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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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development at the moment. >> planning and transportation officials tell us their solution is already working. according to an internal study, congestion on route 123, the main artery into town, is down 9% over the past year. a story about your students now. there is a new bill that could take away some free and reduced price meals for kids in school. this is according to wtop. the house bill would limit how many of those meals schools could hand out. it would also end some of the healthy nutrition standards that michelle obama supports. the sponsors of the bill say children with the highest needs would still be able to get free and reduced meals. and at the live desk, airbus has confirmed the loss of flight ms-804. but at this hour, egyptian officials have no knowledge as to where it might be.
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passengers on board went missing ten miles into egyptian air space. the jet was going from paris to cairo. at this hour no signs or calls the jet was ever in distress. the egyptian aviation ministry says it will have a news conference about 7:30 our time. we'll update you then. tom costello just did an interview on msnbc saying at this hour, terrorism is the leading theory for this flight's disappearan disappearance. back to you. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we also want to check our forecast. chuck bell telling us what we can expect. rain? >> yes, but not as much as we've been dealing with and the rain will be coming to an end as we get toward the later half of this morning. rain will be ending briefly. we'll get 24 dry hours in a row from this afternoon up through your friday afternoon and evening. but there is a super soaker it looks li
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saturday. right now though on your thursday morning, a couple showers here southern prince george's county, northern charles county. we'll keep close track on those. cloudy and damp here this morning, but sunshine back this afternoon. and a nice sunny and dry start to your friday. more into the weekend forecast coming up. breaking news, 270 north, we're still shut down here this morning after 121 because of a bad crash there and the investigation that is now happening in the roadway. right now you can get off of 270 north at 121, head up 355 and come over 109 and get back on. but right now again that section between 109 and 121 a shut down. new crash 340 east after mount zion road, the left lane getting by. outer loop at university boulevard, that is the only construction there on the beltway. and remember 50 between main street and chain bridg
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direction because of paving. right now montgomery county police are investigating a threatening tweet aimed at students at paint branch high school. >> molette green is live now with more on how police were tipped off to this threat. >> reporter: good morning. montgomery county police received a number of 911 calls after the twitter post came just after 6:30. the post said this, at 12:00 p.m., i'm going to shoot the school up. and it used ##prielease don't c to school tomorrow. no specific place mentioned. the tweet has since been deleted. county police working with the principal of the school trying to track down the source of the tweet. but at this point, doesn't seem to be any changes in operations this morning. as far as we know, normal operations at the school. that is
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burtonsville. back to you. the restroom door came open and all i heard was i know you're a man. >> a transgender woman says she was attacked for using the women's restroom and thousand she's sharing her story only with news 4 this is ebony belcher. she says a female security guard spotted her walk manage into in the woman's restroom and followed her inside. >> she opened the door and started calling me derogatory name. you can't keep coming in here using our women's restroom. they did not pass the law yet. >> the law is the one in north carolina that requires people to use the bathroom that corresponds with their birth gender. some transgender activists worry it is creating confusion. belcher called d.c. police after she says the security officer dragged her out of the store. officers charged the guard
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we reached out to fwogiant and we're told the guard was a third party employee and we should direct our questions to d.c. police. today we'll hear closing arguments in the trial of officer edward fear romanocaruso. he's one of six baltimore officers standing trial for the death of freddie gray. nero is charged withes assaults, miscon dwukt in office and reckless endangerment p. prosecutors say he was neglect for failing to secure gray in the van. but nero says it was the responsibility of the driver. chris gordon will bring us the latest on air and online. and in the trial against a virginia man accused of nearly killing his wife's former boss, julie carey reporting that final jury selection set for this morning. once the jury has been placed, then opening statements. andrew schmuhl and his wife alecia are
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his wife in their home in 2014. she had been fired from her job. schmuhl's defense is that his mental say the during the crime was the rut esult of medication was taking. an unprecedented move in decision 2016. gud releases his list of potential supreme court nominees. although he's not the gop official presidential nominee. remember, donald trump could make the nomination to fill late justice scalia's seat in november if it is still open and if he is elected. some see trump's announcement as a play to win over his skeptics. as trump works to unite the gop, democratic voters seem to be increasingly split. senator bernie sanders is winning primaries despite hillary clinton's large lead in delegates. party leadership says it is confident sanders will eventually back clinton's run for the white house. tracie potts will join us live in a bit with the vice president's take. today maryland governor larry
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law. it will force convicted drunk drivers to take an in-car breathalyzer test before they can start their car. yesterday the drunk driver who is accused of hil hof hitting a noah leotta pleaded guilty. verizon workers will be back on the picket line today here in d.c. happening as negotiations tip between verizon and upofficials. nearly 40,000 employees have been on strike for more than a month arguing for higher wages and retiree benefits. local workers will also rally at la fayette park this afternoon. today marks a big milestone for women in the fight for equal pay. earlier this month larry hogan signed an historic y'all pay bi equal pay bill into law. it allows employees to openly discuss salaries and eliminates the so-called mommy track that provides fewer opportuni f
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well, break out the cop at the time confetti, celebration is in order for the sherwood high school softball team in montgomery county. the girls are celebrating after winning their 100th straight game on wednesday night. howard high school lost in that game. sherwood team won 6-0 in seven innings. sherwood says their mantra is just one pitch at a time. next up for the team, they are battling for their fifth consecutive state championship. way to go. their next game is friday. haven't lost a game since 2011. these girls are on fire. it is 5:08. an investigation sunday way after a b-52 bomber crashes with several u.s. airmen on board and looking at the video, you can -- hard to believe they all survived.
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cause straight ahead. he myou may not need the wi on your way to work. chuck bell will have a look at when things will dry out and your commuter forecast. plus breaking news on the roads, 270 northbound, a big prob
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unbelievable video. the air force is trying to figure out why an american b-52 bomber crashed, also trying to contain any spilled fuel here. you're looking at new video of the thick black smoke above anderson air force base, is this this guam. the bomber crashed on the run way there last night. there were seven u.s. airmen on board. amazingly they are all expected to survive. the air force has not said what believes caused that crash, but they did say the community is not in any
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chuck bell telling us more. are a was not canceled yesterday. will it be canceled today? >> no, i don't think it will be. a couple sprinkles outside early this morning. nothing all that heavy. so just be on the lookout for some wet roads and a few drops outside early this morning. your commute in, kind of just more damp than anything else. but coming home this afternoon, local actually be a braight shining object in the sky called the sun. but saturday, worries about your saturday and your preakness forecast, that's coming up in a few more minutes. how is the 270 problem? >> still a problem p again, 270 authori north shut down at 121. you can head authority onn
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and up to 109 and back over to 270. in frederick county, 340 east after mount zion road, left lane getting by the crash. beltway, no major problems. road work outer loop at university. and then remember where megan mcgrath is in southeast for that shooting, so you were avenue shut down at owens road. it is 5:14. happening today, people in northeast will do their part to help mayor that i can community a safer place by walking their neighborhood. this comes after a violent week in the district. the meeting point for tonight's walk is at 18th and benning road in northeast at 7:00. we now know the identity of the man who was shot and killed this broad daylight on wednesday in southeast. thomas miridi was found on the street near lawrence road. he later died at the hospital. his murder was the third killing in broad daylight in the district this week. so far
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made. prince george's county police say one of the drivers involved in a crash in clinton earlier this week has died. police say 30-year-old brandon snead lost control of his car, crossed the center line, hit one car head-on an grazed a third car. snead died at the hospital on tuesday. four others were hurt, one person still has critical injuries. it could mikocould mean thee between life and death. the u.s. department of transportation requires all motorcycle helmets sold to meet federal motor vehicle standards. approved helmets are labeled d.o.t. certified. the government warns a group of helmets known as novelty helmets are often for sale but not approved and poorly constructed. the helmet on the left is can d.o.t. certified, the right is now. here at renegade classics in manassas, novelty helmets not certified are clearly marked. the most recent government study
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motorcyclists injured in crashes and transported to hospitals with serious head injuries war those novelty helmets. earlier this month the head of the national traffic highway safety administration addressed the issue during a hearing on the hill. >> the people put the helmet on thinking that they're protecting themselves and it does not. >> and they're old as motorcycle helmets? >> absolutely. if you didn't know what you were buying, and you thought it looked different and cool, you would not be protected. >> safety regulators proposed two changes to the law to add a definition for motorcycle helmet and modify requirements by adding dimensional and compression standards to better protect riders in the event of a crash. you can learn more about helmet safety, just go to our nbc washington app and search helmets. i'm susan hogan,
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we've managed to not have to deal with the big time rain this morning. >> but it doesn't mean we're out of the clear. i mean that we're in the clear. in the clear now. >> or does it some. >> which side am i on? >> depends on what you say next. >> well, it's springily no lili now. so not in the clear yet. just a couple light showers parts of southern prince george's county, calvert and charles counties. a few also random rain drops along route 50 from bowie right through the district and out into parts of fairfax county. so just be on the lookout for a couple of drops. we're 57 in arlington, 52 in gaithersburg and also winches r winchester, virginia. 55 in culpeper. so planning out your day, cloudy skies and a couple drops between now and 9:00. skies starting to clear out by
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lunchtime. we'll have a fair amount of sunshine coming your way for later on this afternoon. highs today mid to upper 60s. so cloudy skies with an occasional shower or two up through about 1:00 this morning. and then by later this afternoon, peeks of sunshine. a stray shower in the shenandoah valley, but rain chances falling with time. skies will start to clear out overnight tonight. could lead to a little bit of a fog issue early tomorrow morning, but thatment would bother us. and we'll be out tomorrow with sunshine to get you started. clouds will gradually increase during the day tomorrow, but your friday afternoon and friday night plans will be rain free. that's the good news. here is 11:00 friday night. rain holding off for then 37 but between midnight friday night and sunrise on saturday morning, that's when the rain pushes r e right back into the area and rain most of the day saturday. on average probably close toen a inch of rain during the day on saturday acrs
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that if you have something to do outside, perhaps going to the preakness, heavy rain is a possibility as they run the race at 6:15 or so. so saturday not so good. sunday looking a little bit better. so your weekend kind of 50/50. the "7-day forecast" has at least one day with an 80 on it. breaking news continues again 270 northbound shut down at 121. so again if you have to head north, it's okay, you have to get off at 121, up 355 and then work your way back over to 270 via 109. you can see southbound also slow right now. everybody sorts looks to the left to see what is going on there. prince george's county overall looking quite good. no problems there. you can see top of the beltway and all of those routes in and out of town looking good. and right now 66 no problem. the toll road, greenway no p
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time dulles greenway. your tolls will go to charity, it's called the drive for charity. they will donate money to six organizations in the area including the loudoun beingabus women's shelter and march of dimes. their goal is to raise $330,000. they did this almost every year now. they're also going to use some of that money to award scholarships to loudoun county seniors. they might be cute, but your summer shoes might be hurting your health. what to avoid as we start pulling out our warm clothes. and continues on how to get through the long tsa lines at the arpts. what the agency itself recommends. and we continue to follow breaking news of a area an egyptair flight vanished overnight. and we've learned that errterro coulde to blame. b
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there could be new charges on the way for the man who police say intentionally rammed his hummer into a tysons silver diner. a 74-year-old man who was hit while walking in to the diner died. andrew had been pinned by the suv on may 4. the suspect is still in the hospital and he's charged with malicious wounding and destruction of property. he was a cook at the diner, he had taken bereavement leave just before causing the fiery scene. this morning the tsa says it will provide travel continues on how to quickly make your way through a security line to catch your flight on time. the agency will set up a working security lane with volunteers to show the difference between a group of passengers with prohibited items and a group without those items. the tva has recently come under fire for long lines and extended wait times caused by staffing issues. >> it's unnecessary. >> we have
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manage the sam in a way that isn't have large crowds of people gathering outside the secure area. >> the agency has responded by adding agents at some airports. if you find yourself at an airport, here are 4 things to know about how to get through security quickly. first, know what is in your bag. make sure that you don't have any prohibited items in your luggage. that way agents won't have to pull you out of the line. download the my tsa app to your phone. it's an airport specific information app and it gives you wait times at check points throughout the airport. when you get in line, be ready. have an acceptable picture i.d. and boarding pass out and ready. and always arrive early. with all the extra people traveling, you'll want time on your side. and arriving early can help that. in news for your health this morning, the u.s. g
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using the word breakthrough to describe a drug that has produce remarkable results against advanced medical la thoulanomme. 40% of patients were alive three years after taking it. just five years ago, median survival rate was less than a year. this is the same drug former president scrjim president jimmy carter took. fwl doctors across the country report more patients when it comes to foot pain in the summer than the rest of the year. they say wearing really flat sandals or flimsy flip-flops can be just as bad as wearing high heels all the time. theres suggest wearing shoes that have a litthave a litt
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i wear high heels so much, i can't even wear flat shoes. i'm going to die in high heels. >> i'll check and make sure the appropriate shoe is on your foot. >> thank you. a true friend. it's not a sport you would think students might lay here in the u.s. >> but there are talented sophomores testing their cricket skills to compete on the national level. julia and sanusi are participating in this week's usa kr cricket combine. who knew. they will undergo fitness and skill testing which will term it if they can join the usa national women's cricket team. they are excited about the opportunity to compete. coming up in our 6:00 hour, typed ofind out what they do to prepare. >> i love talking about all these great female athletes in our area. too close for comfort. a
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how things could have turned out a lot differently. >> chilly out there right now, but chuck bell says the 80s are in our future. when we can expect to see them in four things to know. and breaking news, a fatal ash shuts down part ofcr 2
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an update on the
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egyptair jet. airbus has confirmed the loss of flight ms-804, but they have no knowledge as to where it might be. the last communication was with greek officials and no signs of distress ten miles from egyptian air space. the jet was headed to cairo traveling at 37,000 feet. tom costello says survivors would be highly unlikely and the fact that it just vanished implies something instant and catastrophic. we're expecting an update on the story at 7:30 this morning. we will of course bring you the latest on our social platforms and then once again at the news 4 midday. back to you. good morning, everybody. it is 5:31 on a thursday morning. here is four things you need to know about the forecast. one or two raindrops early this morning, but we will get breaks of sunshine this afternoon. lots of rain still a real possibility for saturday. and yes indeed, 80 des
5:32 am
for now though, radar showing a couple sprinkles along route 50 here from fairfax county into central prince george's county. those raindrops are headed to the bay bridge. current temperatures are in the mid fifth acrobeing a fifth acbe area. but highs will be in the 60s. by wednesday of next week, we'll be back into the 80s. an update to the breaking news on the roads that melissa mollett has been following 270 north at clarksburg road. we now know that this is a fatal accident. there was a disabled vehicle on the side. apparently that a second vehicle approached that scene and hit the first vehicle from behind. we now know that this is a deadly accident. we want to send it over to melissa mollett who is monitoring how those roads are impacting your commute this morning.
5:33 am
breaking news. we're talking about a six mile backup southbound. southbound because of what is shut up to northbound. on again, northbound shut down there at 121. if you're head northbound, get off 121, go up 355 over to 190 and back to 270. but southbound really causing some problems. so so 70 town to the spur going to take you 41 minutes. to the s to take you 41 minutes. >> reporter: i'm mccalive on th scene of another deadly murder. police have picked up their evidence markers, and a piece of clothing that was in the roadway, put it into bag. and it looks like they're starting to wrap up at least initially their investigation here on the scene. although no
5:34 am
made. it was about 2:45 this morning when shots rang out here in the 800 block of so you were avenut. police found a man who had been shot and he was later proper pronounced dead. earlier this week, there were six broad daylight shootings, three of those proved to be deadly. now, the police chief, mayor, they all came together promising action, increased patrols and zero tolerance to this kind of violence. but here we are again overnight, another shooting here in the district. this time in southeast on southern avenue. the road closed. anyone with information, you're asked to call police. no arrests have been made. your time is 5:34. happen today, we expect to hear opening statements in the trial of a loudoun county ceo accused of murdering his wife.
5:35 am
making it look like a suicide. michelle was found dead in her ashburn home. the countpled had been going through a bitter divorce. and u.s. park police cited kevin osbourne for driving on to public land without authorization. he will pay $200. police say osbourne called them after he thought he had been exposed to anthrax. he was released from the hospital on wednesday. a shooting in a prince william county neighborhood could is been far worse after bullets went through a home and hit a shed. a woman was at home with her baby when she heard the shots. nobody was hurt here, but neighbors are on edge there along westmoreland avenue. >> five, six rounds of shots and then i ran up stairs to high mom's room and then everybody
5:36 am
>> prince william county police are trying to find a suspect. witnesses reported seeing a plaque spo black sports car driving without its headlights on just before the shooting. and reckless driving charge high school connection to a deadly crash in virginia. police in virginia beach say john rear ended another car monday morning. the crash killed a man and injured a female passenger. john is assigned to engine 27 in northeast washington. we're told that he's been placed on administrative leave. a big win for uva fraternity suing "rolling stone" magazineoff a now widely discredited article. a charlottesville judge says when he read the article, he got the impression that a fraternity gphi kappa psi was the name villain. the article detailed the story about a gang rape at a frat house. phi kappa psi is suing "rolling stone" and its publisher and the writer for defamation. a trial is
5:37 am
and another speed camera to watch out for in d.c. police tell us this sundayle go up in the 2100 block of queens chapel road northeast. will is for the first 30 days only, tll be warnings and then will you will get a ticket. stafford county communities will soon have a faster way to get to work. wtop reports that virginia officials have approved good bandi expanding the 95 express lanes farther south. construction is set to be done by august 2018. the design and construction is expected to cost about $31 million. breaking news on the roads. major backups on 270 because of a total closure in the northbound lanes. southbound also affected. details ahead. and we why bernie sanders says he's not dropping out. . a live look outside this morning where some of aryo
5:38 am
seeing a little drizzle, but first a little bit of sun coming up, too. but your kid's practice might not be canceled for the first time in days. chuck bell will be back with that.
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5:41 am
. two dozen bags of mail were found in a sewer. the "washington post" reports the postal service is trying to figure out how it happened. someone who lives in the district made the discovery. officials are now sorting through the mail so that it can be delivered. 5:41. so let's say you have kids and the kids are going to go to school. >> i have kids and they go to school. >> perfect. >> so what do you do, how do you get them ready? >> pawn them off on someone else. >> if it were only that easy. >> eun has her husband at home doing all the hard work in the morning. >> he doesn't have it that hard. come on. >> a couple rain drops. nothing major. just put the hood up, you won't even need the umbrella. but at the bus stops one or two raindrops here this morning. most of the rain should be over before lunchtime and we'll actually get a little sunshine back by later on this afternoon. so our little buddy here, have
5:42 am
"7-day forecast" with a warming trend in ten minutes. breaking news continues on the roads. 270 northbound here shut down at 121. a six mile backup in those southbound lanes because of this. it is very slow. allow yourself extra time to try to avoid the frustration this morning. you could try 355 as an alternate. 270 south from germantown to the spur, you're on time. top of the beltway looking pretty good. 66 and 95 no major worries. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. new details in the death of always boy allegedly killed for eating fwrirt day cake. what his mother now wants thrown from the case. cutting down on your commute. how one area is trying to reduce traffic in tysons. and the change comes to some kids' school lunches
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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right now semarch crews are scouring the mediterranean after an egyptair plane vanished. we're told it could be terror related. an update in a few minutes. outside this morning, it's cloudy, cool, a little damp. temperatures in the 50s. but there is an improving weather picture coming your way. we'll paint out the details coming up. and breaking news on 270 north, again we're shut down at 121. southbound we are now seeing a 6 mile backup as folks are looking to the left at this fatal crash investigation. delays drag on this morning in new york city for thousands of people after that raging fire under an elevated commuter train track on tuesday night. tracie strahan is live with the latest on the
5:47 am
>> reporter: good morning to you. another day, more delays expected on this regional train, but there is some progress to be reported now. behind me they're installing six steel columns under the clashed viaduct where a fire took place on tuesday. still all three lines of the metro north railway will be running on what they're calling an enhanced saturday schedule. officials say they have been able to bring a third track back into service. repairs remain on a remaining track. we now know the fuel spill was spill order an electric generator and this shut down nearly the entire system. major headaches reported at grand central terminal. nearly 150,000 riders impacted by this because the trains have been slowed down from normal speeds 60 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour. again, they're on an enhanced saturday schedule and that means somera
5:48 am
their rely timgular times. things won't get back to normal until friday and even then, it's expected some people may want to work from home. back to you. >> a tough commute. thank you. pretty shocking video here. if you look to the blue car entering the screen, the driver could sue for this. you see that? a police cruiser slammed into that car spinning it through the intersection. it happened in florida last week. highway patrol officers were apparently chasing two armed suspects at the time here. that particular officer blew through a red light. the officer is now on paid administrative leave. it is 5:48. new appeal from stormer army intelligence analyst chelsea manning. you may remember her court martial conviction for sending classified material to wikileaks. manning's attorni
5:49 am
paperwork yesterday with the u.s. army court of criminal appeals. right now manning is serving a 35 year sentence in kansas. a friend of the boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is set to get out of a kentucky prison today. he was convicted of helping tsarnaev evade police. after his release, he will be taken into custody as officials try to have him deported. two other classmates were also convicted of conspiracy. massive new transportation plans could shake up one of the d.c.'s busiest neighborhoods. adam tuss walks us through it. >> a street car here in georgetown. it is a possibility. ddot studying that right now. it would extend the h street and benning road line across the city through k-street here to the whitehurst freeway in georgetown. and of course that has a lot of people wondering how the whole thing wou
5:50 am
construction alone as you can imagine through a place like k-street could be quite maddening. realistically, a street car could be running here in georgetown in the next ten years. but there are other things that have to be studied including the power system, lines and wires would probably have to go. plus how much the city really wants to make investment. adam tuss, news 4. there appears to be a winner in the auction of the gun used in trayvon martin's death. this auction for the gun ended wednesday night. someone named jon smith won the pistol with a bid of nearly $139,000. zimmerman says he's vetting that bid in a statement on his website. he says the owner has a choice to remain anonymous and that the proceeds will be used to counter violence against the police. 5:51. 55 degrees outside. want to get and you good long look at the
5:51 am
>> chuck bell here with more. just give to us. >> okay. i think on the whole you will like the "7-day forecast." on the whole. unfortunately, there is one big hiccup in it and that comes on saturday. outside this morning, a lot of clouds. there is tysons corner in the distance. so we can see at least the ten miles from our studio to tysons. lots of clouds out there early this morning. so a cloudy and damp start, but sunshine will come back later this afternoon. and temperatures back up near 70. traveling today, just a couple of light showers up the northeastern corridor. but you can see really not a whole lot of rain to worry about. so this is not going to be a big problem for today. just a couple of drops northeast washington down into parts of southern calvert county. those are headed out over the bay and on to the eastern shore. here is our high resolution commuter model. just hit and miss chance for light rai
5:52 am
should be drying out. and later on this afternoon, we should be back to a fair amount of sunshine. temperature-wise, sun up at 5:52 this morning. we're at 54 now with the clouds around and light rain and drizzle around. temperatures will rise into the mid-60s by noontime. and afternoon highs today upper 60s to near 70. so here is your "7-day forecast." today 30% chance of a few showers this morning. tomorrow nice and dry, 75 degrees. saturday, they will be running the preakness up this baltimore, so the preakness forecast then will be a wet one. bet on the mudders on saturday. they run the race at 6:18. heaviest of the rain will be in the front part of the day on saturday, but there is still a chance for some rain there saturday afternoon and into early sunday. but look at that shine back early next week and 84 coming your way next wednesday. sounds awfully good to me. a tough morning commute on 270. breaking news 270 northbound, we're still shut down at 121. so right now we are jammed as
5:53 am
slow to get to 121 and get off to do that alternate. also slow southbound lanes. a six mile backup here this morning. allow extra time for sure. 355 not looking so hot either right now. but better than total closure of course. 270 south at old hundred, delays headed southbound. and as folks are getting off on to 121, that's what it looks like at clarksburg road. 5 at suitland parkway, have a new crash there taking a look at prince george's county over all no major issues there. beach drive shut down between wise and cheryl drive because of the downed tree. beltway overall no major issues the downed tree. beltway overall no major issues. >> reporter: a career sailor in the u.s. navy. 1941, he was aboard the uss oklahoma when the japanese attacked pearl harbor. like so many others, he was killed. his remains were never identified. and so for more than
5:54 am
co-mingled grave near pearl harbor in hawaii. but last year, the military was able to identify his remains and return help to his family here in maryland. and yet he was given the funeral fitting for an american war hero. in fact he's one of the first from maryland to die in world war ii. yesterday he was laid to rest alongside his mother and his father. it was her dying wish that her son's body be returned home to maryland and lay next to her in their family plot. mark segraves, news 4. the mother of a boy who was taltsly beaten over a missing piece of birthday cake wants a judge to throw out her statement to place. a judge heard arguments on garcia's motion on wednesday but did not rule. she's charged with second degree murder in the death o
5:55 am
jack back on july 5. her attorney says police led garcia to believe that she would not be charged if she cooperated even though she waived her miranda iterights. her boyfriend robert wilson pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in march. so let me set this up for you. two people living in a 1500 square foot home consuming 1.5 million gallons of water a month. sounds ridiculous, but wssc said it if they don't pay their bill, they will shut off their water. ricardo torez called nbc 4 responds. for weeks he was trying to get someone to explain this crazy high water bill, but time and time again customer service told him it could take weeks to figure out. in the meantime, you won't believe it. he got
5:56 am
fee of more than $9,000. frustration no doubt bubbling over. ricardo contacted nbc 4 responds. we get right to work. we get the job done. and we even get an exmexplanati as to how it happened. that's coming up tonight on nbc 4 at 5:00. and as many of you gear up for a long ride into work, we have an update on plans to reduce traffic around tysons. officials tell us the solution is to encourage people to live, work and play at tysons rather than drive there. for now the focus is on developing areas around existing metro stations. long time vienna resident john lee says he's concerned there is too much growth too fast. planning and transportation officials tell us the solution is already working. according to an internal study by the tysons partnership group, congestion on route 123, a main artery into town, is down 9%
5:57 am
lawmakers say the students who need it the most can still get free and reduced price meals at school, but a new bill would limit many of those meals. the bill would in the only reduce how many meals schools could give out, it would he said some of the healthy nutrition standards michelle obama supports. an egypta aierr flight mysteriously damages. coming up, the leading theory. >> reporter: and online threat has police and the school on high alert. details coming up. not all helmets are created equal. we're keeping you safe this summer with what you should look for before you buy. >> reporter: and next frontier for d.c.'s street cars not here on h street, but what about georgetown. i'm adam tuss. i'll tell you how real that possibility is coming up. the local high school team
5:58 am
at a time. ♪ music plays ♪ music plays ♪ music plays ♪ music plays
5:59 am
breaking news as emergency crews scour the mediterranean for any sign of egyptair flight 804. >> we're watching the situation at the montgomery county high
6:00 am
threat. the message the principal wants students and their parents to hear. and a transgender woman talking about an encounter with a security guard while trying to use a bathroom at a grocery store. first though chuck bell here with your out-the-door forecast. good morning. 6:00 a.m. on your thursday. we're dealing with a little bit of rain first thirng this morning, but that will be coming to an end. probably have at least 24 dry hours in a row, but unfortunately, it looks like a super sewioaker of a saturday in the way. right now just a few sprinkles. so next 24 hours, put your hood up here this morning. temperatures in the mid-50s. by 7:00 tonight, sunshine away, temperatures mid to upper 60s. and nice cool dry sunny start to your friday, but rain will impact your weekend. more on that coming up. we have a breaking news, so again i


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