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tv   Today  NBC  April 25, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: this is today with kathie lee gifford and hoe da kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefelr plaza. >> hello, everybody, i hope you had a fabulous monday. that's "boom box." >> i've never heard that one and it's fun. >> i never thought i'd hear you say those words. >> it's a good one. >> beyonce is blowing up social media today. she's here -- only kidding. after the release of her album and hbo special "lemonade." >> that's created a twitter
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"pretty little liars" shane mitchell is here. she's making her film debut in "mother's day." and we want you to hear who she took to the big debut. >> and elvis is back with the aboutist of the month. her anymoname is whitney word a listen to her sing. she's beautiful. ♪ ♪ >> 16 years old? >> i think so. she has 10 million viral hits. >> you're a busy girl. >> too busy for me. >> what happened? >> christine and i went out to beautiful phoenix, arizona, for the week toenend to stay with md friends bud and laurie and then had lunch with the ladies who started child help. >> you love them. >> love them. most amazing organization. then saturday night i went to the salvation army's expect
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i thought it was a national thing. it was -- it's the international. do you realize that salvation army and all the good work they do, they are in 187 nations and their next one they're going to go into, what did i tell you, what, hoda? >> madagascar. >> madagascar. >> so you were given an award. you buried the lead a little bit. you looked beautiful. congratulations. >> thank you, i want to thank brenda at her salon for doing my hair. i never know what to do on the road. evangeline booth is the wife of the gentleman, they together started the salvation army and it's a big, big award. it's a beautiful man from texas, i won it for the entertainment world and not -- not won it. it's so awkward to get awards. the gentleman who got it for business deserved it so i want to thank everybody for their gracious hospitality to me. >> congratulations. you give great, great speeches. i'm always bummed out when i don't get to hear them. >> iho
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"thank you so much i'm so honored" and 15 minutes later i'm supposed to give a speech so i did. >> i bet you did! i had fun this weekend. some friends of mine are in town. karen, my bff, her daughter and husband are here. that was us trying to take a selfie. that was a disaster on the couch. >> you know you can't take selfies anymore hoda anyway. >> i did it with a selfie stick and still blew it. >> you went to the yankee game. >> we went to the yankee game. look, everybody on the subway, john, catherine and karen. and this is the group of us, joel and everybody, at the yankee game. and we did something i'd never done before, we went to madam tussaud's wax museum. >> it's freaky isn't it? >> we saw j. low a lo. we took a picture. >> no matter where you find j-lo she looks great. >> she always looks great. they're here in the studio so hey! >> tell everybody why you can't take selfies
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called selfie elbow. like a tennis elbow. ask your kids if they take too many selfies doing that a thousand times what happens to your elbow and mine really started to bother me and i went to the orthopedic guy and he goes what repeated motion are you doing? i go nothing, i don't play tennis? he goes there's nothing. i go oh, my gosh, i take selfies all the time and i do it myself and hold it up. >> like right now it hurts right? selfieites. >> all righty, prince. >> yeah. a memorial for him -- private at his home. >> there was a private service for him over the weekend on saturday at his estate in minnesota. this was private for just family and friends and you know you're always looking among the mourners who see who was there and sheila e. was among the mourners. she's become almost like the voice or the spokesperson. they were friends for nearly 40 years and romantically linked for a il
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share that he was cremated and there's going to be a big musical celebration a little later that will be announced and it's so funny because everywhere i went yesterday, even at yankee stadium on sunday they were playing prince music. you saw people humming it and it was just one of those things that really brought a lot of people back to a time in their lives. >> and apparently there's quite a bit of music that's ready to go in the archives, right? he was still very, very active and productive and creative. >> he was always writing, yeah. so there were lots and lots of fans who couldn't get into the private service obviously, were outside and some family members handed out these purple hatboxes containing some prince memorabilia and gave them out to the people who gathered. they were like throwback concert t-shirts and tour booklets and things they gave out to people. >> it will be interesting to see what happens with the autopsy result. also the fact that no one is
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estate which they're saying is probably worth $300 million or something like that. anyway, he's in a better place, we know. >> for sure. all right, little prince george. >> this is another prince. >> we have to show you this picture, you may have seen it over the weekend but we loved it too much. you say him in his cute little robe and slippers greeting the president and first lady. >> they let him stay up 15 minutes later than his usual bedtime. >> and president obama and his wife gave the prince a rocking horse and that was a big hit and look at him with his outfit. oh, my gosh -- >> and that robe and slippers sold out in like five seconds. >> so the robe if you're wondering how much it cost it was $40 and the slippers were $17 so he did spend 15 minutes with the obamas before he went night-night. >> he seems like a happy baby. he doesn't know who he's greeting. it's anybody. >> have you ever watched how princess kate sits? >> it looks very uncomfortable. >> she doesn't cross her legs
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she does this thing called the slant. see how her legs are like that and they hook over. i guess if you cross your legs it exposes part of your legs so she says -- >> she's got the world's greatest legs, expose them, baby. >> but she's trying to be demur. >> or is it unroyal to do that? is it a no-no? >> here's within what an etiquette expert says. you're supposed to have great posture and also be comfortable. >> well, i did pilates with my friends laurie and christine. >> how do you feel? >> how do i feel? i can barely walk. >> were you on the machine or the class? >> all the machines. oh, many i go oh, my gosh. what do you do? >> first of all you sit, that's the hard part. i have muscle aches in places i don't know there's a muscle. >> how do you do it? >> lean this way or that way, hoda. what? >> which way are
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put your knees that way -- no, hoda, to the right. that's the problem! >> it doesn't work. >> sometimes she has to sit like that for hours. all right, i won't be queen. >> well, that was not worth -- >> oh! i'm so sore. job the so there's this new thing they're doing in london, it's a pop-up restaurant and it's called naked dining. >> you talked about it on friday. >> we didn't. >> oh, we were supposed to talk about it. >> so you sit in a restaurant in the buff and you're eating a meal naked. that's the concept. >> it's called the buniatti. >> which means "basic" in hindi. >> with buns. it's opening up this sum, right? and the dining room will be split into clothed and unclothed? >> that makes me gag. >> how do you get to this restaurant? >>
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>> naked? >> some staff will also be nude. could you eat with someone naked? >> what if the waitress is buxom? the waitress is blessed by god with beautiful mammaries and she comes in to serve you some food. [ laughter ] people have got to think things through. what if the guy is serving you and he dropsing? he drops it and it's right -- oh, oh, why did i do that? no, people, this is a bad idea all around, especially, i'm sorry, for people my age. nobody wants to see it. >> i also think they'd really have to clean those seats. can you imagine. everything has got to be -- it would be awful. >> can you imagine? >> it's like when you go into a public toilet you pull out your sheet. >> what? >> when grow into a bathroom and put on a toilet seat cover. it will be right there. >> at the restaurant! you just pull one
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[ laughter ] so this is what it might look like. this was a picture taken at a new york city restaurant that did something similar. >> see what i mean? >> they did this in 2005. it was a nudist meal. i would gag. i would seriously gag. come on. >> liberating? liberating for whom? >> what if you spilled something hot on you. it's all nasty in every possible way. >> and there's 25,000 people, right? people are waiting in line to go to that restaurant. signed up to go. and i don't think children should be around that, do you? >> no! >> do little kids have to be naked, too? i think this is just -- buniatti, let them know how you feel. >> they did say the lighting will be good. >> oh, then i'm going. >> it will just be adults? >> oh, okay. >> and it you can't bring your cell phone in. >> people are going to. there's places to hide things. they're not rain drops
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ask your doctor about lyrica. we noticed during a commercial break hoda is wearing the same shoe but in different colors. i don't think that's such a big deal. >> i don't think you can tell. >> somebody would. they were upset in our control room. >> well, i don't know, they seem the same. they're close enough. >> and i made one of my rare mista mistakes. i said the salvation army was in 187 countries. they will be eventually but they are in 127 soon to be 128. if you were enjoying the spring weather you may have missed the big hollywood headlines. >> but we have you covered in today's buzz and here with everything you need to know is one half of cubby and karolina in the morning, karolina bermudez. how are you? beyonce's "lemonade" came out, she was teasing it for days and days and days. >> well, she dominated the music world thi
10:15 am
>> well, sort of prince did. >> that's what i was going to say. it was a big surprise but then beyonce came to the scene on saturday night and this was the much-awaited mysterious event called "lemonade" on hbo. she also dropped her album of the same name and it was vus visually stunning. as you can see here, she has amazing imagery, there were celebrity cameos and also raw and honest lyrics that had everybody talking. >> and that had to do with infidelity, right? there was some stuff about that? >> there was a whole range of self-empowerment, self-healing and also of infidelity that maybe she alleged that jay-z had been cheating on her and here we see she's giving us some home movies but she's reached a place of forgiveness but just the fact that she eluded to that, it had her fans talking. >> and wasn't there something about rachel roy? i didn't know about that. they had a twitter feud, right? >> that was the suspected
10:16 am
involvement in the elevator incident. >> absolutely. there was a lyric in the "lemonade" video that said "call the becky with the bood hair." and rachel roy put on instagram "good hair don't care." then fans started swarming. well, once they started swarming she had to put her instagram on private because people were very upset. >> with rachel roy? >> yes. >> we did try to contact rachel roy and beyonce. >> they never call us back. >> why not? >> i don't know. >> me, either. so "snl" did a great beautiful tribute to prince is this. >> this is wonderful. they were going to rerun an old episode but instead they did an in memoriam episode instead.
10:17 am
he was very emotional. then they put up an eight minute medley up. >> you really get to see the musical talent when it comes to him playing guitar and other instruments. >> such dexterity, he was amazing. >> and watching bruce springsteen do the tributes. come on. >> this warmed my heart. he opened his show with a tribute. he did "purple rain," he was bathed in purple light. everybody in the arena was just singing along and at the end of the show he said "prince forever, god bless." and this is the third time just this year he's paid tribute to fellow fallen artists. he did "rebel rebel" for david bowie. >> and then for glenn frey. >> exactly. so a lot of people were very emotional. bruce wasn't the only artist to pay tribute to him. >> i'm sure anyone that was performing anywhere. >> well, elton john did. he dedicated a song to him. janelle monet and i don't know if you caught it but john mayer on snapchat
10:18 am
his guitar. it was beautiful. >> the thing that caught my eye was when somebody asked -- who's the great -- eric clapton. what's it like to be the greatest guitar player in the world and eric clapton said "i don't know, ask prince." >> isn't that the most amazing quote? >> let's wednesday a beautiful picture of kelly clarkson's new baby. >> this is little remy. >> so she's got a river rose and a remy. >> how precious. >> she killed the name game. remington alexander blackstock. there he is in daddy's hands. you saw kelly kissing him earlier. and what a beautiful little boy. she was celebrating her birthday as well. >> she's only 35 years old or something. >> 34. >> i can't get anything right but i'm close. all the best with your concert coming up. >> june 14, euphoria, we hope to see you there. you're always invited. >> what were you doing when you were 15 years old? >> that's nobody's business.
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making music and her songs have tens of millions of views. you'll get to hear her latest because she's elvis' artist of the moment.
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get ready for the next big star of music because our good friend national radio host elvis duran is back with his artist of the month. >> moment. >> she's 15-year-old singer songwriter whitney. aside from studying and doing regular teenage stuff, she's found time to release an ep. >> and her song six second love has close to ten million views on youtube. hi. >> let her tell you the story. she was in school when she found out she was going to be on with you today. >> yeah. >> i was on spanish class not supposed to be on my phone and my dad texted me and i was like "oh, my gosh." >> elvis, whate
10:23 am
when you see a song like this with 10 million views you say let me find out more. then you find out whitney is 15 years old and her voice is so mature. but also her messaging in life is great. tell them about your youth ambassador work. listen to this. >> oh, yeah, i work with an organization bring change to mind run by glenn close and their whole thing is, like, helping teens with overcoming mental illness and, like, depression and that's -- >> the stigma of it. >> the stigma and talking about it. that's what i wanted to do with my music since day one. >> we were talking a little bit before the break about your musical influences. you're a broadway girl. >> i grew up listening to so much broadway music and i think the story aspect about it totally influenced a lot of my lyrics. >> are your parents musical? >> my dad plays the piano but my mom can't sing. [ laughter ] sorry, mom. >> well, she gave birth to somebody who sure can. >> to be able to share her music with you, my favorite ladies today, is such a great thing. >> we're so
10:24 am
whitney will perform her latest single in just a bit so please don't miss. >> it and thank you, elvis, for bringing her. plus, the lovely actress who doesn't mind being called a pretty little liar. i don't mean hoda. i mean shay mitchell after your local news. if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief.
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all right, it's funday monday and we're back with the hollywood beauty who has more than 11 million instagram followers, 3 million twitter followers and one of the fastest growing youtube channels, shay mitch. >> you probably know her best as emily field on the hugely popular drama "pretty little liars" which has become a phenomenon. now she's making her feature film debut in "mother's day" alongside jennifer aniston, kate hudson and julia roberts. >> you might know them. she plays tina, the new wife of aniston's ex-husband and she's not intimidating at all. take a look. >> hi, sandy! hi! gina. >> hi, boys. >> i thought you moved back to l.a. >> yeah, just for a minute and people said i should model. >> yeah. >>
10:31 am
peter guitars and for mikey baseballs. >> wow! thanks. thanks. >> these are great. >> come on inside. >> bye, guys. have fun. >> see you tomorrow. >> bye, sandy. tweet at me if you want to check in or anything or check my instagram, i'll post some photos when i get some cute ones. [ laughter ] >> show her who's the wife now baby. >> that rocked. it was fun. it was really fun. it's my first movie, i'm working with gary marshall. >> we adore gary marshall. and he's had great success with the other ones, "valentine's day" "pretty woman," right? >> but this whole thing about the different holidays during the year. >> so when you were acting opposite jennifer aniston, you knew your lines, you know what was happening. in the middle did you ever say -- do an omg like what is she doing here? what am i doing here with her? >> it was very surreal. the hardest thing was just not saying
10:32 am
as long as i could not say rachel i was good. she was so wonderful to work with and made me feel so comfortable. >> and gary is so much fun. >> what advice did he give you? when he's directing you, what kind of things does he say on set? >> he's an actor's director. she just wants you to go and turn this character into who you think -- >> make it yours. >> make it yours. he's the only one who can get me in a bikini because i was not prepared for that. i was at craft services and he says "shay, can you please take off the coverup." as i'm eating a bag of cheetos. he's like "please, do it for the movie." only gary marshall could get me to do that. >> you had all these other great actresses there, too. what did you learn from working with them? >> were you in scenes with them, though? >> i was in scenes with jen -- with jen, you know, me and jen. and timothy and, yeah, i worked with jen but she was so incredible and she truly is a real deal.
10:33 am
sweet and lovely to everybody and she made me feel so comfortable. you know it was really nice. >> did you start off acting or modeling when you were younger? when you were a little kid. >> i started off modeling. i knew acting i wanted to do later on. i wanted to live my life and experience that. >> and be comfortable in front of a camera. >> exactly. >> that's what modelling can do. you play a different role each outfit you put on anyway. a natural move. >> so what do you see as you go ahead? are you looking for -- do you like comedies, drama? s. >> i always say it comes down to the script and the character. for me i could have one line in an amazing movie with a great cast, great script and i'd be just as happy. >> and good lighting. >> very important. >> the deal is she doesn't need good lighting. >> that's exactly the point. >> we do, you don't. so the movie is out on friday. >> yup, friday. april 29. >> you're so sweet. >> give our love. i'm sure you're doing tons of
10:34 am
press. >> give gary a big new york smooch from us. speaking of mother's day, hoda woman -- >> we bet mom would love a picnic. >> kids love them, too. we have food and games for fun in the sun. >> looks like everyone is having fun. ♪ caress presents a fine fragrance breakthrough. ♪ ♪ the world's only body wash ...with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress forever collection. now available in 4 unforgettable fragrances. i was in the military for 18 years.m brian. but i smoked. and i got heart disease. my tip is, it's hard to serve your country when you're too weak to put on your uniform. (announcer)you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. jane loves to treat herself.
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you know what happened this weekend? >> yeah, i do. no, i have an idea but tell everybody. >> saturday was national picnic day. in case you missed it, there are plenty of sunny days ahead, perfect for throwing a blanket on the grass and soaking up warm weather with your family. >> here with food and games for your next good old fashion picnic is the features director for homes and gardens, amy. >> time for picnics and we have a bunch of healthy food options for you because food is the centerpiece of any picnic. >> this is beautiful, what you've created? >> we have veggie sliders which are super easy to put together the night before. baguette, cucumber,
10:39 am
tomato. pasta salad is a super easy and healthy dish. you can throw everything in. we have avocado, tomato, mango, and it's healthy. >> and the way you're serving it is adorable. >> and look how -- this is genius, right. this is a caprese salad. a piece of mozzarella, a tomato, an olive for the head. >> hoda, take a picture of that for me. >> super healthy and fun. then we have rice critter treats. rice crispy treats with black spran kuala lump sprinkles. and you can have kids make their own snack bags and we have healthy snacks in there. >> these are all so cute and clever. >> so what if we're thirsty? >> you don't want to wait until you're thirsty to drink, of course, because in the summer you want to stay hydrated and we have on thes of healthy drink options. this is water flavored with
10:40 am
>> oh, just water. >> it looks so pretty. >> but you want to drink before you're thirsty. and this is strawberry iced tea which we have many mason jars. >> i love how you're serving it in this big -- >> and you can see what's in it. all natural healthy things for you. so what we did was if you want for creative ice pack, this is a water balloon with ice in it. so when it melts down -- >> okay, don't throw it. >> if it's a hot day? you want to wait until it melts down. >> that's a problem waiting to happen. think about boys, think about boys. >> i have a boy! >> enough is enough. >> wait until it's melted! [ laughter ] so to make a blanket you have to take a drop cloth and we took a yam and cut out a square and stamped it and this is what we did for this. we did a triangle pattern on the one under here and isn't
10:41 am
then now we have -- >> can we play games? >> now we have games. you want to be active so this is pool noodle javelins. so you take pool noodles and you tape them, you cut them, you make the rings you use duct tape and you can get them all in these fun colors so it's super fun and after eating everybody has an activity. then we have a ring toss. we taken a old plastic toy animal, we've spray painted it and we use rope with duct tape and you can make your own ring tosses. >> shall we try? go ahead, give it a go. i think you're going to get it. >> i know she's going to. >> a good reusing of old toys you don't need. >> very smart. that was great, you guys, thanks. >> thank you so much, amy. she may not be old enough to drive but boy can she sing! elvis duran's artist of the month
10:42 am
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i'm chris van hollen. my entire public life i've worked to bring people together for the common good. sometimes that means taking on and beating powerful special interests... like big oil, the nra and wall street. and i've done that. but sometimes it means finding common ground to get things done for marylanders. that's especially important now-- when so many seek to divide us. we must ensure that every child can succeed and build an economy that works for everyone. i approve this message because together we can get more things done.
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now the performance we've been waiting for from elvis duran's artist of the month. >> she's a 15-year-old living in new york city who has been burning up social media with her beautiful voice. >> her debut "ep" is called "behind the smile." this is whitney woerz and "six second love." ♪ there's always a person that you don't know but you feel you do. you're one in a million pretty girls
10:48 am
you mine in six seconds ♪ i'm gonna make you mine in six seconds ♪ there's always a smile that's in my dreams with no reality ♪ i wanted you for who you are, ♪ and i'm gonna make you mind in six seconds ♪ i'm gonna make you mine in six seconds ♪ six second love, not so technical, not so verbal ♪ six-second love, always hiding, just
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♪ six second love, oh ♪ six second love ♪ there's always two shadows when you walk alone ♪ but how's that possible? how can it feel like i'm next ♪ to you ♪ six second love, not so technical ♪ no so
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hiding, just observing ♪ six second love, oh ♪ six second love ♪ six second love, oh ♪ six second love ♪ six second love, oh ♪ six second love ♪ there's always a
10:51 am
you don't ♪ [ applause ] >> wow! so hard to believe you are the age you are. >> congratulations! >> to stand up and be singing on our show when she was sitting in science class. >> spanish class. >> thank you for that. >> thank you so much. >> you did a great job. >> that was awesome. >> new york girl, make us proud. we'll be back with our favorite things. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
10:54 am
before we share our favorite things we want to point out a couple things. first of all, when whitney was performing she's so excited. i said "are your parents here?" she goes "there's my mom." her mom was outside? the crowd with a sign. >> that's got to be a first. >> how proud are you
10:55 am
daughter? >> it's -- i can't believe it. i have no words. >> how come you didn't come inside? why not? >> well, you guys got here at like 5:00 in the morning or something. >> well, we would have saved a seat for you. >> thank you. >> and your dad is here, too, and your brother. the whole family came out to support. >> congratulations! beautiful family. we want to tell you about another survey. >> they found the top 20 most handsome universities in the u.s. here are the five -- although i think they left out the most beautiful. >> so rice university is number five. that's where the hottest people are. number four is the university of miami. >> one might expect. number three, university of north carolina at chapel hill. >> stanford university. >> and the number one school of all the hottest people in the country is -- >> you say it. >> what, it's usc? >> no, it should have been usc. >> oh, it's ucla! oh, that's where joel went. >> oh, ll
10:56 am
gifford and cody gifford? excuse me. >> virginia tech -- >> number 13. >> oral roberts university wasn't listen to? i can't believe it. i always hold up the books when my friend janice dean from fox news, weather caster. she has -- this is called "freddie and the frogcaster and the terriber th tornado." and kneneil leifer has this boo. it's a great father's day gift. >> this is an apple iphone charger. my mom got it first. it's built for the 6. it gives you 100% battery life on the case and the camera. the good news is, you charge it all together at
10:57 am
can you see down here? >> be careful. don't give it away, hoda. >> it's fine. look, the phone is 100% charged and the case is -- what does that say? >> it's fine, nobody's going to see. >> i don't know, anyway it shows you you get 200% charge. oh, i see -- >> hoda! >> oh, you're right, you're right. >> it's from >> it's a hundred bucks but you will have a charge all day. 200% charge right here. >> this says it's $9. >> no, it's $99. >> okay, so that's quite the deal. tomorrow actress mary lou henner opens up about a very personal chapter in her life. >> and
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
we're following two breaking news stories at this hour. i'm barbara harrison with the latest on a student stabbed while walking to school in the district. >> and we have a crew on the way to a fire at joint base left three firefighters injured this morning. and we have politics covered today. i'm pat lawson, donald trump describes the move as weak and desperate. and i'm lauryn ricketts, a beautiful morning out there. but temperatures are going to change as we head into this week. we also have rain chances. everything you need to know when you step out the door coming up. news 4 midday starts now.


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