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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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in five states including maryland. still two hours left before the votes are being tallied up. while the presidential front-runners are not expected to secure nominations tonight, they're hoping the results will put them a lot closer to the finish line. >> and more on politics in a moment. first a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for parts of our area. we go to doug now to find out more about this. doug? >> i have to tell you, the biggest change that will come in our weather is not the storms, it's going to be the cold air moving in behind this. we have seen two weeks of spectacular, beautiful weather. the next couple of days, really the next week not so much. out there now, current temperature 84 degrees in d.c. 84 in manassas. 8
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85 in fredericksburg. we have one area down to the south of showers, that's about it. the wider view shows you this front here, this is the cold front. new york city right now, 51 degrees. that's the kind of cold air we have coming our way. more storms back to the west notice where these are moving, down to the south. i think we'll get some storms. we do have a severe -- it's just been dropped. still includes pennsylvania, i was about to tell you i don't expect much. weather service agrees. we have been dropped from that severe thunderstorm watch. yes, we can still see a couple showers or storms. the bigger factor is the big change. get ready for the jackets and umbrel umbrellas. back to primary day on which voters in maryland and four other states are going to the polls. we have team coverage of the presidential primaries and the big local races that will affect maryland's future. we begin with the national picture. steve handelsman is live in philadelphia. hi, steve. >> reporter: it's been
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fun in center city today. you have sanders supporters, clinton supporters, they're not really that angry at one another or bitter, they're chanting back and forth this so-called second super tuesday means a lot to donald trump. it could keep alive his dreams of a first ballot convention victory. and for bernie sanders could take him further towards the nightmare of being out of the running. >> reporter: up the east coast and in five states voters cast ballots, some without enthusiasm. >> i did what i was supposed to. held my nose on a few of them, filled it in. >> reporter: bernie sanders was in philadelphia. >> good job. keep it up. keep it going. >> reporter: will he quit if he loses all five states? >> that's an absurd question. people should listen. the answer is we're in the race until the last vote is cast. >> reporter: today's votes could put hillary clinton more firmly on the path to the nomination. on the gop side, donald trump
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has to win huge and take almost all the delegates or he will fall short. that's why john kasich agreed to let ted cruz take on trump alone next week in indiana. in philadelphia, trump's supporters are digging in. >> our reaction is i don't necessarily agree with that collusion. makes me want to support trump all the more. >> reporter: collusion crashed on the "today" show. kasich refused to tell his indiana backers to vote for cruz. >> i'm not getting into that. things are not so plain and simple. i don't tell my voters what to do. >> reporter: and cruz bailed out. >> we're not urging voters to vote for anybody else. that's not anything i've done. >> reporter: trump tweeted this joke of a deal is falling apart. kasich and cruz are down and trump is up to 50% nationally in the new nbc news survey monkey poll. and clinton is up to 52% against
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choice. the focus tonight will be on donald trump. to keep alive his dream of a first ballot convention nomination, he's interested in three quarters and two-thirds. he's got today and in future primaries to win three quarters of the bound delegates. here in pennsylvania where there's a large number of unbound delegates trump has to make sure at least two-thirds of them are leaning towards him. live from philadelphia, steve handelsman, news 4. >> thanks. maryland is second only to pennsylvania in the number of presidential delegates at stake tonight. maryland has 118 democratic delegates, 38 republican s. voters here are also casting ballots in big state races. chris gordon is at a polling place in bethesda now with more on that part
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congressional district there is a primary with unprecedented spending. the democratic primary is said to be the most expensive congressional race in history. with david trone spending $10 million of his own money. >> i voted for jamie raskin. he has great liberal stuff he's been able to push through. he has a great record of working with republicans and democrats. >> i voted for trone. >> why? >> i heard what he exposed on tv and i like his views. what he is planning to do once he takes office. >> i'm voting for kathleen matthews. i think she'll give us a better perspective in congress. i feel like she has the right tools and everything necessary. >> reporter: then the primary for the u.s. senate. >> van hollen for senate. >> edwards for senat
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polls here at bcc high school. donna edwards and chris van hollen lead the field of ten democratic candidates for u.s. senate. >> i think the turnout is good for donna. she's doing well here. >> he has a lot of support in the community, in montgomery county. he's been representing us well for many years. >> reporter: 14 gop hopefuls are running for their party's nomination. i asked some voters here how they cast their ballot. >> i'm supporting donna edwards because she's a female and she's black and i think she has the qualifications. >> i voted for chris van hollen. chris van hollen, i met him personally, our kids attended school together. i really like his personality and what he's done thus far. >> reporter: in the past hour voter turnout has gotten heavier as people get off work. that's the latest from bethesda, back to you. coming up
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hour, nbc's mark murray will join us with a look at the race for president. we'll examine the question of whether the cruz/kasich alliance is too little too late. for live results as they begin coming in, download the nbc washington app. we'll have complete coverage tonight in our broadcast at 11:00. developing tonight, the secret service just released new details about a security breach on the white house grounds. a man scaled the fence this afternoon. shamari stone has the latest. >> we have new information telling us that the man who allegedly jumped the white house fence is involved in a robbery that occurred. the secret service says approximately around that time the man jumped the west fence of the eisenhower executive office buying along 17th street
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source tell me he allegedly stole a woman's purse during the robbery. the white house was on lockdown at time. the lockdown was lifted after the secret service officers took him into custody. no word on official charges as of yet. he had a cut on his hand. president obama was at the white house. he recently returned from an international trip. we'll continue to tell you more about this story on our app. i'm shomari stone for news 4. a day care owner is being held on $2 million bond. police say he's responsible for the death of a 6-month-old baby. meagan fitzgerald is in rockville outside the home day care he operated. >> reporter: the day care which is just over my shoulder, was licensed and it was operating since july of last year. they say there weren't any complaints, but on thursday montgomery county police were out here. they say they found blood evidence in and
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house which they believe ties divban to the crime. >> reporter: neighbors who live on grandin avenue say 35-year-old kia divban seemed like a nice guy. >> he seemed genuine. very nice, normal. >> reporter: katrina says she talked to divban last summer when he was advertising his business. >> he was walking by with his wife and son. his son was on a bike. they were handing out flyers for the day area they were opening up. >> the day area was called little dreamers, it operated out of divban's basement. last tuesday court documents say a 6-month-old child was rushed to the hospital. according to divban, the child was choking and vomiting, doctors soon found out that the baby suffered from blunt force trauma and died three days later. >> fresh fractures to her ribs, multiple. i think the total is 11 or 12 of her ribs were broken. head trauma. the areas of her
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appeared to have been some broken bone in those -- in those legs from prior injury. >> reporter: divban's attorney said his client is innocent. >> these are just allegations, it's what the state is alleging that mr. divban did. >> reporter: whatever happened caused a 6-month-old baby to die from her injuries, and the state's attorney says they're focused now on getting justice for millie. >> her injuries she didn't have much of a chance. it is likely his client cannot meet that $2 million bond. he has been charged with murder, child abuse and child abuse resulting in death. if convicted he faces up to 95 years in prison. two men arrested accused of stabbing a high school student in d.c. the request from one suspect's mother as she arrived at
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scene. messages of he at a local at
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the good news is the severe weather watch in our has been dropped. we have one front to the north and another area of storms to the south. this will move south. this one dying as it moves in. right now there's not much in the way of activity at all. a nice evening if you're heading to the nationals game. that will be okay. a chance of rain overnight tonight and a much different weather pattern coming up. it's been so nice over the last two weeks. we won't see much in the way of nice weather over the next seven days. three police officers lay bleeding in front of a house in woodbridge, virginia. and the man in that house accused of shooting them stuck his empty hand out the front door and surrendered. that was the testimony today at a hearing for a man named ronald hamilton. he's been charged with murdering a rookie prince william county police officer, ashley guindon. julie carey hasre
6:15 pm
first officers on the scene saw and heard. >> reporter: well, we heard today from the police officer who arrested hamilton and from the sergeant who became the first to question him after that shooting rampage. their testimony was enough to convince a judge to move this case forward to a grand jury. >> reporter: just inside this bullet shattered foyer window is where police officers found the ak-47 they say ronald hamilton used to open fire on three officof office officers. ashley guindon was killed her first night on the job. two other officers were injured. hamilton's wife was found dead upstairs. >> three officers shot. >> reporter: one of the first officers responding to the call said he saw hamilton stick his head out of the door, retreat and stick his hands out the door. i said put your hands up and
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hamilton was handcuffed. the most critical testimony came from this man, sergeant joseph medawar. he was the first to question hamilton as he say tht in the b of a squad car. he then started crying and said i ruined my life, and then he asked medawar to shoot him. he asked who else is in the house? my wife replied hamilton. is she okay? no, she's dead. the sergeant, are you sure? hamilton, yes, i'm sure. medawar says when he asked why he shot his wife, the army staff sergeant said the two of them had been arguing. he then pressed why he shot the officers. he said he didn't know. he said he thinks he snapped and he might have ptsd. ge
6:17 pm
point as he was questioning hamilton, both of them could see a bleeding ashley guindon being tended to on the sidewalk. at that point hamilton asked him are the officers okay? sergeant medawar did not answer that question. back to you. >> thanks. the two other officers are still receiving physical therapy as they recover from the injuries during that deadly shootout. you may recall they threw out the first pitch at the nats home opener this year. both of them say they're looking forward to the day they can return to work. now to the arrest of two men accused of stabbing a teen in northwest d.c. it happened near roosevelt high school in the petworth neighborhood. >> reporter: it was about 11:30 this morning. construction workers heard a commotion and saw two men running from police. that's when thre
6:18 pm
your hands up. put your hands up. put your blank hands up. >> i heard police yelling, guys. back there it was really loud. >> reporter: police caught the two men and held them in this alie for nearly two hours before taking them away. they have both been charged in the stabbing of a teen that happened about 9:00 a.m. a few blocks away near roosevelt high school. >> he was approached by a couple of suspects from the rear who may know who he is. and he was assaulted. he sustained some stab wounds. >> reporter: after the two men were taken away by police, a woman who says she's the mother of one of those men showed up. police would not tell her if her son was in custody. >> i don't know. >> reporter: we showed her the video of the men being taken away. >> yep. that's him. that's him. >> reporter: now the victim, a teenager, is expected to be
6:19 pm
injuries. he's a student at cardoza high school, not at roosevelt high school where the incident happened. as for the two suspects, they're also teens and have been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. they were both fleeing from police and ran down this alley. when you turn that corner, it's a dead end. back to you. >> mark segraves, thank you. some new clues as police search for two men who tried to kidnap a young girl in d.c. this is a sketch of the suspects. the girl says the men approached her about 7:00 last monday night. she was on argyle street northwest in the cresetwood neighborhood. they drove up in a white vehicle, offered her candy and tried to get her inside the car. one man has a tattoo of a beetle on his neck. police say they found two sw s
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the third at an elementary school. investigators want anyone who may have seen the teens who did this to give them a call. a man who says he was se sexually abused by dennises has tart is now suing him. he said hastert agreed to pay him $3.5 million for pain and suffering but that nonstoped coming last year when hastert was charged with federal bank crimes related to those payments. the victim is suing for $1.8 million he has not received. hastert is to be sentenced on the banking violation charges tomorrow. a temporary truce appearing to unravel. a drive-by, a barrage of
6:21 pm
one woman dead. the suspect still at large. the story coming up. the fight for a music legend's fortune. whos taking steps to secu ire
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we've been enjoying a streak of nice weather. doug says that's about to change and in a big way, huh? >> we knew we would have to pay for it. >> we always do. you can't go two weeks with sunshine and temperatures above average and not pay for it later, especially in the spring months. we'll pay for it in a big way. it's beautiful now. i want to show you what's happening around the mid-atlantic. 84 in washington. 85 in richmond. 86 in virginia beach. ocean city, beautiful, 82. get to the beach, right? not so fast. new york, 51 degrees. in the 30s in boston. that's the cold air he would have coming down. tonight it's showers are and a chance for a thunderstorm or two. though i've been telling you this since yesterday. not impressed with this system at all. where we are seeing the storms, back towards west virginia. intense storms, also down to our south. all of these storms ar
6:25 pm
closer down towards richmond, the storms to the north, this is the front here bringing storms around the philadelphia reemggi. those storms have not materialized. earlier we had a severe thunderstorm watch in effect, that's been lifted. right now not a single shower or storm in our region. temperature-wise, we've been on the warm side 84 in d.c. 84 in fredericksburg. 81 in leesburg. it's been so nice, but again the next couple of days that change is coming. here's that change overnight tonight. around 9:00, starting to st ini shower activity moving through. by 10:00, 11:00, here come the showers mostly to the south. fredericksburg, manassas, southern maryland. it will stay that way through 1:,
6:26 pm
tomorrow, notice the showers in here around 10:00 a.m. you'll need the umbrellas. tomorrow afternoon seeing shower activity. could be some drizzle. that's the kind of system we got. 65 by 7:00 a.m. 64 by 3:00. some of you tomorrow afternoon will fall into the 50s. upper portions of montgomery county, anne arundel county, you folks will be the coolest. what to wear. we haven't needed the jackets or umbrellas. tomorrow you will need both of them. not only tomorrow, right on through friday. look at the high temperatures. only in the upper 50s to low 60s. 62 for a high on friday. chance of showers each day. saturday, high temperature of 67. saturday looking oak. another storm for sunday and next week. i'll break that down for you coming up in a couple minutes. that's coming
6:27 pm
up next, the start of a make or break week in the race for the white house. we're taking a closer look at what today's primaries mean for both parties. also the search for answers after a mother was murdered and four hothers wounded in a shooting. >> it could be the future of commuting on one of virginia's busiest and most congested routes. and some local workers
6:28 pm
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this is a make or break week in the republican presidential race. the next seven days just might determine whether donald trump can reach that 1237 delegates that he needs to secure nomination. >> it begins with the primaries in five states today including maryland. there are 172 gop delegates up for grabs in maryland. the democrats are battling for 384. that's in all five of the states. mark murray joins us now. we keep hearing about trump and that magic number. going into the convention, will he have it or not. >> he needs to win in these five states by big
6:31 pm
if he runs the table and his percentage is more than 50%, he has a good shot of racking up about 100 delegates tonight out of 118 available. he does that, that's step number up with. step number two is almost the superdelegates in pennsylvania on the republican side. these folks are free agents. there's 54 of them. some say they'll be determined by how the vote goes. but it becomes an arm twisting type of moment. donald trump has to prove he can win some of these people over. and then third he has go into indiana and beat ted cruz. if he does that he has a glide path. if he falls short on one, it's a battle to the convention. >> this cruz/kasich alliance, was this their idea or somebody in their campaigns? >> they realized they
6:32 pm
do something to shake up the race. this wasn't much of an alliance. the whole deal was john kasich said i'm not going to campaign in indiana, but i still want my people to vote for me. that sometimes sends mixed signals. you don't know why you're seeing it so hard, but it comes down to a week from now. >> it seems to be falling apart a bit. >> not looking good, that's for sure. >> okay. hillary clinton expected to do well and expand her lead over bernie sanders, but he says he's in it until the end. >> i believe him. he wants to be able to go to every single primary. the last one in the district of columbia on june 14th. he wants to go all the way. what democrats are watching is more of the tone and the rhetoric coming from him. is it more about donald trump and the republicans or many about hillary clinton and watching his tone tonight and tomorrow will be very important. >> will he and hillary clinton both have to be looking at the end game. >> i think everyone has to look
6:33 pm
at end game. the general election is starting to get closer and closer. >> it sure is. who do you think will gain the most in today's primaries? that's the topic of our flash survey. so far most of you are thinking the front-runners will continue to gain momentum. coverage of this crucial primary day continues with "nightly news" at 7:00. two top lawmakers in virginia are calling for a special session over the governor's plan to restore voting rights to felons who served their time. william howell and senate majority leader thomas norman want some detailed information from governor terry mcauliffe about the felons who are covered under his order. previous governor s determined they did not have the constitutional authority to make
6:34 pm
such a move. no response from the governor. a witness said she heard more than a dozen shots fired. tonight a woman is dead and three others are recovering. this all happened last night in the forestville area. pat collins is talking to those close with the victim. >> reporter: four men shot and wounded. one woman shot and killed. her family says there's no way she was the target of this drive-by. >> reporter: this is vernon paige, his son, vernon paige jr., his son's mother, joanne woods, shot in the barrage of gunfire in the early morning hours of del mar drive. he says joanne woods turned her life around. had a job as a school bus attendant now only to fall victim to the violence of the
6:35 pm
demons inside. she was a good person. she kept fighting. trying to get her life straight. what happened to her was tragic. >> reporter: police say it happened around 1:30 this morning. joanne woods was with four men when a guy comes buy iny in a c. four men wounded, joanne woods shot and killed. police don't believe this was a random shooting. vernon paige doesn't believe she was the intended target. >> she was a good person. well liked. high spirited. good person. >> reporter: for her to die this way -- >> i never seen her go that way. that's what happens when you hang out with people that you don't know nothing about. >> reporter: so far no suspects no arrests in this case. police have posted a 25,0$25,00 reward. live in forestville,
6:36 pm
collins, news 4. we turn back to our weather now. chances for rain and cooler weather. >> the next couple of ys much different than what we've been seeing. today we're in the 80s. tomorrow we're in the 60s, some of you may drop into the 50s. that's because of a cold front dropping down through our region. right now that cold front not producing as many showers and thunderstorms that we thought we could see. one area of stores clustered around the philadelphia area. more storms to the west but these are moving down to the south. we are seeing storms, but the watch has been taken down in our region. it's all in pennsylvania and along the eastern shore. not worried about strong storms tonight. next couple of days, big changes in the weather for sure. we'll talk about how cool things will get coming up. the
6:37 pm
capitals effort for the couple ofly officially begins thursday night. penguins back in town. the schedule for the series was released earlier today. the caps will host game one at the verizon center thursday night. game two on saturday. we'll get you ready on that day with a pregame show on nbc 4 at 7:30. once again the game starts at 8:00. games three and four in pittsburgh and hopefully the caps won't need pore than that. 12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9s getting out of the office and out on to the streets. details behind a local community crusade to keep young kids on the right track. putting a network of fast-moving buses along one of the most congested corridors in the region. could it work? i'm adam tuss. why tens
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the one full blooded sister of prince is asking a court to appoint a special administrate tore oversee prince's estate because she says prince died without a will. she's asking the court to take immediate action to an executor can manage prince's business interests. prince's heirs stand to inherit tens of millions of dollars. nelson is prince's only full sibli sibling. he has a number of half siblings. he died unexpected at his home last week. local businesses across arlington sent employees out
6:41 pm
180 people gave their time at more than a dozen area non-profits. david culver shows us how one group is helping downpeople pedal forward in life. >> reporter: the painted wall makes it clear what happens here. we are a full-service bike shop so we sell used bikes, do repairs, and also the youth program. >> reporter: welcome to phoenix bike. >> we are a youth program, we educate 12-year-olds to 17-year-olds about the basics of bike mechanics. >> reporter: all of this doesn't happen without help. >> volunteers definitely make it so we're able to continue to function. >> i'm even sweating a bit. it's hard work for sure. >> reporter: those you see wearing the blue shirts, volunteers for the day. >> i don't mind sitting at a computer typing most of the day, this is refreshing
6:42 pm
of live wire media relations working on bicycles. >> a great community initiative but also team building for ourselves as well. >> reporter: but they also realize to some it's more than a bike shop. >> have you started working on this? >> nope. >> reporter: we met this teen who says hundreds of hours spent here in the youth program changed his life. >> i was really dedicated here. it was my second home. >> reporter: he started volunteering here as a freshman earning bikes as a reward. now a senior at wakefield high school he's learned much more than bike mechanics. >> i learned how to become a better leader, public speaker. >> reporter: today he proudly wears the shirt as a part-time employee helping others pedal onward. david culver, news 4. coming up, a new alternative to help commuters cut through gridlock. thousands weigh in, and the newest residents at the
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and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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there's a plan to help one of the most congested corridors in our area. that would be route 7 in northern virginia. a new network of quickly moving buss with their own lanes and stations is being proposed. it would run from tysons corner to alexandria. adam tuss is in the middle of it all in bailey'
6:46 pm
tell us how many people would actually ride a system like that. adam? >> think about this, ten 10,000 new commuters per day could ride a system like that right here along route 7. it is definitely busy road out here. if you could just take a fraction of the cars off of this road, that would be a big win. >> reporter: thousands of commuters riding up and down route 7 in northern virginia on a new 11-mile transit system. >> route 7 is really northern virginia's main street. >> reporter: this system could be moving to the area, good idea? people are split down the middle. >> it should be. it would
6:47 pm
traffic. >> i don't know where the bus route would be. if it's on 7, it would create more traffic. >> we want to make the road far more usable for far more people. >> reporter: the fact that buss were picked means the project can change more easily as it na navigates the landscape along route 7. >> it will link northern virginia together in a way that the purple line does in maryland. >> reporter: right now the public getting a chance to weigh in and fine tune the project. after that it's up to planners to get the money to pay for it and get it built. if it's done right, it could get to you leave the car at home and let someone else do the driving. wouldn't that be nice? tonight northern virginia leaders just announced they'll be having a new round of public hearings on this project. they'll be coming up in june. >> adam tuss on route 7, thank you. many watched as they hactchd on a live web cam. now the two bald
6:48 pm
names. they are freedom and liberty. the patriotic names beat out other names like stars and stripes and anacostia and potomac. votes were cast last week. the eaglets hatched last month. if you want a glimpse of them before they fly the nest, download the nbc washington app and search eagle cam during the break. i sent in vance and doug. that didn't get more votes. >> i wonder why that didn't. >> we just saw adam tuss out there with short sleeves, squinting in the sun. he went do that for long. >> not at all. it's going to kind of be a shock to the system. we had 16 days now with sunshine and temperatures a bit above average. >> the shorts, sandals out. everybody put away the jackets. we have big changes coming in. those changes, much cooler weather and a chance for rain. get the
6:49 pm
the jackets out. sunset tonight at 7:56. we're at 84 degrees. temperatures dropping through the 70s. that's still mild. by 11:00, i expect a chance of showers. 77 in gaitersburg, 83 in annapolis. 84 in ft. belvoir. for many areas today was the warmest day we've seen so far this year. the radar, all clear. i do not expect to see any rain through at least the 9:00, 10:00 hour tonight. there are showers to our south. there are a few to the north. these are the showers up hire. this is the front i was watching to see if it would make its way our way. it's dropping down to the south. in behind it, it's cold. 39 in boston. 51 in new york. that's the cool air that's making its way in here. further back to the west, watching this system. we've seen big storms in kansas, oklahoma and texas. th
6:50 pm
here. tornado watches in effect. could be long-lived, large tornadoes here. now, showers tomorrow, take the umbrella 56 by 7:00 a.m. dropping to 63 by 11:00. only in the 60s. temperatures tomorrow, 20 degrees cooler if not colder than today. tomorrow will be fairly dreary. 63 on thursday. 62 on friday. chance of showers throughout. saturday looking okay. that's the only day looking okay. we have more showers late saturday, late sunday. rain on monday. and maybe next tuesday okay, too. notice everybody in the 60s. the average high up to 71. the next seven days below average. >> it will make it so much for grateful when we get back to where we're supposed to be. that's june. we have sports
6:51 pm
the penguinsoming into c
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the flyers and caps have been trying to figure out who is next. here they come. we have the who and the when, round two, what to expect. there's a wide radius of possibilities, everybody agrees it will be a different type of series. the penguins like the caps have four lines of skilled skaters. expect it to be a faster, more high scoring type game. sidney crosby and alex ovechkin meet again. they saw each other back in 2009. a wild series that saw ovechkin and crosby score hat tricks. the season ended in sorrow for the caps. a crushing game seven. seven years later, here we go. both teams are different and ready to add a new pain to their history. >> felt like it was two years ago. time flies. it will be nice to get an opportunity to play them again. they're a good time. >> the rivalry is always there. it'
6:55 pm
one that kind of started my career. it's fun to get back at it again. >> it's history. i don't like to look back. i like looking forward. right now a new moment in our lives. >> here we go. a look at schedule for the second round. caps host the first two games. saturday night the marquee game. full dates and times can be found on the nbc washington app. saturday night is all right for fighting. since game two is on this channel we'll get you ready for the quest for the cup pregame. everything you need to know for game two. doug, even your playoff beard. >> nice. you do not want to mace that. all eyes on number 44 at today's practice. that's brooks orpik. he went out with an upper body injury during the flyers series.
6:56 pm
seen him on the ice since that injury. full participation. his status is not confirmed for game one. the nats have won 14, they have lost 4. and that matches the best start in franchise history. tonight the team is opening up a three-game set with the phillies. coming off a much needed day off. sunday was a monster. 16 innings. almost six hours of play. a wild 6-5 win over the twins. you never have seen so much joy coming from the dugout in april. this team is doing something special. look at jayson werth. did you see that big grin on his face? ryan zimmerman is in his 12th season. he's the most tenured d.c. athlete. he's loving this. >> it's a good group of guys. we enjoy going out there playing. dusty is fun to play for. all the coaches are great to play for. it's
6:57 pm
we have to keep everyone healthy. keep playing hard. be as consistent as we can for six months. >> winning makes it fun. i don't care what they say. if you think that having fun is exhausting, try being miserable. that's a nightmare. they're having fun but working hard at the same time. it's not like it's romper room in there. they work hard. >> that's the dusty effect. tomorrow we get to meet and greet the new head coach of the wizards. officially announced today. scott brooks hired today. reportedly agreed to a five-year deal worth 35 million. nba coach of the year in 2010, the oklahoma thunder coach for six seasons. he did take last season off. i'm excited to see what this guy can do. we have all four teams busy this week. >> and from what we read, he's a good coach. >> he's a player's coach.
6:58 pm
point guard. >> point guard. >> i still think that what's his name should share that coach of the year trophy with -- >> luke? >> lu
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight. outbreak. 70 million at high risk of catastrophic tornadoes, and hail up to the size of baseballs. urgent warnings of potentially life-threatening weather. critical night as trump looks for a clean sweep and reports swirl that sanders is planning to reassess his campaign strategy. new clues in a family massacre that has shocked a nation. eight relatives killed. one of them we now know shot nine times. black boxes found from the invaded ship that went down in the deep, killing all 33 onboard. can they now solve a big mystery. and big money surprise. the boss of a yogurt empire stuns thousands of employees with a promise that could make some


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