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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. i cannot believe it's the start of school season. here we go. summer went by like that! >> let's start with a look at the forecast this morning. chung -- chuck bell is in the storm team 4 weather center. >> good morning, everybody. i hope you had a nice weekend. your monday morning off to a delightfully quiet start here. temperatures in the 60s and suburbs right now. unlike the last couple of weeks, where we would have been nearly 90 by noontime. today we'll be nearly 80 by noontime and afternoon highs will be nice. living in gaithersburg, 82 degrees in winchester, 80. tons of sunshine, the only thing that could mess up a monday this beautiful is possibly traffic. let's head to melissa. >> in annandale, still have -- >> i can't get out of there that fast. >> you think ducking
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all lanes blocked because of those downed wires. it could be a couple more hours before that's completely out of the way. 28 here at muncaster mill road, one lane getting by each direction. i'm replaying that in my head and it's still funny. outer loop at 95 there, left lane, that's wrapping up. all the main routes looking good. 95 northbound, no problem, quantico to the beltway. family and friends and the community will say good-bye to christopher barry, the son of former d.c. mayor marion barry. >> he came into this community. >> those are just some of the memories being shared from those who knew barry. in a private memorial last night. a visitation is happening today. happening from 10:00 a.m. until
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on southern avenue in southeast. a public funeral will follow at the same location at 7:00 p.m. christopher barry died from a drug overdose last sunday morning. a preliminary hearing will be held later today for di marco wheeler he's facing several charges in the murder of a man last month. wheeler sped off in jackson's car. that hearing gets under way at 8:45 this morning. it's back-to-school season. today, students in d.c. and frederick county, maryland, will head back to the classroom and that means the summer is officially over for thousands of students and their teachers. news 4 derrick ward is live outside in northeast washington. another year for school. >> reporter: good morning. indeed it is another year. we're outside of an elementary school in n
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traditional schools start today. k through 12. prek 3 through prek 4 don't start until thursday. there are 11 districts have been in school already. k through 12 students started on the 8th and prek through pk 4 they started on the 11th. that's a novel idea in the district. these extended years will give students another year of school and by the time they reach college age. there are change for all d.c. public schools. they will be looking for a new chancellor. anderson is leaving in october. there will be a search for a new chancellor and we'll be having a new contract. d.c. public school teachers haven't had a new contract since 2012. there's a lot on the plate as they search for a new head of this school
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a couple of hours. live in northeast, derrick ward. back to you. it's an historic new day at a new high school in the district. the first single sex high school opens its door today. 150 boys will be in class at ron brown prepare tory school. they start ninth grade there. loudon county schools return next monday but today is the last chance to apply for a full day kindergarten seat. a lottery will determine who gets 62 spots at four schools and forms must be submitted by noon today ahead of tomorrow's drawing. 30% of loudon county kindergartners were in all day kindergarten programs. tweet or instagram
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nbc washington, using the first day face hash tag. we're learning more about two murders actually in prince george's county. damien roulette was shot yesterday morning. in suitland the community is remembering douglas brooks this morning. an 18-year-old with an up-and-coming career in music was killed. douglas brooks was a rapper. he cared about reaching out to the community. >> she no longer can see his face anymore. she can no longer hug him and tell him and kiss him to tell him i love you anymore because someone felt the need to cut his life short. >> he was ea
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connecting a homicide at a 7-11 to a weekend hotel robbery in clinton. you are looking at surveillance pictures of who police say shot and killed a clerk. the clerk was killed during what investigators call an attempted robbery. they believe the same man robbed a comfort inn after he went to a 7-11. david culver is working on the story this morning. that's coming up in in a few minutes. time to look at our decision 2016 this morning. a hearing will be held today to address a conservative legal group's lawsuit on hillary clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of state. the group wants all of her emails from 2009 and 2013. on friday, a federal judge ordered clinton to answers. questions from the group about that email. donald trump is heading to ohio today. his campaign is facing new questions over his immigration policy. it comes aer
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his policy for dealing with undocumented immigrants may not be set in stone. trump is expected to make a immigration policy speech on thursday. we'll have more on whether trump is walking back on his immigration policy in a few minutes. the storms have cleared and we're off to a much more comfortable start to the workweek. chuck bell is updating his what to wear forecast. >> you didn't tell me the whole truth. >> i left details out. the truth comes out, how rye an lochte is taking responsibility saying that he overexaggerated about the scandal he and his teammates caused in rio. we're following a developing story in ohio, dozens hurt as a car plows through an outdoor dance floor. what invest
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some folks might need a little jacket? >> you think. i refuse. it's august. >> maybe not. >> i don't think you are going to need the jackie today. it is a nice change and considerably cooler than we have been. if you are sending the kids out to the bus stop for one of their first days of schools, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s by 7:00 this morning. rising quickly upper 70s by
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outdoor recess, shorts, t-shirts, i'll show you the extended forecast in a few more minutes. outdoor plans, your morning run, add a mile. it's good running weather today for outside. pool day, you bet. lunch outside, absolutely. play ball, it's the nats and orioles in baltimore tonight at 7:05. camden yards, it's a great nice for baseball. let's hope it's a win for the visitors. five-day forecast in ten minutes. brand-new problem here. we have an issue bw parkway northbound at powder mill road, both sides are blocked by a crash. 28 here in rockville still have that situation as far as muncaster mill, one lane getting by in each direction. traffic on muncaster mill, here's an update, not able to access 28 here this morning. taking a look elsewhere, beltway looking pretty good right now. you can see all
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are rolling along just fine. we're going to keep you updated on that problem, bw parkway at powder mill. annandale, still having this hanging around, between little river turnpike and gallows all lanes block. rush hour will be a little easier in downtown washington this morning. l street between 18th and 19th will be reopen for the first time in nearly a week. last monday an under ground transformer fire knocked out power to more than 100 customers. repairs should be complete by noon today. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. we're keeping our eye on a typhoon this morning. it made landfall near tokyo already. heavy rain, flood warnings, possible landslide. equen
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hurricane which is the weakest kind, but nonetheless a woman is feared dead, others hurt by flying glass. you see how windy it is there right now. power outages. strong winds forced air traffic controllers at one of the major airports in tokyo out of the tower shutting down with one of tokyo's main airports for about an hour. hundreds of cancellations as a result. major progress on multiple wild fires. two big ones we told you about in the last week. the blue cut fire near los angeles and the clayton fire in northern lake county, they have been been largely contained. this morning, the chimney fire in central california is the biggest threat. it's destroyed almost 50 buildings and moving toward an historic castle right now. hundreds have been evacuated. ♪ ♪ coming up on 5:14. take a look at the finale
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tally of the rio olympics. team usa heading home with 121 medals. 46 are gold. >> that is nearly twice as many as second place china which finished the games with 70 medals. great britain rounded out the top three with 67. the games officially ended last night with the closing ceremony. most of the night was a tribute to the last two weeks in rio, if you are sad it's over already, japan gave us something to look forward to. >> 3, 2, 1! >> you know that sound. this is japan's prime minister dressed as super mario, of course an nintendo character. >> where's luigi? >> he's down there. >> simone biles capped off the night as the flag bearer. >> president obama tweeted last night he couldn't be prouder of team usa. your determination
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you carried that flag high tonight, simone biles. congratulations for another hometown olympian, kyle snyder became the youngest olympic championship in u.s. history. he attended our lady in maryland. his gold medal is a bit heavier than he expected. >> it's heavy. it's actually 1.1 pounds. it's pretty heavy on my neck. but i'm going to keep it there for a little while until i put it in its box, but it's pretty special. >> i can imagine he didn't doesn't want to take that thing. >> snyder went 179 and 0 in matches. when he was at good council. didn't lose a single match. he skipped his senior year to move to colorado to train at the olympic facility. snyder is one of many olympians from our area. you can read more from our local stars and check moments of the games in the nbc washington app. ryan lochte's run-in with the law is one of most talke
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the usa swimmer admitted he made up a story of being robbed at gunpoint to cover up vandalizing a gas station. he spoke exclusively to matt lauer. >> i'm embarrassed for myself, my family, especially those guys, usa swimming, the whole olympic games. everyone watching. it's just -- i was immature and i made a stupid mistake. i'm human. i made a mistake, and i definitely learned from this. >> lochte and his three teammates still face further action. hear more from this exclusive "today" show interview beginning at 7:00 a.m. right after news 4 today. it's now 5:16. we're learning more about that horrific suicide bombing at a wedding in turkey. a government offi
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many as 22 victims of that bombing were under the age of 14. one of them was a baby only three months old. at least 51 people died when the attack happened on saturday night. turkish officials say the bomber was between 12 and 14 years old. they are blaming isis for t attack. we're following a developing story out of ohio this morning where eight people were hit by a car that plowed into an outdoor dance floor. police say a woman was attempting to leave a community concert when she accidentally hit the gas. two people were seriously injured in that crash and witnesses say the scene was traumatic. >> i saw the car start to spin out on the dance floor and bodies flying. >> police say they cannot rule out charges against that driver at this point. shots rang out at a house party this weekend injuring 13 people. we're told one person is still in critical condition. police say it happened around 1:30 sun morning in bridgeport, connecticut. we're told at least two shoer
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fired through some bushes, hitting people at a party both inside and outside. it's not clear whether the shooters actually attended the party. the shooting remains under investigation. right now, alcohol charges are pending for those hosting that party. we're learning this morning that pills taken from the home of megastar prince contained fentanyl but were misplaced. they were labeled as hydrocodone, a weaker opioid. officials told the associated press the singer had no prescriptions for controlled substances at the time. 5:18, your time right now. zika is spreading in florida. official there are taking action to warn people and try to contain it if they did. melissa adan fromur
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>> reporter: florida officials taking action to prepare students going back to school today. the new zika zone is in miami beach, just six miles from winwood, where the virus first showed up. three schools are in the south beach zika zone and health official passing insect repellant and school uniforms ought to prepare students today. >> we're distributing long sleeved shirts and pants to ensure students in the three affected schools in the zika zone here in miami beach have protective clothing. >> i'm going to spray this. i'm going to wear long pants and long t-shirts. >> rick scott and leaders will visit a miami-dade school in the winwood zika zone. that's where they will able to discuss their efforts to combat the virus in southwest florida. back to you.
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forecast. after those heavy rains, we're feeling much cooler here, chuck bell. >> we like it, too. after 15 out of the last 16 days have been 90 or higher, 45 days in the 90s so far this year, but this week we start to turn the corner a little bit, back toward a little bit more of an autumnal pattern. it's a beautiful day. the only thing wrong with today is it's monday. not much we can do about that. the weather will have a nice low qact on your plans today. 100% sunshine. nice breeze out of the north and nest. 68 in fredricks, maryland, 64 in front royal. oakland, maryland, down to 54 degrees. tomorrow morning, our outlying suburbs may be closer to the 50s than 60s. there goes the last
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round of thunderstorms here late last night into early evening hours. that's off the eastern coast and away from us. high pressure building in from the ohio valley promises to keep us not only sunny and dry today but the next couple of days. we're in the 60s now. highs today up into the low, perhaps the mid 80s and the week ahead looks very nice for all of your outdoor plans. open window sleeping weather perhaps. temperatures only in the low 80s the next couple of days. overnight lows, 50s. four things you need to know about the forecast coming up. brand-new problem on bw parkway northbound here at powder mill road. you can see a little bit of the orange there. we have a crash. it is now on the right shoulder. that gets out of the way soon. it won't be too much of a problem there. it's good in the northbound lanes. 28 at muncaster mill road. one lane getting by. traffic on muncaster not ableo
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annandale, hummer road, all lanes blocked with those downed wires. brand-new problem on glen mont and shady grove. two separate recalls could put you in danger on the road.
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a boy with a very serious illness will have his wish granted. 11-year-old landon la chance has a rare genetic disorder that can cause his skin to change colors or have noncancerous tumors. he wish for a blessing from pope francis. he will soon leave new york for the vatican. >> it was a hard decision to make. i wanted to go see the pope and i wanted to see if this
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help. >> the la chance family will fly to the vatican within the next two week to fulfill his wish. two car companies are warning of new problems that could put you in danger on the roads. nearly 65,000 hyundai eland dras have been recalled for brake issues. the pedals can deteriorate and shift out of park. mitsubishi is recalling 2016 out landers sports and lancers. back-to-school and only a few hours left of summer. back-to-schoo
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now at 5:30. it's back to school for students in d.c. and frederick county, maryland. the new challenges as class goes back to action. >> the growing controversy in virginia ahead of election day. >> the games are closed. a dazzling finale in rio as team usa brings home the gold and we look ahead to the next summer games in japan. ♪ ♪ >> good morning, everyone
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>> and i'm aaron gilchrist. coming up on 5:30 on monday this morning. we want to start out this half hour with four things to know about the weather. >> good morning to you, chuck. >> good morning, everybody. another week in the books. both days 90 or higher over the week. our stretch, though of hot, humid weather is quickly coming to an end here early this morning. a view outside from our city camera which shows a little bit of early morning color starting to show up. not so much purple but a little faint hint of orange out there in our skies this morning. 4 things you need to know about the forecast oh, that's better. this is much more like it for summer weather. all you get today is sunshine. the humidity, we've been suffering through is on vacation for the next couple of days and it promises to be a long, dry stretch of sunny weather ahead of us. i'll let you know when the next chance for rain is coming up in next few minutes. let's head over to melissa mollet many find out
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is holding up. >> red line delays at blent mont because of a malfunction at shady grove. green lines delays. northbound bw parkway, this is what i was saying is not so hot. it looks like that has gotten quite a bit better in the last couple of minutes. northbound at powder mill road, crash not affecting traffic. muncaster mill traffic is not able to access 28. that is going to be an issue this morning. annandale, hummer road and gallows, lines down. that's a problem. outer frederick , just a tad slow as you are coming off of 70. aaron. it's 5:31 now and it's time to head back to school. it's the first day back in class for thousands of students in d.c. and frederick county, maryland. >> such an exciting day. one of keys
5:32 am
molette green sat down with a d.c. family about their back-to-school preparations. >> these are fat pencils to help you so you learn how to write. >> william is five and super excited about his spiedy backpack. >> it's supposed to help me in math. >> she's preparing her supplies for fifth grade. >> i'm so happy because i get to see all my friends and the teachers that i missed. and getting to go to the sixth grade which is middle school. >> with supplies all around her, big sister is ready to start high school after finishing up sper bridge classes. >> they say it will be harder throughout the school year, but it's just to get us like introduced to it. >> their mom admits all three are handling back-to-school stress better than she is. >> every day, it's high, but every
5:33 am
i'm nervous. >> you want to make sure that you are well rested. you want to make sure that you are level headed and you want to make sure that you appear to be very, very calm the first day so when you are sending them off it's with a smile on their face. >> sense anxiety can impact performance in the classroom, experts say really talk to your kids a lot, and even to their teachers about how things are going and treat back to school like a marathon, not a sprint. in northwest, molette green, news 4. happening today. >> virginia governor terry mcauliffe will make an announcement on the voting rights of former felons. today's announcement after the virginia supreme court struck down his executive order restoring their voting rights. the court ordered he can only restore rights on a case-by-case basis. gop critic say it was designed to help democrats in november. new details in the shooting of an off duty firefighter in
5:34 am
he was shot on the left side of the face by someone on a motorcycle. this happened while he was sitting in his car with a young daughter on southern avenue in southeast. the little girl was not hurt. the firefighters union says he was airlifted to baltimore shock trauma and is expected to recover. working to find out more about the person who was found dead in the anacostia river, the body was pulled from the water near kingman island sun. that's not far from rfk stadium. you have one month before brand-new red light cameras start giving you a ticket. alexandria's sixth red light camera goes live today near duke street and west taylor parkway. the camera is handing out warnings for now but that will change on september 22nd, one month from today. a ticket is $50.
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celebrating its 100th anniversary by holding special events on the national mall. on sunday, people got to join park rangers on a bike ride learning about the history of east potomac park. one of today's activities includes a centennial scafen engineer hunhunt. >> no wind, rain. what song is that? ain't no mountain high enough? >> parents and kids getting ready for back to school. plenty of applause for all the people who finished the backpack run. you can see many people braved the rain, gathered at yards park on the capitol riverfront and laced up shoes and ran
5:36 am
miles. back packs will be donated to area students in need. thanks to everyone who donated back packs. we're off to a clear start as many students get ready for their first day of class. chuck bell updating you on what you can look forward in the weekend. a bizarre series of thefts
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welcome back. it's time to check our forecast. how about this cool start, aaron? >> feeling pretty good, chuck. >> isn't it nice? you don't have to worry about all the heat and humidity we've been dealing with the last couple of week. a nice refreshing change of air mass is taking place. it came after that round of thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. in its wake, we have mostly clear skies and back in the mid 60s for the suburbs, potomac, great falls. 62 at bull run. planning out the day, great day to be outside today, 60s now to low and mid 80s today and a repeat performance of that coming up for tomorrow. in fact, most of the coming week is looking pretty good if you are already thinking about the weekend, going to the beach this week, friday, saturday, sunday, highs only in the low 80s. we'll be a little warmer around here this coming week. not much in the way of a rain chance. i'll give you all that in your detailed ten-day outlook coming up in ten minutes. good monday
5:40 am
line delays because of a malfunction at shady grove. and a green line, delays to branch avenue because of malfunction there happening at greenbelt. as far as travel times, you can see we're looking quite good. 270 south from germantown to the spur, 11 minutes. top of the beltway, 95 to 270. also rolling along quite nicely. 8 minutes. 66 northbound, can't complain. a man walks out of his home ready to he had head to work only to find someone has stolen all four wheels from his car. >> ryan morgan says that's exactly what happened to him last week. morgan says someone took off the wheels of his chevy tahoe that was parked in his driveway next sun. the next morning, he found his truck on bricks. he believes this is the work of professionals. the thieves did not leave
5:41 am
fingerprints. donald trump takes a new approach to decision 2016. how hillary clinton is responding as both candidates try to win key battleground states. a murder at a popular convenience store right here if prince george's county. just ahead on news 4 today, we're gathering new details into the manhunt that is undeway rightr n
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d.c. students head back to class while others start a new chapter. all morning we're tracking your commute and the forecast so you know what to expect before you leave for the bus stop. and farewell to rio, a dazzling ceremony closes out the summer olympics and shares a preview of what's to come in tokyo. and good morning, everybody. skies have cleared out while you were sleeping overnight. there's a live view of capitol hill here in downtown washington. a beautiful way to get the week started. how loc
5:45 am
nice? >> two problems on the red line and another on the green line hearing this morning and couple of delays on the roads. details coming up. two crimes in prince george's county are being connected this morning. police say a same person who killed a 7-eleven clerk made their way to a nearby hotel for a robbery. david culver is live in clinton with information police say can help track down a suspect. david. be. >> reporter: behind me, you can see the 7-eleven. what you can't see next to me is a marked police cruiser but over here you can see an unmarked police cruiser. there is at least one uniformed police officer inside just kind of making the rounds, bringing reassurance to the clerks who are working there this morning. all of this while a manhunt is under way. i want to show you who police are looking for. you are looking at some surveillance images of the man who was wanted in connection
5:46 am
with this. you can't see his face but perhaps his clothing, his backpack you recognize. 5:00 saturday morning, this man walked into the 7-eleven off brandy wine road in clinton and tried to rob it. at some point he opened fire, killing the clerk. we know the clerk's name, a 13-year-old -- 31-year-old. the crime spree did not end there. from there, police believe the same suspect went five minutes down the road where he robbed a nearby hotel at gunpoint. now, as we come back here live this morning, you can see on the door behind me it's posted a wanted picture. $25,000 reward being offered for any information in this case and to set the scene of where we are, just across the street, a church, next to the church, a high school. so police clearly want to track this guy down. they want to find him before any more violence break out and their presence, very clear this morning. we're going to get a chance to chat with some of the folk who are making their way hereto
5:47 am
the morning but for now that is the very latest live here in clinton. i'm david culver, news 4. thanks, david. it is 5:47. happening today, an appeal hearing for former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. his lawyers want his 2012 conviction on child sex crimes to be overturn because of errors in his initial trial. he was convicted of sexually abusing ten different boys between 1994 and 2008. he's currently serving 30 to 60 years in prison. the tropical smoothie cafe chain in virginia is now linked to a number of hepatitis a cases. the state health department says ten people came down with hepatitisasm after eating smoothies with strawberries in them. symptoms include jaundice, fever, abdominal pain and fatigue. the chain says it has stopped using the strawberries which came from egyp. we asked an official with the
5:48 am
>> it's the potential and small risk associated with people who have consumed these berries over the summer. >> the health department says customers who had smoothies from august 5th through 8th could still benefit from a vaccine to prevent the disease. you can head to our nbc washington app to see the smoothie chain's full response to this. we also have more information about hepatitis a. so throughout the olympics, we've heard some strange stories. not just the triumphs, but some interesting reactions. how about that? >> yeah. two coaches showed off their frusks in an odd way. they stripped. the mongolian wrestling coaches took off their clothes and threw their shoes to protest their medal being taken away. one coach wearing only his underwear argued with the judges there. >> so they were angry that their wrestler, the one in red right here, was penalized for taunting and refusing to engage his opponent. the judges even awarded t
5:49 am
and the bronze medal, so what began as just some yelling, then all of a sudden the shirt, then the shoes. >> some symbolism i'm missing? >> they must be. i'm not familiar with the mongolian culture. there must be. i know some cultures, the shoe throwing is a sign of disrespect. >> the audience apparently did start chanting mongolia while that was going on before they got hauled out of there by controversy. >> there was controversial calls with wrestling, boxing, that sort of thing. let's turn to something a little less controversial. >> the weather? chuck bell. everybody loves chuck bell. >> that's how a lot of people feel about me. i'll be more popular this week because the weather has gotten a lot more pleasant to be out in over the next couple of days. outside, a mostly clear sky here early this morning and our heat wave is now coming to an
5:50 am
15 out of the last 16 days, including yesterday's 91. today, we will not make it into the 90s. our little heat wave is over but august is still in first place because it's the warmest august on record. le reason we're getting cooler now, you are probably starting to really notice it since two months ago, since summer solstice, we've lost an hour and a half. back-to-school, kids, 63 in gaithersburg, damascus. 64 in warnton, 69 out in charles town, west virginia. wow, what a nice change-size going to be! temperatures by noontime only around 78 to 80 degrees and i'm forecasting only 85 for a high today. full sunshine and nice low humidity. north to northwesterly winds averaging 8 to 16 miles per hour. a nice little breeze to keep things stirred up a bit. future
5:51 am
it's taking the day off. crystal clear overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning, and tomorrow afternoon. again, just a couple of clouds bubbling up. that's about it. no chances for rain any time too soon. how about this? no 90s for the next couple of days. only mid 80s. the only chance for a shower this week and it's not much of a threat, that comes in on friday. most of the coming weekend, it will be dry and hot. temperatures near 90. see you in a few more minutes with a check on how warm it will be in your hometown today and how the weather will affect your plans. see you then. taking a look at bw parkway at powder mill, it seems like things are probably unaffected there right now. still being reported as there though. rockville, 28 at muncaster mill, one lane getting by each way. traffic cannot get on 28 that is from the crash from late last night. big look at the beltway, overall looking quite good. inner loop, outer loop, all
5:52 am
hummer road between little river turn bike in annandale, all lanes blocked because of downed wires. greenbelt, green line, because of a malfunction delays. we turn to decision 2016 now and donald trump's campaign may be shifting positions on the issue that has defined his campaign. immigration. it comes after his meeting with his new hispanic advisory board over the weekend. nbc's edward lawrence is tracking the latest developments for us this morning. edward, what exactly could he be changing here? is this an example of him trying to appeal to more voters? >> aaron, it is. experts are saying he's trying to broaden his base and bring in some of those extra voters. now, after meeting with that advisory council, hispanic advisory council, his position on deporting 11 million illegal immigrants may be shifting. his campaign manager says his position is to be determined as
5:53 am
help hispanic businesses grow. >> the controversy over hillary clinton's emails continues to be a shadow over her campaign. now, former secretary of state colin powell weighing in on this after a report last week that he advised her to use a private email account, right? >> exactly. he told "people" magazine that her team is trying to pin it on me, and that's something that he believes. he said that he did send an email to hillary clinton advising her that she should get a personal email account. not a personal email server inside her home. he also said that that email was sent a full year after she had already set up that personal email server. all right. edward lawrence on capitol hill for us this morning. thank you. firefighters had to rescue a mother and son who were hanging off the side of the road. that white car in the middle right there, not just leaning on its side. it is dangling 20 feet over a busy road in florida. poli
5:54 am
concrete barrier yesterday. she and her six-year-old son were both inside. firefighters used a system of webs and slings to hold the car and broke the back window to pull the mother and son to safety. >> i want to show you a dust storm that was filling up the skies last night in arizona. dust covered the entire phoenix metro area and several communities nearby. you couldn't see more than a couple thousand feet in some places. good morning, i'm landon dowdy. sony plans to roll out a new playstation 4 model along with a high-end version next month. the company is trying to maintain demand for the top-selling game console, hoping to attract hardcore fans and casual users. all right. thank you. an app that should speed up your travei
5:55 am
bwi marshall airport. it let's you fill your customs forms on your phone. the officer scans the qr code when you get to the front of the line. 18 airports use the app. you have to search mobile passport to download it. only two weeks to go in the summer vacation season. if you are still making travel plans, you could be getting a deal. not only are gas prices low, but flights are at their lowest prices in several years. however, if you are planning on using your frequent flyer miles, better use them soon. >> they have change everything around and now suddenly you need to amass even more to get there. >> a lot of airlines are changing their terms for earning and redeeming frequent flyer miles. in some cases, they expire. make sure you double check and use them before then. a northern virginia home that played a big role in american history could soon be knocked down. the mclean house dates back to the 1730s. historians say the home on north noting s
5:56 am
for dolley madison during the war of 1812. president lincoln may have stopped by when it was a headquarters during the civil war. neighbors are trying to stop a developer who has permits to demolish it. >> it would be three more modern houses and this historic site would disappear forever and a piece of american heritage would be lost. it would be really tragic. so my hope is that somebody out there will come forward. somebody with the ability will come forward and assist here to save the property. >> despite a is its significance, the house was never preserved or placed on an historic registry. the develop der not respond to requests for comments. sphriesing -- surprising the fact that this house, if indeed, dolley madison and lincoln was at the house it was never registered in some way to protect it. with the proper permits, it could be too late which is sad. >> somebody dropped the ball a long time ago it seems
5:57 am
>> it's back to school time for most d.c. public schools. what the new academic year may hold. i'm david culver in clinton, maryland, where a manhunt is under way after a murder of a popular convenience store right here in prince george's county. it seems the crime spree did not end here. hyundai and mitt ssubishi a recalling thousands of cars. the olympic flame is extinguished. the summer games come to an end and ryan lochte would like to put the scandal behind him. >> i was
5:58 am
5:59 am
someone shot an off duty d.c. firefighter with a child in the car and this morning he's out of the hospital, but the gunman is still on the loose. plus cauldron is out in rio and maryland's olympians are coming home with a lot of gold. and summer is over for thousands of students in the district. they are waking up and getting ready to get back in gear for the new school year. fast approaching the 6:00 hour on this monday morning. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we begin with team back-to-school coverage with students in d.c.
6:00 am
maryland returning to class. >> a lot of people hitting the roads again. melissa is monitoring the current rush hour conditions. >> we begin with the weather and storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it sounds like a nice day for students returning to school. >> you bet you it is. they can open up the windows on the buses and ride into school. get ready for a new year of learning. maybe this is the year you learn something really cool. 64 right now in potomac, maryland. 68 in ellicott city this morning. 69 in beautiful springfield, virginia. weather headlines it's a mostly clear sky out there now. this morning, sunny zies coming your way. a lot schooler -- cooler than we've been. sunshine, lower humidity this afternoon. for your evening plans, i'm shoal you the forecast for the nationals and the orioles game coming up in a couple of minutes. on the whole, nothing to worry about today. 85 in


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