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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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on his cell phone. in fact, she heard some noise in the background and asked, are you all right? he said, don't worry, i'll be home soon. you see, he only lives about a block and a half away. but seth rich, he never made it home. he was shot and killed right here. we begin our story now with some words from his mother. seth rich, he loved biking, he loved america. this was his fourth of july outfit. seth rich. he was from omaha, nebraska. he came to washington to get involved in politics. he lived in a shared house in the bloomingdale section of our city. and early sunday morning, as he was walking home, he was jumped and
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by phone today, i talked to his mom. >> there was a struggle. his hands were bruised, his face was bruised, his knees were bruised and two shots to his back and yet they never took anything. so it even -- on top of being totally ridiculous, if it was a robbery, they didn't even do what they set off to do. >> reporter: it happened near the intersection of flagler and w streets northwest. it happened about 4:19 in the morning. >> we're urging the public's assistance in this matter. >> reporter: seth rich, he worked for the democratic national committee. today, this statement from chairman debbie wasserman schultz. she says seth rich was a dedicated, selfless public servant who worked tirelessly to protect the most sacred right we share as americans. the
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i don't know who did this but i'll tell you this, they had to know their way around. you see, the bloomingdale section is undergoing a major sewer project here. many of the streets are blocked off. it's like a maze getting around bloomingdale. so if you don't know your way around, you try to run away, you're likely to get trapped. now, coming up at 6:00, we're going to talk to a man who heard the shot. we're going to talk about a number of robberies in this area that may be linked to the crime that happened here sunday morning. pat, back to you. >> all right. pat collins, thank you, pat. no matter what i'm going through right now, compared to the families of the officers and the victims that were killed this
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>> that was one of the surgeons who says he wished he could have done more to save the police officers. he says there's no justification for violence. those words, after several days of protests, some of which became violent. in minnesota, more than 100 people taken into custody this weekend. at least 20 officers hurt during demonstrations in st. paul where one officer suffered a fractured spine when someone dropped a concrete block on his head. the mother of philando castile is calling for peaceful demonstrations. valerie castile released a statement that reads in part, "when demonstrations become violent, it disrespects my son and his memory. i promise that we will not rest until justice prevails." in the meantime, in louisiana, the baton rouge district attorney has
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from this case involving the shooting death of alton sterling. >> to ensure justice for all parties is companied by my equal commitment to complete transparency. due to the professional relationship i've had with one of the officers involved in this shooting, the best way that i can maintain that trust is to request another prosecutor be appointed in my place. at the live desk with the latest from dallas, investigators are still trying to comprehend the magnitude of what the gunman there had planned. inside the home that micah johnson shared with his mother, officers found a stockpile of weapons and bomb-making materials. right now, dallas police are downloading hundreds of hours of video from body and dash cams. they are also collecting surveillance video from nearby businesses. police are reviewing johnson's
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try and understand what the initials rb could mean. they say he scribed that twice inside el centro college. >> i don't know if he planned to escape and then the bombing would start or he didn't have time to complete. we just don't know. and the concern is that we haven't found something that's out there. >> tomorrow, president obama will travel to dallas to attend an interfaith service. he'll be joined by vice president biden as well as george w. bush and former first lady laura bush. at the live desk, tisha thompson, news4. in a d.c. courtroom, a man admitted to a unique conspiracy, to target and scare celebrities and public officials. he revealed their private information online and in some cases went a step further. scott macfarlane
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the federal courthouse in d.c. what else have you learned about this case? >> reporter: his name is meer islam. he really victimized officials in different ways. by releasing their private information online and in other cases getting police, sirens and s.w.a.t. teams to show up at their front doors. meer islam watched a series of victims in his conspiracy testify here today, including a federal prosecutor which says that it gave him a scare of a lifetime when he was swatted late at night. he admitting to conspireing 20 different people. it's a scheme in which someone makes a bogus 911 call, claims a major crime is being committed at a home and forces a major police response or s.w.a.t. team response to that home. among the others that were swatted by islam's conspiracy, a u.s. congressman from michigan and the head
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rifle association, the nra, wayne lapierre, whose lawyer says he was swatted at his virginia home and briefly detained by police with guns. prosecutors told the judge there's a second way in which he victimized public officials. so-called doxing, putting their private information and home addresses and credit reports online. on a website he helped control in which hundreds of thousands of people clicked to view. among the celebrities included on that website at one point, justin timberlake, kim kardashian and p. diddy. he said he suffered from mental health concerns and promises to change his behavior once released. and there is another large city mayor, a major public official who we're told was injured by islam. we'll have the details for you tonight on news4 at 6:00. for now,
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>> scott macfarlane, thank you. we're watching breaking news in michigan right now. two court bailiffs shot after a man opened fire on the third floor of a courthouse. the county sheriff says another deputy is in the hospital in stable condition. the shooter was then killed by other officers. it happened in berrien county. we're still learning about how this all played out. initial reports say the suspect overpowered a bailiff and took his gun. the sheriff says other people were injured but it's not clear how severe those injuries are. and in prince george's county, a man faces first and second-degree murder charges in the killing of his estranged wife. found suffering from gunshot wounds this weekend, derrick ward has more details. derrick? >> reporter: yes.
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a seemingly happy couple and now her estranged husband is facing murder charges. >> reporter: it was a home of 41-year-old jamila odom which she once shared with her estranged husband. this was by all appearances a happy couple. >> just normal people. they just didn't seem to be having any kind of problems that we knew of. >> reporter: recently the couple had been separated and this past weekend something went gravely wrong on the street of oxon hill near where odom lived. neighbors heard gunfire and the woman was shot to death in a car and within hours and the husband is now charged with killing her. she had opened a
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teens. she also worked for a construction and pipeline business. but it's now the empty house at the end of the cul-de-sac in waldorf that bears silent witness to a family tragedy. and deron odom is facing first and second-degree murder charges. derrick ward, news4. >> a beautiful day out there. after a beautiful sunday, today just as nice. i think we'll squeeze out one more day, too. no heat across our region and no humidity. 85 degrees at the airport. look at ocean city. 76 degrees. beautiful beach day for sure. as we move through the next couple of days, another great day tomorrow. rain chances towards the middle of the week. much more about that and the heat returns and so does another heatwave. we'll show you how long that heatwave lasts
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get this time around in my forecast. congress a congressman reportedly dies at walter reed after a mistake in the o.r. in fact, deaths connected to medical mistakes are becoming more common. for the second time in less than a week, this fairfax county home was sprayed with bullets. coming up, we'll take you inside the home and show you the bullet holes and talk to the man who was home at the time. a
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they say they are terrified, their house riddled by gunfire not once but twice in the last few days. meagan fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: pat, a source close to the investigation says that shell casings were found but still no suspects. the
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the detectives were investigating. >> i heard a loud noise that came to our window. >> reporter: a 7-year-old girl was inside her bedroom when someone sprayed her home with bullets on july 5th a bullet went through her bedroom window shattering glass and cutting her arm. she was terrified. >> i'm not sure if it's going to happen again. >> reporter: on friday night, her worst fear came true. fairfax county police were called to her home on friday night after a gunman opened fire twice in one night. we went inside the home. he lives here with the little girl and her parents. he was home during both incidents he tells us that the family is terrified. he also took us upstairs t
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last week. a mattress that acts as a shield and that this is his only form of protection at night while he waits for police to track down the suspect. >> >> we were not safe. >> police are asking anyone who notice anything suspicious to contact the police. >> all right. thank you, meagan. dental students at howard university are fed up with the school's lack of resources to help them become competent health care professionals. they staged a protest and said they don't have enough supplies and their equipment is outdated. they met with senior
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they say the situation only gets worse. they are hoping this protest will bring about some real change. she will forever be the golden girl of the london olympics. now, gabby douglas has a chance for a repeat in rio. >> you know she can still floor the crowd. she had her future in doubt, especially after she moved to hollywood and considered hanging it up. but gabby could not let gymnastics go and has been on an uphill climb to rio making this trip even sweeter. >> all-around gold medalist -- >> at 16 years old, gabby douglass burst on to the scene. hollywood so
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considered giving up the sport but now douglas is going to rio after a rocky road back. >> right here, a simple full turn. that was a fall. >> wow. >> two falls off the balance beam. did not make the decision easy for team usa head coach martha corelli but she outweighed the nerves of steel. paying off for douglas. the selection committee needing extra time to finalize who is on the roster. a long wait with a happy result. >> the reigning champion, gabrielle douglas! >> i'm so grateful and honored. i'm willing to work so hard and put my all into it. sit i
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emotional and so nerve-racking and it's like everyone has worked so hard. >> you put everything into it and when your name is called, it's like, wow, is this really happening? nothing can compare. >> gabby and team usa will spend ten intense days training together before they head to rio. the u.s. team is expected to win plenty of gold. they have not lost an international competition in six years. guys? >> the fierce five. we wanted to clear up some confusion about northern virginia track star noah lyles: he finished in fourth in the 200 meters. the top three winners qualified. there were some reports that leshawn dropped out meaning that lyles would be heading to rio but he's staying in so
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really talented brothers there. >> yes. wow. and what speed. battleground virginia is still a crucial state in this election. >> donald trump is courting voters in the commonwealth again today. find out what he had to say about the police ambush in dallas and the key campaign message that he's never shared until now. >> the fourth busiest fire engine in the entire country. i'm mark segraves. coming up, you'll hear from the man
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if you live in prince william county, you see smoke off in the distance. this is near the bank 234 auto salvage. the firefighters say this started in a warehouse and then spread to these cars in a junk yard. we're going to continue to watch this with the help of chopper 4 and bring you any new information here and on nbc washington app. into well, what a gorgeous day today. >> yeah. >> why can't the rest of the summer be like this? >> that's a very good question. it will be great, though. >> without any of the oppression. >> we have not seen humidity. yesterday was a pretty good day. we saw rather breezy conditions. but the heat and humidi-
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>> it's coming back. for temperatures to be below average in july, you don't see that too often. today, temperatures of 86. average high is 89. take a look outside, beautiful picture. plenty of sunshine. a fair few cumulus clouds. current temperatures down to 85. very light in the way of humidity. take a look at our weather underground temperatures. 78 degrees and these are in some of the higher spots. 87 back towards ferriville and frederick at 86 degrees. we've got the nice, warm temperatures. how about riverdale, prince george's county, 86 as well. temperatures tonight dropping from 86 down into the 70s by 11:00 midnight tonight. a very nice night. nothing but clear skies for the most part. a few clouds from time to time. no rain to talk about. storm team 4 is all dry. we stay that way tomorrow. the only exception is back towards the west. we'll talk about that in a second. take a look.
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cover at all. we're watching two systems, one you can see down here towards the nashville area. that system is going to help increase the heat and humidity. minneapolis, going well up into the north. now, tuesday, here we are tomorrow afternoon, future weather, 6:00 in the afternoon, not much going on around most of the area. best chance of rain is to our west. places like royal, back towards portions of west virginia and shenandoah valley. you folks may see shower activity back your way but that's about it. i wouldn'tarry the umbrella tomorrow. wednesday is a different story. more cloud cover on wednesday. look at the showers and thunderstorms developing around 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. i expect to see storms on wednesday. yes, wednesday would be the day to take the umbrella. again, it's not tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow, up to 88. a little warmer. we may see a stray shower to our western zone. more humid tomorrow although we're not talking about much in the way of heat index. maybe up to 90 degrees but
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it was last week or as hot as it was this week. 8 89, culpeper. wednesday, a high of 87 with a good chance of shower activity and maybe thunderstorms. and then there's thursday, friday and saturday. that's our next heatwave. 95 on friday. both days of a heat index close to 100. saturday, hot and humid with a chance of rain. coming up on sunday. sunday is the day that i'm watching. why? that's the weekend. talk more about that at 6:00. >> doug, thank you. the district continues to look for ways to get you help when you call 911. learn why patients may get an uber ride to the hospital and see how busy d.c. fire is compared to others in the area. and police say the dallas gunman planned that ambush for months. learn what they found in the home that he shared with his mother.
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minutes ago you heard about a promising young employee of the democratic national committee shot dead in his own neighborhood in northwest this weekend. >> his big dream was to come to washington, get involved in politics and make the world better for everyone. and that's exactly what he did. >> police are now trying to figure out who did it. and a man admits to targeting and victimizing
5:30 pm
officials, exposing personal information, calling in fake hostage situations that sends the s.w.a.t. teams to their homes. those stories are on now at 5:30, medical errors. you won't believe how many people die every year from mistakes. and you're going to meet the men in the district who run the fourth busiest firestation in the nation. first on news4, she used to work for the alexandria fire department. tonight, she's indicted accused of channelling tens and thousands of money to her friends. >> they are trying to make sure this doesn't happen again. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey has the story. >> reporter: monique jackson started working for the city of alexandria two decades ago starting as a
5:31 pm
working up to administrative analyst. this shows jackson receiving a just say thanks award last fall. news4 has learned that jackson-asante left her job accused of miss appropriating funds. she sent out fraudulent invoices to fictitious companies allegedly headed by her friends. a source tells news4, she and her pals would then share the money. but the money laundering charge alleges only that she sent the money to her friends. this bill shows it added up tens and thousands of taxpayer dollars that wound up with jackson-asante's friends. >> reporter: a closer look at the changing that the city has made in the way it audits its own
5:32 pm
safetrack starts tomorrow which involves closing the blue and yellow lines from reagan airport north to pentagon city. shuttle buses were used to help people get around. that will also be the case this time. the biggest impact will be to the crystal city metro station which will be closed. >> instead of stopping here, we're going to get off at pentagon city. >> no longer riding but they've done a good job handling it so far. we'll see how it goes. >> the next phase is expected to last seven days. d.c. firefighters are answering the call at an astounding rate and now they are considering using ride share services, like uber, to transport patients to ease the
5:33 pm
news4's mark segraves is in northeast d.c. home to the fourth busiest fire truck in the country. mark? >> reporter: we've been seeing them coming and going all day out of this firehouse. revealed in our interview today, he's considering using a ride share like uber to transport some 911 patients. this all comes, as you said, as engine 30 is being recognized as being one of the busiest fire engines in the entire country. the d.c. fire department responds to 23 calls every hour every day. a nationwide survey ranks new york city as the busiest fire department in the country with more than 1.7 million calls a year. chicago comes in at number 2. l.a. at number 3. philadelphia at number 4. and d.c. comes in at number 8 in the country with nearly 200,000 calls a year. this is the
5:34 pm
30, not only the busiest fire engine in the district, it's the fourth busiest engine in the country. >> some days we may get an hour or two and can take a break. >> reporter: greg thompson is a third generation firefighter. he spent the last nine years on engine 30 and take as lot of pride in how busy they are. >> no matter if you call in and stubbed your toe, we'll be there asap. >> this chief takes pride in how busy his crews are but is working on a plan to reduce some of those 911 calls. >> we are working with the health department to find other ways to transport people, such as using a contract taxi cab or uber, whatever you do. >> reporter: the district has been using a private ambulance service but now the chief wants to go a step further and use a private car service to transport
5:35 pm
a hospital. >> allow us to help people who need help by getting them to a doctor's appointment or a clinic. >> reporter: if you're in maryland, virginia, we have the complete rundown on the nbc washington app. >> mark segraves, thank you. a new information is under way after a 911 outage overnight. officials say the system was shut down to prevent overheating after a cooling system failure in an i.t. room. the shutdown resulted in everyone getting a busy signal for about two hours. the system is back online now and working properly. officials say two people died after having medical emergencies during the outage. montgomery county executive is calling for an investigation into whether response times were impacted and whether that played a role in those deaths. a new development in a
5:36 pm
baltimore. another officer is on trial in the death of freddie gray. we will explain why this case already is starting to feel like the others. and donald trump is back in
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some breaking political
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it appears a virginia delegate may not have to cast his ballot for donald trump at the republican convention next week. a judge has ruled in favor of beau corell. this will not necessarily impact the convention because rnc rules still require delegates to vote for the primary winner on the first ballot. donald trump is in virginia today. he told the virginia beach audience that he's the law and order candidate. >> donald trump was just going to talk about military veterans but dallas last week changed that. with dallas still dealing with the horrific shooting of his police officers, donald trump addressed crime and his support for police
5:40 pm
love our police officers. the attack on our dallas police is an attack on our country. >> reporter: trump says that he would see that all americans have safe police protection in any community. >> we must maintain law and order at the highest level or we will cease to have a country. i am the law and order candidate. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie appeared at the rally first but did not share the stage with trump. >> and every single voter -- >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton has denounced the police shootings and violence against citizens. clinton is to campaign on thursday with tim kaine who is on her short list as possible vp picks. virginia is one of a small number of battleground states this fallth
5:41 pm
watching. pat and wendy? >> tom sherwood, thank you. for the first time since suspending his campaign, jeb bush is commenting publicly on donald trump. he sat down with nicole wallace for an exclusive interview today. he says a trump presidency will be marred by broken promises. >> the tragedy of this, though, is that there isn't going to be a wall built and mexico isn't going to pay for it and there's not going to be a ban on muslims. the reality is, that's not going to happen. and people are going to be deeply frustrated and our divides will grow in our country and that's the heartbreaking part of this. i think people are going to feel betrayed. >> neither jeb bush or any member of the bush family is attending the republican convention in cleveland. you can watch the entire interview tonight on msnbc at 10:00. new clues are emerging about the dallas gunman. what police found that leads them to believe he was planning the ambush
5:42 pm
months. and for these students, what they are learning about patient safety may save hundreds of thousands of lives every
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5:45 pm
descended on downtown dallas, some from fbi headquarters, helping police scour a 20-block crime scene. so big, it may take three more days to collect the evidence. meanwhile, new clues are emerging about micah xavier johnson, the man behind's thursday ambush. dallas police believe johnson spent months planning for this moment. johnson took classes. >> we don't support any of the stuff that he did. >> reporter: the owner saying that johnson only took basic self-defense classes there about a year ago, no weapons training. and that johnson didn't talk much with staff. >> he came in and left. so if you describe that as being not interacting too much with people, then i guess that would be right. >> reporter: a law enforcement source tells nbc 5 investigates tha
5:46 pm
johnson shared police conspiracy theories and said he wanted nothing to do with white officers. he taunted officers saying he had an explosive vest which turned out not to be true. police decided to end johnson's life with a bomb-carrying robot because even after hours of negotiations, johnson continued to threaten he would attack again. >> that was scott friedman reporting. police do not know the scope of johnson's plan. >> ahead of his trip, vice president joe biden spoke with lester holt. biden says things have gotten better. >> we have to keep pushing and we have to fund these efforts that will allow the communities to interact with the police and the police to the communities. the population has been up about 17% and
5:47 pm
gone up 13%. there's an increasing gap between what they need to be able to be in the neighborhoods and the totally constructive way and the resources made available. >> you can watch much more of lester's interview with the vice president ahead on "nbc nightly news" right after news4 at 6:00. this week, we're looking at medical safety. what questions you need to ask jury doctors about medicine and medical tests. >> and a recent study finds that medical errors cause up to 250,000 deaths each year in our country. doreen gentzler has more. >> surgical mistakes, prescription mistakes and it can be hard totally that to
5:48 pm
but some doctors and hospitals are working to change that and are putting patient safety front and center. you may remember the headlines from five years ago. pennsylvania congressman john murtha went into the hospital for gallbladder surgery and died a month later due to a complication. this doctor at johns hopkins spearheaded a recent study which analyzing the death rate data from the past eight years. the results published in the journal "bmj" put deaths behind medical errors just behind heart disease and cancer as the leading cause of death. >> unnecessary care, people falling through the crack, overdoses, complications that are totally preventible. these are the collective causes that comprise the problem of people dying w
5:49 pm
not. people dying under our care. >> reporter: this doctor underscores that most of the mistakes are not due to inherently bad doctors. >> we shouldn't look to doctors to blame the problem on individuals. we are human and we're always going to be human but we can talk about how to design the system in the hospital to capture mistakes, provide safety nets. >> reporter: early on a monday morning in downtown washington, dozens of new medical interns are attending a safety seminar given by medstar health. >> our job is to give you these tools to train you in these so that you can provide the safest, highest quality care possible. >> reporter: this doctor runs the three-day seminar. >> we need to do huddles with everybody involved with a person's care. >> reporter: he cites miscommunication and diagnostic error as significant causes of medical mistakes and he believes educating and supporting young
5:50 pm
doctors is critical. >> we've got to make sure that they understand that it's safe for them to go up the chain of command, to call a senior resident, to call an attending when they are uncertain and they are trying to make critical thought process in a patient's care. >> reporter: while he hopes more funds will be directed towards combatting medical error in the long term. >> we spent a lot of time on cancer and have yet to recognize that the complex medical system can harm people just as any diagnosis or medical treatment can go wrong. >> he makes some very good points, doesn't he? tomorrow we'll be looking at overprescribing medicine and the harmful effects of taking medicine when you don't need it. coming up tomorrow at 5:00. well, the third leading cause of death, that was pretty sobering. >> indeed. i think for a lot of medica.áéñ people, that's sobering to hear. >> thank you,
5:51 pm
it's nice now but it's not going to stay this way, is it? >> it's moving out of here. the nice conditions and heat and humidity is starting to come back overnight a couple more hours to really enjoy this weather out there. we have a breeze as well. you can see this from my twitter page. you can see the flags at half-staff because of the tragedies going on out there. we warmed up to 86 degrees in d.c. today. 85 is the temperature and 81 in frederick and 86 in fredericksburg and those temperatures will continue to i
5:52 pm
lower 70s. tonight, a great evening out there. just wonderful conditions. nothing showing up on the storm team 4 radar. so enjoy it. the closest is down here in north carolina along warm front. around the d.c. area, it's going to stay beautiful at 8:34 this evening. muggy during the overnight and you'll feel the humidity by tomorrow morning. rain on tuesday and rain showers on wednesday. in fact, wednesday looks like the best day that we can see thunderstorms throughout the day. so wednesday, bring that umbrella with you. temperatures are going to be mainly around the mid-80s. but tomorrow, we warm back up to seasonable temperatures. on the humid side throughout the day and a few more clouds out there. 88 is where we top out. for the m
5:53 pm
and into tomorrow isolated showers. for the most part, we'll be dry through the day tomorrow. the temperatures will be warmer than today and then we definitely warm up as we go through this week. if you want to head out for a morning jog, looking good. the pool is looking good. again, just a little more humid. a little more muggy. that mugginess is not going anywhere. it's taking us all the way through the weekend. we'll have a chance for some rain showers throughout the day on wednesday. scattered. temperatures will be in the mid-80s. 90s for thursday and friday. looking good and another chance of rain on sunday. >> thanks, lauryn. police testify against a fellow officer as another trial in the death of a black man who died in custody is developing in baltimore. find out if this is any different from the others. well, when the weather warms up, you repave the road. when you repave the road, you get traffic. i'm adam tuss.
5:54 pm
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police are look for leads of a woman who was murdered in baltimore. molly was walking her dogs in the rolling park neighborhood of baltimore friday night when she was shot to death. she's the vice president for research for think tank resources for the future. a judge has dropped
5:57 pm
assault charge against brian rice in the killing of freddie gray. >> rice is still facing manslaughter, reckless endangerment as well as a second assault charge. that story from baltimore. >> reporter: officer edward nero is not here voluntarily. the state issued a subpoena. they wanted to establish a role that rice played in placing him in the van. >> it's a double-edge sword for a prosecutor because they can bring in a lot of information, such as the context of the arrest and it went through great effort to establish what the circumstances were at the scene suggesting that it was a chaotic scene. >> reporter: during cross-examination, nero described an inhospitalable situation, freddie gray flailing and rocking the van back and forth and he had never se
5:58 pm
van rock like that. they were outnumbered. edward nero, there wasn't enough of us. defense attorney, and that was a cause of concern for you? edward nero, absolutely. >> he gives them this continuum of resistance of freddie gray. >> reporter: did you and rice discuss seat belting gray? >> no. >> that would be more evidence that the person was aware and consciously disregarded the risk to freddie gray. >> reporter: the defense argues rice made a nine-second decision during a volatile situation and his actions were reasonable. the state put william porter on the stand to establish gray's injuries happened between stops two and four and not just before stop six, as the defense contends. >> the defense has an argument and it's not a slam dunk argument that officer porter's actions actually severed the chain of causation and therefore lieutenant rice would
5:59 pm
approximate cause of mr. gray's injuries by failing to buckle. >> rice is the fourth of six officers to stand trial in gray's death. >> two were acquitted and a proceeding ended in a mistrial. news4 at 6:00. no regrets. tonight, the dallas police chief takes us inside the intense sta standoff. and front lines of voting rights. police are searching for clues after that young man, a dnc staffer, was shot and killed on the streets of d.c. donald trump expected to make a big announcement about his campaign within the week as hillary clinton gets an endorsement from a former rival. a courtroom confession from a
6:00 pm
information online and so-called swatting incidents at their homes. scott macfarlane joins us now with more. scott? >> reporter: good evening. he's a new york city man but charged here in d.c. because this case quickly got the attention of the feds. his name is amir islam. he was charged two years in prison. he admits to conspireing to release information of celebrities and high-profile officials online. one man who viewed tells news4 kim kardashian was among the celebrities included on that site. we've learned that former new york city mayor michael bloomberg had his social security number exposed, too. for some public officials for whom islam madebo


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