they range in size from 400 pounds to 2800 pounds. the second phase of the repair work here is going to take more than ten years to complete. it will be done in stages and we're being told that the work will only begin when enough money has been raised to complete that phase of work. but we are starting to see the activity later on today and tomorrow right 9:00, that's when we'll see the crane begin to spring into action,
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those very large stones. so it should be quite a sight to see p back to you. happening today, we expect to hear from the family of an alzheimer's patient who died after at the went missing in a park in prince george's county. the 80-year-old was at watkins park with other residents of the wood more house assisted living facility back in september. the family says because he was unsupervis unsupervised, he wandered off and was found dead nearly a month later. the family and its lawyer will make a statement this afternoon. >> hector al olvera is on administrative leave after being accused of assaulting a woman. the player and the woman knew each other. police were called to the ritz-carlton yesterday morning and they found a woman with bruises who was taken to the hospital. the braves are in washington for a series against the nationals. in decision 2016, early voting begins today in maryland and
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races. representative chris van hollen and representative donna edwards are battling for barbara mikuls mikulski's u.s. senate seat and spending big bucks to win the seat. in the fourth district, ten people are running for donna edwards seat. if you plan to take advantage of the early voting, it runs through next thursday 10:00 to 8:00. the sites are on our nbc washington app. every team i think about those kids, it gets me mad. >> the white house is not happy that president obama is appearing in a few political ad. the ad is connected to the senate race between chris van hollen and donna edwards. politico is reporting the white house wants the ad pulled because it uses the president's image when talking about van hollen's stand on gun control. the ad was created by the working for us super pac which supports edwards. edwards' campaign says it had nothing to do with ad.
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prosecutors to announce whether they plan to pursuit charges against donald trump's campaign manager. cory lewandowski turned himself into jupiter, florida police last month. he's accused of grabbing and bruising a reporter's arm. politico is reporting that the charges will be dropped but that's not confirmed by nbc. 6:05. thousand that researchers confirm a link between the zika virus and birth defects, they're looking at ways to prevent its shred. on wednesday, the centers no disease control confirmed that the virus causes severe brain damage to unborn babies as well as other defects. researchers weighed data from recent studies to make these connections. it can be spread through a certain kind of mosquito, sex all contact and even blood transfusi transfusions. cdc guidelines encourage women to avoid travel to go areas where zika is spreading. verizon workers entering da
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close to 40,000 workers in nine states walked off the job yesterday, they're in a stand over over a new contract. retirement benefits are central in these negotiations right now. verizon says it has been negotiating with the union since june and the strike doesn't bring either side closer to a resolution. developing right now, several reports are saying that randy wittman wizards head coach was fired overnight. the team was 41-41 this past season. several news outlets say the team told wittman that he would not be back after last night's season iffinal game and that ca just hours after he said this this. >> i'm going to come to work until they tell me i can't. and i love the shot. i'm proud of what we've done here. >> now the offseason will be all about finding a replacement for wittman who was head coach for 4 1/2 years. and a lot of you are
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and rock the red for the capitals plioff rcapital s playoff run. they play the guyer e flyers at. the caps are looking for revenge from 2008. mayor muriel bowser declared today rock the red day. so support the team. some city buildings 4r50lightin in red. it's a city effort, get on board. >> and like we had a long time to get to today because we foou that the caps were playing so well that they would get into the playoffs. so everybody is ready for it. >> bring home the stanley cup. as you reach for that cup of coffee, there is another reason for you to make sure you're getting enough sleep at night. why a lack of rest could be setting you up to more misery than just a day of being tired. a cool start to your morning as you look live from our national harbor camera this morning. chuck bell preparing you for the conditions you will see on your way to and from work.
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a developing story right now in texas after a sheriff's deputy ambushed overnight. shot several times. we're learning more about the deputy's condition and the person accused of shooting h. that stoimry
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looks like another nice low impact day for you today. sunshine is going to be plentiful, but pollen count each and every day. already in the high range. it will continue to get worse with each passing day. so find your sneezing suppress apt. it's another seat heater morning. temperatures are in the 30s in india many neighborhoods. but open your sun roof later on this afternoon. temperatures will get up into the 60s. if you're leaving us today, atlanta,
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seattle, portland may have weather look at your weekend co up. problem here in silver spring, so take a look chopper 4 over georgia at colesville, you can see the crash there blocking some lanes right now. chopper telling us that northbound colesville is what is blocked right here this morning. so warning to you there. 66 inbound before 29, crash blocking that right lane. still hanging around and seeing backups through the area. 66 inbound overall doesn't look to bad, 95 north quantico to the beltway on time there. 270 south from germantown to the spur is fine and top of the beltway 95 over to 270 you're on time. weather and traffic always on the 1s. see you at 6:21. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. authorities in houston say they are questioning somebody at this time, may be the person behind the alleged shooting of a deputy constable. initial reports were that a
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table from behind and shot him as many as six times but that he would survive. now we're hear thagt ting that s may have come from from cross the street and the deputy's condition is unknown. we're expecting a news conference this morning. new documents revealed in court say the annual bush that cost jacai colson's his life was intended to go online. ford had asked his two brothers to record his suicide. and more and more cases are being talked about on democratic line. >> we have very poor examples here and across the country of people who do dangerous things and they become famous for it, so the notoriety is often a factor for many before is this a way to become popular. >>
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friendly fire during the gun bhalgts. on wednesday it was revealed that five year officer taylor krauss was the one who fired the shot that killed colson. it is 6:14. new this morning, secure your motorcycles. a new report says motorcycle thefts are on the rise. according to the national insurance crime bureau, thefts rose by 6% across the country last year. in our area, virginia ranked tenth for the number of thefts followed by maryland in 13. d.c. was 35th on the list and west virginia came in 40th. >> takata may need to recall more cars unless it can prove that they are safe. national highway traskt safety administration says there are 85 unrecalled air bag inflaters. this is the first time this number has been released. the company has until 2019 to prove the air bags are safe to avoid another mass recall. at the least 11 people have died worldwide and more than 100 people have been injured in
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inflaters. a day after a heated metro debate raged on at a u.s. house hearing, board members will meet in committee to talk about name changes for some metro stations and the new general manager's budget plans. metro needs more money to help make critical repairs on the rail system which was a major issue yesterday on capitol hill. metro's board chair fired back when one lawmaker said the system did not know how to spend money. >> if you're looking at increasing the operating revenue the way that you're talking about, you become the most expensive operating system. >> all i'm asking from you is $300 million which is your fair share given the fact that we transport 50% of your workforce every day. >> congressman mark meadows eventually said he would support more fund for metro, but only if the system can make itself more reliable and safer. metro also in the hot seat after a bus hit a woman in arlington last month, that woman just filed a $25 million lawsuit accusing the driverbe
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negligent. she claim she was in thes crosswalk with the walk sign when the bus hit her. she got a concussion and broken arm in the incident. u.s. military now dealing with some concerns about russia. the pentagon says russian warplanes flew dozens of time this is week. the planes appear to be unarmed, but the commander of the destroyer says the planes seemed to be in a simulated attack mode. 6:16. in the fight against isis, president obama says the united states has momentum. he spoke at the cia headquarters yesterday. the president said he met with his national security advisers to look at the progress in syria and iraq. he said the u.s. is making progress and that he will also keep work to go secure a diplomatic resolution to syria's civil war. it is now 6:17. in news 4 your health, a new st
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influencing your teen. the scottish study looked at ecigarette displays and found that they may influence whether your teen tries those ecigarettes. those seeing the advertising was more likely to cause them to use cigarettes in the future. not enough sleep could be making you sick. don't i know it. a new study says sleeping five hours a night makes you more vulnerable to catching a cold. the national health and nutrition examination survey conducted the study of over 20,000 adults, five hours of sleep leaves you 88% more likely to develop a chest or throat infection. resn researchers say not enough sleep lowers your body's ability to fight off infection. and i know it's tough to do. >> i know people our age who sleep 9, 10
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but god bless them, they're healthy as a horse. >> knock on wood, i feel like i try to naked justments in the make adjustments in if the rest of my life to avoid any illness. 6:18. all the talk this morning is about last night's big night in the nba. first, the golden state warriors winning their 73rd game, that is an nba record. it's one more game than michael jordan and the bulls won back in the '95/96 season. here's how good they are. they won 73 games and they have only lost nine this season. >> and the lakers were one of the worst teams in the nba this year, but that didn't hear. that was kobe bryant's farewell performance. there is shaq. a lot of people came out for this. and he did not disappoint. he scored 60 points
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and just a wow moment. kobe just one of five players to ever play 20 seasons in the nba. five championships. and really after michaelor dan, people thought who would be the next big star. >> history maker. yeah. kobe bryant's definitely on that list. >> what a career. today you can check out a historic presidential ride, the historic vehicle association holding its second annual cars at the capital event today. you will be able to see president taft's 1909 steam car on the national mall. it will be on display between the national air and space museum and national gallery of art starting at 10:00. >> we need for document our automotive heritage, it shaped virtually every aspect of our country. and we thought that bringing out something on a presidential year that had something to do with the presidential race and presidential motoring would be a way do that. >> next week president reagan's 1962 jeep cj 6 are will be on
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pretty awesome. >> and mark says don't be fooled, they weren't tricked out back in the day. >> didn't even have cranked up windows on the 1909. >> what would tricked out even mean back then. >> tricked out in 1909 means it says president of the united states on the side of it. that's all the bling you need in in town anymore. sunshine and a great looking way to get your day started. sun just about ready to come up on a clear and cold start here this morning. not much of a breeze, hardly a ripple out there on the potomac early this morning. what to expect, another cold start, most of the suburbs are in the 30s this morning. and local it will be another day with 100% sunshine. the only change from yesterday, just a smidgeon warmer. but frost and freeze advisories are up until 9:00 a.m. goes up another notch to a freeze warning for northern ar
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virginia and in to the shenandoah valley. so a very cold start here first thirng thorn. if you're headed out to your early morning jog, have your insulated layer on for the a least the first mile or two. gradually all that sunshine will make for a nice enough afternoon. we'll be up into the upper pifts to near 60 by lunchtime. and so the weather will have no real major impact on your plans other than that chill this morning. great weather for outside, playing baseball this afternoon. and a good weather for indoor evening playing, hockey caps game one. going to the nats game, first pitch at 4:05. playing the winless braves. we beat them three games in a row here on this home stand. temperatures will be in the low 60s as you head down to the ballpark and generally in the 50s during the game. so you'll want to at least have your team jacket on. what about your weekend? tomorrow looks great. saturday looks wonderful. sunday even better. just a little bit warmer with each day. that's just the way we like it. the whole 7 day coming up. it's traffic time. how is the problem in
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this is the intersection of georgia avenue and colesville road northbound colesville right now is closed because of this crash. another new problem northbound route 1 at hasset, a crash. 66 inbound, a crash blocking the right lane. southbound bw parkway at maryland 32, right lane blocked and you can see those delays here that have really started to build here in the past couple of minutes. northbound georgia at colesville, left lane blocked each way. i'll be back here in ten minutes at 6:31 with more on that crash in silver spring. bracing for a rough summer travel season. the warning one airline already has for passengers and the changes they say need to happen fast. positn
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delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message.
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but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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i can't believe after all these years... people are still listening to this song! dragon: me neither! (laughing) ♪ music plays
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. welcome back at 6:26. tomorrow fans will have their chance to say good-bye to former nfl star will smith at a public viewing and there continue to be questions about what led to his death. a witness inside cardell hayes' car says smith was the aggressive or and hayes shot him in self-defense. hayes is charged with smith's murder. smith's lawyer says the former football star did have a gun, but it was inside the glove compartment. a medical examiner's report says smith was shot eight times in the back. police now say the 23-year-old rose ditoro is the woman whose body was found in a manassas retention pond last month. her family says she had by toli disorder and police do not think her death is success about aboutiabout i suspicious. american airlines is warning passengers that the tsa checkpoint could gro
6:27 am
with some travelers waiting in lines for more than an hour. the airline is criticizing the agency for not doing enough to make sure people can get on their flights. tsa's advice, show up two hours before your flight. tom costello will have more come uppi up on the "today" show. it appears you're do you remembering more than just a lot of calories an fat, the dangerous chemicals lurking in some meals. and chopper 4 over a big issue in silver spring. when it could get out of the way coming up. and himself ahealso ahead, saving idea dreamed up by a local teenager. how this young man's personal experience could help save the lives of many.
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they were put on the streets to make sure help could arrive when you needed it. now we're learning the city is still running low on ambulances despite a contract with a private company. we'll show you why in just minutes. first chuck bell has four things to know before you leave for work. >> number one, it's cold outside this morning. frost ad
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issued once again, clear sky and light wind overnight sheltered valleys are the coldest. temperatures at or below freezing for about three hours. coldest spots out across parts of central prince william county and fauquier county and also across northern frederick county. so that's where it is the coldest this morning. temperatures just below the freezing mark. the nearby suburb, temperatures are in the mid-30s with patchy frost. no trouble inside the beltway or by the bay. what does the day look like? still a chill in the air, but highs today in the low 60s. 7:00 tonight, cool and sunny, back down into the upper 50s. what might you be doing at 7:00? probably going to the caps game to cheer the caps on to victory. on your way this, still sunny and not too bad. on your way out, you'll need your jacket. but i guess if you go to a hockey game, you already have a coat. >> a big jersey on and everything, yeah. you'll be pumped up. taking a look at chopper in
6:32 am
cleared out of the way. northbound route 1 at hassett street, still have a crash in the right lane slowing things on 1. 66 inbound before 29, crash still blocking that lane. but it is looking better than it was. southbound bw parkway at 32, right lane blocked and we're still seeing some delays there also delays northbound as folks looking to the left. 270 at 118 germantown road, a bit more volume than we typically see this time of morning in that area. we'll have travel times in ten minutes. 6:32. and the fight for 15 has reached d.c. today mayor muriel bowser set to propose legislation to raise the minute hum wage to $15 an hour in the district. molette green is live for us this morning with more on what we can expect to hear about this measure this morning. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in just hours low wage workers will show up here at city hall and get the support of the city's mayor in
6:33 am
better pay. and who are they? among them, we're talking about child care workers, home health care workers, and even airport workers even though the city's airport is located in virginia. they're demanding a minimum wage of at least $15 an hour. and the right to be able to form a union. and all of this is going to kickoff at 10:00 this morning inside the wilson building behind me with the mayor leading the cause. now, other big cities have followed suit. including local communities close to us, montgomery county just days ago crow this week pushing forward a plan to gradually get to a $15 minimum wage. these workers are very confident about the chances to be able to make change happen here with the push going on in many other cities across the country and also in many other countries on this day. that is the latest live from outside the wilson building. i'm molette green, news 4. 6:34. it is no secret
6:34 am
comes to staffing on ambulances. even with the new private fleet, it can still take 30 minutes for an ambulance to take you to the hospital. we're told sometimes the department is force the to reserve a number of them for life threatening situations. >> kicks in when we start getting to about 10 to 7 ambulances. >> the fire chief also says right now the private ambulances are only transporting fewer than half of eligible patients. police in greenbelt are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a woman at knife point, this happened monday night around 10:00 near beltway plaza in prince george's county. the victim says the man got into a conversation with her inside the mall and followed her when she left. he then pulled her into a wooded area and took out a knife. if you saw anything, police in greenbelt would like to hear from you. this morning we're hearing from the company that manages a fairfax county apartment complex where a man sexually assaulted a 77-year-old woman. eagle point development says it
6:35 am
the company says it will fully cooperating with police to catch attacker. take assauthat assault happened week in centreville. residents complained that a security door was fregtly left propped open and the management company says it will reinforce the need to control access to that building. happening today, prince george's county officials are putting safety on the front street p biking and pedestrians are on the rise and we're seeing more and more deadly incidents. today the department of public works and transportation will join the prince george's county police for another part of the street smart campaign. they will be talking to neighbors and doing enforcement activities. there is a new study about fast food and just how bad it can be for your health. researchers at gw say that people who eat a lot of fast food are more which opposed to a chemical called phthalates. as much as 40% more than people who don't eat fast food.
6:36 am
been linked to a number of serious health problems. it is an invention that could keep millions of people safe. especially in remote parts of world and it was invented by a local student from clarksburg. he showed off his creation at president obama's final white house sicience fair. it allows for food to be refrigerated in warm parts of the world. he told us when he was a baby, his grandparents carried him ten miles in india to get a vaccination. >> it could transport vaccines from all locations. a refridnlgerator on wheels. >> he was saying by the time the grandparents arrived, the vaccination couldn't be used because it was too warm. he says his invention can transport 210 life saving vials that could
6:37 am
village. students from gaithersburg and centreville were also part of the science fair. i was there talking to the chief technology officer, megan smith. and some of the most impressive students. and one of the things that connects them is the desire to help people. and to solve some of the world's greatest problems. just amazing. >> necessity is the mother of invention. and you'll have more on the science fair later in the week. >> that's right. maryland's primary still more than a week away, but you can cast your ballot now. what you need to know if you want to take advantage of early voting. and also no business behind the wheel, the damage caused by a pair of kids out for a joy ride. a live look at d.c. as the sunrises over the potomac. no clouds. still a little cool out there, but you can't beat a picture like this. chuck bell helping you dress your kids for the school day.
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough
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who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message. these boys definitely did not have a license to drive. they're just six
6:41 am
but that did not stop them from taking this pickup truck for a joy ride in kansas. they crashed into five other cars and two mail boxes. caused a lot of damage for block. the boys took off in the truck whin o when one of the parents left it running. one had mine are or cuts, the o was not hurt. >> kids today, i tell you. back when chuck and i were little boy, you'd hop in that pickup truck at 7 years old in the wide open spaces and you didn't have to worry about these things. >> you didn't even grow up in a wide open space. >> he grew up in new york city, right? >> in itch arichmond. let's talk about the weather. >> you can hear them? stroke, stroke, stroke down the potomac. probably from george washington university, but d
6:42 am
or anything you want to do. a bit on the chilly side. temperatures in in the 30s on your way out the door. you'll need your jacket first thing this morning, but you'll need your sunglasses for later. another day filled with sunshine. how long can it last? you'll love the seven day coming up in ten minutes. for now a check on traffic. cardio queen. >> can i run about a mile and i need some medical intervention. taking a look here at chopper right now, southbound, not quite as bad as it looks on the map. 295 south at east capitol, disabled vehicle in the left lane. 66 inbound fairfax county parkway to the beltway, you're on time. 95 north also looking quite good. 270 south on time. top of the beltway a little slow, that's what happens at this time of day. 95 over to 270, going to take you 19 minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car this mor.
6:43 am
cathedral where more repair work is set to begin. the damage crews will be fixing nearly five years after the earthquake. and a developing story involving a shakeup? d.c. sports after the wizards fire head coach randy wittman.
6:45 am
6:46 am
work is set to begin to repair the cathedral left damaged by the earthquake. >> it's one of the stories we're working on to get you up to the minute the minute you're up, but first chuck bell has your out the door forecast. >> it's another extra hot latte kind of a morning across the area. temperatures across much of northern virginia and outlying suburbs down near the freezing mark early this morning. low 40s inside the city. going to be a beauty of a day and looks good into the weekend. your "7-day forecast" at 6:51. still delays southbound bw parkway near 32. northbound looking pretty good right now. and 66 inbound still slow here as you're headed to 29 because of that crash blocking the right lane. today we will learn about the second phase of the earthquake restoration work that kicks off it at the washington national cathedral. it will cost about $22 million. megan mcgrath has more on the repairs and how long they will take. she's live outside the
6:47 am
cathedral. >> reporter: this was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that hit back in in 2011, but the repair work is still not finished. we take a look behind me, you can see along the side of the cathedral as well as up at the top there all of the skafcaffolg in place in the wake of the earthquake, all of the repair work that has yet to be completed. now, we are getting under way later today and tomorrow with the phase two of this project. and we're told that it will take over ten years to complete this phase. later on today, we'll get a special tour here, we'll get a closer look at the broken pinnacles and the replacement pieces that they have actually finished putting together using robotic technologies. those new pieces being put into place there up at the pinnacles using a very large crane. and we're talking about very, very large heavy pieces of stone. anywhere from 400 pounds to 2800 pounds. the second phase of r
6:48 am
is going to take over ten years. they will get it under way or they will begin this week, so expect to see a lot of activity here around the national cathedral especially with the crane lifting these very large pieces of stone. back to you. it is 6:48. happening today, we'll hear from the family of an alzheimer's patient who died after he went missing a the a park in prince george's county. back in september, the 80-year-old was at watkins park with other residents of the wood more house assisted living facility. his family says because he was unsupervised, he wandered off and was found dead nearly one month later. the family and their lawyer will make a statement this afternoon. we're not sure when atlanta braves player hector olivera will be back on the baseball field. he's on administrative leave after being an accused of assaulting a woman. the player and the woman knew each other. police were called to the ritz-carlton yesterday morning and they found a womanit
6:49 am
the hospital. olivera and the braves are in washington for a series against the nats. now to decision 2016. early voting begins today in maryland and we're watching several key races. chris van hollen and donna edwards are battling for mikulski's u.s. senate seat. three candidates have spending big bucks. if you plan to take advantage of the early voting, here's what you need to know. it runs through next thursday april 21st. hours are 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. we have a list of the early voting sites in our nbc washington app. think about those kids, it gets me angry. >> the white house is not happy that president obama is appearing in a new political ad. the ad is connected to the senate race between chris van hollen and donna edwards. politico is reporting the white house wants the ad pull bse
6:50 am
when talking about van hollen's stance on gun control. the ad was created by the working for us super pac which assumes edwards. edwards' campaign says it had nothing to do with the ad. developing news this morning, defense second ash carter has announced plans to keep nearly 300 troops in the philippines through the end of the month. this is part of a military buildup that experts say is sure to inflame tensions with beijing. >> president obama has made clear our commitment to the philippines is ironclad. >> and for the first time, the pentagon says american ships have started conducting joint patrols in the south china sea. back to you. it's 6:50 now. also developing this morning, now that researchers confirm a link between zika virus and birth defects, they're be looking at ways to prevent the spread. on wednesday, the centers for disease roll confirmed thathe
6:51 am
virus causes severe brain damage to unborn babies as well as other defects. researchers weighed data from recent studies to make the kegs. it can be spread through certain kinds of mosquitos, sexual contact and even blood transfusions. cdc guidelines stay in effect for pregnant women, they're endo you remembered to avoid travel to areas where the zika virus is spreading. developing right now, it appears randy wittman is not coming to work today about that a lot of reports saying the wizards head coach was fired after the season's finale last night. he ran the team for 4 1/2 seasons. this past season, the wizards finished with 41-41 record and missed the playoffs. the verizon center will be packed tonight with everyone pumped and cheering for the caps. the team is playing the flyers at 7:00. mayor muriel bowser declared today rock the red day and said the wilson building will be lit up in red to support the team. the caps were so good, they knew
6:52 am
nearly a whole month ago. they didn't play some of their stars in the last home game of the season. and now we're ready, bring on the flyer. bring home the stanley cup. >> we're not individually rocking the red, but emotionally we're rocking the red. and a great day for whatever you will do outside even if you're going down to the caps game, perfect weather for just getting out and about. you will need your jacket first thing this morning. what to expect sf sn a beautiful sunrise came up about 0 minutes ago, up, up and away goes the sunshine on what will be a nearly flawless hid april afternoon. it is cold this morning once again temperatures in the 30s in the suburb, but just a little warmer than yesterday coming up this afternoon with again 100% sunshine. the frost freeze advisory out across the northern and western suburbs. light wind and clear sky. sheltered valleys are the coldest. a couple hours below freezing. fairfax and montgomery county, blue ridge, that's where the
6:53 am
morning. there is no chance to rain today, tomorrow, all the way through your weekend and even on into early next week. hardly a drop can be found in any of our computer models. so can you wash the car? you betcha. only thing i can't promise you, it won't stay clean too long because of all the poll than will lay on top of it, but at least it will be sort of shiny. planning out your day for today, 31 2 now at dulles international, 36 by 7:00. 46 at 9:00. mid-50s by 11:00 a.m. going to the nats game, temperatures in the low 60s at first pitch which is at the 4:05. but it will be a cool night once the game comes to an end. i mentioned it, i've teased it, here it is in print, melissa mollett, a "7-day forecast" filled with sunshine through the weekend. warmest day of the next seven will be 79 next monday. not even a chance for rain in the next seven days. >> we will make you stick to it. you do not want to battle eun or myself on the weather and he is
6:54 am
parkway southbound still a bit slow there because of that earlier crash. northbound we had folks looking to the left. right now that looks like that has pretty much cleared up. as we back out and take a big look at things, you can see overall we're looking pretty typical generally speaking. prince george's county no problems there. 66 inbound before 29, still have that crash blocking the left lane. 95 northbound looking good. northbound route 1, at hassett, a crash slowing things. 295 south at east capitol, disabled car in the left lane. 270 at monday stroh's, lotrosmo normal. it was completely unprovoked, that is how authorities are describing a shooting that left a constable in the hospital. this is new video out of houston, texas. this morning authorities say they're questioning somebody that matches the suspect description. we're expecting a news
6:55 am
where we will learn more about the deputy constable's condition this morning as well as the events that led up to the shooting. we'll have those developments for you on news 4 midday. 6:55, today the district is officially joining the fight for 15. mayor muriel bowser is set to propose legislation to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for people here in washington. molette green joining us live with more on what that means for you. >> reporter: yeah, these low wage workers have d.c.'s mayor on their side when they show up here in just a matter of hours in this incredible show of force we're expecting to abouting to see. we're talking about home health care worker, cheeld caild care , even airport workers demanding $15 an hour and the right to form a union. and all of this kicks off at 10:00 this morning at the wilson building with the mayor right out front in this campaign. we've seen success this other major cities across thun
6:56 am
county leaders took up legislation to gradually get to that $15 minimum wage goal. that's latest. molette green, news 4. verizon workers are entering day two of their strike, close to 40,000 workers in nine states including in our area walked off the job yesterday. workers are in a standoff with s verizon over a new contract. it has been negotiating since june and the strike doesn't bring a resolution closer. 6:56. four things to know before you head out. wizards looking for a new head coach, several reports say randy wittman was fired after the team's final game of the season last night. a deputy constable is in the hospital right now, shot multiple times in houston overnight. right now police are questioning a man in this case. today the second phase of the earthquake repair work will kickoff at the cathedral, expected to take a deca
6:57 am
and cost $22 million. today early voting begins in maryland at 10:00. we have a list the early voting sites in our nbc washington app. th anyone registered to vote can vote early. all sunshine all the time, got to love that. >> love it. melissa and i are doing a happy dance. >> let's see it. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter
6:58 am
he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message.
7:00 am
good morning. feud over? megyn kelly explains her private meeting at trump towers. >> we met for about an hour, just the two of us, and had a chance to clear the air. >> is a trump-kelly face to face in the near future? while bernie sanders turn out in force and a sanders surrogate raises eyebrows with this line. >> medicare for all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate democratic [ bleep ] -- >> that supporter apologizing for using an off-color term as sanders and clinton get ready for their new york debay tonight. act of aggression? russian leaders down playing


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