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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  May 1, 2016 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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welcome to "news 4 this week." we're going to show you the more interesting local stories making news this week. among them, they say they can help you repair your home or take care of your yard but they are out to rip you off. we'll show you who these scammers are targeting. it's the biggest sports spectacle on the planet and less than 100 days away, we talk to a local hopeful ready to take rio by storm. while most eyes are on the nhl playoffs, some caps fans have getting to shine on one of hockey's most storied stages. this week marks the one-year anniversary since
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to a fund for rebuilding baltimore. in the end, $700,000 in grants went to people and organizations affected by the uprising. money went to strengthening a sense of community. our news 4's aaron gilchrist visited an organization that is trying to show a more positive image of baltimore youth. >> reporter: the forgetting faces is how some opportunities in baltimore describe themselves, talented, creative and unacknowledged and that's where youth media stepped in. >> we serve 400 youth every year through photography, design, digital story telling, videoography classes. >> reporter: after the death of freddie gray, wide angle youth media gathered its cameras and took its young people outside. >> we started to document the protests and incorporated the theirive in the work we have done the past year. >> reporter: the work culminated this week in a
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the protests and the portraits and quotes of baltimore's youths as they see themselves. >> a lot of the rowdy stuff triggered a lot of more positive things with people coming out, like i need to say something about. this show people that baltimore isn't just roughness. it is uplifting. >> reporter: jeffrey worked on the project funded by a $14,000 grant from the baltimore community foundation. after a dozen photo workshops across the city and cure rating hundreds of images, the book shows baltimore's youth as resilient and hopeful kids with big dreams. >> it's really this collection of stories that we hope provide a really meaningful, powerful landscape of what it means to be a young person in baltimore city. when they show the negativing pictures of baltimore, i look at it like i know and we all know it happened. o
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showed me her part of a web video fro jekt accompanying the book. she talks about her experience as she saw protesters filling the streets. she's become an ambassador of sorts and wants to share more projects like this. >> for the youth of baltimore, i think we're like the most creative people ever. we're so talented. >> there's so much history, so much music, food, things to do, things to see in the city that people need to know about. >> reporter: jeffrey now does professional camera work, thanks to what he learned. setting an example of what baltimore youth can do with opportunity and showing what this is baltimore means to him. >> i think this is baltimore means, despite what you may have heard we are proud of our home and this is who we are. >> if you would like to see the book, "this is baltimore" for yourself, we
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app. all you have to do is search baltimore youth. in less than 24 hours this week, the white house grounds were put on lockdown twice for people or things that made it over the fence. now, we are learning how the secret service wants to stop that from happening. the news 4 i-team broke the story on twitter. he got a copy of a secret service presentation made to government officials. they want to nearly double the height of the fence to 11 feet and add anti-climb features and a stronger concrete foundation. the national capital planning commission will review the changes next week. the new fence could be in place by 2018. this week, virginia's governor restored voting rights to felons who have done their time. but the state's house speaker says this is a blatant political move designed to help hong konging hong kong win the white house. republican speaker william howell said that the governor was changing the rules to help clinton's presidential
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the announcement affects more than 200,000 convicted felons and he said it was about restoring civil rights. >> virginia will no longer build barriers to the ballot box. we will break them down. >> i was stunned at the fact that there was no consideration of the -- of the criminal activities done by the convicted felons. >> speaker howell said lawmakers are reviewing the governor's executive order to see if the general assembly can take some type of action. >> reporter: mgm national harbor is set to open later this year. there won't be a shortage of restaurants there. we learned there is pan american restaurant called ginger that's going to open as well as taps sports bar in bellagio. and a food market with ten smaller restaurants. three celebrity chefs are signed on to open their restaurants at the are sort. you
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can't wait. police are warning residents in montgomery county to be on the lookout for potential scammers. they offer to do home repairs, mow your lawn, even in the end all of them just looking to rip you off. darcy spencer looks at what all of the victims have in common. >> reporter: a dozen people have been ripped off in home improvement scams in montgomery county since last month. they are preying on senior citizens. 11 of those victims were at least 70 years old. >> it is known the suspects often target older individuals, especially those individuals with memory problems or physical limitations. >> reporter: police have charged this man, christopher clur in two of the investigations. he allegedly took a $300 down payment for work he never did. he's accused of making this hole in a piece of wood on the roof of a
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woman's home and then allegedly telling her a tree limb had damaged her roof. david hills is her son-in-law. >> to me it looks like they bashed it in with a hammer or hatchet and stuck a tree limb through it and took a picture with their cell phone and that's what they used to convince her she needed repairs right away. >> reporter: he allegedly told her he was doing work the area when he noticed this tree limb. >> they didn't have any business card or a ladder. they borrowed her stepladder to get to the roof. >> reporter: she agreed to pay the man more than $2100 for a repair in put an old shingle -- ironically they put it on a way that any rain that fell on that roof would leak under the house. nice touch. >> reporter: police are warning residents to be ware and don't feel pressured to hire a repairman that offers a quick fix. >> scammers are hoping to intimidate you, rush you to make a
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that moment. >> absolutely. just shut the door on them. she wanted a solution for her kids stinky sports gear and now it earned her a spot on qvc. the rise of the glove sticks next. and these baby eagles finally have names. what you decided they should be called.
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is that coffee? nespresso. what else? >> we came up with something all together and it was unanimous. glove sticks. >> congratulations. >> we are all still clapping. after crowned today's next big thing a mom from ashburn is on the way to qvc. she created glove sticks a a unique deodorizer on two sticks and you insert them in to shoes and sports gear to remove the odor. we talked to woods via
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from her three athletic kids. >> we couldn't get the smell out. we were riding with the windows down and a i was like this isn't right. i turned to my husband, i'm like this is not right. this is not normal. i'm like i'm going to invent something -- actually i said we're going to invent something and he looked at me like right, honey. seriously. i described glove stick and the idea popped in to my head. >> i needed that idea for my oldest a couple of years ago. woods beat two other mom inventors. in addition to a trophy and bragging rights, woods will be selling her product on qvc. a significant milestone for athletes competing in the summer olympics. we are less than 100 days away from opening ceremonies. this is going to be the second olympic games for bethesda native and swimmer katie he deck i can. sh came to fame in 2012
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since then she became the world's record holder in three races. she says the opportunity to represent the u.s. is part of what drives her. >> i have fun setting high goals and working hards those. i have fun every day in practice, training with hard-working teammates. as long as swimming is still fun for me i think i can continue to improve and it's just been a lot of fun competing internationally and having the opportunity to represent my country. >> go katie. wednesday marked 100 days until the games. they officially open august 5th. they have become a popular home improvement addition but are solar panels right for you? and do they save you money? we'll take a closer look. . plus, hockey is giving them an outlet to express themselves and some special needs kids are getting to play on one of the
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all right, travel through just about any neighborhood and you are likely to see spol solar panels on homes, both old and new. many say they offer homeowners the best option to produce their own power and go green. i decided to check them out a couple of systems, what's available out there right now, the cost and whether they are right for you. solar panels, they have been around since the '60ss, but now they have become much more popular. >> solar exploded in maryland over the last ten years. i went from three guys and a truck to an international industry with the biggest players in the world coming to maryland to provide solar for residents and businesses. >> reporter: what is the science behind solar? how do we go from solar rays powering anything from your air conditioning to your toaster? i met with scientist and architect mike binder for an
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>> sunlight, really all light is a stream of microscopic energetic particles called photons an they strike the panel and at a microscopic level, when they hit the panel they break loose the electronics in the material from the rest of the material and that creates a flow of electrons which is in fact electric current and that current flows and that is what generates power that you can use in your toaster. >> reporter: here in the d.c., maryland and virginia area we get an average of 200 days of sunshine a year. that's pretty good and even during a mostly cloudy day, some energy is being collected. >> there are on-line tools, websites where you can go and see how much power your roof might produce. >> reporter: consumers should know roof of their roof they want to use for solar panels and how much they want to spend. from there an
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out and see what direction your house is facing and size the system for you. solar is cheaper than traditional power and homeowners can save a little bit of money saying the founder of ceo of neighborhood sun. here's today's options. >> have the cash around, you can buy the system outright and you get all of the tax credits to you. >> reporter: on a home what are we talk aing? >> $15 u-20,000, something like that. option two. you can lease solar from many companies that offer it. in this case you don't own the panels. they get all of the tax credits, but it does a zero down lease. the other is a ppa, power purchase agreement. like a lease. but the difference is you are only paying for the power the system produces. >> reporter: he says there are fantastic financial incentives from the government to go solar in maryland and d.c. but not
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virginia gary says the saving could be 5 to 15%. it depends on how much roof you have. construction has started a dc united new home and the new stadium as a name and you can probably guess what it is. we'll reveal it next.
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♪ >> we first met anne last year. she asked alex ovechkin out on a date during his skate. ove found a friend and a cause to get behind, special needs hockey. hi support helped teams like the ice dogs hit the road this month to a mecca of hockey, lake placid. >> this is the rink where the miracle on ice 0 occurred. >>
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this arena. an impossible victory over the giant of the sport. he took a rag tag bunch of players and did the impossible. >>. >> go out and take it. >> they took to the ice for opening ceremonies and a weekend of games earlier this month. each athlete with a unique special need but all funded be by their love of the sport. >> it building brotherhood. brotherhood, the more you learn about a team the better you can be. >> the hardest sport to do anything in. >> ice dogs! >> you add on everything else they have. the parallel to the americans on the miracle on ice. >> at first, honestly couldn't find a place where she could play on her terms. finding a team where she could play, miracle number o
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bringing the team to lake placid and playing on this rink is miracle number two. >> special hockey is a dream come true. i highly recommend you bring your kids out to play special hockey. you'll enjoy it. love it and parents look at special hockey. it's a great place to be. >> that's fabulous. you can tell they are having a great time. d.c. united's brand new stadium has a new name after kicking around a couple of idea the soccer franchise announced the stadium will be called d.c. united stadium. that's according to the washington business journal. the stadium will seat 20,000 people and is expected to open in time for the 2018 season. d.c. united is lakely to secure a permanent name for the stadium when it sells its naming rights. it's a milestone for some of the most famous birds in the world. the votes to name the eaglets are in. introducing freedom and liberty.
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liberty hatched back in february. we have been watching them and their parents dubbed mr. president and the first lady on the eagle camp set up by the arboretum and the american eagle foundation. no question about this flying family's global popularity. >> at last count, over 35 million people have gone to the eagle cam website to keep an eye on the two tiny birds. >> reporter: there's still a little time to see freedom and liberty on the eagle cam. all you have to do is spend -- they spent most of their time peering out from the nest right now, but they will be flying before you know it. and will eventually leave for good. that's all for news 4 this week. i'm veronica johnson. thank you for joining us. we'll leave you with the excitement of the countdown to the olympics from new york this week. be safe, be kind, be happy. bye-bye, everybody.
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