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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  May 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. that breaking news affecting metro service. if you are headed to arlington national cemetery, blue line service is suspended right now at the arlington cemetery stop. metro tells us a train's brakes got hurt and started a small fire. nobody was on that train. metro employees extinguished that fire. right now arlington county fire is making sure that the station is safe but service will replace trains on the blue line between roslyn and pentagon city as things get back to normal. a live report is coming up in just a few minutes. stay tuned for that. a bizarre story involving some good samaritans who rushed to help a woman in need. this all starteded in southeast
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a woman fell off the anacostia freeway bridge. three men rushed to help her, then a witness tells police that he and two other good samaritans were assaulted by a man who told them to get away from his girlfriend. the man then allegedly pulled a gun on them, which went off. but fortunately nobody was hit. police say the man then hit the woman and one of the men with his car. they're all expected to be okay. the man with the gun still out there, though. it was absolutely beautiful out there today. and so many folks are enjoying it. our area was packed with memorial day events. and we're going to take you to some of them in just a moment. but first standing by with this newly formed tropical storm bonnie will affect the rest of your weekend. >> tropical storm bonnie along with some other weather factors is going to bring us some rain for the rest of our memorial day weekend. here's the latest. the national hurricane center just naming this a tropical
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maximum sustained winds at 40 miles an hour moving toward the northwest at 10 miles an hour. here you can see the latest track by the national hurricane center. it's going to help to bring rain into our area mainly later in the day tomorrow and then on memorial day. coming up at 6:18 i'll time out the rain for you, when it moves in, when it moves out and how it will impact our temperatures tomorrow and memorial day. but today was the warmest day of the long weekend with the high of 87. >> yes, it was warm out there. today's heat was too much for about 20 people today. d.c. fire responded to seventh street northwest after people reported heat-related illness. four patients were transported to the hospital. it's a powerful reminder of just how many of our nation's war heroes have died serving our country. veteran ben king created the mindful memorial dayent. ribbons are h f
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rafters. each has the name of a service member killed in iraq or afghanistan and each person who visits takes a ribbon home as a constant reminder of their service. >> the sacrifice of our fallen warriors is our responsibility. we honor the fallen with our fullest attention because that's what we do. >> the organization, armor down, helps sponsor that event. a developing story out of texas tonight. an nba player is dead after being shot in dallas. bryce jones played for the new orleans pelicans. police say he broke down the door to an apartment early this morning and the apartment owner shot him. it's not yet clear why jones was in dallas or if he even knew the apartment owner. jones played in only 11 games this year with the pelicans before breaking his wrist. he was 23 years old. a 15-year-old boy shot as he was heading for a haircut with his family. this happened in the district and became the inspiration for a new play about violence in
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news 4's derrick ward has more on that. >> it is time for me to do me! basically about two families, good family voirs the bad family. and the bad family is influencing the good family to get involved with infidelity in the marriage. >> reporter: and the young people in those two families are also caught in the middle of the struggle. >> i want you to take this gun and shoot him. >> reporter: the actors say it's a modern parable about the disintegration of a family when society's ills take root at home. >> it's to bring awareness to the parents and to the youth about the violence in our community and how we respond to violence. >> reporter: underneath it all. >> we try to inject them with what they're accustomed to. when they walk away and have these real conversations that they don't even know they learned a life lesson. >> i feel good about that because i feel like a play, a movie, a tv show should hold up a mirror
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>> i say do it, girl. sow your wild oats. >> anybody who comes to the play will leave truly, truly blessed but they'll also leave thinking a lot about what's going on in their homes. >> reporter: they'll also help a family that's lived some of these themes. she lived near the metro station and was touched by the recent murder there. it kind of inspired this promg. and she wants to help that family. >> every ticket that we sell, they would receive a proceed. >> reporter: there's a stranger in my house runs through june 18th. in southeast, derrick ward, news 4. a federal appeals court says d.c. can contemporarily enforce its strict gun law. a judge ruled that part of the law was unconstitutional and that requires people who carry a gun to have a, quote, good reason to fear injury. but yesterday the district court ruled d.c. police can continue to enforce that part of the law until an appeal is heard. we continue to follow some of the biggest
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of the weekend. see how people are honoring those military members who gave the ulmate sacrifice.ti
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night's sleep since 1978. breaking news right now. train service at the arlington cemetery metro station suspended right now because of a brake fire. news 4's darcy spencer just got to the scene.
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time, darcy. >> reporter: that's right. on memorial day weekend, arlington national cemetery metro stop is a very popular stop. also a lot of folks in town for the rolling thunder definitely going to cause some inconvenience. let me show you where we are right now. we're here along route 110. you can see this is memorial drive. this is as close as we can get. you can see metro transit police cruisers blocking the ramp to get to the metro station. so traffic being limited through this area. if you look up that ramp, you'll see some of the shuttle buses that have been brought in to try to help people get on to the next metro stop. what we can tell you train service is suspended here at arlington national cemetery. again on this very busy memorial day weekend. this is due to a brake fire that caused -- there was initially some smoke and fire. we're told it has been put out. the fire is out. there were no passengers on that train when this happened. there are also delays on the blue and
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tracking between pentagon city and the cemetery. bus service again has been requested to help passengers between roslyn and the pentagon. we're told that could be a 45-minute process. so the best thing to do is to try to avoid the station altogether if you can and, again, to expect delays up to 30-minute delays if you're caught in some of this inconvenience happening here on metro this afternoon. we'll continue to bring you the latest details. and the app. darcy spencer, thank you so very much. meanwhile, a great day to be on the water. a number of people in their sailboats, this is at amelia ♪ stand by me
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a bank robbery right in the heart of bethesda this afternoon. a woman held up the wells fargo bank on elm street and bethesda road. it happened around 1:00. we're working to learn if the robber made off with any cash. this is unknown if it's related to another bank robbery in northwest. police also looking for a female suspect in that case as well. thunder alley is a key part of the memorial day celebrations. and if you've been anywhere near the national mall, you know it's under way right now. the sound of roaring motorcycles filling the air along constitution
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street along the mall. we've got a list of the road closures tied to thunder alley in our nbcwashington app. the ride for freedom is tomorrow that starts at the pentagon. over at arlington cemetery today another memorial day remembrance. our news partners captured this solemn ceremony. the american legion riders came from across the country to remember soldiers who died on the battlefield during the civil war. people placed wreaths on the monument for the unidentified civil war soldiers. the remains of more than 2,000 union and confederate soldiers are buried right there. people in parts of texas had to evacuate their homes this holiday weekend. heavy rains a few days ago caused all sorts of flooding in the eastern part of the state, and at least two people are dead. and now a tropical storm is getting ready to hit a large swath of the southeast coast. nbc's chris pollone has that st
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south carolina, people celebrating the unofficial start to summer enjoyed every last moment of sunshine before the rain starts falling. >> my fiance's grandpa called and said there's a hurricane that's going to hit at myrtle beach. and we thought he was just kidding. >> reporter: it's in the a hurricane, but bonnie, which became a tropical storm late saturday afternoon, bringing sustained winds over 39 miles per hour. it promises to put a damper on the fun for memorial day beach goers in the carolinas. bonnie is expected to come on shore late saturday into sunday. a tropical storm warning is up for the entire south carolina coast though no evacuations have been ordered. >> right now i'm going to be outside while i can, but when that weather starts, i'm going to be on the inside. >> reporter: in texas, the weather has been deadly. at least two are confirmed dead and three others are missing, swept from their cars in flash floods. relatives say 21-year-old darren mitchell posted this photo of his truck filling with water before he disappeared. his caption, and all i
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do was go home. parts of texas have seen 20 inches of rain. homeowners are cleaning up. >> we saw this tree come down and smashed my shop all to pieces. >> reporter: it's not just texas. heavy win and hail in kansas, funnel cloud in minnesota and north dakota, flooding in missouri. a tumt u with us end to a week that saw more than 100 tornadoes reported throughout the heartland and a forecast for many which isn't getting any better. a special event today for 600 children who have lost a parent to war. it's called playfield in the park. there's plenty of food and activities. some members of the washington redskins were even there and nbc 4 was also there. news 4's angie goff showed folks what it takes to be a reporter. and a thing or two about the weather. now here's storm team 4 forecast. >> angie and i had such a wonderful time at that event today. just fabulous.
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for the rest of the long weekend. rain is most likely late tomorrow actually during the evening hours on into the overnight hours. then early monday. i think if we could pick a time period to have rain, it's probably the one we would end up picking. it will bring cooler temperatures a tt beaches due to bonnie. memorial day here definitely not a washout. we could even get in on sunshine. wait until you see future weather. impact forecast today, the weather having a low impact on your day. our high was 87 degrees. right now this is bonnie on storm team 4 radar. you can see bringing plenty of rain mainly to south carolina. it's going to help stream moisture into our area as another weather pattern moves in from the west. and that's again going to bring showers mainly later tomorrow and then early on monday. in our immediate area, we're completely dry right now and we'll be dry overnight tonight with mainly clear skies. balmy overnight lows in the 60s to around 7 o degrees. clouds do increase
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overall mainly cloudy skies and hazy sunshine. once we hit the mid-afternoon hours, 3:00 p.m., showers and thunderstorms start to stream in from the south. they'll be scattered on into the evening and overnight hours. as we head into the overnight hours, we'll see more rainfall, potentially some pockets of heavier rain. and that could lead to isolated flash flooding concerns. notice midnight we're dealing with widespread rain and some pockets of heavier rain. here's monday morning. still tracking rain across the area. in hefbier rain especially east of 95, but look at what happens at lunchtime. we start to see the sunshine break out and a dry weather pattern for most of us. with that increased sunshine, we can't rule out some afternoon showers and thunderstorms bubbling up from the west and then moving east monday afternoon and evening. so tomorrow 70 to start off. a high of 83. scattered late afternoon and evening thunderstorms with some heavy rain possible overnight. right now we're in the 80s, leesburg, frederick still at 90 degrees. for meml
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there will be some rain around memorial day but again dry time as well. so 6:00 a.m. we're looking at, again, rain likely across the area for memorial day. then as we move towards the lunchtime hours we do start to dry out with scattered afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. for the beach forecast, turn to on tuesday, partly sunny skies, chances of showers in southern maryland. 82 for a high. wednesday a high of 83. you upper 70s on thursday. then the chance of showers and thunderstorms on friday. the chance of lingering rain around on saturday. with the high temperature of 78. and erica, we'll continue to get new information about bonnie during the evening and i'll have the latest tonight at 11:00. >> i don't want to complain, but i would have liked to see more 70-degree days before we jump to whatever already feels like summer. >> memorial day 77. >> thanks. coming up, it is final four weekend in college lacrosse and the university of maryland is looking for a pai r
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports.
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studios. this is the weekend that champions are made. the terps are in contention for the crown in both men and women's lacrosse. the women will play sunday afternoon in the title game looking to cap an undefeated season and a third straight title. the men play for the right to advance to the finals by taking on brown in the final four. terps come in winners of 15 straight games but up against a potent brown offense. early on, it's the terps offense as dylan fires home his 25th of the season. second period brown ahead by goal. cease an empty net and takes advantage. fires from his own hat. first shot goes in. maryland clinging on to a one-point lead with under two to play. that's brendan caputo. we need overtime. terps with a chance to win. open in front. that's your ball game. maryland back in the title game for the fourth time in six years
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drought. so maryland is one side in the final, loyola vying for the other spot. that's chris scoot 29 goals in season, less than two a game. put that math together a little bit later for you. tar heels up. north carolina keeps its foot on the gas. patrick kelly fires home. tar heels destroy loyola, up by 10. from outside goes low. makes it count. cuts the deficit to four. remember, he had himself a day. he is the comeback with his ninth goal of the game. that's more than seven goals, more than he averages. his team is in the title for the first time since 19 1993. orioles power their way to a 6-1 win last night, looking to do the same this afternoon in cleveland.
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ball early. that's mike napoli. pedro alvarez. quickly the o's in a hole. it gets worse just three batters later. that's gomes. another two run score. rough day for ubaldo jimenez. o's currently trailing 8-3 in the seventh inning. max scherzer is the only star with an e.r.a. over 3 that has ballooned to over 4.05 after giving up his grand slam last night against st. louis, mad max now leads the majors in home runs allowed with 15. 25 of his 33 runs allowed have come via the long ball. the nats lost against the cards. look for gio gonzalez to right the ship this evening. lebron james is headed to the nba finals for a sixth straight year. only members of the 1966 boston celtics can claim ta distinction. it's been 50 years since a player has made a run
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like the one lebron james is currently on. however, the cleveland cav rears still searching for their championship as a franchise. james made four consecutive appearances with the miami heat winning two titles. cleveland advance after defeating toronto last night winning the series four games to two. the team the cavs lost to in the finals last year is on the brink of elimination. golden state warriors are down 3-2 against the thunder. game six tonight. oklahoma city advances, prince george's county native kevin durant will make his second a appearance in the championship. this summer is not a world cup year but it's sure to be a great one for soccer. the best teams in the americas battle here in the u.s. d.c. united fights on in mls season. the black and red in action last night in kansas city. weather a big
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at half time check out kamara he scores. that's his first goal, the game winner. united get a big win. the champions league final this afternoon. a battle for madrid, bragging rights between real madrid and athletico madrid. it goes to penalty kicks. who else but cristiano ronaldo taking his shirt off. he wins the league for a record 11th time. at the national team level, the united states is preparing for a big summer hosting the cope pa america which kicks off next friday. thursday night ecuador 1-0. the stars and stripes face bo li livia. >> chris miles thanks very much. good luck to the nats. we want to
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story. a fire on the metro. darcy has new information. darcy? >> erica, i can tell you the that that fire is out. but also metro just told us that there was one injury reported in this incident. we do not know how serious that injury was. what you're seeing here is one of the trains that is stopped right here, the fire reported along the tracks. arlington national cemetery. major delays have been reported here and surrounding lines in the area and suttle buhse
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on this saturday night, the deadly storms that just keep pounding parts of texas. with dramatic rescuesar days of record rains, tens of millions facing severe weather this holiday weekend as tropical storm bonnie sets its sights on beach goers in the east. and cameras rolling as a vintage world war ii plane crashed into the hudson river killing the pilot. tonight the latest on what may have gone wrong. senseless shootings, and kids dying when guns at home get into their hands. and now parents facing criminal charges if they don't store their weapons properly. and drones getting medical supplies to those whose lives may depend on them. and cops and do


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