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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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heated than previous ones outside trump events. let's start at the live desk. >> trump is kicking off the california republican convention. things are quite tense. these are live pictures. this is a pretty large crowd outside the hiyatt regency. this morning the demonstrators were peaceful, but in the last hour or so they've gotten pretty bold. they've been jumping through the bushes. the frequent chant is mr. hate, leave our state. his unfavorability rating in the bay area is more than 80%. that may explain the intensity of the protest. trump was taken in the back entrance to the
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highway. it's not clear if anyone has been arrested, but we are keeping an eye on this. last night, at least 20 people were arrested when some of the protests got out of hand in costa mesa. hundreds blocked traffic outside a trump event there. they also smashed some windows and one person was jumping up and down on a police cruiser. we are watching some weekend rain back in our area this afternoon. let's go to storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer in the storm center. it's really gloom my out there. is it just going to be drizzle? >> drizzle and some showers. we will see some light showers make their way across the region later tonight. right now the radar is clear. not seeing much of anything, but we are still seeing some drizzle around parts of the area. we expect to see more as we get towards nightfall. look back to thet
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blue ridge. a little bit warmer back to the west, but it is all clouds east of the blue ridge. staying very cool as we make our way over the next couple of days. the weekend rain really comes in tomorrow night and into sunday. we'll talk about how much you can see in your area and how long this fairly wet pattern sticks around. here's something that will help you dodge the rain drops this weekend. our nbc washington app helps you track the storm as it is rolling through your neighborhood. now to breaking news we first reported in our app. a missing woman from alexandria found dead. police believe she was murdered. lucette lopez had been missing for 12 days. there was
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her leaving a cvs in woodbridge. the body was found near a dra drainage ditch in the park. we'll bring you more information about this just as soon as we get it. this afternoon, we're learning some new details about the death of a firefighter paramedic from fairfax county. last week, police found nicole mittendor mittendorff in shenandoah national park. police now believe she committed suicide. >> reporter: fairfax county's fire chief wants to know if any of his firefighters were behind lewd comments posted about nicole mittendorff who later took her own life. he is promising a thorough investigation. a
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disciplinary action. mittendor mittendorff's body was found in the shenandoah national forest. there was nothing criminal about her death. there is no evidence to suggest the blog posts were a motive in her death. what fairfax underground has to say about the fire chief's comments and if there are any plans to take those comments down. the zika virus claimed its first victim in the u.s. the centers for disease control says the man who died was 70 years old. he lived in puerto rico. the man had a severe immune reaction that led to internal bleeding. the situation is considered rare. the cdc says the death does not mean zika is becoming more harmful. maryland governor larry hogan
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virus. >> he says the state is doing everything they can to make sure folks are protected. >> more on the campaign to keep people safe. >> governor hogan just talked a lot about the zika virus and the impact in maryland. 12 cases are confirmed in the state. all of them travel related. with summer coming and mosquito season here this weekend, there is concern about mosquitos and transmission of the virus. listen here to what governor hogan said about maryland's fight against zika. >> the guard has put together approximately 10,000 zika prevention kits for distribution to pharmacies, doctors, and social services offices. today, i'm announcing that our administration is budgeting an additional quarter of a million dollars for zika preparedness expenses. >> montgomery county has a new
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now. they told us about it at a press conference today in a neighborhood in rockville. they picked the neighborhood to illustrate the point that people need to prepare for mosquito season by getting rid of mosquito breeding spots, like standing water, for example. fight the bite, they're saying. the website has information on the virus and ways to protect yourself from mosquitos. today on news4 at 5:00, how you can protect you and your family from the virus at home. back to you. senator ted cruz getting a big boost in his bid to win the indiana primary. today, governor mike pence said he's backing cruz for president. >> i see ted cruz as a principaled conservative who has dedicated his career to advocating the reagan agenda. i'm pleased to support him. >> the thing is during that same interview on a
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governor pence also praised cruz's rival donald trump. hillary clinton is raising money off a donald trump comment that critics called sexist. tuesday trump said clinton was playing the woman card to win the presidency. clinton's campaign fired off an e-mail to supporters offering a woman card in support for a donation. bernie sanders had to lay off hundreds of staffers after his poor showing in tuesday's primaries. it is certainly not what these vacationers were hoping for. first at 4, problems aboard a cruise ship not far from our area. and the weekend wait for met
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some folks saying they didn't like the fact that today was another cool day with damp conditions around the area, but you know what? there's the other group that's saying i like the fact that it was cool today and that it was damp because it's really hlding the tree pollen down. temperatures this evening, yes, they're going to be on the cool side too. they'll be dropping down to the mid 50s by around 10:00 this evening. you're going to need the jacket, i think, if you're going out this evening and the small umbrella, purse size umbrella. 46 to 49 degrees is where the temperature will drop. on the radar
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really can't see much going on right now, but again some drizzle coming our way. our rain chances going way up the second half of the weekend and the first part of next week. we have your seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. we're following a developing story in virginia where a sick ship had to cut its cruise short and return to norfolk. >> dozens of them and dozens of crew on the balmoral reported getting sick during the two weeks at sea. the ship was supposed to stop in bermuda, but had to return to port early because of the norovirus. >> well,hen people are reporting with us, they've been instructed to go to the cabin and remain there for 48 hours where they're being looked after by a medical team and get all the supplies they need and food and water. >> there was a
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outbreak on the same ship in 2010 with nearly 300 people getting sick back then. well, if you've ever had a dog or cat, you know keeping them healthy is not cheap, but there are plans here in washington that could help you save some money. and the royals take on the first family. the chalnge from le
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rainy friday.
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first at 4, doug kammerer and veronica johnson are tracking what's coming over the weekend. the delays on metro could prevent you from getting to those events on time. the costs for caring for pets can really add up, especially when it comes to expensive medication. >> susan hogan is here to explain who you the government wants to change that. >> $30 billion was spent on vet care supplies and medicine according to the american pet products association just last year alone. the expenses can easily bust our budgets. that issue landed on capitol hill today. a contentious debate over affordable pet medications. whether the federal government should pass legislation to lower the cost of pet prescriptions, a proposed measure would require veterinarian
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their prescription so they can shop around. the policy could increase competition. >> access to affordable medications is a huge part of taking good care of your pet. i think if more consumers have those conversations with their veterinarians, i think that those conversations will ultimately start to effect the marketplace. >> now the ftc was manufacturers' exclusive distribution policy limits medications to specific pets. manufacturers and vets are concerned the legislation would cut into vets' profits and force them to actually raise their prices on medication. >> has anyone ever had to pay surgery on their dog or cat? >> thousands. >> understands how important this legislation should be. >> 100%, pat, you're right. i guess we're
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rainy weekend, huh, doug? i guess we've got it coming after what happened last weekend. >> it's coming in big time as far as rain is concerned. we are talking even heading towards drought here. abnormally dry as we made our way through march and the month of april. very dry. now starting to get out of the dryness. the clouds, they remain. the temperatures only 55 degrees. winds out of the east at 3 miles per hour. it is that easterly component to the wind that's helping to keep things very cool. 51 in martinsburg. only 56 in fredericksburg. another very cool day. not too bad. we're not talking 40s here for the most part, but if you're heading out this evening, make sure you bundle up. take the umbrella. showers will be scattered. a lot of parties going on tonight. if you're out and about downtown, have that umbrella. no matter what you're going.
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down to 51 by 11:00. this is the good news. everything is on the low side. washed out thanks to the rain. we needed some rain to wash away the pollen. that has helped. we have very little bit on the radar right now. we do expect to see more showers. this is the visible satellite. notice the blue ridge here. the clouds all to the east of the blue ridge. to the west, we're looking at sunshine and much warmer temperatures here. the reason for this is the fact that we've got to this strong northeasterly flow. high pressure to the north is giving us this easterly flow right off to the ocean. it puts all of that moist air right along up the mountains and sticks it in there. we call that cold air damming. that keeps the clouds in here, the drizzle, the chances for rain, and the very cool air. the clouds end right here. 59 in richmond. it's 82 in
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76 in raleigh. you can really see the cold air making its way down. it makes its way along the blue ridge and just stops to the south. tonight going to be out and about? take the umbrella for sure. tomorrow, we're expecting most of the day tomorrow to be dry. can't rule out a -- notice shower, shower, isolated showers. that's all they'll be, very isolated showers. look what happens sunday morning. maybe some heavy rain in here. most of that rain out of here by noon, but another round possible on sunday night. we're calling sunday a washout, although temperatures do get into the mid to upper 60s. 75 on monday. veronica is back with the seven-day forecast to show you if we break out of this at all. we know you're going to be moving around this weekend. if you plan to move by metro, expect disruptions o
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and track work. you could be slowed down quite a bit. >> a look at metro this weekend. saturday night expect some busy trains with the caps versus the penguins there at 8:00 p.m. at the verizon center. going to be busy and a tad slow because we have single tracking on five out of six lines this weekend. the only line not single tracking, the green line. red line single tracking between medical center and friendship heights. that starts at 8:00 p.m. friday and goes through close on sunday evening. orange and silver lines, running every 18 minutes. 18 minutes as well on the blue line between arlington cemetery and pentagon city. have a great weekend. i'll see you on monday for news4 today.
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tickets to get in town and it opens tomorro w
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if you have a lot of old prescription drugs lying around in your medicine cabinet taking up space, tomorrow could be your day. it's national prescription drug
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federal drug enforcement administration. law enforcement agencies will be collecting unused medication and safely disposing of it. it helps prevent potential abuse by people who find those drugs in the trash. last fall more than 647,000 pounds of prescription drugs were collected. go to the nbc washington app and search drug takeback. got a lot of old drugs to give away myself. >> we just did that this week. we were amazed at 2011, 2012 expiration dates we found on there. remember that cool exhibit at the national building museum last summer with thousands of plastic balls? well, those balls are now being repurposed. >> it's quickly becoming the hottest ticket in town. meagan mcgrath takes us underneath the streets of dupont circle. >> reporter: it's a really
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and an old space that hasn't been used in a long time. the old train station under dupont circle. remember all those small plastic balls that were used in the beach exhibit at the national museum? those balls are part of a new installation starting tomorrow morning. they have taken all those balls and glued them together and put velcro pieces on. people lucky enough to score a ticket, they're going to be able to come down here into the old trolley tunnel and be able to use these blocks to build art. you can do anything you want. you can deconstruct what's already here. you can build something new. anything that strikes your fancy. they just want people to be creative and have a good time. >> i wanted people to have a lot of fun building anything they can imagine. i think they will because we've built all this so far
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had a great time doing it. >> reporter: now you do have to have a ticket for this exhibit. tickets are hard to come by. they are sold out for the next several weeks, but dupont underground, they're going to be making more tickets available. they'll post those time slots on their website as soon as they become available. only 40 people can be down here at any given time. those tickets are going to go fast. underneath dupont circle, megan mcgrath, news4. >> those are like legos for adults. first at 4, a challenge of international proportions. >> hear the tough talk between washington's first family and britain's royals, but i'm going to tell you right now it is all for a good cause. not exactly the kind of weather you probably want to see for the weekend. we'll tell
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developing now, the pentagon has disciplined 16 service members for mistakes that led to the bombing of a hospital in afghanistan. dozens of people were killed last fall in what u.s. officials say was a deadly mistake that came out of a series of mistakes. doctors without borders, the group whose hospital was attacked, has called the attack a war crime
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wasn't the case. >> brian moore joins us live. can you help us sort out what's being said here? >> yeah, chris and pat, a top general probably puts it best. he says what stands out most in this tragedy was the lack of communication. a pentagon investigation finds the u.s. air attack on a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan last october resulted from a deadly collection of human and technical errors, a tragedy that could have been prevented, but ultimately not a war crime. >> they were attempting to do the right thing. unfortunately, they made a wrong judgment in this particular case. >> reporter: from the ground up, mistakes and malfunctions turned an intended attack on a taliban post into the hospital massacre that killed people. president obama apologized to doctors wit
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victims' families received cash. >> $3,000 for wounded and $6,000 for those who were killed. >> reporter: doctors without borders says that is not enough. >> our request for an independent investigation has remained unanswered until today and we think that's still needed. >> reporter: will the military learn from this disaster? >> we all hope this is the last incident like this that we will ever see. as long as we rely on purely technological means to combat the enemy, the likelihood is always there. >> reporter: emerging from the fog of war. the attack was classified as self-defense. no member of the u.s. military actually had eyes on the targets. live on capitol hill, i'm brian moore. we know we're getting a break from the pollen, but a lot of folks saying, hey, i want to get outside and do something this weekend. well, it's really going to be
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upcoming weekend. look at it this way. you get a break from having to wash your car. next couple of days with this rainy period on. wait until we get to the other side, which might be around midweek. storm team 4 radar scanning the area. we've had reports of a little bit of drizzle earlier today. we'll see that return this evening. as a matter of fact, here's a snapshot of our future weather. drizzle returning to the area through 11:00 p.m. and the early part of the day tomorrow. yes, you'll need the umbrella, but just the purse-sized umbrella tomorrow. we get more rain coming in starting saturday night. we're forecasting soggy conditions for the first part of the day. it is really looking like a washout. i'll have a timeline of sunday mi
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minutes. zwlrj the star power will be on full display tomorrow night at the correspondents dinner at the washington hilton hotel. it will be president obama's final appearance at the dinner while he's in office. >> he wrote on article that i linked to on my facebook page about what it takes to put on the event. paul, how hard is it to get a ticket? who is pulling the strings to decide who gets? >> yeah, it's like everything in washington. you have to lobby for what you want, and that's what the media organizations do. they go to the white house correspondents association, which sponsors the dinner and puts it on, and they browbeat them. they try to get tickets and as many tables as they can to hand them out to their friends, advertisers, what have you. just like everything else it is who you know and how youn
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twist their arms. >> we know the president is always one of the biggest stars at the show, but so is the emcee. who is that this year and will there be a red carpet? >> there has to be a red carpet because there's so much pa paparazzi that shows up. the celebrities are as much of a feature at the dinner as the president. there will be a red carpet of course. the emcee is larry who replaced stephen colbert. >> i met my wife at an aft after party one year and then president obama roasting donald trump back in 2011. i remember being in the room that night. these things get very political, right? >> absolutely. i don't think you can have the preside
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without it becoming political because he's going to take on his enemieenemies, his critics, press, what have you. every time that monologue goes by the boards people are always analyzing who he scored against and how many points he scored. it's definitely political. >> all right. well, it's going to be quite a show. we'll all be watching tomorrow night. >> thanks, paul. paul's piece is a great read. hope you check it out as well. >> thank you. >> thank you. today is international jazz day and some jazz greats will be celebrating at the white house. ♪ first lady michelle obama welcomed the musicians. the program features herby hancock and more. high ho
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jazz. mrs. obama said she grew up with jazz living on the south side of chicago. >> the arts cannot be an option for our kids. it's got to be a necessity just like math and science and reading and all that kind of stuff. arts has to be a part of that because we know students who get involved in things like music, drama, and visual arts, they just do better. >> there are thousands of celebrations of jazz happening around the globe in 190 countries and on six continents today. well, prince harry has thrown down the gauntlet over the invictus games. the president and mrs. obama say bring it on. >> the obamas tweeted a video telling harry, be careful what you wish for, but the prince was ready with a response video that has queen elizabeth sizing up the american compe
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>> the american man here is incredibly fast. >> this is quite close, isn't it? [ phone ringing ] >> it's from michelle. >> prince harry, remember when you told us to bring it at the invictus games? >> careful what you wish for. >> really? please. >> boom. >> the invictus games are like the olympics for wounded members of the service. this year's event starts may 8th in orlando, florida. >> nobody drops the mike like queen elizabeth. the fact that she participated, that was very, very cool. there's an airline pilot. he was forced to make an emergency landing. >> the plane had just taken off from virginia. now the people on board talk about what they heard and what
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plus, the tow truck driver who couldn't believe who was reaming atsc
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right now, taking a look at what's going on across our area. storm team 4 radar not much going on right now. just on the chilly side. temperatures only in the 50s today.
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55 in d.c. not much in the way of rain, but we are expecting more overnight tonight. tomorrow, if you're going to get out on the bike, i think you'll be okay. we are expecting sprinkles. 55 by around noon. we're also on facebook live right now. get on facebook live. go to for more on that. see you guys in a minute. developing tonight, the faa is trying to figure out what caused smoke to fill the cockpit of a small jet that took off in richmond. >> passengers say the oxygen masks did drop down and that some had to evacuate through the wing exits once they landed. all 50 on board were able to make it off the plane. one person was evaluated, but not
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if you want to know how to drive safely, ask two students from montgomery county. they won the toyota teen drive 365 video challenge. matthew and john are sophomores at sherwood high. their short video beat out 1500 submissions. they'll take home $15,000 and get to recreate their winning video for air on tv. d.c.'s mansion murders nearly one year later. a woman who was supposed to be in that house talking for the first time about the questions still unanswered. the text message that may have saved her life. plus, scammers showing up and demanding money on the spot. what u needyo
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right now, the weekend is upon us. unfortunately,there's no sunshine in sight. >> storm team 4 tracking the chance of showers. i think you can throw the word chance out of there. it's going to be raining this weekend. v.j. is starting us off. when is this rain going to move? >> we already have the damp conditions across the area. it is kind of drizzly at times today. we're pretty much in it right
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now. we're going to see showers return this evening, right through tomorrow, and more tomorrow morning. that gives you the cautionary light at the very least for much of the weekend. i think at times we're going to be hitting the red light. for exercising, at least on saturday, i think we're okay for running at least on saturday because you can do that with a little bit of drizzle around the area and cool conditions. festivals. better weather on saturday. gardening, wait until next weekend. next weekend a little peek, it's going to be a thumbs-up kind of weekend for us. dry conditions, albeit a little bit of drizzle near the bay and the potomac. 8:00 early saturday morning there will be spotty showers around the area. for late saturday, i think around
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rain comes back to the area up until 11:00 a.m. then more rain during the afternoon hours on sunday as well as maybe a few thunderstorms thrown in that could produce some ponding on area roads at times. we're expecting the tail end of the weekend some locations picking up as much as an inch of rain. boy, we needed it because prior to this wet period we were abnormally dry across the area. this is a good time to download the nbc washington app because of the pattern that we're going to be under through the weekend, early part of next week. you can always have that radar in the palm of your hand. the temperatures again on saturday will be a lot like today in the 50s. 56 degrees at 3:00. kind of on the cool side. you are going to need a jacket. then for sunday some higher impacts of course felt throughout the area. as i mentioned, the moderate to heavy rain. soggy day for us with few dry
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temperatures start out in the 50s, low to mid 50s. we'll hit a high temperature in the upper 60s. a southerly wind for us. here's the best chance of rain through 3:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. up to 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. we get a little bit of a break. a soggy one for the weekend. monday, tuesday, wednesday, friday a chance of rain. we'll talk more about this pattern and how much rain we could get next week coming up on news4 at 5:00. scammers are targeting businesses in manassas and the city wants to make sure you don't become a victim. people are claiming to represent a local water provider and are asking to inspect the property. the city inspector always wears the city badge and uniform and always lets you know when he is coming and never
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payment. kim heard his sentence from a judge today. last month, kim said he had collaborated with and spied for south korean intelligence in a plot to bring down north korean's leadership, but south korea says he had no ties to its intelligence service. last month, that same court sentenced a uva tourist to 15 years in prison. an undergrad from ohio was arrested back in january. north korea accused him of trying to take a banner with a political slogan on it. it's been almost a year since a grisly discovery in a d.c. mansion. the house set on fire. four people inside murdered. a husband and wife, their 10-year-old son, and housekeeper. meagan fitzgerald interviews the woman who was not there, the woman who asks herself every day
4:50 pm
>> reporter: nearly a year has passed since savvas, amy, and philip savopoulos and vera figueroa died. >> there's just a couple of guys waiting around. >> reporter: weeks before the murder, nelly says vera told her she'd often see men sitting outside in a car watching the house. >> that's what she told me, but i never paid too much attention because i was busy always. >> reporter: nelly was busy in the days leading up to the murder because amy asked her to clean the karate studio in chantilly, virginia, that savvas was
4:51 pm
>> i am calling to see if i can get you and your crew for the built martial arts studio. we are down to the wire. >> reporter: nelly and vera were here rushing to get the studio ready for the grand opening on may 14th, but a day before the opening a twist that ended up costing vera her life. >> i went to work all day with savvas. i was supposed to take vera with me. >> vera decided to work at the house so she could leave early at 3:00 p.m. we're learning savvas drove himself to the karate studio that day. nelly says that was unusual and believes the suspect may have thought savvas was home. at around 5:00, a call from amy luring her husband back home. >> he say i've got to go. can you close my business?
4:52 pm
talked to him. >> reporter: nelly believes the suspect 35-year-old darren was already in the house when amy made the call and before vera had a chance to leave. she still struggles with the fact that she could have also been trapped inside. >> who knows what happened, why i'm still here? >> reporter: late wednesday night a missed call from savvas. >> hey, nelly. it's savvas. amy is in bed sick tonight. she was sick this afternoon. vera offered to stay and help her out because we're going through some stuff with philip. she's going to stay the night here, okay? thank you. >> reporter: the next day nelly gets a final text message from amy's phone urging her to stay away from the house. a message that may have saved her life. not long after wallace drops off $40,000 at the mansion. hours later the house goes up in flames. nearly one year later, nelly is st
4:53 pm
questions, wondering why the family was targeted and why she's still alive. >> it's so painful. sometimes i'm so distraught. sometimes i can't. too hard for me. >> you can see more of meagan's interview with nelly gutierrez this afternoon. she talks about her relationship with the family and the gift from amy that she's kept for more than a decade. the whole thing caught on camera. what led up to that confrontation. and storm team 4 is tracking the chance for rain as we start the weekend. w
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vice president joe biden was at the vatican today calling for a worldwide effort to end cancer. he said the world needs to attack cancer with the same urgency used to address crises of infectious disease. today, biden thanked the pope for spending time with
4:57 pm
family during his washington visit to comfort them. seeing your car towed away is enough to make anyone angry. >> but a sheriff's deputy may have gone too far when her truck got towed in florida. >> i'm a cop. give me my truck. >> reporter: orange county sheriff deputy tracy weiss was caught on tuesday ranting at a tow truck driver. >> you're illegally stealing my truck. >> no, i'm not. >> i am a cop. >> reporter: the tow truck driver who asked us not to identify him for fear of retaliation says this photo shows weiss' truck breaking hoa rules by blocking a sidewalk in the starlight ranch retirement community. as he attempted to leave with her pickup, he got a surprise. >> i was confronted by a vehicle racing down the wronge
4:58 pm
me. he says this photo shows weiss driving towards him the wrong way and blocking his exit. when she got to my window, she was just screaming and ranting and raving. >> reporter: several sheriff's deputies responded to the scene. weiss paid the tow truck driver the $120 drop fee and got her car back. the owner of universal towing says the deputy's reaction is one of the first ever seen. >> this could have been avoided if she had come and calmly talked to the driver and said i'm a deputy. i made a mistake. what did i do wrong? we would have given it back for free. >> she's no rookie. the sheriff's office says officer weiss has been on the force for 11 years. >> investigation is now under way to determine if any charges should be filed in this case. right now, taking a look at the chances for rain over the
4:59 pm
not much happening now. cool, dreary, a little on the damp side. i'll tell you which day has the best chance for some heavy rain though. tense moments for protesters that want to stop trump. plus a virginia woman feared something terrible happened to her sister. today, we learned her worst fears have come true. it is another dreary day. it is damp. it is cold. and the weekend is staring us in the face and it's not looking too happy, is it? >> doug, turn it off. >> just a couple of days ago, we were saying how much we needed the rain out there as we saw 16 days in a row of a lot of sunshine. we've been on the dry side for sure. now we're switching the gears a little bit on the wet side. on the radar, there's not much to show you. we're dry on the radar right
5:00 pm
very good for the pollen sufferers. they needed the rain. later this evening we'll start to see another disturbance moving through. 52 degrees up towards gaithersburg and baltimore. 55 in manassas. our average high temperature 71 degrees. we're nowhere near that. tonight's headlines the exact same as last night's headlines. staying cool, more showers likely, and then weekend rain. which day has the best chance of rain? it starts tomorrow night. keep the umbrellas handy and the jackets handy. you may need them until next week. i've got the forecast. people have no common sense, and they have no sense of responsibility. when you have an anonymous post and people can say anything and it's not factual, it's not true, it's wrong. please come forward and stop the ri


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