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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  April 14, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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the next phase of repairs is going to cost at the washington national cathedral. we'll have a live report on what's ahead. and beautiful sunshine but temperatures still running below normal. when we'll feel more summerlike warmth coming up in my updated forecast. plus, tonight our washington capitals compete for the stanley cup. the team's assistant general manager and others will be with us live to get ready for the game. "news4 midday" starts right now.
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right now a new push to push up the minimum wage in d.c. mayor muriel bowser just held a news conference about making the minimum wage $15 an hour. molette? >> reporter: absolutely, aaron, good morning. and they just finished up with the mayor about ten minutes ago and some of the folks are right behind me. their focus today is on folks who work in the home health care industry. those are the people who take care of some of the most vulnerable, the sick and the elderly. and also joining them, airport workers today to fight to live and work in the city. low-wage workers bring their fight for a $15 minimum wage to d.c.'s city hall. >> one check is the bills, and that's it. and i have to go to family members sometimes for
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>> reporter: tiffany hunter is losing a day's pay under the current $13.84 an hour to be here and to speak out for the 3,000 or so home health care aides in the city in the fight for $15 push that's already made its way to other major cities across the nation. caregivers and airport workers demanding more money and the right to form a union. >> i was even threatened by a manager that if i wanted to join the union that i would be let go. so, i'm not scared of the threa threats. i'm here and i'm fighting for the $15. >> reporter: here at the wilson building with an ally in mayor muriel bowser, who promises to do her part to help, proposing legislation to reach $15 an hour by 2020. >> and one of the biggest things that we can do to fight for them is make sure they have a fair wage. and so, that's why
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washington, d.c., are going to fight for $15. >> reporter: and the mayor's promise to fight for $15 has to go through the council's legislative process, and these guys behind me are keeping their fingers crossed that a vote could come in their favor in a few months. we're live this morning outside the wilson building, molette green, news4. >> thanks, molette. well, if $15 sounds like a high minimum wage, it really is. here's some context. it would be the highest minimum wage in our area by several dollars. montgomery county is also talking about a $15 minimum wage, but it wouldn't be that high until 2020. right now their minimum wage is $9.55. prince george's county has that same minimum wage right now and will boost that number up to $11.50 next year. everywhere else in maryland, the minimum wage is $8.25. virginia uses the national minimum wage, which is $7.25. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. happening right now, a mar
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northeast. the labor unions will endorse former d.c. mayor vincent gray for ward 7 d.c. council. gray jumped into the race last month. yvette alexander is the current ward 7 representative and is running for re-election. we've got a crew headed to that scene and we will have much more on the story first at 4:00. aaron? >> erika, thank you. the wizards are looking for a new head coach. the team made it official this morning, they fired coach randy wittman after 4 1/2 years on the job. he took the team to the playoffs last year and the year before that. this past season, the team was 41-41. right now, a big scare in japan, a powerful earthquake there. the quake measured a 6.4 and shook the country about 8:30 this morning. we're getting our first look at some of the damage while authorities check nuclear facilities to make sure everything is intact. when a major earthquake hit japan five years ago, it caused a giant tsunami and a nuclear disaster. 20,000 people died.
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casualties in today's quake. switching gears now to talk about weather, amelia segal's in the storm team 4 weather center. >> right now gorgeous, beautiful sunshine, a temperature around 56. and i'm showing you the dew point temperature. this talks about measure. we show you the dew point when we're talking about human conditions, and that's when dew point would be 65. so, it's very dry out there. and because it is so dry, that's making for sunny skies. barely a cloud in the sky right now, and that will be the case as we head on into the afternoon hours. temperatures, though, still running below normal. normal about 67. by 2:00, a temperature around 61. 4:00, a temperature of 63. that will be our high for the day, so comfortably cool. 6:00 this evening, a temperature of 62. and by 8:00 p.m., we're down to 57. so, walking the dog later tonight or going out for the jog, probably want to grab at least an extra layer. coming up, i'm going to have a look at weekend temperatures. we do start to warm up, but we'll let you know by how much coming up
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developing, an investigation into how and why a deputy constable was shot in houston, texas. police say someone shot the constable four times from behind last night. they say the shooter was targeting law enforcement. police are questioning a man in connection with this shooting. the constable was wearing a protective vest. police say he had wounds to his abdomen and near his heart but that he's expected to survive after eight hours of surgery today. also developing this morning, police in austin, texas, are investigating an officer-involved shooting. we've learned the officer is a s.w.a.t. team member and is currently in stable condition. we're also told the suspect is in custody at this time. right now people are hitting the polls in maryland for early voting in that state. we're watching several key races, including one for the u.s. senate and two congressional districts. if you plan to take advantage of early voting, here's what you need to know. it runs through thursday, april 21st. voting lasts until 8:00 p.m. we have a list of the early
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washington app. search "early voting." one of the key races is in maryland, senate race between donna edwards and chris van hollen, both vying to fill the seat of barbara mikulski, the longest serving woman in congress. >> i want to bring jobs and opportunity, education that works for people, no matter what zip code they live in, and i think that this is an opportunity for voters to make a choice for the future. >> edwards currently serves in the house for maryland's 4th district. she spent part of the morning greeting commuters at the largo metro station in prince george's county. meanwhile, van hollen, who represents maryland's 8th district, also courting voters in prince george's county. he joined rushern baker, joanne benson and other african-american leaders in the community at the curry sports and learning complex in landover today. >> van hollen's current district includes montgomery, frederick and carroll counties. three candidates are leading the pack and are
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for your vote. state senator jamie raskin says he's the candidate with the strongest record of legislative experience. kathleen matthews is campaigning as a well-known former news anchor and businesswoman who will work for working-class families. david trone is a businessman who is spending more than $9 million on his campaign. trone's tv ads stress his independence. there are six other democrats also in the race. now, in the 4th district in maryland, ten candidates are running for donna edwards' congressional seat. the three front-runners are former attorney general -- former lieutenant governor anthony brown, former prince george's county state's attorney glenn ivey and state delegate jose lean pigney melnick. the 4th district encompasses parts of prince george's and anne arundel counties. coming up, more on the race for president. tracie potts will let us know who needs to have a strong performance at tonight's democratic debate in brooklyn. happening today, we'll hear from the family of an alzheimer's patient who died after going missing at a park in in
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the 85-year-old was at the park with residents of the assisted living facility in december. phipps phipps family says he was unsupervised and wandered off and was found dead one month later. they will make a statement this afternoon. the arlington memorial bridge needs some $250 million in repairs, and it's running out of time to get that money. the national parks service has until tonight to apply for federal funding. however, that request needs a local government to sponsor it. both virginia and d.c. say the parks service didn't ask them in time. if the bridge is not fixed, it could be closed to traffic, which includes more than 60,000 cars that cross that bridge every day. right now there's a house oversight hearing where they are talking about takata and the latest deadly case out of texas. according to the national highway traffic safety administration or nhtsa, the latest death has caused a spike in people checking the status of their vehicles through the
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the takata inflaters can explode with too much force and spray shrapnel at drivers. yesterday another 85 million airbag inflaters were added to the more than 28 million already slated for repair. today's hearing will address how much more time will have to pass before all of these vehicles are fixed. consumer reporter susan hogan is watching the story closely and will have an update on today's hearing first at 4:00. >> thanks, erika. metro is in the hot seat after a bus hit a woman in arlington last month. the woman just filed a $25 million lawsuit, accusing the driver of being negligent. she claims she was in the crosswalk with a walk sign when the bus hit her. her attorney says she got a concussion and broken arm from that incident. well, do you have plans for summer vacation? new numbers this morning may make you think twice about flying and drive instead. plus, get ready to rock the red. slapshot isere in our h
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in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message. ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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a heartbroken mother's outraged after a judge says the sister of her son's killer can leave juvenile detention. in 2014, kuwane small shot brenda wilson. his sister was accused of luring the 16-year-old victim to an area before the shooting. on wednesday, a judge ruled that the sister can head
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stay in probation for two years. her brother is serving a 50-year prison sentence. the wife of the ann rundowney county sheriff tells our news partners that her husband did not hit per. sheriff ron bateman was charged with assaulting his wife on sunday. elsie bateman's attorney released a statement, in it saying her husband asked her to leave the house. that's when she says they got into a heated argument. she says her husband did not punch or hit or kick her. sheriff bateman has publicly said the same thing. however, a probable cause document says that elsie bateman told the police on the scene that she was thrown against the wall and hit in the left side of her face. she does not plan to pursue criminal charges. new information is released in connection with prince george's county police officer jacai colson's death. according to court documents, the gunman, michael ford, apparently asked his two brothers, now his co-defendants, to record his planned suicide and send it to the world star hip-hop website. officer colson was killed by friendly fir
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of the district 3 headquarters in landover. it was also revealed yesterday in court that five-year officer taylor krause was the one who fired the shot that killed colson. we have just learned atlanta braves player hector olivera is out of jail after posting a $10,000 bond. he was arrested yesterday when arlington police were called to the ritz carlton hotel wednesday morning for an apparent assault. police tell us the woman allegedly assaulted and olivera knew each other. olivera was supposed to appear in court today. he's waived his appearance. his attorney will be there on his behalf. he was in town for a game against the nationals. bryant, on his way! it's a one-point game! >> kobe, kobe, kobe, one of basketball's superstars, is officially finished with his basketball career. kobe bryant went out in style, shooting 60 points, leading the lakers to the win last night. he retires with the third most
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time. he won five championships. tonight's two big games could make your evening commute a mess out there. "first 4 traffic's" melissa mollet will show you your options coming up. plus, we'll go live to the national cathedral. reprs from thatai
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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i'm melissa mollet. here are just some of the stories lighting up social media this morning. beyonce's new athletics
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well, it hits stores today. according to fashionistas, the pop diva partnered with british businessman and top shop owner peter green. there are more than 200 items to choose from the new ivy park line. looks pretty cool. expect to wait a while, though, if you're trying to buy online. it seems the items are a very hot commodity. and saturday marks the 154th anniversary of d.c. emancipation. social media editor britney johnson has more on what's going on in the district. >> reporter: this saturday marks the 154th anniversary of d.c. emancipation, and to celebrate, there will be a huge parade taking place. and just a reminder, tomorrow all city government workers will have the day off because it is a public holiday in d.c. for more information on how to get involved in the parade or times and location, just search "emancipation day" in our app. >> all right. thank you, brittany. and drone fans, listen up. espn is bringing drone racing to tv. the network has struck a multiyear deal with the internationro
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sport. the first event to be shown will be the 2016 u.s. national drone racing championships that takes place in new york city in early august. barbara, back to you. ♪ >> let's go caps! let's go caps! >> rock the red and go caps. that's the message we've got and we've got to get you going on it today. >> yep, the caps start their hunt for lord stanley's cup tonight at 7:00. the caps played so well this year, all sorts of excitement around this team going forward into the playoffs. >> you see i'm wearing my red today. >> nice move there. >> we've got the red with us. manager don fishman is with us accompanied by some red rockers, and of course, slap shot over there. we're all getting excited about tonight. >> we're ready to go. >> well, tell me about the team. what do you think? how are they feeling today? >> we had the second best regular season we'v e
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we had finished first in the league, 120 points, so expectations couldn't be higher, although of course, we're pretty nervous, too. >> i was going to say, there's little bit of pressure. i mean, even with the older guys, guys who have been around for a while, a lot of new guys, too, there's pressure going into the playoffs. >> and the playoffs in hockey especially are so tight. every series literally is close. everyone's expecting a long series. so, you've got to be good, but lucky, too. >> i heard your manager saying yesterday, let's just pretend like this is a regular game and not get the guys under too much pressure. is that your message to the team? >> i think that's right. we just try to take it one game at a time. they usually are long series. there's a lot of tense moments, so it all starts tonight at verizon center, and it continues saturday. we're asking all the fans to wear red and wear it to work, too, which you're doing, which is great. >> here we are. >> i have to ask, just because that's what journalists do. we've had some early exits from playoffs in the past. and sorry, slapshot, i know. >> he didn't want us to talk about that. >> but yeah, so, how are you feeling? p
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>> there's a number of things that make this team different from past teams. ovechkin, obviously, again is spectacular. he scored 50 goals, but he's got a fabulous supporting cast. we have a great goalie in braden holtby. he had a second straight 40-win season. we've got a young player, evgeyi kuznetsov who led in scoring this year. of course, we've got backstrom, some additions, williams at forward. so, we're deeper and stronger. >> and slapshot agrees, we're ready to go. >> how do we get involved? >> at games, at the carnegie library, that was great. >> but they're never on the ice, right? >> sometimes. >> okay. we'll be looking for you at the game tonight. slapshot, are they going to win? absolutely. >> you bring the cup back here after you win this all, okay? >> all right. >> all right, good deal. >> thank you to the red rockers. thank you for coming and being with us today. >> let's go, caps. >> let's go, caps. rock that red. we're going to becl
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watching what's happening in the quest for the cup right here and online. check the nbc washington app for some of the one-on-one interviews with the players, like when carol maloney talked to tjason schumera last night. an invention that could keep millions safe, especially in remote parts of the world. >> it was invented by a local student from clarksburg. he showed off his creation at president obama's final white house science fair yesterday. the student's invention allows for a way to refrigerate vaccines in hot parts of the world. he got this idea from personal experience with his family in india. >> my invention, vacswagon. it uses no ice or electricity to transport vaccines from all locations with a refrigerator and wheels. >> now, he says his invention can transport 210 life-saving vials at a time. students from
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centreville also showed off their inventions at yesterday's fair. you know, it looks absolutely beautiful outside, but it is chilly, so if you haven't gone out yet, you probably need a jacket on. amelia, what's happening? >> just a little bit. it's going to warm up. >> a little lower than usual this time of year, isn't it, the temperature? >> yeah, temperatures are running below normal for this time of year. i have to say, i love being at the desk at midday! i love chatting with you guys. so, temperatures are running a little bit below normal, today, tomorrow as well, but once we head into the weekend, we continue to warm and temperatures will be above our average high, which is now about 67 degrees. in addition to that, sunshine continues not only today but right on into the weekend. now, there could be some spotty frost tonight, especially north and west of the d.c. metro area. parts of montgomery, loudoun, fauquier countys, frederick county, if you woke up to frost this morning, probably waking up to a little bit of frost tomorrow morning. after that, we're headed to the 70s by sunday. temperatures currently in the mid-50s. 56 degrees in
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winchester as well as leesburg. really great temperatures for outdoor exercise, very comfortable. if you're heading down to nats park later today, first pitch at about 4:05, probably want to bring an extra layer, a sweatshirt or light jacket, but the sunglasses as well. if you haven't been out in the sun a lot lately, i know i haven't, maybe even want to consider some sunscreen. 4:05 first pitch, temperature in the low 60s. by the last out, temperatures in the upper 50s and the sun still out by that point. car wash forecast, probably a good time to get the car washed as we're looking at dry weather in the forecast for days. now, on friday, temperature of 65. saturday a high of 68. of course, we have the cherry blossom parade on saturday taking place from 10:00 until noon going down constitution avenue. if you're going to the parade, here's what you can expect. temperatures at 10:00 a.m. in the low 50s. by noon we're around 60. if you're going to stay downtown or just about anywhere, temperatures already in the mid-60s. i know i had my tee time for saturday. i'm looking forward to it. sunday a high temperature, guys, around 7eg
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expect early next week coming up in a little bit. back to you. >> thanks, amelia. straight ahead, the costly restoration to our national cathedral. news4's megan mcgrath has a live report. plus, virginia takes action against sex assault on college
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right now, early voting is under way in maryland and the two leading candidates in the democratic race for u.s. senate spent the morning greeting voters in prince george's county. chris van hollen held a rally with african-american women leaders in landover, while donna edwards greeted commuters at the largo metro station. early voting in maryland runs through next thursday. workers in d.c. and the mayor are fighting for a higher minimum wage in the district. they want the d.c. council to pass legislation to raise wages to $15 an hour in the next four years. when that powerful earthquake rocked the washington area back in 2011, one of the structures that suffered the most damage was the washington national cathedral. this is a live look at that iconic structure. crews have made a lot of progress over the last five years repairing the cathedral and making it stable again. now, the second phase of restoration is about to begin. megan mcgrath is live in northwest washington with a bird's-eye view,
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bird's-eye preview of what's coming. she's way up on top. what's it look like up there? >> reporter: i've got to tell you, the view is absolutely amazing, and i never realized i had kind of a little bit of a heights thing. but i've got to tell you, i'm experiencing it here today. we are very, very high. you can see that we're on the scaffolding here up high above the national cathedral. we're here on the north transept. and i'm going to walk over here and that's going to pan. this is one of the grand pinnacles. this is the sort of thing that is going to be repaired in this phase two of the restoration project, and this is why it needs to be repaired. take a look at this. kind of spooky here. look at how wobbling that is. the earthquake in 2011, it jiggled a lot of the stones, these big stones. some of them came tumbling down immediately. others fell later. and then you have quite a few that are just --
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labor-intensive building. the stone work, assembling these stones, carving them is just very difficult and complex work. you're not just putting up thin pieces of stone. the hand-carving -- >> reporter: and so, you just heard about how time -- how laborious this whole practice is and just how expensive it is because of all of the time and the workmanship that goes into it. now, something that we need to stress here is that they have money for this part of the project, this north transept area, but there's a lot of other work, $22 million worth of work that needs to be done, and they don't have the money for that yet. 100% of the repairs, they're being done with private donations, and they are out of money. so, if this project is going to be completed in ten years like they hope, they're going to need some donations. but the work here in this phase
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tomorrow morning. back to you all in the studio. new this morning, attorneys general mark herring and terry mcauliffe will come together to sign two bills that combat sexual violence on campuses. first bill will require law enforcement to be trained in "trauma-informed responses." and the second is said to reform the way virginia handles and retains physical evidence recovery kits, also known as rape kits. it was november, if you remember, of 2014 when "rolling stone" released an article about an alleged sexual assault on campus, an article that has since been retracted. back to you. >> erika, thank you. today gun violence is back in the spotlight on capitol hill. congregants of gun reform has been hot on the campaign trail and in congress. members of the action alliance, brady campaign and several democrats called on congress to advance what they're calling sensible, popular gun legislation. the newtown acon
11:33 am
shooting at sandy hook elementary sdmool 2014. gun control advocate andy parker is not going to face any charges. he's the father of reporter allison parker who was shot and killed during a live, on-air report near smith mountain lake in virginia last year. several months ago, parker posted a facebook message saying he would beat up virginia state senator bill stanley. stanley supports pro gun rights legislation. parker later apologized. yesterday a special prosecutor said it would be inappropriate to file any charges. turning to decision 2016 now. behind closed doors, staff from donald trump's presidential campaign are meeting on capitol hill today. they'll gather with congressional members of the capitol hill club. the private club is a social hangout for republicans. meanwhile, the clock is ticking in new york ahead of the state's presidential primary there, which is just five days away now, but we're already starting to see gop candidates shift their focus as polls show donald trump with a huge lead in that state. nbc's
11:34 am
what's next. >> there are few places in america that have been more devastated economically by our trade policies than pittsburgh. we know that. >> reporter: donald trump at a rally flanked by 1,000 police officers, shifting focus to a state where dozens of unpledged delegates could put him over the top. >> we're going to see manufacturing jobs coming back to pennsylvania. >> reporter: ted cruz also in pennsylvania, trying to put the best spin on new york's upcoming primary, where cruz is polling third. >> and if donald doesn't get north of 50% in his home state, i think that's widely going to be seen as a crushing loss for him. >> reporter: john kasich's poised to come in second. >> it's like coke, pepsi and kasich, but people are still trying to figure out whether they like the brand. >> reporter: meantime, the democrats -- >> i'm proud to be a new yorker. >> reporter: -- are getting ready for tonight's debate in new york. >> this is a tough race for us in that we are taking
11:35 am
who obviously was the united states senator here for eight years. >> reporter: lowering expectations in a state where he's 14 points behind. back to trump, a florida prosecutor says his campaign manager will not face charges after an altercation with a reporter. in washington, tracie potts, nbc news. just into our newsroom, president obama will be the keynote speaker for commencement at howard university next month. the university will also present the president with its highest honor, an honorary degree, doctors of law. president obama is the sixth sitting u.s. president to deliver the keynote address at howard's commencement. barbara, back to you. >> thanks, erika. well, we all know fast food isn't exactly the most nutritious option, but it's doing more than just adding a couple of extra pounds to your
11:36 am
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. i'm melissa mollet with your "first 4 traffic," and a
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little busy on the roads and rails tonight because of these two things peer. nats versus the braves and the caps versus the flyers tonight, two different things happening in the city. so, here is an issue on metrorail to remember, though. we have track work happening through this evening. it starts at 10:00 p.m. and lasts until midnight. so, really, it will probably really only affect the caps game. red line, we have single-tracking happening and we're running every 20 to 25 minutes. that's the same thing on the green line and the orange line and the blue line. silver line, really east of boston only is what they'll be running and yellow line is regular service. i'll see you tomorrow morning for "news4 today." breaking news. we just got this from adam tuss on twitter. two metro stops are getting longer names. this is supposed to -- it's an effort to help people get to where they're going. so, to kennedy center, they will add -- or i should say, kennedy center will be added to gwu, and national mall will be added to
11:39 am
they don't replace. they add to the name, kennedy center added to gwu and national mall to smithsonian. you can follow adam tuss on twitter, and of course, we'll have much more coming up on news4 at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. back to you. >> all right, erika. a new device will let police see if you were texting during a car crash. it's a textalyzer, like a breathalyze breathalyzer. they're talking about a bill to allow them in cars. they would only look at your text, not phone calls or conversations if this bill passes. your credit score can affect everything from your interest rates to your ability to buy a new home, but bob hanson explains how you can improve that magic number. >> reporter: there are lots of stories behind people's credit scores, each one influenced by their lifestyle, their job and spending habits. to turn things around, first look at the information in your credit report. >> you want to make sure it's your score. so, if you want to protect
11:40 am
rates, you want to dispute any issues on there. >> reporter: financial adviser steve sexton says those scores are determined by the information the credit reporting agencies have on you. whether that information is accurate or not. and how are you going to know if you have any mistakes unless you check your credit report? and you can do that for free on each of the credit reporting companies once a year. >> if it's not right, it could be costing you money. >> reporter: people with lower scores often pay higher interest rates. so, what can you do to improve your score? don't just pay off your credit card debts, pay early. >> pay it as soon as you receive the statement. don't wait until two days before the date's due. >> reporter: that can improve your score dramatically. also, when it comes to your credit card limit, don't max them out. in fact, try not to go beyond 50% of your card's credit limit. >> a $10,000 limit. if you're using $3,000 as a maximum, then you have a couple other cards that you might use that as well in making those minimum
11:41 am
actually be more beneficial to your credit rating than negative. but once you get close to the limit, it's going to start declining because they don't think you can afford any more. >> good advice. that was bob hansen reporting. a new study about fast food and its impact on your health. researchers at gw say that people who eat a lot of fast food are more exposed to a chemical called phthalates. they are exposed to as much as 40% more of that chemical than people who don't eat fast food. researchers say phthalates have been linked to a number of serious health problems. >> they're not chemically bound into the products, so they can leech, migrate off gas from the products and end up in your food, in the air, in your house dust, where they can enter your body. >> now, the researchers said that people who ate fast food with grains or meat had the highest levels of phthalate exposure. let's take a look at our forecast now. i hope it's warming up out there. we got the sunshine. >> yeah. amelia segal's in the stormea
11:42 am
about it. >> right now we're at 56 degrees, beautiful sunshine. there you can see a live look at the national cathedral. you should go to the nbc washington twitter page, because there are great photos coming from megan down there at the cathedral. by 2:00, a temperature around 61 degrees with plenty of sunshine. 5:00 p.m., temperatures in the low 50s, and those will be our high temps for the day. by 8:00, a temperature around 57. so, chilly as we head into the overnight hours and with clear skies temperatures will continue to dip into the mid-30s to around 40 degrees, so some patchy frost is possible north and west of town. here is the latest allergy report. trees coming in at high, grasses and mold spores continue to run low. the main culprit are the trees, oak out there, but reports are saying today that although the trees are on the high side, still well below normal for this time of year. i have to disagree, though. my allergies certainly bothering me today. school tomorrow at the bus stop, a chilly start, probably sweatshirt kind of weather or fleece for the kids. temperatures in the mid-40s. recess, though, gets
11:43 am
comfortably cool with a temperature around 56. and by dismissal, temperature of 64. really nice for friday. even if you're dining out tonight, i think with a light jacket, you'll be just fine. friday night eating dinner, temps in the upper 50s to low 60s. also looking good for saturday night. a high on saturday around 68 degrees. sunday a high of 70. and we continue to warm. monday a high of 79. around 70 on tuesday, barbara. >> thanks, amelia. britain's duke and duchess of cambridge are in bouton today. prince william and kate will spend the day watching archery before dining with the king and queen. they are on a week-long tour of bouton and india. the couple will head to india tomorrow to visit the taj mahal. the late princess diana, william's mother, visited the monument of love, as the taj mahal is called, back in 1992. well, today you can check out a historic presidential ride. the historic vehicle association holding its second annual cars
11:44 am
today you'll be able to see president taft's 1909 steam car on the national mall. it will be on display between national air and space museum and the national art gallery starting -- it's been there since 10:00 this morning. next week president reagan's 1962 jeep cj-6 will be on display. we have a wonderful 11-year-old to introduce you to as our wednesday's child this week. he has a terrific personality, he is a really good student, and because he's great at karate, he dreams of using his brain and braun at being a spy some day, he says. his other dream, of course, is to be adopted by a loving family. meet deshawn. what does that say? >> spy, operation spy. >> yeah. peter ernest, once a spy hielmsf, welcomed us to the spy museum. >> let me ask you a question, what do you think is the most important gadget for spies? >> your brain. >> absolutely right there. >> if you had to come up with any code name -- >> i would be agent
11:45 am
>> she helped agent sharkbite into his disguise, showed him some tricks of the trade, including some glasses. >> i can see behind me! >> he loves school, he loves to learn. he's very curious and inquisiti inquisitive. >> it's a brush pass. >> how did you know what a brush pass was? >> because i seen it -- >> okay, what do you think a brush pass is? >> it's when you go like this. >> reporter: deshawn was scoring high with his spy knowledge and proved his bravery when he crawled through an air duct and then held on to a beam in a wind tunnel. but even brave boys need a family. deshawn hopes to be adopted. >> it means i'd be taken in by a family that really loves you. >> reporter: he needs a family that will love him and have time to spend with him. >> it's not something that he's had a lot of. he wants to be special to somebody. and so, we want a family who can give that to him. >> reporter: agent buttercup had some spy gifts for deshawn to take with him, including -- >> pair of your
11:46 am
glasses. >> reporter: and a treasure trove of spy paraphernalia. >> mission accomplished. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for deshawn or another child who's waiting, please call our special adoption hotline, 1-88-to-adopt-me or search "wednesday's child" at well, you know the phrase something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? scratch that last part. today's
11:47 am
but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
11:48 am
11:49 am
getting hitched? for some brides and grooms, green is the new white, so what is a green wedding? well, it's all about couples striving to be environmentally conscious, and everyone from wedding gown designers and planners and even the caterers are getting in on the act. this sunday's spring wedding show at the dallas expo center will feature green wedding trends, and among those who will be there, owner and executive chef jim benson of 11 course catering. welcome back! >> great to be here, thank you. >> this is a new thing. what are they asking for? >> a lot of couples are inspired by the farm-to-table movement and just what better way to get to start off to that new life together than to bring a little bit of element of the earth and just, you know, just true, honest cuisine and fresh. >> so, what are you making for us? >> what we have in honor of april, we have a wonderful asparagus that's locally available and rockfish season is upon us. we're going to do something fresh and true to what's in season. so
11:50 am
of rockfish searing in simple olive oil. we want to get a beautiful color to that. we'll let that go about four minutes on each side to cook it all the way through and to pair with this beautiful fish, we want to get something from the earth. so, we have some wonderful asparagus we've quickly poached just gently through. some wonderful arugula, and to that, some quick, easy ingredients -- lemon zest, shallots, fresh chives from the garden infused with some sea salt. wonderful heirloom tomatoes. >> oh, it looks really beautiful. >> and a little bit of olive oil and rice wine vinegar to that. so, sweetness of honey. and you have a wonderful simple salad that every couple's going to be asking their caterer to provide for them at that wonderful wedding. >> now, you're going to put that on this plate, but let me quickly say, i asked you, you're using a paper plate at a wedding? you said it's not paper. >>
11:51 am
recyclab recyclable, and really staying true in with the theme. finish it with our fish and a little bit more of over chives, and you have a wonderful gourmet farm-to-table dish that will make any couple happy. >> fantastic. what else did you bring? >> so, we also have some other things. we have a beautiful strawberry -- you know, strawberries can be easily picked. you can go out together after, you know, for a prehoneymoon ordeal. we'll go pick out some fresh strawberries together and make a wonderful tart with chocolate. so, we're using the edible cups. so, that way, we're not waste -- we want to avoid waste, use everything. a beautiful dish -- >> okay, the director's telling me i ought to try it. >> you've got to. >> i know it's going to put some pounds on, but let's see. mm. >> simple elegance there. >> it's not that sweet. >> no, yeah. >> it's wonderful. >> you really want to play out that strawberry. in the mousse, we made a little strawberry jam that we mixed with a little bit of cream and aerated it. so, wonderful, light and delicious. >>
11:52 am
>> and we bring a little bit of the old. you know, go to a garage sale, find some vintage tea cups and beautiful centerpieces that you can implement at the wedding. so, we have some soil, some fresh herbs, and you know, tied in the earth. >> and this? >> we have a wonderful tortilla with fresh peppers, chicken, scallions. >> i should have tried this first. >> right, i know. it's beautiful. >> fantastic. >> and a fun stationary app for the cocktail hour. >> wow. so, green weddings are really in and you're going to be talking about this tha this weekend, right? >> definitely. we'll be talking to all the couples, planning their weddings. we love to be a part of it and customizing that experience. we really love creating that experience that reflects the couple. >> it's called wedding experience? >> the wedding experience in dulles this sunday. you'll have a lot of wedding professionals there to be able to give you that green experience. >> at the dulles expo center. >> yes. >> well, i'm so happy that you came and brought this. it really gets you excited about spring. it doesn't feel much like it out there. >> i know. we'll get there soon enough,
11:53 am
excited for it. >> well, i know you and your wife have been doing this, you've been with us before. welcome back. >> well, it's our pleasure. >> can't wait to taste all this. >> definitely, thank you. >> jim benson. aaron? >> thank you, barbara. ahead, the video people can't stop watching on facebook. two brothers trick their sister into thinking the zombie acalypse was po
11:54 am
11:55 am
for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message. we can only take one pet.
11:56 am
>> the cat, you idiot! >> okay, i've been getting a lot of hatred about this from the dog people, naturally, because if i didn't -- see, look at him. he's beautiful. >> yes. >> if i didn't know my dog, i would think she's awful. you -- no -- >> listen, you haven't seen this whole thing. it is hilarious. the sibling prank became an instant youtube hit. it even had ellen degeneres noticing. local brothers making their sister believe she's in the zombie apocalypse after her wisdom teeth surgery. check them out on "the ellen show" this afternoon and hear the explanation about why she chose the cat over the dog. "ellen" airs at 3:00 here on nbc 4. can't wait to hear that explanation. >> it was hysterical. >> it really was. >> i was watching it because i have to listen with my headphones and i was laughing so loud that the producers who sit near me, what's going on? what are you laughing so much about? you're going to have to see it. but ellen i'm sure will show some of it tonight. >> let's get one more look at the forecast now. aaron, a temperature in the district already near 60
11:57 am
57 right now in gaithersburg and 55 in culpeper. brilliant sunshine out there right now and we'll stay sunny on into the afternoon and evening hours. we hit our high temperature of 63 at about 4:00 this afternoon. 6:00 p.m., a temp around 62. so, if you're heading to the nats game, probably want to bring the extra layer. but overall, the weather having a really low impact, not only on your day today, but right on into the weekend and next week. if you're driving to the caps game tonight for the first round -- for the first playoff game, go caps. and of course, the weather not having an impact on your commute there. for tomorrow, a little bit warmer, a high of 65. we continue to warm on saturday, a high of 68. looking great for the cherry blossom parade. sunday a high around 70. i know you guys like this. on monday, a high of 79. >> oh, that sounds good. >> yeah, pretty good. thanks, amelia. that is the news for this midday. thanks for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. >> you can get all the news and weather that you need, all the updates at our nbc washington app. hope you all have a great day
11:58 am
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