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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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apartment community off richmond highway. three crime scenes they're looking at right now. this investigation is going to take some time for police to collect the evidence they need to put this all together. we can tell you when officers arrived just after 2:00 a.m., they found an unresponsive adult male and officers say he was pronounced dead here at the scene. when we first came to you about 40 minutes ago, we were close to a back parking lot in this apartment community that leads to a trail. but now police have moved us much further away from that you about a as i said, they're working multiple scenes here, collecting evidence. this shooting investigation will also impact residents in this community. because we have multiple scenes, a lot of these vehicle
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conduct our investigation. >> reporter: and we're talking about some 200 cars or so that p would be be able to get out as the investigation continues here in the alexandria section. that is a lot of cars and a lot of people who will not be able to get out and use their cars to get to work this morning. we're staying on top of the developments. again, adult male pronounced dead here at the scene. p no word on suspects at this time. back to you. it is now 6:01 on a friday morning in may and the sun already up. it will be a fantastic day to be outside. there a definite chill in the air. only 42 in martinsburg, 43 luray, 44 culpeper, 47 in calvert county. 55 reagan national and 52 at the naval academy. next 24 hours, cool sunshine on your way out the door
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a.m. by 7:00 tonight, still they're perfect, but clouds on the increase. we'll be dry for all of your friday night plans. but by saturday morning, rain again. how much of the weekend lost to the raindrops that's coming up. crash inbound canal road at whitehurst freeway at that gas station. right lane getting by. outbound, a left lane blocked because of a pole down. yellow and green line single tracking between l'enfant plaza and mount vernon square. they said a person on the tracks. orange, silver, blue possible delays because of speed restrictions outside mcpherson square. chopper 4 at 95 in the college park area look just fine. 66 and 95, don't have any big worries there. i'll see you back here in ten minutes with travel times. breaking news this morning, passenger belongings and part of th
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flight ms-804 has been found. this news coming in just a few minutes a minutes ago by rescue forces. these are in fact the first confirmed sightings, there was word early yesterday morning of something in the water, but it was unrelated. a senior u.s. intelligence official said infrared images strongly suggest there was an explosion on board, but there is no official word yet as to what exactly happened at 37,000 feet. s mystery in the mediterranean continues. it is now 6:03. already adding security in response to the the plane crash. you're looking at the extra officers at l.a.x. right now. security experts told nbc news not just passengers but employees should be double checked.
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staying up to the minute on the plane crash right now. be sure to keep watching and checking nbc washington app for breaking news alerts. the fbi is asking for your help to find two missing fairfax county teens. here are their photos. the 13-year-old and 14-year-old have been missing since may 10. they both may be in need of medical attention. if you have any information, please call police. this morning a rockville daycare owner is on his way to court for a death inside his facility. last month police were called to the hospital after a six month old baby was brought in unresponsive. investigators say the baby was at little dreamers daycare before being rushed to the hospital. and there is a charge ever second degree murder and first degree child abuse. two accused of
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killing a girl will be in court. david eisenhower is charged with the murder and falt lnatalie ke is charged with being an accessory. police say the two got the teen to crime out of a window to heat with them after midnight last january. after today's hearing, a judge will sdwi whether there's probable cause to send this case to a grand jury. more than $34,000 meant for students in need may have actually gone to a pair of crooks. a grand jury indicted ernest taylor junior and his aunt tracie mixon yesterday. prosecutors say they stole the identities of four people and registered them as students at northern virginia community college. prosecutors say the pair then cashed in on excess student loan money. >> i use fafsa to pay for these courses, so to hear that one is ripping that money off, that doesn'ti
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>> an indict shows taylor and mixon used their own addresses in are a la for the student identities they created. that is where the college sent any loan money that was left over after required school expenses. a scathing new report on the chemistry classroom fire that hurt five students last fall in fairfax county. safety investigation found the so-called rainbow flame demonstration was done without a ventilation hood, safety doingldoingle goggles or guidelines. the school system banned the demonstration and rewrote its safety protocols. a look at how close a small plane came to business and i route 50 in mitchellville there. you see the video from chopper 4. a student pilot was flying yesterday afternoon with a trainer in the passenger seat. while landing, the pilot went past the run way and hit the fence that separates freeway airport from the road. federal investigators are
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thousands of commuters are dwiching their cars for their bikes this morning. that is because it's bike to workday. 83 pit stops have been set up with refreshments and prizes. the event is a healthier way for commuters to get to work. if you are biking to work, be sure to share your pictures with us, #bike to workday 2016. >> maybe before you get on the bike, a selfie with the bike. >> yeah, not while you're on it. we're helping keep your kids safe for the summer. what you need to know about those popular summer camps before you drop your kids off. long lines at the airport have travelers angry with the tsa. we'll show you why airlines want to make sure you're blaming someone else, as well. plus two brand new crashes
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sun already up. a beautiful morning out there on the kennedy center and east facing lincoln memorial. biking to work today? it's bike to workday d.c. nice and cool, temperatures in the low 50s. perfect day for a lunchtime ride, as well. if you plan on taking the bike out this this weekend, you may need the mud bike tomorrow. trillion an l there will be a lot of rain around. details coming up. still a problem george town inbound came fall at whitehurst freeway. right lane getting by the crash there. outbound left lane is blocked because of a pole down. green and yellow lines single tracking between
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mount vernon square. southbound gw parkway, a crash reported there. and near kenilworkenilworth, cr reported there. 66 and 95 rolling along quite well. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. 6:12. a high stakes meeting today that could affect anybody with plans to fly this summer. top tsa officials will meet with chicago lawmakers to talk about the massive delays at airport security lines across the country. those lines have been especially bad in chicago. officials at o'hare are telling people to get there three hours early. and the airlines are blaming congress for the delays. airlines say lines are long because the tsa is understaffed. an airlines trade group blames funding cuts congress made back in 013. congress recently advanced the ts amount of money to hire nearly 800
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overtime pay will ththis summer. a warning for craigslist buyers after a violent robbery. d.c. police are looking for the suspect seen in this video. they say last friday the suspect pretended he wanted to sell a phone in southeast washington, instead they say he pulled out a knife, took the buyers money and fled. d.c. police chief says caution is always advised. >> you're dealing with complete strangers and you're pugt yourself at risk. do it during the daylight hours in a public place where there is others around. >> last month the district set unsafe exchange zones for online buyers and sellers for meet. there are three located at d.c. police stations. if you're given a flyer with anti-semitic statements on it, takoma park police ask that you throw them out. they have seen this happen before. police say it's not a crime because the speech is protected by the first amendment. a fire
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with the law facing gun and drug charges. captain brian grace was arrested wednesday by fairfax county police. officers say he faces three counts of possession of a drug and two weapons charges. grace has been with the d.c. fire department for more than 16 years. maryland judge may limit evidence in a wrongful death lawsuit involving a football player. derrick sheely played for frogburg state university. he suffered a fatal head injury during practice in 2011. his parents filed a lawsuit accusing the school of letting him continue kkt dricontact dri despite bleeding from the forehead. a large food recall and it includes 400 frozen fruit and vegetable products affected. and the brands are so wide ranging, there are fears of glowing listeria-linked illness
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being sick and two people died. the items are from crf frozen foods, there it are too many to name. so we've put the link to the affected products on line on my twitter and facebook pages. search recall and of course this morning please check your freezers. at the live desk, i'm aiericka gonzal gonzalez. sending your kids off to chasm th cha camp is summer, here are some rules you can't afford to miss. >> you drop your kids off and you expect them to be safe. we reached out to the american camp association which gives accreditation to camps based on best practices. we found state requirements vary. let's start with maryland and virginia. both day camps and resident or yoef overnight camps are required to be licensed. maryland requires both to conduct criminal background checks. maryland also allows fbi checks. but in virginia, only day camps
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background checks. now, in the district it's afternoon different story. day camps and resident camps are not required to be licensed. some camps however may need a general business license. and d.c.'s children camps do not have to perform criminal background checks on employees. so always remember to ask questions such as what is the camp's correct tore's background, what training do counselors receive. what is the counselor to camper ratio. aca standards require an annual criminal back ground check for seasonal staff based on camp property and criminal background check at least every five years. now, we have a link to all states and their camp regulations, it's right now on our nbc washington app. just search "camps." i'm susan hogan, news #. it will likely be another rainy year for the preakness stakes tomorrow at. ly company in bhalt more. rain or shine though, all eyes will be on the
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nyquist has the odds in his favor. sports analysts say the undefeated horse has training well. you can watch coverage right here on nbc 4 starting at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. and it's a pretty big game day for the sherwood high school soft ball team. will they take the winning streak to 101? the montgomery county girls already hit a major milestone, at the won 100 consecutive games. they have not lost a single game since 2011. and tonight they are playing in the regional playoffs. we wish them all success. good luck. >> no pressure. >> just one game at a time. they're ready. 6:17 our time. going to be a pretty decent day to get outside finally. >> although yesterday was nice. >> it was a nice evening. >> beautiful day to be outside. and today will be even better. this is definitely
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the litter to this current week. temperatures outside are in the 40s and 50s. nice clear sky. beautiful day out there already early this morning. the sunshine is out and enjoy it because it won't be out at all tomorrow and precious little amounts on sunday. perfect day to be outside today. temperatures in the mid-70s. so all your outdoor plans get the green light. tomorrow, whether going to the preakness or going out for a jog or ride, it is going to be raining all day. heaviest likely in the morning. there is the area of low pressure, that is the actual low that will bring us the heaviest parts of the rain. tomorrow could get 1 to maybe 2 inches of rain. so near washout conditions for your saturday plans. sunday himself a lot of clouds around and pretty good chances for rain primarily in the afternoon. get a little bit of sunshine on sunday, but not much. here is future weather then, all beautiful outside here this mon
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friday evening, but it will be dry for date night tonight. rain not moving in until well after midnight. here is 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, moderate to briefly heavy rain, that continues up to about lunchtime tomorrow. and then tapers back just a little bit for saturday evening. but still with some showers around. so not going to be the prettiest of the weekend. so here is your "7-day forecast." 75 today, tomorrow rain and in the 50s. headed up to the preakness tomorrow, there is your preakness forecast, in the 50s with the raindrops. sunday also not a very pretty day. we start to turn the corner on monday and by the middle parts of next week, ta-da, back in will to the 80s. right now still have the problem in georgetown. inbound canal road at whitehurst freeway, right in front of the gas station. we do have those inbound lanes just the right lane getting by outbound left lane blocked because of ao
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scenic overlook area, have a crash in the left lane slowing things just a bit. westbound 50 at kenilworth, crash on the right side of the roadway there. 66 and 95 looking pretty good. not too bad right now. and green and yellow line delays right now, this is between l'enfant plaza and mount vernon square. we were single tracking, now just delays. tonight on news 4 at 6:00, i'll tip my wor ten my wor continue my worth the trip series. this time through the district. what about the less traveled locations? we'll start in anacostia, and then in a space so calm it almost feels like you're in the country. we'll show you what is worth the trip tonight on news 4 at 6:00. and i want you to let me know if i've missed any spots. don't be shy. let me know where we should head
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and -- >> a spot on your left cheek. >> not that spot. thank you so much, aaron. >> and it's a good reminder that there are so many places that we don't take advantage of living right here. >> places i haven't been and as that differences of course, you position you've been everywhere. but not so much. >> thanks, melissa. well, giving you the taxpayer some of your money back sort of. why the nfl is paying back hundreds of thousands of dollars. ♪ and long live music. the effort by
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a big win for u.s. taxpayers. the nfl is giving back more than $720,000 from that paid patriotism controversy. the teams collected the money to allow things like color guard displays and video tributes at pro football games. >> a lot of you are reacting strongly to tis
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s's about the redskins name. we shared it on our facebook page. "washington post" published a new poll saying 9 in 10 native americans are not offended by the name. the paper says it surveyed about 500 people across every state and here in d.c. 8 in 10 told the post they would not be offended about if someone called them that name. the reaction to this, redskins and their supporters, are saying they should not have their trademark protection canceled. other people including some native americans say the poll wasn't broad enough and that the name is a racial slur no matter how people feel about it. a montgomery county community is coming together to save an iconic records store. joe's record paradise has been a staple in the community for more than 40 years. but financial problems forced the store to close two months ago. last night the community came together to try to rescue it. local deejays, record collectors and other community members came out to raise money to help
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debt after its recent relocation. >> it was debt that i figured i could pay back, i just needed to open. so it was a misstep in timing, i didn't know the process took so long. >> the community has helped raise more than 10 toud over $1e last two months. a powerful event last night, it was a treat to emcee the awards recognizing top students and staff there in the county. in our last hour, we told you about a 13-year-old that won the comeback kid of the year award after being shot and seeing his mother killed. another one of the honorees was a ft. washington teacher killed back in february. and we had a chance to speak to her sister. >> it actually means a lot. it shows us that she's been touching lives even in her transition the same
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before. >> her family accepted the rookie teacher of the year award last night on her behalf. just a beautiful ceremony honoring some great young people and educators and staff, as well. all right. get off the couch and go enjoy some great outdoors. the campaign the national park service is rolling out to get you exploring our region's national parks. weather will rain on your parade again this weekend. over the last 30 days, we've had 22 days with rain and only one day in the 80s. we'll start turning that pattern around. i'll show you the "7-day forecast" coming up. and we're following breaking news this morning out of fairfax county, police on the scene of an early morning shooting on richmonhighway. d wh
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at 6:30, we're tip to contio follow breaking news, a man dead near a large apartment complex off richmond highway. fairfax county police say he was so the. >> there is a large police presence as officers look through that area right now. molette green is there working to get more infma
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15 minutes. as we come up on 6:31, here are the 4 things you need to know about the forecast. soak in the sunshine while you can today because you will be soaked with raindrops tomorrow. could have periods of heavy rain especially on your saturday morning. it will be our fifth rainy weekend in a row. but there are 80s at the tail end of the "7-day forecast," that is welcome news. your friday morning though a little on the chilly side. only 43 in luray. 55 in arlington. 45 in manassas. 52 in annapolis. high temperatures today low to mid-70s. plenty of sunshine. nothing to worry about. get out and enjoy it. you have to look for the positive in these things. today will be lovely. we'll get caught up in the weeds of the weekend coming up later. >> we won't talk about the weekend right now. . taking a look canal road at whitehurst freeway, inbound lanes now all open. . outbound still have the one lane bl
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after that crash right there in front of the gas station. taking a look gw parkway before the scenic overlook, a crash in the left lane. westbound 50 at kenilworth, crash in the right lane there. green and yellow line delays between l'enfant and mount vern on th on square. travel times in ten minutes. the succespected mastermind the pairs are attacks had his first court appearance but when officials began questioning salah abdeslam who up until nowed that been in a high security prison in paris, he said nothing. invoking his right to stay silent.ris attacks killed more than 130 people. 6:32, a man who once served as a delegate for donald trump now faces a possibility of spending decades in jail. caleb bailey was indicted earlier this week on charges of opposing and making child pornography and hin
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unregistered machine guns and explosives. gop leadership in charles county says it will fill bailey's position tomorrow. the debate over gun control could park new disagreements on the campaign trail today. donald trump will be the headline speaker at today's national rifle association convention in louisville. security is tight inside. both secret service and local police working this convention. there is also a designated protest zone outside in anticipation of demonstrators. a different roach from democratic front runner hillary clinton. she's headed to florida tomorrow to meet with the mother of trayvon martin and other parts who have had children killed this gun violence. clinton is in texas for a fundraiser today. to read more about each of the candidate's positions on gun control, go to the nbc washington app and check out our political coverage page. a challenge to virginia's voter i.d. law has failed. in richmond yesterday, a federal judge upheld the requirement that voters must show a valid i.d. at the
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state election officials arguing the law was unconstitutional because it suppressed some the voters' rights. the 2001 disappearance of chandra levy gripped the face and now defense attorneys for ingmar guandique say they will offer evidence pointing to california congressman gary condit. condit was romantically linked it to levy and was once the primary suspect but eventually ruled out by police. in a motion argued yesterday, defense attorneys say condit had a, quote, powerful motive to kill levy and cover up her death. firefighter nicole mittendorff's family is speaking out following her death. her husband and sister spoke exclusively to our news partners at wtop. the 31-year-old career firefighter took her own life last month. after her death, fairfax county's tire chief launched an investigation into cyber bullying. her family though says it may never find out if bullying playedig
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it's a loss they continue to struggle with. >> certainly a struggle trying to find the new normalcy in my life without my wife. hardest part is getting up in the morning and finding the motivation to carry on throughout the day, but i know it's something i have to do. >> steve told wtop that he is a part of fire chief's bullying ask force. the family plans to honor nicole by raising awareness about suicide prevention. today kicks off a two day biodiversity festival in our area all part 20of the 2016 bio blitz. megan mcgrath is live at constitution gardens in northwest. and we saw you in a canoe. you're getting pretty close to these critters out there. >> reporter: yeah, you can get very close to the critters. in fact at the biodiversity festival which is where i am right here at constitution gardens, that will get un
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and if you look across the pond, you can see the bat zones. you can get up close and personal to bats and other critters here at will this location and for the folks who are participating in the bio blitz. you will be going out to the national parks and you will be documenting all the wildlife you see there and that might mean getting in to a canoe and there are plenty of slots available if you want to volunteer. a park teeming with wildlife. and items j's the job of the nal park service to keep an eye on thing, document what is this the parks and make sure everything is thriving. >> we're here in kenilworth and in this magical garden. >> reporter: it's not an easy task, it requires a lot of manpower. so the national park service is enlisting the help of volunteers. both willing to get this boat, grab nets and other tools and count the
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>> we want to discover everything. so we're looking for spiders and dragonflies. we're doing some acoustic sound monitoring. >> reporter: it's called bio blitz, volunteers will fan out in national parks away tround t country. 13 in our area. don't worry it if you don't know anything about wildlife. >> you can take a picture of what you see, so even if you don't know what it is, a sign test can help identify it. >> reporter: and we have been documenting the ducks here.sign. >> reporter: and we have been documenting the ducks here. if you want to volunteer, you can go to our website and sign up online. we have the link that you feed. just use the keyword bio blitz. back to you. you know megan we love you and the story definitely put you pretty up close and personal with some of the -- maybe a little too close. >> reporter: i'm glad i felt forward and not backwards. that would have
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>> that is one of megan's bloopers as she works on this bio blitz story. and listen, we all have bloopers. this is live tv. and you can check out more of adventures on you are a good sport and excellent of your job. get on your bike and ride. some of the events around town for you this morning in an effort to get to you leave your car at home and bike to work. if you have to drive, i have a couple of problems on the roadways. biking might be a better option today. a live look top of beltway when we come back. but first, a new poll out this morning that shows what americans think about paid family leave.
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good morning. 6:41 on a friday. that it through another week. another beautiful day outside here today. current temperatures in the upper 40s right now, so we will be near 50 at the bus stop. and an "a" for recess here today. in the low 70s fo
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so at the time your sget your s. but the weekend forecast coming up. crash in the center lane near east kop. south g with him parkway crash at the overlook, westbound 50 near kenilworth, a crash in the right lane there. 270 south germantown to the spur, you're on time. top of the beltway 95 to 270 looking good, as well. 66 inbound, a little bit slow there. should be about 12 minutes. and 95 north quantico to the beltway, you're okay. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. >> reporter: this bike and silver car one of multiple scenes here in alexandria as police investigate a deadly shooting. i'll have more coming up next. and breaking news out of the middle east in the last hour, debris from egypt eair
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been found. and victims
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15 before the hour. breaking news now, wreckage has been found from the egyptair plane that crashed in to the mediterranean yesterday. bill neely joinin l
6:46 am
could i company wi cairo with the latest on this. >> reporter: good morning from cairo airport where investigators from france and egypt are meie meeting to try t solve a mystery. it is a search and rescue operation. rescue seem as long shot. no bodies have been recovered so far. as for the search, egyptian military says within the last couple of hours that they have found what they describe or at least was described on state television as passenger belongings and debris believed to be from flight 804. now, that has not yet been confirmed, but a senior egyptian military official told nbc news they are certain it is from the missing plane. that debris will be brought back here to cairo airport. it's just been spotted so far. it hasn't been recovered. when it gets here, it will be examined by authorities. but still, aaron, no claim from
6:47 am
isis which has a strong presence here, that it was a bomb. and still no conclusive proof whether it was a bomb or technical failure or something that happened if n the cockpit. so it remain as tragedy without explanation. >> nbc's bill neely live for us in cairo this morning. thank you. and right now airports are increasing security all because of this crash. we don't exactly know what they're doing, but an nbc news crew saw a lot of extra officers at l.a.x. that airport is making changes to keep people safe. and they could also be adding checks behind the scenes. security experts have called for more checks on airport employees. lawmakers want cargo double checked. there is a lot left to learn about the plane crash in the mediterranean. bill neely will be on the "today" show with the latest details. also check the nbc washington app fbr
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it is now 6:47. breaking news here at home, a man dead and tx polifairfax cou police are call ing it a homicide. know let glemolette green is lih an update. >> reporter: officers are focusing their attention on this sport bike and the cars around it for quite some time. it is part of multiple scenes here as residents struggle to get out to get to work. fairfax county police are all over this city side apartment community off richmond highway here. a man pronounced dead here at the scene after officers arrived sometime after 2:00 a.m. for a shooting. some people that i've talked to say they just didn't hear a thing. what do you think about what -- have you had any issues here? >> actually, i'm
6:49 am
of issues before around this area. >> reporter: again, we are looking at multiple scenes here, at least lee three of them as investigators work this expansive apartment community, the parking lots here. we have seen them collect evidence at several different points in this parking lot and they will be here for quite some time as they look for clues. we're not the hearing about a motive or suspects at this time. back to you. it's 6:49. a daycare owner being held on $2 million bond is headed to court. this after a six month old baby died after being in his care. last hospital police were called to the hospital after the baby was brought in unresponsive. investigators say the baby was at little dreamers daycare before being rushed to the hospital. the charge is second-degree murder and two counts of first degree child abuse. >>
6:50 am
and killing of a blacksburg teen could go to a grand jury. a judge will consider that this morning after the two former virginia tech students charged appear in court. david eisenhower is charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder in the stabbing death of nicole lovell. fatly keepers is charged with being an accessory. police say the two lured the team out of her home and into meeting them last january. right now the fbi needs your help tracking down two teens still missing from fairfax county. the 13-year-old and 14-year-old have not been seen since may 10. their parents say both teens may be in need of medical attention. if you have any information about the teens, call police. 6:50 your time. watch out for pore more bicyclists on your commute. it's bike to
6:51 am
it's a healthier way for commuters to get to work. in the last 16 years, the number of people who bike to work has grown to # 3% of commuters. >> the roads will be flooded with bicyclists and same on sunday, too, the d.c. bike ride, about 7,000 people out riding around d.c. on closed streets. so more people are choosing bikes because we have better infrastructure now and as more people do it, there is power in numbers. >> 83 pit stops have been set up across d.c., maryland and northern virginia with refreshments and prizes. if you are biking to work, take a picture, #bike to workday 2016. >> practice safe bike riding. >> when was the last time you were on a bike? >> it's been a while. probably about two years ago on a vacation in florida. but i don't have a bike here. >> i would cause a serious accident. i can't do it. >> good bike riding weather, though. i'd want to ride on the sidewalk and that's the last place you should be riding with all the
6:52 am
and as runner, you can't bike on the sidewalk. outside this morning, it is a beautiful way to get your friday started. what should you be expecting today? look everybody, the sunshine back for a one day visit. and is that today. perfect temperatures in the mid-70s. hardly a breeze out there, as well. so bike into work then for today, temperatures nice and cool, 40s and low 50s for the ride in here this morning. 70 for the lunchtime ride and mid-70s coming home later today. so a great day to get outside and do some pedaling. enjoy it because tomorrow a 100% chance for rain tomorrow. solid 50%, 60% chance again on sunday. rain chances dropping as we head towards monday and eventually by tuesday and wednesday, finally back to what should be our longest stretch of dry weather in weeks. here's where it's coming from. this area of low pressure down here over alabama, this will follow this dashed line right here right up the coastline, it will be offer t the delaware co by early saturday afternoon. rain could be
6:53 am
to tomorrow. 1 to 2 inches a possibility tomorrow. sunday hit and miss showers likely. could get a little bit of sunshine, but i wouldn't count on a whole heck of a lot. so dry today. rain moves in before the sun is up tomorrow morning. there is the heaviest from about 7:00 in the morning up to about 2:00 in the afternoon. "7-day forecast" then looks this way. 75 and great today. showers tomorrow. if you're headed up to the preakness stakes, it will rainy and in the 50s. showery weather ends monday. warm weather returns on tuesday in the 80s. >> looking forward to the 80s. 295 south before east capitol, still have the crash in the center lane causing some delays here. southbound gw parkway before the scenic overlook, that crash in the left lane. westbound 50 at kenilworth, crash on the right side. 66 and 95, looking very typical right now. same thing as you look at prince george's county. prince george's county volume might be a little light actually.
6:54 am
whitehurst freeway in front of the gas station, inbound lines are open, outbound left lane still blocked because of the pole down. top of the beltway, everything here actually looks quite good. and you can see all of those routes in and out of town rolling along just fine. chopper 4 over the spur here this morning, volume nice and light on 270. montgomery county bus lot there on the left side. green and yellow line glas between l'enfant plaza and mount vernon square. orange, silver, blue possible delays because of the speed restrictions outside of mcpherson square. new overnight, an overwhelming majority of americans say they want paid family leave. associated press norc center for public affairs research poll just came out this morning, and it shows 72% of americans, 40 and older, want that benefit. 19 states and washington, d.c. are considering and i had family leave legislation. new york is the latest to approve it and will launch its program in 2018. a pair of crooks mayav
6:55 am
for local students in feneed. a grant jury indictederness taylor jr. and his aunt tracie mixon yesterday. prosecutors say they stole the identities of four people and registered them as students as northern virginia community college. prosecutors say the pair then cashed in on excess student loan money if in a fraud scheme. >> it's unfortunate there are many people out there that do need financial help and for people to be taking advantage of this kind of university, any university, but particularly a community college where people who don't have the financial backing to support themselves, it's really disappointing. >> an indict shows taylor and mixon used their own addresses in louisiana for the student identities they created and that is where the college sent any loan money that was left over after required school expenses. good morning. i'm landon dowdy. a new report on kids and technology shows av
6:56 am
for a child getting their first smartphone is now about 10 years old. tablets are the device of choice for kids in the car at 55%. nearly two-thirds have access to the internet via their own laptop or tablet up from 42% in 2012 and about 40% have a social media account by the age of 11. aaron and eun, back to you. >> plan do thlandon, thanks so . 4 things to know, be on the lookout for extra cyclists on the roads today. s it is bike to work today. 83 pit stops have been set up. >> and a new poll out this morning showing 72% of americans 40 and older want family leave. and passengers belongings and parts of the airplane fuselage found in the search for the egyptair plane that crashed yesterday. and a homicide, a man shot at an apartment complex off richmond highway. the victim's name has not yet
6:57 am
and another check of the "7-day forecast," beautiful weather day. sunny and 75, a 100% chance of rain which could be heavy at times tomorrow. maybe a peek at the sun sunday, but a pretty solid rain chance sunday afternoon. rain chances finally tapering off on monday. you guys have waited for it, 80s middle of next week. >> thanks being chuck. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy
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good morning. breaking news. egyptian officials say they found wreckage and personal belongings from egyptair flight 804 just this morning. the search now on for the plane's black boxes. will they hold the key to what brought it down? politics and the plane crash. >> if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you're 100% wrong, folks. okay? >> donald trump doubles down on labeling the egyptair crash an act of terrorism. this after hillary clinton slams him for his rhetoric and questions his fitness for the white house. >> i have concluded he is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> reporter: million dollar mistake? golf superstar phil mickelson


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