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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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at the ford brothers. the ford brothers, 22-year-old michael, 21-year-old malik, 18-year-old elijah indicted in connection with the shooting death of prince george's county police officer jacai colson. in all, a 121-count indictment. all three ford brothers charged with attempted murder and a string of felonies that goes on and on and on. michael, the brother who had the gun and started the shooting charged with second-degree murder. states attorney angela alsobrooks says this incident left a big hurt in prince george's county. she's hoping the court action will help heal it. >> we will continue to move forward with this case and attempt to bring peace to the family of officer colson as well as to this
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>> reporter: it was a bizarre, violent incident that unfolded back in march outside a police station in landover. in a planned assault they say michael ford walked up and began firing off shots. they say his two brothers were there and one videotaped the attack. officers came out of the building to confront the gunman. as they did, undercover officer jacai colson arrived at the scene. he was in plain clothes and not wearing a vest. he was mistakenly gunned down by friendly fire. coming up at 6:00, the police chief reacts to all of this. i'll see you at 6:00, wendy, back to you. >> pat collins. thank you, pat. anthony fox says he seriously considered closing down the entire metro rail system until may if leaders don't comply with the federal safety directives. surveillance video shows sparks
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station last week. fox says the new safe track maintenance plan unveiled on friday is ambitious, but he says it does not address the root cause of all of the electrical arcing throughout the metro rail system or lay out any kind of of a solution. we go live to rockville where the general manager addressed the accountability concerns today. it happened during a first of its kind meeting of 650 metro managers. transportation reporter adam tuss has been covering this meeting and he's live at the grovemore station. adam? >> reporter: that's right, wendy. 650-plus managers at metro and as you mentioned it was the first time that they had ever all been together in one room and they came away with one message. it's time to move metro forward. just watching the wave of metro managers leaving this meeting could make your head spin, but consider this. metro may have 650-plus managers, but it has 130
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employees. these managers aren't afraid to speak their mind. do you think the message has gotten lost in metro among employees somewhere? >> it had been prior to the new general manager coming in. the meeting was closed to the public, but this is what it looked like inside. gm paul wiedefeld front and center. the message was that we have to be one team and one united team all going in the same direction. the message was also about safety and accountability and the gm talking about possible organizational changes. are you trying to tell some of them that if they don't get onboard with you then the door is open. >> we had that conversation. the reality is they know where i'm coming from you and i've laid out specifically the types of things i'm expecting and if they can manage that level then, fine and if they can't, it's not a good fit. >> for metro, an agency that's been dealing with crisis after crisis, this is important and the manager got a chance to ask questions and some wonder why there have been so many metro managers and wiedefeld told them it's not because the gm
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the managers themselves perform. >> i think an all-hands meeting is what metro needs to have done so everybody is on the same page. righter evan more whois relies on the system every single day seems that the organization is kind of fractured. a culter change won't be easy, but as one manager put it, we need to think about the fellow employees and customers as part of our family. >> coming up at 6:00, i'll show you how the general manager is already realigning some trinnings within the transit agency and something that could set up big, potential staffing changes, wendy. >> all right. adam tuss, thank you, adam. >> a little girl is recovering tonight from serious injuries after falling out of an apartment window and this happened at the laurel pines apartment complex along 197. earlier today we are told the child is 6 years old and fell out of a third-floor window in this garden-style apartment complex. paramedics wound up taking the little girl to children's hospital.
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house there is a primary in west virginia and both democratic candidates are camp calling outside of that state. bernie sanders heads north to oregon tonight while hillary clinton spoke earlier to young voters in about an hour. >> the polls close in two hours in west virginia where voters are choosing candidates for dozens of offices including the top job of the white house. news 4's scott mcfarland is canvassing the state and he joins us live outside election headquarters in martinsburg. scott? >> reporter: good evening, jim. we've heard of hour-long waits and here's one reason. look at the ballot. eight pages long of republican candidates and what's more, there is a general excitement among voters and they finally get to have their say about the presidential race. turns out this primary election day has been a big day. >> how are you, sarah.
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>> for 19-year-old sarah blair. she voted and got asked to be a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding she's about to win her primary for reelection to the west virginia statehouse. >> a lot of people ask me is it hard being young? is it hard being a woman? do you get along with democrats and republicans alike and i say it's harder to be from the eastern panhandle of west virginia. we are a suburb of d.c. as opposed to southern west virginia with the coal mines. >> running unopposed for the republican nomination for the second term and she's one of the few republican voters we found today who are officially uncommitted on the presidential nominee. at an airport hangar in martinsburg, a parade of voters arrived at lunchtime and each telling us they were here to choose a presidential nominee. >> this country's in trouble and we need to get someone in there that can straight then country out. my father told me the only freedom you have is to
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>> bernie sanders and hillary clinton have offices in downtown martinsburg. clinton volunteers are making calls into the evening to mobilize voters including young voters. this young woman is voting in her first-ever election, she says. in part because her a.p. spanish teacher is running for judge, and she, too, wanted to tell us about her presidential choice. >> donald trump. big supporter of donald trump right here. yeah. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 6:00, from the farms to the factories. the big battle to be an official convention delegate for donald trump out of west virginia. >> wendy, back to you. >> thanks, scott. since donald trump did become the gop's presumptive nominee, both clinton and sanders argued who would be in the best position to defeat him in the general election? a new nbc news survey monkey poll finds that that person is bernie sanders. in a head to head
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out on top. 53% say they'd vote for him and 40% said they'd vote for trump and when it comes to hillary clinton it's tighter and 49% say they'd vote for clinton and 46% said they'd pick trump. they have a margin of error just short of one percentage point. the poll finds that both of them, clinton and sanders have the support of blacks, hispanics and latinos and moderate voters while young republicans and independents tend to lean towards sanders over clinton. we saw some rain earlier today and now we're seeing at least some sun in parts of the area and you just saw scott forecast farland and sunshine there after a day of rain earlier today and no rain officially at the airport just yet and we did have a couple of rain showers there and no official rain at the airport and our streak of 13 days today
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this evening and it's all coming from this line and you can see the line right here. we do have thunderstorm activity down toward roanoke and these showers and storms will continue to move to the east and should -- should be able to make their way in here before midnight and only 56 in hagerstown and 64 in washington and we are stuck in the cooler weather and we've been to the south for quite some time and temperatures, 60 degrees at 7:00 and dropping to 57 as the rain comes through. i'll show you what to wake up for. something different than rain. >> thank you, doug. >> fairfax county's police department says it is working to be more transparent three years after the death of john gere. gere's death led to protests and questions about force and procedure since the officer's name was not released. that officer adam torres pleaded guilty to manslaughter last month
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transparency is what's needed for the department. that comes today from an outside research group. a report by the police executive research forum called for fairfax county to release names of officers involved in shootings within two to five days. it says if names can't be released because of a threat or something else the department should let the public know why. that report also says a civilian rather than sworn officers should head public affairs, but ultimately it calls for the chief to have the final say on what's released. >> it is our effort to be the first department in the united states of america to move forward watt philosophy and the sanctity of human life through training and policy change. >> the chief says all sworn officers will now have mandatory, annual training. you can find a link to the panel's full recommendations to the department on the fairfax washington app. just choose cun
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apart by the shooting here last week is starting to get some of the help they need. >> attacked walking home from school. how a teenage boy fought help off until police arrived. >> two women in northern virginia and police changed the way they respond to the scene after an officer is killed on the first day of the job. >> this incident was strikingly similar to what
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beloved teacher, mother of two, the murder of gladys tordil has rocked her community in prince george's county and her loss is also being felt in her homeland of the philippines and that is where tordil wanted to be buried. news 4's chris gordon is in greenbelt now to explain why it could be weeks before she is laid to rest. chris? >> reporter: we have no information tonight about the shooting of gladys tordil here at high point high school. she has no adult family members here in the united states to claim her body for burial. so if enough money can
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she will be flown back to the philippines for a funeral, but that could take weeks. >> reporter: the shootings at high point high school last thursday killed 44-year-old gladys tordil and left a man wounded. mrs. tordil had come to pick up her two daughters who were students here. now without other family in the u.s. and because they are minors they are in foster care. the group migrant heritage commission is trying to arrange to bring one of mrs. tordil's sisters from the philippines to claim her body and take it back with her. >> our call is for the community to help with the burial for gladys and be returned to the philippines immediately. >> reporter: mrs. tordil had been granted an order of protection against her estranged husband eulalio, a former officer with the federal o
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murders and three assaults in last week's shootings in montgomery and prince george's counties. that leaves his young step daughters without any money. >> and we told them that we would be raising funds and mobilize the community and there are quite a number of individuals and organizations pledging or have sent the donations to the heritage commission and they're tax-deductible donations. >> reporter: there are fund-raising activities for the families of all of the victims of last week's shootings. if you want to help, you can go to our nbc washington app and search donations. ahead on news 4 at 6:00, how mrs. tordil's daughters may honor her memory by following in her footsteps. that's the latest from high point high school in maryland, back to you. >> thank you, chris. funeral services for one of the other shooting victims will be held later this week.
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malcolm mike winfeld tomorrow. his funeral will be held at 10:00 on thursday morning and both services take place at the st. rose of lima catholic church on copper road in gaithersburg. winfeld was shot and killed in the parking lot while coming to the aid of another victim in the shooting. a half dozen members of the ms-13 street gang face life sentences after being found guilty of taking part in three murders and plotting another in northern virginia. the six defendants were mostly from falls church in alexandria. the case dates back to 2013 when police say they prevented a killing that was supposed to take place in woodbridge. prosecutors say the gang then killed a member who they thought told police of that plot. 2014, a gang recruit and a rival gang member were also killed by these men. dozens of puppies rescued after a raid on a northern virginia pet store are now ready for permanent, loving
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the dogs were taken from the dreamy puppy to are in chantilly back in november. animal control received complaints that the puppies were not in good health. the store is now closed and the 46 puppiesere treated by veterinarians and they have been in foster homes, but are now ready for adoption. if you're interested in one of these puppies, visit the fairfax county animal shelter. will i have to spank him sometimes? maybe. >> that was nats manager dusty baker this afternoon talking about bryce harper who was ejected from last night's game. the nats superstar then caught yelling an expletive at the umpire after a walk-off win. harper is in the lineup tonight and no word yet from major league baseball about any punishment. harper may be a little lighter in the wallet in the next few days and his teammate stephen strasbourg definitely does not have that
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pitch tore a monster deal. carol maloney is live in nats park with more on strasburg's big day. >> i heart d.c. and that is what he's saying by signing his contract extension. a shocking development which makes sense when you hear stras in his official press event today explain that why here and the why now? >> it's hard to block something like this out because it's your future and it's your kids' future, too. i just trust in my gut and trust in my heart and prayed about it, and i think -- it's just the timing felt right and the grass isn't always greener on the other side. >> strasburg becomes the first homegrown player since ryan zimmerman. what's going on with the washington capitals and
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in the show. carol maloney, news 4 sports. here at the live desk we're following some breaking news in montgomery county. police have arrested a man in connection with the home invasion and beating of an elderly man. the suspect's man is demareus who has been charged in arm robbery. they say back in february mickenson and another man went to argyle court, knock on a door and forced their way in. the two men restrained and then beat the homeowner. he's 77 years old and they also threatened his 86-year-old wife. a neighbor's description along with similar break-ins in prince george's and anne arundel counties led to this arrest. right now he's being held on $300 bond. wendy? >> all right. chris lawrence. >> if you haven't heard by now, get
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"hamilton" is coming to the kennedy center and research for you so you can see how you can get tickets to the hottest show in d.c. a man caught in the middle of vince gray's race for mayor is going to jail and now we know just for how long. if you live in maryland the way you get birth contro
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you know, doug, i'm watching "frazier" re-runs now so i can see what life is like in a rainy, dreary climate. >> that takes place in seattle? >> yeah. i gotcha. i was at the gym and had more than a few people come up to me a little bit upset about all this rain and yeah, everybody wants to know about when it will end and the good news is it will end eventually. right now we've had the cloud cover and we've seen it in the way of sunshine and we do have rain moving on this evening into the overnight hours and right now just look at the clouds and we'll call it mostly cloudy and temperature temperatures winds out of the northeast at 80 miles an hour and only to the 50s to the north where we remained with the cloud cover, to the south, not much warmer and the warm spot at 65 and our average high i
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i want to say hello to the kids, the fifth graders in springfield, virginia. a great day talking with them and that's half the class and here is the other half of the class and they were very interested in what happens yesterday and today with all of the tornadoes and hello to them. this picture right here is a picture i didn't mean to show you, but it's snowfall. remember the snow? yeah! it could be worse. we could be talking more snow. the nationals forecast tonight this evening and looking okay for the game. 60 degrees and just clouds around the seventh inning stretch and the showers move back in around 10:30 and 11:00 as the game is getting over with. we saw the rain earlier today and just about everybody picking up some rain today and now i'm watching this system down to the south. you can actually see a line here and see this line extending back from ohio right through west virginia and down to the south and in toward southern virginia. that line is moving our way and eventually we will see some of that mats
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zoom back in here and the same storm that brought the tornadoes through oklahoma is bringing tornadoes through portions of kentucky and two tornado warnin warnings. they have been tracking a tornado on the ground in kentucky. we're not going to see those types of storms and our atmosphere is too stable and what we will see are showers. 8:00, that's okay and here's 11:00 and notice showers moving in around the region and around 12:30, more shower activity and tomorrow morning, fog and more showers. during the day tomorrow morning, yeah, more shower activity and keep the umbrella handy, you will need it and take it to the bus stop and 58 degrees by 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon and i hear it a lot at the bus stop, too and what's going on with this weather and we'll have another couple of days of the rain coming in and the impact forecast will be on the low side and 66 tomorrow and we do not have rain in the forecast on thursday and could we see a shower? most of us look dry on thursday with
5:27 pm
clouds and a chance of rain move back in friday and thunderstorm activity friday and saturday a high temperature of 71 with a chance for some rain late in the day and that would be a late day thunderstorm and most of saturday right now looking pretty good. not a bad forecast here, guys, but the chance of rain remains. >> all right, doug. thank you. >> new trial gets under way against an officer accused in the death of freddie gray and this case is different from the others and how he hopes to take the emotion out of the case that sparked riots in the city. while the marijuana laws have eased in the district and across the country, there are new concerns about drivers that are behind the wheel and how they're testeded for that. another frightening domestic violence situation. an woman armed with a shotgun thre
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when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. another frightening and dangerous case of domestic vealence. >> prince william county police had to make tough decisions during a difficult situation. the alleged shooter was inside the house. julie carey joins us live with the details of a tricky rescue. julie? >> well, i'm in the ridgewood -- excuse me, the ridgefield
5:31 pm
that's where last night's incident played out. it happens to be the very same subdivision where three prince william county officers were shot and one of them killed as they responded to a domestic violence incident last february and that certainly had to be on a lot of minds last night as the 911 calls began to come in. this is the townhouse deck where a 50-year-old woman fled after her wife beat her over the head with a shotgun. neighbors heard the commotion, the screams of don't kill me. this man's sister was inside the townhouse next door. >> she heard some voices saying help, help, help, and she heard, some, like, gangs a s abangs an boom. she didn't know what it was. she called 911. >> reporter: here's some of the conversation between the dispatch center and the officers headed to the scene. >> stand by. i'm trying to get clarification. one person is saying she has been shot and another saying she has not. we can hear a female hearing someone has a shotgun outs
5:32 pm
arrived they were able to speak to the victim, but with no deck access to the ground, they had to figure out how to rescue her, knowing the woman with the gun was still inside. >> we were able to actually then utilize the ladder and safely evacuate her from that resident while a helicopter provided us aerial support in case an unknown suspect came out. we still at that time didn't know what we had. after that, tactical teams went into the townhouse and found the victim's 53-year-old wife had turned the shotgun on herself. she's expected to recover from her injuries. the woman who had been beaten returned home today. for neighbors and the police, relief this incident didn't lead to death. >> this incident was strikingly similar to what we went through just in february with ashley being killed with dave and jesse being injured so it was definitely one of those cases where we will take our time and be methodical and figure out
5:33 pm
>> reporter: now when i join you at 6:00, what police have to say about the very important role neighbors played in this rescue. back to you now in the studio. >> julie carey. julie, thank you. maryland is one of the most accessible states for birth control in the country. larry hogan signed a new bill into law and it requires insurance plans to offer contraception at no out of pocket costs and that includes so-called morning-after pills sold over the counter and it covers vasectomies in full and the new provisions don't go into effect until next january. concerns on the nih campus about the world renowned clinical center after an independent task force found the system was putting research ahead of patients' safety. nih is the largest research hospital in the world. the task force didn't find evidence that patients were harmed and said there needed to be more oversight. more and more states are
5:34 pm
those places you could still get arrested for driving while impaired by marijuana. six states -- excuse me, rely on the blood tests for thc, the chemical that makes people high. >> a study commission by aaa found the test isn't accurate and the driver with higher levels of thc may not be as impaired with someone with lower levels and that's why aaa says the laws should be scrapped. >> a major figure connected to the 2010 shadow campaign for d.c. mayor learned how long he'll have to spend behind bars. a judge sentenced veteran political operate of vernon hawkins to six months behind bars for his role in the scandal. tom sherman explains how the judge arrived at her sentence. >> vernon hawkins was in the 2010 campaign for mayor and they helped run the $650,000 illegal shadow campaign
5:35 pm
elect gray and financed by jeffrey thompson. the 77-year-old hawkins was sentenced to six months in prison for his role in the illegal scheme. judge colleen cotelli rejected a one-year sentence saying hawkins had a clear record otherwise, but had committed a serious offense. campaign transparency is the core of our democracy. you made a decision. you step to the dark side. . the shadow campaign probe ended and mayor gray has not been charged and he's always denied wrongdoing. hawkins' longtime pastor said he was glad the judge recognized hawkins' live of public service. not the best and not the worst. certainly given the lifetime of vernon giving service to the city. >> thompson is to be sentenced next month. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. and we have an
5:36 pm
campaign investigation on our nbc washington app. just search shadow campaign. >> the wildly popular musical "hamilton" has been sold out on broadway for month, but forget the trip to new york. the show is coming on our town. we'll tell you how to make sure you get a ticket when it hits the kennedy center. stress in school. doreen gentzler takes us to a safe place where local students can learn how to juggle it all. i do think that our culture has started to push kids more and more towards feelg that in
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theater subscriptions start at $120 and the prices for the 2017-18 season hasn't been determined yet. >> another elimination game for the caps and we are going to get it done tonight, folks. we have to and the caps are hoping for a win in pittsburgh this evening and that would mean a decisive game serve in d.c. on thursday. jason pugh is live in the steel town. how are the guys feeling today, jason? >> they are nice and relaxed kind of like they were in game five and very confident before the matchup and a critical game for game six, but a critical game for alex ovechkin and his legacy. we all know this. they fall tonight to pittsburgh this legacy will take a hit. his teammates and his coaches fully expect the best out of the great eight come tonight in this must-win game. >> the heat gets turned on a little bit and our top guys respond really
5:41 pm
alex has had growth in the last couple of years and there were doubters who lost a couple of games against philly and respond with the best hockey. >> we have some pressure, and i think we showed we have a character and we trust each other. so the game is over and tonight is going to be the biggest game of the year. >> the captain will not be alone tonight. his teammates will have his back every step of the way and neutralizing pittsburgh fans will be the caps' top priority. >> you never want to start chasing right away and then behind, but you know what? i think we'll just have to be ready for anything. you never know, but obviously, we want to the come out like we did the last game and put some pressure on them right away and get going. >> we have to win hockey games. it doesn't matter what game you're in. you have to win to advance, so you know,
5:42 pm
the game seven mindset when we go after them. >> we'll see if the capitals can indeed get it done tonight and the good news for ovechkin and the crew, he is fresh off the three-game suspension he served by the nhl and he'll make his return here in game six. the puck drops just after 8:00 and we'll see if the capitals can indeed force a game seven. wendy, i'll send it back to you in studio. >> thanks, jason sdwl. tornadoes as many as 20 tore through the country's midsection and we're getting a look at shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place to get into a new ford escape. escape leads the way with the convenience of a foot-activated rear liftgate. plus, the power and efficiency of ecoboost technology. you'll find a full lineup of ford suvs designed to help you be unstoppable.
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a frightening ordeal. a 16-year-old girl says a man followed her home from school and tried to sexually assault her. she was able to fight him off and police handed out flyers to help identify him. it happened in the brigs cheney community not far from route 29. mark segraves is there live with details for us. mark? >> these are the flyers they were going door to door with asking them to post these asking someone would recognize his face. the young girl was able to fight off her attacker until help arrived. >> that's really scary. i have a 15-year-old sister. >> reporter: it was last wednesday here along castle boulevard just off brigs cheney road. it was about 3:00 in the
5:46 pm
a 16-year-old girl got off of her school bus and was walking to her apartment building when she noticed a man was watching her. as she went into her building she says the man followed her. once instead the stairwell of the building the man attacked her exposing himself while trying to force her to take off her pants. police say the young girl fought back. >> at that point in time the victim screamed and her brother came from outside of the -- from his apartment and came out to her aid and the gentleman was scared off. >> he drives a blue, four-door smaller vehicle. >> today detectives were back in the area asking neighbors and businesses for help in finding the suspect. >> it's crazy. so much stuff going on. i feel very sorry for the young lady, and i just hope she's all right. >> reporter: administrators at the girl's school have been photo-phied of this attack. since the incident happened the young girl has had an escort going to and from her bus stop.
5:47 pm
county, mark segraves, news 4. >> thank you. we're hearing, veronica, this could be on top of us until june. we could be experiencing this dreary, irish weather until june. >> may going into june. unsettled and overcast, cooler than average and of course, active it is across other parts of the country and let me take you to mayfield, kentucky. this was earlier today about 2:00 this afternoon and tornadoes tearing through what looks like a populated area. just looking at the population there and mayfield kentucky and that's over 10,000. look at that twister. you can really see the debris coming up into that tornado, of course. yesterday there were several through portions of oklahoma. five tornado reports today out of kentucky and they're likely to see more, but again, it's video like this that we saw yesterday out of oklahoma. now today, kentucky and a tornado watch that goes up into areas of souther
5:48 pm
there is paducah just south of there and we have showers east of there and those two red boxes and tornado warnings and they have flooding and more severe thunderstorm warnings right up into ohio and all part of the same system that's been making its way slowly east. we could have some strong thunderstorms potentially at the end of the week on friday. rid now again, very, very light shower activity moving through baltimore and a shower there. for us, a rainfall deficit really diminishing greatly and that's the may surplus and close to three inches and the surplus now for may and we could pick up another half inch by the time we get to the end of this workweek and tomorrow, more rain and early fog and the weather is having a moderate impact on our area and get out the door as early as you can for the morning rush tomorrow. light rain generally the first part of the day and we could see isolated pockets of moderate rain come our way during the afternoon hours and heree
5:49 pm
at this, some showers coming through and pockets of moderate rain during the overnight. 6:00 a.m. and nothing too heavy hitting the road and again, the fog will be dense and the afternoon, 2:00, 3:00, we'll see some more showers making its way through our area and maybe pockets of more moderate rain, as well. temperatures getting to the mid-60s tomorrow afternoon and it is going to be wet and thursday, less rain and just drizzly across the area and we were just saying that this is kind of like london, ireland type of weather or eaven weathe you might see in seattle. up to 75 degrees on friday and the weekend, not too bad and maybe we can get out and cut that grass that we know is growing like crazy. from 71 on saturday and 66 on sunday and we have more on our web week coming up on news 4 at 6:00. >> thanks, b.j. as the school year wraps up it's test taking season for children. college exams and check entrance exand
5:50 pm
>> it's a stressful time for teenagers and one thing they want to try is meditation. doreen gentzler. meditation, getting them to stand still and put their phones off. >> no easy thing. a local tutor who is helping high school students to take tests started to offer meditation classes and the results? see for yourself. >> the s.a.t. can feel like you're being chased by a bear, right, but you're not and that is not what we need. >> jen dillon is explaining the difference between fight or flight to this group of students and she's using the s.a.t. as an example. >> we don't need, like, the blood to rush to our legs in order to do well on the s.a.t. and that's because most of the kids in this meditation class are facing tests and college applications and a whole lot of stress. meditation can help them calm down and focus. >> a.p.
5:51 pm
colleges, the s.a.t., just all of that is extremely stressful. >> coming to meditation class is a safe space where i can really, fully relax and kind of come back to center and focus and be more relaxed and less stressed facing the start of my week. >> 18-year-old rachel snyderman feels less stressed and she chose brand ice and for modern teenagers, the workloads and expectations can feel like a lot. >> i do think the culture has started to push kids more and more toward the feeling that they need to be good all of the time. and i think that it feels very high stakes. >> jan dillon started a prep to help kids understand expectations and cope with stress and as she puts it, survive high school. >> breathe out. >> it actually does really help.
5:52 pm
i can kind of see it in my peers. they seem very stressed about school and colleges and that kind of stress. >> although it's s.a.t. and final exam season. jen dillon emphasizes that medication is not just for test taking. it can help everyone and in all areas of life. >> in medication, what you're trying to cultivate is a relaxed attention and that is also what you need to do anything well, right? to do a math problem well, relaxed attention is what you need to play sports well. relaxed attention is what you need. >> the first class with her group is usually free and after that it's $50 a class although a sliding scale is offered that can make it more affordable. there are lots of opportunities to learn about meditation in our area in all price ranges and in some cases for free and you can experience the benefits at any age. >> there are podcasts and all kinds of things you can listen to for free on the internet. >> worth a try.
5:53 pm
attention. makes sense. thanks, doreen. counterfeit checks. one local woman fell victim. >> someone got a hold of her number and started writing fake checks on her account and that's when she turned to us. >> she gets a copy of her checks back from her bank and she didn't write them and we're talking about hundred says of dollars of fraudulent purchases. she's been writing checks for the last 60 years and these days her daughter helps her write her checks to pay her bills and buy groceries and recently when jean received a copy of the canceled checks show noticed her check his been forged. >> i've never had a problem before, and i got my statement from the bank, and i noticed that there were extra checks written on my account. >> reporter: and not just forged checks. wait until you see just how far the thieves wet.
5:54 pm
for help tonight at 11:00. see how nbc 4 responds. i'm susan hogan, news 4. >> thanks so much. he's banking on a judge, not a jury for help. up next, an inside look at how one of the baltimore police officers accused in the death of
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
one of the six baltimore officers charged in freddy gray's death doesn't want a jury to hear his case. he wants a judge to determine his fate. david collins from our sister station in baltimore explains what that could mean for his trial. >> reporter: baltimore city police officer edward mirro is putting his fate in the fate of judge barry williams rather than a jury. legal experts bell he is seeking a verdict based strictly on the merits of the law and not an emotional interpretation of it. >> in this case there seems to not be a debate as to what happens as to whether what happened constituted a crime. other legal experts are upset of not having a jury. >> it deprives the voice, and can rely on a judge making an impartial ruling. >> reporter: he's charged with second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and twont
5:58 pm
misconduct in office. prosecutors did not charge him with gray's death. gray who lived in a high-crime area made eye contact with the officers and took off and gave up peacefully. one of the critical issues in this case is whether police had probable cause to place gray under rest and the officers can legally detain someone who runs from them in a high crime area and would not give the officers justification for arrest and can the officers search the defendant? the officer can search the defendant if he believes that he might be in danger. >> there are some interesting des in this case. if gray is in cuffs on the ground does he pose a risk? >> so any subsequent search after that might be questionable. >> his trial is expected to begin on thursday and we have a minute by minute time line of freddie gray's arrest on the nbc washington app.
5:59 pm
virginia and nebraska head to the polls as controversy looms on the campaign trail, donald trump preparing for a big meeting with house speaker paul ryan in an effort to unite the republican party and rival ted cruz suggests it may not be game over for him after all. this comes as surprising poll numbers so hillary clinton and donald trump fighting for dominance in three key battleground states. >> we have team coverage to put it all in perspective. >> a lot of republican operatives and they can unify their party and billionaire businessman who they never thought would be their nominee. >> paul ryan and his republican lawmakers are back on capitol hill facing their new reality and donald trump in a struggle
6:00 pm
>> we shouldn't just pretend that our party is unified when we know it is not. >> trump tweeted i look very much forward to meeting with paul ryan and the gop party leadership on thursday in d.c. together, we will beat the dems at all levels. trump is closer, but trails hillary clinton nationally by five in today's nbc news survey monkey poll. >> a five-point win if that actually occurs in november will be a truly big win for democrats who will allow them to pick up numerous senate seats and house seats, but senate republican leaders sounded upbeat. >> we know hillary clinton will be four more years of barack obama and that in the end will be enough to unify republicans across the country. >> still senator ted cruz in washington after being beaten by donald trump is not urging his supporters, at least not yet, to back trump. >> there will be plenty of time for voters to make the determination who they're going to support. >> reporter: west virginians are voting today on the primary where on the democratic side


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