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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 23, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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baltimore police department general orders not to seat belt if they feel that their safety would be endangered by doing so. and that witnesses seemed to indicate that goodson had that belief and, therefore, was not unreasonable in failing to seatbelt freddie gray. judge williams also concluded that there was no way for officer goodson to know exactly when and how freddie gray was injured and that he, therefore, needed medical help. that's because according to the judge, the experts disagreed over how freddie gray was hurt. the wagon made six stops and by the sixth stop, freddie gray
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officer william porter said he helped freddie gray up to the bench. he did not seat belt freddie gray. his trial last december ended in a hung jury. he testified against officer goodson saying freddie gray told him he wanted to go to the hospital, but the judge said he couldn't conclude that that off goodson would have known that freddie gray was in medical distress because there was no blood, there were no lacerations. so even though the medical examiner said the cause of death was a broken neck, a severe neck injury and the manner of death a homicide, officer goodson wouldn't have known if that happened after stop two or three or four or five. he said there are different scenarios as to when freddie gray suffered his injuries that would prove fatal a week later and, therefore, because he did not know of the
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medical experts differed, he had no training in medicine and as a van driver, he did not know -- he would not have known he had a duty at that point to call a hospital or get medical help for freddie gray. so the bottom line, judge barry williams in this non-jury trial has found officer caesar goodson not guilty of all seven charges, including second degree depraved heart murder, manslaughter, assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office. i'm throw it back to you. >> chris, a question for you as we've now crossed the 11:00 hours and welcome our viewers to news 4 midday. my question is about the group of people gathered outside. we know that there was an expectation that there might be some demonstrators outside the courthouse this morning. you have heard anything from the folks who were gathered there? i know i saw
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in the image there. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: yes, the group was organized and on monday when this trial concluded with closing statements, they passed out this pamphlet and it says take to the streets if goodson walks or gets a slap on the wrist. they were handing these out. they were hoping to get a group gathered. the question becomes are these demonstrators? will they be protesters? hopefully, according to all the leaders we've talked to, they will not be violent, as was the case right after freddie gray's funeral when they burned and looted certain shops in opportunity. >> i'll give you a chance to catch your breath. i'll turn things over to our anchors in the studio, barbara and erika. >> thank you so much. as we've just been
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caesar goodson not guilty on all charges on the death of freddie gray. >> you just heard chris gordon, who is outside the courthouse in baltimore relaying the latest on the six officers who had been accused of the death of freddie gray. this is the third trial. the first two trials ended in not guilty verdicts. and again, not guilty on all seven charges for officer caesar goodson on baltimore native freddie gray in 2015. >> we'll continue to see what happens. a lot of people calling for unrest earlier should this come down, the not guilty charges. but let's take a look at our forecast. we've had some weather out there that was pretty serious. rain, thun
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through our area. in kensington, maryland, a large bolt hit a tree, it came down. it barely missed the house. no one was hurt, though. in other areas, the rain meant for a soggy and lauren, tell us about it. >> i hadn't seen pictures of that tree in kensington. wow, that was a close call. we had some strikes coming through, south of i-66 is where the most unstable was. now we're seeing it dissipate and weaken as it goes towards virginia. it was a messy morning commute. now we're looking at cloud cover. we're looking at veiled sunshine as well. if we get a little bit of sunshine and that continues in the afternoon, it's only going to increase our instability for lao
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we do have a chance for showers and storms later on today. call it round two. here's a look at our live tower camera. you can see we've got plenty of cloud around but we'll be waiting for breaks. if we get sunshine, that temperature will pop up into the mid to upper 80s. it is humid, it is muggy and showers and storms are expected later on tonight. some of those could be strong. we're going to time them out for you and get to you your thursday coming up. >> thank you, lauren. i want to show you live pictures of the house floor where for nearly 24 hours straight democrats have been holding a sit-in, demanding a vote on gun control legislation. this is live periscope video. while the house is officially adjourned and on break for the next two weeks, house democrats insist they will continue to fight. >> while america was sleeping, they snuck out of washington in the dark of night and left this business unfinished. >> the house stands
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>> reporter: republicans adjourned early this morning, squeezing in last-minute votes on zika, military construction and veterans. following an unprecedented sit- sit-in, congressman john lewis -- >> not next year but now, today! >> reporter: how democrats bring business to a screeching halt to force a vote on gun control. >> this isn't trying to come up with a solution to a problem. this is trying to get attention. >> there's no specific ask of a bill that they would support. we're supposed to make one up. >> reporter: demonstrations spilled over to a late-night candlelight vigil outside the capital. >> we must never give up or give in.
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>> reporter: the democrats' rallying cry, #nobillnobreak but going nowhere. there's no bill, no break and members of congress are on vacation for two weeks. >> john lewis sent out an e-mail during the sit-in urging people to get involved. >> this morning d.c. mayor bowser also put pressure to pass a measure. >> a vote on zika virus was split. the democrats not happy with the bill that eases rules on certain pesticide regulations. >> more live news, this time on the president's immigration plan. the supreme court rendering a
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tie vote from the supreme court on the president's immigration plan that had been moving through the courts for at least a couple of years now, essentially blocking that plan from being able to take effect. a one-sentence statement from the court that essentially said the lower court's ruling would stand. in this case we're talking about a federal appeals court in new orleans that said the obama administration didn't have the authority to shield up to 4 million immigrants from deportation and to offer them work permits, to make them eligible for work permits without the approval of congress. that lower court decision will stand at this point, meaning the plan will not move forward for the remainder of his presidency. pete williams has been outside the courthouse. we're continuing to monitor the story. we haven't heard anything from the white house. if we do, we'll bring that to you. >> t
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and several apartment complexes and businesses are still without water after this. crews have finally begun repairing the broken water mains. megan mcgrath is live. >> reporter: you can see the crews down in the hole starting to fix that broken water main but this has proven to be a very complicated repair. we have not only the broken pipe but they discovered several shutoff valves also broken and all of those, four of them, needed to be repaired as well. edsall road and several apartment buildings and businesses are without water. >> the water is gushing but there's still a hole in the
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there was no water to make coffee this morning and it was off to work with no shower. >> we have no water in the apartment. nothing. it difficult, you know. >> reporter: no shower this morning. >> no shower. >> reporter: the main broke yesterday evening, creating what looked like a river. the water eroded the soil around the cracked pipe and blew out the pavement. it's still closed between south whiting and van dorn, setting the stage for a fanasty commute. >> i made a u-turn, took about three back roads and finally made it here after two hours. it took about two hours to go through all the detours. >> now, we're hearing that it could be early afternoon before some people in the area get their water back. as for the road repair, can you see there's still a lot of work to be done here. they haven't yet repaired the pipe itself. they've got
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and do some of the pavement work itself. this going to stretch out for several more hours and may even impact the evening rush hour. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, megan. a cyclist has died between burns and 27th streets around 1 a.m. this morning. our cameras were there as the accident reconstruction taeam ws processing the scene. the man was hit by a car. police have not identified him yet. the car took off before police arrived. police have not released any information on the striking car. >> right now d.c. are on the lookout for 9-year-old sophia procter. police believe she was with her mother, julia, last seen driving a 1998 volvo with d.c. tags. this is an image of her mother. if you've seen either of the two, you're asked to
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police. >> a local teacher behind bars after police say they caught him in a prostitution ring. he was arrested during a sting operation on tuesday. police say he solicited a prostitute and rented a room used for prostitution. he's been charged with two counts of prostitution and human trafficking. >> and concerns for a big pride rally this weekend. >> and the word of war and back and forth between donald trump and hillary clinton gets personal. >> breaking news out of baltimore this morning. officer caesar goodson, one of the six officers charged in the death of freddie gray, not
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judge barry williams after a couple of days of consideration came back with an acquittal on all seven of the charges against this police officer, the second of six officers who will eventually all go on trial. the second officer to be acquitted of all charges against him. we know there was at least one protester that we were able to hear from this morning. listen. >> realized genocide, i'm sick of it. ain't nobody going to tell me no different. it's acceptable. and it's not! we deserve to have the right to walk in our communities and ride in our communities and be safe. we pay for them to serve and protect us. who the hell are they serving and who the hell are they protecting? it damn sure
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we take you to live images outside the
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caesar goodson found not guilty on all charges, the most serious charge, depraved heart murder. the judge saying there was not sufficient evidence to prove that officer goodson intentionally gave freddie gray a rough ride or that he intentionally set out to hurt him or injure him in that ride. this is one of six officers charged in the death of freddie gray. just a short while ago we spoke to an attorney outside the courtroom who said the verdict is not surprising. >> it didn't surprise me because even the judge in his questions and closing arguments seemed to be voicing some skepticism, one that there was a rough ride and, two, that there was this obvious physical distress that mr. gray was in and, three, whether or not there is this iron-clad responsibi o
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someone in. >> reporter: officer goodson's attorney said the officer did not buckle freddie gray in because he showed, quote, violent and erratic behavior at the time. our chris gordon is outside the courtroom gathering more interviews. we're going to get to him in just a few minutes. stay with us for that. >> metro has a shutdown at five statements for another week and a half. ridership levels have been$jx declining but the representative said it's going to be a lot better than expected. >> there is still a complete shutdown. we're going to keep our commitment and take people from new carolton to green belt but also
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>> as for montgomery county, we're getting a sense of the impact safetrack will have on commuters there. good morning, darcy. or afternoon now. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. that's right. good afternoon. when we talk about safetrack, we talked about the impact in northern virginia as well as prince georges county. but we'll talk about how the red line in montgomery county will be affected later this summer. it will affect the reasonable doubt line for six days, that's august 1st through august 7th. there's going to be single tracking between takoma and silver spring. this is goingto
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thousands of riders. but the timing is expected to make it a little easier to handle for commuters. >> well, yes. august is usually our lowest ridership month and the priorities is these are the ones selected for august. there will be less impact but there will still be impacts on the ridership. >> there's also going to be another impact in montgomery county. coming up in the november time frame, right now metro people wanting to folks on the august impact. they want people to consider alternate ways to consider to get to work and also consider teleworking in early august this year. back to you, barbara. >> thank you, darcy. it is still morning, 11:21 the time right now. thanks again. >> in decision 2016, senator bernie sanders expected to give a speech today in new york. aides say the speech will not include a concession but will address the kinds of poli
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to enact. in an interview yesterday, sanders acknowledged that he will likely not be the democratic nominee for president. and it was another war of words between hillary clinton and donald trump yesterday. trump called clinton a, quote, world class liar, while clinton fired back during a speech on the economy in north carolina. >> hillary clinton wants to be president, but she doesn't have the temperament or, as bernie sanders said very strongly, the judgment to be president. she does not have the judgment. >> now think about it. he's going after me personally because he has no answers on the substance. >> reporter: trump heads to scotland today, while clinton has no public events scheduled for the day. >> in orlando, the owners of the gay night club that was a scene of terror more than a week ago will hold their first event. it's coming up. it's a massive
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street party. organizers say it's about showing strength following the tragedy that killed 49 people. >> a friend of the orlando shooter omar mateen tells reuters mateen drastically changed his appearance on the morning of the mass killing. they say he shaved his head and face and seemed agitated that morning. during the call to 911, mateen pledged allegiance to the islam ek state. >> a man walked into a baltimore tv station wearing a fake bomb. a judge said he is not criminally responsible for his actions in april. he will now be treated in a state hospital for schizophrenia. he walked into wbff wearing a hedgehog suit and a fake bomb made out of candy bars and wires. he was entually shot and wounded by polic
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>> breaking news, officer caesar goodson not guilty of all seven
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right now tens of thousands of people can't turn on the lights in indiana. the same stor
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slammed the midwest, toppling trees and overhead wires, causing lots of power outages and cancelling flights. this morning people are cleaning up in indiana and illinois. we could get some of that here i guess, huh? >> yeah, it doesn't look quite as bad as it did in illinois and indiana. i was watching it formulate last night. that's the same cluster of thunderstorms that traveled from the southeast into the atlantic. >> so we get a second shot at that later today. >> second batch coming later on. we have a lot of cloud cover but we are humid and we are getting warm. now that the rain has passed our region, it's still south. if your travels take you south richmond all the way to the
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see we have rain continuing down to the south. more storms possible depending on how much sunshine we get today will depend on how strong they are and if they could go severe. more sunshine creates more instability in the atmosphere. we're going to be watching that through the afternoon. the good news is the weekend looks great. we have plenty of clouds over washington. i've seen shenandoah valley going through hagerstown, once we get warm temperatures, those numbers will come right up. 80s will be where we are in the afternoon. you can see the rain pass through the area. lots of lightning out there, reports in frederick. we can get a few showers that slide into our area. but we are looking at temperatures in the 80s with some storms around later. i'd say after about 6:00 tonight. flash flood watch, all right, they have taken a
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they've trimmed it back to go through central virginia and we also have some flood warnings out there as well for luray, where they had flooding earlier this morning. we've got 5:30 this afternoon looking good for your evening commute. most of the heaviest stuff stays south. we'll keep a chance for showers overnight and a 30% before the weekend which looks fantastic. guys? >> weather delayed but tiger woods's tournament, golfers are teeing off right now. first tee times were supposed to be at 7:00. that didn't happen until 9:15. tiger woods is host of the tournament. he's also won it twice. >> more reaction coming into the newsroom on our breaking news this hour, that
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. we have breaking news out of baltimore. officer caesar goodson, who was driving the van freddie gray died in was found not guilty on all counts. >>
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>> reporter: these are the protesters you saw earlier both in shots and helicopters from the street. i said what are you going to do next? they said, "we are making plans what we're going to do next," protesting whether it's here or in the area of west baltimore near gilmore homes, where freddie gray lived and where this incident took place. i'm joined by bishop angel nunez. can you tell me your reaction of the verdict? >> we've been sitting in the courtroom and dealing with this for over a year from the beginning at a grass roots level. we were very disappointed to hear nothing was being done. he's innocent completely. and my message in content is you can protest but keep the peace. we want to make sure that the community, there is no violence, there is no burning, there is no rioting, but you can protest, you have that right. so that's our
11:34 am
community because i'm sure many of us are disappointed. >> do you think that community leaders are strong enough to get that message out and enforce it, do not riot, do not become violent? baltimore police said they will not condone, they will make arrests if there is violence, if there is property destruction. there are police from other counties and the national guard is on standby. >> yes, we can say that because we've been working with the gang members, we've been working with the activists. we've been walking the streets and talking to the people. this is not just today. this is a year investment that we have come in. so we have equity with the community. and because we have that relationship with the community, i am confident that there will be protests but there won't be rioting. >> thank you very much, bishop nunez, for joining us. if you look at the front door, you'll see the sheriffs here in baltimore who are keeping the peace. and over here beside me,
11:35 am
they've done their chanting but they say now they're going to plan what they will do and it will probably be in west baltimore where freddie gray was arrested on april 12, 2015, suffered fatal injuries in a police van, died of his injuries but today that van driver, was acquitted, found not guilty of all seven charges against him, including second degree depraved heart murder, manslaughter, reckless endangerment a misconduct. back to you. >> we are getting reaction in now to that decision in baltimore. the governor of maryland's office issuing a statement saying governor hogan continues to respect the legal process, as well as the court's decision. i'll stop here. we're showing you the statement from the mayor of baltimore, stephanie raulings
11:36 am
that officer goodson will face an administrative review by the police department. we ask the people to be patient. and another statement saying the administration will continue to support baltimore's leadership and the citizens in their online going efforts to move forward from the events of last year. >> and we have more breaking news out of germany now. according to several reports, police have killed a man who brought a gun into a movie theater. a police spokesman says the man fired shots but at this time it appears that he didn't hurt anyone. that happened in southern germany in the last hour or so. >> the search is on for a suspect who sexual assaulted a woman in her sleep. this happened on killmer lane in price william county on sunday. the assailant got in through an
11:37 am
unlocked door. she reported the assault the next day and went to the hospital for treatment. >> a popular vaccine that does not require a needle is now being called ineffective. >> protection from the flu is about to get a little more painful. an advisory committee for the cdc now says the popular needle-free flu mist influenza vaccine has not protected kid or adult over the past few years. >> this is a perfect example of helping us know how to protect people better. >> reporter: the fda had approved the national spray for those among ages of 2 and 49. it accounts for about one third of all flu
11:38 am
children the flu usually hits the very young and the very old the hardest, depending on severity of the strain between 4,000 and 50,000 people die each year from the flu. >> we want choice with vaccines, but more than anything we want safety and we want effectiveness. this year the safest and most effective way to vaccinate your kids and your family and pregnant women and the elderly is to take the shot. >> that was matt lauer reporting. >> well, i don't know about you but if you're like me, the salt shaker can never be too far away from my plate and fork at the dinner table. but joining us to tell us why that's not a very good idea if you want to stay in optimal health is joy dubeau. we've been hearing for years we have to cut down on our
11:39 am
what is wrong with salt? >> basically one in three americans or in some cases one in two americans have high blood pressure. this is really being contributed by the amount of sodium or salt that we take in in our diet. >> if th cut down on the salt that, will change. >> yeah, yeah. >> for those of us who don't have the high blood pressure, is salt ogkay? >> right now the recommendation is 2,300 milligrams of salt in the diet. we actually consume about 34 milligrams, which is little more than a teaspoon of salt. so guidelines say coming down from 3,400 milligrams to 2,300 mi
11:40 am
about 25% of your salt is coming in through processed and packaged and restaurant foods. on 5% of sodium in your die st coming through the salt shaker. >> what about salt? do we need it? we do need iodine in the diet, i understand. >> so it wouldn't be good to just cut it out completely. >> no. research indicates that would be detrimental to your health. the food and drug administration just released these voluntary guidelines for food manufacturers and restaurants to voluntarily reduce sodium in these foods. >> and the consequences if we eat too much salt? >> typically what happens again is high blood pressure as well as the fact that it can increase your risk of heart disease because blood pressure is an indicator of that. >> so no salt, one teaspoon of salt. >> watch your labels and monitor
11:41 am
increase your potassium in your diet are things can you do. >> that's going to be hard for me. thank you.
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11:43 am
right now the stormy weather is out of our area. we had some rain, thunder, lightning this morning and maybe even some hail for some folks. >> let check back in for what we can expect later this afternoon. so people leaving the office, is it really 4:00, 5:00 or -- >> it looks a little bit later. especially for people at the quicken loans golf tournament, they finally got under way about 9:15. it looks to be a little bit later. it depends on how much sunshine we get and how strong the storms are going to be. we're trying to see the sunshine peek out there right now but, my goodness, it is muggy out there
11:44 am
top out in the mid 80s today. if we get sunshine, a little higher. i'm going to say 80s. yes, it's warm, hot. it's definitely humid out there. as we continue through the day, thunderstorms popping off after about 6:00, 7:00. looks to be a little bit more isolated in nature. we're not getting much sun out there now. it is trying to peek through. amelia draper is in the make-up room right now. she'll be with you at 4:00 and 5:00. but it is muggy. the sun is trying to peek through. can't do it yet. we're seeing sun through the shenandoah valley. that means stronger storms possible later on this afternoon. can you see this rain sinking to the south right now and more storms coming out of west virginia. those will sink south of i-64 going through charlottesville, but we're just looking for isolated stuff. so here's 5:30 this afternoon. you can see mainly isolated storms and showers. then
11:45 am
through the hours, after 7:00, 8:00. maybe a few isolated showers overnight and we'll go with a 30% chance of showers around tomorrow morning. that is a new update that we have. as we get into saturday, we finally start to clear out. i want to show you guys the seven-day forecast. temperatures by the time we get into the weekend, humidity drops. we're looking at plenty of sunshine. chances of rain early next week. temperatures and humid start to go back up. >> right now we are waiting for president obama to give remarks on the supreme court's decision on his immigration plan. you can see there the white house briefing room, waiting for him to make those comments at any moment now, the supreme court ruling a 4-4 split decision, simply giving a one-line statement, quote, the judgment is affirmed by an equally divided court.
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mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast with summer here and fourth of july just around the corner, a lot of us will be grilling outside on a patio or on the beach, wherever. there are some important thing to remain safe. joining us is kevin snyder, a food safety inspector of giant food. bef w
11:49 am
barbecue cookoff that happens this weekend. >> national capital barbecue battle this weekend down on pennsylvania avenue. it will be an awesome time, awesome event, lots of good food. so i hope to see everyone down there. >> fantastic. let's begin now with the fact that you say that the way you store the food, whether you're taking it outside at home or taking it to the beach or anywhere else is very important. tell us about that. >> absolutely. >> biggest thing with any food preparation, particularly when you're outside away from a kitchen environment, four easy safety tips. clean, cook, chill and separate. most important piece is clean. you always want to start with clean hands, clean utensils, clean cutting surfaces -- >> so bacteria doesn't have a place to grow. >> absolutely. not easiest to do when you're out at a park, picnic or tailgating but this is easier
11:50 am
done than said. can set up a portable hand washing station where you have a two and a half gallon container of water. you have your hand so. could you easily wash your hands, wash your utensils, keeping them clean while you're doing food preparation. if you don't have that, you can also have your hand sanitizer or your hand sanitizer wipes, which you could also use to clean any of your cooking surfaces. your spatula, plates, tongs, cutting boards. >> very clean. >> keep everything clean. most important thing, single-use hand wipe. too often the habit is to have a towel over your shoulder and you wipe your hands offe. not a good idea. >> you say we have to be sure to separate the types of food we're carrying. >> absolutely. >> tell us what you have in here. >> i have two different cool
11:51 am
ready-to-eat items separate during separation. if you can't, keep your raw items below your ready-to-eat items. you always want to keep your meats and foods you're going to prepare be it hamburgers or chickens filled with plenty of ice to maintain a proper food temperature. >> you say you definitely should not mix the hamburger and chicken in the same container. >> you would not to mix hamburger and chicken in the same container to avoid risk of cross contamination. >> what's in this one? >> this one you have your accessories for cut tomatoes, lettuce, need to be kept cold but also want to be kept separate from raw products. >> i think that's something people wouldn't think to do
11:52 am
have two containers. good advice. >> the next thing is making sure you're cooking at the correct temperature. i don't like to have raw hamburger and raw chicken at the same time. >> that's a very good point. and we got some breaking news happening and i think we've got to move on. remember, find out what the temperature is, always carry one of these thermometers with you. make sure the food is cooked to the right temperature. kevin, thank you very much for coming and good luck with the cookoff this afternoon. >> thank you. >> coming up, your chance to be a star. >> are you an entertainer? friday metro will hold
11:53 am
to find dancers, poet and others. you can search in our app metro auditions. we've got breaking news now. we're going to the white house briefing room where the president is speaking on scotus' decision on his immigration plan. >> we are not a country that guarantees people outcomes, but we do strive to provide an equal shot to everybody, and that's what was upheld today. second, one of the reasons why america is such a diverse and inclusive nation is because we're a nation of immigrants. our founders conceived this country as a refuge for the world and for more than two centuries welcoming wave after wave of immigrants has kept us youl -- youthful,
11:54 am
entrepreneurial and has kept us growing. to lay out some basic facts that can get lost in what can be an emotional debate. since i took office, we've deployed more border agents and technology to our southern border than ever before. that has helped cut illegal border crossings to their lowest levels since the 1970s. it should have paved the way for comprehensive immigration reform, and in fact, as many of you know, it almost did. nearly 70 democrats and republicans in the senate came together to pass a smart, common sense bill that would have doubled the border patrol and offered undocumented immigrants a pathway to earn
11:55 am
they paid a fine, paid their taxes and played by the rules. unfortunately republicans in the house of representatives refused to allow a simple yes or no vote on that bill. so i was left with little choice but to take steps within my existing authority to make our immigration system smarter, fairer and more just. four years ago we announced that those who are our lowest priorities for enforcement, diligent, patriotic, young dreamers who grew up pledging allegiance to our flag should be able to apply to work here and study here and pay their taxes here. more than 730,000 lives have been changed as a result. these are students, they're teachers, they're doctors, they're lawyers, they're americans in every way but on paper. and fortunately today's decision does not affect this policy.
11:56 am
it does not affect the existing dreamers. two years ago we announced a similar expanded approach for others who are also low priorities for enforcement. we said that if you've been in america for more than five years with children who are american citizens or legal residents, then you, too, can come forward, get right with the law and work in this country temporarily without fear of deportation. both were the kinds of actions taken by republican and democratic presidents over the past half century. neither granted anybody a free pass. all they did was focus our enforcement resources, which are necessarily limited on the highest priorities, convicted criminals, recent border crossers and threats to our national security. now, as disappointing as it was to be challenged for taking the kind of actions that other administrations have taken, the country was looking to the supreme court to
11:57 am
in this case. today the supreme court was unable to reach a decision. this is part of the consequence of the republican failure so far to give a fair hearing to mr. merrick garland, my nominee to the supreme court. it means that the expanded set of common sense deferred action policies, the one that i announced two years ago can't go forward at this stage until there is a ninth justice on the court to break the tie. i know a lot of people are going to be disappointed today but it is important to understand what today means. the deferred action policy that has been in place for the last four years is not affected by this rule. enforcement policies developed by my administration are not affected by this ruling. this means that the people who might have benefitted from the expanded deferred action policies, long-term residents
11:58 am
raising children who are americans or legal residents, they will remain low priorities for enforcements, as long as you have not committed a crime, our limited resources are not focused on you. but today's decision is frustrating to those who seek to grow our economy and bring a rationality to our immigration system and to allow people to come out of the shadows and lift that perpetual cloud on them. i think it is heart breaking for the millions of immigrants who made their lives here, who have raised families here, who hoped for the opportunity to work, pay taxes, serve in our military and more fully contribute to this country we all love in an open way. so where do we go from here. most americans including business leaders, faith leaders and law enforcement, democrats and republicans and independents still agree that the sin
11:59 am
way to solve this problem is by working together to pass common sense bipartisan immigration reform. that is obviously not going to happen during the remainder of this congress. we don't have a congress that agrees with us on this nor do we have a congress that's willing to do even it's more basic of jobs under the constitution, which is to consider nominations. republicans in congress currently are willfully presenting the supreme court from being fully staffed and functioning as our founders intended and today's situation underscores the degree to which the court is not able to function the way it's supposed to. the court's inability to reach a decision in this case is a very clear reminder of why it's so important for the supreme court to have a full bench. for more than 40 years, there's been an average of just over two
12:00 pm
months between a nomination and a hearing. i nominated judge merrick garland three months ago but most have refused to even meet with him. this is an election year, and during election years politicians tend to use the immigration issue to scare people with words like amnesty, in hopes that it will whip up votes. keep in mind that millions of us, myself included, go back generations in this country with ancestors who put in the painstaking effort to become citizens. we don't like the notion that anyone might get a free pass to american citizenship. but here's the thing, millions of people who have come forward and worked to get right with the law under this policy, they've been live hearing for


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