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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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select pass is more popular than its 28 day pass. the "washington post" report that goes let's troh sold nearly 1,000 passes after the pilot launched in march. it allows riders to pay a lump sum at the start of the month for unlimited rides. >> and you can take the silver line to loudoun county by 2018. construction is under way on the final stop for the metro silver line. the loudoun gate way station will be along the dulles greenway. it will mean you can travel 23 miles along the silver line. developing overnight, a suspected mid range north korean missile crashes just seconds after liftoff. the second failure in recent weeks as kim jong-un's latest attempts at really putting his stamp on a government that he inherited in 2011. the launch comes after pyongyang's anger over annual south korea/u.s. military
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rehearsal for an invasion. at the live desk, i'm aiericka gonzal gonzalez. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist about. >> and i'm eun yang. let's check our weather. chuck bell talking about rain still in our forecast. what's going on, chuck? >> the rain has been in the forecast for a while and it's staying in the forecast for quite some time. we actually need the rain. we've only had about half of our average rainfall here in the month of april about a. and not much better for tomorrow. any chance to get outside and enjoy some tdry weather, all those hopes hanging on saturday morning and afternoon. for now, though, here comes the rain moving right up i-81 and i-95. so to plan on a soggy finish to the thursday morning commute even though it's not necessarily all that wet outside just yet. next 24 hours, cloudy with showers moving in at 7:00. occasional showers, nothing all that heavy by early this evening. temperates
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and light rain likely to get your day started for tomorrow, too, with temperatures only about near 50 degrees. so nothing all that pretty. roads are dry for now. let's hope that's making the thursday morning commute all the easier. >> making it easy right now. 95 at newington in virginia, no problems yet. of course as chuck has been saying, that could change as the rain rolls in. 66 from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, going to take you nine minutes here. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. 270 northbound/southbound no problems. earlier we had a car fire near shady grove road. that has cleared out of the way. and georgia at arcola, no more construction happening there. i'll be back in a couple minutes. it is 5:02. and we're following breaking news in alexandria. a barricade situation happening on east reed avenue and evans
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with details. >> reporter: tactical units will be using flash bang technology as they tried to make contact with a man who has barricaded himself inside a duplex. so folks in the area, you may hear some loud noises here in the next hour or so as this situation continues to unfolds. it began around 10:00 last night. it appears to be a domestic situation, a family situation. police saying all of the people involved are adults. one family member fired at another family member. the one family member inside a home, we just heard a loud bang there. i don't know if you could hear that behind me here. not exactly sure what is going on, but obviously some movement here with those tactical units on the scene. but a shooting, one family member shot from inside the house, outside at another family member. nothing was hurt. but we now have this barricade situation here as po t
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that they believe is still inside that home here in alexandria. we are hearing some loud noises. no injuries that we are aware of, but certainly something that is unfolding as we speak. and we'll continue to keep an eye on it and bring you updates. back to you. all i wanted was to wake up from this nightmare so i can continue my life. jeanette lopez is crying out to find her miss sister, lizeth lopez. she was captured on video walking in to a cvs woodbridge store. the family reported her missing two day later. police found her car near where she works. contact police if you have any information. 5:04. greenbelt police are working to find a suspect in a homicide there. police say a man was found dead on a patio in the 6900 block of hanover parkway.
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officers found the victim after someone called police to say they heard a gunshot. the caller did not notify police until hours after the shot was heard. we're working to learn more about a deadly stabbing inside a takoma park apartment building. officers responded to the king bridge around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. a one was pound with stab wounds inside an apartment and an injured than was found near the lobby elevator. the woman later died at the hospital. wssc says it's planning to replace a whole stretch of pipe in bethesda after a mess there yesterday. we covered this this for you all morning, that water main break on rockville pike at cedar lane. the road is open now, uses had to shut down the lanes though while they replaced the pipe and then they restored water service and finally fixed the road. the break happened at the same spot as another water main break back in october. wssc says the issues are happening because of how old that pipe is. today you can learn more about what montgomery county is doing to keep you safe in the zika virus.
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will join other county officials in the twinbrook neighborhood to talk about how you can protect yourselves against mosquitos. a new page has also been added to the county's website to give more information on symptoms of the virus. right now there are no reports of the zika virus in our area. 5:06. the race for the white house goes west today. bernie sanders campaigning in oregon while chelsea clinton rallies on her mother's behalf here in washington. john kasich will also be in oregon today. 12340r ted cruz is focusing on indiana which holds its primary on tuesday. it offers gop hopefuls 57 delegates winner take all. donald trump has multiple stops today in indiana and california. while trump stumps in the west, r representatives of his campaign will be on capitol hill for a closed door meeting. we'll monitor paul ryan's weekly address later today to see whether he shares any details about this morning's conversation. if we a
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one, win the nomination, but number two, even more importantly, win the general election, we must unite. >> senator cruz hopes a call for unity and the announcement of former rival carly fiorina as his vice presidential pick will give him a better shot at the republican presidential nomination. cruz made that announcement yesterday just a day after donald trump's five state sweep. fiorina ran for the gop nomination of course but dropped out in february. a different response from senator sanders after losing all but one of tuesday's primaries to hillary clinton. his campaign plans to layoff hundreds of staffers and other aides even though sanders promises he's staying in the race until the democratic convention in philadelphia. a campaign spokesperson is he a staff of about 300 workers is now focused on a sanders win in california in june. all around town we know you are rocking the red because the
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verizon center for round two of the playoffs tonight. not only that, but they are playing our rival pittsburgh penguins. even the players are talking. >> it's been a rivalry for a long time. so should be a lot of fun. >> it is an epic match-up. penguins beat the caps last time back in 2009, but that was so long ago. now we have holtby on fire going in as the leading goalie. he's amazing. >> still some tickets out there. we saw some on stub hub abo100 bucks. and metro staying open late tonight. >> go caps. the rain is moving through, but will you need the wipers on your drive in to work? chuck bell has a closer look at your commuter f
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trusted member of the community, but this morning a prince george's county woman says a bishop sexually abused her. the charges he's facing. and should you vaccinate your kids? how
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good morning. it's now 12 after 5:00 on a thursday morning. temperatures are in the low to mid-50s right now, all cloud cover and if it's not raining at your house yet, don't you worry, rain moving in. could be moderate rain for the second half of the morning commute up through early afternoon. tapering back to just occasional showers later today. if you're traveling, rain within about 250 miles of us. minneapolis, detroit, cincinnati and vegas, it's raining in vegas today, as well. we'll detail when the heaviest of the rain is
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coming up. speaking of your thursday morning commute, here is melissa. >> i don't want to mess up your thursday morning, but i think we will perhaps later on. 395 north after duke, all lanes thousand open. so that road work is out of the way. 270 at old hundred road, we know it will get probably pretty busy here in the next 45 minutes or so. right now looking good headed south wouboun southbound. earlier problem northbound near shady grove car five is now out of the way. beltway all of the routes if and out of town, we are nice and greene here this morning. overall no worries in prince george's county. and 50 looks good into town and out of town, as well. 5:13 right now. a teenage girl will be sentenced as an adult for her role in destroying evidence linked to a gang-related killing at a popular park. now 17, guttierez pleaded guilty in february. police say members of the ms-13
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that with ea back in november. also today a man from gaithersburg could be sentenced to life in prison for killing a man during a robbery. last fall a jury found him guilty of killing mark saint alban at his home. the body was found in his driveway in march of 2015. miles was also found guilty of first degree burglary and armed robbery. a bishop is out on a $10,000 bond after accusations that he repeatedly made unwanted sexual advances toward a young woman who worked at his prince george's county church. michael turner senior was arrested tuesday for what a 22-year-old says happened inside the miracle center of faith missionary baptist church. the woman says the abuse went on for about four weeks before she told her aunt. we aren't identifying the victim, but she was willing to speak with us about what she
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>> he told me not to say anything and not to be scared because i was a big girl. >> the charges include assault, fourth degree sex offense and harassment. no owoone answered the door at home and the church office has not returned our request for comment. today some police offices in maryland will get a refresher course on when and how to use tasers. since 2009, montgomery county police officers have been involved in four of 191 deadly taser incidents in the state. the baltimore sun oig reports in three of those skipts, officers used tasers for longer than the recommended 15 second safety limit. you can weigh in on how the fbi headquarters site will be redeveloped. the national capitol planning commission is holding a public meeting. commission wants ideas for what to do with the site once the fooi moves out. the bureau is expected to move to a new location in either maryland or virginia.
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downtown d.c. rosacea may be linked to dementia. researchers at the university of copenhagen say they tested about 80,000 people and they say 7% were more likely to develop dementia and 27% more likely to development alzheimer's. while researchers say that rosacea causes the elevation of a certain proteins in the body that are also involved in neu neurodegenerative disorders including dementia and all timer's. more parents are opting out of vaccinating children alltimer's. more parents are opting out of vaccinating children. the number is now below the national average in florida. the vaccines protect children from 14 deadly diseases. >> i don't think that they should be concerned about vaccines. i think they should be concerned about the diseases that the
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vaccines protect against. >> parents say that they're opting out for religious reasons or concerns about the side effects. health experts say parents should do their own research when trying to figure out what is best for the health of their kids and always consult with the doctor. and even yesterday i was talking to dr. weiner who was mentioning about the concern of having too many vaccinations at one time, and there is a way to ask the pediatrician to spread those out if there is a concern. >> knowledge is power, right? 5:17 your time right now. a good night to follow sports. we know a lot of you will tune in for the caps game of course. at the same time, it's the nfl draft. draft happening in chicago this year. a lot of prospects and league executives already out there. the redskins have the 21st pick. experts believe the team will take a defensive lplayer this this year. time to check our draft. watching the skies to see it if we will have a rainout
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day ahead. chuck here with the 4-1-1. i guess we don't call that any anymore. >> can ask siri now. >> maybe it's just a hash tag right now. clouds and raindrops coming in our direction. so don't expect much in the way of mice treatment from mother nature at all. temperatures today will be stuck mostly in the 50s and i have grave concerns about your weekend plans especially if they involve being outside for any real length of time. so there you can see on radar now the marching in of the rain drops, even some early morning thunderstorms now out across the mountains of west virginia down into parts of north carolina, all part of a warm front which is washing in our direction, it will run right over us here during the course of the morning. heaviest rain likely mid to late morning up through about lunchtime or so. here is future weather and the way it it handles it by 7:30, 8:00 this morning, periods of light to moderate rain
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southern maryland. as we get towards about 9:00 or 10:00, that pocket of moderate rain goes right in to the metro area. so heaviest rain inside the beltway between about 9:00 a.m. and lunchtime today. after lunchtime, we should get a little break in the rainfall. clouds aren't going anywhere. you won't get any sunshine. but at least the rain will ease up a bit and then go back to hit and miss light shower chances in to the evening. temperature-wise, we are stuck, every. our average high now is 71. we're in the 50s now and we'll be be in the 50s all day long. so if you're going down to the baseball game which starts at 4:00, could have a rain delay. temperatures in the 50s. they should be able to get the game in. if you're headed down to verizon center for the 8:00 game for the cap, bring the umbrella. game time temperatures mostly in the 50s. let's sweep the penguins right out of the series. maybe a few showers by saturday evening, but most of the saturday morningd
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sunday looking a bit like a washout. we'll have a closer check on the forecast for the next couple of days coming up in a few more minutes. for now here is melissa. so remember, in alexandria, east reed avenue shut down across from potomac yard for a police situation. megan mcgrath is on the scene. 66 and 95, we don't have any worries there. 270 at shady grove road, northbound and southbound rolling along just fine here this morning. big look at the beltway, nice and green. everything is looking quite good and the beltway at central avenue don't have any real worries there here right now. no problem on 95 in maryland either. and i have to say, aaron, i called 411 which is information of course and he said when is the last time anybody used the term what's the 4-1-1 and they said it was aaron gilchrist. should have been 1992, but unfortunately, he just
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>> she does her research. >> 1992 was a great year. just saying. thank you, melissa. so graduation season is under way in montgomery county. college trax hecks held its am celebration. fr fr >> that's you. >> the organization tries to help students get into and through college. i hosted the event for the second year here. a lot of students do cost from low income or immigrant families or they're the first in their families like me that have to navigate through this process of going to college and the applications and the essays. >> it's so daunting. >> so this satisfy from college tracks help the kids figure all that stuff out and then stay with him through college to make sure that they can graduate. just a great organization. one of my favorite things to do, just to be in that space with kids who are being successful and trying to better themselves. >> you're such a good role model. >> hats off to them. thank yo
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russia launches a rocket from its new space facility. i'm erika gonzalez with the story from the live desk. and say cheese. when you could soon pay your pills bills by taking a selfie. why not wear something red to assume the caps? game one of the second round of the stanley cup playoff
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husband and father-in-law of a fitness instructor who was killed are the subject of a search warrant for a shirt with blood stains on it. the two men were voluntarily questioned by police yesterday. they were not arrested. police say just four days after missy's death, her fat
5:26 am
dropped off a shirt to be dry cleaned that appeared to have a blood stain on it. the men say the blood is from a family dog who was killed in the fight with another family dog. >> i wanted to make sure that we get over here and put this fire out pretty quick. >> flames going on, so let's put it out. >> the two men also thanked the dry cleaning employee he for their diligence. a successful rocket launch from russia. the soyuz booster blasted offer in the russian far east. president vladimir putin flew to the area to witness the launch himself. the launch pad is so far equipped only for the launches of rockets carrying small cargo like satellites. back to you. you may soon be able to ditch your credit cards and use your selfie to pay bills. mastercard is introducing new technology this summer that can verify your identity by
5:27 am
if you use your original face. cyber security experts say facial recognition is much more secure than any password because no two faces are alike. >> as opposed to my -- >> new one. not you. but just saying. the other advantage, you don't have to remember anything. apple, google, amazon all working on technology to compete with mastercard. sometimes you get a little nip here, a little tuck there. new face. >> okay. when will the sun return? we've been dealing with with rain for several days now. but storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell says we will see some sunshine in the near future. you send your kids to cosch thinking they're safe until a teacher winds up this the hospital and two students behind bars. >> reporter: and within hours before the caps play tonight, look who i ran into? a season ticket holder, sheila,
5:28 am
raise it up. >> we're going to win.
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we're following breaks news right now. list a police are on the scene of a barricade situation in alexandria. shots were fired inside the home on east reed avenue around 10:30 last night. officers are still
5:31 am
barricaded inside. they're using flash bang technology. they don't believe anyone was hurt, but we'll have another live update from the scene in just a few minutes. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. 5:31. let's get to four things to know about your forecast. >> i'm still amazed at made police's 4-1-1 comment. what's the 4-1-1 was harry j blige's album in 1992 and she just guessed 1992. >> one of my favorite all-time songs. >> did you just know that on your own? >> no, i googled it. that's how anyone knows anything anymore. what do you need to know about the weather? no sun for you today. not anywhere across our area. moderate rain is moving in and it will be on the cool side today. showers are lurking just done to our south and west. they're coming our way. grab your umbrellas and insulated rain coats. temperatures stuck in the
5:32 am
for today. melissa, i'm very, very impressed with your picking 1992 and domally. >> i had no idea. just guessed. 1992 sounded about right. >> job well done. i'd rather be lucky than good any day. >> taking a look at one problem right now, in alexandria, east reed avenue closed at route 1 there. that's right across from potomac yard, this is that barricade situation they have been dealing with. top of tf of the beltway at colesville, we look good. 95 north of prince george's county is rolling along fine, as well. and 66 there fairfax county parkway to the beltway going to take you ten minutes. no major problems there. good morning, washington, d.c. we know you're getting ready for the pens and caps. and so are we about. >> the caps may have had the best record in the league, but guess who took the season series. ns
5:33 am
pens will win that we'll send you some of pittsburgh's famous primanti sandwiches if they lose. >> and we feel pretty good about this bet considering that we're still waiting for alex ovechkin to even score against the penguins this year. good look and we look forward to seeing what you have to offer. >> oh, yeah, ovechkin scoring. >> good friend mis pis in pitts talking a little smack. >> they will send you primantis when the caps win and we offer ben's chili bowl just in case. but that won't happen. >> the caps will play on home turf here in game one for the second round of the stanley cup playoffs and we can already feel the can assignment. excitement. >> that's right. home ice advantage happening tonight at 8:00 and it will all play out at the verizon center in downtown washington. molette green live outside with all the fan excitement, too. >> reporter: you know what, how cool wat
5:34 am
ago to see a caps fan on her way to work with her jersey in hand. after work she will washington right into the verizon center for this game. round two of this playoff series. games one and two played right here in d.c. oh, yeah, and fans, they know t, is this the moment that we need to seize upon. they know about the whole rivalry. they remember that playoff series in '09 when pittsburgh came out on top, but that was then, this is now. >> not sure, but i'm hoping we win. just put it that way. hope we win. >> it's been up and down. i feel like we did really good and then had a couple rough games. i don't know. hope for the best. >> reporter: so game starts at is extending hours by one hour so fans can get home after the caps win, right? that's the latest.
5:35 am
and if you are going to the game, you can take public transit without worrying about how to get home. metro stations at gallery place, judiciary square opening about an hour later than usual. customers need to be at the station no later than 12:45 though to ensure that they make the last train. and there is a lot to talk about with this series. the rivalry, the stars. you can check out the nbc washington app and for more coverage including how the teams match up against each other, the new faces and veterans and of course our great goalie, moment be holtby. and today family and friends of nicole mittendorff will pay their final respects to the fairfax county firefighter. visitation and funeral service set for 10:00 this morning at mclean bible church. the fire chief is investigating whether bullying led to her will
5:36 am
asking for donations to bullying and suicide prevention organizations. p. a d.c. teacher is in the hospital and two students taken away in handcuffs. that was the situation at the washington metropolitan high school on wednesday. police arrested a male student whom they say assaulted a female teacher as she tried to break up a fight. this is the third incident at a d.c. school this week. the washington metropolitan it isn't alternative school. and one parent says unfortunately this kind of situation is not surprising. >> when you're this an alternative high school, those are the things that happen. these are the issues that you deal with when they're all put into one school. >> a teenage girl was taken into custody as well after assaulting a police officer responding to the scene. an active case of tuberculosis is discovered at a high school in montgomery county. a letter went out to parents at
5:37 am
bethes bethesda chevy chase. there is thno risk of additiona exposure, but parents will be notified whether their child should be tested. baltimore place shot a 13-year-old boy holding a police gun. when officers saw the gun and tried to approach the teen, he ran. we're told when he didn't stop running, the officer shot him. the teen is expected to survive. davis says officers had no way of knowing the gun wasn't real. today fairfax county will examine how its offices enter act interact with residents with intellectual disabilities. the program goal is to change the way that law enforcement and the judicial system interact with people who have coach. developmental disabilities. the white house grounds were put on lockdown twice this week
5:38 am
it over a fence in the white house complex. according to a copy of the secret service presentation obtained by news 4, the secret service wants to nearly double the height of the security fence from 6 to 11 feet. they also want to add new anti-climbing features. the national capital planning commission will reviewed proposed changes. the new fence could be in place by 2018. a d.c. man and his 4-year-old daughter say without the help of a new program, they would be living on the streets. larry long and his daughter were living with his grandmother, but that was only a temporary solution and there wasn't enough space. long enrolled in a new homeless prevention program. he told news 4 that it helped keep him off the streets and helped him get back on his feet and now his daughter loves their new home. >> she really loves it. she runs all over the place. she has all the books, she's happy. >> good to see. in the first eight months of the
5:39 am
program, more than 1,000 families at risk of becoming homeless have found stale hou s housing. it's so critical, those just few months sometimes when you need a little have a help in the transition. so important so you don't get lost. >> and there is a job training component and a counseling component, too. they call it wrap around services. you get help with everything that can impact your situation. >> and how cute is she. >> chances are you will see wet roads. chuck bell and melissa mollett working together to get you to work and school safely. is your toddler ready for school? what a new report says. and a small plane crash caught on camera. how thpilot is doing now.e
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
welcome back. a pilot in alabama lives to tell the story of this plane crashing and it was caught on camera. a small cessna crashed into a tree yesterday this is just south of mobile. the pilot managed to open the door of a burning plain ane and out. in word on what caused the crash. and time to check in on our forecast. >> there is rain coming your way and you should be ready for pockets of moderate rain here moving in later this morning. steadiest of the rain still d
5:43 am
charlottesville, but already a few sprinkles out there. so you will need your umbrella first thing this morning. sending the kiddos out, temperatures in the mid fif-50s. recess will be washed out today. we'll give it an f. so make sure yours ones have umbrellas, jeans an long sleeves. i'm optimistic we hey start the weekend out on a dry note, but i don't think it will stay that way. reed street still shut down in alexandria because of that barricade situation this morning. travel times 270 southbound looking good top of the beltway. looking at 66, you're on time. and 95 north quantico to the beltway also on time. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. where will you be two years from now? what do you i
5:44 am
virginia, you may be getting ready to hop on the metro silver line. the construction now under way. and major developments
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
ia doctors without borders hospital in syria has been destroyed in an air strike. at least 14 patients and staff are dead and the death toll is expected to rise. doctors without borders condemning the strike saying hospitals are not a target. we'll bring you any updates right here from the live desk. back to you. good morning, everybody. there is the few from northwest washington. all clouds and raindrops and fog. temperatures in the 50s. any chance of sunshine this weekend? your "7-day forecast" coming up. you can see the rain coming through the beltway right
5:48 am
brand new crash. more details coming up. it is 5:48. defense secretary ash carter will testify today at a hearing about counter isis and middle east strategies. general joseph d uchldunford is expected to if i have remarks. the lawyer for abdeslam was interviewed and he says a fair trial is needed for his client. preliminary charges of terrorist murder and use of bombs and weapons have been filed against the 26-year-old suspect. prosecutors say abdeslam was instrumental in coordinating the november 13 attacks. los angeles police say they have solved the case of a missing canadian woman. police say the body found in town up to h.a. in the 1970s has been
5:49 am
jerguson who was 19 at the time. there is now speculation that she may have been a victim of the charles manson family. >> the victims in the manson case were stab aed. and so the police were looking at that as a connection. >> charles manson became know torous in 1969 as the leader of a group of young killers who terrified los angeles. m manson was interviewed about the case but got nowhere. today family and friends will gather for the funeral service of just one of the eight family members who were shot and killed in ohio. gary rhoden will be laid to rest in south shore, kentucky. the bodies of seven adults and a teenage boy were found in their homes about 80 miles east of cincinnati last friday. police have better interviewed more than 50 people.
5:50 am
the killing spree. students at liberty university will soon be able to have concealed weapons inside their dorm rooms. students 21 and older with a permit recognized by the state can have a gun in their room. all the roommates hub in agreement to have the weapon inside the dorm and the gun must be kept inside a safe. officials say this is the university's way to make sure students are safe. it looks like more kids are ready to go to kindergarten in prince george's county. the maryland state department of education says the number of kindergarten-ready kids jumped 4%. kindergarten readiness exams how the child is doing in language and literacy, math, soerl foundations and physical development. prince george's county schools showed improvement in all four areas. women and the female vote are taking center stage in the race for the house.
5:51 am
liked better. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on the woman senator ted cruz has chosen as his running mate even though he's far from the nomination at this point. >> reporter: far from the nomination, but close to maybe winning in indiana. could carly fiorina help them out? they were rivals and now they are on the same team. he has announced uncharacteristically early that she's going to be polihis vice presidential running mate. last time it happened was 40 years ago and it didn't work out too well in that election. but this time cruz is hoping fiorina can work her network of women that she's already built up this indiana, speak out against hillary clinton and donald trump and help him make up for what now is really only about a five point gap between him and donald trump in the polls in indiana. >> and what about the democrats? bernie sanders has vowed not to get out of the race, but he's firing hundreds of
5:52 am
members. >> you have to wonder if he may be seeing the light at the end of the done elg here. they are getting rid of more than 200 people who they say were working in states that are already done, those states primaries and caucuses are over. they're trying to refocus their efforts into those few states that are left and saying he really needs to do well into stay competitive in that narrow path to victory that he has identified. he's also now speaking about what happens if he doesn't win and the influence he wants to have in the party. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. want to get you caught up on the forecast for the next seven days. chuck. >> outside i wish i had better news for you, but the sunshine this disappeared days ago shows no sign of coming out today or probably tomorrow either. rain chances remain very high. in fact the rain chance for today, 100% because there is a guaranteed shot coming our direction. it's already out there in southwestern and south central virginia. it's
5:53 am
inside the capital beltway early this morning, but the steadier rain still well down to our south and west. here is the way future weather carries the rain in and eventually out of the area today. by 8:30, pockets of moderate rain from the metro area southbound along im-95. by 10:30, the first batch of-krof heavier rain on to the eastern shore. by about 2:00, 3:00, mostly cloudy. rain east and north and west of us. and with those other showers out to our west, could be gradzing s during the evening hours. but most of the rain comes between 8:00 this morning and 2:00 this afternoon. and then just back to showers. current temperatures, we're stuck in the low to mid-50s and that's where we'll be for the remainder of the morning. 53 now. moderate rain from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. up to about lunchtime. 4:00 first pitch tat
5:54 am
likely at 2:00. by 4:00, there could be a rain delay or two. but they should be able to squeak the game in. here is future weather for tomorrow now. occasional periods of light rain, but not a whole lot. showers most likely friday evening. should be out of here in time for saturday morning. but sunday also looks wet. so 50s today, 60s tomorrow, and then low 60s on saturday. could be a shower or two saturday evening. sunday looks like it will be on the wet side. melissa mollett now first 4 traffic. good morning. outer loop on the beltway at kenilworth avenue, a brand new crash. sounds like it's on the shoulder, but we'll keep you updated as the tow arrives. westbound southeast/southwest freeway before the 3rd street tunnel, report of a brand new accident there on the right side of the roadway. in alexandria, again megan mcgrath live on this one here, we do still have this road closed across
5:55 am
east reed avenue at route 1 there. 66 at lee highway, moving along just fine. prince george's county overall looking pretty good getting a little slow inbound indian head highway just before the beltway at 24 miles per hour. it's 5:55 now. and a pivotal day ahead in flint, michigan. the state's civil rights commission will hold its first of at least three public hearings about the lead-contaminated water crisis. resident s in flint were expose to unsafe water for about 18 months. the issue today is whether race played a part in michigan's slow response to that crisis. yesterday we learned president obama will visit flint next week. 5:55. metro's new rail pass called select pass is more popular than its 28 day pass. metro sold nearly 1,000 passes after the pilot launched in march. the new pass allows riderso
5:56 am
the month for unlimited rides. you'll be able for take a ride to the metro silver line in loudoun county by 2018. construction a thousand understand way on the final stop. the loudoun gateway station will be along the dulles the loudoun gateway station will be along the dulles greenway. once it open, you can travel 23 mile along the silver line. at cnbc headquarters, the department of education has launched a new website to help people find the best repayment option for their student loans. and it's part of an effort to enroll more people in programs such as the government's pay as you earn which counts monthly paints at 10% of their income. the new site is student federal student loan debt tops $1.3 trillion. with your morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. most of us consider ourselves pretty good drivers. a new app will tell you for sure. while you commute to r
5:57 am
uses sensors in your phone to tag things like how often you slam on your brake and whether you're speeding. you will get a score at the end of your drive. here is a tip. you definitely don't want to answer any phone calls or texts or any crazy things like that if you want the top score. the app is free and lets you compete with other drivers based on your score. >> a contest now? >> uh-oh. users say it's a fun way to get younger drivers think about making safe choices behind the wheel. important message, though. a barricade situation continues in alexandria after a man shoots at a relative on east reed avenue. i'm megan mcgrath, a live report coming up. also ahead, asking for your help. how police hope this surveillance video will lead them to a northern virginia woman missing for more than a week. that's next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we're watching a situation that has a virginia neighborhood in lockdown at this hour. here is a live look at the scene. what police say started this hours long standoff overnight. and police hoping this surveillance video there a drug store in woodbridge will help lead them to a woman missing now for more than a week. plus
6:00 am
how fans like you are getting ready for tonight's big capitals playoff series with the penguins. but first, your out the door forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> get you into your thursday. i have your caps game forecast coming up later on in the show. but for now, look at all the rain across central virginia, south western have a vaks even thunderstorms up here near highland county, virginia. this is all coming our way. be umbrella ready on your way out the door. already a little rain inside the beltway. a gloomy looking start. it will be a gloomy kind of a day. temperatures will stay in the 50s all day long. heaviest and steadiest of the rain likely from about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning up through about 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon. and tapering back to showers there of thereafter. how is the thursday commute? right now overall looking pretty good. nice and green on the beltway here this morning. a little bit of a delay 95 north in the


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