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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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which could indicate something as serious as an explosion. again the only way for them to really know is for them to find the black box which is could be lying 10,000 feet town at the bottom of the mediterranean sea. good at the bottom of the mediterranean sea. good morning. right now president obama is traveling to the city formerly known acs saigon. he pushed for stronger human rights recently following the arms deal that he announced yesterday. meeting with activists and business leaders, he said nations succeed when people with freely express themselves without harassment. now back to you. coming up on 4:31. time for a look at today's 4 things to know about the forecast. >> number one thing you need to know about the weather for today, the rain is finally coming to an end. still a couple of
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there early this morning, but on the whole an improving weather picture. let the warming again. today as i mentioned likely the first first 80 degree day in a month. and tropical storm system officially starts june 1. we may have one to worry about before then, but that's a long way from now. outside east side of the county, a couple sprinkles and also down into southern maryland. but by and larn, thatge, that's last of the raindrops. so the next 24 hours, 50 and cloudy and damp here early this morning. sunshine and near 80 this afternoon and sunny and dry start to tomorrow. we'll break it down hour by hour coming up. happening today, a 17-year-old will appear in a d.c. courtroom charged with murdering an off duty secret service officer. arthur baldwin junior was shot and killed during a robbery in
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maurice bellamy and another man are charged with his death. bellamy was already in custody for allegedly killing davonte washington the day before easter. the transportation security administration is taking steps to address the issue of long lines at the nation's airports. the head of security operations, kelly hoggan, has been reassigned to new duties. the agency is also creating a centralized incident command team at tsa headquarters to track daily screening operations. developing this morning, virginia governor terry mcauliffe is likely to face questions from reporters about an fbi investigation. investigators are looking into whether his 2013 campaign accepted illegal campaign contributions. mcauliffe is one time board member of the clinton global initiative and records show more than 100 donors contributed t
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campaign. federal officials say investigators are looking at those overlaps. a lawyer for mcauliffe says neither he nor the governor has been contacted by the fbi. just into the live desk, toyota recalling a lot more air bags inside of their cars. in fact more than 1.5 million because of the takata air bags. they're saying the bags in also front passenger seat could inflate and possibly rupture. we have put the models on the screen right here. take a look. you can see that it includes the 2009 to 2011 corolla, matrix, yaris, also several lexuses. you'll want to check the toyota website. depends on the model, teedealer will replace the air bag at no cost. coming up on 4:34. today
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sger expert on in-peck issuf he can diseases will lay out plans to fight the zika virus. fauci says mosquitos in the u.s. could begin to carry the disease in the next month. you can prevent mosquitos simply on your way out of the door this morning. just dump out any water that may have collected in your yard toys or flower pots. experts say it only takes mosquitos seconds to lay thousands of eggs. this usually happens during the late fall and early winter, and then they wait for the weather to warm up. >> just get rid of any standing water. so just walk your yard is the best advice i can give you. >> now, we know many of you may have concerns about using chemicals to treat the bug problem. later on we'll walk you through natural ways to keep mosquitos away. to presidential politics thousand. voters in washington state will have their say in the race for the repca
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44 gop delegates are up for grabs unlike primary votes in most other states, washington's primary is an all mail-in contest. lack of experience is becoming an issue in an election season where so far voters have pushed political outsiders to the top. 6 out of 10 americans now say they have reservations about donald trump's lack of government or physica or milita experience. trump outperforms hillary clinton on issues of managing wall street and the economy. both clinton and sanders are campaigning in the los angeles area today. california voters go to the polls two weeks from today. the state offers hundreds of democratic delegates, the most of any other state. more analysis of the poll and what to watch for today when tracie potts us joins us in ten minutes. all
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having is putting spring sports behind schedule. soccer and baseball field this is d.c., maryland and virginia are all soaked. parents pay money for those leagues and there are no refunds for weather cancellations. >> they have canceled a lot of practices, a lot of games. the practices they just lose out on, the games they're trying to reschedule and at this point it's all the way to like mid to end of june. >> maryland's soccer plex had to cancel 240 games that it won't be able to make up. rockville's youth sports leagues are three weeks behind schedule. >> there just aren't enough times and spaces to make up all the games. >> and you can't control the weather. >> no, you can't. despite the cool damp conditions out there right now, the kids will be begging you to be wearing shorts once they hear how warm it might be at recess today. they have been begging since march. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has a closer look at the
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school day forecast at 4:41. a warning for parents with kids in certain districts. the phone call you could get that will give you chills but police say it's a scam. less than 24 hours after a verdict was issued against one walt more police officer, we' getting a look at what lies ahead for the remaining five. what is expected to happen as soon as next month. now at havertys furniture, it's our annual memorial day sale. which means it's the perfect time to create the perfect home. now through may 30th, take an extra hundred dollars off
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welcome back. fairfax county schools are the latest to warn you about a growing phone scam. >> someone says that their child was kidnapped and they ask for money via a wire transfer. in each case the child was safe at school. if you get a call like this one, call police. we told you about a similar scam in prince william county last week. this is a new trend of virtual kidnapping. you can see the full report on the nbc washington app. . now the weather to expect as you head out to the bus stop this morning. >> i just want to feel 80 degrees again, chuck. >> okay. we can do that. it will be feeling like 80 degrees just later on today. first time since april 26. it has been a long stretch and this will tie the deepest into the month of may we've ever gone without ap-80 degree
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the record may 25th. so only missing it by a day. outside this morning, just a few lonesome fading away showers there across parts of southern maryland. school day forecast then, kind of cloudy, a couple drops this morning, but i think you can get away without the umbrellas. still a lot of puddles on the play ground, but by later on today, it's ride your bike outside. and look at that pretty little smile. put the umbrella in the backpack. shorts and t-shirts weather has returned. >> good news for everybody. shoulders are out, we're very happy today. a couple of closures actually to tell you about. river road is the seneca road, lanes blocked because of a crash with a pole down. so crews on the way trying to get that out of the way here this morning. southbound 17 near 95, you can see all lanes blocked because of a crash investigation happening there. that just popped up for us. inbound key bridge, traffic is being diverted
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freeway. outbound is open. 95 at 198, two left lanes getting by that work zone. again, no slowdown there. the gasp between senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton could get bigger or smaller depending on today's primary in washington state. but how do the democrats stack up when it comes to taking on trump? a breakdown on shf the latest numbers. and new information about the new fence that will eventually protect the next president. what the news 4 iteam has learned about changes coming to the outside of the whi
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to the ai
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tracie potts is live on capitol hill with what we should expect today. >> reporter: first of all, expect the clinton campaign doing taking a close look at our latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll that shows donald trump within three percentage points of hillary clinton if that election were to be held today. also she is telling bernie sanders no to a final debate in may in california. he's really focusing on california trying to win it, but bernie sanders told a crowd last night that hillary clinton needs to debate him, that it's insulting to her to say no just a couple of weeks before they vote in this major state. meantime that poll is also showing us challenges for hillary clinton on a number of fronts while she's ahead with women, she's behind trump with men. more than half think that she's ahead when it comes to foreign policy. they trust her more with foreign policy. and 61% have concerns about donald trump when it comes to experience. >>
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hill for us. thank you. powerful testimony in the trial against andrew schmuhl. he and his wife are accused of terrorizing a mclean couple. on monday fisher says he saw schmuhl shoot his wife and thought she was dead. he also testified that schmuhl cut his throat and stabbed him several times. andrew schmuhl's lawyers admitted he attacked the couple, but they say he was taking too many medications around the time of take attack and that made him unaware of what he was doing. ale alecia shuchmuhl had recently bn fired from fisher's law firm. the judge acquitted one of the officers charge in the arrest and death of freddie gray. he ruled officer nero was not guilty for failing to see the belt gray inside the van. he said he could reasonably expect the officer driving the van to be responsible for securing
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while being transporteded. despite the not guilty verdict, an attorney for the gray family says he was satisfied with the decision. >> he did an amazing job not only of correctly applying the law and the evidence, but of explaining in detail. >> nero could still face disciplinary action. officials are asking for continued patience from the community as the legal process moves phone. officer goodson is the next officer to go on trial. he drove the van where prosecutors say he was critically hurt. his trial begins june 6. former fairfax county police spokesman pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. bud walker admitted to all ten unts against him. walker says he posted pictures of children in sexual agects unr a
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a fairfax county fire and rescue review could take up to a year. concerns about bullying surfaced after nicole mittendorff committed suicide last month. wtop reports an outside consultant may be hired to look at how the department handles sexual and racial harassment complaints. anonymous posts were made online about mittendorff before her death. two students attack the outside their schools in the same d.c. neighborhood all within a week of each other. both incidents happened in northwest d.c. in the second police district. this most recent attack happened last month near georgetown's day high school. video shows three suspects beating and kicking the victim to the ground. they also robbed the student. a d.c. council member called it disturbing. >> students should not have to worry that they cannot walk from school to home or wherever they're going and not
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>> police don't think these attacks are related. p georgetown day school says it has held an assembly focused on student neighborhood safety training and has modified the patrols of it security officers. internal e-mails obtained show that the u.s. secret service is testing its new fencing for the white house. the e-mails detail machines to raise the white house fence by five feet, making it 11 feet tall. that's to prevent fence jumping incidents. some of the equipment was tested last month in quantico, virginia. the secret service must get approval from two agencies before beginning construction. there is no question that washington is home to some of the best museums in the country and this week you can revisit a favorite or find a new one. it's museum week in d.c. nearly 20 museums at his tore rig homes will have unique programs and exhibits. celebrations are happening at the same time as the american alliance of museums annual meeting right here in d.c. and take a look inside the
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mgm casino. the resort just revealed the designs which show floor to ceiling windows and floor plans up to 3,000 square feet. designers drew inspiration from forest and water elements around maryland. the resort is set the to open at the end of the year. time to take another look at our forecast and i'm so excited. finally that we are getting some warm weather around here. some lay it all out for us. >> i think that you will appreciate the change in the weather pattern, just a big turnaround from the pattern we've been stuck in with all the clouds and raindrops. what to expect then for today, cloudy and a little wet outside this morning. fear not, every. here comes the sunshine for later today. our hash tag today, finally sunny. tomorrow warmer than today. so you get the picture, a warming trend really coming our way. that last area of low pressure that brought us the rain yesterday is
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island sound. throwing just the last little bits of moisture in our direction. just a couple sprinkles along the calvert/prince william county line, away fredericksburg and stafford here early this morning. future weather carries those raindrops away, so that by 7:00, 8:00 this morning everyone should be dry. increasing amounts of sunshine as we go through the day. 9:30, nothing to worry about. by noontime, we should be back to partly sunny skies and by later this afternoon, back to near full sunshine. ma what about temperatures? low 50s in the shenandoah valley, but most of the metro area mid to upper 50s and kind of a humid clammy feel to the atmosphere. temperatures will climb quickly from the 50s now into the 60s with some spinunshine. a lot of clearing by 11:00 with temperatures souring in to the 70s. and later into the afternoon, more
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temperatures upper 70s and low 80s. if you're going out tonight ton 70s. and i didn't even put a cloud on there for tomorrow. high temperatures in the mid-80s. here is your first peek at the "7-day forecast." we have not had this many 80s in a row since last summer. look at this. six in a row. some of these days, industfrida saturday, we'll be flirting with 90 degrees. i'm more we ared about the sunday/monday time frame, but we'll worry about that as we get er to the weekend. and now a big problem in traffic. >> big problem in stafford. police say this could be there for some time. right now southbound 17 is shut down just after, just east
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i-95. all lanes blocked southbound lanes because of this crash investigation. again, no word on when this could be wrapped up. i kind of zoomed in on this, there is not a great alternate. police are not sure how they will work people around that closure quite yet. river road still shut done at accept in a came road. lanes blocked because of a crash with a pole down across both lanes of traffic there. 395 north after duke, work zone blocking the left lane this morning. big look at the beltway overall, beltway look pretty good. more on this problem in satisst coming up. you know what goes into getting through security as a passenger, but what is it like on the other side? a behind the scenes look at the tsa workers, including the intense training employees go through. what is in a name? a lot if you want to see it at a nationa
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the rain is coming down in spots, but when you can trade in the umbrella with sunglasses with your hour by hour forecast. and nbc 4 responds to the high cost of finding love. a woman's search for love cost her thousands of dollars. when it didn't work out, she called consumer reporter susan hogan for help. she signed up for a dating service willing to invest a lot of money, but the same day she paid for the service, she
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us she had buy aer's remorse an tried to cancel. but it would not let her out of her contract. a contract that cost her $7,000. >> there is no way i can believe that if you have not started service on me that i cannot cancel my contract. >> nbc 4 responds discovered she's not alone. other local women shared similar stories, a broken heart will and busted budgets. watch the whole story on the search nbc 4 responds. nfl owners have big decisions so-to-respotoday. super bowl sites will be picked and raiders is push to go move the team to las vegas. they're also considering rule changes for replays and roster cuts. the owners meeting comes as a new congressional report accuses the league of improperly influencing a concussion stud
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the new jersey congressman says the nfl agreed to fund a $30 million study on football and brain disease and then backed out. the report claims the nfl wanted the national institutes of health to take away funding from a researcher the league feared was biased. the nfl denies that report. the study is now being funded by taxpayers. the u.s. park service is going ahead with its plan to start displaying advertisements on america's natural wonder. corporations and individuals can contribute to park service operations or repairs and in return see their name or logo on temporary structures including signs. you don't want anything on the washington monument, could you imagine? >> i just saw mout. rushmore wi something. >> critics say it would change the nature of the park but the park service says it's to find a tasteful way to recognize people. what would abe
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that would be the end of that monday uno monument. >> i think they have to find out a nice compromise. this morning a rare look at the training and equipment that keeps passengers safe at the airport. this is tsif. it's inside reagan international and focuses on training employees and new high tech equipment all to keep passengers safe while getting them to where they need to go. >> our threat is constantly changing, so our equipment has to keep up with the threat as well as stay a little bit ahead of it. >> there are new slimmer body scanners and a collection of all the travel bags on the market. they say pre-packed security bins and life like mannequins help train the agents to better pick up on threats at the airport. you can see adam tuss' full report on the nbc washington app. the weather is finally improving. and if you're thinking about a long summer drive, you may want to consider turning on the
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turning on the ac does use up extra full, but they say it's better than rolling down the win it doughs. because when the windows are open, the wind drags on your car and makes the engine work harder. did you know this? >> i did. >> of course you did. he's a car guy that's why he knows that sort of information. >> sure. just little bits and pieces. i don't know a whole lot. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we have a forecast you'll finally want to hear. >> chuck bell here with your weather headlines. >> that's right, i'm about to go from the least popular person to the, well, second least popular person across the area. weather headlines then for today, look up in the sky, sunshine coming back into the forecast. likely to be our him with aest d warmest day since last summer. and hurricane season starts june 1st.


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