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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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multiple charges. chief mitchell promises a thorough review to determine if his officers use proper force. right now a charles county than is missing and police are asking for the dhupity's help. robert carter iii was last seen saturday afternoon at the st. charles town center. he's 6'4", wears glasses and has plaque hair and a mustache and beard. carter is under a doctor's care and relatives tell us he needs medication. breaking news, president obama has lifted the u.s. arms ban on vietnam. so it means that the ban that has been in place for decades regarding the sale of military equipment to that country has been lifted. the president defending the decision despite vietnam's report of dismal human rights. president obama saying the sales would be looked at on a case by case basis. this is the president's first visit to this country. next he
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hiroshima. today 54 geography whiz kids will test their knowledge to win cash for college. the 28th annual national geographic begets under way here in d.c. sidwell friends 6th grader max is one of the competitors. other kids will take the stage in the scripps national spelling bee on wednesday. >> always impressive to see those young minds work. >> we need work, don't we. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> chuck bell in with the 4 things to know. >> good morning. hope you enjoyed your weekend. even though it was a weekend without sunshine, today, though, will be the last day without sunshine for quite a while. there is even a chance if the warmer air comes in, an outside chance of a rumble or two of thunder, but no severe weather of any kind before the sun will come out, you know how the sun goes, tomorrow, n
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and summertime really starts to arrive on wednesday. for now, though, your monday morning awash in clouds and rain drops. heavier rain moving down towards southwestern virginia. temperature its only in the mid-50s now. we'll stay mostly in the upper 60s to near 70 today with plenty of clouds and rain chances around the area to your monday. but wait until you see that "7-day forecast" and you only have to wait until 4:51 to get it. and still have a problem northbound 210 indian head highway as you're passing berry road. the right lane blocked. so you have to stay left to get by that crash here this morning. eastbound little river turnpike at wakefield chapel road, we have a flooding there in the right lane, so stay left. taking a look at 270 from 70 to the spur, you are on time, about 27 minutes. remember to listen to
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today. and beltway at central avenue looks a little foggy right there and of course rain following all over the place. but chuck is promising going to be one of the last days we'll have to deal with that this week. angie goff back here at the live desk where we're getting new information on a shooting in fairfax county. molette green just arrived to the scene. this is in the 2900 block of still worth circle. a man was shot outside of an apartment complex. we're told that he does have life threatening injuries. police still on the scene there speaking with know let. we'll check in with her and bring to you as soon as we gather it. let. we'll check in with her and bring to you as soon as we gather it. in the day ahead, two men will be sentenced in the murder in oxon hill. they were found guilty in march of helping in a
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claire i don't know h clar clarion hotel three years ago. a teen unknowingly tried to help an armed man on the run from a violent crime spree. last night andrew breer became an eagle scout, his training to help others put him in a very dangerous situation on saturday. the teen came face-to-face with the map who allegedly had just robbed a jewelry store in fax. investigators say the robber shot a bystander during a gunfight with police and had just crashed a stolen car. >> i was just thinking about all the situation has could have happened and how lucky we were that he didn't shoot us. >> police say the robber put a the hat, grabbed a duffle bag and took off in the woods. d.c. police are investigating a carjacking, this happened early sunday morning in southeast. police say two men and a woman approached two other wo
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car, shot them both, and then stole their car. both women are recovering in a hospital right now. if you know anything, you're asked to call police. a fairfax county school named after a confederate general may soon have its name changed. parents, teachers and community members are meeting after renaming jeb stuart high school. if there is enough support to change the name, a public vote will be held. the superintendent is expected to make a decision by the end of next month. and now to decision 2016, a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll showing huk and donald trump virtually tied in a hypothetical general election match-up. last month clinton held an 11 point advantage. that lead narrowed to three points in this poll out yesterday. that is within the thr3.1%
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error. open the nbc washington app and find our story to see how many voters are hoping a third party candidate shows up before november. rain is once again covering parts of storm team 4 radar this morning. take a look, it seems like it has been raining just about every morning for the past month. but check bell says change is on the way. always scary to see cars slamming this to stores and restaurants, but this may be the most shocking thing you've ever seen. what we're learn building injuries. taking a stand against new rules when it comes to transgender students and restrooms. sy a virginiachool can lose
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people in a chinese restaurant were completely caught off guard when a car crashed through the building. look at that. this happened friday in shanghai. police say the driver of the car hit the gas instead of the brake and went through the front window knocking customers to the ground. the driver was okay, but four customers suffered minor injuries. a little drizzle to contend with this morning. let's see what is ahead for the kids outside this morning. ch chuck. >> kiddos, you know what issing. another the day with raindrops. no dense fog
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area, but this is one in southern pennsylvania. so watch out for areas of thick fog this morning. right now the thickest is in frederick county, maryland. the heaviest of the rain is in southern maryland over the northern neck and south and west of fredericksburg. fortunately the heaviest of it is moving away from us. so may be coming back later on this afternoon. so school day forecast rainy, cool, 55 at the bus stops. recess, this is the last day this week i'm going to have to give recess a failing mark. temperatures today staying mostly in the upper 60s to around 70. pouty pus paul once again with his umbrella, raincoat and jeans. he, too, will be smiling before the week is through. 66 east of compton road here, you can see we're nice and clear. we do have some rain falling all over the place, all of this green on here showing the rain on the radar. eastbound little river turnpike
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flooding there in the right lane still hanging around. taking a look at 95 north from quantico to the beltway, that will take you 18 minutes, and that is exactly on time. northbound looks good, southbound looks good. everything rolling along just fine here right now. northbound indian head highway at berry road, stay left to get by that crash. and taking a look top of the beltway, no problems there. i'll see in you ten minutes. just days after egyptair flight 804 crashed, the miss have i deepens. >> what we're now at havertys furniture, it's our annual memorial day sale. which means it's the perfect time to create the perfect home. now through may 30th, take an extra hundred dollars off every thousand dollars you spend.
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grief counselors are hoping local elementary students deal with a difficult loss today. terrence sampson was shot and killed friday morning. sampson worked as a teacher's assistant at fort hunt elementary school. his girlfriend told news 4 he returned home to find a crime in progress. fairfax county police have not made any arrests in his death. a former frederick county commissioner faces a preliminary hearing today on prostitution charges. blaine young was arrested in february during a prostitution sting in anne arundel county. each of his four charges carries up to a year in jail and $500 fine. young served on the county board of commissioners from 2010 to 2014. a driver is recovering this morning after a freight train collided with their car. this happened at railroad and oakmont avenues in gaithersburg. that csx train was carrying coal. the driver was taken tohe
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okay. it's not known yet what led to that crash. even though this crash looks pretty bad, nobody was hurt here. fairfax county police tell us the driver of the bmw slammed through a garage near telegraph road just before 6:00 last knigh night. four people were in that car. a school in southwestern virginia could lose federal funding and face a lawsuit after passing new rules over which bathrooms students can use. friday the grayson county school board approved an ordinance requiring students to use bathrooms and locker rooms which correspond to their birth gender. the ordinance is in direct conflict with the obama administration's recent order that students should be allowed to use which ever if a ilts is match their gender identities. new help arrives today in the search for what happened to egyptair flight 804. an egyptian submarine will go you said water to look for the plane's black boxes befor
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tracie potts joining us more. >> reporter: the black boxes have batteries that will time out after about 30 days, so they want to find them as soon as possible. we're talking about the cockpit voice recorder which will tell us what was being said in the cockpit at the time of that crash. and also the flight data recorder that will if i hagive sense of whether or not something mechanical went wrong with that lean. now they're working on a number of theories including what has now been confirmed that there was smoke in the cockpit before this crash, but we still don't know why. there is a u.s. navy helping with that search in the waters 200 miles off the coast of egicht, said to be about 2 miles deep, so this will be a difficult search. the cause, was it a bomb, something mechanical, egypt's president saying that that is still all open as they continue to investigate and try to search for those black boxes. interestingly the latest statement
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nothing at all about this crash. a lot of analysts have said that's unusual if they were responsible. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. 4:47 right now. and the supreme court will meet later this morning to issue orders and opinions. pete williams will cover any breaking developments there. the court has three major decisions left to decide before the justices take their summer break. those decisions on abortion, immigration and affirmative action. another scare at the white house days after an armed man put the complex on lockdown. the secret service says a cluster of party balloons floating over the complex yesterday afternoon sparking an alert. the incident comes two days after an armed man approached a security checkpoint and agents shot the man after officials say he ignored multiple commands to drop his weapon. one northern virginia family's loss may not help save lives. a 7-year-old drowned in the community pool last memorial day and nower
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lorton station elementary are learning how to stay safe in the water. on sunday they jumped in the pool, the goal to eliminate fear. >> we have a few students who now are free to go into the water, free to go near a swinling pool. >> he don't want to discourage them from getting in the pool, we just want them to be safe. >> a memorial event was also held to honor the the 7-year-old. her father says he's happy to see the family join together to honest her his daughter's memory. lead testing will continue on wells near a virginia toe minute i don't know power plant in dumb fridfries. officials say the initial testing showed inconsistent results, so they are retesting the samples. earlier this month the power company began releasing millions of gallons of coal ash water into quantico creek. so it looks like the 17 year cicadas are starting to emerge. they won't
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>> ooh! >> it's okay. calm down. >> sorry. >> billions apparently have been living in the ground for the past 17 years and will invade the east coast, parts of maryland, west virginia, virginia and pennsylvania as well as ohio will be hit the hardest help the district may be spared it year. they're noisy, but harmless. >> doesn't it sound like a scene from a sci-fi horror film? 17 years buried underground, they're coming alive! >> our facebook page has had questions about them. but they're harmless and they come in cycles. some out every year, some every 17 years. >> but they're huge gross bugs. >> they huge and gross. >>ec
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to find a likeable character in. outside this morning, better luck finding a likeable character on capitol hill. >> you're going there. >> outside, a showery start. no big surprise there. it's been raining around here for a monthe slowly coming to an end by late tonight. so overall weather impacts on your outdoor plans today, we'll give you the big red light. rainy and cool day. you really only have to delay your plans a day or so. tomorrow might have a shower or two, but a mostly dry day with sunshine coming back. and by wednesday and points after thargs gt, can at the ti . car wash, wait until tomorrow. and right now rain in central maryland, they're going west and southwest
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but there will be more redeveloping over the eastern shore, crossing the bay and coming into our area. so don't put the umbrella away. best rain chances away will be south of the city, already a little bit of a dry streak up here across the pennsylvania border where skies have tried to clear out just a bit. there is thick fog early this morning up across northern maryland. future weather then, here comes the continuation of rain drops by 7:45, a wet rush hour here this morning. by noontime, showers tapering back a little bit, but with daytime heating, there is a possibility we could have a rumble or two of thunder south of the city down towards fredericksburg and northern neck. here is the "7-day forecast" you have all been waiting for. today clouds and raindrops. tomorrow, maybe a shower early, but a dry day coming tomorrow, highs 78. that is an average high temperature for this time of the year. and starting on wednesday, look at this, we have not been 80 degrees since the 26th of april starting on wednesday. 84.
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friday, saturday, sunday, all in the mid to upper 80s and with a little hint of summertime humidity. melissa mollett, the first person that tells me it's too hot and too humid, they're going to take it on the chin. >> i don't blame you. i don't blame you. you're darned if you do, darned if you don't here. eastbound southeast/southwest freeway, ramp to 11th street, a disabled truck is blocking the right lane. 66 east of compton road, you can see we're looking good. no major problems there. still have this problem eastbound lgtittle river turnpi at wakefield chapel. quantico to the beltway, you're on time here. no big problems headed northbound there on 95 here this morning. southbound also nice and clear. seeing a little bit of a slowdown there. going to figure out what that is. we'll talk about it here in the next countkucouple minutes. we just got breaking news out ofy
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bombers have killed more than 65 people. details very limited right now, but we know that these attacks happened at a bus station, a very packed bus station according to the interior ministry. and also hearing from syrian tv that three rockets landed at another bus station. these attacks happened in the area that is controlled by syrian president bashar al assad which is very pro government. these kind of attacks rarely happen in territories like this. >> angie, thank you. president obama is speaking out with about the death of a taliban leader. what he had to say early this morning about the strike that killed the terrorist. and it may have you putting the brakes on your memorial day weekend plans. how much you can expect toay wh p ♪ hey! en ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus
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if you are away there your screen, take a look. rain continues to h s ts to ham area. but up ser on the way. what happened to spring? a closer look at that in just minutes. we have breaking business news to pass along. bayer, the drug and chemical company based out of germany, has now offered up $62 billion to a u.s. company, u.s. based company called monsanto. if it goes throug
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create a mammoth company that would work out of the u.s. as well as europe and asia. right now monsanto says they are reviewing the proposal. it's 4:57 now. and president obama called the death of a taliban leader an a important milestone in bringing peace to afghanistan. the president made those comments today during his joint press conference in vietnam. taliban chief mullah mansour was killed this a u.s. drone strike in pakistan this weekend. president obama says mansour was specifically targeting u.s. troops who were working with afghan military forces. >> it is my responsibility as commander and chief not to stand by, but to make sure that we send a clear signal to the taliban and others that we will protect our people and that's exactly the message that has been sent. >> the president says the air strike does not represent a shift in strategy. u.s. troops will not reengage in day to day combat operations. happening today, the murder for hire trial of drew peterson
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accused of plotting to kill the prosecutor who put him in prison in 2012 for murdering his third wife. prosecutors say that between september of 2013 and december 2014, peterson and another enmate discussed the plot, they obtained an order to have peterson's cell mate wear a wire to secretly record conversations. fighter son's team is challenging the wiretap evidence. today is the deadline for tom brady's lawyers to appeal his tee nature gate suspension. an appeals court ruled take roger goodell had the right to suspend brady for his role in using improperly deflated footballs in the afc championship game. he was given two weeks to appeal the decision. since then he has added ted olson to his team. rising gas prices is not letting up, it has gop up an average of 55 cents a gallon. the cost of crude oil could bump it up again in the coming
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for regular unleaded is $2.28 a gallon. you're paying only a few cents off that price in maryland and west virginia. about 17 cents less in virginia and 15 cents more in d.c. 4:59 now. message for millennials this morning, start saving for retirement now. that is the takeaway from a new study out of it found three quarters of those asked expressed serious regrets over how they have handled their money. their biggest regret this they say is that they waited too long to start saving. experts say that is something young people can quickly turn around. >> you're just starting out in the workforce, this is a good time to give up maybe a couple lattes and a hulu subscription every month and put that money into savings. >> a couple of lattes and a hulu. there you go. >> doesn't take much. >> survey results show many people also wish they could redo their real estate choices. some saying they regret buying or not buying
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market. i'm angie goff at the live desk. good morning. we begin with breaking news out of fairfax county where police are on the scene of a shooting in the falls church area. what we know this morning is that in the 2900 block of stillwood circle, they arrived, they found an individual shot. now we're told that the person does have life threatening injuries. molette green is on the scene right now speaking with police, she will bring us the very latest information coming up. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist p. >> and i'm eun yang. we want to check our forecast. more doom and gloom to start our monday. >> is it really that severe? >> it's just the consecutive days of this kind of weather. >> just gloom. >> if it's any consolation on your side, it won't be a flooding rain or severe weather event kind of a monday, but it will be lost to clouds and


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