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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:39pm EDT

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the momentent and their patienoff. a takedown without incident. a takedown without any violence. a murder suspect handcuffed and in custody taken off the streets. this is how it all came to be. early this afternoon at the northgate shopping center, an undercover officer sees the suspect's car, that silver hyundai, withspot. they look around and later they see the suspect. he's wandering around here going from store to store. he went to the rite aid. he went to the duncan donuts. he went over there to the boston market and ordered a salad and a bottle of water. but he had threatened that h
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people, so they waited and waited. when he left and came to his car and he was alone, they moved in. they surrounded that car with police trucks and vehicles. they drew their weapons. they ordered him out. hands up. then they handcuffed him and took him in. hear now chief tom manger. he describes the police strategy here. >> the suspect was actually in several of the businesses here. knowing that the suspect was armed, knowing that the suspect had made statements about what he intended to do, we needed to make sure the public was safe when we took him into custody. our fear was th
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since he hadople today, we cert not want to have any other bloodshed here, so the plain clothes officers waited until it was safe to take him into custody and that's what they did. >> reporter: now we have some pictures of that suspect car. you can see it is dinged on the sides. as i said before, the police vehicle wedged them in here today when they went after him with their guns drawn. again, a takedown without incident. the suspect's in custody. he's being held without bond. there's a court hearing monday. now a number of people witnessed this. we're going to hear from them coming up at the half hour, but now back to you. >> thank you, pat. >> darcy spencer is live at that aspen hill shopping center where a woman was killed in the parking lot in front of the giant. >> darcy, what are you hearing from witnesses now? >> reporter: well, jim, you know one of the things that a lot of people are
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is reminiscent of the sniper attacks back in 2002. we were all here at that time and know how this community was terrorized in aspen hill. one of the shootings that happened was right across the street from where i'm standing, so you can understand very raw emotion today. i want to show you some perspective of the giant shopping center here, how close it is to the shopping center where that takedown happened. you see the kohl's. it's on the opposite side in the parking lot where the suspect parked his car outside the boston market. little did we know we're right here. he was right there. eventually police caught up with him and took him down. we want to show you the parking lot here at giant. we're at connecticut avenue and aspen hill road. the scene cleared just within the last 15, 20 minutes, but let's show you some video of the very active scene. we understand that after the shooting at montgomery mall in
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understand, was here just getting out of her car right here in the parking lot. it was a little suv. and she was shot right there. we could see her body on the ground right next to her vehicle. police had to set up a tent over the top of her suv. we've had relentless rain all day long, so they had to preserve that evidence and work out here in the rain, taking the measurements and doing what they had to do. police have now cleared the scene. let's hear a little bit from the man who lived in the area during the sniper attacks. >> it reminds me perhaps of the sniper incident that happened years ago. my grandparents used to live right up the street. i can remember them being scared going up to the grocery store. i had to drive out here -- i'm from gaithersburg. i had to
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today. we do know it was a woman who was t >> here's a look at how this all unfolded.he first shooting happ around 11:15 this morning at the montgomery mall. two men were shot and a woman shot. one of the men was killed. then the suspect shot a woman in the giant parking lot in paspen hill. chris gordon is live in bethesda with his story. >> reporter: the shooting happened right here behind me in the parking lot outside the macy's. for hours it was a crime scene. take a look. as
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fire responded to this the wwa sho when a man before she could answer he shot her. two men came to her aid. both were shot. one died. the other has grave injuries. let's hear now from a witness to this shooting. >> i heard about eight gunshots, four at a time, four quick ones, boom, boom, boom. i said that sounds like gunshots. then i heard boom, boom, boom again. i said those are definitely gunshots, so it's got to be coming from around here somewhere. >> reporter: now fortunately a montgomery county police officer wearing plain clothes was in the parking lot. he immediately told some of the people to
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he called el salvador who has lived here for 26 years administered to the woman, putting a compress on her shoulder wound. he told me the woman kept talking saying, my husband is going to be so angry. i was supposed to work today and i came shopping. he quieted her. she was taken to the hospital. she has non-life-threatening injuries. >> we are learning more about the first victim in this crime spree, the shooter's wife, a chemistry teacher, shot and killed while she was picking up her kids at high point high school yesterday. >> tracee wilkins is live at the hospital where gladys tordil taught. >> reporter: what we have learned is tordil took out a stay away order against her estranged husband in h.
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also high p daughters inteattend school. her estranged husband showed up. there was a confrontation. someone got involved and tried to deescalate that. we're told tordil pulled out a gun, shot that man in his arm. he is expected to be okay. then unloaded on husbais wife, shooting her multiple times, killing her. that was the first shooting incident that happened yesterday. now we are learning more about what happened in that protective order and why gladys took the protective order out. she said tordil issued military-style punishments within their home. at one point, he smacked her so hard that it broke her glasses. there are also allegations of sexual ab
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document as well andl showing s pornography to minors as well in that documentation. because of all of, with his job, his gun was taken away. he worked for federal protective services. his gun was taken away and also his badge. he had to turn in his gun at the end of every day when he was on administrative leave. then wasn't allowed to work after that. the police went to his home and took a number of guns out of his house as well according to the protective order. a lot happened here in gladys' life. one of her former students told me she could not believe it. >> she was a happy teacher. she would sing to katy perry. she was just a happy teacher. >> you hear she was gunned down.
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>> it was crazy. so. scott macfarlane at the live desk. security camera footage of the takedown today at of eulalio tordil at the northgate plaza shopping center. there he is walking towards his car, a bag of ice in his hand. here he comes around to the driver's side. opens the door. you see a person in a mini van get out and just in time. there it is. several vehicles bumping the car, then quickly approaching the car, guns drawn. tordil is in the car
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now by left side of your thgr c bind the there come the vehicles, and here come the montgomery county officers. that's the takedown from security camera footage obtained a few moments ago by news4. jim, back to you. >> unbelievable. what a perspective, scott. thank you. it's been a busy day across our region. the safety of those who use metro are top of mind today. >> our report from our transportation reporter adam tuss is just a few minutes away. first, we l
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shooting this rnnd one woman. the woman got shot in the
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this is the last four hours. you continue to see the rain coming in from the northraike this is part of that system that is slowly, slowly moving through our area. complete forecast in just a few. the three shooting victims were rushed to suburban hospital today. one of the men died of his wounds as we've told you. >> our kristin wright is at the hospital with the latest on the two other victims. >> reporter: the newest
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suburban hospital just know, who has a this is the very beginning of the investigation. whatever she says is going to be the very beginning of the case being built by police and eventually prosecutors. so that is the biggest information that we have about the woman who was shot. now, the hospital was put on lockdown earlier today for a few hours because of just everything going on because of its proximity to the mall. it is less than three miles away. so there was restricted access in and out of the hospital because it was on lockdown.
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the other two victims, the man o other victims here at suburban. back to
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shootings. at one point, all schoolstr al we'reinto bring you any developments. open up our nbc washington app for a break down of how all this unfolded. our reporters are doing facebook vean metro riders are bracing for major changes now that the general manager has laid
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disruptive, dramatic, call it w cashe maintenance teams are already increasing their time on the track. metro is quite literally broken and the transit agency's leader says tough choices have to be made now. >> in my estimation, we need to do something different and dramatically different. >> reporter: well, this is different, dramatic, and unprecedented. starting in june, metro's safe track plan kicks into high gear to literally rebuild some sections of the system. this is not the same type of work that's been happening in years past. >> this is a massive undertaking. there's no
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these sections of rail line will be completelycledaccomplish the. >> reporter:
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>> callre
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since he had already shot four people today, we certainly did not want to have any other bloodshed here, so the plain
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are indeed all connected.ha tho together a timeline for us to show us just how this all unfolded. >> we didn't know right at first whether or not these were connected, but now that police have taken their suspect into custody it is apparent that three different shootings in maryland in two different counties are connected. 4:30 thursday afternoon
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tordil was picking uprd walking bethesda in the macy's parking lot when a man confronted her. the suspect reached into his car, pulled out a gun, and started shooting. two men who tried to help her were also shot. a woman was shot in the parking lot outside of the giant at aspen hill shopping center. nearby county schools were sheltering in place as they were still actively searching for the shooter. by 1:00 p.m., all montgomery
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mall and the woman in the giant parking lot. >> meagan fitzgerald has within atching the police meagan? >> reporter: jim andwendy, this parking lot behind me here was a crime scene for nearly six hours while police, montgomery county police, tried to piece together all that happened. you can see it's clear now, but we want to show you of what it looked like around 11:15 when
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call they saw three people suffering wo. th theyell us they woldsoon as arrived here. they taped off the perimeter as they continued that investigation to try and get to the bottom of what happened. we had an opportunity to speak with police earlier today. here's how they described the suspect's encounter with the victims. >> there was confrontation here in the mall parking lot. one individual was shot. two other individuals came to that person's aid potentially. they were also shot. >> reporter: and police tell us one of those victims, the good samaritan, died from his gunshot wounds. another victim is experiencing non-life-threatening injuries,
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whereas the other one is in critical work right now to the p thinvestigation. we know this investigation is far from over. jim and wendy? >> thank you, meagan. as we continue to go through the timeline that's unfolded today, just about a half an hour after the shootings at westfield montgomery mall, a woman was gunned down, killed at a shopping center in aspen hill. >> officers took the suspected gunman into custody in the next shopping center over. that's where we find pat collins who's been talking with witnesses this evening who saw that takedown. pat? >> reporter: we're going to get to those witnesses in
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jim, but first we have tory you can see the suspect walking. they've had eyes on him for they wanted to wait until they could get isolated on him before they made their move. he goes towards his car. as he gets in his car, there goes the cops. they have the place surrounded. the takedown no resistance, no violence. the suspect in custody taken away. this murder suspect is now off the streets. there were a number of shoppers and customers around who saw this. this is what they had to say. >> a lady came out and asking how was the salad. he said the salad is delicious. he left t
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he calmly walked outside to h inside boston market because there were other people eating inside the restaurant. >> er in, get in. if they were to fire, the bullets would have come in this way. >> there were other cars all around him. they pinned him from the front and the back, actually rammed the car, and told him to exit the car. five minutes later he came out with his hands up. a little shocking to see that actually happen. you would have thought he would have left town. >> reporter: he had threatened he might harm some other people. he threatened he wanted to go down by suicide by cop, so the police out here had to be extra careful. they were patient and their patience paid off. now back
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ed help. it's more than helping customers, it's hping
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e detailsbo order. he says he subjected the children of gladys tordil to military style punishment. >> allegations that tordil showed minors pornography and that he touched them inappropriately. police believe tordil shot and killed his estranged wife yesterday outside of high point high school. >> now he's accused of killing one man and injuring two
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outside of awf day for a lot of people obviouslyow. heavy ispots,n
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today's shopping center center shootings
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for a with students and faculty. scott macfarlane has more on that ripple effect of that shelter in place order throughout. >> it was not just huge, but massive and the largest school security order in our area in at least three years because in this case it was an entire school district shifted into so-called secure the building mode. our investigation last month show there have been 200 such orders region wide since 2014, but those were much smaller. we brought our cameras into walter johnson high school. under a secure the building order, the school day continues, but the outside doors are locked and no one can move through them. in a lockdown, the classroom doors are bolted, the curtains are drawn,
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security orders were lefts than hour beforecounty. during shelter in place drills, parents are encouraged to stay away from the grounds because you can't go in, you can't come out. parents don't want to go near the building. all this really close to closing time probably caused a lot of changing of plans for parents. >> you just brought us this story at 11:00 a couple of weeks ago. it was an education to see exactly what happens, the drill they have got down pat. >> we found 30 school lockdowns throughout the d.c. area since 2014. 200 secure the building orders, but none of them as large as today in montgomery county. a couple fono
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i was just over by the emergency room a few minutes ago. i saw five montgomery county police cars over there. they were able to talk to police just a little while ago. they did tell us they have been able to talk to the woman who was shot over at the mall. she is here at the hospital. she has a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. fortunately, she was able to talk to police. she was able to provide a lot of helpful information, so we have some video that we want to show you from earlier this afternoon when there was a lot of movement
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going. and out of the hospital during the lockdown th that the situation here was secure. we talked to a couple of employees who were coming out from work this afternoon. they told me that they did receive an e-mail alert telling them that the hospital was in fact on lockdown. i want to talk about those other two victims, too, as well. one of them is in grave condition. we're in touch with police to find out exactly if he is going to make it. the other man who was shot at the mall, he passed away. montgomery county police
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details will be released when available. of course, we'll keep pressing them to find out what we can exactly about the victims of the westfield montgomery mall shooting today. >> gladys tordil was a chemistry teacher at high point high school in beltsville. >> she was allegedly shot and killed by her estranged hospital eulalio tordil yesterday evening. now that community is coming together to help gladys' two daughters go to college. they're set to go to the university of maryland this fall. the fundraising site has been set up to help them reach their education goals. gladys tordil
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to help them,urn to the weather now,our other big story of the day. i eresme coming tomorrow. >> there is. >> at some point, right? >> a little bit. then we have rain next week as well. we have changes next week. it's just never ending. never ending. yes, get it out of here. i know that's what everybody is saying because everybody is just tired of it. i do believe we can turn off that for the weekend. at least for a little bit. it's 51 degrees. my goodness, we have been in the 50s all day. we've had five days in the 50s. our average temperature for this time of year is in the low to mid 70s. we're running below normal. temperatures are going to remain in the 50s. we'll end up around 50 degrees. rain will lighten up as we go
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look at this. look at tyeah, we're seeing some spotty rain, someo th overnight.ill some light showers overnight. go ahead and take that umbrella. cool with drizzle and some light rain. we're going to stay in the 50s or the upper 40s. tomorrow morning we're going to be in upper 40s to lower 50s. we have a few college graduations tomorrow. a few showers in the morning. a little bit on the cloudy side, but then we'll start to see some sunshine. a few pockets of moderate rain coming through the region. then it gets a little bito
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moving back partly cloudy. temperatures will be in the low 70s. rain expected tomorrow night until about daybreak on sunday. if you make brunch plans for mom, go outside because it is going to be breezy. northwest winds gusting up to 25 miles an hour on sunday. tha
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with. 'lys? well, because sunday is mother's day here a in alexandria. >> reporter: happy mother's day, agnes. how are you? flowers for mom from channel 4. happy mother's day. >> thank you. >> reporter: your boys did this for you. >> thank you. yes. >> reporter: they're a little wet, but they'll stay live longer. >> thank you guys so much. >> her boys, they can
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secret. t new cted this all the hour,
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first of all, o on the green line,aarchi -- oret game at verizon center. going to be pretty packed there in the evening as well. as far as construction for this weekend on metro, red line trains will run every 10 to 18 minutes because of track work. yellow line, every 15 minutes. green line, trains will run every 24 minutes for you. silver line every ten minutes. on the blue line, normal service there. five out of six do have some issues this weekend. have a great weekend. i'll see you monday morning for
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i'm pat s. leae baseball is moving two games between the miam irat be played in puerto rico. those games will be played in miami due to concerns about zika. the major league baseball players union asked the commissioner to relocate the games after several players expressed fears about getting and possibly transmitting the zika virus. again, those games being moved from puerto rico to miami. that's it from the live desk. the manhunt is over. >> mr. eulalio tordil has been taken into custody. >> four people shot outside busy shopping centers today. two of them killed. >> this has been a hectic and dynamic scene. >> an entire school district ordered to
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>> they just called my down. >> tonight, new quensbo a motive and the possible link to another murder scene only 24 hours earlier outside a local high school. >> tragic we were not able to intervene prior to additional victims being harmed. >> it was a day of terror with haunting similarities to those sniper attacks more than a decade ago. federal security officer accused of murder outside a high school at a shopping mall and at a grocery store in maryland. take a look at this video of the dramatic takedown. you see the suspect eulalio tordil getting into his car. he's ready to drive away, but police move in cornering his car and taking him into custody. this crime started yesterday where police say tordil killed his estranged wife. >> and then it continued today. one person killed. two others wounded at the montgomery mall.
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another woman killed at the aspen hill shopping center. th stbigaist the suspect in the weeks before gins now with pat collins. he's in aspen hill at the shopping center where tordil was caught. pat? >> reporter: doreen, police knew who he was. they knew where he was. in fact, they were watching him for more than an hour. and when the time was right, they made their move. and now this murder suspect is under arrest taken down without incident, taken down without violence, in the custody of police and off the streets. this is how it came to be. earlier this afternoon an undercover police officer here at the northgate shopping center sees the suspect's car in one of the spaces here. a short time after that they see the suspect. he's walking around the shopping center. he went to the rite aid.
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suicide by cop, so the p ul alt want anyone else killed. let's take a look at that security cam video. it shows the takedown. it shows the suspect walking across the parking lot. he has a bag in his hands. looks like a normal friday here, but it's not normal at all. scores of cops have their eyes on him as he goes towards his car, as he is all alone. then the cop cars move in. they corner his car. guns are drawn. they make their move. they order him out. he puts his hands up. he getscuffed. he is taken off into custody. now there were a number of people around here when all of this happened. this is what they had to


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