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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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crosby. terrific effort by the sharks tonight. particularly their goaltender. but as you think back over the everything, some individuals particularly individuals that were found wanting early, pavelski had quite a game both defensively and offensely. couture was magnificent. a loud puntuation to the night here and a little extra from fehr and dillon. you're batching the stanley cup final presented by geico, continue, a special tonight show starring president obama. right now over to nbcsn. that's where our stanley cup post game coverage continues. good night, all.
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now at 11:00, outbursts at a fairfax county school board meeting about transgender student policies. two parents escorted out. >> equal time. >> equal time. >> all new tonight, why things got so heated tonight and where the district goes from here. another big democratic name backing hillary clinton for the white house while bernie sanders continues to get his message out here before the d.c. primary. new since 6:00 tonight the victim of the road rage attack sharing a story in her own
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assaulting and biting her on the street in arlington. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. good evening. we begin with those fireworks at that fairfax county school board meeting. the board agreeing last year to include transgender students in the nondiscrimination policies. tonight was about taking the next step. parents who oppose it say they didn't get proper notice about the agenda tonight. jackie bensen spoke to two fathers escorted out by security. she is live for us in falls church with the story. >> reporter: when it came to the public comments at the meeting there were, as you said, fireworks. >> discrimination is the moral basis for every decision. discrimination is moral. human rights for our children! >> after a dozen people made public comments urging the fairfax county school board to craft a policy that would ingr
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auditorium started to yell after a transgender man who identified himself as a coach finished speaking. >> you didn't give us notice. >> reporter: later another man who refused to give his name spoke to reporters saying they had not been given sufficient notice the matter was on the agenda in time to speak. >> let him be uncomfortable using the restroom of his natural sex and chromosomes. don't make everybody else uncomfortable. >> reporter: the youngest to speak was victoria johnson accompanied by her mother. >> i was the proud mother of a son and daughter and within the last year, i became a proud mother of a daughter and a daughter. >> it may not seem like a big deal to those who are transgenders but to me it is a big deal. i went on a field trip with my class and i wasn't allowed to use the female bathroom at the
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the girls in my class cleared the bathrooms. >> reporter: two things the board did not adopt any policy tonight and we did reach out to the school board asking how the agenda for these meetings is set. how the public is notified. we are waiting on clarification of how that is done. live in falls church, jackie bensen, news 4. the eastbound lanes of the intercounty connector are shut down after a serious crash. police tell us it involved a motorcycle and one person has life-threatening injuries. the icc is closed after exit 3 for shady grove road. take a look at the motor vehicle and water damage inside of the nordstrom rack in gaithersburg tonight. a fire started in the dumpster and trash compacter. the building's sprinkler system put out the fire but caused all kinds of damage inside. hoot another huge
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presidential politics. another endorsement for hillary clinton after the biggest one of all from president obama earlier today. the president met with bernie sanders before the vermont senator held a huge rally here at rfk stadium in d.c. donald trump quick to respond to it all while spending today meeting with campaign donors. we have a lot of new ground to cover in this race. let's start in our own backyard and bernie sanders and what will be one of the last big rallies of his campaign. thousands packing a parking lot outside of rfk stadium for what turned out to be a trademark sanders stump speech. despite his meeting with the president today in saying he would work with clinton to defeat trump, sanders sounded like a man still running for the white house. >> it would be extraordinary if the people of washington, our nation's capital, stood up and told the world that they are ready to
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a political revolution. thank you all very much. >> sanders says he will continue to fight for the issues important to him at the democratic convention in philadelphia. senator elizabeth warren agrees with sanders on a lot of those issues, but tonight made no bones about it. she's endorsing hillary clinton. >> i want to be sure i get it on the table and get it on the table early. hillary clinton won. >> warren made the announcement on rachel maddow's show. she is one of the few lawmakers who did not endorse anyone during the primary but said it is time to get together and take their opponent seriously. >> republicans under estimated donald trump and look at where it got them. they kept saying no, that is not going to happen. we don't have to worry about that. donald trump is a genuine threat to this country. >> reporter: the vice president also criticized trump for attacking the federaud
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hearing a case against trump university and implying that he'd use his power to intimidate the judge. >> wouldn't it be wild, as president to come back in november to do a civil case? how can that be interpreted any other way than as a direct threat? >> vice president biden went so far as to say trump threatens the independence of the judiciary itself. jim? >> chris lawrence, chris, thank you. for his part, donald trump responded to president obama's endorsement today of hillary clinton with a tweet. he referred to clinton the way he does on the campaign trail as "crooked hillary" and said the president wants her to win because he wants four more years of obama but "nobody else does." he spent his day meeting with top campaign donors in new york city a
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allegations of unpaid bills. he said they are blown out of proportion and pale in comparison to the checks his companies have cut each month and he said he was slow to pay if someone did a poor job. you will hear more about the presidential race on "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon after our newscast. president obama talks trump, clinton and sanders. word has it he may also slow jam the news tonight. if that's not enough, madonna is making a special appearance, as well. don't miss it. stay up with us. it came out of nowhere, new at lemp, a local woman describes a bizarre case of road rage. she said a man assaulted her and bit her in the middle of the road along south 15th street in pentagon city not far from the mall and costco. shomari stone spoke to her tonight. >> really
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>> she only has nine healthy fingers after she said a man bit one, drawing blood during a road rage attack last night. >> he put my finger in his mouth and bit, just biting me. >> reporter: she was driving 15 street south with her son on the way to buy him shoeing in arlington. she said suddenly this man drove up behind her, threw 134g at her car and cursed and shouted you are in the wrong lane. >> the guy was putting his middle finger up and he was trying to drive me off, like cut me off. >> reporter: she continued driving, stopping at a red light. >> he put his car in park and took his seat belt off and ran to my driver's side and he striked me. >> your window was down. >> yeah. my window was down. >> she opened her door. >> in an effort to push the person away from her and end the assault and she got out of the vehicnd
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continued to occur. >> reporter: she said he grabbed her hand and allegedly started to chomp on her finger. >> over-the-top road rage. it was insane. >> a witness took a picture of the license place and police arrested him. he is held without bond, charged with malicious wounding, assault and battery and driving under the influence. >> no one is safe with a guy on the road like that. i mean it came out of nowhere. >> reporter: in southeast d.c., shomari stone, news 4. next at 11:00, a kindergartner walks more than a mile away from school in the middle of the day. how the school responded after his dad came to news 4 for answers. a final good-bye for the greatest of all time. the tributes planned for muhammad ali tomorrow in louisville. doug? a cool start to the day today but we go from cool to very, very hot over the next couple of days. temperatures in the 90
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a fairfax county school made some changes after a father called news 4 concerned that his 6-year-old was able to wander away from school this week. richard said he was shot when a police officer showed up to his house with his son, who was supposed to be in the kindergarten classroom at london town elementary. the boy said his class went to recess while he was off using the bathroom. so he walked out of the back door of the school and kept walking more than a mile. someone, a good samaritan spotted him
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>> how did he get out of school? did anything happen to him? that's part of the reason i wanted to meet with you to make sure the community is aware and heighten the level of vigilance against this sort of thing happening again. >> reporter: problemst said he will be keeping his son at home until all of his concerns are addressed. a week of memorials and tributes to muhammad ali culminates tomorrow with a procession and funeral. the champ will take one final trip through his old louisville neighborhood, past his childhood home and down the street that bears his name. today memories of the muslim faith invited the world to join in as they prayed for ali. >> he stood for strength and he wanted to encourage everybody to do the same. >> people come from all around the world t
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everyone. >> reporter: former president clinton, billy crystal and bryant gumbel are among those giving eulogies tomorrow. we have you covered if you want to watch the tributes to the greatest. you can see it streaming live at 2:00 in the afternoon on our washington, d.c. app and watch for nbc special reports when eulogies begin. doug is joining us now. it is friday tomorrow and a weekend after that. what can we expect, more heat? >> heat is coming. we haven't hit 90 so far this year. normally we hit 90 a couple of times by this time and next couple of days a couple of 90s out there. 92 on sunday and that's not all for the 90s. look outside, a much different night than last night. last night, many areas in the 50s. it was going to be one cool night. we were in the 40s by this morning but not the case tonight. still at 74. winds from the northwest at ten miles an hour. temperatures t
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the lone exemption to the north. why is it cooler to the north? 57 frederick . it has to do with the cloud cover. those clouds not leading to rain. look at the clouds as they stream in here. making their way from the north and west, from chicago along the jet stream. t look at the clear skies here to northern maryland. that's why northern maryland in the 50s. we will see many areas in the 50s. as we clear and this jet stream starts to make its way to the south. once it does we have see a great day tomorrow. take a walk, run, bike, whatever you have. great start, 67 at 9:00 a.m., plenty of sunshine. get outside tomorrow for lunch. 78 at lunchtime, that's great. 82 perfect. it does not get better than this anytime of the year. low 80s, low humidity and
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sunshine. pretty good. if you are going out on friday night that is looking good. 85 fredericksburg and winchester and shenandoah valley temperature of 80. eastern shore looking pretty good. speaking of the eastern shore, head to the beaches along the atlantic, looking good. rehoboth, bethany, all looking good. 85 on sunday. it will be rather breezy on saturday and sunday. the winds coming off shore. that will bring temperatures up. it will cool the ocean water off shore flow always cools the water. the ocean will be on the cool side for sure. the next couple of days, 83 tomorrow. 91 on saturday. 92 on sunday. there's the real heat. 89 on monday. if we hit 9 on monday in all of those days that's the first heat wave of the season. we go back to 9 on tuesday with a chance of thunderstorms. we were looking at a chance of storms on saturday
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we are dry throughout much of the day through 5:00. after 5:00 we see some of the storms trying to develop from the north, not expecting much but one or two of those storms maybe on the strong side. that's something we will continue to watch. this is the warmest forecast we have seen so far this year. there are many more warm days to come. i predicted an extremely warm july and august. >> i'm sweatin' thinking about this, doug. >> me, too. police gathered with residents of ward seven for a community walk and talk. police say it is an opportunity to reach out and talk about safety concerns. one mother said it is exactly what the community needs. >> i'm relieved our neighborhood is getting attention, especially in the ward we live in where the crime rate is skyrocketing three times what it was last year. >> reporter: this past sunday, tyreke white was shot to death blocks from here. police have not made a
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arrests. a montgomery county teenager will spend four years in prison for his role in the crash that killed two of his friends. sam ellis, a former wootton high school track star, quarterback was sentenced to 20 years and all but four years suspended. he crashed his car driving drunk a year ago killing two men under 18. he pleaded guilty to two counts of vehicle manslaughter. >> this is every parent's worst nightmare, either having a child go to jail or the cemetery. four years is time for mr. else li lis to think of the things he has done. >> once out of prison he will spend five years on probation and drive with an ignition interlock device on his car and have to complete 500 hours of community service. the alexandria man who had second thoughts of trying to join isis made his first court appearance i f
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he is charged with providing material support to isis and faces up to 20 years in prison. he did not enter a plea or speak at the hearing but did wave to his family. kurdish forces in iraq captured him in march and he admitted in a tv interview he wanted to join isis but changed his mind after he got to syria. the third trial surrounding the death of freddie gray has begun. cesar goodson drove the police police van where gray suffered the deadly injuries last year. video shows officer goodson crossing the center line and running a stop sign. goodson faces the most serious charge, including a murder charge. his lawyers contend that gray's injuries were self inflicted. when we come back, daniel murphy continues to crush
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the nats offense can't wake up in windy city. sports is up next but first here's jimmy. >> president obama is my guest tonight. plus, we have a performance from ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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this is the xfinity sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. nats and chicago. once again on the losing end of it. >> a long road trip for the nationals. they finish with a
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it is okay. they will move on. the nationals scored 31 runs in the last three games. tonight they scored one. that sums up baseball for you. it is unpredictable. one good sign for the nats, despite the loss, gonzalez has been struggling. he found his groove after a forgettable first inning. final game on the road trip for them. the 23459s hoping to sweep the white sox. gonzalez on the hill. in trouble early on. that one can't make a play. turns to a two-run double for cabrer cabrera top of the fifth, offense trying to bail him out. daniel murphy at the dish. he's been killin' it this year. he crushes the ball to right. his 11th home run of the season. the most he's hit in a season 14. it is june 9th. nats finally on the
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jose abreu, only problem, the offense couldn't get it done. one last night with two on. this is a long out to cabrera. the nats fall 4-1. orioles visiting the blue jays, #free manny. appealing his four-game suspension handed down today. he issic maing his presence felt. he drives this ball to left. bounces off the wall and adam joans will score. manny rbi double, his 38th rbi of the season. the seventh, the birds are down 5-4. chris crushed davis at the dish. getting it done. going opposite field. 13th long ball for him. the final 6-5. over in hockey,
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out a championship in pittsburgh since 1960. sharks got other ideas. these teams scored four goals in the first five minutes. carlson puts that in the back of the net. san jose up 3-2. the star of the night, sharks goalie mark jones, closing the door on nick benino. check it out. the cat-like reflexes. sharks would add an empty net goal and force a game six 4-2 victory. game six sunday night here on nbc4. >> i did not like that benino guy. >> no, absolutely. >> that's going to
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the tallest building in reston is only 14 stories but that is about to be dwarfed. a new building will go up and will rise 23 stories. that's 115 feet higher than anything at the nearby reston town center. the building may include retail and restaurants. the entrance will be a six-story glass atrium and a rooftop terrace will have views of the shenandoah mountains and downtown d.c. sounds spectacular. you may have seen and shared this video tonight of the world's most harmless press passer. check it out. this boy prints from his bike in a garage. gets in a quick hug with duchess the dog and
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the woman who owns the house posted the video on facebook to see if neighbors could i identify the hugging bandit. the boy's mother recognized her son josh and turned him in. he is now allowed to visit duchess anytime he wants. he is getting duchess kisses there. recap our forecast for us. >> hot. >> you are still so much higher than i am. >> bring yours up, too. i don't know what is going on. look at the seven-day forecast. 83 tomorrow. beautiful friday. 91 on saturday. 92 on sunday. watch for storms late saturday most but on the dry side. we hit 90. another chance of storms. feels good up here. the weather is nicer up here. >> it is humid down here. >> it is. >> "the tonight show" is next. a big one. we hope to see you then.


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