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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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sure. temperatures right now in the 60s in the suburbs. low 70s downtown. plan on plenty of sunshine and heat. not terribly humid but still awfully warm. our average high is about 85 degrees. this is 5 to 8 degrees warmer than average. up side, there is plenty of sunshine. good morning. right now, still have this construction happening -- excuse me -- not construction, this clean-up happening, outer loop express lane blocked just after gallows road. inner loop at old georgetown, work zone blocking that right lane. 95 here north of bw parkway, looking good. maryland, coming down from 32
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down to the beltway. i'll be back here in 10 minutes at 5:11. weather and traffic always on the ones. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. mystery reports of a gunman at los angeles international airport last night. turns out we believe it's some sort of false report according to authorities and that they believe it may have been loud noises that prompted all of this chaos we see here at the airport last night. people rushing outside of the airport, terminals evacuated. people pushed out on to the tarmac, having to stand out there and wait while investigators went into the airport and tried to figure out exactly whether there was in fact a gunman inside. that's the reports were that were coming into authorities, that someone was shooting inside of the airport. so far, they haven't found anything and right now they are trying to figure out exactly what those
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kristin wright at the live desk. 5:02. it's time to head back to school in maryland's biggest school district, montgomery county students are among the thousands in our area heading back to class today. derrick ward is out at the bus depot. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. this is actually the quiet before the storm. behind me you see part of their 1,200 bus fleet. now just a few minutes -- less than an hour, these drivers will start to come here, load up these buses, this is another year of increasing enroll many in montgomery county schools. there are about 189,000 and that's part of a trend. these buses are bristling with all kinds of technology now. they have got cameras outside to see what drivers are doing, if they aren't paying attention to those flashing lights and stop signs, they can get photographed and get a
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if police catch you, that fine increases. there are cameras inside the bus to let people know what's going on inside. safety of the students and drivers. they take back realtime data to headquarters. that can be monitored. all of this is about making these students safer, and, again, they have got 12, auto of these buses, they transport about 100,000 students. later this morning, we understand that the superintendent is going to take a ride on one of these buses on these routes and we hope to accompany him on that and talk about what you can expect in the upcoming school year here in montgomery county. the three rs will soon be under way in this county and we hope to bring you more on that once it happens. we're live here in clarksburg. derrick ward, back to you. >> derrick, thank you. about 78,000 kids will pour into loudon county public schools when the doors open later this morning. that's about 3,000 more students than last year. the superintendent, eric williams, tells us while veteran
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courtrooms this year, he's also bringing on 700 new teachers. >> that's a lot of work. we hard work hard on that, we've attended more than 25 recruitment events outside of the district. >> dr. williams says he has a hiring advantage over some other school districts because loudon county has the highest starting salary for teachers in northern virginia. well, today, it is also back to school for kids in virginia's second largest school district, prince william county welcomes back 88,000 students and among them 19,000 second language lerner's. now, to help those students and their families, there's a new website that's close to 100 translations of school documents. david culver has a look at the need to get new teachers in the classroom. that's coming up later in the news cast. don't forget snap a photo of kids before they head out the
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we want to see them as well. use the #first day face when you tag nbc washington on twitter and instagram. parents and teachers we want to see you how you feel about the new school year as well. happening today, it's the first day of head start in prince george's county. that start comes just after the program lost millions in federal funding amid allegations of abuse and neglect. county executive will be at glass manor elementary school to welcome students today. he's expected to assure the community that the county's head start program will continue with improved oversight. we're following a developing story out of reston this morning. a woman was hit by a car sunday evening. police are investigating this as a hit-and-run. we'll have a live report from the scene of that incident and the look at the type of car that police believe the suspect was driving. the time right now is 5:05 and a 12-year-old boy from
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been missing for days. we are talking about this boy, alexis rivera. if you see him, please call prince george's county police. he was last seen on 18th avenue in hyattsville last week. he wares glasses and has a scar on his left hand. he's 4 feet tall and weighs about 60 pounds. a warning for metro riders this morning. safe track surge 8 is under way right now. it could cause extreme crowding on the yellow and blue lines in virginia. single track between franconia springfield and van dorn street. there will be no rush plus service on the yellow line. that means no additional trains into downtown during peak periods. the work should wrap up september 11th. metro says an emergency drill on the yellow line bridge was a success. more than 100 first responders and volunteers took part in yesterday's drill. the practice evacuating trains during a simulated derailment. we're getting more details now this morning on that incident involving a man
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in front of the white house fence. this happened around 7:00 last night. the secret service questioned the man after he was taken into custody. police did not say what that object was, but they did say it wasn't hazardous. officials have not released the man's name or anything else about him. >> reporter: public for help after a woman was struck by a vehicle that kept going. coming up some critical information we're learning about the suspect. >> more and more parents trying to put off vaccinating their children but not for the reasons that you may think. why they want to put the shots off. >> and we're getting you up to the minute the minute you are up, how to dress the kids for the first day at the bus stop when we check back in
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/. chuck has a look at our bus stop forecast. what to wear today? >> shorts and t-shirts, if they are allowed to wear them. i never was allowed, and i grew up in georgia. up in the low 90s by later today. as i mentioned shorts if you can get away with it. otherwise, lightweight, light colored clothes. if you don't have to go to work or school, you got the day off, youed
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spf, it's still hot enough to carry extra water bottle around with you for the next couple of days. rain chances go up later on in the week. we'll detail how much rain we might be getting in a few more minutes. a couple new crashes here that have just popped up. first of all, 123 between georgetown pike and kirby road, it's listed as northbound right now, have a crash saying this could be an overturned vehicle. southbound 295 at east capitol. we're starting to see those delays there southbound, 295. outer loop express lanes being pushed on to gallos road. inner loop at georgetown work zone blocking the right lane. 5:11 right now. developing this morning, police are investigating a hit-and-run accident that happened in reston just before 5:30 sunday evening.
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scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say that this woman was just out walking around right behind us here in this area when she was struck by this driver that didn't stop. the driver just continued on. i want to get to some video though. we did shoot the scene shortly after this accident happened as you mentioned, right around 5:30 in the evening where a lot of people are out and about, walking around and riding their bikes in this community. police are on the scene investigating and gathering more information. we had an opportunity to speak with a neighbor in the area. there are a large number of senior citizens who enjoy coming out to the lake. >> that's a concern, i'm here every day and the people walk around the lake so they are always crossing the street right here to go down to the lake. >> reporter: a lot of neighbors on guard. take a good look at this picture. s
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suspect's vehicle looks like. it's a black nissan alt at this ma with silver trim on the front. likely with front end damage. police are asking anyone with information about this crash or possibly have seen that vehicle to contact fairfax coin police right away. back to you. funeral mass will be held for sister margaret-held and sist another sister. their bodies were found in their home on thursday. police have made an arrest but say the motive for the killing remains unclear. a mexican music icon has died. ♪ ♪ juan gabriel was 66 years old.
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composer in mexico who loved his shiny outfits and he was known to jump around on stage. he died of a heart abeing at that. his last performance was only days ago in southern california. d.c.'s 911 system is working normally this morning after that system went down late saturday night into sunday morning. it was down for nearly 2 hours. 911 call takers rushed to the backup center in northwest but there was still problems rerouting the incoming calls. the call center sent out tweets with ten-digital numbers for fire and police. officials do not know how many calls were missed and they say overall call volume may have been higher than normal. >> those numbers would be because we received repetitive calls. people call 911. they are getting nothing or a busy signal. they turn around and call back. >> now the outage is believed to be power-related. here's what you should do in an emergency if your
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doesn't go through. memorize the number of your local police or fire station. you should also follow police and fire departments on social media like twitter. areas like fairfax, loudon and frederick counties allow you to text 911. the time right now is 5:15. new drone rules go into effect today. transportation secretary anthony fox will detail the rules at a news conference later this morning. some of the regulations include a weight limit of 55 pounds and a time restriction flying in daylight only. the unmanned aircraft must also stay within the pilot's visual line of sight. thousands of families in southeast washington have water again now that a water main break is fixed. 8 inch main broke saturday night near ridge road southeast. a large tree blocked crews from fixing it for several hours. service was restored late last night. the district's transportation department wants you to weigh in on the ongoing flooding problem near
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a public meeting starts at 6:30 at cleveland park library on connecticut avenue. news 4 for your heth. it appears the youth sports culture has changed over the past 40ers yes, i do. we're seeing more children specializing in one sport from an early age. a new report says these kids are at a higher risk for injury and burnout by the time they become teens. this over kids that play multiple sports now. doctors say being more diverse helps kids enjoy exercise throughout life and helps them reach their athletic goals. at the doctors office more and more parents saying they don't want their kids to get vaccinated. a reminder, though, that it is a requirement for lots of school districts in our region. a new study says that 87% of pediatricians say they have had at least one parent refuse to get their child vaccinated. that's a 13% increase.
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autism concerns are not always behind this. many parents feel that immunizations are unnecessary. computers stolen out of schools and it's not always at night. news 4 scott mac far lane tells us the trend you should know about. >> good morning. a lot of kids walking back into school for the first time today in many school districts. coming up tonight, a news team investigation showing a lot of computers have been walking out of schools. more than 200 of them stolen in one local school district alone. our investigation looks into when it's happening. weekend, late at night. sometimes during the school day, and why it's happening. and what parents in those school districts have to say about it. >> i suspect any type of computer theft affects the kids, affects the school. >> oh, absolutely. computers are used every day.
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tooth-and-nail to get more into the school and classroom. >> how often these computers are disappearing for good and what other local school districts are doing to protect their computers and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. that's tonight on news 4 at 11:00. for now i'm scott mcfar land, back to you. we're off to a pretty decent start temperaturewise. >> it looks like this current heat wave lasts through the middle of the week. >> it's unfortunate. it looks like the stretch of 90 degree days will go out six days before cooler weather comes in in time for labor day week. skies are mostly clear. no chance for rain on your early morning activities this morning. 73 at national airport. southwest wind for now averaging only 6 miles per hour. later on today, wind will take a
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component. though it will be hot, it won't be as oppressively humid. mid 60s in shenandoah valley. 67 in lorton, virginia, and springfield. it's going to be a hot day today. most everybody gets to about 90 degrees. downtown on the national mall, more like 92 or 3 this afternoon. a north breeze averaging 5 to 10 miles per hour. no chance for rain around here today. a couple of showers toward norfolk and the carolinas. biggest area of concern, though, remains this area of disturbed weather down in the southern parts of the gulf of mexico. lots of rain across parts of southern and southwestern florida. this is tropical depression number nine. it will eventually take on the name tropical storm hermine. this is positioned by thursday of this week, headed back toward the big bend of florida,
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to make landfall north of tampa. the next couple of days for us promise to be plenty hot. 93 today. near 90 again for tomorrow. back up into the mid 90s on wednesday. finally a little chance for some rain late in the day wednesday. best chance for rain though this week comes up on thursday and that will cool us down just in time for labor day week. we'll see you in a few more minutes. 95 has finally cleared out of the way. that earlier problem down 95 in virginia. northbound 123 here, between georgetown pike and kirby road, brand-new crash there. they are seeing a little bit of a delay here already this morning. see a little bit of orange and yellow headed outbound there. southbound 295 that is building at east capitol as you are coming into town. we have a crash blocking the left lane. outer
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diverted at gallows road. 66 at 95, looking good. see you in ten minutes. a demand for answers. you would want to know too if it happened to you. the outrage after twoen men found out they were switched at birth. and it could put an end to the zika virus but only if it gets approved. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing.
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first time, it can be counted as a mistake. the second time in my view is a criminal activity. it's the second time in less than a year, two men from the same community in canada discovered they were switched at birth. dna testing confirmed this switch. the mista
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outrage. the national health minister prompted an independent investigation. developing now in new york state. police say a student was stabbed to death at cornell university early sunday morning. 19-year-old anthony nazarri died after a brawl on the university campus. another student is being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. surveillance video shows several people fighting outside. a possible murder weapon was found at the scene. police are still looking for nflegs -- information on a possible suspect. there soon be a controversial new way to fight the zika virus that involves more mosquitos. scientists have found a way to inject mosquito eggs with a gene for them to die younger. the fda has approved a trial for an island near key west. people who live there are trying to put a stop to it. >> these cannot be recalled. once they areut
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there is not enough information. >> researchers say the trial in south and central america have shown 90% control of the mosquito population within 6 to 9 months. the proposal for the florida trial will go to voters in november. right now, a manhunt is under way for three prisoners who escaped from a prison in louisiana. somehow they were able to make their way over two rolls of razor wire fencing last night. unclear how they got out of the prison. authorities telling people there that these three are dangerous and they are seen, use extreme caution. they were in prison for attempted murder, armed robb
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i'm kristin wright at the live desk. new video coming to the newsroom right now after an attack on a crime lab in belgium. despite appearances, authorities there are saying that this was not terrorism but rather arson and that someone set this crime lab in brussels on fire to get rid of some sort of evidence. this laboratory is used to analyze dna samples found at crime scenes. of course, belgium has been on high alert since the attack in march at the airport and at the -- on the subway system that ki 3
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very interesting. aaron, angie, back to you. all right. thank you. it is 5:30 right now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff. thank you so much for joining us. we are tick -- kicking off the workweek. >> let's see what four things we should know about the forecast. chuck bell in the weather center. >> aaron and angie, my two favorite ags at the station. the heat goes on. september is just around the corner our string of 90 degree days is showing no time of breaking down any time too soon. best chance of rain coming up later this week. weep watering the flowers to keep them going. there is a cool change coming in time for labor day weekend and a lot of things depends on what happens down in the tropics. we'll show you the latest thinking on all the activity going on in a couple of minutes. for today, 60 becomes near 90 today. back toward 90 degrees tomorrow.
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at the beach coming up in ten minutes. labor day, beach. sounds like time off. a couple of problems here that have just popped up in the past couple of minutes. northbound 123 at 95, crash blocking two lanes near the hov entrance. we're seeing some slowdowns through that area. beltway at 50, report of a crash, not seeing anything slowing down here yet obviously could change as things develop in the next couple of minutes. northbound 123 in northern virginia, between georgetown pike and kirby road, still have that crash hanging around. southbound 295 at east capitol, crash is still blocking the left lane there. so lots of stuff happening right now. this is also still sticking around on the beltway. outer loop express lane being pushed on gallows road because of investigation and clean up. le school bells are ringing this morning in prince williams county. they are getting a jump on the year ahead of labor day. >> david c
5:32 am
william county this morning with a close are look at what's in store for students there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you both many coming to you live from the brand-new colgan high school. the 12th high school here in prince william coin. this is second largest school district in virginia. 88,000 students coming back to school this year and 1,000 new ones. nearly 100 schools within this county, including two new schools. all right and dr. stephen waltz, you will hear from him later this morning. he spoke earlier with us about what it is to grow a school system like this and you are going to hear, right now, from him. take a listen. >> it's state of the art technology. in addition to that, some of the spaces are a little bit
5:33 am
the furniture is different in term of being able to pull things together in a more collaborative way. there's a lot of project based learning where kids work with other students just like they do in the real world. >> reporter: the school also has an aquatic center. we'll show you the interior views of a brand-new space and building. coming up, we'll talk about some of the challenges this school system faces when it comes to size and diversity. back to you. it's 5:33 right now and loved wuvens a montgomery county woman killed in her home said their final good-byes. a memorial service was held for linda johnston yesterday. her body was found wrapped in a sheet inside her home earlier no month.
5:34 am
killing her. take a look at this sketch if you can. police in prince george's county hope that you can help find the gunman who killed a father of seven. oscar garcia was shot in his driveway of his home august 17th. police say garcia had just gotten home from work and now his coworkers at jack's famous delli at downtown d.c. are trying to raise money for funeral expenses. >> i think it's a very bad tragedy what happened, leaving a wife behind with children, you know. sad thing for anybody. >> here's a look at that sketch again for you. a $25,000 reward is available for any information leading to an arrest. 5:34 right now. some safety improvements are under way after this horrific crash in bethesda back in november. three members of the same family were killed by a speeding driver along river road at pile road. maryland highway administration crews are adding turn restrictions and traffic-actid
5:35 am
some people in the community, though, had hoped for a traffic signal. the speeding driver has pleaded guilty to three counts of vehicular manslaughter. he will be sentenced in november. ♪ ♪ dozens of people took part of a zum ba-thon. it went on for two hours at washington advetnis university. 15 zum ba instructors donated their time there. 7 people died there earlier this month. officials say a gas leak caused that explosion. d.c.'s 911 system is back up and running after an outage on early sunday morning. it was down for nearly two hours. 911 call takers rush to the backup center in northwest but there were still problems rerouting some of those incoming calls. the call center sent out tweets with ten-digit numbers for fire and police. officials do not know how many calls were missed, but they say
5:36 am
overall, that the call volume may have been higher than normal. >> those numbers would be because we received repetitive calls. people calling 911, they are getting nothing or a busy signal and turn around and call back. >> the outage is believe to be caused by equipment problems. all the power boxes failed at the same time, but city leaders do not know why. here's what you should do in an emergency if you call 911 and it doesn't go through. memorize the number of your local police and fire station. you should follow police and fire departments on social media platforms like twitter. areas like fairfax, loudon and montgomery counties allow you to text 911. today marks the 11th anniversary of hurricane katrina's destruction across new orleans. it slammed the gulf coast back in 2005. the storm surge overwhelmed the city's levee system. and the drainage canals there. 80% of that city flooded. more than 1,800 people died a
5:37 am
tens of thousands had to be rescued. 70% of the city's homes were damaged or destroyed. dramatic wind and up to 5 inches of rain swamped the cincinnati area this weekend. along with the rain, the storm brought high winds, even hail to the area on sunday. the national weather service declared a flash flood emergency for cincinnati. putting his life on the line to save another. what one transit officer did right here without thinking about the consequences. an nfl quarterback refusing to stand for the national anthem. how the protest is playing a role in politics. some of you have not had your breakfast, it's never too early to start thinking about dinner, right? whether you can expect to eat on the deck tonht when weig
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definitely shorts and t-shirt weather. your morning run, take it easy. after school, plenty hot today. eating dinner outside tonight, it will be warm and dry. if you are trying to think about the holiday weekend ahead, the beach forecast for friday, saturday, and sun as we go into labor day weekend will be a lot cooler many friday could be awfully wend -- windy. taking a look at the situation on 123. just got off the phone with police. they are calling it eastbound 123 between georgetown pike and kirby road. report ever one overturned vehicle. you can see slowdowns through the area. northbound 123 at 95, crash blocking the two lanes near the hov entrance here this morning and that is slow as well. southbound 295 at east capitol, still have that left lane blocked and some delays and the outer loop express lanes still being pushed on to gallows road as we look at travel times. overall, 270 from germantown down to
5:42 am
update on all of these problems this morning coming up. 5:41 right now. startling new details about two pilots arrested just before they were set for take-off. what they are accused of doing that could have caused more than just a major delay. move over pandora. the new music service expected to roll out in the near future. and there are a lot of signs people show when they are depressed, but can you spot them on instagram? what some people may reveal
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here's a check of visibilities across the area. fog out toward fort mead, no big problems around the metropolitan area. sunny day today, how high will they soar, i'll let you know coming up. safe track surge 8 runs throgh
5:46 am
we're single tracking between franconia and van dorn. and we're sending chopper to georgetown bike and kirby road. summer is over. it is back to school for hundreds of thousands of kids across our area. the largest number of them heading to classes in montgomery county today. first, they will have to catch the bus. derrick ward live at the bus depot where the drivers, a few of them have come in and getting ready to roll out. >> indeed they are. they have already started the roll out. this is the first day of the school year and what that means is places like this all over the county are going to be bee hives of activity. now, this is another year with growth if the student population in montgomery county and that makes these buses that much more important. they have got a fleet of more than 1,200 buses and they transport more than 100,000 students every day. now, tse
5:47 am
that is equivalent of 4 times around the equator every day and that tells you how important this fleet is and how important safety is as well. last week official rolled out some of the new safety features on these buses. cameras inside and out. outside to actually catch drivers who may ignore those flashing stop signs and other things that are telling you not to pass these buses for the kids' safety and you have to remember now that the school year has started, tht not your summer commute anymore. >> traffic patterns are going to get much worse. traffic this is being going all summer is going to start getting congested. >> reporter: fines are $125 if you are caught by a camera. but they are going to be increased police patrols around the bus routes. if they stop you, the fine goes to $570, plus three points on your license. derrick war
5:48 am
to loudon county where officials are making sure parents are covered on all platforms this year. news 4 kristin wright has the story. >> reporter: it's a new app to help loudon county families keep quick, easy tabs on what's happening at school. superintendent dr. eric williams says a wealth of information heading into the new school year is just a tap away. >> convenient. one stop-shopping. custom informing about their particular student's schools. >> it's a simple download. the app has a directory with a list of schools you customize picking the schools you want to follow. then you can see calendars, social media sites and get other information. it's changing how the loudon county school district communicates with parents. >> it also features push noeskses. we want to be judicious in the frequency with which we use automated phone calls. >> the app makes it easy for parent to quickly reach
5:49 am
principals. kristin wright, news 4. 5:49 now and today also mark the first day of classes at several colleges and universities in our area. in d.c., classes resume at american, george washington, catholic, gallaudet and trinity washington universities in virginia. george mason, hampton and marymount universities and university of maryland, bowie state. millions of recent college grads are having trouble even making a dent in their college debt. susan hogan has some important information to know before you default. >> student loan debt can be a financial stress for years, so once you've got the diploma and the job, you already have a big fat bill, but if your job doesn't pay enough to help you pay off your college loans, you have some choices, but unfortunately not nearly enough. so depending on what type of loan you took out, federal loans have far more protection than private loans. you need to remember hi
5:50 am
default is the worst outcome. >> so if they have a federal loan, you need to be proactive in contacting your loan servicer and finding out what's available to you and that could be readjusting with an income-based repayment plan. it could be that you have the option for loan forgiveness and the same thing applies to private loans, just reaching out and finding out what's available. >> if your job does not cover student debt, let lender know. federal lenders offer deferment options and change payment plans once a year. ask about payment plans. the u.s. department of education says if you can't afford to pay the monthly amount of your loan, just ask the service provider to recalculate the payment based on your income and expenses. if you want more information on loan rehabilitation, go
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college debt. san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick has been vowing to sit down during the national anthem during football games. his protest will continue until he feels injustices in this country have been corrected, especially when it comes to race relations. he also criticizesed both hillary clinton and donald trump when speaking to the media yesterday. kaepernick's criticism of the presidential candidates comes as both have been making a big play of support for minority voters. tracie potts is following the latest from capitol hill this morning. what steps is the trump campaign taking to engage minority voters? >> for the first time he's going to speak directly to an african-american community for the first time in the 14 months of his campaign. that's coming up saturday at a black church in detroit. they are going to broadcast that over an african-american christian network. he's taken a lot of h f
5:52 am
that and also changes for his immigration policy. trump initially saying he wanted to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants and then saying he can work with those who have been here a long time and haven't committed crimes, but then saying they have to leave the country and come back legally many on wednesday he's going to speak in arizona to try to clarify all that. >> we know hillary clinton is seeing a big lead over donald trump among minority voters. >> in terms of the outreach to minority communities, they consider it disingenuous because he didn't done it until now. hillary clinton is getting ready for the debate at the end of september, the end of next month, we're told that she's studying policy. she will be doing some mock debates, things like that, pretty typical debate prep where trump's people say not so much him. he prefers to just discuss the issues over lunch with some of his trusted advisers. >> tracie potts on the hill for
5:53 am
us. thank you. 5:52. what's does your instagram post say about you. a new study says to could reveal whether you are depressed. researchers studied the instagram accounts of 166 people, many of them already diagnosed clinically as depressed. they used computer models. depressed people had fewer group posts. and the messages were more somber. many believe technology could help in early detection of mental illness. >> researchers say there is even more reason now for more studies using social media as a health screening tool. let's look at the forecast a few days ahead. >> we're staring at a couple of 90 degree days right in the face. today being one of those. four in a stretch. if you think it's been a hot august, you are correct. our fourth heat wave is
5:54 am
warmer than average, that is a tie for first place on warmest august on record. we're tied with august of 1980 for warmest august here in washington, weather records dating back to the 1870s. right now at 67 in lorton, virginia, 66 at joint base andrews. 66 at fredericksburg. 72 at the marine base, quantico. 87 in gaithersburg. 89 in winchester. tomorrow, still hot. may shave a couple of degrees off the afternoon temperatures tomorrow. that noernl wind will keep slightly cooler air in place. we'll still be up near 90 degrees and that's five degrees warmer than average. so cooler but not cool. temperatures will be in the 90s the next couple of days. not much of a rain chance around here. keeping a close eye on tropical depression number nine, which is just now moving into the southern parts of gulf of
5:55 am
the official track for this eventually strengthens it up to a tropical storm. it will be named hermine if it take on a name. by early thursday morning, it's taking aim at the northern parts of the coast, north of tampa. it's likely to be racing off parallel to the north carolina coast here. it may leave us awfully breezy on friday, particularly down at the beaches. labor day weekend may get off to a little bit of a breezy start. temperatures finally back down at or below average as we head toward friday foo the week. back in a few more minutes with how the weather may affect your plans coming up in a few more minutes. let's go over to melissa. >> still have this problem 123 between georgetown pike and kirby road with the overturned vehicle. outer loop express lanes still diverted there to gallows road because of earlier crash and investigation. 295, this is just cleared out of the way. no problem there. still has done some real damage
5:56 am
though as far as backup sound as you are headed into down on 295. crash still blocking two lanes there near the hov entrance this morning and you can see a bit of red because of that slowdown as we widen out, beltway in general main lanes looking pretty good. it's 5:56. airline experts say the system worked. two pilots accused of drinking on the job were arrested before they could fly from scotland to new jersey. the incident caused confusion for about 140 passengers. they had to sit through a ten-hour delay while the entire flight crew was replaced. united says the incident is under investigation and the pilots have been removed from duty. united has not released the names of the pilots. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at c nbc headquarters. amazon is reported near a deal with a music
5:57 am
service. charge $9.95 a month that joins a crowded field that includes apple and spotify. back-to-school team coverage, i'm david culver in prince william county where the student population is rising in size and diversity. we'll show you how the school system is tackling that. >> time for the big roll out in montgomery county. first day of school when buses hit the roads. >> plus a deadly crash. a fire chief is killed when a bus driver crashed into a fire truck that was sent plummeting over a guardrail. why the driver accused should have never been behind the wheel. we're watching the tropics, where there are three active storms and one of them is causing new concern for the spread of the zika virus here in the u.s.
5:58 am
honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey... and real oats. ok, that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. we're back to honey again.
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that guy! figures. a. a security scare and complete chaos. passengers at l.a.x. scramble after reports of gunfire. plus a hit-and-run. a woman is fighting for her life and you can help catch the driver. plus d.c.'s 911 system is back up and running this morning but there are still a lot of questions about why equipment simply failed.
6:00 am
fast approaching 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff. if you are trying to make plans for your monday. chuck bell is standing by. >> a lot of kids going back to school today, chuck. a lot of kids. >> hundreds and thousands of schools back to school they go for today. on your way out the door, it's mild and dry here early this morning under a mostly clear sky. going to be sunny and hot this afternoon. afternoon activities will be on the warm side for sure. ourl temperatures -- hourly temperatures, temperatures mid 70s. mid 80s by noon. high temperatures downtown today more like 92 or 93 degrees. certainly a hot one. melissa in with a check on the traffic. let's hope the morning ride is cool and smooth. let's hope. we have a couple of problems. chopper over the outer loop here at gallows road. were


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