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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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still fired up. the crowd for bernie had started growing early outside rfk. this baltimore man came at 7:30 this morning, ten hours ahead of time. >> i want to hear it from him. i don't want to hear it from people on facebook or my friends who are trying to convince me to vote for their candidate. >> vote bernie. bernie sanders. >> reporter: the crowd filing into the bernie rally was upbeat even the obama meeting was followed quickly by hillary clinton video in which the president endorsed her. >> secretary clinton and senator sanders may have been rivals during this primary, but they're both patriots who love this country and they share a vision for the america that we all believe in. >> reporter: the rfk crowd wasn't just impressed. >> i don't want a coronation for someone i'm not going to vote for. i'm a woman and
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>> the major point that i will be making to the citizens of the district of columbia is that i am strongly in favor of d.c. stateho statehood. >> reporter: but hillary clinton, the presumptive nominee, was looking ahead. now bernie sanders is not scheduled to speak until 7:00. it's 5:00 now. the last presidentially primary of this campaign season next tuesday here in the district of columbia. tom sherwood. back to you. >> thanks so much. our team coverage of this presidential race continues now with chris lawrence. he's in our newsroom with more details about the president's endorsement of clinton. >> yeah, jim, the white house confirms the president taped that endorsement on tuesday and says bernie sanders was not caught by surprise when he heard about it. white house officials say the president welcomed the opportunity he had today to meet with the senator and when sanders left the white house,e
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president for being impartial during the primary process. but while sanders says he'll do everything to make sure trump is not president, he did stop short of endorsing hillary clinton. here's what josh ernest had to say. >> it's going to be secretary clinton's responsibility to win over those people. i'm confident that she will have a very forceful case to make. i think this is an indication of president obama's enthusiasm to get engaged in the general election and his enthusiasm about hillary clinton. >> all right. take a look now at how the president's endorsement could potentially help clinton. a recent poll shows mr. obama with a 51% approval rating. if you only look at democrats, it's much higher. 88%. perhaps the most important number for clinton, among sanders' supporters,
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rating. president obama will make his first campaign appearance with clinton next wednesday in green bay, wisconsin. jim? >> chris, thank you. with the primary season nearly behind us, we'd like to know what you think. which party is now more unified? you can call or text the number on your screen or vote on our nbc washington facebook page where we will share those results a little bit later on on news4. a teenager is just moments away from hearing his fate in the death of two of his friends. sam ellis pled guilty to killing alexander mark and calvin li in a drunk driving crash after leaving an underage drinking party last summer. we want to check in with kristin wright who is outside the courthouse. >> reporter: we were just able to step out of the courtroom for just a minute. sam ellis' sister just got off the stand. she
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has changed and he is remorseful. she feels he could be a great advocate for anti-drunk driving if given the chance. she is asking the judge for leniency. the prosecution said that sam ellis is just not somebody who was having a bad night. the prosecution says he has a history of substance abuse problems and reckless behavior. the prosecution also zeroed in on the pain of the families that have lost their children. first, let me remind you of what actually happened. june 25th, 2015, sam ellis, alexander amerimerk, and calvin left a party. ellis was driving very fast. he lost control of the car, slammed into trees. it was a very violent crash. merk and li were both killed. ellis and the other friend survived. e
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that ellis has had a history of this type behavior. the state urging the judge now to send a message here with this sentence that this type of behavior simply won't be tolerated. during the hearing, the defense tried to show ellis suffers from traumatic brain injury and that he should not go to prison for as long as the prosecution would like. they put a neurologist on the stand that said he's made some recovery, but has some brain impairments of the crash. we heard victim impact statements from alexander murk's parents. they described the pain of losing a child and how it has impacted them as well as alex's brother. much more coming up at 6:00. i'm going to step back
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as soon as the judge delivers his sentence, we'll be back on the air and let you kn. >> thanks so much. the alexandria man accused of joining isis made his first court appearance today after the kurdish military captured him earlier this year. he admitted he tried to team up with the terror group. mark segraves was in court today and joins us live in alexandria with the developments. >> reporter: good evening, jim. a very brief hearing today. just long enough to read the charge and to set a date for the next hearing, but it is the first time he's been seen in public. it's the first time his family has seen him since he appeared on kurdish television a few months ago. wearing a t-shirt, pants, and flip-flo flip-flo flip-flops, he was led into the courtroom by u.s. marshals. the hearing lasted less than 30 minutes. he did not enter a plea. his attorney told reporters after the hearing it's too early to cast judgment on hisli
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government's version is. everything is not as it appears in a government pleading. we will have our opportunity to explain the other side at the appropriate time. right now, we're just going to start getting ready for the detention hearing and for the preliminary hearing. >> reporter: he has been charged with providing support to a terrorist organization. he did this tv interview with kurdistan media after his capture that he travelled from his home in virginia to turkey to join isil. once he crossed the border into syria and eventually iraq where he trained with isil fighters. according to charges documents, he told his recruiter that he would be willing to wear a suicide bomb. he also told investigators that he was being trained to return home and carry out an attack in the united states. taken into custody by kurdish military after he says h
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disillusioned with isil and left. >> the life in mosul, it's really, really, bad. the people who are controlling mosul don't represent the religion. >> reporter: now the judge ordered that he remain in custody at least until next tuesday. that's when he'll be back in this federal courthouse in alexandria for a hearing time. the court will make the decision whether he'll remain in jail until his trial or whether he'll be released. his defense attorney told reporters that he only said that about a suicide bomb because he thought it was a test by recruiters and thoughtthey want.
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wounded four people. a man shot people outside big ben liquors yesterday. three others also injured. this happened right around this time yesterday afternoon. everybody is expected to survive. police are holding an emergency community meeting tonight. today, prince george's county announced its plans to deal with the surges of metro's safetrack. the county will mostly heavily be impacted by the next surge, which will shut down the blue, orange, and silver lines completely between eastern market, benning road, and minnesota avenue. the county tells us it plans to shuffle commuters on the county's bus system. >> we know this is a disruption. we know this is not going to be easy and we know it is going to be timely. it is going to be a length of time we're going to be dealing
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adjustments we need to make to people's commutes as easy as possible. remember, we've got your best alternatives to metro rail in the nbc washington app right now. just search the word safetrack. road rage. one driver says when she got into an argument with another driver, he bit her. stick around for our pat collins to explain this one. a kindergartner leaves school during the day and wanders a mile down the road before 911 is called. coming up, you'll hear from his dad and find out how this school is revising security policies in response. it's a one-stop shop for people and families in crisis. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up, just 100 yards from the courthouse, what this new building is going to offer. and today started off very cool in the morning. many areas in the upper 40
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some fairfax county parents are getting word of an alarming
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away from school this week and get more than a mile away. a good samaritan called 911 and only on news4 the boy's father spoke to julie carey. she joins us live outside london town elementary. julie? >> reporter: well, after the initial shock that his little boy was able to wander away from this school, his dad became dismayed because the rest of the parents at the school hadn't been notified. that's exactly what happened. this 6-year-old boy has stayed home from school since tuesday. that's when his dad answered a knock at the door around noon to discover police there with his kindergartner who was supposed to be in class at london town elementary. the officers had picked the boy up more than a mile from school. after a good samaritan called 911 to say she'd spotted the child. >> i was like how did he get o
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>> reporter: his son told him at school that morning he got permission to use the restroom, but when he got back to class the kids were gone. apparently at recess. he walked out the back door and kept going, crossing busy stone road and walking for 1.1 miles before someone saw him near the shopping center and called police. >> worst case, we wouldn't have christian here today. i guess that's part of the reason i wanted to meet with you is to make sure the community is aware to heighten the level of vigilance against this sort of thing happening again. >> reporter: he alerted child protective services and school administrators, but he was dismayed there was no school wide notification of the incident. >> the concern i had was that the school has not put out a notice at all to the parents or the community. they haven't notified anyone else, so no one really knows it's happened. >> reporter: later this afternoon, the e-mail came from the principal of the parents
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the principal writes, i want to assure you we have revised our recess supervision and protocol procedures to make sure all students are safe and accounted for during outdoor activities. we're committed to providing a safe environment for all students. i've learned they're going to start to do more roll calls at this school and roll calls before and after every recess. but the father of that little boy is not satisfied with just these security changes and the school wide notification. when i join you at 6:00, one more step he would like school administrators to take. you may have already shared this video of the world sweetest, most harmless tremendous passer. >> one woman in louisiana posted some home security video of a boy sneaking in her garage to cuddle her dog. the young boy sprints from his bike into the garage. he gets in
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just takes off. the woman posted the video to facebook to see if any of the neighbors could identify the little boy. the hugging bandit. the boy's mom recognized her son, she turned him in, and the boy is allowed to visit duchess anyti any time he wants. a new friend. now to more presidential politics tonight. virginia democrats are calling on their state's republicans to denounce the gop's presumptive presidential nominee. >> they today slammed donald trump and his campaign manager corey stewart for their racist rhetoric. >> he's attacked muslims, women, and immigrants. i am absolutely disgusted by donald trump, corey stewart, and the republican party's appeals to the most extreme elements in our politics. ournt
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>> so trump says something that is politically incorrect. big deal. we have a lot of other problems in this country. >> stewart went after some anti-trump protesters and undocumented immigrants earlier this week in a controversial facebook post. the prince william county board chairman says he stands by his comments and his candidate. with just under five months until election day, has larry hogan decided who he'll vote for? he indicated this week that, yes, he'll vote for one of the candidates, but will it be fellow republican donald trump? >> i said i wouldn't endorse donald trump and that hasn't changed. >> will you vote for him? >> i have no idea yet. i said i wasn't happy with the choices of either party. there's nothing new to talk about. >> the governor has said he has no plans to attend the republican national convention. there
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so far this year in prince george's county. eight of them have been domestic related, but today a project years in the making is providing new resources to those living in dangerous situations. tracee wilkins gives us a tour now of the new family center. >> this fight has been personal for so many of us. >> reporter: state's attorney prosecuting the people who kill and try to kill their loved ones is becoming too common place. >> lms. miller who road in thde car with her daddy, by the end of the ride she was shot in the head and her throat slit. >> the reason for the family justice center is to co-locate er
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in one place. >> reporter: the victims will have access to multiple nonprofit organizations, counsellors, and grief services. >> if you need help with anybody else, food, shelter, housing, it is all here. >> reporter: there's a waiting area for children. there's a medical examination room. >> this is here for the sexual assault cases and children battery cases. >> reporter: the center took seven years to plan and make a reality. >> the family justice center is about us. it is about our commitment as a county and as a people to do what god has called us to do and that is to make this world better. >> reporter: with all of these resources in one place and victims coming here for help, security was paramount. coming up at 6:00, we'll take a look at what they had to do to make sure that thisu
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vehicle proof as well. news4. a case of road rage in arlington. apparently he didn't like the way she was driving, so she bit her finger. that story coming up. and car troubles. when one driver's check engine light came on, they came to nbc
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a beautiful day out there today. just about perfect. i actually put it out there on my facebook page about how perfect today was. many of you say we're looking forward to the heat this weekend. others say not quite just yet. out there right now not much in the way of heat. as a matter of fact this morning anything but heat. it was cool. 47 at dulles. 46 manassas. 53 downtown. a very cool start to the day. i'll tell you. we're not going to see numbers like this again, i don't think, until maybe late september or october. yeah, very cool for sure. right now, though, just beautiful. i mean, just look at that shot. that's why i had to step out just to show you the gorgeous shot. plenty of blue skies, the green on the trees, looking good. 82 degrees. everywhere is nice. we have seen rather gusty wi
5:25 pm
it's still been rather breezy. tomorrow that wind relaxes even more. tomorrow an even better day. 78 martinsburg. on the radar, not much to show you. we're going to see much in way of storms. the next best chance is on saturday. here's what's happening back to the west. we've got a storm system, a very small one. it's actually the jet stream that's going to be racing across our region. what that's going to do is bring these clouds down on into our area. we'll see partly cloudy skies. could make for a really nice looking sunset. high temperatures tomorrow back to around where they were today. maybe a degree or two warmer. 82 in leesburg. 80 degrees back towards martinsburg. 82 in baltimore. less wind, more sun. another gorgeous afternoon. we'll call it a fantastic friday. as far as getting out a
5:26 pm
around town, looking great there. 67 degrees around 9:00 a.m. tomorrow will be a perfect day to get outside for lunch and continue on that perfect note around 3:00 at 82 degrees. here comes the heat. 91 on saturday. 92 on sunday. 89 on monday. just below that 90-degree mark. if we happen to hit 90 on monday, that would be our first official heat wave of the year. we have not hit 90. normally by this time, we have a couple in the books, but we have not hit 90 as of yet. how about saturday? yes, we have a chance for thunderstorm activity, but it is going to be late. most of us on the dry side. during the evening hours, look what happens. not much. 5:00 still tdry. maybe some showers and thunderstorms come through with a front late in the evening. most everybody will stay on the dry side for the most part. i don't expect any game cancellations this weekend. all right, doug.
5:27 pm
now at 5:00, metro bus riders stranded. a hidden danger was revealed by news4. now a simple fix will make sure someone can't shut down a bus with a flip of a switch. plus, food recalls have been coming out again and again and again, but a new report shows you may be in unnecessary danger. now we're learning why. this is chris gordon in baltimore at the trial of caesar goodson. why some say his trial is the best chance prosecutors have to cet a convi
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♪ ♪
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right now, new reaction from hillary clinton to a donald trump tweet today is already going viral. plus, a rough ride. the officer driving a police van when freddie gray suffered a deadly spinal injury on trial, but there's already been a call for dismissal. and a road rage bite. an unusually close encounter between feuding drivers here. >> first, to that bizarre case in arlington where a fight between drivers ended with a bite. this evening one of the driver is in custody facing a number of charges. pat collins joins us live in pentagon city with details on how it
5:31 pm
pat? >> reporter: jim, police say he didn't like the way she was driving, so they say he bit her finger. it drew blood. >> it's unusual. we don't see these types of incidents in which another individual bites another individual. that's obviously inappropriate behavior. >> reporter: police tell the story this way. a woman is driving down 15th street. she has her son in the car with her. all of a sudden a man in another car pulls up behind her. he starts yelling, you're in the wrong lane, you're in the wrong lane. then he throws something at her car. the woman keeps on driving down the road, but then she comes to a stop. the man comes to a stop too. then they say he gets out of his car and starts to attack her through the driver's side window. >> she attempts to open the door in an effort to push the male subject away fro
5:32 pm
assault. at some point, she was able to get out of the vehicle and that's when the assault continues to occur and he ended up biting her. >> reporter: arrested in the case, 55-year-old timothy dubois. arlington police tracked him down after a witness took a picture of his tag as he drove away from the scene. so how do you avoid something like this? advice from the cops coming up at 6:00. erika, back to you. >> thank you so very much. we have new details this afternoon in last friday's sex assault case in lorton. this attack on saluda court and richmond highway. a man grabbed her from behind and then took off. if you recognize his face, call fairfax county crime stoppers. additional training
5:33 pm
security guards to help them respond to active shooter situations. mayor bowser say today the new regulations were prompted by two cases in which men died in custody of security guards. >> we believe those requirements need to be strengthened. >> bowser and police chief lanier say that the city's 17,000 security guards play a crucial role in public safety and the new training will allow them to do their jobs better. witnesses are now taking the stand in the trial of the third police officer charged in freddie gray's death. officer caesar goodson, who was driving the van, faces the most serious charges. chris gordon is in baltimore where the trial began with some tough words from the judge. chris? >> reporter: well, erika, the judge seemed to be giving prosecutors a lesson in
5:34 pm
it began with a defense motion and a hearing this morning before this trial even began. the defense moved for a dismissal of all charges against officer goodson saying prosecutors violated the law by failing to share crucial evidence helpful to the defense. a possible witness named donte allen, who rode with freddie gray, made a statement confirming what he said heard from gray's side of the wagon. the defense contends gray's injuries were self-inflicted. judge barry williams warned prosecutors to turn over all evidence that could be helpful to the defense by monday or face sanctions. in opening statements, prosecutors said officer goodson, the driver of the transport wagon, gave freddie gray a rough ride
5:35 pm
the defense says there is no proof that goodson gave gray a rough ride or drove inappropriately. >> i heard less than i expected about prosecution bringing in witnesses who would testify to the practice of a rough ride. >> reporter: so far there have been no convictions in these police trials. officer william porter, whose trial in december ended with a hung jury, is now being compelled to testify as a prosecution witness against the wagon driver caesar goodson. >> i think this trial is very important based on what has happened in the previous trials. we have to get some hits where somebody is taking responsibility for freddie's death. >> reporter: officer goodson is on trial facing seven charges, the most serious being second-degree depraved heart murder. i'll tell you what prosecutors will have to prove in order to get a conviction in this case. that's the latest live in baltimore. erika, i'll throw it back to
5:36 pm
for the white house. hillary clinton's campaign is getting some big support tonight thanks to a taped endorsement from president obama. >> i want those of you who have been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know that i'm with her. i am fired up, and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> in the video, the president said she doesn't believe there has ever been someone so qualified to hold the office. donald trump quickly took to twitter blasting that endorsement. the response from the clinton camp, quote, delete your account. that's quickly become her most retweeted post ever with some 200,000 retweets. tonight clinton is expected to get another key endorsement when senator elizabeth warren appears exclusively on the "rachel maddow show." we asked you which party do you think is the most unified since a
5:37 pm
looking at the responses, it looks like 48% say it is the democrats right now. a week long tribute to the late great muhammad ali. how thousands of fans of all faiths are paying tribute to the champ. we're learning more about that virginia mother killed by a beach umbrella while on vacation. life is too short. you have to enjoy life. don't take things and people for stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up.
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a week of memorials and tributes to muhammad ali continue today in his hometown of louisville, kentucky. >> more than 16,000 of all faiths from all around the world joined in the traditional muslim funeral prayer service today. a look inside that service and details about tomorrow's public memorial to the champ. >> preparations continue tonight at the kentucky expo center for tomorrow's public memorial for the champ. that prayer service today was something that muhammad ali insisted on having before his death. fans of all faiths were to be invited, he'd say. over 16,000 people came to it. tomorrow a procession will include one final trip through his old neighborhood, past his childhood home, and down the street that bears his
5:41 pm
it will end with a public memorial where a hollywood stars, sports heros, heads of state, and thousands of fans will say good-bye. >> people come from all over the world to pay respects to muhammad because he meant so much to everyone. >> tomorrow we'll bring you the memorial live. watch the entire celebration streaming in the nbc washington app. watch the eulogies and other big moments live on news4 tomorrow. coverage starts in the afternoon. it's a safety concern on metro buses. anybody can shut down a bus with one switch. but now that's changing after a report only on news4. plus, we're putting more money back in your pocket. one driver got suspicious about car repair work. nbc 4 helped respond when they found some car parts were duct ta
5:42 pm
night for a while where you can open up the windows, turn off the air, as we track maybe our first heat wave of the year. what about the humidity levels?
5:43 pm
yeah! ahh...
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you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health. cigna. together, all the way. it's supposed to help first responders in an emergency, but riders say a battery kill switch on metro buses gets flipped
5:45 pm
the time. our darcy spencer found out metro has a plan now to lock up those switches to keep buses moving and passengers safe. >> reporter: it's happened before to this woman. she's sitting on a metro bus when someone flips this emergency battery disconnect switch on the side of the bus, shutting it down. >> that used to happen all the time. i don't understand why they have that on the outside of the bus so out in the open where anybody can just come and pull that. that's just crazy. >> reporter: last august, service was temporarily suspended after a man was shot and wounded on a metro bus. someone had pulled that switch, shutting off power, stranding passengers during the chaos. news4 has learned that metro is now installing locks on the doors where these switches are located so they can only be accessed by metro. workers are installing the
5:46 pm
maintenance overhaul. >> that's very good. at least they're trying to do something. now they can work on these buses coming on time. >> reporter: steven cramer represents the man who was shot on the bus. he said if the bus had not been shot down, his client would not have been shot. >> i think it is terrific they're putting the locks on the bus. i think it is safer for the public and i hope the put the lo -- they put the locks on all the buses. >> reporter: that lock can be opened using a special tool and first responders have that tool in case of an emergency. metro plans to put locks on all of its buses in the fleet. >> now metro did not comment on the pending lawsuit by the rider who was shot on a stopped bus, but the agency has asked a judge to
5:47 pm
turning to the weather now. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper joining us with a look at our first, what, 90-degree stretch coming up? >> we're ready. >> i know. we haven't hit 90 degrees yet. it is kind of unusual for this area. they're going to come in a big way in a sense when it could not only be our first 90-degree day, but three or four days. the good news, i was talking about humidity levels earlier. not so much the humidity. we're looking more at a dry heat. not the mugginess we've grown so accustomed to. 82 degrees right now in washington as well as manassas. the weather is going to have a low impact on your day tomorrow. the humidity is low. highs in the low to mid 80s. plenty of sunshine. it's another beautiful start, another great morning to get
5:48 pm
run or bike ride. just perfect as we close out the workweek. looking ahead to the weekend, the weather for the most part continues to cooperate. if you need to get some yard work done, i'm going to recommend sunday. there is a slight chance of a shower or storm on saturday, but it is going to be a little bit humid on saturday. on sunday we'll have a nice breeze. it will feel a little bit better to be outdoors working in the garden or on the lawn. heading to the pool either day, go. first 90s of the year. make sure you have the sunscreen. sunday brunch looking nice. it is hot, but it is not so humid. tomorrow we'll start off the day at a comfortably cool 61 degrees. by lunchtime, 76. if you're going to stay at work on into the afternoon hours, good day to get lunch outdoors if you're going to head home by 4:00. your temp around 83. perfect tomorrow evening. 77 degrees with mainly clear skies. capital pride parade on saturday. the parade gets under way
5:49 pm
4:30. here's what you can expect. 2:00, hot, 85. by 5:00 p.m., 91 degrees. there is a chance of a shower or storm on saturday later in the day. 8:00 p.m. a bit humid and 86. we're going to continue to track that shower and thunderstorm chance on saturday. not really impressed with that chance. only about 30%, but it is there right now. if you're heading to the beach, looking great friday, saturday, and sunday. saturday and sunday, highs in the mid to low 80s. ba those storms cool us off wednesday and thursday with highs in the low 80s. we're following some breaking news here at the live desk. a teenager has just been sentenced to four years in maryland state prison for drinking, driving, and getting involved in a crash that killed two of his
5:50 pm
samuel ellis used to be a star quarterback at whooten high school, but around this time last year he hosted a teenage party at his house in which underage students drank beer and vodka. he then got into the car with two of his friends, calvin li and alex murk. he lost control of the car in north potomac. it hit two trees and went airborne for more than 100 feet. calvin li and alex murk were both killed. the defense team reached a plea agreement with prosecutors. he was sentenced within the last hour. four years in maryland state prison. five years probation. when he gets out on probation, he'll have to have an ignition lock on his car. the fda needs to make some big adjustments to the recall process. that word from the department of health and human services. hhs found problems with the fda's ability to make timely
5:51 pm
not advise companies how to issue voluntary recalls. the government report found it could pose some dangers to the public along with that. now nbc 4 responds for a local couple that asked for a refund after they say a repair made to their car, it wasn't actually even done. >> yeah, well, they say they paid twice to get it fixed. that's when they got fed up. they called susan. >> most of us don't know much about what's actually underneath our car. what allegedly happened to this couple may have you second guessing them. lynn barnes was driving when her check engine light came on. >> i knew then. i said, okay, something's wrong. >> reporter: she and her husband brought it to buyer automotive group in alexandria. >> they ran a diagnostic on
5:52 pm
vehicle. the mechanic said that the vehicle needed vacuum hoses. >> reporter: according to the invoice, the parts were ordered and a few days later the technician replaced hoses and cleared the check engine light, but the barnes' car problems weren't over. >> i said all right. what is it this time? >> reporter: another check engine light. another issue. >> he said it needs two more coils. >> reporter: coils were replaced and the car according to robert still not right. >> the car's been on the diagnostic machine at least four times. >> reporter: not willing to pay any more for repairs, the barnes drove off and days later brought their car to another dealer when the check engine light came back on. >> the fella put it on the diagnostic machine. he tells me it needs vacuum hoses. >> wait a second. i thought they already put vacuum hoses on from the other dealership. >> my point exactly.
5:53 pm
still in their car, held on by duct tape. >> not only didn't they replace the hoses like they said they did, it wasn't even new. it was taped up. >> reporter: we called buyer automotive group. they said we attempted to have the vehicle brought back to the store so that with could investigate and resolve the issue. we were not given the opportunity. we probably mptly refunded the invoice. >> i was going to court if i didn't get any satisfaction from you all or the credit card company. >> reporter: did you get satisfaction from us? >> absolutely. >> the next time you take your car in for repairs ask the mechanic to show you the problem, take pictures if you have to, and ask to see that old part that was replaced. if you have a consumer problem you need h
5:54 pm
all about it. go to our nbc washington app and just search responds. >> a really good suggestion. see if you can take the picture of where the trouble spot is. >> absolutely. >> get a second opinion. >> you are absolutely right. they actually had their part right there on the table to show us. >> duct tape. doesn't get much worse than that. well, it was a freak accident at the beach. a windy day came to a deadly end. witnesses explain how this horrible scene unfolded next. all new at 6:00, forget the textbooks. how a local middle schoo isl ♪ stand by me
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includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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and finally a freak accident at the virginia beach ocean front. >> police say a large umbrella tossed in the wind struck and killed a woman lying on the beach. >> today, we learned the victim is from chester, virginia, just south of richmond. joe fisher spoke to witnesses from the scene where it all happened last night. >> it was very windy. >> reporter: it's a bizarre tragedy that's hard to believe, even for those people who saw it happen. >> that was so freakish. we've never heard of anything like that. >> reporter: barbara said whipping winds tossed umbrellas around the beach all day wednesday. >> everyone was trying to catch them to help the individual get their umbrellas back into their specific areas. >> reporter: never did she think the wind-tossed umbll
5:58 pm
become deadly. >> we saw a runaway umbrella that was flipping end over end on it. i thought somebody is going to get hurt. she saw the umbrella hit this woman. >> reporter: she watched from her fourth floor hotel balcony. police say 55-year-old lotty belk died from her injuries after medics tried to save her. >> to be on vacation and think i'm going to enjoy a nice day on the beach and not live through the day is crazy. >> reporter: investigators carried away the umbrella for evidence thursday as they continued their investigation. sunrise beach services says they, too, are looking into the matter. they wouldn't go into specifics about their policies, but the owner says employees are trained in how to deal with umbrellas in strong winds. tourists say they don't plan to change their ways.
5:59 pm
never promised. >> we just don't know how fortunate we are to have each breath each day. i just hate it for her family. >> we were just talking in the studio. this is not uncommon. people see these things flying around quite often. s sunrise beach services says safety is paramount to their company. now at 6:00, he's with her. president obama's endorsement of hillary clinton was expected, but nobody thought it would come roughly an hour after his meeting with senator bernie sanders, who has not yet left the race. >> look, i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. >> the endorsement went public as bernie sanders was meeting with top democrats on capitol
6:00 pm
even as crowds gather for a sanders' rally here in d.c. we start our coverage with steve handelsman. >> reporter: team hillary wants to go right after donald trump. aides here at the white house say president obama taped this formal endorsement video on tuesday as clinton was clinching the nomination and released it today after a productive meeting with hillary's fierce primary rival. president obama and bernie sanders walked closely together. but the president gave the senator room to ease out of the primary battle he lost to hillary clinton. soon after mr. obama moved quickly, endorsing hillary clinton in a video. >> in fact, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. she's got the courage, the compassion, and the heart to get the job done. >> reporter: sanders said he will still contest the final primary in d.c. on tuesday and


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