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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 27, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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yellow lines in virginia. it'll impact riders between franconia-springfield and the van dorn station. welcome back on this saturday, august 27th. i'm david culver with megan fitzgerald in for angie. you ready for the heat? >> i'll take the heat over the cold. >> you said it on facebook live. >> i like the weather heat versus weather of cold. >> it is a heat wave so you have a lot to endure. let's get to tom kierein in the weather center with the latest. >> summer lovers are loving this, as the summer is extending here as we get into early september. hot days here over the next several days. humidity isn't too bad. a nice, blue sky. little haze in the low levels. little bit of humidity this morning. humidity levels have dropped a bit. that's the live view from the tower camera. by noon, it'll be hot, around 90 degrees. heading to the beach or the pool or maybe getting out and getting yard work done, make sure you take
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plenty of90 by 3:00. the feels like temperatre may be around 100 mid to late afternoon. warm evening coming up. mid 80s. a look at the next chance for storms and when the heat wave will end is coming up this half hour. >> thanks. incredible to think this year marks 15 years since the largest terrorist attack on u.s. soil. milestone bringing together first responders who were there that day, working to save lives. >> members of the alexander fire department are among the local heros gathering this morning at the pentagon. derrick ward is live at the memorial in arlington. good morning, derrick. >> good morning. as you see, the men and women behind me are among the first responders who were here on that bright september morning. turned out to be one of the darkest days in u.s. history. they were the men and women who responded the day everything changed. of course, it was 9:38 on september 11th, in the
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when american airlines flht pen. 125 pentagon workers and 54 people on board the plane died. these were the people that kept the death toll from going higher. there is a light mood here. of course, there is an air of--a employee at the pentagon had to wear two hats that day. others were the first to go in and others were the recovery team. there is an air of camaraderie. one firefighter talked about the toll it put on them. >> hard to talk about sometimes. you know, i don't know what to say. you know, a lot of people are worse off than we are, here obviously. but we lost a little bit here too, you know, physically and emotionally.
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he it' important to do this because there are about 50 firefighters left who are among those who responded. people retire, move on to other departments. they want to come here and remember. of course, this changed this fire department, all local fire departments significantly after that event. the way they cooperate with federal officials, each other and the way they respond. i guess the weight of knowing their responsibility here. being at the nation's capital. the responsibility they have to places like this. we are live at the pentagon. derrick ward, news 4, back to you. >> thanks. some kids in northern virginia getting some help as they start the new school year. the arlington diocese passed out school gear. they loaded up on snacks and juice before heading on home. >> these are kids unlikely to be able to afford these things or have these things. we want to give
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materials they need to be ready to do well in school. >> classes in the diocese begins on monday. monday is the first day of school for students in montgomery county. officials are warning drivers to stop for school busses or risk getting ticktickets. they're serious about enforcing the law about passing a school bus when the lights are not. it's not about writing tickets but keeping kids safe. >> we drop off the children every day and want to make sure they get a great education. there are a lot of things to get into place to make sure they get to school. >> you can also expect officers to be out in certain areas. students weren't even in the classroom when someone in frederick county broke into a classroom, stole a laptop and damaged the place. take a good look at the person in the surveillance photo. they're a person of interest in the robbery. it happened in frederick last
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thursday night. a new group will take control of the head start program in for instance george's ko county after the school board agreed to give up control of the federal funding. >> are you resigning? >> i got support from the county executive. i do not intend to resign. >> reporter: on wamu, the board's chair says he has no intention of stepping down as school board chair. he told he he's done nothing wrong. >> once we're past the crisis, i'm willing to go into a full investigation into everything that happened. why it happened and where it happened. who made mistakes and when. and hold folks accountable for that. >> reporter: this after five members of the school board called for his and the vice chair's resignation, saying they withheld facts about student abuse and neglect. and a federal investigation into the head start
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thequh a federal head start grant as 50 years as a grantee of the program. >> we didn't want to be in a situation of defending the actions. >> reporter: many called for resignations. >> county executive, superintendent of schools and the school board chairman, sweeping the issue under the table for a long time. >> reporter: a new grantee will head the program. how the transition will work is underway. >> 9:06 is your time. still ahead, in d.c., public office has a special privilege. that includes free tickets to the area's hottest sporting ere events and concerts. who is actually sitting in those special seats? the story you don't want to miss. curious pokemon go players make a shocking discovery. wait till you see what
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two pokemon go players came across a frightening discovery in texas. a body. the sheriff's office says two people found a man dead in a driverw driveway near a cemetery. the co-workers were playing the game on their lunch break in san antonio. an autopsy is underway to try and find out how this guy died. public officials have privileges. >> who is is getting to enjoy those executive perks? the news 4's i-team scott macfarlane reports. >> reporter: who doesn't want a free ticket to the game or the show? ♪ welcome to new york >> reporter: d.c.'s top
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at nat park, 19 suites in 61 go to d.c. council. the mayor and council get a suite at verizon center, too. the perk was referenced in a land agreement for the arena, which stated district officials need free tickets to help economic development. when the i-team dug through records, often, the tickets are going to vip and friends and family of the officials who get the freebies. this has long been the case. >> any time tax dollars are spent, taxpayers have the right to know how the dollars are being spent. >> reporter: we found access to the mayoral suite went to the man voted out of the mayors office in 2010, adrian fenty. for the acc tournament, bruce springsteen, concerts by justin bieber and rihanna. alongside fenty, spike mendelson, a chef. a real housefe
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two recent concerns, including a political perk. >> reporter: the price for simi start at $165,000 a year. according to club advertisements. at verizon, it costs thousands of dollars for one big event. the seats are a valuable commodity for d.c. government, says the taxpayers protection alliance. >> when they have a taxpayer funded stadium, and politicians are using it to curry favor with other politicians, all residents of d.c. need to know who was in the suite. >> our review found it's difficult to know who is using the suite. we came to d.c. council offices to review their records and found less than half of members keep a formal log of who is using their tickets. the logs we did find didn't always include full names. >> reporter: at the mayor's office, records are kept and some are posted online. for many events, only the group of the attendees is listed, not the individual
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the mayor's office declined our request for an interview, issuing a statement saying, tickets are given for a variety of seasons, including to help support community groups and public schools. or to thank government employees for their hard work. in several cases, we did find charities and community groups receiving tickets. >> nice gesture. >> reporter: including the d.c. youth hockey team. sports club for d.c. teams that helps with academics. >> great to get together and enjoy the hockey game together. >> reporter: the city ought to consider giving all the tickets to charities and youth groups. >> the best way to use the box is for folks who don't have the opportunity to use it themselves. to go to a game themselves. >> reporter: for at least 43 games or concerts since the start of 2015, the i-team found tickets in the mayor's suite went to waste. no guests listed. even empty seats at the ballpark for military appreciation night.
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>> the team reached out to the former mayor, fenty, but didn't hear back. to see who is receiving the tickets, including the mayors, go to our nbc washington app. less humidity and more heat. tom kierein has a check on the latest round of extreme heat in your storm team 4 forecast. who needs to go to a theme park when you can build your own
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good morning. it is a mild and muggy saturday morning. these are the temperatures now as we approach mid-morning. hovering in the upper 70s and low 80s around much of the region. don't have showers or storms around. if you have outdoor plans today, don't worry about that. you need to take care with the higher heat that will be arriving later this afternoon as we get into the mid 90s. a look at how much longer this heat wave will likely last is coming up in a couple minutes. miracle man. [ applause ] >> students and staff filled a gym as you see at rockridge high school in louden county. they're calling c
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coach brian schmidt a miracle man. he was on a serious crash on his bicycle. the school surprised him with a pep rally to welcome him back. >> nothing worse happened. we appreciate schmidt. he's awesome. we're really lucky to have him as a coach. >> he can take it slowly. he doesn't need to rush his recovery like we know his wants to. we're all supporting him anyway. >> very sweet. look at that bike. the metal all twisted up. gives you an idea of how bad this accident was. schmidt is a tough guy though. he's an ultra marathoner who competes in races as long as 100 miles. tough guy. he'll be back in no time. that time of year for fantasy football drafts. hooters restaurants are taking advantage. they will informally
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they're g kits with $250 worth freeb freebies. leagues receive 17 weeks worth of hooters coupons and free bud ri glasses. they'll be entered for a chance to attend the nfl draft. the redskins pulling off a win over the bills last night, 21-16, in the third preseason game, which they call a dress rehearsal. quarterback kirk cousins bounced back from a rough start to finish 12 of 23 for 188 yards. following his throw of three touchdowns and an interception. a new trend for families. this is interesting. some skipping lines at amusic parks in favor for one in your backyard. >> gadi schwartz has a look at homemade roller coasters that some say should come with a warning. >> ready for this? >>ye
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>> got your go pro ready? >> yes. >> roller coaster ready? >> yes. >> got your awesome grandpa ready? >> reporter: there are certain perks that come with being the grandson of a retired boeing engineer. like unlimited roller coaster rides. >> i like when i feel weightless. it's just kind of a whoosh. >> reporter: it all started when this boy was 2 and sent his grandfather this drawing. >> it was one of my best drawings. >> it is a roller coaster. >> yeah. >> reporter: where most might see squiggles, greg saw twists and turns and endless smiles. >> we started small and it got out of control. there are three now. >> reporter: if you think greg's project is out of control, check out what we found all across america. one in indiana even has a full loop. not everyone thinks this is a good idea, and there are concerns over a lack of regulation. >> we have strict rules about
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what we're doing and where people can stand when people are riding. we haven't had problems so far. we try to be as safe as possible. >> reporter: it's been a lesson in math and safety for 9-year-old parker and his sister olivia. >> took work to put all the pieces together. >> reporter: they built their coaster for about $500, the same amount of money a trip to disneyland would cost for the family. >> disneyland has lines. >> this has two people in line at most. >> reporter: dropping down into a turn and bump. ten seconds of joy again and again. >> one more time and then your turn. >> reporter: projects forever remembered as the summer they built roller coasters in their backyard. gadi schwartz, nbc news, seattle. >> reminds me of when my mother decided it was a good idea to put a slip n slide, using a tarp in the front yard. we ended up with a rash so we
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but fun in the i'd love that as a kid. i don't know. is it safe? >> probably not. the helmet was probably a good idea. anyway, tom? if you like the heat, go outside. >> slip n slide sounds good. >> yeah. >> cool water feels great. you'll want to. summer sub botubbornly is hangi. as we finish off august, we'll be continuing to see the heat. as we take a look outside, a live view from our national harbor camera. the capital wheel on this saturday morning. sunshine pouring down out of a blue sky. the humidity isshallow. we don't have haze in the sky. we'd like to draw the dry air down. it's hoving in the low 80s. most of northern virginia, air the bay, shenandoah valley and the mountains, mid and upper 70s. nice morning to get out and get in a little bit of exerci
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degrees. by 3:00, the mid 90s. a few clouds in and out during the afternoon. around 90 by 6:00 p.m. by 9:00 this evening, back down to the mid 80s. hot afternoon for the nationals at nat's park, as they play the rockies. first pitch is at 1:05 this afternoon. hot afternoon. nothing on storm team 4 radar now and won't see anything until wednesday and again thursdays. both afternoons, those are our next chances to see any storms around. that's going to be late on the -- perhaps on wednesday afternoon and again thursday afternoon. highs in the 90s each day, all the way to wednesday. near 90 thursday. nice break on friday and saturday. low humidity. we start off early september with the labor day weekend. hot again. a week from this weekend, back into the 90s that sunday and agai
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that's the way it looks. >> tom, thank you. here's the question, has the family secret been leaked? we'll tell you about the recipe that may have slipped from the kfc dynasty. that' when wes
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9:25, your time now. four things to know this morning. maryland state police cruiser hit while a trooper was
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the driver has been identified as steven shannon. police believe alcohol was a factor. in the district, police investigating a double homicide in northeast. two men died following a shooting. police haven't identified the suspects. mike pence is stopping in virginia today. he's holding a rally at patrick henry college. the event will get underway at around 3:00 p.m. the redskins beat the buffalo bills last night, 21-16. quarterback kirk cousins threw three touchdowns. on to the story we've been telling our facebook live friends about. i really nice this story. >> yeah. >> kfc is saying not so fast after a report that colonel sanders' nephew inadvertently revealed the secret recipe behind the emp py behind the empire. a reporter visited.
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pulled out. on the back contained a handwritten list for 11 herbs and spices to be mixed with two cups of white flour. he initially told the reporter it was the initial recipe but later said he didn't know for sure. the company said the recipe is not authentic. >> they say the original recipe is in a safe with two feet of concrete, monitored 24 hours a day. >> that's the kicker. in concrete. anyway, that's it for us. thanks for joining us. >> going to be hot. >> stay cool. >> have a great day. stay cool, as tom say. we'll see you tomorrow.
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amopé. love every step. and right now save $15 ♪ ♪ hi, everybody, welcome to a new season of "inside the redskins" on nbc 4. i'm rick "doc" walker at redskins park. the team was busy this offseason perfecting their depth. with three preseason games down and one to go, the regular season is just on the horizon. to finish off the preseas be, the burgundy and gold will travel to tampa to face the buccaneers this cg


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