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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 16, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now, prosecutors wrapping up their case against a baltimore police officer accused of misconduct in the arrest and death of freddie gray. i'm barbara harrison with new information on the fellow officer that could take the stand in the next few hours. i'm pat lawson, news with first of its kind transplant here in the u.s. we'll tell you about the cancer patient who is hoping his life will return to normal. enjoy the sunshine while you can because more rain is on the way. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. i have new hour by hour timing coming up. news 4 midday starts now. >
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baltimore officer accused in freddie gray's death continues this morning. edward nero is accused of assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office. news 4's chris gordon is in baltimore covering the case for us. he has the latest on who we may see on the stand today. >> reporter: the prosecution is presenting a bioengineering expert who testified that the broken neck that freddie gray allegedly sustained in the police transport van is very similar to an injury that one would get diving into a shallow pool. this comes on day three of testimony in the trial of officer edward nero. he is charged with assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct. now, the prosecution is expected to call a very unusual witness today. a fellow bike patrol police officer, garrett miller, who was with nero when freddie gray was stopped and handcuffed on april 12th, 2015.
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testify in this case. he was the one who actually stopped gray and put handcuffs on him. and he also faces criminal charges and a trial in july. the prosecution could wrap up its case today. and then it will be the defense's turn to present witnesses. that's the latest from baltimore. chris gordon, news 4. >> prosecutors are asking that a 17-year-old accused of murder be tried as an adult. that news just in from prince william county court. police say the teen killed 14-year-old eric kokocrespo last week. prosecutors call it a serious and heinous crime. the 17-year-old will be back in court next month ncht right now jury selection is underway for a fairfax county lawyer accused of terrorizing a mcclain couple. andrew schmuhl charged with abduction and malicious wounding for a 2014 attack on another lawyer and his wife.
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schmuhl's wife faces the same charges but be tried separately. at the time of the attack she had just been fired from the victim's law firm. news 4's northern virginia bureau chief julie carey has covered this story from the beginning. she's in the courtroom right now. follow her on twitter for updates on this case. a woman killed in connection with the maryland shopping center shootings will be remembered today as a beloved chemistry teacher who pushed her students to do their best. tonight there will be a individual vigil for gladys. police say two weeks ago her estranged husband shot her outside high school in prince george's county. and funeral services begin today for claudina, visitation begins tonight at st. jude catholic church in rockville. the funeral mass will be held tomorrow.
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originally from bolivia and accomplished the american dream. she was a nursing assistant who planned to retire within a year. the shooting of a little boy while playing over the weekend has some d.c. residents upset about ongoing violence in their community, but they're thankful this morning that an offduty emt was there close by to help. the 7-year-old was shot in the shoulder saturday in a southeast d.c. community, but he is expected to be okay. the first person to arrive at the scene was veronica bask baskerville, she was at a baby shower at a church in the area. when she heard the shots, she grabbed her medic bag and sprang into action. >> i ran out the church, ran to my car. and i got my bls bag and i went to work. >> meanwhile, people who live near the scene of the shooting say they want a crime camera in their neighborhood. right now 13 law enforcement officers are being awarded the highest honor in the land. we're looking live inside the east wing of the white us
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he's honoring with the medal of valor today, quote, exhibited exceptional courage regardless of personal safety in attempts to protect or save human life. police sergeant robert wilson died in the line of duty, he will be receiving the honor p t posthumously today. gorgeous day, chilly start, bright sunshining down on capitol hill. there's the newly restored capitol dome gleaming in this golden sunlight. you can see a lot of the scaffolding is starting to come down, lower elevations there on the capitol dome. it's really wrapping up now. their total restoration. so you'll be comfortable in long sleeves, slacks and sunglasses. you'll definitely need them for the rest of the day. we'll have the bright sun with us. temperatures right now mid-50s in washington and nearby suburbs. upper 50s around the bay. farther north and west mid 50s after that very cold start in
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warming up nicely there. rain on the way. i've got new arrival times and departure times, that's coming up in just a few minutes. all right, tom. well, if you're planning to go to the washington monument, you may have to wait for that for a while. officials closed it on sunday due to power problems. and they are making repairs to the elevator power supply right now. the monument has been closed several times in recent months because of escalator problems. officials say they will reopen it as soon as those repairs are done. metro back on track following some weekend problems. the first issue happened at the lenfant station yesterday. crews extinguished smoldering debris on the tracks. and an insulator had to be replaced. yesterday crews were called in for an arcing insulator there. metro says there was never any smoke or fire at that
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just into the live desk, u.s. military beefing up its fight against isis in libya. the pentagon along with other world powers saying that it's ready to supply that country's government with weapons to fight the islamic state and other terrorist groups. right now libya is under a u.n. embargo to keep lethal arms away. now, the plan signed off by the u.s. and 15 other nations pushes for exemptions to that embargo. i'm angie goff at the live desk, pat, back to you. thank you, angie. the presidential candidates are campaigning across the country today while hillary clinton holds events in kentucky, senator bernie sanders is holding a town hall in puerto rico. here's a live look nbc's edward lawrence has more on sanders' pitch to voters, plus donald trump's new feud over an old topic. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders needs 65% of all remaining delegates to catch hillary clinton. >> that is why we need your help big time right here in kentucky. >> reporter: if sanders
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kentucky and oregon on tuesday, he says he can get the unbound superdelegates to change sides. clinton just wants to move on and talk about the gop presumptive nominee. >> so what you hear from donald trump is not just offensive, it is dangerous. it is dangerous. >> reporter: president obama echoed similar warnings during his commencement address at rutgers university, never mentioning donald trump by name. >> the world is more interconnected than ever before. and it's becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change ú÷9z that. >> reporter: meanwhile, trump took to twitter last night saying newspaper reports listing names of vice presidential running mates are wrong. this as the party is starting to rally behind their presumptive nominee. >> this is way early and still already we're seeing convergence on the part of the electorate with donald trump. >> reporter: for republicans only voters in oregon will make their choice on tue.
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he's on twitter. reporting in washington, edward lawrence, nbc news. more and more police body cameras are now being used. after the break we're going to show you how the video can be easily misinterpreted. take a look at this violent crash caught on camera. what happened to the cars hit by the truck's wreckage. and baseball highlight being clicked on over and over again this morning and how the players
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some scary moments for drivers on the new york's tapanzee bridge. rolled over during saturday morning's rush hour. five vehicles were hit by debris, but no one was injured. authorities believe the crash was caused by a failure of the truck's suspension system. boston surgeons have performed the first successful penis transplant in the u.s. doctors calling this a surgical milestone. >> many of these patients suffer in silence, and for years it's been like that. and i think now he's found a voice to come out to say how much he has really found hope in this type of procedure. >> this is 64-year-old thomas manning. he got that donatedr
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years after he lost his penis because of cancer. he is only the third man in the world to have this surgery performed. it was a 15-hour operation and manning says that he is talking about it, he's going public because he wants to inspire others to stay hopeful about recovery. pat, barbara. today, d.c. students will have a safer walk home. officials are launching a program called man the block. 1,000 city leaders and volunteers will monitor streets throughout the city's eight wards in order to make sure students can walk home safely. this program starts this afternoon. in developing news now, a carnival cruise ship has returned to port in texas without one of its passengers. cruise line officials say surveillance footage shows 33-year-old samantha broburg falling off the ship friday morning. the ship was on a four-day mexican cruise. the mayor of greater manchester engl
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bomb scare that caused a high profile soccer match to be postponed. it happened on sunday just minutes before manchester united's last game of the season was just about to begin. an employee found the device in a bathroom forcing thousands to evacuate the stadium. >> children were frightened, but orderly. >> rushed us away from the stadium -- >> police conducted a controlled explosion of the device and determined it was a training device accidentally left there by a private company during an exercise. the match has been rescheduled for tuesday. new numbers show crime rates across dozens of cities on the rise already this year. the fbi says the viral video effect could be to blame. it says some people -- police rather are afraid to approach criminals fearing the video will end up on cameras or the internet. but still communities are pressing for police
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he said/she said that often takes place after confrontations. some question whether the video itself can be deceiving. >> reporter: you're watching what looks like an aggressive confrontation. caught on police body cam. many departments across the country saying they increased transparency and ho officers accountable. >> these cameras are the future of policing. >> reporter: and they are helpful, like in texas. >> put your hands behind your back. >> reporter: dash cam video showing a cop taking down a suspect, seemingly out of nowhere. but from the body camera's angle a clear view of the suspect attacking the officer first. and in ohio -- >> drop the knife! >> reporter: a body cam capturing this officer pleading with a knife wielding man. the camera confirming the officer needs to use force. but do they always tell the
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whole story? today we have some revealing demonstrations for you. this is seth, a law professor here at university of south carolina. also a former police officer. you'll be playing the cop. i'll be playing the suspect. and you were saying sometimes police body cameras can be misleading. >> that's absolutely right. they're a great tool, but like any tool they have limitations. they can be deceptive, they can fail to capture important information, and sometimes they can suggest something that didn't actually happen. >> reporter: to test them out we're setting up police encounters. seth is putting on a body camera. my producer is off to the side shooting from a distance on her iphone to give us the complete picture, like a bystander would. scenario one, something seth calls deceptive intensity. watch this body camera footage closely. what's happening here? all right. now let's look from the bystander's iphone. that's right, no brawls here, just really bad
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that is incredible. what does this show us? >> because of the location of the camera and the fact it's looking up on you and on loose clothing makes it look like an aggressive encounter with a little more context we know it's not. >> reporter: okay, onto scenario two. no sound. we're going to demonstrate a traffic stop. there have been so many controversial traffic stops lately caught on police body cameras, and there are some officers that don't record the sound, and some departments that don't release the sound. you're about to see what happens. it looks like a normal traffic stop until -- so what's going on here? a, the officer attacked me, b, i attacked the officer, or, c, the officer helped me. okay. now here it is again with the sound. >> i did write you a ticket today -- oh, whoa, hey, a bee just flew in your car. it's right behind you. get out. get out of the car. >> is it off?
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everything. but you won't believe your eyes in scenario three. what the camera can't see. >> hey, man, police department, you okay? >> i don't want any trouble. just leave me alone. >> get on the ground now! >> reporter: so why did he attack me? it looked like a normal conversation. he just threw me to the ground. this is what the body camera couldn't see. freeze, right there, i pulled a fake gun on the officer causing him to react. >> people think body cameras are going to be the solution to issues of police accountability and transparency, and sometimes they will be. sometimes they won't be. and times they'll be outright misleading. >> that was jeff rossen, now research on body cameras is still relatively new, while there are no specific cases of deception reported just yet, experts believe as these become more widespread there will be. seth, the law professor at the university of south carolina that jeff mentioned in his piece, uses video like the
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judges how to interpret body cam footage. pretty interesting. it certainly is. the great thing about baseball some would say is that you can go to the game and say i never saw that before. well, in texas that thing was a player getting punched in the face. take a look at this. texas rangers and toronto blue jays in an all-out brawl. going to end up with one of the players being suspended as a matter of fact. kind of thing you see on the ice with ice hockey. they were fighting basically because the rangers thought a blue jays player showed them up in the playoffs last year. they hit him with a pitch yesterday. then he had a hard slide into second base. then the fight really started. look at that in slow-mo. >> he really took it on the jaw, didn't he? not very sportsmanlike. >> no, a lot of folks looking at that video. new today stubhub is getting its logo
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>> the 76ers sold the space in the upper corner of their jerseys for $5 million a year. you won't see the ads until next fall, fall of 2017 rather. the nba is testing jersey ads just like soccer teams in other countries too, this one is only a few inches wide. a call for volunteers. the task to count bugs. would you like to do that? the reason a good one the fight against the zika virus. we'll tell you about that ncht and we want to show you this as much as possible because it's not going to last. talking about the sunshine out there today and the return of the r ai
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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the federal government is seeking volunteers to track zika-carrying mosquitos here in the u.s. the invasive mosquito project is recruiting high school science teachers and students to collect mosquito eggs. the volunteers will then upload research data online. the department of agriculture wants to line up volunteers quickly to start this project. right now, parts of southeastern texas are dealing with some massive flooding. this is what it looked like in corpus christi. many streets there completely under water. despite warnings, drivers tried to get through flooded streets only to end up stuck. police have closed several roads and some schools are closed for the day due to the hazardous conditions down there in texas right now. our conditions are pretty
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nice. >> today. >> i tell you we'll take this compared to what they're having in southeast texas. >> i know. >> we've just had rain coming down lightly. but it's our stretch of days, it's ts frequency of it that is sort of getting to us, i think. >> it's gotten to us. >> it has gotten to us. and around our region it's welcomed sunshine, soak it up while you can. there's a live view from our city camera. the washington monument gleaning in the sunshine under a blue sky. look how green everything is. looks like brazil, doesn't it rk barbara? >> sort of. >> just a little. very little. >> and it is going to stay this way. great day to get a run in between now and through the afternoon. lots of sunshine. it will be near 60 by noontime, by 2:00 the mid 60s and mid and upper 60s between 3:00 and 5:00 and back down to low 60s by 7:00 p.m. great day, lighter wind. storm team 4 radar all clear on the radar right now. don't have any rain anywhere in the vicinity.
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rain arriving tomorrow. the area in green are some light showers. by 8:00 a.m. on tuesday moving in occasional light showers after that coming in from the south and west across virginia into maryland and the district. 10:00 a.m. continues noontime it continues, maybe a little harder that yellow zone around fredericksburg, then it moves off to the east and crosses the chesapeake baby around 4:00 p.m. so it should be tapering off for the afternoon commute on tuesday. we have another round, another disturbance coming into the mountains by in the evening hours on tuesday and lingering into wednesday. so storm team 4 four-day forecast showers moving in after we get into the upper 60s today, much cooler tomorrow near 60. and then a little sun back wednesday afterno after the showers end midday. then sunshine, beautiful weather, get the yard work in, get some mowing in on thursday and friday. highs near 70, thursday friday low 70s. right now looking like showers for the weekend, cool saturday, bit milder on sunday. >> all right, tom, thank you. today, we are kicking off an
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stories. consumer reporter susan hogan has important ways to keep you and your family safe. and today we start in the yard with a warning about how a simple chore can turn deadly. >> this morning we're talking about lawn mower safety. people die every year as a result of lawn mower accidents. the numbers are staggering. look at this 35,000 people are injured in lawn mower accidents each year. and on average 90 people actually die from their injuries. most attributed to riding mowers. according to the consumer products safety commission, the fatal incidents usually include lawn mower tipovers where the victim falls under and is run over by the mower, or the victim is thrown from or falls off the riding mower. unfortunately oftentimes the victims are children. >> child can fall off, the lawn mower can go over them, or if they're playing in the yard and you back up, your mower, especially your ride-on mower you don't see where
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behind you. time and time again we see kids being run over and have very serious injuries associated with that. >> now, the cpsc also says toe amputations are common with homeowners cutting grass to cut down on injuries the cpsc developed federal safety standards for power mowers, foot shields, blade brake control and warning labels all part of those mandatory standards. if you want more information on choosing a lawn mower and what to look for in terms of safety features, just go to our nbc washington app and search lawn mower. and new video into the newsroom. the moment a building starts to collapse in northeast washington. it was all caught on camera. we'll also get the latest on what will happen to the now crumbling building. and if you're thinking about starting a family, you'll want to stay tuned for this. we sit down with a doctor who has your to-do list before the
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right now day three of the edward nero trial is underway. nero is charged with assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct for his actions leading to the fatal injury of freddie gray who suffered in the van, the police van back in april 2015. today prosecutors could call fellow bike patrol officer garrett miller to the stand. w
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news 4's chris gordon is in the courtroom right now. he'll have the latest on air and online as the trial continues. 13 law enforcement officers receiving the medal of valor at a ceremony this morning in the east wing of the white house. it's the nation's highest honor for police officers. president obama says all of the awarded officers displayed exceptional courage regardless of their own safety in protecting others. building fell apart and shutting down a d.c. street right now. news 4's derek ward is live with an old tomato packing plant where an old tomato packing plant collapsed. derrick, what do you know about what happened there? >> well, you know, this happened yesterday afternoon at about 2:30. and this is a pretty heavily traveled street. we're at the intersection of fen wick and galadet. take a look, this is what happened. we believe it was caused by the wind. just imagine if someone had been coming along here when
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happened. guess what, somebody was, nobody got injured, but we got the video. take a look. it was about 3:00 in the afternoon when the wind we're told took this wall down of this plant. it was built in 1937, but you see a car there coming just as a puff of smoke and wall comes down. that car swerves and avoids getting hit by those bricks. breathtaking video. certainly a close call for that driver. again, no one was injured. we don't know exactly what caused it, but again, it is believed that it was the wind that had this happen. this building was put up in 1937, so it's about 79 years old. up until recently it was a produce packing plant. it's being renovated for retail space. and i'm told that this part of the building had actually been abandoned. the produce concern was using the far end of the building and that has been cleared, the walls have been taken down. but we have utility companies, building inspectors and structural engineers out here to determine what the future of this building is whether or not it is indeed safe to go on with the retailo
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and whether there's danger of a farther collapse. but this intersection of fenwick and galadet is closed. we don't know for how long, but it's a popular cut-through between west virginia avenue and new york avenue. luckily being popular yesterday didn't get anybody hurt because that was really a close call as that video shows. we are live in northeast, derrick ward, news 4, back to you. >> very scary, derrick, thank you so much. one of the stars from "the wire" is facing simple battery charges this morning. police arrested wendell pierce early saturday morning at the atlanta loews hotel. atlanta police have not provided details about what led to the arrest. he's in atlanta filming a new movie. he most recently played supreme court justist clarence thomas in the hbo documentary. new results spotting dangers of teenage driving. nbc's erica edwards shows us why parents have good reason to be concerned and what they can do to protect teen drivers. >> reporter: images of teenagers acting reckless while in c
11:34 am
are unnerving. as are the latest statistics on fatal crashes involving teens. >> our sons and daughters are dying in car crashes at an alarming rate. >> reporter: safekids worldwide reports six teenagers are killed each day in a motor vehicle crash. and almost half of those accidents the victims are not wearing seat belts. a new safe kids survey of nearly 800 teens and their parents finds teenagers would be far more likely to buckle up if mom or dad made it a family rule. >> put your foot on the brake. >> reporter: kids and families with established rules and agreements about safe driving are ten times less likely to speed, text while driving, drink and drive or skip seat belts. >> it's not enough to have an informal discussion. you need to have a formal agreement. you have to enforce it. and you have to model good behavior. >> reporter: most surveyed teens said their best driving experiences are when their parents are passengers, suggesting it's moms and dads
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even if it's not their foot on the gas pedal. erica edwards, nbc news. in news for your health, planning a pregnancy -- full time for women but there are some steps you can take now to make the experience a little less stressful and a little safer for you and your unborn child. dr. mary jane is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist here this morning with us. thank you so much for being with us. pregnancy is one of those things that just happens for most women. how important is it though to plan it? >> planning is very important because we do know there are things women can do for their health and for the health of the baby that they can do in advance. >> does it matter whether you're an older woman? >> well, good health is good health. as far as trying though the younger you are in general the quicker things will work. and if a couple is trying to get pregnant and say they're in their 20s, okay, then it's okay to wait a year, keep trying, have un
11:36 am
the end of a year of trying, then let's get going on some testing. however women 35 years of age and older and she's been trying for six months, we would encourage her to check in with her health care provider to get some testing done. >> okay. one of those tests involves an ovulation test. >> absolutely. you don't have to have problems with infertility. some people like to optimize their chances and there are really some clever gadgets women can use at home to check on their ovulation. there are ovulation digital predictor kits. we have one sitting here in front of us, first response ovulation test which is easy to do and you can see, okay, this is the time, let's g for it. so that's easy to do. >> let's talk about vitamins, folic acid for example. how -- should a woman take this before pregnancy? and how much? >> absolutely. indeed even if a woman isn't planning for pregnancy but let's say she's not using birth control, not a bad idea to be on a vitamin with folic acid in case it does happen. there are plenty of pregnancies that happen when you're not thin a
11:37 am
least 400 micrograms a day which is the amount in many vitamins out there, we have some right here that indeed 400 micrograms a day will basically help really reduce the risk of having a baby with a birth defect such as neural tube defect in a lot of others as well. >> important detail there. habits, drinking and smoking f you do these things when do you stop? >> ideally if you say i want to try pregnancy, as best you can. >> right then and there. let's talk home pregnancy test, there are so many, do they work, reliable, how soon do they work? >> they are amazingly reliable. this is what astounds me because when i started practicing obstetrics we had to wait for the rabbit died. we used to say, to tell when somebody was pregnant. but now you have kids for example the first response home pregnancy test kits will tell you you are pregnant six days before your missed menstrual period which is amazing, the first day of your missed menstrual period yu
11:38 am
that you're pregnant. and there's a new addition to the first response pregnancy test kits. and that's the pregnancy pro, which is really clever because that is the first and only bluetooth enabled pregnancy test you can actually download an app onto your smartphone and it will give you help, give you instructions on how to do the test. and the test itself is connected to the bluetooth and it basically can entertain you while you're waiting that three minutes while you're sitting there like oh my goodness am i or am i not and you can watch waves or kidvideos, a lot of education. then once you find out whether you're pregnant or not, you can go ahead and get a lot of information right on the app as far as how to continue with a healthy pregnancy. >> everything is digital. >> it's amazing. >> it is amazing. doctor, thank you so much and thank you for bringing some of the newer products. of course there are many out there but these are a couple very interesting ones, and new ones. thank you so much. >> thank you very much for asking me. >> barbara. it's in the app, don't need
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a positive development for striking workers at verizon plus the trouble tourists are in for putting this bbya
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new video into the live desk of the scene of a fatal plane crash. you can't see much, just the smoke covering above the trees. this is in mississippi where the private plane which was headed to charlottesville, virginia, by the way, went down. the pilot and three passengers were killed. at this point very limited details, all we know is ntsb is on the scene now and crash happened just north of the local runway there. we'll continue to work on finding out if any of the passengers, the victims had ties to virginia. back to you, pat. some foreign tourists learned the hard way to look and not touch at yellowstone national park. a father and son wrangled this baby bison into their suv. a teacher on a park field trip says the pairld
11:42 am
as you can imagine the tourists got a ticket and the bison was released back into the park where it belongs. >> they plan to take it home and have it as a pet. >> or put a blanket on it, tom. >> speaking of blankets, it is cold for this time of year. >> it really is. average high this time of year is 76, and right now we're still in the mid 50z. we're 20 degrees colder than our average high. you need a light jacket if you're about to head out, get shopping in, but it will be under a beautiful blue sky. the strong may sun feels nice. soak it up because clouds will be closing in overnight tonight. get some mowing done while you can and yard work as well. sunny and dry. the temperatures during the afternoon in the mid and upper 60s. we'll have a light wind today. bike riding weather if you plan on a bike ride much better than yesterday when we were battling those winds. it will be in the low 60s by 1:00, but in the upper 60s by 4:00 p.m. by 7:00 p.m. back down to the low 60si
11:43 am
then the clouds increase overnight tonight. don't have any rain on storm team 4 radar now, but the hour by hour timing of rain beginning to move in looks like arrival time is around 8:00 on tuesday morning. so part of the morning commute getting a little wet especially in virginia, then crosses the potomac, moves into the metro area and into maryland. after that by 10:00 a.m. then the rest of the day occasional light showers through mid afternoon, by around 3:00 or 4:00 it starts to move off just to the east and south of the metro area. and then for a while it's going to temporarily taper off. another round of some showers, another disturbance coming into west virginia in the evening hours will begin overnight tuesday night and into midday on wednesday. highs tomorrow only around 60. a little sun ought to break out wednesday afternoon. the low 60s and mild weather as we end the week on thursday and friday. and then some more showers off and on for next weekend. keep that in mind for your weekend plans. verizon union officials representing about 39,000 striking workers on the east coast are set
11:44 am
land line and cable internet workers walked off the job a month ago. they've been without a contract since last august. labor secretary thomas perez met with both sides on sunday. the major sticking points, health care and pension and outsourcing of work. also amazon set to expand number of private label goods as taking on walmart and supermarket chains. launch several new lines in the coming weeks including tea, coffee, baby food, diapers and laundry detergents. products only available on amazon prime. with this cnbc business report, i'm landon dowdy. the film festival celebrating successes and sacrifices of service members. this is one of the films you can see during the three-day event. how you can be part the fesofti
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find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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said this is kyle carpenter and can you hold for the president of the united states. >> that's from one of the films being shown at the upcoming g.i. film festival here in washington. and joining us to tell us about the festival it's called the sun dance for veterans are the co-founders of the festival, laura and brandon, welcome to both of you. >> thanks for having us. >> we just saw a little bitr
11:48 am
tell us about that. >> first of all it's a local filmmaker, and it's about corporal kyle carpenter who is a medal of honor recipient and the letter that changed his life when he was notified he was going to receive that distinction. so tammy actually has two films in the festival about medal of honor recipients, the other being a world war ii veteran. >> this is your tenth anniversary for this sun dance for veterans. how did you happen to decide to do this? i know you're the co-founders, live together, you're married. what made you decide to do this? >> well, it just came out of a conversation that brandon and i had one morning. it was at that time a lot of films were coming in hollywood where they didn't portray veterans respectfully. and having been a veteran and brandon a background in pr, we realized something needs to be done. why not a film festival? let's show the other side of the story show what service and sacrifice are all about and that's how it started. >> how do you pick the films? are they mostly documentariedoc? do you do any full length motion
11:49 am
we've had about 400 film submissions and laura and i review every single film, grade and rank each one. we look for diversity in the lineup. we look for diversity in terms of the type of film, the branch of service, the conflicts covered. so we'll be screening 78 films at this festival. >> speaking of diversity let's take a look at another film. this one is called the return to iwo jima, the 70th anniversary of iwo jima. tell us about this one. >> again, this is also tammy. she actually has three films in the festival, the other is a music video, but this is about a medal of honor recipient who goes back to iwo jima for the first time since the war, and it's really a trip about healing and coming home so long after that war and after that conflict. so we see this a lot with veterans that once they get to a certain point they want to go back to the place where they fought. and they want to try to heal the wounds of war
11:50 am
>> so does this only happen in washington, or do you take this festival on the road? >> actually, we've been expanding ever since our first year. we have a west coast festival in november timeframe and we also do events at military bases around the country and this year's festival we'll be expanding to 20 additional cities at the end of the year. >> how many films will be shown here this time? >> we're doing 78 films. >> wow. >> we've got celebrity meet and greets. val kill mer coming out, steven lang coming out as well, after partie parties, film maker boot camp, so many things going on. >> and watching with the concert with gary senise. >> oh, that's right. >> go to, you'll see the entire lineup, look at trailers and pick out favorite films and join us. >> which theaters do you use for showing these? >> the first four days we're going to be in washington, d.c., so we're using a variety of
11:51 am
we'll be at the angelica theater in fairfax. >> great. fantastic. so great to have you here. congratulations on ten years with your big announcement that's coming up. >> appreciate it. thanks so much for having us. >> thanks for coming. pat, back to you. at 7 years old this little girl is showing love beyond her years to a family in alexandria. she spent a year putting together a book of bedtime stories for a baby she'd never met. those stories were for olivia, the daughter of officer orozco who died in the line of duty around this time last year a day before she was set to go on maternity leave. cheyenne sampson was so moved by the story she asked everyone from police officers to school principals to help her create an audio book for olivia. >> i thought that olivia might be one of the kids who would like their parents
11:52 am
them at nighttime or someone reading to them before they go to bed. >> olivia's family members gave cheyenne the officer's old girl scout sash as a momento. cheyenne says she wants to be pen pals with olivia when she gets older. wonderful story. just would not let go, that's what's being said about a shark that attacked a florida woman. >> how the victim handled the unusual a
11:53 am
morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
11:54 am
11:55 am
well, this is certainly not the trip to the beach one woman was hoping for, a two-foot shark latched onto her arm while she was swimming on sunday in boca rat raton, florida. it was killed before help arrived but the shark wouldn't let go. the woman was taken to the hospital with the shark still attached to her arm. she is expected to be okay though. >> wow. >> can you imagine? >> no, i can't. today is a big week for television networks to sell their fall lineups to advertisers. nbc is the first network to pitch its lineup. >> mark barger gives us a sneak peek. >> reporter: the crash of the hindenberg provides the early backdrop for one of nbc's new series ff fall the time travel drama "timeless" following a trio of heroes pursuing a fugitive through the years. it will air mondays after "the voice." >> which one of you is pregnant?
11:56 am
"the voice" on tuesdays. mandy moore among the stars of the intertwined connections of the group of seemingly despair people. nbc's back in the comedy business thursdays with kristen bell in "the good place." she plays a not so nice woman gets mistakenly sent to the afterlife and does all she can to stay there. ted danson co-stars in this one which will follow first-year hit "superstore." chicago med also joins with the "blacklist" winding out, "blind spot" moves to the leadoff spot on wednesday. another batch of new shows launches mid season including ryan in the spin-off "the blacklist redemption." all shows the network's hoping blow the competition away. mark barger, nbc news, new york. >> a lot to watch. >> yeah, in the fall. and it feels like fall right
11:57 am
>> it does. speaking of that, tom, tell us it's going to warm up a little bit. >> we're not going to skip over summer and go to fall. let you know that. >> that's a good thing. >> we have a june solstice coming. by this time tomorrow we'll likely have some showers moving in. right now 60 at reagan national. 50s about everywhere else. panhandle of west virginia around the bay in the upper 50s as well. the storm team 4 four-day forecast with the sunshine highs reaching upper 60s during the afternoon. that occasional shower moving in around 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow morning and off and on in the mid afternoon may settle down a bit late afternoon. then some more showers coming in tuesday night and off and on on wednesday. highs both days just maybe around 60 degrees. then drying out wednesday afternoon. sun back on thursday and friday. highs near 70 or so and some more showers for the weekend. that's the way it looks. >> all right, tom, thanks. >> thank you for being with us. we'll see you again today on news 4 at 4:00. >> don't forget you can get all your news and weather updates on our nbc washington
11:58 am
morning. we'll be here. pat will be here later
11:59 am
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