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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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as 6:00 right now on "news4 today," take a look outside. four images for you to take in. a sunny morning. folks, don't get too comfortable. storm 4 tracking when more rain may affect your weekend plans. and what happened inside a horrific discovery inside a d.c. mansion. and the d.c. street car. a new result and how the service compares to others more than two months since its debut. >> well, i think you said it best, david. enjoy that sun while it lasts. good morning, everyone. i'm angie
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>> and i'm david culver. welcome to "news4 today" on this saturday. yeah. afternoon plans might get rained out, sorry to say. and tom kierein is tracking this. >> between now and 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon we stay dry. you can see the sun is up. a live view from our tower camera. coming up on a clear sky on this saturday morning, rather cool. you need a light jacket if you're about to head out. we have showers and thundershowers here across ohio. a part of a front stretching back into kentucky getting closer to us. not until later this afternoon. leading edge of this rain in the shenandoah valley, maybe 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. amp that, into the metro area. i have timing on that coming up in a few minutes. temperatures now hovering in the upper 40s to mid-40s. near 50, eastern su
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>> tom, thank you. and this weekend, tributes for officers killed in the line of duty. this is all part of national police week. now, today the fraternal order of police will host an honor guard and pipe band competition beginning at 8:00 this morning. more daily events going throughout the weekend, a few blocks from the national stadium beginning at 11:00. nats park, i should say. and a national conference for co-workers and children of slain officers to cope. ♪ amazing grace how sweet ♪ >> that was last night. thousands from all around the country gathering on the national mall to remember those officer whose have lost their lives. there was a candlelight vigil and a roll call of the fallen as new names were added to the national law enforcement memorial here in the district. three names from our area.
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montgomery county police officer noah, and brendan and deputy director of the d.c. department of corrections carolyn cross. every day the men and women in this nation's law enforcement services put themselves in harm's way in order to secure our community to defend our values and to make real the promise of liberty and justice for all. >> you may be wondering why this year's ceremony was held on the national mall instead of the actual police memorial. that's because of construction going on there. and 6:03. a new development, years after the boston marathon bombing, for the first time we are hearing the 911 calls that ended that manhunt of dzhokhar tsarnaev in watertown. >> are you sure? >> i just looked in the boat.
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>> dzhokhar sarn nigh joke joke sentenced. and at 10:00 alexander participating in a debate on east capital street. news 4 own is the panelist, and the democratic primary is june 14th. fight the bite. the message from the department of health hosting a mosquito prevention and community prevention focusing on the zika virus happening in southwest washington. the event goes from 10:00 to 1:00 this afternoon. and puerto rico announced its first case of zika-related problems in a fetus. the zika virus spreads primarily through mosquitoes and it can be devastating to unborn
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birth defects like microcephaly, what shealth officials confirme in the fetus. and the transit agency officially starts its safe track plan june 3rd, just under three weeks from today. part of the plan involves ending service at midnight every night. the last time you can catch a train, memorial weekend, or may 31st. that could cause problems for folks who work late. >> both of my work is on the overnight and weekends. it's going to make things harder for me because i don't have a car. >> have the problem resolved as quickly lly as -- >> an earlier closing time is meant to give maintenance crews more time to clear a backlog of work. blue, orange and silver lines set to shut down smile next month. this morning, learning n
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route 301 south. a driver lost control of his car and crossed the median near chadforth road and brandywine wednesday night. the car killed a passenger in the car. several others taken to the hospital to be treated. as you can tell, the crash caused quite the backup for mile s. new information about a 17-year-old accused of killing a boy, looking at the victim here. his family rented part of their town home in dale city to be alleged killer's family. we do not know the suspect's name because he's a juvenile charged as of now. now, the commonwealth attorney says he expects to eventually try him as an adult in court. a show trial. that's what a lawyer for marine corps major said about the case against his client. major mark thompson had a preliminary hearing
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yesterday. he and his legal team walked out of it. he's facing a court-martial over allegations he had sex with midship man years ago. and how a trainee died. nbc news and the virginia pilot talked to several people about navy s.e.a.l. training derek lovelace. the navy says he dies during a swimming exercise earlier this month. the people who talked with nbc news and the pilot say the exercise is known at combat tread involving instructors holding students under water. one source said an instructor physically and verbally harassed lovelace. 6:07 on this saturday. it took years before the street car became a reality. new results on riderships and whethered new line can be considered an early success. >> if i were you i would put that down. >> why? >> it wasn't my stuff. i live here.
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this is my house. >> all right. stealing from the doorstep. how one neighbor stopped a thief red-handed and the unbelieve excuse the owner wasn't
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this is my house. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i'm going to call the police on you. >> did you just hear that exchange there? he said, this is my house. she said, this is my mom's house. it's not her house. no connection to the house. a would-be thief caught on camera before arrested in california. this is her attempting to get away with two packages from the homeowner's front door. when asked about the packages she insists that her mother lived at that home before the guy rolling threatened to call the police. po
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their facebook page. it got over 800,000 hits, which led to her arrest. she is fating one count's felony grand theft. new numbers on the d.c. street car. according to dan maloof at beyond d.c., average number of riders based on the its track. 2,300 people ride every day. that is near the bottom of ridership levels for all light rail lines in the country. however, it's actually above average in riders per mile of track ahead of pittsburgh, st. louis as well as baltimore. his job, investigate misconduct. now he's on leave and investigation himself. the department of professional standards. the investigation comes after internal complaints about his posts on facebook. a female firefighters filed suit accusing him and she s
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supervisor and claims after she complained she was punished. >> what a prom story. a group of ten people headed to prom in this limo when it hits a tree and catches fire. look at that photo right there. thankfully, nobody was hurt. >> wow. >> wow. well, the kids picked up by a nearby trolley car and they actually took them to the dance. investigators believe that an engine problem caused that fire. >> lucky no one got hurt there. 6:12 your time now. the sun is up. look at this beautiful, live shot this morning. >> hmm. >> but don't get used to it, folks. tom's tracking thunderstorms and showers, and they are quickly moving our way. >> long lines in packed airports. how the tsa is trying to make your flights easier, and how you can prepe for more
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good morning. starting off this saturday morning, clear and rather chilly. in the 40s, but look at the storm team 4 radar there. it shows showers rolling across ohio into kentucky heading our way. maybe even strong storms later this afternoon into this evening. i'll show you when itleaves in e minutes. >> tommy, check in with you then. you might see more and more of the hash tag, i hate the wait. a record number of folks expected to head to airports.
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people. some waiting for hours. now, the tsa says it is taking steps to make it better. among them, reducing how many carry-ones you can take with you and authorizing more overtime for agents. however, lawmakers question if the changeless make that much more of a difference. some airlines threatened to replace government screeners with private workers. right now there's an investigation into a deadly train crash in california. look at these images. an amtrak train slammed into a truck last night, basically split that truck in half. three people died, and there were more than 200 people onboard that train. the engineer was the only person onboard who was hurt. and another serious story we're falling, a small plane catching fire shortly after taking off. the pilot flying with two grandchildren. he landed the plane hard and they managed to escape. then the plane went up in flames. fairfax county police
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hit-and-run driver. they put up a flashing sign in virginia. you see it there, where a man was struck and killed on thursday evening. now, the victim, 33 yard matthew callandine, police say he for some reason stumbled into the eastbound lanes near cappella a a avenue. they don't know why but they know a car struck him and took off. and held in contempt of court violating orders to stop racially violating teenagers. accused of conducting an operation that targeted undocumented immigrants. the contempt ruling stems from aclu's lawsuit where the court found he profiled and illegally detained latinos. arpaio reportedly sis agreed the order to overhauling policing practices. a hi
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general lori robinson. on friday she took charge of norad and u.s. northern commands, security cooperative between the u.s., mexico and canada. robinson was previously the commander of pacific air forces and one of just two female generals in the air force. hundreds of guests from the nordic nations on their way out of d.c. this morning. they attended a dinner with president obama at the white house last night. the dinner honored the leaders of sweden, iceland, finland, dennarc and norway. president obama had a little fun with them as well. >> i think we can all admit that the vikings could be a little rough. [ laughter ] they didn't always have the best -- manners at the dining table. but times have changed. >> you can see some of the photos from the state dinner, including the celebrities who were there and just find that on the nbc
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well, it is graduation season. >> right. get ready for the crowds. catholic university holding its commencement ceremony this morning starting at 10:00 and takes place on campus at the basilica of the national shrine. tomorrow morning graduates and their families head down to the national mall for george washington university's commencement and we know you'll snap plenty of photos and we do want to celebrate you. send u your graduation pictures all month long. we might even show them on television. check out nbc washington on twitter and instagram and send your photo uses the hash tag grads of washington, and send us a message on our nbc washington facebook page. we're always checking that. and terry mccullough delivering the commencement address to the class of 2016. angie's alma mater. at the arena in fairfax. mccullagh also gets an honorary degree out there. >> all right. i did the --
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complication one time. >> i did those recently. >> yeah. wasn't invited back. >> well, we know why. >> kidding. all good. a lot of graduation ceremonies going on. that means parties tonight. hopefully some of them aren't outside. right? >> hopefully, but probably some of them are and may get interrupted by some showers and storms, i'm afraid. congratulations graduates, starting early on this saturday morning for the early activities. stays dry. sun coming up over union station. the flag hardly moving near union station but will flap in a stiff wind developing later this morning. storm team 4 radar showing all dry here. showers way out in the midwest. they're going to track across from the west heading off to the east. here's the timing on that. by 1:00 this afternoon, leading edge of showers and thundershowers, panhandle of california, 1:00 p.m. around 2:00 to 3:00 p.m., ces
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into our western and northern suburbs and a line from the pennsylvania border down to culpepper. could be showers and storms between 3:00 p.m., 5:00, 6:00 p.m., when they come right through the metro area. some of those storms might produce damaging winds. there's a very small chance of that, and otherwise, just downpours, a little thunder and lightning coming through and maybe another round comes in between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m., metro area. then all done and we clear out by 10:00 tonight and start off tomorrow morning with a clear sky and chilly temperatures. all the way down to the 40s tomorrow morning. where we are now, we're in the upper 40s to near 50 right in the immediate metro area. low 50s around the bay. your exercise forecast, get it done this morning into early afternoon. then the storms come in. before then, climbing into the low 70s. if you're going out tonight, storms ending around 8:00. it will be breezy and in the 50s later this evening and then tomorrow breezy and cool. 40s
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a lighter wind. another chance of showers tuesday into wednesday morning and dry into the weekend. mild on thursday and friday. >> tom, thanks. 6:22 your time now. murder rate on the rides. why the head of the fbi is worried about viral videos and their impact on crime.
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for a rising crime, specifically murder. murder rates are on the rise in several cities. talking chicago, dallas and l.a. the director of the fbi is worried police officers don't want to get "caught on tape" thinking being caught on viral videos is keeping officers in their cruisers instead of engaging with folks. >> there still is no evidence to substantiate the claim that increase in violent crime is related to an unwillingness of police officers to do their job. >> the white house press secretary josh earnest went on to say that the latest numbers also show murder rates dropping in several cities, including houston, charlotte and new york. a major drug bust went down in maryland on friday. police found a marijuana grow operation in the basement of a city home. the largest one ever discovered in howard county.
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a shotgun and $75,000 in cash also found inside this house. the two renting the home face charges. the house was recently sold at auction and the new owner called police after noticing a suspicious van in the driveway. investigators say that they could smell that marijuana from the driveway. the trial for the second baltimore officer accused of freddie gray's death will continue on monday morning. edward murrow accused of assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office. one of the officers who hedged put gray into the police van. the injuries that ultimately killed gray happened in the van without a seat belt, which is a departmental violation. so far the state presented 11 witnesses. on monday prosecutors could call another officer, garrett miller, to testify against near oh. nehro. the sun is shining right now. and tom is
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with thunderstorms and more rain, but he's also trying to figure out if we're seal another clear day. >> yes. in plays into the tapes of arlington. we'll tell you why you might need an umbrella headed out there and how thousands of set to enjoy a day filled with food and fun. look at that. and developing now, new controversy in the fight over lgbt bathrooms. the state that plans to go against this and risk billions in feral aided.
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the time right now is 6:30 and these are your top stories we're following -- thousands gathered last night at the national mall to remember law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. it is all part of national police week the names of three officers from our region were added to the national memorial. we now know the last day you'll be able to ride metro after midnight. the transit agency stopping service at midnight every night as part of a safe track program, which starts next month. so the last day will be open until 3:00 a.m. is saturday, may 21st. today the department of health is helping d.c. residents fight the bite. they are hosting mosquito prevention a community event focusing on the zika virus. it's happening at the recreation center in southwest washington and starts
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on this saturday. going to get a lot cooler, folks and guess what's coming back? >> what? >> the rain. >> shocker. >> yep. welcome back to this "news4 today" on this saturday. i'm david culver and i'm angie goff. thunderstorms actually could ruin your plans this afternoon. we want to get straight to storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking how much longer we can enjoy this morning's sun. hey, tom. >> the rest of the morning stays dry. sun coming up, a dreier sky. good morning. starting off chilly. only in the 40s much of the region, but by early afternoon, a jump into the low 70s. look at storm team 4 radar now. where's the rain? there it is in ohio down into kentucky in batches of yellow and orange. those are sort of a trend of getting towards thunderstorms. by this afternoon as they get closer to our region, likely they will turn into some thunderstorms. now, there's only a slight risk of some strong storms that might produce damping winds. ti
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3:00 to 8:00 p.m. temperatures now quite a chill in the air. only in the 40s to near 50 degrees nearby suburbs, 50s in washington. low 50s around the chesapeake bay. new hour-by-hour timing on the storms. i'll show you in a few minutes. >> we'll check in then. 6:32 your time. d.c. police say a man held a family captive 18 hours before he killed them and set their house on fire. today marks one year since those mansion murders, one of the biggest stories in our area. accused of kill iing this famil. it happened in a mansion in northwest washington. d.c. police found wendt with dna from a slice of pizza left at the seen. wendt pleaded not guilty to 20 felony charges earlier in the year and is due back in court this august. it's 6:32. that directive from president obama to allow students to use whatever bathroom they ch
6:33 am
texas' lieutenant governor saying he is willing to go without billions are dollars in federal funds in order could keep the state's rules in place. now, many say the new laws are discriminatory against transgender students. students from our region say ending the rule could save lives. >> things like this make them feel worthwhile and the suicide that could potentially happen. >> the president is advising public schools around the country to allow transgender students to use whatever bathrooms match their gender identity. more controversy this morning for presumptive gop presidential nominee donald trump. on friday he denied posting that his own spokesman in a 1991 telephone interview. a "washington post" reports details how trump posed at john miller, or john barren throughout his career. he apparently did this when talking to reporters to promote positive stories about himself an
6:34 am
reporter sue carswell tells nbc news, she did the interview in question and has no doubt that the audio is authentic. meanwhile, trump's former rival ted cruz is set to speak at the texas gop convention today. today is embassy day in d.c., and you can expect a lot of traffic along massachusetts avenue. and long lines if you want to see the embassy yours. dozens of european embassies are opening up their doors today. you can check the nbc washington app to learn more about a few of them, and all of the ones that you can check out. most will be open between 10:00 this morning. so stay opens until 4:00 this afternoon and i hear the food is delicious. >> looks good. all right. six students covering this morning after they got sick from a mixture of candy and medicine. now, the students are all expected to be okay. they go to franz scott key middle school in silver spring. mont gummy county police believe the children ate a mixture of sprite, nyquil
6:35 am
ranchers yesterday morning. they all had stomach problems and trouble breathing. this morning the parents of one of missing fairfax teenager making a plea for their son to return home. rudy and daniel last seen at theirs homes tuesday night. police believe they left on their own and may have taken a taxi to maryland to that region up there. rudy's parents say there weren't any signs he was planning to leave. >> he was afraid to take my dog out for a walk in the dark. so i can't imagine how he is right now. i cannot imagine how he is on the streets. >> well, police say lima is in need of medication and did not take it with her. and melissa mollet with your first 4 traffic and a look at roads and rails this weekend.
6:36 am
as far as metro, single tracking on several lines. red line single tracking between dupont circle and van ness, orange and blue lines single tracking between mcpherson square and mythsonian this weekend. yellow line all trains operating to and from mount vernon square this and silver line, between east and boston. talking about roads, a closure on saturday morning for the national police 5k, 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. closures along indiana avenue, pennsylvania and constitution. check out all of the closures on our nbc washington app to give you details on what's happening there. near the airport this weekend here, reagan national airport. the airport access road there right off the 1, the eastbound lanes closed. from crystal city you want to use gw parkway. plan ahead to get in. don't want to freak out and be late for a flight or anything like that. of course, have a great weekend and i'll see you monday morning for "news4 today."
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more traffic alert this morning for you. those traveling in arlington, heads up. parts of wilson boulevard, north stuart street and north randolph street going to be closed for the taste of arlington. now, the road blocks begin at noon today and will come down around 8:00 tomorrow evening. more than 50 restaurants participating this year. we have links to buy your tickets in the nbc washington app. search what you see on your screen, taste of arlington. you've seen our stories about dirt bikes and atvs taking over the roads. the solution council members think may work for both sides. ♪ praise to our god everywhere we worship ♪ >> major groundbreaking and hope for a community. a celebration and huge impact in
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one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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all right. if you love dirt bikes or know someone who does, you want to hear this. nbc washington digital exclusive. d.c. is exploring ways to create a safe place for atv and dirt bike riders to enjoy themselves. council members looking for potential sites for a dirt bike-friendly park. right now dirt bikes and atvs are illegal on d.c. streets. right now the torch on a three-month tour of brazil. [ cheers ] >> well, take a look. it arrived in the historic city. the hillstop city of -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> used for colonial mining and name add world harriet of site by the u.n. this is the 11th day of the torch relay in brazil. the olympics begin this august.
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could have botched it. going for a run or bike ride -- do it this morning. all right. tom is tracking another blast of, yep, rain. even more thunderstorms coming our way. >> the turtle -- >> flew through our windshield. a bizarre crash that could have ended much worse. how a driver was able to walk away from a pretty dangerous situation.
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. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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all right. see what our friends on the "today" show are working on. >> kristen welker and jeff rossen joining us on a saturday morning. good morning. >> good morning. out here in new york. >> just a little trip. i'll be back, guys. >> you better. >> saturday morning right here on "today," will the latest controversy swirls around donald trump, allegations that he faked being his own publicist back in the '90s come back to bite him this fall? we're chew it over with a political panel and talk to the reporter who took the call. and harp rows moments caugh on camera. incredible video. reaction from the people onboard. plus a woman blind two decades can suddenly see again. how did that happen? we'll talk to her. >> amazing. as you plan your summer vacation, great tips on how you can save big on your stay from a true hotel insider. >> those stories plus others here
6:45 am
of -- a little love. >> i had my tea in solidarity. >> feel better. >> thank you very much. >> all right, guys. >> cheers. >> see you back here. in other stories, bill cosby's lawyers asking the supreme court for another chance. they want his criminal assault case thrown out arguing the current district attorney cannot go back on predecessor who said he promised kosscosby would not charged in the pledge. he relied on that pledge testifying in a related lawsuit. several women have come forth and accused the comedian of drugging and molesting them. and all right controversy, now a major drug company says it will not allow its drugs to the part of the practice. feiser says it is blocking the use of its drug from lethal injections, propofol. you might recall caused michael jackson's death. the company says it makes its product to
6:46 am
lives. well, the next story is pretty unbelievable. take a look at that. a florida woman, a serious injury and expected to be okay after this usual incident brought the two together. driving along the interstate in o'lard oh when that turtle came crashing through her windshield. >> just a little bit -- nothing major but there was blood coming down because it just grazed my head. so i think that also freaked me out a little bit and just looked in and realized there is, in fact, a turtle in my car. >> okay. so all of us wondering how does this happen? >> how does this happen? >> okay. turns out the car in front of her ran over the turtle and that's what sent it flying through the windshield and after all this scariness, emt actually ended up taking that turtle to the water and is miraculously swam away. >> a tough shell. >> yeah. >> incredible. >> to say the least. mcdonald's is making moves. the company will testing out using fresh beef in its burgers.
6:47 am
whether the fresh beef idea will be a permanent ingredient. right now the trial is only happening at stores in the dallas area. mcdonald's currently uses frozen beef for its patties. well, the so-called ball cap bandit has been busted. saying they arrested butter kahn and believe he stole from the suntrust on mount vernon avenue and wells fargo on fern street last month and a suspect in the wells fargo bank robbery that happened in falls church on wednesday. investigators nicknamed him the baseball cap bandit because video shows him wearing a different cap at each scene. you may have to come out of your pocket a little more in hotels. whether to add a tax surcharge of a quarter percent bringing in more than a million dollars for the county. money that would be used to promote tourism, they say. the arlington chamber of commerce is behind the move. they support it. well, get your resume
6:48 am
the spring job fair in loudon county is happening today. it's happening in sterling at the claudmore recreation center starting at 10:00 this morning and run until 2:00 p.m. more than 60 different companies will be there. >> the job fair is geared to everybody, of all walks of life, all age groups from high school kids getting out for summer vacation to college kids returning home. college graduates. adults who are looking for a new career. adults who are either unemployed or under employed. seniors looking for work. >> sounds good. a couple things to keep in mind. bring plenty of resumes and remember, dress to impress. dress your best. first impressions are everything. a new family life center opening in prince george's county and could make a big difference for a lot of families. especially their health. >> tracee wilkins talked to people really getting excited. >> reporter: a move from italy to prince george's county maryland she brought her
6:49 am
>> used to righting bikes whenever we can. our city is structured in a different way. so it makes it easier on us. >> reporter: but is this county has a lack of bike lanes limiting how far she and her daughter can safely go. this shows itself in other ways as well. >> asked around, on the internet looking for children, physical fitness frahm nesness programs that. >> we will pray, talk about what's going to be built here, the purpose of it. >> reporter: this pastor of the first baptist church of glenarden says these kind of concerns are motivating him to tackle not just this but physical let in construction of a $20 million family life center. >> how to exercise, how to get your blood pressure right. thousand get your diabetes under control. it's going to be a place to help educate people. >> reporter: 63,000 square foot building three regulation basketball courts, indoor track,
6:50 am
classrooms and serve as a et mooing place for county youth. >> really a place to help connect people, connect young people, help them do something positive. >> reporter: he says the congregation of more than 11,000 active members made it possible. >> some of them praying for this building right here. some praying for years. >> reporter: when we asked residents what they thought of a church creating resources to health and reccreation. >> goes into the total well-being for the perm, meanting, spiritual, all fit together. >> reporter: it will be located behind the main building. construction begins monday and expect to be in the building by the end of 2017. ful reporting for news 4. >> asking tom kierein what day of rain -- streak ended thursday. right? >> yeah. >> begin again? >> a couple more yesterday. more today. i want to tell you, there is summer somewhere. back from austin, texas. it was gorgeous.
6:51 am
want me to tell you, but yes, virginia, there is summer somewhere. and it is eventually going to get here. time is on our side. all right now, though, a chill in the air. a live view from our reston camera overlooking reston town center. splashes of sunlight there all around there. and it's sunny all around the region, but clouds closed in across parts of the midwest producing rain in ohio coming into western pennsylvania. western west virginia over another few hours but taking quite a while before it gets here. first rain drops in the metro area, hour-by-hour timing, between 1:00 and three. and 1:00 and 4:00 right into washington is, southern suburbs by 5:00. maybe thunder and lightning with these showers as they come through. a slight risk at an isolated storm producing damaging winds and another line of showers between 6:00 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. that's the last of it. it's gone. sky clears by 10:00 tonight. gets cool and chilly ev
6:52 am
we'll be down into the 40s under a clear sky. now, we are in the upper 40s, near 50 now, much of the region. mid-50s in washington. low 50s around the bay. so if you're planning on a bike ride today, this morning, and all the way into early afternoon, pretty good, except you'll be bucking a bit of a blustery wind, up around 70 by 1:00. winds gusting around 25, 30 miles an hour before any storm ace rive in the metro area. looks like between 3:00 to 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. sunday, partly cloudy, breezy and cool. 40s in the morning. afternoon highs around 60, and then on monday, partly sunny not as much wind. low 60s, 40s in the morning and more showers move in on tuesday. perhaps lingering into wednesday morning and sunny, mild weather does return on thursday and friday. >> tom, thanks. and 6:52 your time pap brand new event bringing together families and children. a creative mission to give kids more space to play.
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6:55 your time. four things to know this saturday, thousands gathered at the national mall to remember law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. all part of national police week. the events continue today throughout the district. four people murdered in northwest washington. the mansion murders happened exactly one year ago today. three members of the same family and their housekeeper killed. the suspect in the case will be in court this augus
6:56 am
night you'll be able to take metro after midnight. the agency's safe track program officially starts june 3rd making the last night of after midnight service may 21st, two weeks from today. and the d.c. department of housing is holding a fight to bite event today. a community control meeting on the zika virus at the recreation in southwest and begins at 10:00 a.m. a brand new event kicking off in falls church, happening at north virginia and riley streets from 10:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. so essentially the streets will be closed off to traffic. so that adults and children can have more space to play. the city is sponsoring some of the activities during the closure. new york city started a similar program back more than 100 years ago. >> i was going to say. sounds old-fashioned. i like it. >> pretty cool. today d.c. officials are helping kids try their hand at fishing. the city is hosting a free family fishing event at
6:57 am
specially stocked with fish and kids can get help from expert instructors for free. bait and motor fishing gear provided for free as well. no registration required. the event is taking place from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. >> and after a beautiful evening last night, tom kierein saying don't put away the umbrella just yet. >> a good day to be gone fishing, this morning at least. then showers and storms move in this afternoon. more hour-by-hour timing as new models come in the next couple of hours so stay with us. back at 9:00 a.m. don't forget, live on facebook as well. >> rit. gh
6:58 am
morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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good morning. not backing down. donald trump's campaign fighting claims he called a reporter back in the '90s, pretending to be his own publicist. trump arguing it wasn't him. the woman who conducted the interview says she is sure it was trump and he later admitted it. >> there's no doubt in my mind he apologize zed to me and made it clear he was the man on the tape. >> will this come back to haunt trump in the fall? scary moments on a new york bridge when a big rig flipped over on its side. traffic snarled for hours, but incredibly, no one was seriously hu


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