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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 20, 2016 4:00am-4:29am EDT

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it's friday, may 20th. coming up on "early today," the latest details in the search for egyptian air flight 804 as security is stepped up at u.s. airports. the donald says he knows exactly what happened to the missing plane as hillary clinton says trump is not qualified for office. phil mickelson escapes insider trading charges from nonpublic information. why members of congress were chanting shame, shame, shame? meet an american who was lured into the world of isis as a fighter. good-bye to a story-telling legend. "early today" starts right now. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us today on this friday, i'm betty nguyen. french investigators have just arrived in cairo as the search resumes for e a
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more than 30 hours after vanishing from radar. the air bus carrying 66 people departed from paris and disappeared over the mediterranean sea shortly before it was to land in cairo. wreckage was found in the mediterranean but later confirmed the debris was not the missing plane. nbc news has learned from data officials there was some sort of explosion on the plane. here is what the transportation minister had to say during a press conference yesterday. while no americans were on board, the u.s. has joined great britain, france and greece to offer support to egypt as it takes charge of the investigation. there has been no claim of responsibility for the missing plane. u.s. intelligence sources say the initial check of the flight's passenger manifest found no one on the u.s. terror watch list.
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is kier simmons. what is the latest in this search? >> reporter: it's pretty confusing. we are here in the morning now. the search has resumed. well under way hopefully through the day. that can clear up some of the questions. you were mentioning there that the reports that u.s. officials believe that they had seen some kind of explosion at the moment when this plane disappeared, well, reuters is now reporting multiple u.s. agencies, anonymously and not confirmed by nbc news, telling reuters that there is not satellite imagery so far that shows any signs of an explosion aboard the flight. that report goes on to quote a u.s. officials cautioning against meteor reports suggesting the united states believe a bomb was responsible for the crash. so, too, confusion over where this plane is. as you mentioned, they said that they had found debris. that was
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officials had got that information from greek officials. the plane, of course, was traveling through greek air space, but then the greeks clarifying on closer inspection that debris was not wreckage from a plane. so they don't know where the plane is. until they find it, they won't be able to find those crucial black boxes. analysis of those is really the thing that is going to tell us exactly what happened. for now, betty, it remains a mystery. >> there sure are a lot of questions. thank you so much joining us live from paris. the possibility that this plane crashed from an act of terror puts new attention on the vulnerabilities of flying at home including the potential threat of an airport insider. u.s. airports like los angeles international are stepping up their counterterrorism as a precaution. this comes days after a tsa shortage created enormous lines at some of the country's largest airports.
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joining us from washington. walk us through the new security measures. >> reporter: certainly. let's start at l.a.x. when things like this happen our airports take a second look at whether or not we have enough security and whether they have the right security in the right places and a fairly extensive statement. tsa at l.a.x. says they are taking another look at things, they are reducing the secured access areas. they have shut down about 150 doors or restricted them from the passenger terminals. they also made the point that they look at the 48,000 people who work at l.a.x. as the eyes and ears to help keep us safe and that, of course, is in the context of questions about whether or not it could have been someone on the ground pool working in the airport who put something on the plane to cause an explosion. as kier noted, we have no idea if that is in fact, the case. homeland security department saying nationwide security was already high. as keir noted the u.s.
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explosion. but we do know that u.s. investigators are helping in this search. >> tracie potts breaking it down for us, thank you. reaction from the leading presidential candidates could not be more different. following the plane's disappearance, donald trump took to twitter saying it was an act or of terror and hillary clinton was quick to react. >> he says a lot of things that are provocative that actually make the important task of building this coalition and bringing everybody to the table and defeating terrorism more difficult. when you say we are going to borrow muslims, you are sending a message to the muslim world and you're also sending a message to the terrorists. and i have concluded he is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> trump, held his ground and went after clinton for her comments. he also said there is no way flight 804 wasn't blown up by terrorists. >> so, today, we had a terrible
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tragedy and she came up and she said that donald trump talked about radical islamic terrorism, which she doesn't want to use, she used a different term because she doesn't want to use that term. she refuses to use that term. i'm saying to myself, what just happened about 12 hours ago? a plane got blown out of the sky. and if anything, if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you're 100% wrong. >> meanwhile, a new cornerbacks/"the new york times" poll shows a majority of republicans 80% want their party to unify behind donald trump. the same poll has trump and clinton with soaring levels of unpopularity. 55% of voters having an unfavorable view of trump and 52% of voters feel the same about clinton. bernie sanders is the only candidate to have a higher favorable rating among voters at 41%. however, when asked who they believe would win the democratic nomination, 83% said hillary clinton and 14% thought sanders could win. clinton on the
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up the nomination, "the washington post" has a new report that the dnc is attempting to prevent an ugly conflict at the democratic convention. it plans to offer a major concession to sanders, seats on a key convention platform committee. oklahoma lawmakers passed a bill that would effectively ban abortion in their state. the first of its kind bill would make it a felony for doctors to perform an abortion. an offense punishable up to three years in pretty much and the revoking of -- in prison and revoking of their medical license. they say it's unconstitutional since roe v wade is the law of the land. final approval to the governor who has five days to approve or veto the bill. a grand jury released a scathing report on how oklahoma carries out death sentences. it details how they fail to ensure the right lethal injection drugs are being used. the investigation was sparked by the botched execution of charles warner in 2015
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execution of richard gossip who was nearly given the wrong drug that same year. the s.e.c. has announced that golfer phil mickelson won't be criminally charged for his part in insider trading. it centers around the alleged insider trading of stock of dairy country dean foods and based on the tip, mickelson bought 240,000 shares of the company and made nearly $1 million. he was charged as a release defendant and has agreed to pay back all ill-gotten gains. a spokesperson said the golfer takes full responsibility and is pleased that the is over. mickelson who was inducted into the world golf hall of fame in 2011 has a reputation of being an avid gambler. things got ugly on the house floor thursday. it happened during a vote on an amendment that would have barred hiring federal contractors who discriminate against the lgbt community. the vote was scheduled for two minutes and looked like it was going to pass but the clock do not stop. it was held open for an additional six minutes while
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their own to switch their vote. in the end the measure was devoted by a single vote. this is how democrats reacted. they are chanting shame, shame. the amendment sponsored democrat sean patrick maloney of new york tweet every single republican who voted against my amendment should be ashamed of themselves. your children will remember your hate. let's switch gears and get a check of the weather. it is friday! the weekend is upon us. what you got? >> i'll get to the forecast in a second. i want to start off anyone who is interested still. the skies have been clear over the eastern mediterranean so good for searching today and sun sets at 6:00 to 7:00 and when the cloud move in and hopefully find more information during the day today. back home to the northern gulf. big storms in mobile alabama
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gusts but that scale of that system. also we will watch the warmer conditions moving into the mid-atlantic today. a beautiful day. a lot better than what you're going to get over the upcoming weekend. the heavy rains in the south. saturday, in the areas of the mid-atlantic. and possibly creep up towards southern new england late into saturday afternoon and saturday night and then on sunday, that is still kind of lingering here in the east with showers and storms. while the middle of the country watch out for new severe weather. that is your national weather. here is a closer look at your day ahead. all that heavy rain and thunderstorm activity we are tracking now in northern florida and northern alabama will be moving into georgia throughout the day. and then we will watch the rain later today moving into areas of the carolinas into tonight and enjoy your beautiful day in new england and the mid-atlantic today. bottom line, betty, today is your day to enjoy over the weekend. >> i'll do it. thank you. saying good-bye to a tv legend who didn't even like being on tv. plus a very
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welcome back, everybody. atm!right. did you see this? they hoisted the 500 hundred pound machine like it was a sofa. the security cameras recorded them. police are still looking for the strapping thieves. san francco mayor ed lee announced the resignation of police chief greg suhr on thursday afternoon and it came hours after an san francisco police department fatally shot a black woman amid the tension between shootings and color. >> these shootings justified or not to have us question when and how police use lethal force. >> lee announced that tony chaplain about serve as the
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legendary "60 minutes" journalist morley safer died yesterday. he announced his retirement just a week ago. harry smith takes a look back. >> i'm morley. >> morley safer? >> yes. >> reporter: the morley safer we knew best was arguably the most gifted story teller on television. during his decades on "60 minutes" he enlightened us and observe amusing him. but safer also understood, better than most, that a journalist's first task is in the truth. >> goddamn it we are in the middle of this. >> reporter: he viewed how americans viewed the vietnam war when he showed u.s. marines torching the tatch huts of vietnam. . years as a foreign correspondent followed about wa move to "60 minutes." he was at his best securing
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on assignment this sunday, nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engle has an exclusive interview with an american who fell under the spell of isis, escaped, and turned informant. >> i've let my family down, i've let my nation down, and i've let god down, and i have a lot to make up for. >> reporter: so you, in this interview, and other places, are you apologizing? >> absolutely. i lost sight of how people could be so evil. >> you can see more of richard's te
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assignment" sunday night on nbc. now to sports. the cleveland cavaliers continue their playoff dominance beating toronto 108-89 and second straight blowout in the series. lebron james had a triple-double and passed shaq for fourth on the all-time scoring list. the cavs are now an astonishing 10-0 in the playoffs. manny pacquiao has won an award in his home country of the philippines. he served in their house of representatives and he ultimately hopes to become president. the milwaukee bucks say they have mistakenly provided tax information of players and other employees to someone empercent nating the team's president. oh, no. an employee sent the w-2 forms after sending a fake e-mail to the address. they say it was a result of human error. tomorrow is the 141st ru running of the kn
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nyquist is rung for the triple crown. catch the action 5:30 eastern on nbc on saturday. the guys from dude perfect going for a basketball shot from atop a 533-foot oklahoma city skyscrap skyscraper. unbelievable! did you see that? it goes in! surprisingly, it sets a new world record. good thing it didn't hit the backboard, because it might have shattered. hard to top that one but i'm sure they are. ahead a terroriwist on "the tonight show" you don't expect and what the donald has up his sleeve for the gop convention. she even gives me advice... ...about my toothpaste and mouthwash. but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total...
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and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. senator al franken was last night's celebrity jeopardy winner. he racked up over 20,000 and competing against political strategist and sunny hostin. he won 50,000 to hope donate for the uso. jimmy fallon and seth rogen, the jokes were all written by kids on "the tonight show." >> i got a question. what did one lawyer say to the other lawyer? >> what? >> hamster, we are both lawyers! >> where does the president keep his armies? in his
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>> catch more of seth rogen this weekend in "neighborhood 2". ryan gosling and russell crowe team up for a movie a. stephen colbert scored the definition of reality tv last night on "the late show." >> one of the ways that donald trump is treating the convention like a reality show is holding off announcing his running mate. one said the following. it's metaphor because this year's republican convention will be the series finale of america. >> i'm betty nguyen. and this is "early today." and t"
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now at 4:26, from hurt to healing. how people in prince george's county hope to bring peace and honor one of the first victims in the shopping center shootings. protecting from you the zika virus. what top health officials are expected to do in a matter of hours. >> we're in for a fantastic friday, every. enjoy it while you can. when the rain will move back in. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we'll check in with our meteorologists and also our roads, but first breaking news from the live desk. >> this morning less than 30 minutgo
4:27 am
fairfax county police about a shooting in the area of the 6,000 block of richmond highway. little information else that we have for you, but we can tell you that we do have a crew on the way. molette green is headed there now and we should have an update from her about what exactly is happening in that area coming up in just a few minutes. stay with us. let's check the forecast now with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. so chuck, fantastic friday, is it? >> yes, it is. and you have to keep that focus on the positive. today is going to be fantastic to be outside. none of your outdoor plans will takes any kind of cancellation threat for today. enjoy the sunshine while it's here. our fifth weekend in a row with rainfall on it is just around the corner. all eyes towards next week, though. warmer air is in sight. but in the short term, today nice and sunny, but an area of low pressure down here along the gulf coast and lots of moisture out near st.
4:28 am
l lifting in our direction and it will impact your saturday in a big way. so if you're headed out for your jog or walk early this morning, 40s and 50s thousanow. plenty of sunshine coming your way. temperatures up into the mid-70s. we'll talk about when it will be raepi raining the hardest coming up. southbound bw parkway approaching 197, have the left lane only thing getting by the car fire there. northbound you can also see some delays there as you're headed northbound on bw parkway. as we widen out a little bit, beltway overall doesn't look so bad, but we have two items of note. outer loop at pennsylvania avenue, left lane getting by the work zone and outer loop at university boulevard, two lanes getting by. 66 and 95, no problems right now. we'll take a look at 270 coming up. there are still no signs of the 66 passengers and crew aboard flight ms-804 that went missing
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rescue crews are searching a wide area where yesterday there were signs of debris spotted. still no official word as to what happened at 37,000 feet be aboard the airbus 320, but the greek defense minister says the severed wildly before plummeting into the sea. all this while family and friends wait in agony to find out what happened to their loved ones. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. the egyptair crash is changing how some people feel about the tsa. they say security is worth the wait for matter how long it is. l.a.x. announced it is increasing security because of the crash. security experts say not just passengers, but employees should be double checked, as well. >> introduce random security measures for employees so they don't know what will happen from day to day. >> some lawmakers are also calling for a stricter cargo inspection.
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former virginia tech students accused in the death of a 13-year-old girl head to court. david eisenhower is charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder in the stabbing death of nicole lovell. the two got the teen to climb out of a window to meet them after midnight last january. a judge will decide after today's hearing whether there is probable cause to send this case to a grand jury. there is youts rais outrage accusations ripped off a local college for horn $34,000. a grand jury indicted ernest taylor jr. and his aunt tracie mixon. prosecutors say they stole the identities of four people and registered them as students at northern virginia community college. then prosecutors say the pair cashed in on excess student loan money in a loan fraud scheme. >>
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