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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now, on news 4 today, killed by a police cruiser. what investigators are now revealing what happened moments before a pedestrian was hit. taking to the streets. turkey's government looks to take action against revolters as its citizens celebrate victory. on the ticket, donald trump introduces his vice-presidential pick. i'm adam tuss. >> and angie goff. and tomi
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it's going to be a sunny and steamy one. >> good morning, starting off sunday morning, got a little patchy fog some of the rural areas, otherwise sun is coming up in a clear sky this morning. sun rise just about 3 minutes ago spreading its light across the nation's capitol. you can see the lincoln memorial nestled in the trees there. hour by hour, through the rest of the morning, by 7:00, upper 60s much of the region. pleasant start. 10:00, 80 degrees. noontime getting into the upper 80s by 1:00 this afternoon. look at this heat wave, how much longer is lasts coming up in a half hour. breaking news out of prince george's county, a pedestrian is dead after being struck by a police cruiser. it happened around 3:30 -- 2:30 this morning. thct
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crosswalk when the accident occurred. the pedestrian died on the scene. after being halted for nearly 20 hours, flights have resumed to istanbul airport. this after the state department warned u.s. citizens not to travel to turkey because of terror threats there. we have more on the attempted coup that caused the shut down. >> reporter: the turkish government stopped a coup by the military. at least 160 people were killed and more than 1,000 injured, the crackdown is under way. more than 2,800 soldiers and officers, alleged couldn't spiriters have been
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and a cleric. tayyip erdogan said either deport fethulla gulen or give him to us. >> it's possible that ergogan tightened up to increase his power. >> this woman, is stuck at the airport. >> we went to the bathroom to hide the children -- we didn't know what was going on. >> when presidenterdogan managed to return to istanbul, the coup was already over. there is concern that some turkish officials that
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in this failed coup. this morning, in nice, france, the sea front where the terror attack happened is now open. what the killer's father is saying about his son? >> in the neighborhood, police questioned friends of the attacker. they said he wasn't on any jihad did i list, a close friend of his estranged wife says it didn't add up. he wasn't a true muslim, the friend said. he drank. he didn't pray. his father described his son as always depressed, always alone,
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and violent. he would be become angry, he would yell, he would break he everything his father said. 84 people died when the truck he was driving plowed down nice's waterfront promenade on wednesday. the father of 4-year-old killian found him. the little boy died with his mother. his body was still at the hospital. paying for those who eescaped uninjured as well. >> you close your eyes swimming in the water or trying to go to sleep, you can imagine that scene again. >> he questions why it had to happen and whether more could have been done to stop it. nbc news, nice, france. almost a year to the day, friends and family will gather to remember a security guard killed on the
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highlights. last july, he was gunned down inside his car as he worked at the cindy lane apartments. today's vigil is happening on fair hill drive around 4 this afternoon. police have persons of interest. families and neighbors want to know who is responsible for killing a transgender woman in northwest d.c. she was shot on the fourth of july. >> i miss her. saying mom calling me on the phone. >> reporter: the mother spoke publicly of her daughter. >> he wanted to come and see his brother and sisters, but he never -- he never got a
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♪ we shall overcome >> reporter: dozens stood outside of the home to remember her. she was found in division avenue in northeast. she had been shot in the neck and died nine days later. >> it was very important for us to do this because not just being transgender, but we're talking about a life, a human life was lost in a very tragic way. >> reporter: her murder remains unsolved and many here are very concerned that hate could have been a motivation. >> it's uncouldnnscionable to w happens to gay, lesbian, bisexual and especially transgender people. >> i'm going to miss that smile. i'll never see that smile again. ♪ >> that was darcy spencer reporting. d.c. police are now offering a $25,000 reward for any information that helps them solve this case.
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trying to track down a killer in southeast. 20-year-old sherrod harris was one of three people shot yesterday afternoon. he called police and then later died. we are on our way to the start of the republican national team. and donald trump's new running mate. and controversy over
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the man picked by donald trump to be his running mate is now talking about what he's going to bring to the gop ticket. >> donald trump introduced indiana governor mike pence as his vp pick in new york ahead of the gop convention. pence is praised by mainstream republicans, including paul ryan and marco rubio. trump and pence said together that they can unite the gop party, bring jobs to americans, and also fight terrorism. >> we are the law-and-order candidates and with a law-and-order party, we're going to change things around. >> america needs to be strong for the world to be safe. on the world stage, donald trump will lead from strength. hillary clinton has already tweeted more than a dozen times about governor pence. her campaign is now attacking his conservative views on abortion, the
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look for live reports from tom sherwood and chris lawrence from the convention hall in cleveland. they begin tonight at news 4 at 11:00. bring on the heat! do we really want it? >> really? >> tom is updating his forecast that includes when we could see those temperatures above 100, adam. and controversy and arrests at a black lives ma
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the goal for us in this project is to be more effective in the services that we provide so that veterans who have committed to put their lives at risk to protect this country have a home in this country.
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play ball! a great day for baseball at nats park. first pitch is at 1:05. they take on the pirates. by then, temperatures will be 90 degrees and turning less humid by the game, by the seventh inning stretch it will be in the low 90s. wear your sun block. lots of sunshine during the game. and maybe to the low 90s as you are heading back home. a look at our next chance for storms coming up in minutes. right now, the clean-up continues after severe storms rolled through central north carolina last night. they brought flash flooding and power outages throughout raleigh. these are photos from a
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structure at a nearby mall. you can see cars submerged in water. a black lives matter protest shut down traffic in frederick , maryland. marchers passed city hall and ended at carroll creek. the protest was not permitted and police had to block streets to keep protesters and drivers safe. no one was hurt and there were no arrests made. 65 people were arrested at a black lives matter protest in baltimore. ten of those arrested were minors. the group blocked traffic along interstate 83. the protest was organized in response to the police-involved shooting deaths of alton sterling and philando castile. the last of the officers killed in last week's
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shooting in dallas has been laid to rest. patrick zamparirippa had served as an officer. he was one of five officers killed. the windows are a contribute to confederate generals. a task force charged with relocating the windows say that they will not live in the cathedral in the same way they have in the past. the meeting is set for this afternoon at 4:00. time right now is 6:17. some of our four-legged friends is trying their paws at police work. >> very cool. dogs abandoned by their owners are getting a second chance and new
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>> reporter: k-9 rafflie, using her know to track people and sniff out drugs. a rookie earning rave reviews. but unlike most police dogs, specifically bred in europe to do police work. this was her in a year ago, found in a shelter. skinny. >> she had great potential and i will take her. >> rescuing shelter dogs and training them for police work is the mission of the project. >> can any dog be a police dog? >> no. that dog needs to be a special dog. >> reporter: some label her rcu
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>> a rescue dog has the same qualities of an imported dog. i've seen it and i've proved it. >> aided like k-9 officers like jennifer doyle, he's working on his bite. married to a police officer, carol is aware of the financial pressures departments face so she donates her dog. >> how much money can you save a department? >> 5 to 10 to 12,000 dollars depending on the training of the dog. >> of the dozen dogs she rescued tod today, nine are working today. including ralphie. ann thompson, nbc news,
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extreme heat put an early end to together 2016. the prayer and worship event at the national mall. more than 500 received some type of sml attention. 3 dozen were rushed to the hospital. churches of every domination. one of the theme was to reset lives and clear past errors. in the wake of recent violent, unity and worship is more important than ever. >> in this time and age when there's so much evil that's being announced everywhere, we need christians. in fact, we need all denominations, all belief to come together as one. >> we need to pray. we need to reset our minds. >> many of those who came to d.c. for the together 2016 devent will stay for just a few days to take part in other service projects happening around town, from helping to
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spruce up neighborhoods and to feeding the homeless. >> i wish the weather was a little better for them. >> we're not going to talk about rain at all? >> this was yesterday that was happening and in the days ahead, they are doing projects outside. it sounds like things are going to get hot. we're in the hottest time of the year right now between now and toward the end of the july. average highs in the metro area up around 90. we've been above that over the last several days. we'll be above it again today. there's a sun peeking out from the clouds on the eastern horizon. those clouds continuing to recede off to the east and we'll have the sun climbing throughout a clear sky throughout the morning. no mores thundershowers around like we had yesterday afternoon. pleasant right now. temperatures in the 60s
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areas. near 70 around the chesapeake bay. here's what we're looking at here. 10 in the 80s. sunny 2:00 p.m., and less humid in the afternoon hours. mid 90s around 3:00, 5:00, 6:00 p.m., back down to 90 degrees. still not very humid. at least a dry heat by late afternoon. in the evening hours, we'll have it back down to the low 80s by 10:00. then by dawn tomorrow, it will be down to the mid 70s and it's a little more humid on monday. afternoon highs, mid and upper 90s. heat index near 100 tomorrow afternoon. small chance of a storm monday night. maybe an afternoon storm on monday or tuesday. small chance. then a break from the heat on wednesday. then comes another heat wave. up
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friday, saturday. that's the way it looks. question for you. what's better than ice cream on a hot day? >> nothing. da free ice cream on a hot y.
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time. that is a dangerous stunt in india as a group of teenagers dodge a train there. someone caught them jumping into a river thursday just as the train came barrelling through there. all the conductor do was sound the emergency horn. apparently, stunts like this one are not uncommon in india. train tracks have become a deadly playground for people pulling stunts like this. >> wow. the company that operates l.a.'s 72-story baslide is suing. she broke her ankle. she alleges that the slide was designed in a way that those who use it did not warn that you could not slow it down toward the end. >> this should be a
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holiday. >> national ice cream day is we're talking about, participating bass kin robbins, carvel, friendly's, and pet smart are giving away free doggie sundaes. >> a good day for ice cream. you are going to need shorts and tank tops all this week. tom is tracking a major heat wave and when showers might impact your compute. security is a major concern at the republican national convention. how police in cleveland are preparing. and
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time right now are 6:30 right now. top stories. a pedestrian dies after being struck by a police cruiser. it happened near university boulevard and rigs road in languageley park around 2:30 this morning. the failed attempt at a
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increased tensions between the country of the turkey and the u.s. the president said a moderate cleric living in pennsylvania was accused of. secretary of state says turkey must prove that there was any wrongdoing. a vigil is planned today for a security guard killed last year in congress heights. adrian kinark and another guard was killed while they were filling out paperwork. we're going to be in the 90s again today. good morning to you, i'm adam tuss. >> what's becoming very popular is is those pray bottles. you might need one. i'm angie goff. we're in the middle of a big heat
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tom kierein is tracking just how hot things are going to get. >> here we go again. we're going to be cranking right back up in the low 90s by mid afternoon. right now, it's a pleasant afternoon. if you want to get a run, as you walk the dog this morning, it's pretty nice out. there's a live view. storm team 4 national harbor camera in prince george's county. there's the capitol wheel this sunday morning. clear sky in the metro area. north in the 60s. patchy fog there. 71 at reagan national. a little bit look how long it's going to last. we're 24 hours from the start of the republican national convention and joining donald trump will be his brand-new running mate is mike pence. we have more on the dramatic roll-out. >> reporter: it is pence. >> indiana governor mike pence
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>> reporter: in their debut together, donald trump made it clear who is in charge of the ticket and it's not his running mate. speaking for nearly half an hour before introducing pence. trump bashed hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is the embodiment of construction. >> reporter: as well as then himself. >> i won the right to have the old post office building right near the white house, it's amazing. >> reporter: when he did officially unveil pence, he explained away his initial investment of ted cruz. as usual, trump's announcement was unusual. by contrast, john mccain and mitt romney rounded out their tickets in battleground states amid supporters. trump, did his in new york,
6:34 am
trump didn't stay as pence took the stoemed. on stage, pence was as scripted as trump was unscripted. >> donald trump understands the frustrations and hopes of the american people like no leader since ronald reagan. hillary clinton must never become president of the united states of america. >> reporter: notably absent for the rollout and the official photo, melania trump who spent the day in jersey with son baron instead. on meet the press, chuck todd is going to talk about his pick. it's at 2:00 this afternoon at a special time. security is top of mind at this year's rnc, law enforcement officials in cleveland are prepping for possible protests starting tomorrow. nbc is in cleveland with a look at the last-minute preparations going
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here's jacob rascone. >> reporter: a taste of what's to come. >> where are you at, republican party? >> reporter: the first of many expected protests, this one the black panther party. downtown cleveland is all but lock down. inside what's called the secure zone, the final layers of fencing are going up. to get past this point during the convention, you'll need a credential from the secret service and to pass through a medical detecter. the deputy chief says major attacks like those in france and dallas prompt last-minute enhancements to the security plan. >> it is quite a challenge. what's been happening across the country in the last 12 months has been all during this planning process. we just keep changing our plan, enhancing our plan. >> 123 permits have been granted to demonstrate inside the event during the convention at four locations and along one
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route. this city is preparing for the worst. 73 law enforcement agencies. 5,000 officers from around the country. includes hundreds from california and pennsylvania sworn in today. deployed on horseback, motorcycle and bike and for those who call cleveland home, keeping the city safe is personal. >> i've been on the job now for 18 years, so this is, you know, what i really love to do, and, you know, protecting and serving citizens here of cleveland is what i'm here to do. >> that was jacob rascone reporting. we're going to have extensive coverage of both party's conventions. look for live reports from the convention floor in cleveland beginning tonight on news 4 at 11:00. if the king street metro station in alexandria is your home station, get ready for some potential big changes there.
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given preliminary approval to a plan that would take away all parking, the redesign would raise the number of bus bays from 6 to 10. construction could start early next year. a maryland lawmaker who is a driving force of the medical marijuana movement is is the clinical director for doctors orders. it's competing for licenses to sell medical marijuana. he tells the post he would only be advising on medical issues. he said the job was cleared on the general assembly's ethics adviser a park service employee was investigating complaints of illegal dumping
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afternoon. the worker stumbled upon a body. the medical examiner will determine the exact cause of death. that victim has not yet been identified. someone is helping a dangerous criminal who escaped from a florida criminal in friday. dionne ta reveals may also be armed. he manage to get out of his shackles during a bond hearing. he's accused of stabbing his grand niece multiple times. her body was found tied up in a bathtub inside of her home. security is a big issue ahead of the rio olympics. how police and soldiers are preparing for emergencies and potential attacks. >> in the water, team usa is ready to compete. how golden girl katie will he becky -- led
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we got some new information as we count down to rio. we're learning about a letter where anti doping officials may call for a russian ban at the games. this is if an upcoming report comes up with evidence of state-sponsored doping. the letter is shocking and concerning. the actual report is expected to be presented tomorrow. in preparation for the games, brazilian security forces here carrying out a security drill saturday simulating a terror attack in rio. close to 500 trained station employees and armed soldier took park of this drill. this was the largest drill to date and the last one before the games which begin on august 6th. coming up, bethesda's golden girl katie ledecky is making a splash. the u.s. swimming team
6:42 am
training in san antonio. she was 15 when she first appeared in an olympics. now she's 19. >> we're getting along really well, having a lot of fun and training hard and getting ready for rio. >> ledecky has earned spots on the olympic team in the 200 and 400 freestyle. and she dominated in the 800 freestyle trials. it's only going to get hotter. tom is updating his forecast with the next chance of storms and what to expect for your monday morning commute. >> and getting your kids to read over the summer. yeah, that can be a big challenge. how a group of teachers came
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another hot day on the way. live view from storm team 4 tower camera on this sunday morning. we're in the 60s now but later today soaring into the 90s. we had dozens who succumbed to heat exhaustion on the national mall. here are the signs. feel faint or dizzy, excessive sweating, nausea or vomiting, that's a sign, rapid or weak pulse and muscle cramps. many suffered from that yesterday and today we have another hot day open the way. thank you, tom. so
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>> we've got to power through. get through it. it won't be long before you can go inside the new sg smithsonian museum of african-american history. >> it is opening in september and a crate of precious artifacts just arrived. we're going to uncover the history. >> such stories of sadness and suffering have lay buried in the waters of the atlantic. let's learn about the lives lost. 12th month of 1704. that's when hundreds were destined to be enslav
6:47 am
1794. >> paul had a nonstop day today as one of the cure raters as one of the african-american museum of history and culture. he was about to receive a very important delivery from those waters off south africa. >> these are materials from the first known and documented ship that was carrying africans. >> this crate contains some of the ships ballasts found in the wreckage that arrived in washington today, escorted on the plane by jacko boshohh who was part of the group who uncovered it. he said those ballasts remember the lives lost. >
6:48 am
brazil. that's a longer voyage than the vast majority of ships that were on the middle passage which were coming from west africa. >> below the ocean still, some remnants of the wrecked ship will remain. arc key allege -- a -- it's important to leave a memorial here. >> it will be a place where the visitors can pause and reflect. you can see a behind the scenes look on the nbc washington app. it's 6:48 and boeing unveil a brand-new mobile uso trailer in arlington. you usually see uso's at airports serving as hospitality lounges for soldiers.
6:49 am
installations that don't have its own uso. it has on board wi-fi, games, and a flat screened television. if you have kids you know how hard it can be to read over the summer. it's challenge. >> it's hard to get them to read any time. a school library and teachers have a bright idea. they came up with a creative new approach. >> reporter: carts full of books just waiting for young reerds. cunningham park elementary has had a summer reading program before at the school but daytime hours and distance kept many students from coming. so they decided to bring the books to the kids. >> we decided that we would just gather as many books as we could for the kids to take home. the more books you have in your home, the more lel
6:50 am
read. that increases your literacy. >> reporter: this pop-up library right next door to the apartment complex where many kids live. the teachers hope ready access to books will fend off what they call the summer slide when reading levels can take a dive. >> there's a lot of stipulatage over the summer. we love to have the kids reading. it keeps them fresh. >> and there was a call out for books. she never imagine the response. nearly a thousand were donated by families nearby. so look what happened when the doors opened. the room quickly filled with parents and kids eager to read. this mom and her kids walk over from the apartments next door. >> we're very excited because they like reading books,
6:51 am
really excited too. >> reporter: they may may need to dip into this backup supply stored at cunningham park. at this library, the kids can keep the books they take home. >> having the opportunity to read it over and over again builds flunsy and a love of learning. >> whatever it take. getting outside with a book today you want to get underneath a tree. >> there you go. stay in the shade and when you are out and about, you can check out the latest forecast where you are with the nbc washington app. here is a few this morning after as we take a look outside of our sky. this is a view of our sun rise under way. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. sun is jumping up quickly in a sky that is showing low humidity moving in. storm team 4 radar all in the clear. comfortable, we're in the 60s from the mountains all the way to the bay, right on the
6:52 am
reagan national at 71. there's patchy fog in some of the rural areas. love this photo of a sunset over the sunflower field. when you are out and about enjoying your summer weather, post your picks. great day for baseball at nats park. first pitch at 1:05. they take on the pirates. seventh inning stretch, it will be the low 90s. by 5:00, hovering toward the low 90s. tomorrow morning, mid 70s, a hot day on monday. the upper 90s on monday afternoon. it will feel like 100. a break wednesday. a heat waive returns. hottest days may be the saturday and
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we're staying on top of breaking news for you. a pedestrian is dead after being hit by a poleic c
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your the pokemon. the goal is also to help people who love
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fall in love with d.c. landmarks. >> we meet out on constitution gardens and the grounds of washington monument. it's a fabulous place to come in. catch your favorite pokemon and have a fabulous time in your national park. >> like the idea of the national park services is keeping the fun going again at 2:00 this afternoon. we have a list of safety tips for playing pokemon go on our nbc washington app. just search pokemon. here are the four things to know on this sunday morning. pedestrian is dead after being struck by a police cruiser in prince george's county. happened around 2:30 this morning in langley park. we're told the pedestrian was not in the crosswalk when the accident happened. tensions are on the rise between the turkey and the u.s. after a failed attempt at a military coup. a vigil is planned today for adrn
6:57 am
he was killed last year. a vintage jill is -- vigil is being held at 4:00. and hot day today, tom? >> stay cool. it will be in the low 90s this afternoon and we'll have noticeably lower humidity gomg in -- coming in during the afternoon. lots of sunshine. more humid on monday. upper 90s tomorrow afternoon. that's it for news 4 today. nbc sportsoverage of the c
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it is noon, british summer time. 7:00 back on the east coast and welcome to championship sunday. welcome to sunday at royal troon. this grand stand is going to start to fill up very soon with folks getting set to watch history unfold behind us on the 18th green. it was a wonderful start. itll


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