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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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today 56. a 30-degree temperature drop. here's the radar. storm team 4 radar checking the rain for you. well south of d.c., that's where most of it all is right now. orange county and stafford counties is where it is right now. it will move over towards king george county and parts of southern maryland. the rest of us tonight just dealing with the cool conditions. 59 in ma nanassas. staying cool for a while. more showers likely over the next couple of days, so keep the jackets and the umbrellas handy. we have some breaking news out of tacoma park right now. a woman is dead, a man injured in a double stabbing. >> this happened on houston avenue not far from slygo creek
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shomari, what are you learning? >> reporter: good evening. there's a lot going on right now. you can see i'm standing in front of the yellow crime scene today. you look over here and there's a white nissan car right there. we don't know how this car is related to what happened in this building, but it is here and they are talking by this car. let's roll some video. this an active scene. we're on the 600 block of houston. police are gathering details and searching for evidence in this apartment building. police say around 2:00 they received an emergency call. officers rushed to the complex and found a man suffering with a stab wound by the elevator. officers then ran up to an apartment and they found a woman, a 36-year-old woman, with stab wounds. medics transported the couple to the hospital. the woman died. the man underwent surgery. police are continuing to figure out exactly what happened. i talked to the chief again and said, okay, you have two peop
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who did it? who is responsible? is there a third party involved? he will not say. however, the chief does say that people in this community do not have to worry about an active stabber or suspect on the loose in this community. we're continuing to bring you updates. i'm trying to get to the bottom of all this. hopefully the police chief will release more information so we can get to the bottom of what happened out here. news4. now to a developing story in the district where a lunchtime fight ended with a teacher in the hospital and two students in police custody. it all unfolded at washington metropolitan near the howard university campus. let's get to pat collins who is live outside the school. what have you learned about this, pat? >> reporter: pat, this is how people are telling me it happened here today. two students bring a neighborhood beef into school. that leads to a fight and another fight and another figh
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a teacher ends up in the hospital and two teenagers end up behind bars. a teenage boy arrested today after police say he assaulted a teacher inside the washington metropolitan high school. a teenage girl also arrested. this is how police tell the story. they say it happened around lunchtime. there was a fight in the cafeter cafeteria. that led to a series of fights around the school. a teacher tries to go break it up. she is assaulted by that teenage boy. an ambulance is called and she is taken to the hospital. cops converge on the school. as one of the officers tries to settle things down, he's assaulted by the teenage girl. it took some time,
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restored and the school was dismissed. here's what one parent had to say about it all. >> it's an alternative school. when you're in an alternative high school, those are the things that happen. these are the kinds of issues that you deal with when they're all put into one school. so, i mean, i guess it comes with the territory of being in the type of school that she's in. >> reporter: now the teacher is expected to be okay. there's been a lot of violence in and around d.c. public high schools this week. i'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. jim, back to you. >> pat, we'll see you then. for a second straight day, the white house was put on lockdown. a man was taken into custody after throwing personal items here over the north fence line. now, the grounds went on lockdown around 10:30 this morning so officers could do security sweeps. just yesterday you'll recall a man jumped over the white house fence and caused a lockdown. newly
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report that he had just groped a female student at george washington university. another arching insulator on the red line causing problems for metro commuters this morning. it happened near the friendship heights station. the piece of the equipment that protects the high voltage third rail started to burn. trains had to single track for a while. the same thing happened at the friendship heights station over the weekend. just up the road in bethesda, a broken water main causing problems for both the morning and evening rush hours. crews are still working to fix the main and mend the maged road on rockville pike. adam tuss joins us now with a progress report. how are the repairs going, adam? >> reporter: taking some time out here, pat. i can tell you only one lane continues to get by southbound. traffic in the other direction is a problem because there was a crash on the inner loop of the beltway. ha
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but for the water main, take a look at the hole that's actually still here in the ground of the southbound lanes of 355. that's wha what's happening now is they're waiting for another shipment of gravel. the tamper has broke. it's going to be one lane like this through the entire evening commute. it has happened here again. has it been a challenging day? >> very challenging. >> reporter: water flooding rockville pike after a break in almost the same location as a major main break back in october. >> this was a split break. >> this was a split break, exactly. >> the bad kind? >> the bad kind. >> reporter: a split break is more difficult and more powerful because it runs down the length of the pipe. this was a split break. we were here as they pulled the 75-year-old pipe out of the ground. the pipe is simply too old. >> 50% of our pipe is
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or older. >> reporter: commuters are getting tired of dealing with all of it here. >> it's usually terrible and now it is just worse because it is down to one lane and then you had an accident. >> this is like the second time in a year that this has happened, right? >> it's been a couple months. >> reporter: residents in this area now have their water turned back on. we actually want to show you a live picture right now of the inner loop of the beltway. i mentioned that tractor-trailer crash that was causing all those issues. this is on the inner loop between 355 rockville pike and connecticut avenue. come back out here now live. we've been talking about the water main break that's on rockville pike southbound. you take a look at the traffic. i'm going to ask my photographer to swing it all the way around so you can look all the way down 355 and rockville pike. if you don't have to be
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would advise you to stay away completely. the countdown is officially under way now. the flame for the summer olympic games in rio is a step closer to reaching the host country. today game organizers took part in a ceremonial handoff in the greek stadium where the first modern games took place more than a century ago. the flame will head to switzerland before going to brazil where some 12,000 people will take part in a torch relay. our athletes are getting into the spirit. >> dozens of members of team usa joined michelle obama in times square. >> wendy rieger joins us live in the big apple where we're marking 100 days to rio. >> reporter: we're in the midst of what you might
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palooza. a band is going to be performing a free concert. we're here in the middle of rush hour. you know how fun that can be.we that are going to go pretty quick. michelle obama was here in times square letting out the rallying cry. >> go team usa! >> reporter: first lady michelle obama with team usa behind her kicked off the festivities in times square and then found herself on guard with some local kids as team usa counted down the final 100 days on the road to rio. >> we wish them all the luck in the world. although they don't need it because they're super bad. >> reporter: the band perry fresh off the "today show" performance joined the crowd. >> i'll be playing a concert tonight in times square. "live
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song of team usa. we are truly honored and blessed. >> reporter: the big apple skyscrapers had to compete with the women's basketball team whose members clock in at a lofty 6'5". those long arms came in handy when the athletes did a selfie. while this was a day of celebration, gold medal wrestler jord jord jord jord jordan borrows reminds of the reality. >> it increases my activity in the wrestling room and decreases the amount of stress i have outside of it, so i thank you. >> reporter: and he is so cool that his twitter handle is all i see is gold. you've got to bring it if you're going to be putting that out
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we're going to have more coming up a little bit later, but in the meantime i'm going to be checking this palm tree for monkeys. back to you. >> oh, all right. >> thanks, wendy. >> thank you, wendy. i don't know who is more pumped, wendy or the athletes? >> i think they all are. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell takes his corruption case to the supreme court. deadly defect. the family of a 17-year-old take action today. they claim a recalled air bag took her life. >> it is hard to acc
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it is now mathematically impossible for ted cruz to reach the magic number of delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination for president before the convention, but just moments ago the texas senator announced an addition to his campaign, adding carly fiorina to his ticket. let's check in with chris lawrence. >> reporter: ted cruz says no candidate has a realistic path to 1237 and thinks there is going to be a contested
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behind donald trump. he admits it is unusual to select a potential vp this early in the game, but he compared donald trump to hillary clinton, calling him a washington insider. he thinks adding carly fiorina to pick them over the frontrunner. today she seemed to echo that sentiment. >> we're both liberal. we know that. but hillary clinton, like so many politicians, hillary clinton has made her millions selling access and influence from inside the system. and donald trump has made his billions buying people like hillary clinton. >> now fiorina is the former ceo of
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she's never held public office. we'll see how this plays out next tuesday when voters in indiana head to the polls. >> thank you. the family of the latest victim killed by an explodie ii takata air bag has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. >> reporter: the texas teenager died last month when the air bag inside her 2002 honda civic exploded in a minor crash. today, her family remembered the 17-year-old as they spoke alongside their attorney. the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against takata, american honda, and many others. >> i would also like them to take further steps to adjusthe
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their air bags. >> reporter: news4 reached out to honda today. the automaker is in contact with the driver's family in an effort to address their concerns. hanna's death is the fifth fatality in the united states blamed on faulty takata air bags. the teen's car has been recalled, but never fixed. honda says it mailed multiple recall notices to registered owners of that vehicle. the victim's family insists they never received the notices. a state senator and an attorney will face off this fall for maryland's eighth congressional seat after the state's most expensive primary contest ever. on the democratic side, jamie raskin beat out david trone and kathleen matthews. raskin is the state senate majority whip and a constitutional law professor
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who served as a town council president. raskin and cox are running to replace chris van hollen who won the democratic nomination for u.s. senate. another major congressional race will pit maryland former lieutenant governor against a developer. anthony brown who had a successful bid for governor and an unsuccessful bid in the past election for governor secured the nomination for the fourth district seat. he' he's hoping to replace donna edwards for u.s. senate. if you'd like to dig a little deeper into last night's results, we have all of the vote totals from the big races in maryland in our nbc washington app. simply search maryland primary. >> announcer: and now your storm team 4 forecast. that forecast a lot different from the weather we have seen over the past
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of weeks. we were in the 80s yesterday. 86 degrees. right now we're sitting in the 50s. a very nasty, dreary day across our region. not a whole lot going on right now. downtown still dealing with all of those clouds. 56 degrees. 30 degrees cooler, if not colder, then where we were yesterday. 53 in annapolis. the warmest area down toward fredericksburg. right through the city of fredericksburg in about the next 10, 15 minutes. heads up down there. you'll be dealing with a little bit of rain. it's all part of a storm system making its way through. this satellite picture really kind o a
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we have northeast flow here. we have sunshine towards new york. we have sunshine down to the south. and we have this air mass in the middle. northeasterly winds bringing the clouds right off the ocean. that's the cold air damming. it brings the cold air all the way down from new york and philadelphia all the way down towards our region. ocean city only 51. where's the 86 from yesterday? it is all the way down towards raleigh. i do not see that warm air moving up anytime soon. what i do see moving up is our chances for showers. you'll need the umbrella to start off today. more showers. some of them may be on the heavy side tomorrow. now friday, more of the same. waking up to some cloud cover and more scattered shower activity. this is kind of the scenario that's going to play out over
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cool with showers. 52 degrees tomorrow morning. more showers potentially in the afternoon, but most of us will be on the dry side in the afternoon. 57 degrees. take a look at the next four days. you notice 58 here. 61, 63, and 63. now the average high temperature is up to 71, so we're well below average. we will see some sunshine on saturday. that is the one day i expect to stay completely dry. saturday looking pretty good. sunday not looking all that good. 63 degrees. 50% chance of rain most likely during the afternoon. we'll talk much more about in about 20 minutes. it's the one-year anniversary of the riots in baltimore. rage and flames flared in that city in the aftermath of freddie gray in police custody. we go back to baltimore to see what's changed. plus, howard university is making good on a promise
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tonight. find o whyut
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some graduating howard university students now have something else to look forward to. they are getting direct payment tuition rebates from the school. a year after announcing a plan to incentivize early or on time degree completion, howard is ng
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students have started getting 50% rebates on their final semester's tuition bills. the school says this program shows their commitment to college affordability. to the caps quest for the cup now. game one in their series against the pittsburgh penguins more than a day away now. more on the new chapter in this rivalry between these two days. it's going to be good, carol. >> we are so excited. the headline it's only the second head-to-head matchup between o.v. and crosby. all the games in the series are scheduled during primetime slots for a reason. a spirited workout that lasted nearly an hour. good to see the defenseman back for a second straight day. it doesn't take long for anyone,
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two teams meet up it's pretty special. >> in the very first game, i had a couple of big hits. i got hit a couple of times. from then on, you just grow that respect off the ice, but hatred on the ice for the other team. i'm fully on board with the rivalry. it should be fun. there should be a lot of emotion. it should be fun to watch. >> should be interesting. this has been a rivalry for a long time. sid and o.v. has been going on for a while. it should be a lot of fun. >> rehashing some heartache. now there is some concern surrounding another caps defenseman. who is up with carl missing practice for a second straight day? that's coming up at 6:00. at the he
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presidency. today former republican house speaker dennis hastert learned his fate in a case linked to allegations that he sexually abused teen boys. after making a clean sweep in the primary races in five states, why donald trump came back to d.c. could former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's conviction soon be overturned? there was some indications of that in oral arguments here at the court today. we'll hear directly fromhe t
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and we're following breaking news here at the live desk. we've learned a 13-year-old boy was shot by a baltimore police officer. now our affiliate in baltimore just learned from police commissioner kevin davis that the boy had a replica semiautomatic pistol. davis says the boy ran when officers approached him and he didn't listen to their commands. he says the boy is expected to survive and that, quote, no officer in the city wants to shoot a 13-year-old boy. the boy's mother is also in custody. officers say she knew that her son had the replica handgun. back to you. today marks exactly one
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following freddie gray's death. mayor stephanie rawlings blake called this a day of reconciliation, announcing a series of events to show progress made by the city. gray died from spinal injuries he suffered in the back of a police van. critics today using the hashtag reconcile this to express disapproval to the way the mayor handled the response to gray's death. the mary heaven's center was under construction when it was set fire. it reopened after a $15 million renovation. it has 60 affordable apartments for senior citizens, plus counseling and job training spaces. it is looking more and more likely tonight that former virginia governor bob mcdonnell could get a new trial. bob requested his c
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u.s. supreme court today, requested that it be overturned. julie carey was inside the court and joins us now live with what justices had to say. >> reporter: we won't know for weeks yet what the justices decide, but one thing already clear from their sharply worded questions. they are very skeptical of the definition that prosecutors used for both official act and bribery. those definitions used to convict virginia's former governor. bob mcdonnell holding firm to his contingent that he did not break the law when he and his wife accepted more than $175,000 in gifts and loans from businessman johnny williams in exchange for helping promote a dietary supplement. >> never have i done anything that would abuse the powers of my office. >> reporter: in september of 2014, the couple was convicted on multiple public corruption charges, but
5:33 pm
court today mcdonnell's lawyer argued that bribery was defined so broadly that routine actions could be considered crimes. he never pressured state employees to take action. >> this was a charge that was just a bridge too far. we think our arguments came out well before the court today. we look forward to their decision. >> reporter: the majority of justices seem to agree. in sharp questions directed to the government's lawyer, worried that the bribery standard used in mcdonnell's case puts at risk behavior that's common, adding, that's a r-- >> we're very encouraged by today, but the justices i know have studied the case carefully and will issue their decision in a couple of months. >> reporter: the court's decision is
5:34 pm
some analysis from pete williams about the likely path ahead. dennis hastert once second in line for the presidency is now heading to prison. the judge calling him a serial child molester today. the former republican house speaker sat quietly in a wheelchair as a federal judge in chicago sentenced him to 15 months in prison. hastert was accused of abusing four high school boys decades ago. the statute of limitations had run out. hastert admitted to breaking banking laws when he paid off an accuser. he has to pay $250,000 to a crime victims' fund. the end of an era in maryland politics. barbara
5:35 pm
she is the nation's longest serving female senator. come november, von hollen will be facing kathy szeliga. >> reporter: kathy szeliga is a wife, mother, and small business owner. she is the minority whip in the maryland house of delegates. she is running f
5:36 pm
senate against democratic congressman chris van hollen. >> van hollen has been in washington for more than a decade. over that period of time, peoples lives have not gotten better. >> reporter: van hollen is asking his supporters to get fired up as he campaigns for every vote in every part of the state. >> make sure we pull the state together. win the general election. >> reporter: kathy says although registered democrats outnumber republicans in maryland by 2 to 1, she has a strategy to win. >> we know that maryland is now purple. we have a republican governor. he won that election with great numbers, and people in maryland feel very confident in the job that larry hogan is doing. >> reporter: szeliga has not endorsed any gop presidential candidate. coming up on news4 at 6:00, how sh
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at the top of the ticket could effect her chances to win the u.s. senate race here in maryland. when we come right back tonight, it was the first murder of the year in alexandria. now we're learning about a confession and how the victim may have been lured to his death. coming up on news4, a d.c. man and his 4-year-old daughter were about to become homeless. i'm mark segraves. i'll tell you about a brand-new program that not only kept him from becoming holess, butme
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we always love telling wednesday's child success stories. this week we have one, but not the usual story about a child getting adopted. this is about one who didn't, but there was something that happened in her experiences at wednesday's child that gave her the will to succeed. she called us out of the blue today 15 years later to share some news. that was mcckeaver, a little girl, still hoping to be adopted. >> it feels good to see you. you look nice. >> reporter: 15 years since we first met, still a smile that reflects her enduring optimism. when she was 9, we visited the superior court because she wanted to be a judge someday to lp
5:41 pm
>> welcome to my chambers. i'm so glad you could come and visit me today. >> thank you. >> reporter: grown up now and just weeks away from getting her bachelor's degree in criminal justice, she called us to share the news. we planned a special surprise this time at a different courthouse. >> welcome back. >> thank you. thank you. >> don't you remember her? >> i do, i do. >> hi. how are you? >> how are you? >> reporter: judge blackburn was thrilled to welcome her back. >> i was so proud of you then, but i was really excited to hear what you've been doing since then. >> reporter: the judge's advice to her about finishing school made a difference in her life. >> kbrgrowing up in the system getting bullied from place to place, it almost got in the way of school. i kept in my mind that i'm going to get through this and i'm going to graduate. >>po
5:42 pm
judge put on her black robe and headed to her courtroom. it reminded us of a similar scene a few years ago. >> you'll see me walking through the doors in a robe. >> reporter: something tells us that's going to happen. we believe in mckeaver. what an amazing story. i have tears in my eyes right now. we were so happy to hear from her and that she had done so well even though she was never adopted. if you have room in your home or your heart for another child, please call our special adoption hotline. the number is 1-88-to-adopt-me. you can see a longer version of this story where you see some of the questions she asked the judge in on our online edition. >> what a wonderful story. >> that day, that shoot you went out, that encounter changed her life.
5:43 pm
that's what she told the judge. the judge was so happy to see her again. a young murder suspect here in court accused of stabbing a man and dumping his body in a nearby park. i'm david culver in alexandria. why the defee says thens
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right now, a gang murder case that's left a virginia community very uneasy is moving ahead. >> an alexandria judge just ruled there is enough evidence to take it to trial. the victim's body was found in a popular park. and david culver is outside court now with what we're learning about that suspect's confession. david? >> reporter: jim and pat, in court, we learned that the young suspect confessed to detectives that he stabbed and killed eduardo late last year. he allegedly unleashed all of those details in a three-hour confession with police, but his defense attorney raised some serious concerns that her young client didn't fully understand what was happening. december 4th of last
5:47 pm
eduardo's body in four mile park. cause of death, homicide by stabbing. in court, police detectives testified that an 18-year-old male confessed to the crime. they identified him by using surveillance cameras from a nearby mcdonald's. they lured that victimcdonald's marijuana. they convinced him to smoke that pot in a nearby park. it's there police say they attacked, stabbed, and ultimately killed the young victim. alm november of last year, police discovered jose murdered near a popular playground. police don't believe they're connected, but acknowledge that both are likely gang
5:48 pm
attorney tried to point out that he may not have fully understood his rights. he's only been in the country for less than a year. from el salvador, he doesn't speak english and has a ninth grade education. it wasn't enough to keep the judge from moving the case forward. during that police confession, it was interesting that this came up. guerrero admitted that he was a paro, that is somebody who apparently is interested in becoming a member of ms-13, but, quote, hadn't earned it yet. why police believe that particular victim was targeted. fresh off his sweep of the northeast primaries, donald trump came to washington today to talk foreign policy. he spoke at the mayflower hotel. the republican presidential hopeful has been criticized by both parties for lacking specifics in his foreign policy agenda. during today's 38-minute
5:49 pm
security above all else. >> my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. has to be first. has to be. that will be the foundation of every single decision that i will make. >> trump also called president obama and hillary clinton's policies, quote, disasters. he left some major questions about his foreign policy proposals unanswered, including his plan for defeating the islamic state. well, start the countdown, folks. we are now 100 days out from the start of the summer olympic games down in rio. >> and there are a number of local athletes who are hoping to compete. our wendy rieger, who will be in rio covering the games, is in new york right now where some of team usa appeared today and did their thing.
5:50 pm
about the olympics without talking about prince william county's ali kreeger. she stopped by our studios in d.c. to talk about how she's now so close to achieving her lifelong dream. >> it would be a dream come true because not even 1% or less than 1% of the world gets to participate in these games. i would just be so thrilled and honored. this is going to be the ultimate experience, and i'm so, so excited where i'm counting down the days. >> reporter: ali kreiger
5:51 pm
rio in august. someone else that was here, she told her story and i was like, wait, what? so i interviewed her. i'll have her story coming up on news4 at 6:00. it's going to blow you away. see you then. >> so many stories to come. wendy rieger live for us in new york. we've gotten some rain and a lot of us are feeling a little better if you've got allergies. >> it helps some. >> pat's got a twinkle in her eye. >> you know the pollen must be gone. >> how long is the rain going to be around? >> it's going to be coming right back in. this is a typical day here in seattle. [ laughter ] we have the low clouds. there's the space needle. how about those mariners? [ laughter ] th'
5:52 pm
no, they tore that down. just some clouds around. storm team 4 radar showing a few sprinkles from fredericksburg over into southern charles county and st. mary's county. it is all tracking due east. for another hour or so, wet coming down 95 out of stafford county into southern maryland, lower part of the eastern shore. if you want to get a run in, right now is a good time. into the evening hours, we'll be hovering into the mid 50s. we flat line with our temperatures. just remaining cloudy through the rest of the evening. post your pictures like sue did. in addition to the azaleas, we have the tulips coming up now. love seeing those. post them there on my twitter page and facebook as
5:53 pm
temperatur temperatures, it's in the 50s. those showers passing to our south here for the rest of the afternoon and evening will stay dry here into the evening hours. metro area stays dry, but more showers get into the shenandoah valley. this is at 5:00 in the morning. some more showers beginning to move on in. by 8:00, more showers moving into the metro area. first pitch is at 7:05. should stay dry. just a slight chance of a sprinkle around 7:00. we'll be in the 50s. waiting for the bus and the metro tomorrow, in the mid 50s. more showers likely coming in thursday afternoon and evening. maybe some sprinkles on friday with a high around 60. finally some welcome sunshine back on saturday, but sl
5:54 pm
more pollen washing rains on sunday as well as into monday too. maybe a small chance on tuesday and wednesday. showers all the way from sunday into next week with highs only in the 60s. that's the way it looks. he's a single dad. he has no place to call home. however, there's a plan to help the homeless in the district, a plan that's working.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
children and their parents living in the district's homeless shelters right now. >> there's a new program to prevent homelessness and it's helping to keep the numbers from growing. >> mark segraves shows us how this program helped one man and his daughter stay off the streets and get back on their feet. >> i was sleeping in my car. i didn't want to be bothered. it's hard not having your own place. >> reporter: he ended up living on his grandmother's couch, which wouldn't have been so bad if it was just him, but long is a single dad with a 4-year-old daughter. >> every young lady should have their own personal space. >> reporter: he knew he and his daughter couldn't live on a couch forever. they were one step away from being homeless. then he heard about the district's new program. >> if i hadn't found this program, i don't know where i would be. >> reporter: laura is tasked
5:58 pm
district. s >> when we talk about what it is to end homelessness, we need to prevent it whenever possible. >> reporter: they not only find housing, but provide counseling and job training. he can focus on getting a better job. he's been doing odd jobs while taking classes to become a heating and air-conditioning technician. he has his sights set beyond a job. >> i have to have my own business. it's only right. i work hard. >> reporter: as for his daughter -- >> she loves it now. she really loves it. she runs all over the place. she has everything. all the books. she's happy. she's real happy. >> reporter: in the first eight month of the homeless prevention program, more than 1,000 families at risk of being homelesse
5:59 pm
housing. first at 6:00 tonight, late developments in the presidential race. >> after a sweeping loss to donald trump in five primaries last night, ted cruz just took the unusual step of announcing that carly fiorina will be his running mate in a race he has not yet won. >> reporter: ted cruz wants the nomination. he figures fiorina can help him get it. she wanted back in the game. after his primary sweep last night, donald trump tried to use his first formal foreign policy speech to appear the presumptive president. >> america first will be the major and overriding theme of my administration. >> reporter: he slammed president obama and former secretary clinton as foolish and arrogant.
6:00 pm
policy disaster after another. i'm the only one that knows how to fix it. >> reporter: trying to stop trump next tuesday in indiana, ted cruz today named his running mate. >> my friend and the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina. >> reporter: the former ceo ran for president against cruz and against the two frontrunners. she says she learned. >> that donald trump and hillary clinton both will be disastrous for this nation. >> reporter: cruz naming fiorina is called cute by trump, who last night went after hillary clinton on gender. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card and the beautiful thing is women don't like her. >> reporter: polls find 70% of women negative about him and celebrating her four wins last night, the presumed democratic nominee sa


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