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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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following today, today we should learn exactly what caused last year's deadly smoke event at the l'enfant plaza metro station. 61-year-old carol glover died. incident. during today's hearing, the ntsb will address faultily insulation around power cables. and they will also talk about poor communication and lack of proper protocol during the la plant incident. this week metro will decide to fully staff a fire liaison 24 hours a day to help with fire situations on the rails. and this morning crews will continue to work to clear the damaged rail cars from sunday's csx train derailment. surveillance video captured the moment the cars crashed in to one another near the rhode island metro station in northeast d.c. csx says they have removed the chemicals that leaked as a result of the derailment. today he wieleanor holmes
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address the impact the chemicals could have. let's get you caught up on 4 things to know about the forecast. >> a very stormy monday night turned into a far more tranquil tuesday morning. what you need to know about the weather, number one thing, the severe weather threat is over. rain chances remain very, very high. keep your umbrella out and close by. p cooler weather is back in fashion once again after our one day warm-up into the 70s. all eyes towards the weekend, looks like we should have some improvement towards the weekend. but nechl, your tuesday morning is a wash in clouds and raindrops again. future weather carries the bulling of the first chance of rain out of here about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning, but there will very likely be another round of showers to develop in the heating of the day later on. so temperatures then, we're in the low 60s right now and pretty much in the 60s we will stay all day long with the rain here this morning, a few showers at lunch and another chance for steadier showers between about 4:00 and
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melissa mollett, how is the traffic holding up under what was a stormy night? >> was a stormy night and again you will see high standing water around town. tweet me at the first 4 traffic if you see any problems around. here is something that is still an issue southbound 295 just before nannie helen burroughs avenue, water across all three lanes. the left lane is passable, but still you will see the high standing water through this area. that does typically flood there, another yucky spot river road. taking a look up top here beltway is nice and clear. all of that green the rain or what is falling right now. 66 and 95, we don't have any issues. 95 about in maryland from 32 down to the beltway, going to take you ten minutes just like it should. i'll see you in ten minutes, as well. today a d.c. man should learn his sentence for his role in a deadly shooting inside a metro parking garage.
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douglas chase was 19 when he shot the another man inside the wheaton metro station garage last july. officers say the victim argued with chase and another man moments before the shooting. to prince george's county now where police are asking for the community's help to solve a homicide. officers say someone shot a man to death yesterday afternoon. chopper 4 flew over the scene on eral la fayette boulevard in brandywine. police did not have any information on a suspect or motive. surveillance video captures a brazen robbery, three men jump through the drive-thru window at ha mcdonald's, ordered the employee at gunpoint. this is from the mcdonald's on i street in southeast. officers want to hear from you if you recognize any of the men or that white suv. 4:33 now. today the montgomery county council is set to vote on a controversial development planned in bethesda.
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resident d residential and retail space. one of the developers insists it has worked with neighbors to make sure the plan fits. the vote is set for 1:30 this afternoon in rockville. today a new battle in the fight for d.c. statehood. d.c. leaders are making some kind of proclamation at union market tonight. it could be a draft of a state constitution. last month d.c. mayor muriel bowser said she was planning to put d.c. statehood on the ballot later this year. now to decision 2016 and voters in indiana going to the polls day, they control 57 republican delegates and 92 democratic delegates. this is an open primary, so independents can go to the polls, too. today's gop primary is winner take all. senator bernie sanders has a shot at winning today's can democratic primary. he's nearly tied with hillary clinton in our poll.
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little actually to stall the clinton campaign. clinton is nearly 1,000 delegates ahead of sanders and just about 200 shy p of what she ned nee needs to earn the nomination. trump if he stweeps today would only need 200 more to clinch the nomination. ted cruz is behind significantly in recent polling. same goes for ohio governor john kasich. edward lawrence joins us at 4:45 wi what cruz says voters should expect after today's primary. this just in, the solar plane trying to fly around the world? it's getting ready to take off for the 10th leg of its trip. it is going to be taking off from arizona where it landed following a 16 hour flight from california. you can see the landing right here in phoenix. the sunlight powered plane has been flying for more than a year now. it has been a slow trip. it goesbout 28 miles per hour and highlights the importance
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i'm angie goff from the live desk. eun, back to you. it is 4:36. the crucial game four coming up, the caps almost made a comeback, but lost to the pittsburgh pen equip penguins last night. another lot puts them on the bre brink of elimination. carol maloney tells us what is going through the players' heads. >> reporter: ricochets ruled in the caps 3-2 loss to the penquins here in pittsburgh monday night. a pair of bouncing pucks snuck by braden momeholtby. the second goal off the shoulder. 2-0 in the second. ovechkin's wicked wrist narrowed the lead, but the hole was too deep. despite 49 shots on goal, caps fall one short. a 3-2 loss, but encouraged for game four p. >> excuses are for losers. we're not losers and we'll try
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and improve our game. >> our game is coming. i think the last four periods have gotten better and better each period. so figuring some things out, starting to come. >> keep going, keep working on the game and keep improving a little bit every day and we'll come out on top. >> reporter: one thing to look for today, possible punishment for penguins star kris letang, the head shot on marcus yohansen in the first period, kind of hit the league is trying to eliminate. game four here wednesday night as the caps trail the best of seven series two games to one. in pittsburgh, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> see what happens to that play frer pittsburgh after what happened to orpik who was suspended three he games after that big hit from the last game. >> still doesn't make sense to me. >> seems arbitrary, but they have to review it. >> it's like a puck knocks high teeth out or some
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in the eye and i've got a big cut -- smiles. >> it's a physical game. go caps! we need to win this next one, though. well, call him the bathtub bandit. >> what? >> the bizarre story of a man accused of stealing a tub worth thousands. >> how do you even dough that? it was created after a child pornography scandal rocked a prince george's county elementary school. now we're learning when we could hear what a student safety task force plans to do to protect students. taking a live look outside the district and can see some of the rain clouds off in the distance. kind of ominous looking. do you need to pack the hey mom, i could use some basil. do you need to pack the oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande.
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mmmm, yoplait. we have an update to an effort to keep prince george's county students safe from predators at school. the students safety task force says it will release its recommendations to change school policies by the end of the month. the task force was set up after school volunteer deonte carraway was accused of victim sizing 19 elementary school students. it's the quiet after the storm. chuck bell still seeing that radar all lit up this morning. >> you betcha, but instead of the white yellows and oranges and reds which usually indicates severe weather and heavy rain, we're just back to the quieter blues and green. those are light to moderate rain showers across the area.
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thunderstorms are now well done towards tidewater in virginia. so long gone. still have a pretty high chance for rain today, but it will not be a repeat performance of yesterday. so kids on your way out to the bus stops, have the umbrellas ready to go. temperatures in the 60s now and we'll stay in the 60s pretty much all day today. so kiddos, back to umbrellas, jeans and long sleeves at least for another couple of days. and i do mean a couple. there is a lot of rain about in our forecast, a look at the extended forecast coming up in about ten minutes. so we have a couple of new spots we're just hearing about as far as high standing water this morning. kensington beach drive at knowles avenue, closed because of flooding. and old baltimore road at peach tree shut down because of flooding. southbound 295 near nannie helen burroug burroughs, high water there. left lane is
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66, looking quite good. will the field of candidates in decision 2016 start to narrow? what ted cruz says he plans to do even if he loses today's primary. and a politician caught in the middle of a scandal back
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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welcome back. today voters in indiana could change the vours of the presidential election. already donald trump says a win in today's primary means the race for the republican nomination is over. edward lawrence joins us live from capitol hill with what senator ted cruz has
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yeah, senator ted cruz not happy about that statement, ignoring it all together. indiana is an open primary and that means that minute, independents can also vote in this primary process. now, historically both senator ted cruz -- sorry, senator bernie sanders and donald trump have done very well inp oen primary states. while senator ted cruz did draw a line in the sand and it goes right down indiana, that he spent weeks in that state trying to unseat donald trump as the voters' favorite. still trump leads polls in indiana by double digits and didn't let up on cruz calling him wil him, quote, crazy. senator bernie sanders says that he will not bow out of the race hitting hillary clinton again about money she got from wall street. he told a crowd in indianapolis that she got $225,000 for a 20 minute speech and that it must have been, quote, an unbelievable speech. clinton in west virginia now trying to persuade coalminers that she's on their side. she says that she will work every day to make a better f
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indiana voters now finding themselves right in the middle. the next step there in a very contentious race. senator bernie sanders on the democratic side, experts believe that he does not have a path to win the nomination. what he's trying to do is move hillary clinton's platform a little more to the left. reporting live on including, edward lawrence, back to you. 4:47. opening statements could start today in the murder case of a 95-year-old man. eric dyson stands accused of stabbing dan blevin at a senior complex last february. police say it was in response to unwanted sexual advances. dyson is also accused of charging thousands of dollars on the victim's credit cards. defense lawyers are now revealing why university of mary washington student killed his house mate. the victim grace mann was a popular student activist on the fredericksburg campus. defense attorneys for steven briel believe he strangled her
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during a paranoid delusion. they want jurors to find him not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecutors say briel changed his clothes and shaved his face after the murder arguing those are not the actions of an insane person. a sprinkler system saved the lives of half a dozen patients at a laurel assisted living facility. prince george's county fire officials say one of the caregivers was cooking when the fire started at the abundant love home in laurel. the sprinkler system activated and then helped put out the flames before firefighters arrived. fire officials say without that sprinkler, the situation could have been much worse. it will be weeks before the patients can return because the facility's license expired and the home must be brought up to code. it looks like a political spec could impact elections today in dumfries,
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been political opponents if convict order petty larceny, foreman faces up to a year in jail and a $2500 fine. and upset over an in-yacht response to request for homeless shelter sites. maybes in ward 3 have opposed on plan, so cheh asked them toe review three other sites and she said the report she received lacked effort and she plans to ask for another review. well, it's not your typical height. usually a thieves are interested in cash, jewelry, electronics perhaps. but police are now looking for a bathtub bandit. >> sure enough, time i got upstairs and they figured it out, he was gone. >> police are looking for this man whom they say used a face credit card and identification to steal a designer bathtub from union hardware in bethesda. it
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not any old bathtub. wow. if you have any information, character police. an animal shelter in virginia is hoping a ghost story can inspire people. this is lilly. she was born with only two legs apparently. some high schoolers in that area wanted to give lilly a better life, so they built her a one of a kind wheelchair of sorts. it took them more than 70 hours of work. >> make a prototype, get her in in it, figure out what exactly is going to work. >> lilly is two years old. she lives at the angels of asisi in roanoke. they want her to visit people with disabilities. >> and i bet you they could use that wheelchair for other animals, too. >> can't just take it for lilly. >> not what i'm suggesting. >> poor lilly. just got used to it. >> right. wow, what a round of severe weather last night. >>
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>> didn't keep me up. i was like, wow, looks like a storm and i said laid down and that was it. >> i'm a light sleeper. >> turn the lights out and that's it for me. outside this morning, it is a cloudy and wet start. today no severe weather expected. raindrops, yes he. severe weather, no. plenty of clouds around. it will stay on the cool and rainy side, but if you needed some sunshine, there were a couple hours of beautiful sunshine yesterday afternoon. doug and i were out r dog and i were out running and hardly a cloud in the sky. where we had large hail there, are pockets of thick fog especially right along 270, half mile visibility in gaithersburg now and pockets of fog out across parts of the shenandoah valley. so be on the lookout for that. here is our fog forecast model. everything should be burned off, no later than really about 10:00 or
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will be gone. clouds will stick. they may thin out a bit and the sky may brighten at times early this afternoon before more rain chances are in, but as of right now, your tuesday morning off to a bit of a rainy start here this morning. the heaviest weather that we endured yesterday, that is down farther to the south. so if you're traveling down towards tidewater or into north carolina today, you'll go back into the severe weather threat. for us, we will be stuck in the cloudy and cooler more stable air, but doesn't mean it will be dry at all. future weather off and on, cloudy skies bubbling up, another chance for showers by 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 this afternoon. showery weather overnight tonight. and guess what, there is more rain coming our way if for tomorrow on into thursday, potentially friday. here is your "7-day forecast." all clouds today, tomorrow, thursday and friday. temperatures in the 60s all four days. however, just in time for the weekend, things should start to improve saturday looks like our next best chance
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dry day. and would he end high temperatures back into the mid and upper 70s. a little something to smile about on a cloudy rainy start to your tuesday. >> tell you what, we need something at this point this morning. right now still have interest flooding on area roadways. beach drive at knowles avenue, that intersection still closed because of flooding. something else to think about, 7 east at belmont ridge road, left lane blocked there because of flooding, as well. 270 at old hundred, as chuck just said, you can see a little bit of fog through the area. so this morning you will see that rain, that fog pretty much no matter where you are. old baltimore at peach tree, intersection closed because of flooding. 295 south at nannie helen burroughs, again high water blocking two lanes. left lane is passable. and still on marc today, we only have three trains running on brunswick, 892, 878 and 880. they say crime doesn't pay. unless you live in the district. how some neighbors
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in just by installing some new technology hoping to thwart crooks. people go to therapy for a lot of reason, but sleep? the new guidelines that might help some of you catch some zs. and there are two words we've heard a lot in the past few days. gap year. and they might actually be good for students. four things to
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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take a look. a l
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situation like this one. hopefully not as severe today after a string of storms tore through our area. trees are still down in several plays and we're also hearing several reports of high water on the roadways. a live report in just minutes. will we see another severe round of weather today? radar showing rain coming down right now. chuck bell is back with a look at your hour by hour forecast. it is 4:57. today loved ones of the ohio family that was brutally murdered will gather to say good-bye. family and friends were seen at yesterday's visitation south of columbus. more than a week ago, police say eight members of the rhoden family were executed. funeral services for six of the people killed will be held today. two other family members were raid to rest over the weekend. no suspects have been identified. d.c. residents are now taking advantage of a new program that rewards you for buying and installing security cameras. more than 200 people and businesses have already applied for the
4:58 am
you can apply for a rebate for installing video surveillance in a home or business. one condition, agreeing to allow d.c. police to access that footage if needed. ward 6 council member charles allen came up with the camera idea after dozens of community meetings. >> in the event that does happen, video is incredibly helpful to p.d. >> i wanted extra protection because every ward of the city has pockets of crime. >> the city has put $500,000 if into the rebate program and council men allen says he will ask to more money if it runs out. some news about your sleep. a subject close to my art. a new report says therapy not drugs can help cure people of chronic insomnia and improve their live. the american college of physicians is recommending several changes. first
4:59 am
interferes with your sleep cycle and regular bedtime. second, really eliminate distractions, including your phone when you're in bed. and don't just lie there. if you're still awake after 20 minutes, get up and do something until you're tired. >> cognitive behavioral therapy is long lasting, work, it's noninvasive, you don't face side effects of sleep medication. >> 4 million in the united states have chronic insomnia, trouble sleeping three nights every week and a bad night's sleep can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. >> worth working on it. for the sixth year in a row, airlines received some sky high profits. the transportation department says u.s. airlines racked up $25.6 billion in profits in 2015. experts think low fuel prices and cheaper airfares boosted the
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reservation change fees accounted for nearly $7 billion in extra money. the used of taking a gap year may be coming to the kitchen table. the first family announced thmaa will take a gap year before enrolling in harvard. here is how you know if you or your child is considering the choice, many colleges are encouraging them right now, some university officials believe a gap year will give students time to recharge after the stress of high school or time to build on life and work experiences. the not all colleges allow them and that's important to know. very few american students take that gap year despite the growing amount of attention surrounding them. >> colleges like it, they like having older kids in the classroom. it brings a wider variety of world experience and perspective. >> the first family has not answered questions about how malia obama plans to spend her year after


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