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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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mark segraves is live along the beltway. details on how this all happened. hi, mark. >> reporter: yesterday evening along the loop, you couldn't believe what he saw. he spent a lot of time in traffic and installed a dash cam to record his travels. he says yesterday was the first time he recorded something that was worth watching. >> we see the back door out of the corner of my eye and this guy fallout onto the road. i thought he was going to be badly hurt and then he gets up and runs over to the wall. >> reporter: private ambulance was traveling in the center lane of 495 when the door opened and a man could be seen tumbling out of the back. he then staggers across several lanes of m
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running into the woods. maryland state police got 911 calls from people in traffic as well as a call from the ambulance driver. >> he's very lucky that he wasn't seriously injured. police found him later that day. >> we got him the help that he needed. >> i was surprised he was not hurt. i mean, getting out of that truck and rolling several times like he did, all it takes is to get hit by a car. >> reporter: we'll tell you what happened the moment before he jumped out. jim, back to you. >> mark segraves, thank you. now the increase concerns about
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a tropical smoothie store. an employee has been diagnosed with hepatitis a and now customers over a pretty lengthy period of time have been exposed. let's go to news4's darcy spencer. darcy? >> reporter: jim, it's right here at the tropical smoothie and the owners say what they did as soon as they found out -- an employee in gainesville, virginia, has contracted hepatitis a. health officials say strawberries were from egypt and served to customers and anyone who ate or drank anything at the
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august 18th need to be checked. customers from that time frame are recommended to get a vaccine if they've never had hepatitis or if they haven't been previously vaccinated. health officials could not say if the worker got hepatitis from the strawberries. testing results are still pending. >> if they don't qualify for preventive vaccine because they are beyond the two weeks, they should probably allow the 50 days to go by so it doesn't impact their ability to transmit it to anybody. >> reporter: a class action lawsuit has already been filed against the company claiming breach of warranty and negligence for allegedly selling the tainted drinks. the owners of this store say their business has be
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>> this is a good brand and the items that we've gotten over the years, we do all we can to ensure that the product is safe. now, it's important to note that the owners say as soon as they found out they sanitized the store, retrained workers and took every step that they could to make sure that their product is safe. again, the store does remain open. coming up on news4 at 6:00, what health officials are doing to try to confirm whether this employee got the hepatitis from the frozen strawberries. back to you. >> thank you, darcy. right now police are still looking for a bank robbery suspect who shut down the entire third street tunnel as he tried to escape. police say the suspect held up a pnc bank on seventh street. officers caught up with him inside the tunnel and then he got away again. it's a hot and humid day for sure. we had ald
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technically, a front that moved through and actually helped to take out the haze. a pretty afternoon, if you're looking from the inside looking out, blue skies out there for sure. the temperatures are way up there. look at that. 94 degrees right now in d.c. 98 in richmond, virginia. virginia beach, 97. it's going to stick around over the next couple of days. take a look at what you're dealing with tonight. if you're out and about, no problems. but warm and humid. 89 degrees by 7:00. 85, rather humid by 9:00. tomorrow, better. warm tonight and not as humid for the weekend. we're still talking 90s. the 90s look to last and middle 90s as we move towards the week. still tracking the little system in the tropics. a couple of things going on there, too. much more on that and the weekend. >> doug, thank you. new details in the corruption case against former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. his lawyers have asked for an
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appeals and tossed out his case for his mom earlier this year. a bicyclist has died on wednesday in middletown road. she was in a designated crosswalk. investigators say that several cars were in the left turn lane and the teenager was on her bike. the van driver did stay on the scene. a capitol heights man has been indicted for a triple murder in forestville. 24-year-old lawrence rogers has been charged with three counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder. police responded to this house on orleans avenue in june. officers found three people dead inside the home. two others were also
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the judge passed down 98 years to schmuhl after he broke into their home and held them captive for hours as he shot, stabbed and tased them for revenge. one of the victims had fired his wife before the attack. his wife will face trial for her alleged role next month. get ready for the next round of metro's safetrack program. this time, impacting the blue lines starting on saturday trains will single track between franconia and van dorn stations. shuttle buses will replace trains between the two stations. with the franconia springfield station closed
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i'm scott mcfarlane at the live desk. amtrak will get 28 new sets of trains, trains with 40% more seating and there will be track upgrades, including between new carollton and baltimore. vice president joe biden announced the loan, the largest in the history of the department, late this afternoon. >> you have to improve the safety mechanism and the track and the whole array of things that are necessary. >> the vice president says that will create 750 new jobs. agency records we reviewed showed 5 million passengers will depart each year in
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back to you. >> thank you, scott. still ahead, rescue operations are being called off in italy after a devastating earthquake. as the death toll rises, hope is now fading. we'll take you there next. and the race for the white house, both sides resorting to name calling and accusing each other of racial bias. >> what you need to watch out for on the roads and new fines
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today, school leaders are announcing new measures to keep your kids safe while riding the bus. this will impact you even if you don't have students at home. >> reporter: it's that time of year again. even if you don't have kids in school, you will be affected. >> traffic patterns are going to get worse. traffic that has been gone all summer will start to get congested. >> reporter: there's a fleet of 1200 school buses that bear precious cargo and they are bristling
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>> we will have these cameras on these school buses and in the next 18 months we will have over 500 cameras on these buses. >> reporter: and they will serious about enforcing the laws. if the camera catches you, it's a $125 ticket. the cameras won't be the only eyes upon you. there will be more officers out, too, especially in certain areas. the police say one of the most notorious stretches for people illegally passing school buses is here along river road. expect stepped up enforcement for the next few days. >> and he sees you or she sees you violate the school bus camera, school bus safety on, they will stop you and give you a $570 three-point citation. >> reporter: they say it's not about writing tickets but keeping kids safe. >> we want to make sure they get a great education. the reality is, everything has to go into place to make sure that they get to school. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. >
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afternoon to a mattress warehouse store in silver spring, month montgomery county. the building is in danger of collapsing. >> kids in frederick county, maryland, just wrapped up their first week of the new school year and we're learning about a burglar. take a good look at the person in this surveillance picture. police are calling him a person of interest at the elementary school in frederick. they say someone broke into a portable classroom and stole a laptop and damaged school property thursday night. last thursday night. >> to politics now and the new tactic both campaigns are using to attract the minority folk. chris lawrence has a look at a new set of political ads out right now. chris? >> they are turning to the race into the white house to a referendum on race. take a lookt
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running against each other. >> you're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs. >> look at my african-american over here. >> they are often the kinds of kids that are called super predatory, no conscience, no empathy. we can talk about why they ended up that way but first we have to bring them to heal. >> trump is hitting clinton for using the term "super predator" supporting a crime bill in the '90s. she says her policies haven't done anything for the community and calls clinton a bigot, a term that the national committee spokesman says he would not have used and in an interview, trump accuses clinton of taking groups mainstream. >> the questions of citizenship, of president obama, he has a disturbing pattern of courting white supremacists, he's been sued for housing discrimination against communities of color. >> clinton's team just con firp
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confirmed she will not campaign on september 11th to mark the 15th anniversary. trump has not indicated what he will do. chuck todd will be joining us at 6:15. back to you. clinton is defending her foundation after claims she offered favors to those cho donated while she was secretary of state. we asked if you thought that clinton should shut down the clinton foundation. and here's a look at the results so far. 34% said yes. 19% said only if hillary clinton wins. and 47% said the clintons should not shut down the foundation. aftershocks are hampering the rescue efforts after the massive earthquake in italy. they damaged two key access roads into one of the hardest hit towns. as lucy cavanaugh reports, hopes are now diminishing that there are any more survivors. >> reporter: well, it's been an incredibly difficult day for search and rescue teams here. there's no shortage of obstacles
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after wave of aftershocks making it very dangerous for folks to continue to sift through those piles of rubble. they are not giving up. the head of italy saying today this is still a search and rescue mission. they are not changing it to a recovery mission. one example they keep using over and over again, back in the 2009, one man was pulled out alive after 72 hours. and so they are staying optimistic. they are not giving up hope. a lot of emotions, though, coming out. we're starting to see more funerals taking place. a large state funeral effective tomorrow for those who have lost their lives. also, questions about whether more should have been done to secure the building. the officials spent $1 million to reinforce it and it was supposed to be earthquake-proof. as you can see behind me
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nothing but a mound o a lot of tough questions for those who are responsible. this is lucy cavanaugh for nbc news, in italy. we've been covering it all week long, the fallout from reports of abuse of neglect involving preschoolers in prince george's county. and tonight, what the school board is doing to make sure the head start program stays afloat. and happening right now, we take you li ve
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the white house push to close the equal pay pledge is growing. that brings a total number of major employees vowing to take steps to make sure women get paid as much as men to 50. to see some of the latest, open the nbc washington app and search equal pay. baltimore county officials have had to close three dozen schools because they don't have air conditioning. any public schools have to close when the heat index reaches 90 degrees by 11 che:00 a.m. it was approved earlier this month. how hot isit
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weekend. hot, hot, hot. not quite as hot as it was today. how about we open the schools after labor day. yes. tt haze has moved back in. now no longer to see much because of the haze in reston. we're sitting at 94 and winds out of the north at 13 miles per hour. good news here. there is less humidity so the heat index is down to 99. not much relief. 101 in manassas. 101 in leesburg. it's been a very hot day today. it won't be nearly as hot as we step out t
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concerned. but the humidity will be going down. this evening, nationals taking on the rockies at nats park. a very nice night for a ball game. 89 by 7:00. heat index, 96, 97. know by the time you get home tonight, it will be a rather nice evening. 83 as the humidity starts to drop. tomorrow, not dealing with as much humidity at all. showers south of luray. no showers around our region now. look at the clouds in our area. it means sunshine is out there and, the air is actually falling back down to the surface and we're not seeing any storms and we're on the hot side. three, i need this. now, as far as the tropics are concerned, all eyes as far as the meteorologists have been
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concerned about, this system right here, now, it has not developed. it's called 99-l. it's a storm making its way to the north of cuba and towards the keys. we've been talking about this for days and gustav will not cause any problems. tomorrow, 94 degrees. hot and not as humid. heat index will only be around 95, 96. that's not much of a heat index with a temperature around 94. 89, back towards the west and shenandoah valley. 94, fredericksburg. nice along the way if you're heading to the bay tomorrow, maybe doing boating or heading to the beaches. it will be breezy, though, on the water and on the beach. heads up for that. next couple of days, yeah, we stay in the 90s. 93 on sunday. 95 on monday and tuesday. 96 on
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and then look at thursday and friday, really nice weather. it won't last long. trying to move back in for labor day and labor day weekend. >> i'm tracee wilkins. members of the board of education of prince george's county have been meeting to discuss the future of the is one of those robots from an other bank, td bank's new intern, bart, we're training him to bank human. uh-uh, bart? why are you winding the clock back? the clock stated 11:35 pm, but they are still working. the clock is fine. our live customer service is available all night, and all day for that matter. he's learning.
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incredible video here on the beltway. the private ambulance was transporting the patient from one hospital to another and police found him outside of his house miles away and took him back to the hospital. breaking news out of prince william county where concerns about a possible hepatitis exposure has expanded. this, after an employee at a tropical smoothie cafe in gainesville, virginia, was diagnosed with the virus. a baby born to a mother dinosed with zika, born with no signs of microcephaly. >> the paradigm of the way we think about this is changing. but we begin this half hour with new developments on the embattled head start program in prince george's county. >> the school board has given up control of federal funding for the program and now a new group will take control. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins has been following this story
5:29 pm
beginning and live in southwest d.c. where the board met with federal government officials today. tracee? >> they have a workforce that they have put together. they are going to be spending a lot of time here in the building behind me trying to figure out how to deal with what has happened here and this turnover. today, we had an opportunity to talk to the board share as they are calling for them to step down. >> are you resigning? >> i got support from the county executive and do not intend to resign. >> reporter: he said he has no intentions of stepping down as school board chair and told me he's done nothing wrong. >> once we get past that crisis, i'm willing to go into a full investigation about why it happened, where it happened, who made mistakes and when. and hold folks accountable for that, myself included. >> reporter: this, after five members of the school board, called for his and th
5:30 pm
chair's resignation, saying they both withheld information about student neglect last night, the board of education voted to relinquish $6.4 million head start program. >> we did not want to defend those actions. >> a collusion between the county executive, the superintendent of schools and the school board chairman. >> reporter: an interim grantee has been appointed. there are lots of questions here about what's going to happen with salary, what happens with positions, are they guaranteed for the teachers who are working for the prince george's county school system. lots of questions to be answered and that'sat
5:31 pm
coming up on news4 at 6:00, we're now hearing feedback from congresswoman man donna edwards. hear what she has to say about all of this happening at the prince george's county head start. reporting live, tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. new developments tonight involving the zika virus. u.s. health officials are reporting the first case ofรง a man who had no symptoms spreading the virus through sex. a man who is from maryland went to theominican republic. he didn't get sick but his partner did and has since recovered. and the university of miami held a news conference today with a new mother who contracted the virus while pregnant. her daughter, who is 2 months old now, does not have microcephaly. but doctors found calcifications in her brain and scarring in her eyes. s symptoms also linked to zika. >
5:32 pm
contracted zika at the olympics. there are no confirmed cases in fans, athletes or anyone else involved with the summer games. the virus does have a one-week incubation period so it is possible a few cases may be out there. >> tonight, a big night for the burgundy and gold. chopper 4 is live over fedex field. a cool shot there. the fans are ready. they are starting to arrive. this is a big game tonight. our third. we're going to get to see a lot of action for our starters tonight. >> you know who will get up close and personal with it, the one and only carol maloney. you are also very important to us. you're there at fedex field with the story lines that we need to watch for tonight. >> reporter: yep. the guys are starting to trickle out. it's 2 1/2 weeks until the regular season. this is as close as it gets to the real thing in the
5:33 pm
the starters but that includes kirk cousins and he's out behind me warming up. two hours until kickoff. you may not be able to feel the urgency but we can predict a very competitive night. nowhere is the competition more fierce than the beeline. so they are going to be battling in the trenches. >> go out there and lay everything out on the line and out there trying to get a start position, just trying to go out there and put everything together on film. >> so this is it, like the most important preseason game for you, there's no question? >> yes. i've got to treat it like a super bowl, really. >> seriously? >> seriously. >> preseason? >> i've got to. >> reporter: you're goingto
5:34 pm
like -- >> i've got to. if you want that starting job, you have to put the work into it. >> take that you so-called pillow fight. ricky john is going to play like the super bowl. you can see all of the action right here on nbc 4 for tonight. kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. coming up on news4 at 6:00, we have the -- i'm sure you guys are it waiting for this, news4' four things to watch. i can't wait to share it with you coming up in a few minutes. >> i hear number four is a biggy. carol, thanks so much. >> it's my first one of the season. >> hey, we'll see you out there tonight at 11:00. check out one of the newest members of our national zoo making her big debut at the american trail exhibit. that's catalina. she's 2 a
5:35 pm
for the past week, keepers have been getting acclimated to her new home. we're told that the pup's mother has introduced her to the other members of the zoo's sea lion colony. that's too cute. >> did they have a sea lion live cam? >> they compete with the panda. that would be pretty cool. >> it looks like she likes snuggles. your chance to patrol like a police officer this weekend. >> who better to send out to do that than our bureau reporter david culver. why one county wants to thrive in an ever-changing environment, companies must adapt. but one thing should remain constant -
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well, police in arlington are throwing a block party. >> david culver did just that and joins us in the studio with his experience. so how was it? what can people expect, david? >> it was interesting. i'm going to walk you through it in just a moment, jim and angie. some may point to this by abuse of power by law enforcement and rooted in recent deadly attacks carried out by officers. arlington police are hoping to allow you to go behind the badge. so i gave
5:39 pm
as soon as i started suiting up, i quickly realized this isn't just putting on a costume. >> this is to simulate the cans of pepper spray that officers carry. >> reporter: for this exercise, ben manning is serving as my field training officer. >> this is obviously your weapon. >> reporter: walking me through the basics. >> obviously not a real gun. >> this is plastic. >> reporter: immediately you feel the weight of the gear and the added responsibility. >> we'll briefly discuss why officers want to see your hands during encounters because hands are dangerous. >> reporter: i sat through a crash course academy. >> we want to go home at the end of the day. >> reporter: finally, we were on the lookout for a suspicious person peaking into cars. this guy matched the description. >> hey, i locked my keys in my car. >> reporter: this is your car? >> yes. i was yi
5:40 pm
can you see the keys? they were in the center console. >> reporter: i worked to keep my distance but noticed this on the back bumper. >> can you have a seat on the curb? >> reporter: what for? >> i noticed a weapon over here so i'd like you to have a seat. >> whoa. okay. you don't need to put your hand on your gun. >> reporter: have a seat. all right. >> you did awesome. >> reporter: it was on to the final simulation. i was feeling confident. >> lookout is for a white male 6 feet tall. >> reporter: our fake suspect pacing. >> i'm just waiting for the bus. do you stop everybody that waits for the bus? >> no, we just got a call about a concern around the bank and you looked distraught, bothered. >> i'm fine. do you want my i.d. >> reporter: and here's where i lose control of the situation. >> can i
5:41 pm
seat and i'll take your i.d.? >> the bus is coming. i can see it coming down. i'll give you my i.d. >> reporter: that is the face of embarrassment and nerves. the officer explained what i should have done. >> i need to you turn around and put your hands on top of your head. by doing that we may be able to see something is there. >> the takeaway is so that the community understands that the police are here for them. >> the summer block party is taking place tomorrow at kenmore middle school. they've got a lot of activities in addition to the behind the badge simulations which you saw right there. they have free food and drinks. even going through this, watching it again, logging and writing this story, i was nervous. >> wow. >> i'm pretty good as laser tag
5:42 pm
but when you're put in that scenario, your nerves do something different. >> that was a kinder side of culver. he's throwing chairs. we all duck. >> that's not true at all. >> that's good stuff. >> it was interesting to do. i invite people to do that. >> it looks like a great opportunity. >> for sure. >> thank, guys. well, it's the last weekend of summer for some kids in northern virginia. how they are getting some much-needed help with supplies as they get ready to go back to school on monday. their beloved cross-country coach sidelined in a bicycling
5:43 pm
but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu
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a bike accident nearly killed him but a beloved high school cross-country coach is on the road to recovery. >> julie carey is at loudoun county's rock ledge high school with this very warm welcome. they are so happy to have him back. >> reporter: as you can see, it has wrapped up. ten minutes ago, this place was full of cheering, screaming students. it was an incredible welcome back for teacher and coach ryan schmidt. he was introduced as the miracle man. his cross-country kids call him schmidt. he's an ultra marathoner that does 100-mile runs. right now in this recovery phase, he's still on crutches. here's a look at what hammed in the gym a few moments ago. >> miracle man
5:46 pm
now, he was training in early june on his bicycle when there was a collision with a pickup truck. his bike absolutely crushed. schmidt ended up in the icu with four fractures in his pelvis and spent two weeks in the hospital but when cross-country practice started up this month, he was there in a wheelchair or on a walker or on crutches and today students made sure he knows how grateful they are to have him back as coach and teacher. >> i'm really glad he's back. >> i'm really grateful that nothing worse happened and really made us appreciate schmidt. he's awesome. we're really lucky to have him as a coach. >> he can take it slowly. he doesn't need to rush through his recovery. we know he wants to.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: coming up on news4 at 6:00, we'll hear from the coach about what this meant to him today and i'll tell you about a goal he has in mind for the first week of school. back to you now in the studio. >> what a wonderful story. thank you so much, julie. a big welcome home also for olympic gold medalist simone manuel. a big crowd turned out in sugar land to cheer on her and steven lopez. manuel, as you'll recall, became the first african-american woman to win an individual gold in swimming. she also got a gold in the relay medley. manuel says she's humbled by all of the support. >> we love her. it didn't rain on their parade, tom. >> no. we could use some rain, though. >> we are staying dry, it
5:48 pm
like. >> yes. as we've continued to see this heat just hang in there and it's going to be with us for several more days, there is the live view from our storm team 4 overlooking camera there from here and upper northwest, there's the national cathedral. you can actually see the washington monument in the distance. we don't have much haze because lower humidity is moving in. blue waters of the pot tomorrow potomac river. upper 80s by 8:00 p.m. under a mostly clear sky. low 80s by 11:00 tonight. upper 70s and near 80 degrees by dawn on saturday. good time to get in a run or bike ride because it's going to get hot by late saturday morning. it will be in the upper 80
5:49 pm
11:00. storm team 4 radar is not showing any storms in the immediate vicinity. all clear from the mountains to the bay and around the atlantic beaches as well. around our weather underground network, temperatures are the low 90s. montgomery, fairfax county, right near the bay, it's in the mid-90s right now. near 90s in the shenandoah valley and out in west virginia, it's dipping into the upper 80s. love this sunrise this morning near charles town, west virginia. post your pics. a misty sunrise on this friday morning. now, at fedex field, let the tailgating begin as we have a warm night for football as they take on the bills tonight. kickoff is at 7:30. as you go to the game tonight, you'll be comfortable in short sleeves and shorts because we'll be near 90. 9:00, upper 80s.
5:50 pm
ten-day outlook, heatwave continues over the weekend. highs, mid-90s on saturday. low 90s on sunday. but not terrible humidity, just moderate humidity. then, first part of next week, highs, mid-90s on monday and tuesday. next chance of needed rain, need help with your lawn, that may not come until wednesday afternoon and evening. showers and thundershowers coming through. after that, though, much less humid and more comfortable weather moves in on thursday, friday and into the following week. it gets hot again after that into the first week of september. september t. it has a nice ring to it, anyway. >> sounds good. >> tom, hang in there. now nbc 4 responds to hundreds of viewers who have reached out to us each week looking for consumer health and some answers. our team is getting results. susan hogan has a round-up of refund. >> that's right. we've heard from so many ofou
5:51 pm
from the fredericksburg man who had damaged artwork to a clinton, maryland, couple whose home warranty claims kept getting denied. tempers were getting overheated over a broken ac. they tried unsuccessfully to get their home warranty company to fix it. they contacted nbc 4 responds and the company fixed their ac. nbc 4 responds exposed a couple of computer scams. a warrentown woman first alerted us to this scam. >> the womcomputer started beep a loud, loud noise. i thought, what is happening? >> reporter: the credit card company came through and credited her account. a fredericksburg man got back $238 after a
5:52 pm
claim of frame damage and the company blamed him for packing it wrong. they eventually apologized and refunded him the money. if you have a consumer problem you need help solving, open up our nbc washington app and search responds. and we have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for consumers. jim, i know this is your favorite part of the day. more than $600,000 we've been able to recover for our viewers. >> that is great and they are so grateful. >> absolutely. as we are, too. >> have a great weekend. >> you, too. well, news4 is in the community. kids are getting much needed help through catholic charities. backpack supplies were handed out to students. they also loaded up
5:53 pm
and juice before heading home. >> these are kids unlikely to be able to afford these things. we try to get them to have a great start so they are ready to do well. >> classes begin this coming monday. well, lots of people do it. lots of significant others would give anything to stop it. we're talking about snoring. there are so many different devices that claim to cure the problem and tonight nbc's jeff rossen tries to figure out if any of them work. >> hi there. i'm jeff rossen. on "nbc nightly news," i'm sitting at the dining room watching a man sleep. he's a complete stranger. why am i doing that? because we are watching him sleep because he has a massive snoring problem. 90 million americans afflicted with sleep apnea or snoring issues. we're having him try out three over-the-counter and inxp
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a water main break caused this big mess near security boulevard and woodlawn drive in woodlawn. repair work will not be completed by today. wow. that's impressive. and an outside contractor may have to come in to help. no word on what caused that big break there. tonight in mississippi, police have increased the reward for information about the murder of two nuns. today, we learned that authorities found the car missing from the woman's home and towed it to a crime lab for analysis. janet shamlian has more. >> reporter: a community in shock as the death of two nuns described as the kindest women on earth. police found them brutally murdered in the home they shared in the
5:58 pm
durant. after a supervisor at their clinic about 20 miles away reported the pair didn't show up for work. >> it is extremely odd for a small town like durant. >> reporter: the local archdiocese saying that there was a sign of a break-in and their blue toyota coralla was missing. >> they came here to mississippi to outreach to the poor using their medical services and expertise. sister margaret from wisconsin was focused on eliminating racism and poverty in the region. >> this is one of the poorest counties in all of mississippi. >> we make a difference in people's lives and we never know what that difference is. >> reporter: sister paula, friends say, has been helping
5:59 pm
more than 30 years. >> we just see patients and do what need to be done. >> reporter: two women driven to help others victim in their own home. >> now, because the vehicle was found nearby, police believe the killer may be someone local. but so far, no suspects and no motive. now a potential health scare. an employee at a popular smoothie shop tested positive for a highly contagious virus. what we're learning about the moments before a man made a run from a moving ambulance. the war of words. both sides issue attacks just 74 days before election day. a warning from health officials in
6:00 pm
county. >> there's an outbreak linked to frozen strawberries across virginia. darcy spencer is in gainesville. darcy? >> reporter: chris, this raises the health scare to a whole new level. we've been talking about hepatitis a linked to frozen strawberries. we found out an employee at this location has hepatitis a so a lot more people may have been exposed. officials are trying to find out if an employee in gainesville contracted hepatitis a from frozen strawberries at the store or somewhere else. health officials are investigating dozens of cases potentially linked to the strawberries from egypt served at the smoothie chain in virginia. >> it takes time to do what we call genotyping to see if the r


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