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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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on this saturday night, killing rampage. the intense search and deeping mistering into who murdered the same family in ohio. as they warn residents to be on guard. free-fall. the bizarre scene caught on video. three humvees break free from pair theira chute rigging and crash to the ground. and a critical point for bernie sanders as he tries to hang on and hillary clinton considers who should be her running mate. and death of a legend. were there signs of trouble in the days and weeks before prince died. >> and unsafe air. a new report singles out the most polluted cities in the country. are you at risk?
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"nbc nightly news" begins now. good evening. they were all shot in the head. execution-style. eight members of the same extended family living in a rural part of southern ohio. we're hearing for the first time what it was like on 911 recordings of relatives who called for help. tonight a manhunt goes on, a reward has been offered and officials warn people to be cautious with a killer or killers still on the loose. a big question, what led to the rampage. we begin in ohio with our report from gabe gutierrez. >> there is blood all over the house. >> reporter: the first panic call for help. >> my brother-in-law is in the bedroom. it looks like they beat the hell out of him. >> reporter: shattering
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just before 8:00 a.m. on friday. >> i just found my cousin with a gunshot wound. >> reporter: the grizzly discovery launched an all-out manhunt. sheriffs deputies would find eight relatives shot dead only miles apart. the victims ranging in age from 16 to 44. the family identified as the roedsens. a some discovered still in bed, investigators say, suggesting they were shot execution-style while they were sleeping. >> they both look dead. >> reporter: just as chilling, who survived. three children. a three-year-old, a six month oeld and a 4 day old found in the same room as his dead mother. authorities say none of the victims committed suicide so they are warning residents that at least one killer is on l
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>> we do not know whether we're talking about one individual or two or three or more. we simply do not know that at this point. >> the family identified as the rhodens, well-known in pike county and a spokesperson reading a statement on their behalf today, asking for privacy. >> the family would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of prayers and support for their family. they ask that you continue to keep them in your prayers. >> reporter: today the extended family is shaken. >> it's hard. >> reporter: pastor phil fulton knew some of the victims. >> very close-knit family. they cared for one another. they worked hard. >> reporter: tonight a $25,000 reward has been posted for any information leading to an arrest as this horrifying mystery in the midwest deepens. perhaps most puzzling of all, what was the motive. well tonight she
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saying. they've interviewed dozens of people so far but have no suspects. jose. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. in texas, the funeral for a fitness instructor and mother of three fed dead in a church this week. the suspect appears to be dressed in body armor is still on the run tonight. we get more from sarah. >> reporter: bright times for missy bevers play before a crowd, there to mourn the mother and fitness instructor murdered inside of a texas church. >> she was just such a beautiful person and she was a friend to everybody. >> reporter: bevers' students and colleagues wore red, their workout clothes to honor her. the pastor singled her out, saying they embody missy. the suspected killer dressed head to toe in
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greer, touring the church, and as bevers prepared for her early morning class, the search warrant revealed she died of a head wound. >> we know this person is out there. somebody knows who this person is and haven't yet come forward. >> reporter: and law enforcement asking for the public to focus on the distinctive walk. the mother-in-law writing an open letter to the killer. you know who you are. your husband and wife and your family members know who you are. they know your special walk. right now, they are as guilty as you are by not coming forward. >> i want to look that person straight in the eye and i want to see them take their last breath, when they get to prison and it may be ten years from now, but i will be there. to watch them take their last breath. >> reporter: missy bevers' family growing desperate for answers and an arrest. nbc news, mid
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texas. the u.s. military in germany where three humvees broke free during an airborne exercise and recorded on video and the army is investigating. we get more tonight from our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. >> it was a u.s. air exercise over germany performed thousands of times. so what could go wrong? it turns out, plenty. without warning a two ton armored humvee suddenly broke free from the rigging and slammed into the ground. it it happened not just once, not twice, but three times. much to the amusement of the army spotters who caught it all on video that has now gone viral. >> there is nothing left. burned baby. >> with a price tag of up to $220,000 a piece, they were left a mass of twisted metal. except for the tires,
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totally unrecognizable. routinely the humvees glide out the back ramp of a c-130 cargo plane. heavy duty parachutes float the vehicles to a soft landing but in this case all three riggings snapped free from the humvees and investigators will now try to determine if the rigging material was faulty or if military technicians failed to properly secure the load. fortunately no one was injured but the focus now is to make sure it doesn't happen again, even one. jim miklaszewski, nbc news, the pentagon. with five more primaries coming up on tuesday, this is a crucial weekend for bernie sanders as he tries to move forward over hillary clinton. for her part, hillary clinton is moving into a next phase with names emerging as potential running mates. we have more on the democrat. >> reporter: bernie sanders down in the polls but not getting out of the race. >> and on tuesday, the
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say, it is time for a political revolution. >> reporter: in baltimore, a crowd approaching 7,000 waited for hours in the rain. [ chanting ] true believers facing a harsh reality. sanders would have to win every remaining contest by 20 points to catch hillary clinton delegate lead and he trails in polls from all five states on tuesday and telling chuck todd, poor turnout has hurt him. >> well poor people don't vote. that is a sad fact in american society. >> reporter: but his campaign believes they are gaining, especially in rhode island. where hillary clinton made a stop today. >> and i'm here to tell you what i want to do as your president, to make sure that everybody in rhode island has the chance to get ahead and stay ahead, because we will have more goodob
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rising incomes that will lift up people. >> her campaign hoping for a sweep on tuesday. and confident enough to be talking about who could be her running mate. on the list, virginia senator tim kaine. housing secretary castro and ohio senator sherrod brown. and they haven't ruled out a woman. but first clinton will need to win over skeptical supports, including civil rights activist danny glover. >> if bernie sanders is not the nominee, will you support hillary clinton? >> i will -- i'm not going to answer that question. >> reporter: the question for bernie sanders tonight is no less than can he pull off one of the biggest comebacks in political history? he's been trying to peel off the black belt from hillary clinton appearing tonight at this african-american church in baltimore and he just got the endorsement of the philadelphia tribune which is the largest african-american daily newspaper in the country. jose.
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thank you. trump was back in attack mode after what several days describe as a presidential candidate but republicans still trying to stop trump were on the offensive as well. as hallie jackson reports. >> reporter: inside of a connecticut theater, donald trump insisting it is not an act. >> when i'm speaking, who is not different than when you are in a private room. >> reporter: even his advisers say he'll work to be more presidential. >> presidential is easy. you know what presidential is -- i walk on. >> reporter: confidence in classic trump style -- >> i sort of don't like toning it down. >> reporter: he is ramping it up against his rivals and birthers against ted cruz. and ted cruz targeting trump's elect ability. >> do we want to nominate a candidate who is a phony? who is telling us he's lying to us. i have to give donald credit. he's betraying us before he got
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>> reporter: to stop trump, cruz is looking to meet with delegates and getting back-up from one anti-trump group endorsing him there and indiana but backing john kasich in three other states. kasich camp frustrating they are not doing more to happen. an adviser telling nbc news, it is just lip service. stop trump forces and getting off the side line in time for tuesday primary. one pac saying it will spend $300,000 in maryland. another shelling out more than a million dollars in indiana, the next battleground. >> indiana is obviously a big opportunity. as we move out west to areas where donald trump has lower support. >> reporter: but big wins by trump on tuesday would make the math easier putting the nomination another step closer as he calls for curtains for his opponents. >> they should drop out. >> reporter: trump on the phone after his rally wanted to make
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then enthusiasm here in bridgeport from the crowd. telling me he's not worried about indiana and if he wins the nomination, while our polling shows he would lose to hillary clinton in a match-up. trump said he would do well enough with independents and cross-over democrats to beat her. jose. >> hallie jackson, thank you. and tomorrow morning on "meet the press," will the republican party establishment finally accept donald trump as its candidate. chuck todd will explore that question. at his home in minnesota and well beyond more tributes to prince as we learn new details about the final weeks before his death. ron mott is in minnesota with our report. >> reporter: for a third day, large crowds gathering outside of prince's paisley park, dressed in purple, visiting a colorful growing shrine to the artist. >> what he represented to minnesota is amazing. >> kind of more like the fabric of my life. >> reporter: this afternoon a white truck pulled out of the compound and people dressed in black
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containers of volunteers. tributes are coming out in all forms from flowers and balloons and cards and training. >> 26 hours of music which started last night. [ music playing ] >> reporter: to his published article of his songs in alphabetical order. >> it is fun to hear the hits next to some of the lesser known songs and he left an impact around here. and near the hollywood walk of fame, a flash mop and a song entitled good night sweet prince. those too young to see 1984's "purple rain" and those wanting to relive it, headed to the big screen for a limited release by amc theaters around the country. rolling stone headed to the vault promoting an unpublished interview asking him what should become of him when he's gone. i don't think about gone, he is quoted in response. the sudden death is a mystery
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is inconclusive pending investigation and many questions leading to the days and weeks leading to his demice and at what his final public performance nine days ago in atlanta, he apologized for postponing the concert. now, being a weekend we're seeing some of the largest crowds to gather here at paisley park since the news broke on thursday and they are still filing in here. now last saturday night, prince hosted a late-night dance party and made abrief appearance and came out and told the crowd to save their prayers. >> ron matt, thank you. still ahead, where breathing might be hazardous to your health. a report on the most polluted parts of our country. >> and the come bark you don't want to miss. she's in the rodeo after facing her biggest challenge. biggest challenge. the pioneers? i hate the outside. well, i hate it wherever you are. burn. after facing her biggest challenge. biggest challenge. hat what the kids are saying now?
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kids, be outside and play. >> but on a day like today, they just can't. >> youngest sons andrew and nathan have asthma, are prone to severe attacks and according to this year's study by the american lung association, are constantly at risk. living in haze of the most polluted air in the united states. >> i want to cry. i want to break down. i get frustrated and i get mad and can't do anything about it. >> the association's annual report card finds that more than half of the u.s. population, 166 million americans, reside in unhealthy hot spots. most out west.
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areas for air pollution, the top six are in california where eight out of ten residents, 32 million people, live with unhealthy levels. and according to the study, living with all of the bad air could also increase health rings like lung cancer, heart problems and asthma attacks. >> it is never easy seeing your child hunched over crying because they can't breathe. but you have to sit there and watch them wait until the medicine helps them. >> it is that moment that the romeros fear daily. >> our air quality is so bad. so, i can't change that. >> reporter: trapped inside by the very air around them. well the report said the situation is dire but also that things are improving. ozone pollution in certain areas is getting better thanks to things like cleaner cars on the road and cleaner power plants. and that includes some of the cleanest cities in the country which features placi
6:50 pm
burlington, vermont and honolulu, hawaii. >> thank you. >> and coming up next, the trend-setter, oh, that bathrobe and the slippers and the online frenzy to look like the little prince. prince. ♪
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the scene last night here in new york where the yankees needed to score and that is when jacoby ellsbury decided to make a run for it and he made it. take a look. stealing home and tieing it up
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it 6-3. the first time a yankee stole home since jeter did it in 2001. 400 years since the death of shakespeare in 1616 and they believe he is born on this day. and they marked it in his birthplace. president obama was among those marking the anniversary and given a tour of the replica of the globe theater in london which shakespeare designed in 1599. and he is still just two years old but britain's prince george has established himself as a fashion superstar after he was greeted by president obama yesterday and seen in pictures, parents all over the place had to have the bathrobe. the robe quickly sold out. and the prince's slippers, also reported out of stock. and up next, she's back in the saddle. how this top athlete overcame a life-changing setback. k. sir, this alien life form is growing at an alarming rate.
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ce the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate, and is now available in a once-daily pill. ask about xeljanz xr. finally tonight, she is a talented athlete and a professional rodeo rider that feels more at home than anywhere else which is all the more remarkable how you hear how she pursued her passion against all of the odds. here is erica kill. >> reporter: from the time she was a toddler, this is where amber lee snyder has wanted to be. >> happiest place for me on earth is on my hos
6:57 pm
champion barrel racer at the age of 18, she was living her dream when an accident changed everything. >> i overcorrected my truck and i was ejected and hit a fence post on the side of the road which broke my back. >> reporter: paralyzed from the waist down, they predicted she would never walk and certainly never ride again. >> the very first day of therapy when my nurse asked me what my goals are, i told her walk, ride, rodeo. there is not an if, and or maybe, this is what we're doing. >> what was her reaction? >> she thought i was crazy. >> one of the biggest hurdles wasn't getting into the saddle, it was staying there. >> i had mentioned to my therapist that my balance is better on my saddle than anywhere else. so we brought my saddle in and i got up on that saddle and my balance was better there. >> reporter: four months after the zens amber lee was in the saddle and on her horse. >> when you first got back on that horse, is it what you expected? >> the first time i got on my horse, it wa t
6:58 pm
my life. >> why? >> because in that moment, i realized my whole life was different. >> reporter: an emotional journey far more difficult than the physical one. yet 18 months after her accident amber lee snyder returned to regular competition. >> the very first time we went out for a race, you want to win. >> reporter: her horses have learned to ignore her legs, held tight with a series of straps and rubber bands. >> they go around my feet and my stirrups. >> reporter: and an old seat belt helps to keep her in the saddle. now six years later amber lee is winning. >> i have out-run myself of what i have before my wreck. >> reporter: back in the ring, where she belongs. >> i don't think i'm ever going to roll over when i get out of bed in the morning and go, man, i'm glad to get into that chair. you have to shift the way you look at it. my goals have not changed. i'm giving myself more time in order to accomplish this. >> logan, utah.
6:59 pm
nightly news" for this saturday. i'm jose diaz-balart. thank you for the privilege of your time, and good night. time, an.
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♪ welcome to "inside the redskins" on nbc 4. i'm larry michael at redskins spark. this show devoted to previewing the upcoming 2016 nfl draft, but on friday evening big news here in redskins park, josh norman signs with the washington redskins. he was shown the door by the carolina panthers earlier this week, and the door opened here at redskins park. one of the best in the business, he talked about becoming the latest washington redskin.


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