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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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that men and women in both parties have been longing to hear, but none of us should think for one second that this will be easy. the outcome of this election depends on us. and how we contend with an incredible onslaught that's coming our way. you know, this won't be america's first glimpse at the clinton machine in action. as bernie sanders can tell you. and this time around, she'll have the press doing half her work for her. the good news is, it won't be nearly enough, not against the candidate whose captured the attention of the country the way donald trump has. on issue by issue, he and i will take our case to the voters,
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obama-clinton agenda and showing a better way. we will win the hearts and minds of the american people with an agenda for a stronger and more prosperous america. now, the establishment in washington, d.c., thinks it's only a narrow range of voters who are giving donald trump a serious look. but i can tell you firsthand, there's a lot of americans out there who feel like democrat politicians have taken them for granted. it's union members who don't want a president who promises to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. those miners want an
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energy policy, and they know that donald trump digs coal. it's african-americans who remember generations of hollow promises about safe streets and better schools and they know donald trump will fight for equal opportunity and he loves educational choice. and it's hispanic americans who respect the law, want jobs and opportunities for their families, who know that donald trump will uphold the law and get this economy moving for every american. you know, the par
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opportunity. and during these difficult days, it will be our party and our agenda that opens the doors for every american to succeed and prosper in this land. you know, in so many ways the democratic party has abandoned those it used to protect. maybe they have become too entrenched in power, so comfortable at times that they lose patience with the normal legislative process. it's so much simpler to impose their values by executive order or court action. and make no mistake about it, hillary clinton has some big ideas along those lines too. as this election approaches, every americanho
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presidency for the next four years, this election will define the supreme court for the next 40. we all better think very carefully, very carefully about what this means for our constitution and limited government. elect hillary clinton and you better get used to being subject to unelected judges using unaccountable power to take unconstitutional actions. so let me say for the sake of the rule of law, for the sake of the sanctity of life, for the sake of our second amendment, and for the sake of all our other god-given liberties, we must ensure that the next president appointing justices to the supreme court is donald tr
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[ cheers and applause ] and hillary clinton's record on foreign affairs gets even worse. you know, it was hillary clinton who helped undo all the gains of the troop surge. a staggering failure of judgment that set isis on the loose. it was hillary clinton who instigated the president's disastrous agreement with the radicals in iran, and it was hillary clinton who left americans in harm's way in benghazi and after four americans fell said what difference at this point does it make.
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[ crowd chanting "lock her up" ] as the proud father of a united states marine, let me say from my heart, anyone who said that, anyone who did that should be disqualified for ever serving as commander in chief of the armed forces of the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] seven and a half years of barack obama and hillary clinton's policies have weakened america's place in the world. terrorist attacks at home and abroad,
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scenes from france just a few short days ago and the attempted coup in turkey, all attest to a world spinning apart. history teaches us that weakness arouses evil. hillary clinton and barack obama's foreign policy of leading from behind, moving red lines, feigning resets with russia and the rise, rule and reign of isis are a testament of this truth of history. we cannot have four more years apologizing to our enemies and abandoning our friends. america needs to be strong for the world to be safe and on the world stage, donald trump will lead from strength.
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donald trump will rebuild our military and stand with our allies. donald trump will confront radical islamic terrorism and its source and destroy the enemies of our freedom. and if the world knows nothing else, it will know this, america stands with israel. [ applause ] you know, if you looked at the calendar this morning, you might have noticed the pre
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barack obama ends exactly six months from today. [ cheers and applause ] [ crowd cheering "we like mike" ] and this much is certain, this much is certain of the obama years, they're not ending well. there seems to be so many things that divide us, so few great purposes that unite us as they once did. and it's at moments like
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moments when politics fail that i believe we do well to remember that what unites us far exceeds anything that sets us apart in america. [ applause ] that we are as we have always been one nation, under god, indivisable, with liberty and justice for all. should i have the awesome privilege to serve as your vice president, i promise to keep faith with that conviction, to pray daily for a wise and
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discerning heart, for who is able to govern this great people of yours without it. my fellow americans, i believe we have come to another rendezvous with destiny, and i have faith. faith in the boundless capacity of the american people and faith that god can still heal our land. [ applause ] but we have a choice to make. this is another time for choosing. if you want a president who will protect this nation, confront radical islamic terrorism and rid the world of isis, i
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restore law and order to this country and give law enforcement the support and resources they deserve, if you want a president who will cut taxes, grow our economy and squeeze every nickel out of the federal bureaucracy, if you want a president who will build strong borders and enforce our laws, and if you want a president who will upend the status quo in washington, d.c., and appoint justices to the supreme court who will uphold the constitution, we have but one choice, and that man is ready. this team is ready. our party is ready. and when we elect donald trump, the 45th president of the united states,
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america great again. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. and god bless you. and god bless the united states of america. [ cheers and applause ] >> governor mike pence delivering his acceptance speech here at the republican national convention in cleveland. donald trump in the wings there applauding as the governor absorbs the love in the room. >> i have to say that ending kind of fell flat there a little bit. i'm missing the rush to the stage. >> trump did make up for it by giving him an air kiss right there, chuck. >> we have not, by the way, seen the traditional clasp of arms
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this is about. these guys are outsiders. i think trump might not even know that's what they're supposed to do. they're just getting to know each other. i think the chemistry will come. >> and yet they separate here and donald trump goes back in the wings, mike pence -- >> have you ever seen this, tom? >> what is this? trump just walked out on him. >> we saw this during the initial rollout, if you recall. >> here comes pence's family. but where's trump? >> the governor's -- the governor's speech was largely that of a traditional politician. he took his shots at hillary clinton, but in a perhaps loftier less caustic way than we've heard from any other speakers in this convention. but i've got a couple of slack-jawed colleagues here. >> look, this convention is a mess. let's not -- i don't -- it's now donald trump. it's all on him tomorrow night now. he has got a bigger job
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mike pence's speech got totally lost. ted cruz has stolen the night for better or for worse. and his speech was perfectly fine, but it doesn't exactly electrify -- it didn't electrify the crowd. >> let me bring tom in here because, tom, you just gave a look like what is happening here. >> i've never seen anything quite like that where trump comes out, gives him a perfunctory kind of thumbs up and then walks off the stage. the traditional way of doing it is grabbing the hand, holding it up, walking back and forth together. even nixon with eisenhower grabbed him and said don't we have a great president. startled eisenhower. but at the same time that was the lingering thing. i do think -- >> i can't believe -- >> here's the thing that's actually shocking about it. so you say these are outsiders, someone should have briefed them. hey, give everyone the moment, stand together, let them witness, let them see the
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doesn't have a campaign to tell him what he's supposed to do. >> i know, but donald trump if anything is a great communicator. he knows about image. >> and he's a great performer and he should know it's about television images. >> are these men going to have a true working relationship or is this a marriage of convenience? >> i can tell you somebody very close to trump said to me the over/under on joint appearances between those two between now and november is less than a dozen. and i will take the under. >> on the other hand, ladies and gentlemen, we represent conventional wisdom. donald trump represents a completely different way of doing things, and it's worked for him every step of the way. do not forget that. i mean we're playing by different rules. >> and once again tonight, i will not ask you what the headline tomorrow, there's too many to talk about. we'll be here all night. clearly a lot of news coming out of this night three of the convention, including the moment that ted cruz was essentially booed of
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savannah, you've got an interview tomorrow with ivanka trump. that's going to do it for our coverage and a very dramatic and memorable night, night three of this republican national convention. for chuck todd, savannah guthrie, nicolle wallace, tom brokaw and our entire nbc news team, i'm lester holt saying good night from cleveland. (announcer vo) at unitedhealth group, we're on a mission... to meet the unique health needs of our service members, veterans and their families. by expanding access to high-quality care, from enlistment through retirement. using data insights to customize that care, so it's responsive to the military experience. and by serving the families of wounded service members through innovative partnerships. health care built for those who serve. unitedhealth group. built for better health.
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now at 11:00, v.p. up staged. indiana governor mike menace accepts the gop nomination for vice president. >> that's a big story tonight. trump
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getting booed off the stage for what he did not say. we're following breaking news of what led up to a deadly stabbing at a bus station. the ripple effect of a southwest airlines computer crash that's still not resolved. could it stretch into tomorrow? for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend or freedom and be faithful to the constitution. >> senator ted cruz booed and jeered for the last three and a half minutes of his speech tonight in cleveland for his refusal to endorse donald trump. >> cruz told the crowd not to stay home in november but said they should vote their conscience and that drew blank stares from the trump family.
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started walking on to the arena before cruz finished his remarks. >> it all distracted from what was supposed to be the highlight of the night, indiana governor mike pence accepting the nomination for vice president. steve starts our coverage inside the quicken loan arena. >> reporter: wisconsin governor scott walker endorsed for the first time the republican nominee. >> we need to support donald trump and mike pence to be the next president and the vice president of the united states. >> marco rubio by video. >> it's time to come together. >> reporter: conservatives want to do here, ted cruz. the texas senator had done the best against trump calling him unfit for the white house. would cruz endorse? >> i want to congratulate donald trump on winning the nomination last night.
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up and down the ticket who you trust. >> donald trump arrived backstage. as he came into the hall some delegates booed cruz. >>efore trump running mate mike pence spoke, it was trump's son eric. >> today i see in his eyes man who truly loves his country. who is proud of his country and who wants his country to be great again. >> tomorrow night trump's daughter ivanka speaks. then the man who a year ago most of the delegates dreamed could never be their nominee. donald trump's speech as the most critical part of this convention. >> right now news 4 chris lawrence is just outside quicken loans arena. >> these two had
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campaign but how many people expected this. what about the backlash of ted cruz? what are the delegates telling you? >> reporter: they're shell shocked. they can't believe it. i heard that from delegates from california to rhode island and all the states in between. this is what you come out of quicken loans arena. these are all the delegates. tons of people coming out. they're shaking their head. we talked with a woman who has some harsh words for senator cruz. >> since he didn't support our nominee, the one that we the people picked. the person we want to be president, the person that we want to represent our country and
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basically thumbed his nose in our face too. that showed me that he doesn't care not only about donald trump but he doesn't care about us. us, the true republicans who want donald trump to be president. i'm glad that they booed him. i want them to boo him again. i hope he goes home and lays in a ball. >> reporter: there is a ton of animosity out here tonight. you can see it. you can feel it. it's all people are talking about as they file out. he not only up staged the vice presidential nominee, governor mike pence but now he's made donald trump's job tomorrow night even that much harder because he is presented the image that the republican party is not united and a lot of people here are wondering why he came here tonight. we're going to stay out here. we're going to be talking to people. we're going to be updating this story on twitter and facebook. bring you some new sound nor news 4 tomorrow morning. 'l
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end when donald trump speaks here tomorrow night. back to you. >> another night of surprises. chris lawrence on the ground. thank you. back up. back up. >> police used a fire extinguisher to break up a protest of those who burned an american flag. two officers suffered minor injuries. we have seen examples of respect between police and protesters, including this hug from cleveland's police chief. security has been very tight all week. it's expected to peak tomorrow. >> reporter: virginia delegates,
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armed escorts to and from convention events. all around the arena security zone, police presence is day and night. obvious but understated. delegates had been warned for weeks of massive disruption. despite some protest and some arrest, most of the delegates are feeling pretty good about security. >> the first day i felt a little sketchy and nervous. i feel a lot more comfortable now. >> i think the security has been wonderful. we walked through the protesters to get here. >> we just came in from fourth street. my first time coming in that way. it was really good. i felt totally safe. there's a lot of security out there, a lot of police. >> reporter: now one more day to go with this convention. >> any day now hillary clinton is expected to announce her vice presidential pick and tim kaine is on the
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he was asked when he expects to hear one way or the other. >> went through the process in 2008. i kind of know the rhythm of it. i'm glad i do. a decision is very late. i don't expect a decision will be made and announced until the weekend between the two conventions. >> clinton is expected to announce her pick during the campaign stop in florida this weekend. news 4 will be in philadelphia next week along with aaron gilchrist along with our live coverage of the democratic convention. tune in tomorrow as our coverage is anchored from the rnc in cleveland. man is dead after stabbing at a bus bay outside the addison road metro station in capital heights. news 4 is there and just spoke to metro officials about what happened. jackie, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we've learned officers
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police and prince george county police were nearby and arrested a man who was believed responsible for the stabbing here is what we know. just after 7:00 tonight, people were standing around a bus bay, one of the bus stops here when two men began arguing, yelling at each other and then at some point they began physically fighting. >> during the course of that physical altercation, one of the two males pulled out a folding knife and stabbed the victim one time in the chest. that victim sustained fatal injuries. he was pronounced here at the scene. >> reporter: what we're told by metro official s the two men knew each other. did have some acquaintance with each other prior to the actual stabbing, but it's not clear whether they met here tonight or had known each other for some
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time. no information about the ages or names of the two men involved. metro detectives will be reviewing surveillance footage from here at the addison road station. live in capital height, jackie benson. dozens of cats and kittens have been rescued from a home in northwest d.c. in what officials are causing an extreme case of animal hording. two women were living in the home on decatur avenue taking in strays not having them spayed or neutered. the cats were found in deplorable conditions inside the home and outside in a movieing van. >> found some pretty sick cats, pretty scared cats in not most ideal situation. at that point we're working with the owner and the owner realized it was in the best interest of the animals to surrender them. >> right now they are underweight, overheated and suffering from various infections. they will be cared for until they are ready to be
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meantime, you can help make room by helping clear the shelters this saturday. nbc 4 is teaming up with the washington humane society. the washington animal rescue league for the second year in a row to find homes for pets in need. we have information on our websi website, hundreds of millions of dollars, that's how much a new class action lawsuit claims drivers who use the dulles toll road should be refunded. the suit says the washington airport authority has been using tolls to help pay for metro silver line. a project many of those drivers may never use. it also says that because the airport's authority is not a federal or state entity, there's no real oversight on its decision making. the airport's authority declines to comment. i'm tracking th warmest weather we've had in years when triple high temperatures move
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lo last, coming up. thousands of passengers stranded after computer problems grounded southwest flights. we have when the airline expects to get the issues resolved. why experts are vetting the traffic situation will get worse before it gets better. find out what was going on through the mind of this clerk when he decided to
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new tonight, southwest airlines says it's scaling back late flights to try to get
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running for tomorrow. >> some travellers are still wondering when they will reach their final destination. news 4 is at reagan national airport with a look at the southwest airline situation right now. shomari. >> reporter: there are still delays here at ronald reagan national airport. 600 to 700 either delayed or cancellations nationwide ever since this began around 3:00 today. >> this sucks. i need to get home. >> reporter: mandy is frustrated. compute issued grounded southwest flights nationwide this evening. >> it's sad with a multibillion dollar corporation to computers go down and it's this much trouble. >> reporter: people arrive hours late to new orleans. m maddy along with hundreds of passengers wait to check in and get an update. th
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about an hour. then southwest airlines officials told passengers at reagan national that the system was continuing to go up and down. >> it's just unfortunate that it's happening. >> we had a rush here. we thought we were going to be late. appare apparently, we have to wait in this long line. >> reporter: southwest airline says it will offer flexible accommodations for rebooking tickets once the system is up and running again. maddy says smart move. >> otherwise a lot of people won't be flying southwest if this is something that will be a problem. >> reporter: what's next here at ronald reagan national airport for southwest airlines if you have a flight tomorrow, southwest airline officials are saying you should go to to check your flight status before you come to the airport. also, make sure you come early and you can expect long lines. as for southwest officials, well overnight they say teams will be working around the clock to try and


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