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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00. >> metro is getting ready to alter its schedule. what it means for those that rely on late-night rides during the weekend. a major
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project gets under way. >> seeing a need for it helped to change my heart. >> abundant sunshine this afternoon. tomorrow we r tracking rain. i will show you how it could affect your saturday and we may see some storms. we begin with a special honor and commemoration for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice as police officers. good evening. i'm doreen gensler. >> i'm jim handly. this year the names of three officers from our re john were engraved on the national law enforcement officers memorial. jackie bensen is live. it was breathtaking. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: a sea of thousands of candles illuminated the national mall. they reached skyward toward those that
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the hands holding the candles belonged to family members of law enforcement officers who gave their lives serving and protecting. >> every day the men and women in the law enforcement services put themselves in harm's way in order to secure our community, to defend our values and to make real the promise of liberty and justice for all. the solemn roll call of the fallen contained three from the d.c. area whose names have been engraved on the memorial. >> noah aaron leata. >> reporter: among county police officer noah leata was killed when he pulled over a drunk driver and was struck by another. prince georges county police officer, was killed in an on-duty vehicle crash. carolyn cross was a deputy
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corrections. she was murdered in her alexandria home in 2014. the ceremony was held here on the national mall because of construction near the national law enforcement officers memorial. back to you. >> jackie bensen,er thank you. big changes are coming to metro. if you take the rails on weekend nights, start thinking of other options or heading home earlier. june 3rd, all metro stations will close at midnight seven days a week. the last 3:00 a.m. train will be on the saturday of memorial day weekend. that earlier closing time is meant to give crews more time to clear a backlog of work. while many are happy metro is prioritizing repairs, others are concerned how it will impact businesses in and around the district. shomari stone talked to workers and business owners in dupont circle. >> reporter: tonight there are mixed opinions. on one hand, people
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metro is focused on safety, on the other hand, many come here to dupont circle, chinatown to enjoy the night life, a lot of those people are disappointed. >> i think it will have a big impact. >> reporter: the manager at bar louie in chinatown says the metro train closure will affect the night life. >> i think more so with the workers having to leave at that time of the night. >> reporter: metro rail service will end every day at midnight starting june 3rd. trains currently run until 3:00 in the morning on saturday and friday nights. >> a lot of folks use it to get from roanoke to chinatown area. that will affect when they leave and how long they stay. >> it affected me in my way back home. >> the plan is to ensure the safety of the troubled system. they say it will accelerate backlogs and help restore the infrastructure. some people agree
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top priority, but they want metro to find another way. >> hope to have the problem resolved as quickly and safely as possible. >> the bulk of my work is overnight and weekends. it will make things harder for me because i don't have a car and a lot of people that work those hours are not going to bars or parties or anything like that. they work. >> safety is always an issue. they have to find a better way to do it. >> saturday, may 28th will be the last night that metro closes with the 3:00 in the morning closing time. live in northwest d.c., i'm shomari stone, news 4. >> thanks. murder rates are spiking in some major american cities. some say cell phone video is making police officers less aggressive. news 4's chris lawrence is looking in to that from the newsroom. >> the fbi director is sparking controversy by linking the rise in homicides with the
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proliferation of viral video. from chicago to dallas, las vegas to l.a., this murder rate is rising, by a lot. in a short time. an fbi director james comey is worried that officers are so concerned with getting caught on camera they are reluctant to get out of their cars and engage people. he said cell phone video can go viral within hours but the white house is pushing back on the theory. >> still no evidence to substantiate the claim that the increase in violent crime is related to an unwillingness of police officers to do their job. the thing is latest data shows murder rates dropping in several cities, including houston, charlotte and new york city. >> chris lawrence, thank you. after 15 straight days of rain, we finally saw the sun return today. a welcome sight after a couple of dreary weeks. >> we are so done counting that
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way. doug kammerer getting us ready for the weekend. now we have had a taste of the sun, can it stick around? >> we will see the sun tomorrow. >> how much? >>. >> just tomorrow morning and then another chance of rain in the afternoon. right now for the first time in quite sometime, almost three weeks, take a look at the radar. it is absolutely clear. we are looking at a nice night. not much in the way of clouds, even at night. nice evening if you were able to get out, eat dinner outdoors it was nice. 77 the high. that's the warmest we have been in three weeks. this is the warmest temperature on the map for a change. everybody -- here's the next front. the front we saw come through today. the next coming through. it will move through quickly and it will bring us thunderstorms tomorrow. here's what you need to know. more rain tomorrow afternoon. a few storms, too. a lot cooler on sunday.
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>> thank you, doug. new at 11:00. we are learning more details about breaking news we brought you last night. a deadly crash on u.s. 301 south. maryland police say a driver lost control of his car and crossed the median near chads ford road in brandywine. an suv hit the car, killing willow rice of clinton, maryland, who was in that car. seven others were taken to the hospital. the crash caused backups for miles, and this was as close as we were able to get to the scene. tonight, the parents of one of two missing fairfax county teenagers are making a plea for their son to come home. rudy torzano and danielle lima was last seen at their homes on tuesday night. police believe they left on their own and may have taken a taxi to the jessup, maryland area. rudy's parents said there weren't any signs they were going
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out in the dark. so i can imagine how he is right now. i cannot imagine how he is on the streets. >> reporter: police tell us lima is in need of medication and didn't take it with her. strong local reaction to a directive from president obama about where transgender students can use the bathroom. public schools across the country are advised to allow transgender students to allow them to use bathrooms that match their gender identity. transgender students in our area say the directive could save lives. >> things like this make them feel worthwhile and decreases the amount of suicide that could happen, the amount of self harm. >> if we don't follow it, they will take away the title one money. the title one money are moneys meant for the poorest, hungariest kids, meant for lunch money. >> reporter: fairfax county schools says it is reviewing the directive but th
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continue to treat the transgendser student and their familiar lis with respect. pfizer wants no part of the deadly cocktail that states use for executions. they blocked their drugs from being used in lethal injections. they make their products to enhance and save lives. one product they are banning is the anesthetic propofol that caused the death of michael jackson. the move shuts off the last remaining open market source of drugs used by states for executions. to an nbc washington digital exclusive. you have seen our stories about problems with those atv and dirt bike riders. >> a d.c. council woman and the district are exploring creating a park to give dirt bike enthusiasts a safe place to ride. under the plan they will be able to participate in job training programs. ward 8 council member may is looking at potential sites. dirt bikes and
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on d.c. streets. to learn more open up our nbc washington app and search "dirt bikes." we are coming in to another may weekend and it will bring more crowds at college universities. >> catholic university holds its commencement ceremony tomorrow at 10:00. it will take place on campus at the basilica of the national shrine. comedian jim gaffigan is the speaker. graduates and their families will descend on the mall for george washington's commencement. visitors will gather as early as 8:30. corey booker will address the crowd. virginia governor mcauliffe will deliver the commencement at george mason university tomorrow morning in fairfax. he will also receive an honorary degree. david letterman -- >> the tsa is begging for
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at a check point. this is only a test. mcdonald's experiments in the fight for better burger chains. a place for kids and families in prince georges county.
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new tonight, a fir
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u.s. military. general robinson became the first woman combat leader today. she's now in charge of norad and u.s. northern command, which is a security cooperative between the u.s., mexico and canada. robinson was previously the commander of pacific air forces and one of two female generals in the air force. planning to take a trip this summer, you should also plan on waiting. the government says you could be stuck in three hour security lines at the airports. today, the government explained what it plans to do about that. the homeland security secretary and the head of tsa say they are increasing overtime, using more bomb-sniffing dogs and adding 700 new tsa agents. homeland security also wants you to sign up for tsa pre-check. but lawmakers are not optimistic that tsa can handle the summer travel rush. >> they don't know how to recruit. they don't know how to
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they certainly can't maintain and they certainly can't manage. airport administrators are expressing their frustrations. they are encouraging passengers to use the #ihatehe thewait and threatening to replace government screeners with private workers. the amount of alcohol we are drinking worldwide is dropping. a market research says alcohol consumption fell by nearly a percent last year the first decline since the firm began to track in 2001. the biggest alcohol consumer in the world, by the way, china,er dropped by 3% and russia and the ukraine saw a drop of 8 and 17 respectively. slumping economies are likely the cause. mcdonald's is trying something new, fresh beef. the fast food giant is testing out burgers made with fresh rather than frozen beef in the dallas area.
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if it will be a permanent ingredient or expand to other markets. new at 11:00, a local church is breaking ground on a unique health and fitness center. >> it costs $20 million to build, and it could have a huge impact on communities in prince georges county. ♪ >> earlier tonight, the first baptist church of glennarden held a gathering for the center. it will feature basketball courts, fitness rooms. >> we want to have an impact on the ability to help people's health to be better. >> the church has more than 11,000 members and raised all of the money for construction up front. david letterman andil
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guests at the white house to for a state dinner to honor guests of the nordic nations. they joined the president and first lady for the dinner that capped off a security and economic summit. on the menu, beef short ribs and ahi tuna. >> nice. >> pretty fancy. >> still thinking of the mcdonald's fresh beef. that's what i have going on tonight. >> so much for ahi when you can have fresh beef at mcdonald's. will all want to get out tomorrow. >> early. bike ride tomorrow morning is good. you are fine for that. >> what's my time cutoff? >> noon. by noon we will see the showers come in. during the afternoon, maybe some thunderstorms, too. you have some time early tomorrow morning. right now it is beautiful. after a beautiful evening. hope you were able to take advantage of it. 66 degrees. winds from the west at 8 miles an hour.
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winchester. 64 martinsburg. 54 manassas. we have cooled but a nice evening. high today of 77. that's the highest we have been in three weeks. nothing on radar we are all clear here. look at what is coming our way. a strong frontal boundary. severe weather to the west, and rain rain in chicago, st. louis. this front is moving our way and moving in quick. what we will see tomorrow as we move through on future weather. here we are at 8:00 tomorrow morning as doreen is getting out and riding the bike. most of the time she goes this way. looking good on the trail. it is going to be a great morning. watch what happens at noon. we start to see the clouds. the rain west. still good here. if the kids have is a soccer or lacrosse game before noon, maybe get in okay. after that, here's the showers, 2:00, 3:00, notice the shower activity. it is just showers, i don't think we will see much in the
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3:00. and then a couple of downpours and a gusty thunderstorm or two but that's it. behind this, we clear out again. and then we get cool for the day on sunday. high temperatures tomorrow will take you hour by hour first. 58 earl live. get out for the morning jog a little early. 10:00, still great. in the 60s. stormy between 1:00 and 4:00. the impact forecast for tomorrow, because of the chance for that rain, take the umbrella. p.m. rain, a few strong thunderstorms. it will not rain the entire afternoon but have the umbrella ready in case. the next couple of days we are cooler. 73 tomorrow, 60 on sunday. many in the upper 50s. 63 on monday. we could see all clouds. a chance of rain on tuesday, as well. wednesday more clouds. upper 60s to around 70 and another chance of showers. maybe a thunderstorm coming up on trs
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good time to maybe play a little tennis or tomorrow afternoon good time to go indoors. >> as we did tonight because it is friday and that's how we roll here at nbc4. >> got our window. >> go pro camera. round of 16. >> that's what you show. he edited the the whole thing. this is part of this gentlemaning i can bradley invitational. this is a tournament we all do here at the station and jim -- >> looks like you had the filter on the camera there. misty looking. >> we had fun. >> coming up, the nats taking on the
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this is the xfinity sports desk. brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> the csn studios. the marlins have been in 0er near the cellular every season since 2003 but the navts struggle when they see the fish. the two teams split their meetings last season and the first six games in 2016. d.c. miami opening a three-game set. geo doing work with the bat. all the way to the wall. check out jose. trying to score. he is the catcher and he's not fast. and he's dead meat at the plate. still scoreless after two. marlins took a 2-0 lead in the sixth. here's the nats. man on for steven drew. he knows what to
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that swing. second of the year for drew. you see bryce harper at the plate. apparently the marlins didn't get the memo that no one pitches to bryce anymore. that's why they are the marlins. his first home run in 11 games. nats win 5-3. >> he fell off a couple of pitches which he doesn't usually do. he knows he can do it and we know he can do it and i think this fans and you guys and everybody knows what bryce can do. >> orioles looking for their sixth straight win. taking on the tigers. check this out. batting practice before the game. adam jones trying to show off the power. relief pitcher darren o'day showing off the glove work. he actually reaches over the fence to get that one. how about that? to to the game now, scoreless in the sixth. jones at
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deep center. o'dea there again but he drops it in the bull pen. counts as a home run, though. chris doing what he does on the mound. pitched seven shutout innings. birds win 1-0. finally there's this from the second round of the players championship in florida. will wilcox on the famous island green. looks good. looks really good. straight in to the clown's mouth. hole in one for wilcox. he celebrates like he just won the masters. high fives and hugs for everybody. wilcox finished five under. third round action tomorrow, right here on nbc4. jim, doreen, looks like the weather's going to be better. time to hit the golf course and see if you can get yourself a hole in one as well. >> unbelievable. >> people play their whole lifetime and never get ahole in
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. we are celebrating something special here at nbc4 tonight. our senior producer who usually produces this newscast, adam jacobs and his wife anna welcome their first child many to the world today. meet cylus jacob. friday 13th turned out to be a lucky day for the jacob family. >> looking right in the camera. >> good looking group.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kit harington, rose byrne,


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