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tv   Today  NBC  April 18, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda ko kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> i don't think so! >> hello, everybody. start of a new week, it's funday monday. it's april 18. >> tax day! >> well, hopefully if you haven't filed yet you still have till midnight tonight but come on, that's a little late. you know? >> this is the first year in the history of my life i haven't filed late. i filed on time. >> so there's hope for the future. that's called "just like fire" by pink. we have the very handsome mr. harry hamlin with us in the kevin. i said he looks like a ve
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>> that's right. surfer dude. >> he always has tons going on. >> he's in a movie with susana ran don and life with the befrly hills housewife. then we're going to get you caught on the celebrity scoop which you might have missed. beyonce has a mysterious video. have you heard anything about it? it's going to leave you thirsty for more. >> and this rising country star who's living the dream. his name is drake white. he makes his national tv debut when he sings his newest single. he's down stairs with his parent, his wife -- >> that's who that crowd was! >> everybody is down there. everybody is down there. >> this is his national debut which is fun. >> it's a big, big deal. the whole family is here. we have to talk about how unbelievable your weekend was. >> it was one of those! >> it was one for the record books. >> it was my mom's birthday and we were celebrating with her so we wanted to do a bunch of different
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and i couldn't say anything on the air because it would have given everything away -- my sister flew in from dubai. she made my mom the most delicious meal. >> that was surprise number one. >> that was surprise number one. busted in and screamed and it was terrific. >> do we have this on videotape? >> not that one. somehow it got lost. >> you sent it to me. >> i know we're getting it. then, after that, when we surprised her with a trip to the bahamas. so we were lounging out in our bathing suits and this whole parade of people came in to sing but we were most concerned about the fact that we didn't have wraps on. this is us in the water but we have video of that. ♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday ♪ >> put your wrap on! >> oh, no! ♪ happy birthday to you, happy birthday ♪ >> lovely people. this is like the fourth t
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>> we love it. we went to the beach and took tons of happy snaps. >> i have always offered you my house in the keys to go to but hala likes to play -- >> and hala is a lucky girl when she comes to that so then the third surprise was after our great vacation, which was one of our favorite once, my mom went home with my sister, opened up the door of her parent -- >> thinking it was over. >> -- it was over. and -- >> surprise! >> and there are the kids and balloons and -- >> fantastic. >> it was a really, really, really fun weekend. >> i love that about the family. you surprised each other. i don't know how you would get away with it. how was your weekend? >> my weekend, thank you for asking, was not a surprise. my brother and i like to get on the acela here in new york and take the train down, gives us time together. then testify dinner with our mom who can't travel the same way she
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great. all of you ask about my mom a lot. thank you, she's great. and her -- and my sister's birthday. she turned -- >> it was her birthday. >> there she is. >> blew out a candle. >> at the beautiful chart house at the waterfront in annapolis. the chart houses are everywhere, out near you, haar rirrry, on t malibu area. i'm starting a campaign to get them to carry my stuff. >> they should. >> please carry this stuff. >> we give them so much business. >> little schecky was at the table, that's what i call him. his real name is aaron. there he is and then he was in his little bouncy chair called the einstein. >> by the way, he is so cute. i can't. >> he is a wild man on that thing. now he's his own d.j. he turns on the music. >> i think i would like hanging out with little schecky. can i ask you a question, why don't i have any -- >> because you weren't here on thursday when we showed ellen's show last week. she was --
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>> she has a present? >> for our eighth anniversary. >> kathie lee and hoda just celebrated their eighth anniversary. congratulations. [ applause ] i didn't even know they were married. i just thought -- [ laughter ] the traditional gift is bronze so i made them this. andy? [ laughter ] it's a bust of me and it's bronze, but since they like to drink. [ applause ] so i'm going to send this to them. cheers, here to many more years of getting drunk before 10:00 a.q. >> we do so much more than that. thank you, ellen, there's a problem. >> wait, wait, i want to try it! >> the bust just arrived over the weekend. it was lost in space someplace. here's hody. >> it does work! >>
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>> would you like some? >> what time is it? >> who cares? >> and also, what, we were on fallon. >> jimmy fallon they talked about us, too? >> our names came up on the show. >> let's take a look. >> so when i said new york values, i was merely trying to say that i value new york. except i was saying it backwards. the way yoda would say it. >> i love yoda. i watch her every morning with kathie lee. [ laughter and applause ] >> now this is a very self-serving little monday morning. let's go on to christie's auction, shall we? these are so unbelievable. these are -- >> two giant jewels up for auction. >> $50 million worth of -- >> what's your last name, raul. >> candakia. >> god bless you. >> you're the international head of jewelry. >> i'm the head of the jewelry department and we're havg
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kathy. >> tell us about these rings. >> this is a 14 carat vivid blue diamond. vivid being the best. as blue as they get. >> look at the shape of it. >> can we touch it? >> you can try it. >> you want that one? >> this is not as expensive. >> she wants that one on her. >> i do. >> and that belonged to sir phillip oppenheimer who was sha chairman of de beers for 55 years. the man who could have any diamond in the world, that was his. >> or any woman. but this one is for hoda. this is the most expensive. >> this is a 16 carat burma ruby, the jubilee ruby. we're offering it for sale at christie's, $12 million. >> this is more expensive? >> this is $38 million. >> oh, i'm sorry. that's so sad. i thought that was the most. >> well, they're going to go to make a lot more. >> what would you say -- what do you think they're going to go? >> the world record price is $4 million a carat which would put this aro
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take it. i'll take it. >> are there police here? >> how are you letting us test these? are there security people around? >> we have officers from the nypd this morning. >> harry, just get them for lisa. >> this is not a problem. i left my checkbook down stairs. >> you sure did. >> we can do credit. >> i think that's the most gorgeous thing. >> thank you, ladies, thank you for having us on your show. >> thank you for the 18 million security guys we have here today. >> can we quickly show my sister showing up. we got the videotape now. just a quick look if you don't mind. this was when my mom walked into my apartment and saw her. all the way from dubai. >> they don't have it. oh, okay. it's -- >> here it is. >> oh, my god! look at that! >> surprise. >> oh, my goodness! >> happy
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>> oh, my god! she said oh, she's tired i'm like why is she here? >> i want to give a quick shoutout to my new friend who seems like a lifetime friend. >> who? >> mr. gordon lightfoot. suddenly i noticed he was tweeting me. harry's going "really?" i was so in love with gordon lightfoot in the late '60s or '70s. all of a sudden -- ♪ if i could read your mind love, what a tale my thoughts could tell ♪ >> so apparently he has four of my cds. >> of course he does! >> and i said really? i'm so thrilled. you know how thrilled you are when you find out that somebody that you admire so much happens to be somebody that likes you as well. he looks great, still, living in canada. i hope he's still writing great music. >> and he likes your music. >> and i have my favorite album that i'm sending to him. you'll get it tomorrow. >> here we go. national animal crr
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♪ animal crackers in my soup >> okay, ready. >> this is barbara's snackables and look what they did. another surprise. i got a kathie lee. what did you get? >> i got a me i think. >> don't they mix us up together? no! >> they're separate bags. >> they're sold at grocery stores nationwide. >> not with our faces. >> >> they wouldn't sell at all. we have great favorite things later on in the show so stick with us. he's a hollywood favorite, that guy over there. five projects in the works. harry hamlin will tell us all about it after this.
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caught him playing a 1960s ad exec on the emmy winning drama "mad men." we are talking about the one, the only, harry hamlin. >> some of you may remember the last time harry was here with his wife lisa written that. they got a call the clothing store they owned at the time was being robbed. . >> what was the end of that story? >> the story is good because it happened on live tv and i had to answer the call -- >> they were able to get there? >> no, tmz got there first. tmz got there before the cops. >> of course they did. >> yes, because tmz were watching. it took the cops 10 minutes, it took tmz five. >> so they caught them? >> no, they never caught them. we were robbed two more times over the next -- >> and then you closed up the shop because lisa said to us what's the point? >> she's on tmz now. she's always on tmz, she's on qvc now and she's very successful on qvc. she has a great line there. much
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you have a bunch of projects out, one is this movie that looks like so much fun with susan sarandon called the meddler. it's about a mom who can't keep her nose out of her daughter's business, right? >> there's a lot of women like that. >> and i play an actor who's playing her ex-husband -- her husband who's died and she sees me playing the character and shi breaks down because she's so in love with her dead husband. anyway, i was honored to do a film with her. >> so this is a serious film. this isn't a playful one? >> it's kind of a comedy. it's a romantic comedy, in fact. i saw it last week, it's wonderful. it's fun. >> and you just had a film at the tribeca film fest, right? >> last night. >> which one? >> "rebirth." which is really a fun movie about a guy who goes into kind of an est
10:16 am
weekend and tries to rebirth himself. it's kind of a satire on cults. >> have you ever felt that desire? to get away and rediscover who you might be? you might have missed something along the way. >> i have missed everything along the way. so i have that sensation every morning when i get up. >> it's fun to have you here. we see a lot of your wife in the headlines for the real hou housewives stuff. are you digging that? >> that's not really something you can dig. there's not really a shovel big enough to dig that. [ laughter ] but it's something that -- for her and for her branding it's great. and it's a really weird metaexperience to be involved in a show which is like a nighttime soap opera. it's the new nighttime soap opera only the blood is not fake blood, you know? >> yeah, right. >> so it's kind of interesting and for me it's a challenge to sit with her every week and dissect it and go in -- and you've been on a couple times. >> very rarely. i kind o h
10:17 am
off of it. >> but there's a musical side to you -- which. >> which we didn't know. >> have you been hiding this? there was an instagram post where you're playing the guitar. >> lisa posted that. got me in trouble. >> those are interesting cord progressions you're doing there, buddy. what's the tune you're playing there? >> well, it's this one. ♪ ♪ >> wow. >> hoda, can you do this? how long have you been taking? >> i only know "c" and "e." >> you do this to relax and chill a little? >> i play it for my dog namely. >> that's beautiful. >> we're so honored. were you a lightfoot fan as well? >> takes me right back. i
10:18 am
>> what's your favorite song? >> there's so many. >> ♪ if you could read my mind >> definitely. >> thank you, harry, good luck to you and that wild and whacky life of yours. >> i love her. >> you can catch harry in "the meddler" which opens in limited release this friday. >> if you're thinking of working with your other half, some advice. plus how to slice the prep time in the kitchen right after this. stepping out with confidence starts with beautiful feet. new amopé pedi perfect™ wet & dry foot file now get effortless hard skin removal on dry or wet skin, plus it has 2 speeds, and it's rechargeable. the easy way to touch-ably soft feet new amopé pedi perfect™ wet & dry. amopé, leading footcare innovation and voted product of the year for its pedi perfect™ extra coarse electronic foot file. ♪
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sfoupt cut down on the time it takes around the house, we have a special series called the right way to do. and today it's about the right way to use a knife. we'll get it by friday. here to share a few tricks of this kitchen is sur la table national jeff joel
10:22 am
watch what happens. >> don't cut all the way through, cut most of the way through. you know, we're scared -- ow! hoda! man down! that's all right, i'm pinching it. >> so we almost lost hoda. >> i can't believe you guys brought that back up. >> but we're going to learn the right way to hold the knife and cut an onion. >> check this out, ladies, everyone at home holds their knife like this. >> and men. >> and men. everyone holds the knife like this. the proper way to hold your saf knife is to pinch the blade. wrap your fingers around the bottom. that's perfect, hoda. it feels weird but you're che choking up on the knife. this is the first thing we teach students in cooking classes, how to hold the knife. >> it feels weird. >> it does. your other hand is like a claw. so make a bear claw. hold that onion with
10:23 am
take your knife, tuck your fingers back, look at me, and like an ice skate you're going to glide the knife through. i'm so nervous about your fingers so go forwards towards everyone in america. that's perfect. tuck those fingers back, great, awesome. so glide it forward. this is going to help so much more with your precision, a lot more with your speed. >> how fast should we be able to do that? if we were experts. >> you want to see a fast one. >> i'm scared. >> watch your fingers. >> stop! >> all right, quick trick, though, when you're cutting onions, how do you not cry. >> yes, how do you not cry? >> everyone has a "today show" napkin. dip it in the water. you look a little shrill y
10:24 am
you stick this in your mouth -- >> not gonna happen. >> it took ten minutes to put my lipstick on. >> do you drench it? >> no, but when you cut onions the fumes from the onion hit the napkin before your eyes. so it's a good trick. >> are you skeptical? >> a lot of people put lemon on it instead. >> i've never heard that one. i've heard a lot of different wives tales out there but this totally works. i'll show you another one. >> i like that. >> we've got our little pepper here. >> how do you cut that? >> this one is a little different. see if we can get through this. pinch grip, wrap your fingers around the bottom. we'll cut the top off the pepper. >> i have to come over here because i can't see. >> i know we're scooting so i'll go do this real quick. now roll it out. i don't have to do that. >>
10:25 am
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it's funday monday which means you're probably chomping at the bit with hollywood gossip. >> here with the celebrity scoop is entertainment weekly senior editor amy wilkin son. >> hello, doll, welcome back. we're starting with baby news. >> i am, indeed. chrissy teigen and john legend announced on instagram and twitter they had their baby girl. >> good for them. >> she gave birth on thursday so the news a little rehabilitate -- belated? >> that's okay. they're getting used to everything. >> no pictures yet but they have announced her name? >> it's luna simone stephens, john's real last name is stephens. so we already had known it was going to be a girl because
10:31 am
chrissy's been pretty open about her struggles with conceiving and doing ivf and they selected a female embryo. so they knew what they were having. it was an amazing surprise. >> nothing prepares you for the actual child in your arms. >> they're such a beautiful couple. >> and they've talked about how they want to have a lot of kids so there will probably be a little luna coming soon. >> you said she's got a few left. >> she wants to have a ton of kids. so this is probably just the first. >> so beyonce is making news as usual. the buzzword is lemonade. >> #lemonade. that is what was blowing up twitter on saturday but it's very mysterious. she posted a -- >> what is that? >> this is a teaser she posted to instagram. this is the longer version that went up on sunday but she posted a teaser video to instagram #lemonade with the date april 23, 9:00 p.m., hbo. so a lot of mystery surrounding what this is it could be
10:32 am
conference film. >> it's got to be music, right? >> it has to be. so her formation tour kicks off a couple days after whatever this surprise project is so lots of interesting vibes. >> she knows how to market. >> she's good at the big reveal. >> she's not into into press releases anymore. she does what she wants to on her time. >> coachella always makes news and kesha was there. >> she did a surprise performance with german dj z. this is one of her first big public appearances since her court case. she sang the song true colors" she looks like cindy lawn err little there as well. >> she's kind of like the cool government vibe but the colorful hair. >> we saw rihanna and li owe performing. >> rhiaee yarihanna and leoment haven't confirmed anything but they've been spotted together hanging out over the last year
10:33 am
place, these kids you see them in paris and rio. their world is so different. >> i'm smooching in rio all the time. >> i heard that about you, amy. taylor swift has a new dude. she was in the audience watching her boyfriend perform. >> she posted a performance with the hashtag "bleachella" because she bleached her hair blond. she was dancing at rihanna's surprise appearance at her show last night. taylor has been at coachella almost all weekend but she oddly went to texas for a friend's wedding and came back. she's such a jet-setter. >> well, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. country cutie drake white hits our stage with his latest single. going to be on national tv for the first time. >> we can't wait. >> some advice if you go into business with your spouse.
10:34 am
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if you've been thinking about going into business with your spouse or partner, susie welch is here to tell us about it. >> today she will help you decide if working together is right for you. >> hi, susie. >> hello. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. that's right, ladies. jack about i have put our heads together on more than a few projects. i'll get to our trade secrets in a minute but we sat down with two couples who have 20 years of experience combined working with each other and we asked them to tell us about the good, the bad, and the ugly of going to business with your other half. >> meet lindsay and jesse shanker, childhood sweethearts who have been married for six years. while raising two young kids, they're also running two bustling restaurants. >> i knew he was going to be a chef. he k
10:39 am
restaurant. he just knew. >> i guess i'm more the creator. >> he's a bigger picture guy and i'm detailed. i do the payroll, hiring, firing, paperwork. >> divide and conquer, it's the same message general ajen and hd mark use running a successful jewelry business. >> we separate our roles and responsibilities. neigh is aesthetic, design oriented, that's jennifer. anything that's business and worrying is me. >> by the looks of these two couples, going into business with your better half seems like a breeze. so what do they say to some of the common warnings against this joint venture. myth or fact? sometimes you just get sick of each other. >> definitely miss. he can be annoying. he can be annoying but when that does happen i just make sure that i go into my little corner of the business and i leave him in his corner of the business. >>
10:40 am
>> myth. each day that goes by i feel like i learn something new or learn how to be a better partner. >> total myth. never sick of her. >> what about the idea that you're putting all of your eggs in one basket? that must get stressful. >> yes. 100%. >> 100%. >> the margins are so tight that, you know, one week of nobody coming in and you still have to pay huge bills. >> at the end of the day, believe in yourself, the concept and believe in each other and kind of like living on a prayer. >> myth. >> we are constantly reinventing ourselves. the venture that we'd just taken on at the w hotel in south beach is something that we're so excited about and so incredibly proud of. it's absolutely gorgeous. >> we don't mean to get too personal here, but does the romance suffer? >> definitely myth. we can flirt a little bit when we feel like it at work on the sly. >> the romance is always there for me. i look at her any time of
10:41 am
her. >> you do? oh! >> oh, susie! it seems to be working. >> they are great couples. >> so you have tips for everybody. tip number one, you say you have to have some boundaries. but i think you have to let go of those boundaries. >> let go of them. >> say good-bye to separating work and life because when you go into business with your spouse, it comes a big smush. work and life blend, you're talking about business everywhere, you're talking about your kids, when you're working, now mark and jen, who we just saw, they say the bedroom is sacred. i will say that some of my best business ideas have happened in that very room. i won't go into details but you have to say you're under a new life-style, let go of the idea that you need work at the office. there is no more office. >> especially many people who have home offices. >> right, but you can't fight it. >> divide and conquer. >> mostou
10:42 am
they think they want to go into business together because they understand, they have complementary skills. our couples are great examples of that. the thing is, you start working together and you start doing each other's jobs. you went into business together because you have separate skills and so respect what your partner does well, do not do your partner's job. when jack thinks he's going to start editing something i've written i remind him of this. >> that's not his job. >> when you go into business together you have to remember you're in business together and you need goils and mission statement and values just like a real company does. you can't just wing it everyday. what does success look like for us? what's our destination. jack and i sat down, we wrote down a mission statement, we want to have an impact, and we want it to have fun. the business fundamentals go away when you're looking but they're more important. because you have to remember
10:43 am
>> this last one is important. fighting fair. >> ooh. >> hoda has to learn this. >> you know, people fight and you're going to fight in business whether you're married or not. if you compromise too much to maintain the peace you're going to make crummy business decisions. they have to learn how to talk to each other and keep it on the business and to say okay i know what you're doing but don't try to put it away with the compromise because it will come back. >> that's interesting. >> the main thing is remember, hug, kiss, smile, hold hands and the marriage comes first. you have to remember that. >> you're the ceo of it. >> exactly. >> thank you, susie. >> that was great, appreciate it. he hit the road with little big town and zach brown band, now he performs for us. when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction,
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the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole
10:48 am
and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
10:49 am
he's been called a growling stomping spitfire, one of the top country artists to watch in 2016. >> so you know you're in for a good time with a performance from drake white. this alabama native has been busy touring with artists like the zach brown band, our favorite, and little big town. drake and his band the big fire are making their national tv debut right here. >> and we're thrilled and honored. their performance says it all. it's called living the dream. hello, guys. >> how are you? >> how does it feel making your national tv debut, baby? >> we feel blessed. we're great. >> can i tell you what i love about you? your brought your mom, dad, mother-in-law, father-in-law, wife. >> parole officer. everybody is here. >> brought the parole officer. >> your mom told me i named one dog blake and i should name my second dog drake. >> i could go for that. >> we need youo
10:50 am
hit for us. >> here he is, "living the dream," everybody. ♪ everybody say we wouldn't make it ♪ baby, love don't live around here much lately ♪ times are hard and hearts break like the bank ♪ yes they do ♪ lots of reasons just to give it on up ♪ leave your soul on the shelf collect the dust ♪ leaving a world of broken promises and empty tanks but ♪ look at us ♪ look at with us a picket fence, ain't got a lot of money ♪ but we're making a dent, old ford truck ♪ with a dog in the
10:51 am
big blue sky, green, green grass ♪ ain't doing half bad for a half full glass ♪ kiss me baby just like that ♪ ain't we living the dream ♪ put on a little old keep whitly ♪ back porch dancing singing with me ♪ i'm no stranger to the rain, no we ain't ♪ pour a little of that home made wine ♪ make some love, take our sweet time ♪ why the held do we complain ♪ look at us with a picket fence, ain't got a lot of money ♪ but we're making a dent, old fort truck with a dog in the back ♪ now ain't we living the dream ♪ big blue sky, green, green, grass ♪ ain't doing half bad for a half full glass ♪ kiss me baby, just like that ♪ now ain't we living the
10:52 am
dream ♪ ♪ look at us, we lot a life out here ♪ out laws, in laws, coolers of beers ♪ spot on the wall to hang last year's deer ♪ how ain't we living the dream, red, white ♪ and blue flag hanging, kids in the back just a tire swinging ♪ fireworks booming and banging now ain't we living the dream ♪ ♪ look at with us a picket fence, don't got a lot of money but we're making a dent ♪ old ford truck with pa dog in the back ♪ big blue sky green green grass ♪ ain't doing half b
10:53 am
half full glass ♪ kiss me baby, yeah just like that, now ain't we living the dream ♪ ♪ they said we'd never make it, baby, ♪ love don't live around here much lately, what do y'all think about that ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> come on! that was awesome. >> that's what we're talking about. >> so nice to see you. we brought your bride with you. >> catch him on tour all around america. we'll be right back with our favorite things.
10:54 am
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10:57 am
time for our favorite things. mine are these hair ties. they're called gumi markless loops. this is is awesome. four of them for $7. they're expensive but they're great. they're not expensive, they're four for $7. >> and it doesn't leave a mark. >> look how cute you are. mine is called motive pure electrolyte hydration. it comes in different flavors. i had a problem with dehydration and exhaustion when i was in israel so what you do is get it and you have your little bottle, then pour it into eight ounces of your water. i put in the my water bottle when i eke working out. >> does it taste like anything? >> here -- what are you say is i -- saying? >> 16 fluid ounces. >> double doses. >> zero calories, you guys. zero calories. a three pack is seven bucks. check with your doctor, though.
10:58 am
you didn't like it? a. >> it's a little tart. you know i like sweet everything. tomorrow actress and mom
10:59 am
11:00 am
news 4 midday begins with breaking news. that breaking news, a plea deal for a former police officer charged with murder. we're live outside the courtroom in fairfax county right now. molette. >> reporter: barbara, good morning. right now the prosecutor in the case is speaking to reporters saying the defense just approached him yesterday about a deal. we just came out of the courtroom a short while ago where adam torres apologized saying he was heartbroken about this situation. the geer children now being without a father. he spoke after entering a guilty plea


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