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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪ now at 11:00, tim kaine is the pick for hillary clinton. the virginia senator could be our next vice president. when we'll see him on the campaign trail. german police now say it was a single shooter in munich today. what e
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tragedy that left ten people dead. power outages still impacting museums on the national mall. i'll have the latest on what this extreme heat means for your weekend and when it breaks in my forecast. a relentless optimist, devoted to fighting for others, that's how hillary clinton described her choice to be vice president. virginia senator tim kaine. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. jim handly is off tonight. she made this in english and spanish in a tweet tonight. kaine called it an honor to be her running mate. they'll hit the campaign trail together in florida tomorrow. steve handelsman starts our coverage tonight in philadelphia. >> reporter: made her announcement after campaigning in the swing state of florida tweeting, i am thrilled to announce my running mate, tim kaine, a man who has devoted his
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life to fighting for others. he's close to clinton, who says kaine is capable of stepping in as president. kaine is 58, a virginia senator since 2012, married, three children. a former governor and mayor and democratic party chair and kaine joked, he's boring. similar in temperate to donald trump's running mate, mike pence. trump last night described an america in crisis. >> i alone can fix it. >> clinton today slammed trump. >> he offered a lot of fear and anger and resentment. but no solutions about anything that he even talked about. >> in philadelphia, security is gearing up for the democratic convention. and clinton's push with tim kaine for voters to pick them instead of trump and pence as their voice. >>
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bernie sanders supporters are bitterly complaining that clinton picked another establishment democrat like herself. they would have preferred a progressive like, say, elizabeth warren. from the dnc site in philadelphia, i'm steve handelsman. nbc news. a little more now on senator kaine's experience. he's never lost an election. in 1994, he won his first election to richmond city council and then rose to mayor in 1998. in 2002 he became virginia's lieutenant governor, was sworn in as governor in 2006. in 2009, president obama chose kaine to chair the democratic national committee and in 2012 kaine was elected u.s. senator. much more on tim kaine's life right now in our nbc washington app. meanwhile, news 4's dave culver just arrived for the campaign event. he just touched down in miami.
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florida where we expect the first joint appearance by hillary clinton and her newly chosen running mate, virginia senator, tim kaine. the reason we traveled here to miami, supposed to be holding a rally together and we're to be this to cover it. i was just with the senator yesterday in sterling, virginia. he gave no indication that he would get the nod even downplaying. he understood why he would be on any short list. pointing to his virginia connection. we nova va'a is a battleground state. the announcement by the hillary campaign would happen right here in florida, another swing state with a huge latino population. all things that are highly desirable when we look ahead to the november election. we'll bring you complete coverage from miami starting tomorrow right here on news 4. we hope to see you then. reporting from miami, florida, tonight, i'm david culver, news 4. we have david in miami tomorrow and news 4's julie carey and aaron gilchrist
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weekend. look for their reports from the democratic national convention all next week starting sunday on news 4 at 11:00. turning to our weather now. in the extreme heat we're dealing with this weekend. shamari stone will tell us more about a power outage on the national mall. >> doreen, highs today generally in the mid-90s. when you factor in the humidity, it felt like temperatures were around 100. tochl temps are warmer and humidity levels also higher. what that means, it's feeling brutal tomorrow afternoon. by the mid kay hours, look at how hot it feels. 103 in the district. 101 in frederick. 104 in leesburg. this is dangerous heat we're dealing with. feeling about 106 in washington. 103 in manassas. i think the national weather service will likely issue a heat advisory for tomorrow. even a
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extremely hot with triple digit real-feel temps out there. feeling about 104 in the district. right now, it's still feeling about 90 degrees in washington. coming up in my full forecast, i'm going to break down sunday and monday. all three of the upcoming days storm team weather alert days because of the heat, doreen. >> thanks, amelia. pepco says it could be another 13 hours before power is fully restored to some buildings in washington. including seven museums that would normally be a welcome relief from the heat for people on the national mall. news 4's shamari stone is live with the latest on the heat and the power outages. shamari? >> reporter: well, doreen, pepco crews are doing what they can to vigorously work on the underground equipment. they're going underground to try and fix the broken equipment. it comes at a bad time with temperatures dangerously high and people looking for places to go inside for a break
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heat. >> i'm a little disappointed. >> lucas planned to take his mom out to dinner at the source restaurant near the museum. when they walked to the door, they saw the handwritten note. due to the power outage, we have had to close for dinner. >> have to make new plans now. >> reporter: the cause for the outage is on third street southwest. pepco crews are working to turn the lights back on for the 200 customers. the outage happened around noon today after underground equipment broke down. smithsonian officials closed the national museum of the american indian, the national museum of african art and a couple more museums because they lost power. >> it's hot out here. it feels disgusting. >> under a near triple digit heat wave for the next three days. the high will be close to 100 degrees and it will feel even hotter. that has brought on extra crews to help with any outages
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weekend. >> we also have many more crews available waiting if need be to be called in. >> you're now looking at a live picture of these guys working on third street southwest. trying to repair that underground equipment. pepco tells us the power should be back on tomorrow by noon. so you're probably watching this and thinking to yourself, okay, what if i want to go to the museum tomorrow? you do have options. the national museum of natural history, the national museum of american history and the national air and space museum are all open tomorrow. you can go check those out and hopefully the other museums will be open as well. you can find out the latest information on our app. i'm shomari stone, news 4. thanks, so marry. developing tonight, an 18-year-old german iranian was the sole gunman in a shopping mall attack that killed ten people, including himself, and injured 21. police in
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they say the gunman had been living in munich for more than two years and did not have a police record. witnesses originally told police they had seen three shooters, which is why authorities say they were looking for suspects. hear from a u.s. college student in germany. >> there was like a family coming towards us, they were in shock, heard gunshots. people are screaming and running away. >> the gunman started shooting at a mcdonald's and continued the rampage. he eventually turned the gun on himself. there's no word on motive. breaking news tonight on a story that the iteam scott mcfarland broke. a person of the u.s. department of homeland security was indicted. he has a top secret clearance inside agency headquarters. last month we told you police
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into the highly secured agency complex in northwest d.c. news 4 was first to report the feds planned to raid his home the second that he might have been planning violence. he faces up to ten years in pris on. he's due in court on wednesday. it's unclear what plea, if any, he has entered in that case. strong reaction from virginia governor terry mcauliffe tonight after the state's highest court struck down an executive order that restored voting rights to felons. the governor called it a disgrace and said he would work to restore rights for nearly 13,000 individuals who have already registered to vote. news 4's dorothy spencer reports from fairfax county tonight. >> reporter: sheila has worked to help convicted felons get their voting rights back in virginia. but now a major setback. >> just seems
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>> the virginia supreme court ruled that terry mcauliffe went too far when he enabled more than 200,000 felons who served their time to register to vote. >> absolutely devastated. >> the court ruled the order unconstitutional. the governor has said the civil war era provision was meant to block african-americans from voting. he said in a statement he would sign nearly 13,000 individual orders for citizens who have already had their rights restored and registered to vote. >> they need a second chance and the opportunity to be what they deserve to be as far as a voter in the state of virginia. >> critics accuse the governor of trying to pad the voter rolls before election day. virginia's house speaker and senate majority leader issued a statement that says the supreme court of virginia delivered a major victory for the constitution, the rule of law and the commonwealth of virginia. this opinion is a sweeping rebuke of the governor's
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unprecedented assertion of executive authority. i spoke to one woman tonight who is among the thousands of convicted felons who has already had her voting rights restored and has registered to vote. she says she's disappointed in the court ruling but takes comfort in the governor's promise that she'll be able to vote for the first time in 12 years in november. in reston, virginia, darcy spencer, news 4. a man thought he won the lottery. then somebody told him to pay up. what he told our susan hogan so the same thing doesn't happen to you. don't let the heat stop you from changing a pet's life or your own life. how
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winning the lottery is something we all dream about from time to time and when a local man was told he won hundreds of thousands of dollars, he became determined to collect his winnings. but as consumer reporter susan hogan explains all new tonight tfrks a costly mistake. >> nowadays, you can encounter a scam artist just about anywhere and facebook no exception. unfortunately, a maryland man got caught up in the moment thinking his life was about to change dramatically. well, it did. but not the way he imagined. eugene reed says he's looking forward to retiring soon. so when he heard he won a lottery, his future looked bright. >> it was a friend recommending me to go on this program and when i called, they say i am on a winner's list. a
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appeared to be from facebook. the winnings, $150,000. >> i had so much confidence in these people because it sounded so real. >> eugene received a contact name and was told to reach out to that person over facebook message. >> initially, they told me i had won $150,000. >> but his winnings would cost him a small fee. >> the first time he asked for money is when they had what's it called a tax clearance fee that they said all recipients have to pay for $1500. >> following the $1500 fee, eugene's facebook conversation with this person spanned over several months. >> one story led to another page after page of the facebook conversations riddled with stories and excuses as to why this person needed more and more money from eugene. stories that involved the fbi. >> gave him $5,000 more so the fbi would release
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>> the u.p.s. truck was in an accident, fatal accident. >> eugene trusted this person. but that wasn't the end of it. eugene was then told his jackpot winnings increased even more to $700,000. but his payout would end up costing him tens of thousands of dollars. >> after i gave him the final $3500. it was $50,200 exactly. >> eugene never received his lottery winnings. nbc4 reached out to facebook and it confirmed eugene fell for a scam. facebook told us, bottom line, there is no facebook lottery. and there will never be. facebook says you can report a scam that uses the social media website's name through its help center. as for eugene, his winnings quickly turned into significant loss. >> i am very disappointed. i'm out of $50,000. i have to delay my retirement. >> the federaad
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lottery, you didn't win. if you have to pay to collect your prize, you didn't win either. suspicious about a lottery that you got to file a complaint with the s.e.c. we have a link on our nbc washington app. search lotly scams. i'm susan owe began, news 4. >> that's terrible. do we have an opportunity for you tomorrow to change a pet's life and your own too. we're trying to clear the shelters and find permanent loving homes for pets in need. a lot of shelters across the nation are teaming up with nbc and telemundo stations for the second annual clear the shelters effort. they will have reduced or no adoption fees tomorrow. last year, more than 1200 pets were adopted locally. you can find a map of locations where you can adopt on search clear the shelters. look for wendy's live report here on news 4 tomorrow morning. don't let the hot weather interfere
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and meet some of these wonderful animals. >> it is going to be extremely hot tomorrow. significantly more so than it was today. highs tomorrow in the upper 90s. when you factor in the humidity, it will feel like temperatures are from 100 to 108 in spots. thankfully, on sunday, the humidity levels won't be as bad. you'll see that when you factor in the humidity on sunday, it won't feel as hot outside. but regardless, it's going to be the hottest weekend so far this year. the extremely hot weather, dangerously hot weather persists through monday. because of that, tomorrow through monday, storm team 4 weather alert day, with the heat comelate-day thunderstorm chances tomorrow and more so on monday. finally tracking some cooler temps in the ten-day outlook. here's the feels-like forecast tomorrow. 100 toe 108. this is during the afternoon and early evening hours on sunday. feeling like temps are around 100 monday. th
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big way. again, it's feeling like 100 to 108. the humidity starts to break on tuesday. it's still feeling like temps near 100 on tuesday afternoon. hopefully the ac working in your car and home over the next few days. you start off already at 77 degrees. by noon, temps in the low 90s. 4:00 we'll hit our highs, 98 and, again, there could be scattered thunderstorms around. 8:00 p.m. tomorrow evening, 90 degrees. i know some of you are interested in dew point temperatures. that helps us determine the feels-like factor. i posted what those are on my facebook and twitter pages. tomorrow, the humidity levels oppressive and with that it's making it feel each hotter than the thermometer is reading. sunday, again, they drop somewhat. still around the annoying level and monday they shoot right back up. it is just gross out there on saturday and monday when you factor in the mugginess. currently, it's feeling about 90 in washington. more comfortable in
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here's a look at the exclusive ten-day forecast. a high of 97 on sunday. monday a high of 100. if we hit 100, two things. it will be the first time since 2012 that that's happened and secondly, it will tie the record high temperature for that day. chance for some late-day thunderstorms. maybe some thunderstorms around on tuesday. especially south of the area. 95. 90s wednesday and thursday. and then we're finally more where we should be this time of year during friday and then next saturday in the 80s. >> by then, we'll have the hang of it, right? >> we'll be used to triple digit heat indisease. thanks, amelia. the nationals having trouble facing teams from the west coast. could this be the difference the teams needed against the padres tonight. first here's jimmy fallon. >> w have pene
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hi there folks. welcome to the csn studios. sebastian salazar here with you. women's soccer in action tonight. getting ready for the rio olympics. we start on the diamond with a 4 1/2 game lead for the nats over miami in the n.l. east. nationals hosting san diego in the first of a three-game set today. tanner roy looking for a -- first inning, matt kemp takes him deep to left, a solo home run and puts san diego up 1-0. the nationals answer in the bottom half ofhe
11:26 pm
homer of the year. that one ties the game at 1-1. roark runs into more trouble. game tied at 2. kemp does it again and a three hundred run jack. they top the nationals, 5-3. how about the orioles, they came in a half back of boston. looking to get back in first place with the ind yand up at camden yards. first inning, two on for mark trok bow. this is the league leading home run. makes it 3-0. the 20th long ball of the year. orioles win easily 5-1. on top of that boston loses. baltimore back atop the a.l. east. next up to kansas city where the u.s. women's soccer team playing in a final game before shipping off to rio. the red, white and blue got going right away. crystal dunn of
11:27 pm
spirits, scoring in the 15th minute after the beautiful assist from klingenberg. usa doubling their lead. remember this name. mallory pew. she's 18 years old and maybe starting in brazil. scores at the near post here to make it 2-0 to the americans. just before the half, last summer's world cup final, carli lloyd makes it 3-0 with a smashing header off the assist. the u.s. rolls, final score 4-0 over costa rica. u.s. men's basketball taking on argentina in the first of five pre-olympic exhibition games. in one not that close. the americans led by kevin durant who had a game high 23 points. demarcus cousins had a big night as well with a double double. 14 points and 15 rebounds for boogie. how about paul george, broke his leg a couple years ago playing for the usa. scores 18 points off the bench. the u.s. wins big, 111-74. the u.s. men's basketball and women's soccer,
11:28 pm
to take home gold in rio next month. hoops competition starts august 6th. the women's soccer team begins their run august 3rd against new zealand. that's all the time we've got. send it back to the nbc washington studios. doreen, amelia, the
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check this out. local high school students competing in something called the spaghetti bridge contest. more than 2 dozen students competed in the engineering contest at johns hopkins university campus in rockville
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they built bridges using dry spaghetti and
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- simon cowell, lilly singh, penn & teller,


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