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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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maryland returning to class. >> a lot of people hitting the roads again. melissa is monitoring the current rush hour conditions. >> we begin with the weather and storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it sounds like a nice day for students returning to school. >> you bet you it is. they can open up the windows on the buses and ride into school. get ready for a new year of learning. maybe this is the year you learn something really cool. 64 right now in potomac, maryland. 68 in ellicott city this morning. 69 in beautiful springfield, virginia. weather headlines it's a mostly clear sky out there now. this morning, sunny zies coming your way. a lot schooler -- cooler than we've been. sunshine, lower humidity this afternoon. for your evening plans, i'm shoal you the forecast for the nationals and the orioles game coming up in a couple of minutes. on the whole, nothing to worry about today. 85 in
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83 in martinsburg, west virginia. bus stop weather, we'll see you then. still have this problem in annandale it could be there for another five hours or so. a warning fairfax county police tweeting this out. i retweeted it. hummer road between little river turn bike and gallos, it could be noon before it's cleared out of the way. traffic on muncaster, you cannot go from muncaster mill on to 28 this morning. taking a look at 66 and 95, overall, rolling along just fine here right now. 270, southbound there at 109. no problem. just a little bit of a backup there on that curve near high yatstown and we have delays on the green line as well as the red line. travel times in ten minutes. summer is officially over for thousands of students. today marks the start of a new school year. >> can b
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maryland public schools open later this morning and derrick ward continues our team coverage from an elementary school in northeast. always an exciting morning for first day. >> reporter: you know it always is and a lot of anticipation. even some anxiety, but they hope to relieve that by the time these school doors open in a couple of hours. this would be the start of the school year for the traditional schools. there are 11 schools that actually have year round school or an extended school year, they started back on august 8th, but one the school year gets under way, it will be a short period before they start looking for a new head of schools, school chancer kaya anderson says she's leaving this fall and the school chief will take over as the interim superintendent or the interim chancellor and the search begins for a new head of the d.c. public school system. one of things on that person's
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they have been back and forth with the washington teachers union over a contract. they haven't had one since 2012. there's hope there will be some movement on that. but again, time for the three r as in a couple of hours for d.c. pbs -- public schools. back to you. 6:03 you no. it is an historic first day at a new high school in the district. the first single sex public high school opens its doors today. 150 boys will be in class at ron brown prepare tory school. they start ninth grade there. good luck. kids heading back to school today. we want to see how your kids and you feel about the end of summer. be sure to tweet your pictures to nbc washington, using the #first day face. kristin wright here t
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live desk. we're getting in more information on that suicide bombing at a wedding in turkey. new developments here. just a terrible situation. 51 people dead and now turkish government officials say almost half of them are children. you see just the disstress there on people's faces. a newborn baby, only three months old, one of the victims. the suicide bomber even, a child, 12, 13, maybe 14 years old. this happened at a wedding celebration as it was winding down. just a big explosion and then all of the chaos and death that you see there. now, aaron and eun, officials in turkey do believe that isis is behind this attack. back to you. >> thank you. it's 6:04 right now. we're learning more about the shooting of an off duty firefighter in the district over the week. according to the police report, that firefighter was shot on the left side of his face by someone on a motorcycle. this happened while he was si
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young daughter on southern avenue in southeast. the little girl was not hurt. the firefighters union says he was airlifted to a baltimore hospital and is expected to recover. just into our newsroom, this photo, montgomery county police want your help finding this missing man. they say victor saavedra disappeared from the colesville area last night. he's 79 years old. if you see him, call montgomery county police. a sad story now out of suitland. an 18-year-old with an up-and-coming career in music was killed. douglas brooks was a rapper. his stage name was swipy. he cared about the community and his fans. they are not the only ones who are mourning. >> to us, he was dirty wiper. so his mother, he was douglas brooke. she was just his baby. she can no longer sees his face anymore.
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kiss him and tell him that i love you anymore because somebody felt the need to cut his life short. >> brooks performed at wpgc's birthday bash and that's the video here that you are looking at. he was shot and killed on parkway terrace drive in suitland. 6:06 now. we're following the spread of the zika virus. >> and where it may be headed next. dr. anthony fauci said texas and louisiana may see cases because of flooding. miami beach is part of the zika zone and that includes high schools where students are heading back to class. they are being told to use extra long clothing and use insect repellant if possible. president obama is back at the whies this morning after a 16-day vacation. he heads to louisiana to survey the damage left behind after the
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floods. he's locked in a battle over zika funding. the president also will be on the road to help with funding. voting rights back. now, this morning, we're learning how he hopes to follow through by taking an important new step today. >> plus a tearful apology. more from ryan lochte and what he wants you to know. >> i'm embarrassed for
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10 minutes after 6:00 on this monday morning and it's going to be refreshing to step outside. >> what a nice change. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> absolutely right. you can pay me extra for this kind of weather if you like. no complaints from me. temperatures fall back into the 60s. national airport is down to 70 degrees. maybe we can national below 70 for the
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of week. weather headlines. not a bad day to be outside. plenty of sunshine. bus stop temperatures will be in the 60s early this morning. up in the mid 70s by 9:00 a.m. and your outdoor planner what to wear, shorts, sunglasses, if you can get away with it. outdoor activities, go ahead and run. add a mile. nothing to worry about. pool day, you bet you. lunch outside, absolutely. baseball, battle of the beltway the national are on the road at camden yard. i'm back in ten minutes with a check on the five-day forecast. see you in a few. still have this problem working mentioning here in rockville. 28 here at muncaster mill. traffic on muncaster mill cannot access 28 here this morning. hummer road between little river turnpikend
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all lanes blocked. we have normal service back on the green line and some delays on the red line. 270 looks good. top of the beltway, no worries. 66 and 95 rolling along nicely as well. i'll see you back here at 6:21. 6:12 now, it's time to head back to school. it's the first day back for thousands of students in d.c. and in frederick county maryland. >> one of the skis to staying -- keys to staying on track is being prepared. >> these are fat pencils to help you so you learn how to write. >> school is brand-new for william who is five and super excited about his spiedy backpack. >> it's supposed to help me in math. >> she's preparing her supplies for fifth grade. >> i'm so happy because i get to see all my friends and the teachers that i missed. and getting to go to the si
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grade which is middle school. >> with supplies all around her, big sister is ready to start high school after finishing up summer bridge classes. >> they say it will be harder throughout the school year, but it's just to get us like introduced to it. >> their mom admits all three are handling back-to-school stress better than she is. >> every day, it's high, but every day, they are not nervous. i'm nervous. >> you want to make sure that you are well rested. you want to make sure that you are level headed and you want to make sure that you appear to be very, very calm the first day so when you are sending them off it's with a smile on their face. >> since anxiety can impact performance in the classroom, experts say really talk to your kids a lot, and even to their teachers about how things are going and treat back to school like a marathon, not a sprint. in northwest, molette green, news 4.
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loudon county schools returned last month. today is the last day to apply for a full day kindergarten seat. a lottery will determine who gets 64 spots at four schools. last year 30% of loudon county kindergartners were in all-day program. >> virginia governor terry mcauliffe will make an announcement on the voting rights of former felons. today's announcement after the virginia supreme court struck down his executive order restoring their voting rights. the court ordered he can only restore rights on a case-by-case basis. republican critics say his move was designed to help democrats in november. mcauliffe will make that announcement at noon in richmond. noets -- ♪ ♪ the rio olympics have ended but not without a big approach by simone biles. she was one of the most celebrated members of this year's team, adding four gold
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>> 4'8", go simone! . 121 medals, 48 gold. twice as many as second place china which finishes the game with 70 medals. great britain rounded out the top 3 with 67. some of the most decorated olympians this year is from our area. katie ledecky and michael phelps both call maryland home. 20 athletes from maryland contributed. of the 88 countries that won at least p won medal, only 13 won more than maryland. >> i claim maryland. ryan lochte's run in with the law is one of the most talked about moments of the olympics. he admitted he made up a story about being robbed at gunpoint to cover up vandalizing a gas station. he spoke exclusively to
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lauer. >> i'm embarrassed for myself, my family, especially those guys, usa swimming, the whole olympic games. everyone watching. it's just -- i was immature and i made a stupid mistake. i'm human. i made a mistake, and i definitely learned from this. >> lochte and his three teammates still face further action. hear more from this exclusive "today" interview beginning at 7:00 a.m. right after news 4 today. developing in ohio, eight people were hit by a car that plowed into an outdoor dance floor. police say a woman was trying to leave a community concert when she confused the brake with the gas pedal. two people were seriously hurt in that crash. witnesses describe the scene. >> i saw the car start to spin out on the dance floor and bodies flying. >> now, police say they cannot rule out charging the driver at this point. another fire is threatening people's homes in california. the
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toward an historic castle right now. it's destroyed nearly 50 buildings. firefighters say the fire is 35% contained. wild fires are also burning in washington state. take a look at these trees burning up in flames. two fires grew into one big one. they are calling the spokane complex fire right now has burned five buildings and threatening dozens more. 17 after the hour now on this monday, and i know -- i think it was like 68 degrees my car said when i drove in this morning. >> nice and refreshing, chuck. >> i was a big fan of the open window ride to work early this morning and it's going to be open window weather the next couple of days around here as well as everybody's air conditioner can get at least a little bit of a reprieve. i'm sure that we all appreciate a little cooldown from mother nature after a sizzling hot start here to the month of august. still in first place for the warmest august on record but this next couple of days, today, tomorrow, wednesday, will help eat into that first place just a little bit. g
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airport. winds aren't too bad just yet. get a little sunshine into the mix and we'll have a refreshing north, northwesterly breeze in that 10, 15 miles an hour range. already down 64 in frederick maryland, 64 in fredericksburg, virginia. hourly temperatures from 60s, up into the mid and upper 70s by noontime. with highs mostly up to the low and mid 80s. humidity levels, we've been way over the in the oppressive and dangerous category so long, it's nice. comfy. companies getting -- temperatures getting closer back to average. as we head toward friday and weekend, temperatures back near 90. maybe a chance for a thundershower or two coming up friday afternoon. as a result, humidity, we'll call it annoying. back to the usual stuff.
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then. 84 for tomorrow. 87 on wednesday. average high temperature. back to near 90 by thursday and added humidity at least brings a chance for a shower on our friday afternoon but no friday wash-out coming. see you in ten minutes with a check of the forecast. brand-new problem on 95 northbound here at prince william parkway. it's starting to show a little bit slowdown as you are heading northbound. southbound looking good. rolling just fine here out of our area. taking a look at the beltway, inner loop, outer loop, everything is fine. earlier road work is out of the way. 95 northbound here, quantico at the beltway. what am i looking at? 270 southbound is slow as you headed toward the hyattstown area. take you 35 minutes to get from 70 down to the spur. rockville, 28 at muncaster mill road. one lane getting by
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direction. traffic on muncaster mill unable to access 28 right now because of this crash from this morning. annandale, still have this problem. again, this one could not be totally wrapped up until about the noon hour. hummer road between little river turn bike and gallows all lanes blocked because of do you understand wires -- downed wires. repairs could take up to five hours. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. developing right now the u.s. is south korea have begun joint military drills in korea despite north korea threatening nuclear strikes against the u.s. and south korea. now, the 12-day exercise, mostly computer simulated but involving 25,000 american troops as well as 50,000 south korean soldiers. the north military saying in a statement today that it will turn seoul and washington into a heap of ashes
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style preemptive nuclear strike if the u.s. or south korea shows any sign of aggression toward the north territories. watching that one very closely. kristin wright for us at the live desk. thank you. the investigation into the death of prince takes a new turn. we'll tell you about a new discovery made inside his paisley park compound. plus remember that transformer fire in downtown washington last week. it's still causing some trouble. what you need to know as you
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it appears mislabeled pills taken from the home of singer prince actually contained fen tan nil. officials investigating his death say the pills were labeled as hydrocodone. you'll remember autopsy results released in june revealed prince died of an accidental fen tan nil overdose. he had no prescription for controlled substances at the time. today an appeal hearing for former assist stap football coach jerry sandusky is being held. lawyers want his initial initial conviction overturned because of errors in his trial. he's currently 30 to 60 years in prison. friends, family, and loyal readers are mourning the death of george e.
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civil rights activist, pbler and journalist. he lived in laurel, maryland, died at a hospital in takoma park over the weekend. he served as editor in chief of emerge magazine in the 90s. bill cosby's legacy is a big question happening in the country right now but it's also going to be a part of a museum. one of cosby's quotes is featured in the comedy exhibit of the new smithsonian museum of african-american history and culture. the museum will tell the story of who cosby is, along with his impact and fallout. the museum opens on the national mall just over a month from today. a convenience store clerk killed on the job. we're going to tell you what police are doing right now to keep
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they search for their suspect. if and you are planning school outfits this week, you will want to hear chuck's forecast. we'rin for ae there's more to life than the climb. there's the view. you've gotta stop and look around a little. come, shed life's layers in asheville.
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remember who you are. life is for the taking, not for taking it easy. asheville. discovery inside and out.
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a murder and a robbery just outside joint base andrews. take a look at the surveillance pictures here because the killer is still on the loose. plus, drama downtown. d.c.'s transformer fire is still causing problems nearly a week later. get become to the books. school kids are waking up to reality. summer is over! >> it is about 6:30 and we're ditching all the weather just in time for kids getting back to sc
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humidity vacation is just getting under way. a refreshing change has taken place over the last 24 hours. after the round of thunderstorms yesterday, skies have been clearing out during the overnight hours, and number one thing you need to know about the weather, oh, that's better, much, much nicer weather is here nor the next couple of days. all you get is sunshine for today. humidity on vacation for the next several days, and it looks like as a result, it looks like a long dry, stretch of weather. bus stop temperatures then in the 60s here early this morning. we'll be up in the mid 70s by 9:00 a.m. it will be an outdoor recess kind of a day for sure with afternoon highs only up into the low and mid 80s. see you back here in a few more minutes. 6:51. i'll give you the ten day outlook. taking a look at 95 right now. you can see northbound at prince william parkway because of that disable tractor-trailer, we're slowing quite a bit there this morning, just adding to the normal delays through that area. inbound
6:31 am
brand-new crash being reported. you can see the red there on the map. north, rockville, 28 at muncaster mill road, one lane getting back on norback. traffic cannot get to 28. annandale, hummer road, little river turn bike and gallos, all lanes blocked because of downed wires. prince george's county, looking quite good. travel times in ten minutes. the search is on now for the suspect in a clinton crime spree. police say the suspect first killed a 7-eleven clerk and robbed a nearby hotel over the weekend many take a look at these surveillance pictures. police say this distinctive backpack may help identify the suspect. david culver is live this morning with reaction from people who frequent that popular store. david. >> good morning to you. >> reporter: you may be not be
6:32 am
behind me. a very busy 7-eleven. popular among the focuses who live in this area. i went in a little bit earlier and spoke to a couple of clerk. just introduced myself, tell them what they are doing. you can tell there was an unmistakable sadness as they mourn one of their colleagues. he was killed saturday morning just before 5:00. a man walked into the 7-eleven just off of brandy wine road and tried to rob it. he opened fire, killing the 31-year-old clerk. from the 7-eleven, police believe that same suspect kept on going. he went five minutes down the road where he robbed a nearby hotel. two violent crimes according to police in a few minutes time. one kper telling me this morning, it will not stop her from shopping here. >> everybody that work
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i hope he gets caught. i hope they catch him. >> reporter: we want to show you these images once again. these are the surveillance images that police have put out. they want you to take a close look. you may not able to see a face but what you could recognize are the clothing, perhaps the backpack. police say that could be the clue that helps them track down this person. meantime, as we come back out here live, we can tell you that police are offering a $25,000 reward or at least they are posting that on the sign outside the door here and you can see they are keeping their presence pretty noticeable. this is a prince george's police county vehicle. earlier this morning, i noticed an officer inside the store, making the rounds, trying to keep customers and staff comfortable knowing that they are there and the manhunt is still very active. that's the very latest live in clinton this morning. i'm david culver, news 4. back to you. 6:34 ju about now. happening today, family and friends and the community will say good-bye to the son of former d.c. mayor marion
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>> he came into this community and found the love that he was looking for throughout life. >> folks sharing memory about christopher barry after a private memorial service last night. a visitation is being held today. happening from 10:00 a.m. until 6 p.m. temple of praise on southern avenue in southeast. a public funeral will follow at 7:00 p.m. at the same location. christopher barry died from a drug overdose two sundays ago. imagine getting ready to leave from home or work only to find out that someone has stolen all four wheels from your car. >> one man in woodbridge said that happened to him and he believes the people who did this knew exactly what they were doing. ryan morgan spoke to our news partners. someone took off the wheels of his chevy tahoe. he found his truck on bricks. he believes this was the work of professionals since the thieves didn't leave any fingerprints. a nearby neighborhood was
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the tropical smoothie cafe chain in virginia is linked to a number of hepatitis a cases. ten people came down with hepatitis a after eating smoothies with strawberries in them. the chain says it has stopped using the strawberries which came from egypt. health department says customers who had smoothies from august 5th through the 8th could still benefit from a vaccine to prevent the disease. rush hour will be easier in downtown washington this morning. l street between 18th and 19th will be reopened for the first time in nearly a week. last monday an under ground transformer fire knocked out power to more than 100 customers. our news partners report repairs should be complete by noon today. cause of the fire is under investigation. neighbors displaced by the deadly explosion in silver spring are starting to move on. >> the shelter housing them closed on sunday but not
6:36 am
everyone was given housing options. they can move into another apartment owned by the management company of the flower branch apartment complex. another option, they can stay in a hotel or affordable housing managed by montgomery county. only 20 people remained in the sheryl as of saturday night. donald trump's campaign is starting this week with new questions over his immigration policy. this comes he he met with his newly formed hispanic advisory board over the week. he may be considering his stance on deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants. his campaign manager went on to clarify. >> we need a fair to deal with estimated to be 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. >> his position is to be determined as he considers policy that would help hispanic businesses grow. as for hillary clinton, she is still being dogged over her emails. a new interview shows
6:37 am
secretary of state colin powell hitting back that he advised her to use personal email accounts. saying, quote, her people are trying to pin it on me. it was the strip tease protest. why some olympic coaches took it off and argue with judges in their underwear. back-to-school in the district. classes begin in a few hours. drivers may be waking up to learn that their car is on a new
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good morning, everybody. temperatures have fallen way back into the 60s in the suburbs. even national airport, one of our usual warm spots is a relatively cool 71 degrees right now. as you are planning out your day today, plan on sunshine, pretty much start-to-finish, highs only in the low to mid 80s. cooler than average and tomorrow looks nice too. temperatures in the mid 60s in downtown. i think there will be 50s in some of the suburbs for tomorrow. not much in the way of heat and humidity for the remainder of the week. as you get toward the weekend, temperatures will be closer to 90. headed to the beach this week, temperatures only in the 80s. i'll show you our best ten-day forecast coming up at 6:51. for now, the suitland parkway is having troubles. here melissa. a new crash that is causing a four-mile backup. this is very slow as you head inbound, suitland parkway is rough enough on a normal day. this is just adding to the pain. 28 in rockville at muncaster
6:42 am
in each direction. they cannot get on 28 from an earlier crash. top of the beltway outer loop is slow here, 16 minutes from 95 to 270 this morning. 66 inbound, going 41 miles per hour and 95 northbound, quantico to the beltway about 50 miles per hour. just a tad under where we would like it to be. someone shot an off duty d.c. firefighter. what we're learning about his condition and the search for the shooter. and a labor day weekend hot spot is now in the zika zone. new details on what's being done to protect people in miami beach. motorists in d.c., watch out for
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they were stripped of their medal and so they stripped off their clothes. if you didn't see this story, it's one you are going to hear about in the office this morning. >> it's a problem that could increase the risk of crashes. we have everything you need to know about the hyundai and mitsubishi recalls. >> the new zika zone is in miami beach and it's changing back-to-school plans for some students. plus, d.c. is headed back to school but students may not be the ones shaking out those last minute jitters. >> they are not nervous. i'm nervous.
6:46 am
14 before the hour. we have team coverage as we help get kids back to school this morning. students in d.c. and frederick maryland are going to be in class in just a couple hours. >> that went by fast. we have everything you need to know to get you ready with weather and traffic, but we begin with news 4 derrick ward live in northeast. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, again. you might say that summer is officially over in about an hour. that's when the school doors start to open here in d.c. and kids return to school. now, actually they are some extended school year students started their school year a couple weeks ago, but for the traditional schools, it indeed will start today. the prek through prek 4 kids don't start until thursday. they got a little bit more time. but one of things that will be on tap for the d.c. public schools this year is the search for a new chancellor. the chancellor is ending h
6:47 am
the city school chief will take over in the interim. they will be looking for a replacement. one of the things on that person's plate will be contracts. a new contract with the washington teachers union. teachers have been working under the same contract since 2012 and they are itching for a new one. we're live in northeast. a new all boys high school opens today in northeast d.c. it's the first single sex public high school in the district. 150 ninth grade will be the inaugural class of the ron brown college prep school. first day of school for nearly 41,000 students in frederick coin, maryland. about 57 educators and faculty members will be there at 66 schools across the county. anna run dell public schools head back to school today. students in prince george's county start tomorrow. whenever your kids do head back to school. we likeo
6:48 am
you feel about the end of summer. you can tweet us or instagram pictures to nbc washington using the #first day face. as of this morning, there is a brand-new red light cam are to watch out for if you live in alexandria. you'll want to take a look at the map. the new camera is on duke street near west taylor run parkway. if it catches you for the next 30 days, you will receive a warning. after that, it is $50. this is the sixth red light camera in alexandria. developing this morning, warnings on the road from two car companies. nearly 65,000 hyundai elantras have been recalled for brake issues. the pedal on the 2013 models can deteriorate and shift out of park without applying the brake pedal. mitsubishi is calling 82,0002015 and 2016 outlanders sports and lancers because of a problem affecting ak sell
6:49 am
zika is spreading in florida. melissa adan from our sister station is in the new zika zone in miami beach. >> reporter: from south beach to the bay, this area is part of south florida's new zika zone. the new zika zone is in miami beach, just six miles from winwood, where the virus first showed up. three schools are in the south beach zika zone and health official passing insect repellant and school uniforms ought to prepare students today. >> we're distributing long sleeved shirts and pants to ensure students in the three affected schools in the zika zone here in miami beach have protective clothing. >> i'm going to spray this. i'm going to wear long pants and i'm wearing my long t-shirts. >> rick scott and leaders will visit a miami-dade school in the wi
6:50 am
that's where they will able to discuss their efforts to combat the virus in southwest florida. back to you. we're learning more about the shooting of an off duty firefighter in the district over the weekend. according to the police report, he was shot on the left side of his face by someone on a motorcycle. this happened while he was sitting in his car with his young daughter on southern avenue in southeast. the little girl was not hurt. the firefighters union says he was airlifted to baltimore shock trauma and is expected to recover. his colleagues say he always took pictures and signed autographs for all of his fans after he performed. an up-and-coming rapper was killed over the weekend.
6:51 am
the community. we've heard a lot of strange stories coming out of the olympics. not always triumphant. >> two coaches showed their frustration in an odd way. they stripped. >> huh? >> the mongolian wrestling coaches took off their clothes and threw their shoes. >> so they were angry that their wrestler, the one in red right here, was penalized for taunting and refusing to engage his opponent. the judges even awarded the other wrestler an extra point and the bronze medal, so what began as just some yelling, then all of a sudden the shirt, then the shoes. >> he's looking at him like dude, what are you doing? >> at some point. >> i guess they made their point though. >> and were eventuallyco
6:52 am
>> oh. it's all funny until then. >> wow. what a great change we have seen take place offer the last 12 hours or so. gone is the heat and humidity of the last couple of weeks and in its place, we have delightful weather coming our way for the next couple days. so nice, maybe we can record the weather today and i'll come back to work on thursday when the weather changes labor. outside for now, it's a clear sky out there for sure. the heat wave over for now. each and every day, 15 out of the last 16, in fact, have been in the 90s. still the warmest august on record for now. but the shortening days are one of the sure signs that school is going back. we've lost an hour and a half of daylight since back on the summer solstice. 62 in potomac, 63 in centerville. great day to be outside. currently 71 degrees at national airport. winds at west, north today
6:53 am
miles an hour. high pressure has moved in from canada and this is the kind of weather that we've within waiting for around here, future weather, yeah, the computer is working. it's updating every hour on the hour, but just not much to update other than high pressure and sunshine around here for the next couple days. here's your exclusive ten-day forecast. 85 today, only 84 tomorrow, and 87 on wednesday. back up to near 90 by thursday. friday, likely to be the hottest day of the week with a little chance for some thunderstorms coming in friday afternoon, but melissa on a monday, all anyone wants to know about is the week and coming weekend looks great. boin suitland parkway at firth sterling has that crash there. four mile backup. elsewhere, 95 at prince william parkway, that's looking a bit better. southbound unaffected by the earlier disable vehicle. 66 into town from fairfax county parkway into the
6:54 am
are a little slow here. going to take you 17 minutes instead of about 10 to 12 here this morning. annandale, hummer road between little river turnpike and gallos. all lanes blocked. repairs could p take until noon. muncaster mill cannot get to 28 here this morning. 270 at montrose, no problems northbound or southbound. a manhunt is under way after a crime spree in clinton. >> reporter: this past week's violent crimes and the subsequent manhunt under way is not stopping folks from stopping here from their monday morning cup of coffee. one man checking out the wanted poster on the front this 7-
6:55 am
the surveillance images. you are not going to be able to see the suspect's face, the man accused of shooting and killing a clerk here but you are going to notice some distinctive clothing. a coat, backpack. police hoping that perhaps that is something that you recognize and if you do, you will call them and let them know who that person is. from here, the 7-eleven, the suspect then went down the street about five minutes to a nearby hotel where he robbed the hotel, according to police, investigators are trying to find out who this person is. if you can help them, give them a call. very latest live from clinton this morning, i'm david culver, news 4. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at c nbc headquarters. prices at the pump are inching slightly higher. the latest industry survey shows the average price of unleaded rising half a cent. drivers are paying a bit more at $2.34 a gallon. paying less in maryland and
6:56 am
gas is down more than 50 cents from a year ago. here are four things to know on this monday morning. montgomery county police want your help to find a 79-year-old missing man right now. they say victor saavedra went missing from the colesville area last night and was last seen getting on a bus. 20 athletes with ties to maryland won 18 of the u.s.'s 120 medals. lanes on l street are open in downtown d.c. for the first time since last wooeks transformer fire. it was closed since last monday. the fire caused power outages. d.c.'s only single sex school welcomes its first students today. 150 boys will be part of the ninth class as ron brown college e
6:57 am
good luck today. what a great first week of school. temperatures cooler than average. usually the first week of school is a sizzling steam bath like last week. not this week. we'll be back in the upper 80s and low 90s by the end of the week. no crazy heat or humidity to worry about for the next couple minutes. thank you, chuck. we appreciate that. we appreciate you waking up with us this morning. >> "today" is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic, any updated news. hope to see you then. >> make it a greatonday, ev mer
6:58 am
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good morning. it's a wrap. rio throws a massive party to bring the olympic games to a close. five-time medalist simone biles leading team usa after an historic medal haul. another u.s. athlete is still making headlines. ryan lochte opening up in an exclusive interview about that gas station incident he initially described as armed robbery. >> i overexaggerated that story. if i had never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> this morning why lochte and three of his teammates could face more disciplinary action. a softer trump? donald trump's new campaign manager suggests he could be walking back his plan to deport 11 milli


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