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tv   Today  NBC  May 4, 2016 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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good morning. presumptive nominee. that's what the head of the republican party is calling donald trump after a big win in indiana. ted cruz dropping out of the race. >> we are suspending our campaign. >> this morning, trump joins us live. feeling the bern. hillary clinton suffers another stinging loss to bernie sanders in indiana. >> i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> is it the democrats who are now facing a contested convention this summer? mass exodus. an entire town more than 80,000 people ordered to flee from a
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raging wildfire in canada. dozens of homes destroyed. crews struggling to contain the flames. officials asking for military assistance. cry for help. was prince one day away from getting treatment for an alleged addiction to painkillers when he died? a disturbing new report that can shed light on the pop icon's desperate final hours today, wednesday, may 4th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. savannah, how many mornings have we come on the air where we said, we have a lot of interesting news to talk about in politics. >> if you went to bed early, you missed a lot. an earthquake in the political world. >> it is our top story. let's get to the results from indiana and what happened next. donald trump's double digit win,
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decision to end his campaign, all but assures trump of assuring the republican nomination. when you look at the delegate count, he's less than 200 away from the 1,237 he needs to make it official. we're going to talk to donald trump live in just a moment. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders pulled off an upset in indiana, slowing hillary clinton's march to the nomination. she holds a large lead in delegates, but sanders is saying, although narrow, he does see a path to victory. >> as you'd imagine, we have all the twists and turns covered, starting with the republicans and nba national correspondent peter alexander. peter, take it away. >> good morning. think about this. the latest surprise in an election full of them, the fact that the republican primary is wrapping up before the democratic one. ted cruz laying all his chips on the table in indiana, but donald trump racking up his seventh straight win. even with john kasich vowing to stick around, trump all but assures the republican
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nomination. >> reporter: from real estate tycoon to likely republican nominee in less than 11 months. >> we will make america great again. we will start winning again. you will be so proud of this country very, very soon. >> reporter: donald trump strikingly subdued, vowing to unite the gop and the country after a contentious primary campaign. >> we're going to love each other. we're going to cherish each other. we're going to take care of each other. >> reporter: trump setting his sights on the woman who could separate him from the white house. >> hillary clinton would be a poor president. >> reporter: rnc chairman reince priebus saying, #never clinton. hours after a con spe conspiracy
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oswald's assassination of jfk -- >> it was egregious. >> reporter: he tried to bury the hatchet. >> ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or not, but he is one hell of a competitor. >> we are suspending our campaign. >> reporter: cruz's campaign left staffers even stunned. >> from the beginning, i said i would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight, i'm sorry to say -- >> no! >> -- it appears that path has been fore closed. >> no! >> reporter: cruz notably never mentioning trump by name. an accidental elbow to wife hei heidi's face. the senator saving his anti-trump tirade for last. >> this mans a pathoca
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philanderer and boasts about it. >> reporter: traditional republicans rally behind the billionaire, many other conservatives distraught. >> i have always, always gotten behind whoever won. it is the first time ever i will not be able to do that. >> new this morning, nbc news learned the trump campaign is beginning to vet vice presidential candidates. trump saying it'll likely be someone with political experience. consider, there is an ugly general election fight looming. just last night, strong words from democratic senator elizabeth warren. tweeting, there is more enthusiasm for donald trump among leaders of the kkk than leaders of the political party he now controls. matt and savannah? >> peter alexander, thank you. donald trump is the presumptive nominee according to his own party, and no one saw it coming. >> the race is not over, and
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>> i will support the republican nominee. i don't think that's going to be donald trump. >> i believe that donald trump will not be the nominee. >> he's not going to be the nominee. he's not a serious candidate. he's an entertainer. what i am firmly convinced of is donald trump will not be our nominee. >> donald trump is not going to be the republican nominee. >> donald trump is not going to be the republican nomnominee. >> guess what? >> he is the nominee, according to the republican party. donald trump is on the phone. good morning. >> morning. >> were you surprised ted cruz dropped out of the race? >> i was surprised. i didn't expect it. i heard rumors in the afternoon, but in the end, look, he was a very tough competitor. he fought very hard, and it was a tough decision for him to make. i think he did the right thing for himself and the party. but it was a little bit of a surprise to me, yes. >> have you reached out to call him? has he called you? >> i haven't yet. he hasn't. but
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be talking to ted. >> do you really think, mr. trump, he can put aside all the things you've said about him and he's said about you and support you? >> i really don't know. in case of other people, i really don't care, but in ted's case, i hope so. it traveled along. all of a sudden, i was saying, when is this going to end? it ended a couple of months ago. he fought very hard. >> one of the people you spoke to was reince priebus, the head of the rnc, who called you the presumptive nominee of the party. can you characterize that phone call for me? did he pledge to you that he will now put the weight of the entire party and all of the assets it brings with it behind your candidacy? >> yes, he did. and he really -- he's doing a very good job.
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we started off with 17 people. all very talented people. he was put in a tough position. i think it's probably about the largest group of people ever. in fact, when i first announced just before that, there were pundits saying, this is the greatest group, one of the most talented groups of people in the history of either party to run for office. i almost said, what am i doing running? the fact is, he called up last night. we had a great talk. yeah, he's behind it 100%. the victory in indiana was amazing because it was far greater than anybody thought. and it was, you know, very conclusive. i think that really turned a lot of heads. >> mr. trump, this is a time that you are trying to unify the republican party. yesterday morning, you went on a morning show and suggested that ted cruz's father, rafael cruz, may have somehow been involved in, of all things, the jfk assassination. why in the world would you do that? >> savannah, i was
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father, who is very active in the campaign. it's not like he is an inactive person. >> but there is no evidence of this. >> excuse me. he said, you know, very nasty things about me. then i just asked about stories that were appearing all over the place. not just in the national inqu e inquirer. about the fact a picture was taken of him and lee harvey oswald. they didn't deny the picture. i just asked, what was that all about? this was in response to some very, very nasty -- i mean, honestly, very, very nasty remarks made about me. >> mr. trump, i guess what savannah is getting at here, on the morning you had this in your grasp and you were seeing the polls indicating that you were going to win this, and perhaps go on to become the nominee, why take that opportunity at that moment to go back into the gutter? >> well, because i didn't know i had it in the grasp. i mean, i didn't know i was going to win by such a big margin. i won by a massive margin, and the people of indiana, i'm th
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i had no idea early in the morning. the voting booths were pra practically not open when i made a call to this show. they ran a clip of some terrible remarks made by the father about me. all i did is refer him to these articles that appeared about his picture. you know, not such a bad thing. >> in closing here, ten seconds i have left, are you fully confident, mr. trump, you can unite the republican party behind you? >> i am confident that i can unite much of it. some of it, i don't want. there were statements made about me that those people can go away and maybe come back in eight years, after we serve two terms. but honestly, there are some people i really don't want. i don't think it is necessary. people will be voting for me, not the party, and i think we'll do well against hillary. she is a disaster, and she will be a disastrous president. >> donald trump, congratulations on a big win in indiana. >> thank you very much. let's move to the
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sanders over front runner hil y hillary clinton. sanders says he sees more wins in his future. nbc's andrea mitchell has more on that and her exclusive conversation with secretary clinton. andrea, good morning to you. >> good morning. hillary clinton knows her likely opponent in the fall, but as ted cruz clears the decks for donald trump, bernie sanders is vowing to fight on to several more states, all the way to the convention. >> reporter: bernie sanders with surprisingly big win over hillary clinton in indiana. >> i understand that secretary clinton thinks that this campaign is over. i've got some bad news for her. >> reporter: at one point, interrupted on stage by two undocumented immigrants. >> i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> reporter: just hours earlier, a confident clinton seemingly
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out this primary season. >> is he hurting the party? >> well, the facts are pretty clear. i'm 3 million votes ahead of him. >> reporter: staying home on election night, her campaign statement ignoring sanders. instead, taking on trump. saying, with so much at stake, donald trump is simply too big of a risk. >> is he unqualified to be commander in chief? >> he has given no indication he understands the gravity of the responsibilities that go with being commander in chief. >> before she gets to trump, hillary clinton has to get past sanders, whose challenge remains explaining, is his campaign a movement without a credible path to the nomination? matt and savannah. >> andrea mitchell in washington, thank you. let's break things down with chuck todd, nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press." and nbc political analyst nicolle wallace and steve kornacki, msnbc host. raise your hand if
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surprised ted cruz dropped out last night. no? no and no? raise your hand if you think donald trump can unite the republican party behind him. all right. chuck, you didn't raise your hand for any of those. let's start with you. what was your reaction last night? >> well, not surprised that cruz dropped out. he had no rational. he did everything. to his credit, they put everything out there in the last week. they tried every trick in the book. it's amazing that in one week's time, he named a running mate, got the deal with john kasich. think about everything that happened in the last seven days in the run-up to indiana. you can't say cruz didn't try everything. he had no choice but to get out. as far as uniting the republican party, even trump knows he's not going to unite the republican party. the question is, what is this group of people going to do, and can they do anything other than complain on twitter? >> chuck, that brings us to
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nicolle, who gave us the itsy bitsy sign, uniting the republican party. if there is a group of republicans that won't vote for donald trump, what does that mean for the general election? don't you have to start with your party before you consider a general election win? >> it's establishment figures who write columns, people who are able to express to large audiences and groups their discontent with the way this ended up. the reason i said little is you can unite the voters. what is really important to not miss or not pass over today, before we turn to the general, is that donald trump's canadiday was about shock and awe. he shocked the republican establishment and left his base of supporters in awe of how he was going to do what no one has done before. what they saw as telling the truth, giving them straight talk and toppling an incredibly accomplished field of 17 gop
7:15 am
point, he shocked the republican establishment. he now needs the republican accomplishment to win the general election. >> yeah, i think two things to keep in mind. one thing she was saying is absolutely true. one thing that has been revealed over the last couple weeks, couple months, is there was a disconnect between the voices, a lot coming from washington, republican leaders, saying never trump. we connected them, and i think wrongly, a lot of people in the media, to rank and file republican voters. it's where this notion came from. donald trump only won 35% of the vote. only 40% here. that means 65% of republicans ever never vote for him. wisconsin is a turning point. guess what? since wisconsin, donald trump hasn't been south of 50%. seven straight states, over 50%. that was a republican party more willing to come to this guy than we thought. >> in 15 seconds left, the optics for hillary clinton this morning, watching donald trump
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while she is still struggling with bernie sanders? >> it could get worse for her. look tat the states. oregon, kentucky, west virginia. there are a number of states this month i think he's probably going to beat her. he could still beat her in california. doesn't mean he wins the nomination, but it's not the way you want to end a primary process. >> lots to talk about. chuck, nicolle and steve, thank you so much. let's turn back to the breaking news we mentioned at the top of the show. the population of fort mcmurray alberta, more than 80,000 residents ordered to evacyuate from a wildfire. fire jumped the only road out of town, sending residents into a panic, as you can understand. still no word on exactly how many homes have been destroyed. there are no reports of serious injuries. government officials call it the biggest evacuation in the history of that province. the american serviceman who was killed tuesday during an attack by isis fighters in iraq has been identified as a
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arizona. his death underscoring the risk faced by troops employed there. keir simmons has the latest. good morning. >> good morning. navy seal charlie keating is the third combat casualty since the u.s. redeployed forces in 2013. in arizona, he was planning to marry in november. >> reporter: 31-year-old charlie keating, pictured here with his fiancé, the navy seal killed in northern iraq, his vehicle apparently hit by an isis rocket in what pentagon officials are calling a coordinated and complex attack. >> his wedding invitation is on my refrigerator. i started working with him when he was in sixth grade. i've known him since he was 13 years old. i was mortified. >> reporter: his high school cross country coach said charlie joined the military after 9/11. he'd been at practice when the twin towers were hit. >> the boys on the
7:18 am
included, were so impacted by that, that a lot of the boys decided to serve their country after that. >> reporter: keating was also the grandson of banker charles keating jr. who came to symbolize america's savings and loan crisis in the 1980s. >> after more than a month in a los angeles jail, keating was released on bond. >> reporter: in arizona, the governor calling keating one of america ee's finest. adding, our state and nation are in mourning today. the battle with isis has steadily called for more u.s. troops. the president recently increasing the number in iraq to just over 4,000. there have been victories, but the death of a navy seal, his college, the university of indiana, publishing this simple memorial this morning. a bitter reminder that isis is a determined enemy. >> charlie keating was killed 17 miles from mosul, where kurdish and iraqi forces must take back
7:19 am
truth is, that would be a tough task without the help they're currently getting from the u.s. military. >> great loss. keir simmons, thank you. let's turn to al, who is on the road this morning in fort walton beach, florida. al, how is it down there? >> a little nippy. we're at the air force base. we have a great occasion coming up which we'll tell you about in a little bit. we have a beautiful sunrise. it's about the only place in florida where we're seeing the s sunshine. we have storms firing up the west coast of florida pushing in. severe weather across the sunshine state today. we have the risk of storms from miami, hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes. as the isolated tornadoes. as the front pushes through, look for thoseñi heavy showers d thunderstorms, we're talking about flooding possible, a
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mess, rainfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain from orlando all the way down to homestead. the country. a(coming up in the next 30 ti(ky cloudy skies once again over washington here early this morning. might get a sliver or two of brightenening in the skies here this morning before more rain chances come in ñilater. right now there is no rain on the radar, but i wouldn't stray temperatures in the low to4r ròb
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the low to mid-60s later today, but rain chances are going up, likely to be raining before lunchtime and raining on the way home from workfá andñi school a well. >> that's your latest weather. guys, you like the weather you're having up there today? >> no. >> not particularly. >> well, get used to it because it's hanging around till the weekend. >> he says from florida. >> from a safe distance. way to go, al. thank you very much. coming up, we've got a startling new report this morning about the death of prince. was he one day from receiving treatment for an alleged painkiller addiction? also, we're live at the largest drone convention of its kind. how they're being used to save lives, and why home deliveries by drones could be closer than you think. first on a wednesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. 7:26 is your time on this wednesday, may 4,xd xd2016. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome news for marc passengers. for the first time this week, you can take a brunswick line train into the district. regular service resumes today, but there may be some çóxdlem9ñ csx freight transportation will also resume today for the first time since sunday's derailment offjf the tracks. q capitals need a wini] toni as they get ready to take on the penguins in game four. penguinsó1?l leaded series 2-1. the verizon center is holding a watch party, doors openñr
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earlier crash and now big cladelays approachi the beltway.i] inbound lp295 from direction and alsoó 395 across 14th streetlp bridge. 66 and fá95, no major issues there.
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7:30 now. wednesday morning, the 4th of may, 2016. it's a chilly, rainy morning in manhattan. but we're still in a great day. >> it'll get there. let's look at the headlines. with a double digit win in the indiana primary, donald trump all but clinched the republican nomination. his victory led senator ted cruz to withdraw from the race. we talked to mr. trump earlier this morning and asked if he can now unify his party. >> i am confident that i can unite much of it. some of it, i don't want. i mean, there were statements made about me, that those people can go away and maybe come back in eight years, after we serve two
7:31 am
>> meanwhile, bernie sanders claimed victory in indiana's democratic primary and declared this race far from over. >> i think that while the path is narrow, i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. in fact, become the nominee for the democratic party. >> hilalary clinton holds a commanding lead in the delegate count. 92% of the way to clinching the nomination. president obama travels to flint, michigan, for a firsthand look at the city's water crisis. he'll be updated on the federal response and meet with local leaders and residents to make sure, in his words, they are receiving the help they need and deserve. also this morning, stunning developments in the death of prince. this morning, a new report that the music star was found dead just one day before he was scheduled to meet with an expert on painkiller addiction. nbc's stephanie gosk is in minnesota, covering the latest on this. go
7:32 am
overnight, the minneapolis star tribune details a frantic effort by representatives of prince to get him help with a drug addiction, just hours before he died. friends of friends who want to remain private tell nbc in the weeks leading up to his death, he may have been suffering from unspecified pain. all of this while the harvard county sheriff's department releases new records that could fuel speculation, while fans wait for the official cause of his death. >> reporter: according to a report breaking overnight in the minneapolis star tribune, prince was a day away to receiving medical treatment for painkiller addiction. the report hasn't been confirmed by nbc news. representatives for the pop star called a noted expert in treating opioid addiction on april 20th, because prince was dealing with a grave medical emergency. the doctor, whose treatment
7:33 am
unable to clear his schedule to he sent his son, who works with him. the family attorney told the paper andrew kornfeld was one of three people at the paisley park when prince's body was found in an elevator and it was kornfeld who called 911. prescription painkillers were found on prince's body and in his home, paisley park. the sheriff's department released details of the dozens of calls police received about the music icon over the last five years. among them, a call on june 20th, 2011. a woman phoned from germany, saying she was concerned about prince's cocaine habits, and that prince advised her last year in germany that he cannot control his habit. she was advised to report it. the caller didn't provide any proof, and the police decided not to act because the info was old. she did not specify that prince was in any immediate
7:34 am
there was no way to know for sure she even knew prince. prince's former attorney denies any drug use. soon after the pop star's death was announced, the police got a call from a woman claiming prince was the father of her 17-year-old son, and she wanted her son to go to the funeral. the record says police left a message at paisley park and then declared the incident closed. >> prince's sister reportedly declined to comment on the star tribue article. friends of prince tell nbc they are upset about this unverified claim of cocaine use from five years ago. they say they never saw prince use cocaine. matt and savannah, back to you. >> stephanie gosk, thank you. in other news this morning, the nation's largest drone convention is now underway. with the industry exploding like never before, one company is predicting drone delivery could be ready much sooner than you think. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in new orleans. good morning to you. >> good morning. a lot of buzz at this
7:35 am
just the last year, the number of companies using drones for commercial use has skyrocketed tenfold. there is now nearly a million people that have registered their drones for personal use with the faa. at the convention, there is talk about home delivery. one company says it could happen sooner rather than later. >> reporter: the images have always been stunning, but now, with the industry taking off, the results are striking. one company pioneering the use of drones to save lives, finding missing people in remote areas, including children and alzheimer's patients. >> since the inception, there have been 1 rksz of -- 1,600, all found in an average time of less than 30 minutes. >> reporter: another, mapping disaster zones like in ecuador. >> drones are tools, not just toys. >> reporter: 425,000 people registered their drones with the faa and companies with permission for
7:36 am
k skyrocketed from 500 to 5,000 today. this year, there is more buzz about aerial delivery. you probably heard about amazon and google's plans. now a company called you bionics shows a drone that would deliver your cup of coffee. >> i can find you on the app, and you'll transport the cup of coffee to me in my office? >> exactly. takes a minute. >> reporter: remarkably, he says, the technology will be ready by the middle of next year. don't expect a swarm of delivery drones that fast. the regulatory hurdles are sky high. >> is the faa moving quickly enough? >> well, not yet. i mean, the technology is moving very, very fast. we have to move faster, otherwise, we'll miss out on opportunities. >> it could be crowded skies. too close for comfort. many of the companies here are also working on anti-collision systems to make some of the dreams a rty
7:37 am
to develop some sort of air traffic control system. there are a lot of questions in this industry. again, safety is a big concern. really, many of the companies saying, matt and savannah, the sky is the limit. back to you. >> gabe, thank you very much. can you imagine if drones start delivering your coffee? what are the interns going to do? >> you've been waiting for several minutes for that one. good point. interns will always have a job let's he get a check evert( the weather nowi] frommal in florid. hey, al. >> i will admit that was wortho the wait. >> yes, it a5was. >> well, we are here and we have a great breakfast event that just a little bit. but unfortunately, because of the omega block, it's nott( letting systems move through too much. so the b stay. for example, the northeast, take a looking we have some pretty if storms moving from thee1 greatj lakes all the way in down into indiana. w
7:38 am
way to the ueast. this is a slow moving front. and so we are goinge1 to be looking at showers and storms as eastern seaboard. we've been being lolook at wet and temperature linker. and a low pressure system developing along the coast friday which will intensify the well. so widespreadxd rain, heavy jf west virginia and have could see 3 inches of raiék so a soggy wet time right onlp intoçóñi"+p)ly into thexd weeke. now here's what is happening in your neck of the woods. good morning.c i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a mostly cloudy day outside. slivers of sunshine at best for you today. a little rain out near hagerstown right now. rain chancest( across the entir metro will increase later this morning and this afternoon. temperatures nowxd in the mid-5.
7:39 am
the low to mid-60s, plenty of clouds around. scho >> get the weather any time you need it. weather channel on cable. online. >> al, thank you very much. coming up, cancel happy hour? >> what? >> the big shift that could spell the end of an american institution. >> we'll see about that. coming up next, what robert blake's life is like 11 years after he was acquitted of his wife's this mother's day every kiss does begin with kay. ♪ hey, i told you this was gonna happen. save up to 30% on select diamonds in rhythm. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america... ♪ every kiss begins with kay. ♪ this mother's day finding the perfect gift that gets the perfect reaction is easy. just go to kay jewelers, and save up to 30% storewide on the perfect mother's day gift. so go to kay. and make mom's day.
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7:43. we're back with more of our special series, where are they now, case closed. 15 years ago today, bonnie lee bakley, wife of robert blake, was murdered in southern california. >> blake was charged for the murder but ultimately found not guilty. how do investigators now feel about the case? here's joe fryer. >> reporter: a three of this month murder trial in nine days of jury deliberations came down to one moment for actor robert blake. >> we, the jury, in the above entitled action find the defendant, robert blake, not guilty of the crime of first degree murder of bonnie lee bakley. >> reporter: relief washed over the star as he was acquitted from murdering his wife. >> god has been on my side, and goas
7:45 am
>> reporter: 11 years has passed since the verdict. >> hours after the murder, this is where you came? >> right here. >> reporter: we returned to the murder scene with the lead detective on the case with the lapd. >> do you think about this case often, or is it one you try to forget? >> this is one i try to forget. >> reporter: it was may 2001 when he was called to this neighborhood near los angeles. bonnie lee bakley was shot and killed while sitting in blake's car. the couple had just dined at an italian restaurant around the corner. blake told police he left his wife in the car, ran back to the restaurant to get a gun he left behind, then returned to find her shot. almost immediately, bakley was characterized as a con artist. after a year-long investigation, it's blake who was arrested. >> felt that he was trapped in a marriage that he wanted no part of. >> reporter: for la county prosecutors, the case wouldn't be a slam dunk. >> there is a saying in the office about t
7:46 am
high profile cases that come through the office, especially in the major crimes division. ♪ don't do the crime if you can't do the time ♪ >> reporter: blake rose to fame in the '70s playing the detective "baretta." prosecutors argued he tried unsuccessfully to kill bakley, but on the stand, the men were discredited. prosecutors argued that blake was the one who pulled the trigger. jurors felt there was no proof. >> couldn't put the gun in his hand. >> we proclaim blake not guilty, never proclaimed him innocent. >> how do you feel about the outcome? >> i'm happy. i mean, we won. >> reporter: scott ross was an investigator for blake's defense team. >> they charged him specifically with the murder, trying to put the gun in his hand. that's where they went wrong. >> reporter: ross things it would have been wiser to charge
7:47 am
>> you don't think robert pulled the trig center. >> correct, i do not. >> do you think he had something to do with what happened? >> i think so. >> you believe he hired someone? >> i think so. i don't believe for one second he pulled the trigger. >> reporter: a civil jury found blake responsible for his wife's death, and he was ordered to pay the bakley family $15 million. now retired, ron ito is still convinced his team had the right man. >> do you have a doubt in your mind that robert blake is the one who pull td trigger? >> not at all. >> reporter: for robert blake, he declined to comment for the story but always maintained his innocence. he was spotted last month in beverly hills, joking with a photographer when asked how he's remained out of the limelight. >> my secret is, see, i'm in the hospital. >> you okay? >> it's where they put the embalming fluid. i'll be dead in an hour. you have a big story. >> reporter: when asked if he thinks someone will make a mini series out
7:48 am
smiles and walks on. for "today", joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> it was really intense when we were covering that story as it was unfolding. >> there were so many of those big cases happening at the same time. the robert blake one, right up there. we'll shift gears and ask the question, why mess with success? mcdonald's has plans for a♪ (toilet flush)
7:49 am
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7:56 am
. 7:56xd is your time. i'm eun yang. let's check on yourt( morning commute withw3 melissa mollett. >> good morning. inner loop at indian head highway, a>.#w crash therñl tha is blocking some lanes. sorry, i should say vehicle fire seems to be slowing things here just a bit. mainq and local lanes a little sluggish, but that's pretty typical this time of day.t( bottom of the xdbeltway, still slow inbound 295, not quite as bad asxd it was and inbound fá3 as well. q we'll too a
7:57 am
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7:59 am
cloudyxd skies. no rain on radar just yet, but rain chance today stands at 70%. another 70% tomorrow and 80%t( chance on friday. next real chance of seeing a dry day doesn'te1 comee1i] until sa. nee in the meantime,fá cloudy, cooli
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today" and coming up, antibiotics overload. new study finds antibiotics are being overprescribed at an alarming rate. with most going to children. what doctors are saying this morning about when it is okay to take that medication. plus, paw-ternity. a pet-friendly policy at some companies, giving their employees paid time off to care for their four-legged dependents. will it catch on? ♪ all night long ♪ all night and all night long. superstar lionel richie takes us on stage at his las vegas residency. >> it's vegas and you're about to step out on the stage. you have the same
8:01 am
is? >> always. otherwise, you're not present. >> hoda sits down with the music legend to talk about his career, inspiration and the one performance that changed his life. today, wednesday, may 4th, 2016. ♪ all night [ cheers and applause ]. >> from miami, florida. first time in new york city. >> girls reunion in nyc! ten years in the making. ♪ house party we're back now at 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it's the 4th day of may, 2016. we've got a big crowd out on the plaza this
8:02 am
nasty weather here in the northeast. >> i know. it is a little bit rainy, spitting a little bit. great crowd on the plaza. excuse me, did you stop by the kitchen? >> his mouth is full. >> i walked by the kitchen and smelled your mom's fried chicken. i could not resist. i brought it out here. it was all i could do not to bring a piece of bread and green beans out. >> this is something my mom made growing up all the time. she'll show how the fried chicken is made. >> she's making something with cinnamon apples. >> we're doing it up right. >> this is really good. first, let's go back inside. sorry i don't have enough for everybody. natalie has a check of the top stories. >> good morning. donald trump is now the likely republican nominee for president. ted cruz dropping out after losing by 16
8:03 am
democratic front runner hillary clinton suffered a five-point loss to her rival, bernie sanders. hallie jackson is in indianapolis with a roundup for us. hallie, good morning. >> hi, natalie. here's how the indianapolis star is describing it. a decisive victory this morning for donald trump. now being called the presumptive nominee by the head of the republican national committee, who is also calling for unity. trump asked how he would bring together the party this morning on the "today" show, here is what he told matt and savannah. >> i'm confident i can unite much of it. some of it, i don't want. there were statements made about me, that the people can go away and come back in eight years, after we serve two terms. >> trump, whose campaign is already vetting possible vice presidential picks, called ted cruz, quote, one hell of a competitor. cruz out of the race but not out of the picture. his campaign aides arguing to
8:04 am
nbc, he is still the defactor leader to have the conservative movement, even after ending his presidential bid. a moment, by the way, that seemed to surprise some in the crowd last night. listen. >> with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism, for the long-term future of our nation -- >> no! >> what are you doing? >> -- we are suspending our campaign. >> no! >> cruz never mentioning trump in that speech. now, after months of speculation about a possible republican contested convention, it looks like it could be the democrats who are headed for one. bernie sanders picking up that upset win over hillary clinton here in indiana. while he's picking up some momentum potentially, it's hillary clinton who has picked up so many delegates that she is still the favorite for the nomination, natalie. her campaign already turning to a general election, shifting resources to try and take on trump. >> hallie jackson in
8:05 am
thank you. we have new developments involving the massive air bag recall by takata. this morning, the biggest recall in u.s. history getting bigger now. nbc's tom costello is in washington with more on this. good morning. >> natalie, this was a big story. the government doubling the recall. 35 to 40 million more inflaters on top of the 29 million that have already been recalled. in the u.s., ten people have died when the air bags exploded, usually in minor accidents. a 17-year-old girl in texas, most recently. more than 100 others injured. many suffering lost eyes and puncture wounds. so far, only a quarter of the vehicles recalled have been repaired. i asked the country's chief regulator if that is good enough. >> are you comfortable with how quickly the takata air bags are being replaced and repaired in individual cars? >> absolutely not. it's unfortunately the worst lesson, from the last young woman who lost her life. >> again, it was a 17-year-old woman in texas. toda
8:06 am
29 million to as many as 69 million vehicles involving 14 different car makers. most of the major brands in america. if you'd like to know if your car is on the list, go to safer car.g o >> tom costello, thank you. let's turn it back to savannah and matt. >> thank you. this morning, the centers for disease control is issuing a new warning for doctors to cut back on the antibiotics they're prescribing. >> researchers are saying people are taking them unnecessarily, leading to the rise of dangerous drug-resistant superbugs. once again, here is tom costello. >> reporter: sore throats, ear aches, coughs that last forever. kids are always in the doctor's office. >> when your child is sick yo and you take them to the doctor, you want the quick fix. >> for many parents, it's antibiot antibiotics. new research suggest s
8:07 am
being overprescribed. 30% of prescriptions are unnecessary. and leading to the rise of su r superbugs that are antibiotic resistant. >> it could be life or death, and that's the situation we don't want to find ourselves in. >> reporter: the cdc is now calling on doctors to cut in half unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions within four years. many doctors say they're pressured by parents who want antibiotics for their sick kids. >> frankly, it is easy to write a prescription and send them out, than spending 20 minutes on why they don't want it. >> but they don't need it? >> they don't need it. >> reporter: for "today", tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> what do you need to know about taking antibiotics? dr. natalie azar is a nbc medical contributor. it's 47 million prescr
8:08 am
antibiotic resistant bacteria are a big problem. they can cause up to 2 million infections per year and 23,000 deaths according to the cdc. it's not a small problem. in addition, it can lead to life-threatening, sometimes allergic reactions, drug interactions, a life-threatening diarrhea caused by a bacteria called c-diff. it's the focus of the cdc's study. >> people come in ask nd tell doctors, i need antibiotics. doctors think, i'll give them to you. it's easier than trying to explain why you don't need them. >> tom pointed out in the piece, there are a number of conditions where there is no question. you treat with antibioticantibi. bacteria pneumonia, a sore throat, as well as
8:09 am
screen. something that is important is the sinus infection. let's say you have the congestion, nasal congestion a couple days, get better. but after ten days, you get sick when with fever of 102.2, sinus pain, pussy discharge from the nose. that viral sinus infection tu turned into a bacterial one and you need antibiotics. >> your kids are prescribed antibiotics from a doctor. do you question snit? >> the best patient is the best informed patient. every time your doctor prescribes antibiotics, ask the question, what are you treating? are you just treating a sore throat? an uncomplicated bronchitis? what is the bacterial infection you're treating? that's the main distinction. a point, too, if you are given antibiotics and it is justified, complete the course of antiic
8:10 am
to feel better after two to three days and assume their infection has been treated. it's an anti-inflammatory effect of the antibiotic. we want you to complete the course to avoid resistance. >> good information, as always. thank you very much. up next, should companies offer you paid time off when you get a new pet? we'll tell you where that's actually happening. plus, a miracle in the making. the just revealed lineup for what is being declared the concert of the century. al is at an air force base in florida to give a i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra... can be a sign of existing joint damage... that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections,
8:11 am
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we're back at 8:14. time for trending. why are we playing the "star wars" theme? may the fourth be with you, matt. >> absorb it. >> did you ever watch the movies to the end? >> i'll get with the program. >> i said it on may 5th last year. that was embarrassing. anyway, could we soon see the end of happy hour? it is a suggestion of a new survey. americans would rather drink wine at home than at social events or in restaurants. this was true no matter the generation. 47% of millenials said it. 61% of my people, gen-xers and boomers, matt's people. why? new technology, everything from netflix to tinder, makes it easy to enjoy yourselves at home. millenniials are budget conscio. >> do you drink at home? >>
8:16 am
>> absolutely. >> with other people there or alone? >> alone. >> alone. >> is that a problem? >> only on days that end in "y." >> hold the judgment, matt. >> i love we site tinder and netflix as reasons. >> exactly. >> a lot going on. >> all right. >> well, the wine only makes that better. we know that people, when they're home drinking their wine, can be like a child. a handful of employers in britain are taking it to the next level. they're offering something called paw-ternity. this is maternity leave of sorts for new pet owners. somewhere from a couple hours to a few months. the idea being that the animals and the new owners need time to adjust, just like newborns and their parents do. as you might imagine, the policy is drawing strong reactions from both sides of the debate and both sides of the atlantic. what do you think? >> i pick the fifth. >> why? do you read
8:17 am
>> not anymore. >> very smart. >> i don't know. interesting idea. i think if you have a new pet, it is like having a new baby and you need time off. the issue is, should your company pay for extended leave? >> you should probably use your vacation days. >> or a sick day. >> i said, up to a few months. >> that seems ridiculous. >> if you want to consolidate, if you have a few months of vacation and that's what you choose to do, knock yourself out. >> absolutely. >> i prefer a dog sitter. >> love you. good-bye. how do you improve upon perfection? mcdonald's french fries are rated among the best in the country. now, they're trying to top itself. it's experiencing with garlic fries. they're testing them at four locations in san francisco. fries are made with garlic, olive oil, parmesan cheese, parsley and a pinch of salt. breath mints sold separately. >> too fancy for mcdonald's.
8:18 am
the truffle fries, as well. >> you think it pairs well? >> not at all. >> with a quarter pounder with cheese? >> anything with truffle fries is good. let's take a look at a major music act coming together. a great concert. and the solo pop superstar that thinks it's fantastic. tamron? >> let's get in our conversion
8:19 am
a czech of the weather now from al in florida. by schmuck smuckezqzi &háhp &hc% let's show what you we have going on as far as our country's weather today, we're look attpi% stormy weather up and down the eastern t(seaboard. great lakes on into the northeast. wet weather moving into northern california. sunshine from the great lakes look at phoenix, 102 degrees today. r here's what is happening in your neck of the
8:20 am
just yet. not facing a lot of rain today, increasing with time. showers back in the mountains of west virginia likely to get usñ% wet by noontime and continue with off and on showers during the a,%ejjjjip r(t&háhp &hc% we're in the low took mid-50s, keerl than yesterday. we'll make it upóom into the lo and mid-60s toda3 lots of clouds around and periods ofçó light rain and drizzle likely for today. and then tomorrow not muchi] improvement at all. >> that is your latest weather. here is the reason we are in florida today. it's our series, mom's the word. in honor of mother's day coming up this sunday, we're at the eglin air force base. eglin air force base here in fort walton beach, florida, for a special breakfast for the over 4,000 men and women here. we're going to be talking with master sergeant michael whitney, who is with me, and his wife sarah. he has a little bit of a surprise that he shared
8:21 am
>> sarah is a person -- wow -- she is a very strong individual. i guess strength keeps coming to mind. type of mother sarah is is an outstanding mother. cora, our oldest, is 7 years old. second oldest is phoenix, 6 years old. i served a year away in korea, and we figured once we got to the next assignment, here at eglin air force base, we'd try for another one. we found out, yes, we're pregnant and it was great. she was approximately 19 into 20 weeks. the ordeal started a little earlier. she started noticing some abnormalities. when she got the call, she knew something was wrong. my wife and i went back to the specialist, and that's when she said, yeah, it's cancer. she says, what we need to do is a mastectomy, get it out. not a week later,
8:22 am
into surgery to have the breast removed. you don't hear of somebody going through pregnancy and being treated with chemotherapy. shaving her head was the next step but we involved our children in the process. cora and phoenix, as my wife was diagnosed with cancer, so many things were taken away. so many options. obviously, the natural birth wasn't an option anymore. breast-feeding started to slip away. that was the last thing my wife could hold on to because she breast-fed the first two. it was something she wanted to do. even the doctors were trying to talk her out of it. it wasn't a hard decision to make at all. we read stories about women who decide not to have the surgery or go through chemo because of the pregnancy, then have the baby and they weren't around for the baby to grow because they passed. because the cancer spread. so my wife is like, nope, i'll be here for my children. i'm not going to let this get the best of me. i'd rather lose a breast and be
8:23 am
and our son was born the 21st of april. healthy baby, no issues, no problems, nothing. as soon as the doctors placed him on her, he immediately rolled over and latched right on. you could feel the emotion in there. she burst into tears. that was captured on picture. to have that immediate bond, it seemed as if he knew, that was what she needed. it was just very emotional and overwhelming experience for her. for any geek out there, the birth name of superman meant strength. and it was by the strength of god he was able to endure everything he had before even being born. in honor of mother's day, i would say to sarah,
8:24 am
your presence and your strength and your tenacity this whole time has been an inspiration to others and definitely me. i know you probably felt you had to lean on me a lot. but seeing your strength through this process gave me the motivation and the inspiration to be strong, as well. i just want to say, just thank you for being the amazing person you are, and i love you. >> a beautiful story. a beautiful family. thanks so much for sharing. sarah, thank you. your family is gorgeous. >> thank you. >> i know you've got a favorite musician. a singer by the name of josh grobin. he has a message for you. >> i am in australia, about to do a concert. i wanted to take a moment to say happy mother's day to one of the
8:25 am
and i hope your year and your years ahead are filled with so much happiness and health. thank you for being an inspiration to me and to everyone around the country. sending you love. i'd like to offer you tickets, of course, to any show you'd like to come to. i'd be honored to have you as my guest. hope you have a great day. >> awesome. >> wow. >> how do you feel, sarah? >> that is awesome. >> he agrees. pretty excited about it. it's so wonder. . you're also a harry potter fan. you love the books, right? >> a little obsessed. >> our producer has some harry potter stuff. we wanted to let you know that our sister company, universal orlando, supplied all this great harry potter memorabilia. plus, we're going to get you a vip tour for you and the family for the wizarding world of harry potter. three days for the theme park admission and
8:26 am
one more thing. >> are you kidding me? >> $1,000 spending money from our friends at smucker's. >> wo
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
8:30 am
8:30 now on this wednesday morning. it's the 4th of may, 2016. as we like to say, may the fourth be with you. it is a beautiful morning out on the plaza. little chilly. little drizzly. we're glad to have everyone along to say good morning to all of you at home. >> it's a little chilly out here. >> little chilly. >> maybe should have gone with a coat. coming up, we ha
8:31 am
a cook or a chef? >> chef. >> very special chef in the kitchen. savannah's mom, nancy. we love nancy around here. they'll teach us to prepare one of their family's favorite recipes. >> smells amazing. >> cooking skipped a generation. my mom can cook. i cannot. >> you're okay. plus, the movie making you feel oh, so good to be bad at parenting. our trip to the set of "bad moms," as we catch up with the stars. hoda shows us what happened in vegas when she met up with the great lionel richie, celebrating his first residency there. >> how many times did they sing together and dance? >> plenty. >> she's part of the show. next week, 100 years of national parks today, celebra celebrating the anniversary. some of us got started. natalie had fun on the water in florida. jenna joined her for
8:32 am
to build a tent. >> oh, my goodness. >> we haven't seen the finished product. >> oh, man. exaspera exasperating. >> we'll have more of the adventures next week. head to for fun national parks trivia and info. send us your pictures, as well. let's head back down to al for another check of the weather. >> guys, all right, guys. thanks so much here from eglin air force base. as we continue to celebrate moms and their families here at the base, let's show you what we have going on for the next couple of days. starting with today, a lot of wet weather down in florida, especially southern florida. strong storms. wet weather continues mid-atlantic states northeast on into the eastern great lakes. more wet weather moves in to the made civic northwest, but everywhere in between looks fantastic. for tomorrow, we still see the wet weather in the mid-atlantic, nooeft, thuk, sunshine through the gulf coast, drs
8:33 am
wet weather all the way down into southern california up into the pacific northwest. and look at how warm it is in the plains. temperature ps in the 80s in the dakotas. all the way down to the 90s into texas. that's what is going on around the country. hers what is happening in your neck of the woods. i'm chuck bell, cloudy skies outside this morning. no rain in the metro area just yet. but there are rain chances coming back by noontime today. off and on light rain this afternoon into this evening. current p temperatures in the low to mid-50s right now. we should be able to squeak our way up into the low to mid-60s for today. low 60s tomorrow and friday. and though it won't rain all the time, there is a high chance for rain each of the next >> get your weather when you need it. weather channel on cable. online. gang, back to you. >> al, thank you. if you loved "bridesmaids" and the "hangover," natalie found the perfect new
8:34 am
you, "bad moms." >> the writer/director team from "the hangover" is behind this movie, "bad moms." it features a remarkable cast, including mila kunis, christina app applegate, jada pinkett smith, to name a few. i visited the set to talk about work, kids and what happens when good kids go bad. >> no. >> what's that? >> i'm tired of trying to be a perfect mom. i'm done. >> reporter: "bad moms" is about a group of moms who are tired of being perfect and want a more hands off approach, and shots. >> i think it's hilarious but also the message is like, just be -- just be gentle with yourself. >> empower each other instead of judge each other. >> be bad moms. >> i'm? >> to bad moms. >> reporter: mila tunis teamed up with
8:35 am
ha hahn, and they face off against the mean mom click, led by christina applegate. >> are those store bought? >> um -- >> what is it like to play the villain villain? >> sometimes i feelic i ca ii f. i want to apologize to the person i'm working with because it feels dirty. >> reporter: as soon as the cameras cut, the drama ends. >> it is the greatest group of women i've ever worked with in my life. >> reporter: the writer/director team say the film's secret weapon is the connection these actresses formed off camera. >> they're becoming real friends. that chemistry, you can't fake. you can do a lot of cool music over things and editorial tricks, but at the end of the day, if the women don't feel they love each other, the movie doesn't really work. >> reporter: the cast bonds over the real-life challenging of being a working mom. >> try harder, dude. >> you come into the
8:36 am
every day you hear, did you do your homework? what are you eating? everybody is constantly -- it is the greatest environment to be in. >> of course, you all have had a bad mom moment, i'm sure. >> i have a couple good ones. >> already? >> i have a couple good ones. >> you go first. >> my daughter was born, being like, where is she? she was outside and naked, like a year and a half. naked on the trampoline with a bowl of frozen grapes. this close to probably choking and dying. >> reporter: while the film is full of jokes, the uplifting message to all mothers is, relax. we're all bad moms sometimes. >> all we can do is our very, very best. we're going to fail. that's how you get up and learn. we're all just trying. it's okay to say, yeah, you know what? i was a really, really crappy mom today. you know what? my kid is alive, and they were fed. >> there's always tomorrow. >> always tomorrow. >> we've a
8:37 am
when we feel like crappy moms. the first trailer for "bad moms" was just released. the movie hits theater s july 29th. >> all the bad moms are texting each other the trailer. up next, music to our hears. hoda goes one on one with lionel richie. she's going to sing. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place to get into a new ford escape.
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of a foot-activated rear liftgate. plus, the power and efficiency of ecoboost technology. you'll find a full lineup of ford suvs designed to help you be unstoppable. right now you can drive a new escape and get 0% financing for 72 months plus $500 cash. hurry, this offer is for a limited time only. see your ford dealer today. this morning, what was in vegas does not stay there. >> hoda is here to tell us why she hit up sin city over the weekend. it was for a good cause. >> one of my favorite assignments ever. i hung out with the legendary lionel richie. he has a new residency at planet hollywood. playing all the hits you love. here's this. >> the palace. >> this is my place. >> reporter: indeed, i have entered the house of l
8:40 am
richie. after four grammys, an academy award and selling some 100 million albums. ♪ she's a beggar >> reporter: he calls las vegas his home, at least for now. >> this is where i stand. >> reporter: for decades, lionel has given what has become the soundtrack for many of our lives. ♪ why i'm easy, babe >> reporter: starting in the '70s and '80s as a member of the funk band the commodores, before going solo in 1981. now, the 66-year-old is headlining his first residency at planet hollywood in vegas, baby. wouldn't you know, it's called, all the hits. he has enough of them. >> who is a lionel richie fan? >> right here. >> who? who? where did you come from? >> kentucky. >> you did? you came all this way for lionel richie? >> i did. >> it's vegas and you're about to step out
8:41 am
do you have the same adrenaline rush, butterflies, whatever that is? >> always. otherwise, you're just not present. >> reporter: the concert that night was sold out. for richie, the stage is comfortable, and the music is in his blood. his passion for it hit his early on, while growing up in tuskegee, alabama. his influence, his grandmother, a pianist herself. >> my grandmother was playing classical music in the house every single day. i didn't realize i was a songwriter. farthest thing from my mind. >> i want to talk about highlights in your career. so many. one was the l.a. olympics. ♪ all night long >> you closed that show with "all night long." when you close your eyes and picture yourself on that stage with 2 billion people watching you, what do you remember? >> it changed my life completely. because froha
8:42 am
this face was sold to the entire world. >> that was a turning point in your life? >> that was a turning point. from that point on, i -- my name got longer. i have lionel richie all night long. >> what other songs do you love to play? ♪ i've been alone with you inside my mind ♪ ♪ and in my dreams, i kiss your lips, ten thousand times ♪ >> can i ask, who is in the audience? is it older, younger, kids, grandkids, who is here? >> we have managed to bring on now three generations of people. >> how about your grandkids? are they grooving on your music? >> here's the funny part, they're just now figuring out that pop pop -- >> they call you pop pop? >> pop pop has a big show.
8:43 am
>> i know all your songs. >> i will sing it with you. ♪ down the line, about a half a mile or so ♪ ♪ and i don't really wanna know ♪ >> reporter: from me, lionel and his piano, to show time where i'm dancing in a room with tyra banks and thousands of lionel's biggest fans. thank you, lionel. >> so much fun. >> that was awesome. >> by the way, i should point out, the audience is singing so loudly, he was like, wait, this is my concert, people. >> mostly, that was you. >> it was. it was so, so much fun. it was great. by the way, he is going to be at planet hollywood, if you're interested, all the way through may. >> under pressure, you did well with the lyrics on that. >> you did. that was good. >> i was a little mouther. i didn't want to ruin it. it was really fun, hanging with him. >> all night long.
8:44 am
things cooking with her mom. they're sharing a great family recipe. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're back at 8:46. this is a special "today" food in honor of mother's day this sunday. i am thrilled to welcome a a talented cook to the kitchen, one i know well, my mom, nancy guthrie. she's here to share a famous dinner. fried chicken, green beans and red applesauce. h hi, mom. ready to cook? >> i'm ready. >> i remember you making this a lot growing up. >> on special occasions. >> takes a while. >> it takes all day. >> this won't be an easy, at home recipe. >> no. it's not very healthy either. >> that's fine. not healthy and not easy. tell me what's in the ingrie
8:47 am
at least a three pound cutup chicken no. chicken. not one of the five-pound roasters. the meat is too tough. you have the buttermilk and eggs. there's your oil. >> i should mention, the peanut gallery is downstairs, ready to taste the chicken. >> already in hechb. >> heaven. >> nancy, it's great. >> already loving it. >> mix your salt and pepper, paprika for flavor. we mix it around like that. >> that's our batter. what's this over here? >> that's your flour. these are the eggs, of course. this is buttermilk. you want to add your buttermilk there. >> okay. >> stir it up. >> whisking your eggs. then what happens? do i put this in here? >> no, no. >> i'm sorry. i had no idea. obviously, i didn't pay attention while she was making this. >> basically, what i like to
8:48 am
this is not stirred enough, but you dig p niit in there. here, then here and back. when it is all ready, put it in your bag. >> you really coat it. >> this gives it the lovely brown, dark, golden color. it's what you want. then your take your chicken -- >> let's back up. why do we shake it in the bag? >> gets all over, see? this has been done already. then dip it into a hot pan of oil. see how it is sizzling? make sure your greece is hase i dip it here. there are thermometers here. >> you used vegetable oil? >> i used crisco, but i add bacon grease, if you have it. it gives it more flavor. >> adding a little bacon grease gives it that -- >> it gives it a
8:49 am
flavor, instead of the plain, yeah. this is the finished product. >> let me see. >> see how crispy it is? >> how long on each side? >> oh, okay. well, you just watch it. you don't want to turn it over and over. just let it fry like that. then when you think it is brown, which it isn't, you turn it over. >> okay. gang, how is it tasting? >> nancy, how many times in life did you get to say to savannah, you just watch it? it's really good. >> oh, good. i'm so glad you like it. >> we have a whole array of sides you like to do. >> i kind of make this dinner all together. it's something we used to do. these apples, somebody said, these are fresh apples, cut up. you can make them red. >> little cinnamon? >> cinnamon candies. have you tried the apples downstairs? >> trying them down. >> i didn't know they were red hot candies. amazing. >> delicious treat. >> one of the great thi
8:50 am
you know, these beans. dad grew them, called them kentucky wonders. you string them, something fun to do with the kids. >> tell me about the spoon bread. >> it is actually when we moved to arizona, i found this recipe and i thought it complimented. >> i love it with all the cheese. this is a real kentucky recipe with a touch of arizona. my mom and dad grew up in kentucky. >> comfort food. >> love it. >> perfect for today on a cold kind of dreary day. nancy, tell us a story about when savannah got caught shoplifting. >> no, no! my gosh! we are out of time. >> where did we hear that? >> where did he hear that? did you say something? >> no, not me. >> matt, you have sources deep inside the guthrie family. >> i made it up and, apparently, i got to something. >> well, savannah's face -- >> that might have actually happen
8:51 am
another time. the record was completely expunged. you can find the recipes at we've posted a video tutorial for the fried chicken at food. mama, great job. love you. >> love you, honey. this is "today" on nbc. stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
8:52 am
we want to get some birthdays now from mr. roker in
8:53 am
then we want to hear about what you stole. >> no! >> al, take it away. >> we're on. >> it died. >> thank you. anyway, we are here at the eglin air force base. this is a first for us. we have live birthdays. just nearby in the air force village, we have three centenarians we want to celebrate. first of all, we have a happy 101st birthday to dee dee klair, the matriarch at the bunch at the village. she served her country by working on army trucks during world war ii. elizabeth fowler, 100 years old. rosie the riveter during the war. she lived all over the world, including africa. happy 103rd birthday to the longest residing resident of the base, mary gilmore. she loves golf and you willd
8:54 am
taking the ceremonial first swing. very impressed is one matt lauer. let me tell you. let's introduce you to other great folks around the country. happy 100th birthday to the lovely abumna. she loves to bake. ask anyone, she makes the best apple pie you've ever had. paul jackson of illinois, 101 years old. this retired farmer enjoys driving himself around town. the secret to longevity is spending time with family and friends. amen. and irene, happy 100th birthday. she loves singing chinese opera and works ed as a physician for4 years before retiring. and we've got some of the great moms here on the base, with their beautiful kids. just a gorgeous group. i t
8:55 am
we've seen. how many is she? >> three months. >> what's her name? >> riley. >> hello, riley. all these beautiful kids hanging out. happy mother's day to all the moms here. thank you so much for your service. god bless. let's go back to new york. >> al, nice job down there. way to go. >> no more birthdays, al? >> it was jewelry and china? >> no, it was not. it was not. so embarrassing. >> grand larson. >> i think it was june rior hig and i had to return it because i told my mom. >> feel better? >> no, i feel worse. now everybody knows all my dirty laundry. >> that's it? >> mom, enjoy your last visit to the "today" show. >> awe. >> your mom didn't reveal a thing. >> matt was totally making it up. >> i completely was making it up. >> i know. >> i bet we find a mug shot somewhere. >> junior high.
8:56 am
just ahead, we're catching up with jessica biel and rob reiner and more. it was wrong. 1ñ may 4. i'm aaronñr gilchrist. let's get right over toñi melisr mollett, she has an update to a1 crash. >> northbound 3rd street tunnel at d street, the left lane the only thingçó getting by.i]xd we've had things change h. in the past 20 minutes or so. it will still just the left lane now getting by very slow there. 295
8:57 am
burroug burroughs, that accident still hanging away.qtpr(t&háhp &hc% not the so bad+ at the top of e >> we'll shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place to get into a new ford escape. escape leads the way with the convenience of a foot-activated rear liftgate. plus, the power and efficiency of ecoboost technology. you'll find a full lineup of ford suvs designed to help you be unstoppable. right now you can drive a new escape and get 0% financing for 72 months plus $500 cash.
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8:59 am
a few sprinkles starting to develop across northernçó maryl!ñ?g maybefá a few thin ss in the cloudsi] out towards the shenandoah valley but by and large you will think of today as 70%. so3w have your umbrella with y. high rain chances not necessarily all that much rain today. better chances for maybe as much of an inch of rain thursday and friday.t( chuck, thank you. you can getok the latest news a weatherohnytime on the nbc washington app. anoer update in 25 minuteths.
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," one on one with jessica biel, the superstar opens up about motherhood and her marriage to justin timberlake. alicia keys releases her first single in years, and we've got it. plus, the hottest toys for your spring and summer fun. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today". it is wednesday morning, may 4th, 2016. may the fourth. more on that in a second. >> yeah. >> "star wars" fan. i'm willie alongside tamron and natalie. al is on
9:01 am
jam. >> la gozadera. >> we wanted to hear you say that. >> it's like having fun. this is a song that is marc anthony. gente de zona, a group he's behind, as well. this is popular in miami. we were there for the latin billboards last week. >> can we crank it up? i didn't even hear it. >> la gozadera. >> get you a little latin -- >> it's a fun dance song. >> marc anthony is in it. you have a little bit of everything. >> anything with marc -- >> you know how i feel about marc anthony. >> you know who loves this song? donald j. trump, one of his favorite jams. no, i shouldn't say that. he won indiana last night. now, is the republican party's very, very, very likely nominee. ted cruz dropped out of the race. john kasich is still there. let's look at the board. trump
9:02 am
indiana last night. his total now, up over 1,000. less than 200 away from the 1,237 he needs to make this nomination official. ted cruz's decision to suspend his campaign stunned some of the supporters in the crowd. listen. >> i've said that i will continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight, i'm sorry to say -- >> no! >> -- it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> no! >> together, we left it all on the field in indiana. we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. and so, with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism, for the
9:03 am
nation -- >> what are you doing? >> no! >> -- we are suspending our campaign. >> it's amazing. started with 17 republican candidates. >> 17. >> 15 have fallen by the wayside. >> since june. >> since june when he came down the escalator, donald trump. last night was a moment for a lot of time, even though we knew this day was probably coming, where you stopped and said, at least i did, we were talking this morning, experts even in politics said, my gosh, donald trump is one step away from the white house. a guy who has been a celebrity and huge star. he stepped into politics off the escalator and people thought it was a stunt of some kind. here he is, going tb to be the nominee. >> donald trump was asking who he should support as the president because he did not expect to go this far. he thought that his endorsement would matter. the -- ted cruz did an impromptu news conference yesterday, and he went off. i mean, like from
9:04 am
ticking down all of the things. he actually said, i'm going to tell you what i really think of donald trump for the first time. we all just braced ourselves. that's what he means when he says, he left it all on the field. he did. he planned an alliance with john kasich. that fell apart. he tried to get endorsements. everything he did obviously did not work. he owned it in that moment, which you have to give it up to him for that. he left it all on the field, and he really did yesterday. he went on non-stop. >> interesting he didn't mention donald trump. >> or the republican party. >> or the party, right. >> donald trump, as tamron eluded to, earlier in the day yesterday, sited a kind of fraudulent newspaper report that said ted cruz's father was somehow linked to lee harvey oswa oswald. i won't bore you with the details. this is trump 12 hours after connecting him to the kennedy assassination. this is after he won last night. >> i have to tell you that i've competed all my
9:05 am
competitive person. all my life, i've been in competitions. different competitions, whether it's sports or business or now, for ten months, politics. and i have to tell you that i have met some of the most incredible competitors that i have ever competed against. right here on the republican party. we started off with that 17 number. just so you understand, ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or if he doesn't like me, but he is one hell of a competitor. he is a tough, smart guy. and he has got an amazing future. >> interesting how his tone has softened so much. >> in 12 hours. he was linking his father to the assassination.
9:06 am
ted. it's like "game of thrones." once he has destroyed you, he scratches out your nickname and then you become a person again. little marco. after marco rubio dropped out, he went back to senator rubio. the last man standing is john kasich. what is he thinking? >> go back to the eating of the pancakes. >> if you are john kasich this morning, i know he's holding an event very soon, what do you do? you have all of the attention of donald trump on you solo right now. >> if i was donald trump, i'd ignore him. he said, oh, there's two left. he ignores him. >> kasich has ignored donald trump. >> i don't know how you do. >> donald trump is focusing on picking his running mate now. >> christie, there athere are r people don't want to be on the ticket with donald trump. >> we interviewed him across t
9:07 am
names. who are we thinking of? he said, i'm going to the political realm, is what i'll say. what about the generals? people speculate you need a military figure. he said, i'm great with the military. he basically said, i'll pick somebody from the world of politics to help me work with congress and all that. democratic side, bernie sanders pulled off something like an upset, taking home 45 delegates in indiana. at the totals, hillary clinton with a huge lead, 2,189. the magic number is 2,383. most people expect her to get to the number. >> if she gets to the number, and you know this well, they'll have the highest negative presidential candidates in history. >> yeah. >> the two people that are least liked, one in two, he is number one and she is number two in a general. experts say this has never happened, two people with such high negative. >> fascinating election, for sure. >> 55% unfavorable. >> crazy. let's move o
9:08 am
some incredible video that we have, take a look at this. this comes out of south carolina. so the neighbor shot this video. >> oh, gosh. >> in greensboro, south carolina. that's a gator at the door. >> is he breaking in? >> ringing the doorbell. >> breaking and entering. >> he basically looked like he was. it's amazing, they stand up on the hind legs. >> i didn't know they could do that. >> i'm more intrigued, why did he do it? how did he know it was the doorbell? >> gators are smarter eer than thought, and polite. he could have barged? >> the doggy door. hey, i'm here. >> anyway, the neighbor shot the video. fortunately, the people weren't home at the time who owned the house. >> so many questions here. is the neighbors camera positioned to the other neighbors door? >> i think if you see a gator, you get your phone and take video of it. >> theyal
9:09 am
ringing your doorbell. she laughed. no, no, there is a gator ringing your doorbell. she came home from work. >> the dog and cat inside are like, please let the door be locked. >> they weren't home, the gator made its way back to wherever it came from. gator to shark. can al hear us? >> he can. >> is he linked up to us? >> i can hear you. >> hey, buddy. >> hey, there. >> you recently shot a a cameo ? apparently they didn't kill us yet, right? >> yeah, we were in sharknado. >> i just lost my eye in the last one. >> can you reveal what is happening in the scene or no? >> well, it's gone from not just sharkna sharknado, but now we have
9:10 am
the shark consumed him. >> it consumed matt and savan h savannah. >> what happened to al? >> he's still alive. >> i actually pushed natalie in front of me. >> maybe that's what happened. all right. well, we're glad you survived and we're glad you're keeping some amazing company in behind you. >> by the way, sharknado the force awakens as it's called premieres sunday july 31st. on sci-fi. >> and it is may 4th, so it's may the fourth be with you. get it? for star wars nerds, this is huge this morning. mark hamill retweeted a photo saying he was nerding out with his kids. and the star wars games here to celebrate. star wars corn hole. >> let's see who is good at corn hole.
9:11 am
>> i love this game, star wars or otherwise. >> this is pretty cool p. >> i enjoy the art work on it. >> you're supposed to have a drink in your other hand. >> a beer of some sort? oh! >> good one. >> we aare terrible. the force is not with us. >> hey willie? i know yesterday you celebrated a special day. first by doing sunday "today." and then of course it was yours birthday yesterday and we couldn't be with you, but we have a little something for you. >> there we go. >> is it german chocolate? >> your favorite. >> she made me one yesterday, but i'll take this one, too. th
9:12 am
>> i know we get the best cakes. >> do you know about german chocolate? it's just the best. my mom has that for me, my dad, our birthdays are a week apart. she's made it every year and it reminds me of my mom. do you want onelp me with these candles? al, you take the weather while we blow out the candles. >> all right. there you go. by the way, we have -- we're at the eglin air force base, nice folks at smuckers are throwing a great breakfast for all the folks on base. and we have a lot of the moms here and their daughters. and kids and sons. what is your name? and who is this? what is your name? and your name? >> and who is this back here is this that's right. and we have a couple little moms to be, as well. we don't
9:13 am
and we have another expectant mom back there. do we have a name yet? there you go, kids who are out and kids who are in. that's what is going on around the country. here's what is happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. a cloudy sky, not much rain in the metro just yet. there are sprinkles starting to develop across northern maryland and more light rain out in the mountains of west virginia. west virginia raindrops are coming our direction. current temperatures courtesy of the clouds are stuck in the mid-50s and we won't see a big rise in temperatures. up into the low or perhaps briefly mid-60s today. one or two slivers of sunshine, that's it. and then all cloud cover for thursday and friday. the weekend is looking at least a little bit better with temperatures in the 70s. >> happy mother's day to all the moms out there. back to you. >> al, we'll talk to you in a second. >> i'm getting close. >> closer. >> we need a slice of that. >> we'll have cake in the ea
9:14 am
jessica biel opens up about the experience that changed her life, her marriage to justin clorox disinfecting wipes with micro-scrubbers... scrub away even the toughest, dried-on messes. ♪
9:15 am
with clorox disinfecting wipes. introducing oikos crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious crunchy toppings like chocolate and peanut butter chips. crunched it! new oikos crunch. be unstoppable. motrin helps you be an... "i can totally do this in one trip" kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, motrin works fast to stop pain. make it happen with motrin® liquid gels.
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ry motrin pm to relieve pain and help you sleep. plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist, olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30. one new mom is doing her part to help others who are less fortunate. >> good morning. >> hi, sheinelle. >> jessica biel. let's use our imagination. here's the deal, actress jessica biel is crediting the joys of motherho
9:17 am
husband one of the reasons she's been inspired to give back. her story couldn't be any sweeter. >> reporter: she's known for her acting, her beauty and, let's face it, she's half of one of the hottest couples in hollywood. jessica biel also has a big heart. here in her own child-friendly restaurant, oh fudge, she partnered with baby to baby and tiny prints, so these little ones, many from homeless shelters, could have a special celebration with their mothers for mother's day. motherhood brought this cause nearer to jessica's heart. >> once you had a little guy, it changed your perspective. >> it changes things because you have a firsthand experience as to how difficult it is to have a kid. how many diapers they need a day. how many wipes you use. how much they eat, or how much you prepare that they don't eat. it really changes your perspective massively, i think. >> something we remind ourselves every morning, and
9:18 am
it, is 1 of 3 mothers in this country had to choose between food and diapers for her child. our mission every day is to get basic essentials to low income children and families. >> it is a cycle of poverty we're trying to help alleviate. >> reporter: jessica isn't the only celebrity mom involved. rachel zoe and kelly rowland also came by. >> when i had my first little guy, when you're not with them, my heart was on the outside. does that make sense? >> people talk about the invisible umbilical cord. you're still connected to the person, though you're not in the same body anymore. it does not go away. >> how old is silas now? >> over a year. >> what's he like? how would you describe him? >> a ham, like his dad. serious ham. he thinks everything is funny. he thinks sneezing is funny. bodily function is really funny.
9:19 am
>> he likes stevie wonder. the groove. >> speaking of groove, does he recognize that he's listening to daddy, or do you listen to daddy? >> we listen to a lot of daddy. he hasn't real lie sely seen hi stage. i think once he connects the dot, we play the music, he'll realize, oh, that's daddy up there. >> do you guys have moments when you feel like, this is my unit? what's a good time for you guys? >> i definitely have that unit feeling. it's a good feeling, isn't it? it's just, it's like you against the world. you can do anything. it's kind of that aspirational feeling, i guess. >> reporter: as she approaches her second mother's day, jessica says it's the simple moments she cherishes most. >> we do a lot of yard hangouts. picnic blanket on the yard, music, books everywhere, crawling through the grass, that stuff. >> in those moments, there is nothing better. >> there's not.
9:20 am
other moms create a toothless grin, a princess dream or bubble fantasy, she's all in. >> it was really good. her restaurant, by the way, fantastic. the kids are watched while you eat. >> love it. >> thanks so much,
9:21 am
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9:24 am
dropping later this summer. you can catch the first performance of "in common" on "snl" this saturday. alicia is on with host brie larson, one of our favorites around here. real-life couple blake shelton and gwen stefani will debut their duet monday on "the voice," called "go ahead and break my heart," from blake's new album. blake and gwen kindled the romance. the fellow judges of "the voice" wrote this together. i love them as a couple so much. when you thought the late-night high jinks on "the tonight show" couldn't get funnier, chris evans was on last night. either endured frozen water poured down their pants when they lost the round. see what happened when jimmy won the final round last night. my dream is to see al and willie
9:25 am
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it's 4 times stronger, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. good morning. it's 9:26. i'm aaron gilchrist. for the first time this week, you can take a marc brunswick line train in to the district. regular service resumed on that line for the first time this morning since sunday's csx train derailment. today people who died keeping our community safe will be honored. this morning in montgomery county, knnoah leotta's name wi be added to a memorial wall. and prince george's county will add jacai colson's name to its memorial plaque today, as well. both services are part of the national police week. we'll get
9:27 am
9:28 am
delay skies outside this washington this morning. p temperatures are in the mid-50s right now and there is a little bit of light rain in northern matter land and also out across the mountains of west virginia. so have your umbrella with you if you're going out.
9:29 am
morning lunchtime, off and on showers for the rest of today and steadier periods of rain for thursday and friday. >> thank you,
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. the biggest recall in u.s. history getting even bigger. the government is more than doubling the number of takata air bag inflaters being recalled. adding as many as 40 million to the 29 million already recalled. at least ten people have been killed in the u.s. when their air bags exploded. more than 100 others have been injured. officials say almost 1/3 of all antibiotics prescribed in the u.s. are not necessary. a new report from the cdc warns unnecessary antibiotics are leading to the rise of drug-resistant superbugs. the cdc wants doctors to cut the number of unneeded prescriptions for antibiotics in half within four years. new research suggests medical mistakes are now the third leading cause of death in the
9:31 am
and cancer. the report in the british medical journal finds at least 250,000 deaths in the u.s. every year can be linked to errors in medical care caused by everything from wrong medications to faulty computer progr programs. the number is an estimate, since the cdc currently has no accurate way of tracking deaths from medical mistakes. and the captain of an alaskan fishing boat got the catch of the day without leaving his dock. cy williams was taking his boat out when a hump back whale came out of nowhere with his mouth wide open. the whole thing caught on camera. remarkable. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker, down in pensacola, florida. fantastic people. sir? >> we are at the people. >> yeah, we are at the eglin air force base. folks at smuckers throwing a breakfast for 4,000 ofhe
9:32 am
families pl really very cool. let's show you what we have as far as your weather is concerned. today wet weather from florida all the way up the east coast. in the northeast and new england. back into the great lakes. more wet weather moving into the pacific northwest into northern california. in between a gorgeous day. plenty of sunshine. all the way from the plains down to texas. that's what is going on around the country. here's what is happening this your neck of the woods. right here in washington, it's cloudy and cool. temperatures low to mid-50s around the metro area. your planner for this afternoon is cool and cloudy, rain chances remain pretty high. not expecting a lot of rain today, but rain chances are pretty high. 70% today and tomorrow and 80% chance of rain on friday. as we go into mother's day weekend, most of saturday looks dry and milder. near 73. chance of an early morning shower on sunday morning and then finally dry weather >> that's your latest weather. willie? >> al, thanks very much. give our
9:33 am
women behind you. rob reiner is one of hollywood's most successful directors and actors, behind the popular comedies and dramas of all time. >> let's take a look back at his incredible body of work. >> okay. let's cut. let's just do another. >> reporter: the chance that rob reiner directed your favorite movie is surprisingly high. after all, he is the man behind classics like "this is spinal tap," "stand by me," "princess bride," "when harry met salarly "a few good men," and "the bucket list." >> you can't handle the truth. >> reporter: they're movies you can quote. films that moved you to every emotion. films you would watch again tonight, even though you've watched them a hundred times before. >> as you wish. >> reporter: and we haven't even
9:34 am
of the camera, creating iconic roles like michael "meathead" from "all in the family." >> i don't need your help. >> reporter: or tom hanks' friend in "sleepless in seattle." >> tiramisu. >> what is it? >> you'll see. >> some woman will want me to do it to her, and i won't know what it is. >> you'll love it. >> reporter: or his most recent work as leonardo dicaprio's father in "wolf of wall street." >> $26,000? >> reporter: now rob reiner is back behind the camera in his most personal film yet, "being charlie," written by his son, nick, whose real-life battle with addiction inspired the film. >> what do i have that is mine? >> you have you, man. that's all you'll ever have. >> reporter: shedding light on the hardships on the road to recovery. >> rob reiner joins us now. >> thanks for having me. >> we were quoting lines from your movies,
9:35 am
>> i'm really thrilled that there is no big bucket of ice on this set. i saw that thing with fallon. >> we can do it. >> no. i got a little nervous when i saw that. >> you and willie, showdown. >> we know about shrinkage, and we don't want to go there. donald trump will not have to worry about that. i went for a donald trump and shrinkage and the whole thing. >> donald trump and shrinkage. >> this is breakfast with rob reiner. >> let's talk about this movie. it is so different than anything else you've ever done. getting the chance to work with your son on something that's so personal. >> well, it was very personal. i mean, it's not a secret, but my son, nick, who was one of the writers of the screenplay, had his problems with substance abuse. he went through a number of rehab programs from the time he was 15 to 19. he
9:36 am
but what i didn't understand is the depth of what he was going through. and the process of making this film, not only forced me to see what he was experiencing, but i think it forced him to see what i went through and what his mother went through. hopefully, the film was a reflection of that. you know, hopefully, it'll be part of a dialogue. we're experiencing a lot of -- it's a epidemic now. the availability of drugs and, you know, in suburban communities. it's on the campaign trail now. hopefully, this will be part of the dialogue. >> that's the thing, people can easily associate this with hollywood or a privileged life. hillary clinton was in west virginia yesterday. the highest race of overdoses in the united states happens in west virginia. >> yeah. and this -- clearly, there is no socio-economic boundary to this. it touches everyone. what we try to understand is that -- and i think it's great, what's happening in the crimina
9:37 am
justice system. they're trying to decriminalize these things. don't punish somebody for having a problem. we have to start thinking about it. the disease is not the addiction. the disease is the underlying issues that cause you to self-medicate with either alcohol or drugs or, you know, gambling, sex, whatever it is you do. that's an individual thing, and that has to be treated individually. i don't think it works in a cookie cutter approach. >> right. >> nick co-wrote this with a guy he met in rehab. they understand the problem. >> i didn't know they were working on it. they met each other. there is a scene in the movie where the guy -- they have a talent show. the kid does a stand-up. that was nick's friend, ma matt elisofon. they got out and started writing. it was a half-hour comedy of life in rehab. i said,
9:38 am
if you're going to do justice to it, you have to bring the emotional part out. eventually, it became this screenplay we worked on. >> i think it'll be tremendously helpful for so many people to understand. >> hopefully. we have to not punish people who have problems. we have to help them. i think we're going in that direction now. people are starting to recognize it. because it's been given a national spotlight on the campaign trail. >> we appreciate you putting this film out there. rob reiner, thanks so much. to your son, nick, as well, which we're proud of. "being charlie" is in theaters this friday. coming up, the hottest new toys. kids are testing them out, after mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm, laughter mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm! mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmmm
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list, because your home is where our heart is. ♪ bubbles, pogo sticks, roller coasters. we have oversized fun. >> toy insider mom lori is here with the hottest toys for your
9:43 am
good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. the sun is going to come out and we'll get out and play. what is better than a roller coaster in your backyard? >> okay. >> fantastic. >> this is our hot wheels -- >> you're not afraid, right? >> it's by step two. 17 feet of track. 17 feet. >> take a deep breath, buddy. >> oh, yes! >> look at the step up. kids can walk it up and walk the car right back up. >> it doesn't have a seat belt. >> 3 years and up. >> and somebody catches them. >> remember the itchy potato sack races? these are better. >> go, go, go! >> they have the pockets in the front. they're great for relay races. >> adorable. >> i love the active play. >> if our kids want to go with the minions, this is a pogo stick. stand on it
9:44 am
sounds like giggling. >> you're great at this. >> one more time. >> i'll practice later. >> the kids will be cracking up and, of course, keeping nice and active. >> you've got it. >> slingshot. >> girl power is in full force this year. our girls superheroes are ready to soar. this is our d.c. superhero girl slingshot. think about your favorites. super girl. >> you don't have to worry about eyes getting poked. >> right into the camera. nice job. >> i prefer bubbles. making a mess. >> it's a fun mess though. >> this is our bubble fun wand. we make cool bubbles with this.
9:45 am
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9:50 am
in 1958, during the second term of dwight david eisenhower. >> what kind of a guy was eisenhower, on a personal level? >> easy to work with. nice guy. he preferred to be called general rather than president. we simply called him the boss. >> reporter: during two post world war ii terms of relative peace and prosperity, eisenhower spent a lot of time on the golf course. clint hill was right there with him. >> by the end, spending all this time with him on the golf course, you write in the book you could pick out his clubs for him and caddy. >> you knew exactly what he was going to use. he had certain problems on certain golf courses that we would bet each other. there was a tree in the middle of the course. he hit that tree every time he swung the club. >> didn't he ask to have the tree move snd. >> he
9:51 am
still call it the eisenhower tree. >> air force one lands on a base anywhere on christmas eve and the president wants to do a little shopping. >> we were toward the end of a round the world trip. it was just before christmas. we landed to refuel. he was asleep on the plane. i looked up, and here he is, standing there. hey, clint, where is everybody? >> doing christmas shopping. he said, we'll go, too. he goes in -- he has pajamas on. puts on a trench coat and down the ramp he comes. >> reporter: five presidents and five distinct personalities. clint served richard nixon from his swearing in to his watergate resignation. >> he was an introvert most of the time he was in the white house. he was a strange guy to work with. >> lonely guy? >> yeah, i think he was very lonely. >> r
9:52 am
country's darkest moments that weighs on clint hill. >> president kennedy was murdered. >> reporter: november 22nd, 1963, president john f. kennedy was shot and killed in an open car while riding through dealey plaza in dallas. >> he was shot by a sniper hiding in a building. >> reporter: clint was protecting jackie kennedy that day. he rushed to the president's car to block further shots. >> what goes through your mind? do you replay that day? do you think, what else could i have done, or do you say, i did everything i could do? >> the longest time, i never said i did everything i could, until 1990. i still have problems with that assassination period. in 1990, i went back to dallas. i walked the area of dealey plaza. i went up to the sixth floor. i came away realizing that i had done everything i could have done that day. >> reporter: it was the ongoing trauma of that day that led clint to retire in
9:53 am
age of 43. shortly after gerald ford took office. >> if you had it to do over, would you take the life again? >> oh, i'd go right back to it tomorrow morning if they'd let me. unfortunately, i'm a little too old. >> i think they could still use you. clint, thank you for the time. the book is amazing. >> been a pleasure. >> the assassination looms large for clint, but he recalls kennedy personally, the invitation into the kennedy family football games. the book, again, is "five presidents," and is fantastic. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
hoda is still dancing. ♪ all night long ♪ all night, all night ♪ >> little
9:56 am
9:57 am
good morning. it's 9:57 on this wednesday, may 4. in our headlines today, the fredericksburg murder trial continues to steven briel, accused of killing grace mann last year before both of preeofs parents testified about their son's increasingly strange behavior before the murder. the jury cou
9:58 am
deliberations as soon as tomorrow. cloudy skies over washington. starting to see light sprinkles developing northern loudoun county, northern maryland, out to the panhandle of west virginia. not expecting a lot of rain today, but a high chance that you will need the umbrella. highs today low to mid-60s, only low 60s tomorrow and friday with a very high chance for rain each and every day. into the weekend, pure sunshine, doesn't come back until next week. coming up on midday oig, we'll take a look at how safe d.c. bus drivers are after yesterday's hijacking incident. midday begins
9:59 am
10:00 am
is. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> don't get so aggressive! >> you know what? it's may 4th so may the fourth be with you! >> that's what she said. >> it's national "star wars" day. >> all right, chkylo ren's ligh saber. >> ladies, time to get on with the show. >> wow, that's zach.


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