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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  April 28, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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police were called to the duplex on east reed avenue around 10:30 last night. officers responded to a call that shots were fired inside the home. they tried for hours to make contact with the man they believe was barricaded inside. but when officers went in, no one was actually inside. police tell us they know who the suspected shooter is and are looking for him right now. >> we just learn the man of a victim in prince goerges. >> molette. >> we just heard the victim's name, george paul. after police got the 911 call aboua
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them to find his body. it happened inside this condominium wednesday evening around 6:00 p.m. in the 6900 block of hanover parkway just off greenbelt road. a man lost his life with a single gunshot to the head. >> he used to have his music loud. >> police involved the victim as 43-year-old charles damon hall. >> they looked through the sliding glass door of the residence and observed what they believed to be a body lying on the floor just inside the front door. >> officers then forced their way inside. and inside the front door, they found charles hall. >> we talked to everybody and anybody to try to get as much information as we can. >> greenbelt police say nothing like this has happened at this condo
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they stress this murder is not random. there is no motive or suspect information at this time. if you know anything, you're asked to call greenbelt police. molette green, news 4. >> thanks. police are looking for clues in the disappearance of a missing alexandria woman and her sister is leading for help. the last time her sister spoke with her was that night just before she walked into a cvc store in wood bridge. surveillance video captured lopez walking into that store. two days later her family reported her missing. >> no idea. somebody took her. she wouldn't disappear like that. she's a very responsible person. >> police found the 36-year-old woman's car where she works. they did a search in that area and didn't find anything. contact prince william area police if you have any information
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and here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. i'm tracking heavier rain impacting the area right now. you can see this by the brighter colors, the yellows and oranges. parts ofexandralexandria. we'll be dry mostly for the afternoon hours but as we move to the evening hours, more scattered showers looking lightly. but we won't be talking about more moderate rain. otherwise cloudy, cool and dump with patchy fog. temperatures today really only warm into the upper 50s. by 2:00, mainly dry, around 57. p.m. 5, tracking scattered showers. 8 p.m. cool with a temperature of 54. i'll have more on what you can expect in
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>> a young woman said she thought she'd be safe working at a prince georges county church. instead she said the bishop made unwanted sexual advances to her. the 22-year-old tells news 4 all of the incidents happened between february and march inside the miracle center of faith missionary baptist church in capitol heights. >> he would lock me into the back room and lock me into his office and touch me and get on top of me and say things to me. >> bishop turner faces assault, harassment and fourth degree sex offense charges. nobody answered the door at his home either of the days that we went there. the church office has not returned our request for comment either. >> we are getting an update on the fight against isis.
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pictures where the a second, ash carter, is testifying before the senate armed services committee right now. he and the chairman of the joint chiefs are laying out the strategy now, this reinforced new strategy to fight isis. he's pointed to four particular steps the u.s. military is starting to take. a few key points, they're working to grow the force that is fighting isis both in iraq and in syria and they're working to provide more fire power in that fight to the forces that are already there on the ground. take a listen to what secretary carter had to say a few minutes ago. >> the military momentum is gathering strength and isis is struggling to resist defaceted pressure. >> you may remember in the last week or so the president and
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putting a few hundred more advisers in iraq and syria to work on this fight against isis and still working on a strategy to go 10, 20 years out. >> the lifeline to millions of people is now also at stake. >> humanitarian leaders are condemning an air strike that destroyed a hospital in northwest syria. doctors without border save three doctors were among 14 medical staff and patients who died. more than a dozen others were killed in multiple air strikes last night. this all while a cease-fire is supposed to be in effect right now. >> the white house grounds were put on lockdown twice this week for people or things that made it over the fence. the news 4 i-team scott mcfarland broke this story on twitter. the secret service wants to nearly double the height of the security fence from 6 feet to 11 feet. they also want to add new
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the national capital plol plann commission will review this next week. >> a new web site all about helping people find the best way to pay back their student loans. at many as one in seven default on their loans within the first three years of starting to pay them off. the department of education is behind the new web site, part of the obama administration's effort to get 2 million more people to enroll in repayment programs. >> metro's new rail pass called select pass, more popular than its 28-day pass. "the washington post" reports that metro sold nearly 1,000 passes after the pilot launched in march. the new pass allows riders to pay a lump sum at the start of the month for unlimited rides. >> well, the tickets are about $100 right now to see the caps in that big game against the pittsburgh penguins tonight. this is game one of the second
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starts at 8:00 this evening. players are taking up this rivalry between the teams, they're talking about it a lot. >> in the very first game i had a couple big hits, i got hit a couple tim. from then on you just grow that respect off the ice but hatred on the ice for the other team. >> metro is staying open late if you're going to the game, gallery place, judiciary square and metro center will be open past midnight, until 12:45. other stations will be closing at the regular time. >> and a plane forced to turn around after a bird hits it. >>d
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this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you've lost your game. literally. your family outing is magical
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for all the wrong reasons. and your sneezes are a force to be reckoned with. well, allergy muddlers, muddle no more®. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®, because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more. and children's zyrtec® takes care of your child's allergies with just one dose, all day and all night. a pilot in alabama lived to tell the story of his plane crashing, and it was all caught on camera. the small cessna plane crashed into a tree yesterday just south of mobile. the pilot managed to open the door of the burning plane and get out.
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crash. and another close call in the sky. a flight heading to dallas had to return to seattle international airport after being struck by birds. mosh than 150 passengers and crew were on board the american airlines flight when birds struck the nose of the plane yesterday afternoon. look at that big dent there. passengers say that it seemed to happen just minutes after the plane took off. the good news here is that nobody was hurt. no word if there's any additional damage to the plane. >> and right now family and friends are paying their final respects to fairfax county firefighter nicole mittendorf. the firefighter is investigating a bullying leading to her suicide. in lieu of flowers, the family is asking for donations to suicide and bullying organizations.
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prince was found dead inside his estate. officials say prescription pain killers were found in his possession when he died but they haven't said what role, if any, those medications may have played in his death. an autopsy was conducted last week. however, the medical examiner says it will take weeks before the cause of death is released. >> today you can learn more about what montgomery county is doing to keep you safe from the zika virus. officials will talk about how you can protect yourself from the mosquitoes. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, maryland has had several confirmed cases of the virus related to travel in the caribbean, mexico, central and south america. >> an active case
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tuberculos tuberculosis. parents will be notified if their child needs to be tested within the next week. >> now creators of a new free phone app hope to make our roads safer by making our driver better. >> reporter: do you consider yourself a good driver? the ever drive app will tell you if you are for sure, created by ever quote and cable mobile telematics, it monitors your driving and lets you know what you're doing wrong. >> the typical modern smartphone has all kinds of connections, according to the gps satellite in the sky. it can tell when your skyçó is moving. so when you start driving your car, the sensor will say,
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monitor the trip. >> it can't monitor everything but it picks up your major maneuvers. >> it measures how fast you accelerate, how harsh you break, whether you're speeding and it will also measure your phone use. if you pick up the phone while driving, it will affect your score. it shows you on a map every place where it thinks did you something that is not good for your driving. >> the app knows all of the posted speed limits. you don't want to tailgate or you'll end of braking a lot. you can view your performance including a rating of 1 to 5 stars and an overall driving score for the past two weeks. the app privately delivers the news if you're driving needs improvement, but you can work on it and raise your score. >> we let you compete with your score against your friends, your neighbors. you can see on leaderboards. i've talked to a lot of parents and teen drivers. they like the idea of
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children as to who is a better driver. >> that was nbc's leslie gaydos reporting. i don't know how most of us would do living and driving around the d.c. area. >> hopefully we're doing it safely. >> coming up, we needed it now. it's here. after the break, how much more we can expect. >> and the wizard of oz back on stage in our area. how this classic promises to continue to wow audiences.
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the scene, the song, the characters never grow old and neither does our interest in the story that we've been hearing about for 116 years this may. we first read "the wizard of oz" back in 1900 is when the bush was originally published. a lot of folks who are seeing you on television right now probably think they recognize you and they might because you grew up in this area, right? >> i did. i'm from rockville, maryland. >> tell us about that. you went to
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maryland at rockville park? >> that's correct. >> what did you study there? >> i studied communication and i was at the theater there and at montgomery college i studied theater and worked in the community theater. >> you studied ballet and performed in "the nutcracker" for eight years. >> i studied there from age 6 all the way through high school. >> well, dancing may come in handy as you're dancing down the yellow brick road. what do you like, dancing, the singing or acting? >> i think the whole package. >> you have some pretty big ruby slippers to fill when you think about all the people who have sung that very, very famous song "somewhere over the rainbow." no one will be disappointed. let's have a listen to sara singing
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♪ somewhere over the rainbow way up high ♪ >> beautiful, beautiful. that song of course is just one of many. do you have a favorite? >> i mean, i love "over the rainbow" but there are actually four new songs written by andrew weber. so glinda has a new song. >> you just said there are some new songs. tell me about the other characters and the cast. they're pretty talented and entertaining, too. >> our glindia is very funny. and our wind witch is played by shawnee hodgins. she's hysterical and intimidating but not too scary. it's perfect if you bring your 3 or
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they enjoy the witch. >> how do you feel about playing to a hometown crowd? >> i've been the most excited and most nervous about this area in particular but i'm really excited. >> what other places have you been? >> we opened in cleveland. we've been on the west coast, portland, san diego, san jose, we were just in boston last week. i'm seeing the whole u.s. >> i nope you're going to look out there but you can't see without w all those lights on you. there will be a lot of friends and family out there watching you. >> and it opens on the 3rd. so just a few days from now. all set? >> we're all ready. >> it runs through the 15th at the national theater here in washington. i guess there's still a few tickets left. >> yeah, please, bring your friends. tell everyone. >> i can't wait to see it. sara lasko, thank you so much for being with us. >> erica, are you going to go? >> i would love to. and i just
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kicks she's got on today. >> she's wearing some ruby red slippers but those are the kind that don't slip. i won't say break a leg but i know you'll have a great run here in washington. >> thanks a lot. >> we look forward to seeing you. people in missouri are rushing to clean out before another chance of severe weather this weekend. a line of tornadoes went through the area last night. the good news we can report here is that nobody was hurt. and we here have a little bit of rain but, gosh, we have needed it. we've needed it but it is really coming down out there, isn't it? is it going to be like that all day? >> no. we're tracking pockets of heavier rain. these are quickly pushing out of the area behind that, looking at patchy drizzle. especially the later afternoon hours, some more occasional showers and then some intermittent showers and drizzle tomorrow. now, tomorrow we won't be tracking any heavyin
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another damp and cool day. as we look to the weekend saturday, definitely the better of the two weekend days. first of all, it's going to be mainly dry or still on the cool side, still plenty of clouds, but showers looking pretty likely on sunday. but as barbara and erica were saying, this is much needed rain, our rainfall deficit since march 1st is over 3 inches. we won't start to see this pattern break until late next week. typically our high right now about 71 degrees. today we're only in the 50s. here's future weather at 1:00. i think it's a little overdone at this point. notice the trend here, most of virginia and moving into parts of the metro area, cloudy. overcast skies as we move on into the overnight hours and tomorrow morning. news4 today starting right around 4:30. tomorrow just kind of a cloudy, damp and cool day. currently we're in the 50s, 54 in washington. a high tomorrow of 61. patchy drizzle and showers around, especiallyu
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during the evening hours. i think the majority of the midday hours tomorrow should be mainly dry. saturday a high of 65, sunday a high of 65 but rain in the forecast on sunday. i'll have more on the weekend forecast coming up next time up see me, ladies. >> thanks, amelia. it is a big day for football fans and redskins fans. it's draft day. plus, a lawsuit filed against snchat. whaapt
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a georgia family is suing snapchat. they say it motivated a young woman to driveway too fast causing a devastating car crash. she was using a snapchat feature. >> the pictures tell the story. and are the story. high speed selfies, twisted metal and snapchat under fire. this morning a new lawsuit filed against the picture sharing app and 18-year-old crystal m
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life in the fast line literally, driving a mercedes-benz, her speed climbing to 80, 90 and 107 miles per hour at impact. slamming into maynard wentworth's mitsubishi outlander in september, his attorneys say he has permanent brain damage. they say mcgee was motivated to drive at an excessive speed to get a snap chat trophy. snapchat says no snap is more important than safety. >> we tested out the filter and saw a do not snap and drive warning displayed. just last week snapchat partn partnered with the ad council for this statement, "i won't snap and drive." strapped to a
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lucky to be alive. raising the question, are teens risk their lives for likes? >> there were three passengers in mcgee's car at the time of the crash. it's not clear if they were also injured. >> new video coming into the live desk. we've learned that vice president joe biden has arrived in iraq. a surprise trip. he made the trip from d.c. overnight to baghdad. he's meeting with iraqi leaders, trying to make the case for differing factions in iraq to come to some con sensensus beca he feels that is slowing the efforts to defeat isis in iraq. the vice president will meet with more leaders as the day goes on. this coming on the heels of the white house announcing 200 additional troops and apache helicopters being sent to iraq to help in the fight against isis. they want to make sure these other distractions are not in place blocking the effort to
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>> thank you. unexpected alliances. donald trump may be looking to play off of indiana's love for basketball, teaming up with bobby knight days before voters go to the polls. knight called trump, quote, the most prepared man in history to step in as president. trump critiqued the current administration's handling in the fight against isis during an interview this morning on "today." >> when president obama announced we're sending 250 soldiers, when announced previous to that we sending 50 soldiers and he announces it to the world, they have a target on the back. he shouldn't be announcing that. he shouldn't be talking about what he's doing militarily. ♪ i know two girls that i just adore ♪ ♪ i'm so happy i can see them more ♪ >> carly fiorina now running on the ticket with senator ted cruz
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nominee. fiorina accepted cruz's offer yesterday. right now cruz does not have the republican nomination for president. fiorina spoke about her decision to join him anyway earlier today on "morning joe." >> i think this is a fight for the soul of our party and the future of our nation. i'm not afraid of tough fights, i've been in them most of my life. but do i think for some of us principles matter and convictions matter and policies and principles matter. >> nbc analysts say cruz and fiorina may be hoping to play off of trump's weakness among female voters. >> senator sanders cutting down his campaign after losing all but one of tuesday's primary to clintons. he plans to lay off hundreds of staffers, even though he promises to stay in the race until philadelphia. a staff of about 300 workers is now focused on standard win in the state of california primary in je.
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glued to the tv tonight watching the capitals' playoff game. at the same time the nfl draft will be getting under way. it's happening in chicago and lots of perspective players and executives are already there. los angeles has the first pick in the draft. d.c. goes number 21. former redskin chris coolly, you know him as cool-e will be watching the draft for sure tonight. the draft will be a big topic at his brand new radio show starting on monday at espn 980. you call it the coolly and kevin shows, right? >> it's kevin sheehan with me and he's brilliant. we'll be talking the draft and talking the caps because the caps have a huge game tonight against the pens. the redskins probably don't draft until 10:00. >> we want to
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you on your new show. how hard will it be to get up in the mornings? >> everyone asks me that. you can listen to it on 92.7 or 94.3, there's a million ways to now consume our station. but i had a little girl two years ago. she's almost 2. so i get up early. >> you're used to getting up early. >> i'm fine with getting up early. another big part of it was i'm done at 11 and so now i can start thinking about coaching and i'm going to start coaching some high school football as well. >> last year you were thinking about getting on the field. now uppiyou decided to putting energy into coaching. what about this high school coaching? >> bishop o'connell talked with me about being an assistant and starting to work with their team and we're now having coaching meetings. i'm going to go over and talk to them about offensive stuff. i love it. i'm a football nerd.
11:36 am
os. it's an opportunity for me to look at young kids and help with life and skill. it's a great opportunity for me. >> let's talk about the draft. 21 overall. what direction do you think they should go in? >> i love this we trust in mcclune theory. we really trust in him in preparing for the draft. i think they go in some form of offensive or defensive line. now i'm a fan so can i say it's built in the trenches. we got to go offensive or defensive line. there's a center out of alabama named ryan kelly. he's an outstanding player. i think he would be a huge benefit to this team. i think he would be the best player available -- football player available. >> who do you think the pick is going to be? >> i think it's ryan kelly. if he's nothe
11:37 am
end up going to defensive line, defensive tackle and there's a list of five or six guys they could go. they may trade down if some of those guys are still there. >> carol maloney asked me to ask you -- >> you kept this a secret. >> that's still to come. how often have you been right about the picks? >> never. >> never? >> no, never. even as me getting drafted, i never knew when i was getting drafted. so it's really hard because there are so many names and you don't know exactly what they're thinking. >> let's talk a little bit about josh norman, the biggest fish out there this off season, all-pro back carolina fpanthers is there any money left for kirk cousins? >> there's money left for cousins. you talked about a first round pick tonight. you just acquired one in josh
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>> i'm told to wrap but i have to ask you this. carol maloney wants to know how about a comeback for the chris cooley report -- >> i'm too hold. i'll do the cooley report. >> she said she's going to look for you at the caps game to get that answer straight from you. >> thanks so much. memorial day, the unofficial start of summer. so new information about this year's free concert on the mall.
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we are about a month away from memorial day and that means plans are already under way for the concert on the lawn at the u.s. capitol. we now know more about this year's headlines. actors joe
11:41 am
sinise will be back to host. the beach loys will performs andformser will include trace adkins and trent harmon, who just won "american idol." >> we will hope it will not be raining. we've had those kind of holidays in the summertime where you just can't go. >> but we so needed this rain. >> you can't tell us beyond seven days, right? >> not very accurately. >> how's may 29th looking? >> the rest of this week on into the weekend is looking cool, cloudy, with occasional showers at times. right now on storm team 4 radar, that moderate to heavy rain is quickly moving off toward the baltimore metro area out of our region. still light showers around the majority of the d.c. metro area. even where you're not seeing green,
11:42 am
there. you'll still want the umbrella handy today. we'll have cloudy skies and cool temps. otherwise in the early afternoon hours we'll be mainly dry. as we move into the later afternoon and especially the evening hours, more scattered showers move in. i'm not seeing any more moderate to heavy rain. most activity will be on the light side, but we'll take what we can get. in the afternoon hours, companies in the mid to upper 50s. by 8:00, temperature around 50 degrees so you probably located that warmer rain jacket. looking ahead to the weekend, the better weather did is definitely saturday. that's going to be the day you're going to cut the grass, if you're planning on sunday brunch. this is one of those great weekends to have the nbc washington app. can you check the radar right on your phone and see the latest information. now, saturday a high of 65. mid 60s. that's still aod
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rain could already move back in for your saturday night. if you have dinner plan, you want to keep that in mind. rain on sunday and rain on monday as well. the chance of showers on tuesday, notice we finally start to return to the 70s on tuesday and wednesday. >> that sounds good to me. thank you, amelia. social media is lighting up with reaction to a flyer highlighting the dos and don't of how to get on a college cheer leading squad. >> the university of washington posted it to its facebook page ahead of auditions for the cheer and dance teams. the post encouraged young women to do things like wear fake eye lashes and shirts short enough to expose their midriffs. university officials apologized and took down the post after accusations that it reinforced
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♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ starting tonight, special performances, maroon 5. julie, i want to start with you. this show is being put on by the jcc and art stream. what is art stream for people that aren't familiar with it? >> it's a local nonprofit that's been around for over a decade. the mission is to bring
11:47 am
adults with disabilities creative and performance opportunities that help them gain the confidence to engage with the world. >> how long has art stream been around? >> a little over ten years. >> you play mr. buchanan in "it's about time." and you are blind. >> yes, i am. >> tell me about what it was like to play this character and any challenges that you may have faced. >> my character, i'm the king, i own the restaurant and the family is trying to save the restaurant. >> you play this wicked king. was it difficult to channel that sort of mean spirit and anger? >> at the beginning of the show. then later on i had to be more nicer. >> at the end of the show. what is it you like most about acting, ben? >> you get to meet a lot of interesting people. you make friends and have fun. you memorize your lines and
11:48 am
it's a great opportunity for people to be in art stream who never had the opportunity. >> how long have you been in art stream? >> about ten years. >> from the beginning. >> from the beginning. >>s th >> that's fantastic. what has been your favorite character to play? >> a lot of good ones. sometimes it was able characters and sometimes had a romantic part like good characters. >> tell us, julie, about the show times and where people can see, this what times and what days. >> our opening night is tonight at the jcc in rockville at -- >> 7:30. >> thank you. saving the day. 7:30 and we run through sunday and we have matinees on saturday and sunday at the jcc. >> if you've never had an opportunity to go out there, there's
11:49 am
for matinees. we thank you so very much to be with you. do we say break a leg. is that okay? >> that's exactly what you say. >> okay, greg, break a leg. >> barbara, back to you. >> thank you. we always love telling wednesday's child success stories. this week we have one but not the usual success about one getting adopted. this was about one who didn't. but there was something that happened in her experience as a wednesday's child that gave us the will to succeed. she called us out of the blue 15 years later to give us some news. >> that was mckeever, a little girl with a bright, hopeful smile, her second time as a wednesday's child and still hoping to be adopted. >> it's so good to see you. you look nice. >> you're so grown up. >> 15 years since we first met, still a smile that reflects her
11:50 am
when she was 9, we visited the superior court because she wanted to be a judge to help kids get adopted. >> welcome to my chambers. i'm so glad you could visit today. >> just weeks away from getting her bachelor's in criminal justice, she called us. we planned a surprise, this time at a different courthouse. >> mckeever, welcome back. >> thank you, thank you. >> do you remember? you were just such a little thing? >> i do. >> i heard you're getting ready to graduate from college. >> hi. >> how are you? >> judge blackburn rigley was thrilled to welcome mckeever back. >> i was so proud of you then but i was really proud to hear what you've been doing since then. >> growing up in the system, being bullied or moving from place to place, it almost got in the way of school but i always kept in mind that i can do th
11:51 am
this and i'm going to graduate. >> she watched as the judge put on her black robe and headed to her courtroom, and it reminded us of a similar scene years ago. >> and a few years later, that's going to be me walking through the door in a robe. >> you bet! >> and something tells us that's going to happen. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hotline. the number is 1-88-to-adopt-me. check it out on nbc because the story is a little bit longer. >> i was reading about her on nbc washington. she's got a brother and he was adopted, right? >> he was. and that was a really disappointing thing because he was chosen and she was not just because somebody had room for one child. but she went through the whole system and got through it. >> does she
11:52 am
>> she does, they were separated but as they got older, they stayed in touch. >> after the break, the selfie that could help keep our credit cards from being stolen. >> here's britney johnson with a story trending on the nbc washington app. >> prince fans bei, looking for something to do this weekend? check out to the natural museum of history and check out his yellow guitar. it was used during his diamond a pearlsnd
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the playoffs, i'm growing this beard to help raise money for charities. i'm always working for you. >> it might just revolutionize the way you shop online. olivia stearns explains. >> from the oscars to the oval office, to the streets of new york, americans love taking selfies. and soon we could be using them to shop. >> so you line your face up. and then you have to blink? >> yes. >> this summer mastercard is rolling out selfie technology that will let you verify payment with your face. with online fraud rampant up 32% last year, security experts say selfies could absolution. >> how secure is this? >> it is very, very secure. you go to look at it in the context of what consumers do today, people keep very dumb
11:56 am
password, you take a picture of yourself. blink once to prove you're alive and with a click, you're verified. >> it's easy to do. >> those who tried it overwhelmingly say selfies are more convenient than passwords and more secure. they are one example of biometrics. some privacy advocates don't like the idea of sharing that info but most everyone agrees it's more secure. >> it's very hard to counterfeit your face or your fingerprint. >> as companies like amazon, google and apple explore new ways to use biometrics, by next year over 1 million people could be using these systems to pay their bills. so in
11:57 am
culture, yo-- >> it's one more reason to be glued to our phones nowadays. we went to the 80s to the 50s and 60s. at least we got some rain now. >> here's the latest on the radar. light showers impacting the area around southern maryland. getting reports of fog and mist furst back to the west, even where we're not picking up green on radar, so light the radar can't pick it up. light drizzle tomorrow, especially during the morning hours and i think again during evening hours. mainly dry on saturday. much-needed rain on sunday. >> thanks, amelia. that's it for "news 4 midday." we are back on the air thi
11:58 am
afternoon. >> get your news and
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