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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  August 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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fast approaching 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff. if you are trying to make plans for your monday. chuck bell is standing by. >> a lot of kids going back to school today, chuck. a lot of kids. >> hundreds and thousands of schools back to school they go for today. on your way out the door, it's mild and dry here early this morning under a mostly clear sky. going to be sunny and hot this afternoon. afternoon activities will be on the warm side for sure. ourl temperatures -- hourly temperatures, temperatures mid 70s. mid 80s by noon. high temperatures downtown today more like 92 or 93 degrees. certainly a hot one. melissa in with a check on the traffic. let's hope the morning ride is cool and smooth. let's hope. we have a couple of problems. chopper over the outer loop here at gallows road. were
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lanes right now that are blocked and you can see chopper trying to zoom in here and see what's going on. so dark. it's hard to see what's happening. this is an earlier crash and investigation involving two vehicles. outer loop express lanes at gallows road are shut down right now. they are being diverted on to gallows road. eastbound 123 between georgetown pike and kirby road. we had chopper fly over that for you. we did not see anything over that area this morning. 295 inbound is quite slow still and 95 -- 123 at 95 northbound, crash blocking two lanes near t the hove entrance. police in fairfax county are investigating this incident as a hit and run. this happened before 5:30 sun night in reston, virginia. it was in the 11400 block in north shore
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meagan first first -- fitzgerald is live with latest. >> reporter: the woman was rushed to the hospital. right now, she's trying to recover from life-threatening injuries but police tell us it does not look good for her. we want to show you some video that we shot shortly after this accident happened. you can see police were on scene gathering as much information as they can, talking to witnesses. when we arrived on scene here, we talked to a lot of neighbors in the community that say there's a large presence of senior citizens here that like to walk around and get out in the evening, ride their bikes, walk to a nearby lake. it's still not clear whether or not this woman belonged to that senior citizen community that's here or not, but we know that a lot of people like to get out here and walk around, so certainly a lot of concern for the people would live around here, the idea that someone would hit another person and continue on. we want to show you a really important part of this
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something that looks like the car of what this suspect was driving. it's a black nissan altima. it has silver trim in the front. likely has front end damage. fairfax county police are asking who may have seen something yesterday night around 5:30 or sees a vehicle that fits this description to character their department right away. a little boy has been missing for days now. take a look at his picture here. this is alexis rivera. he is 12 years old, and he was last seen we're told on 18th avenue in hyattsville last week. he's about 4 feet tall and weighs about 60 pounds. alexis wears glasses and also has a scar on his left hand. if you see him, please call prince george's county police. d.c.'s 19911 system is back up and running after an outage early sunday morning. it was down for nearly 2 hours.
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backup center in northwest but there was still problems rerouting the incoming calls. the call center sent out tweets with ten digit numbers for fire and police. officials do not know how many calls were missed and they say overall call volume may have been higher than normal. the outage is believed to have been caused by equipment problems. all the power boxes failed at the same time, but city leaders don't know why. we have new developments now at los angeles international airport, also known as l.a.x. dozens of delayed flights are finally starting to arrive. that after reports of gunshots. if you take a look at the video here, you can see all the chaos. people were running out of the terminals in a panic. some even ran out on the tarmac as parts of the airport were shut down. los angeles police saying that the gunshots were probably just loud noises but they don't know exactly what caused them. the airport gave the all clear just a few hours after midnight. dozens of families in southeast washington have water again now that a water main break is fixed.
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8 inch main broke saturday night near ridge road southeast. a large tree blocked crews from fixing it for several hours. service was restored late last night. we're getting more details this morning on the incident involving a man who threw something over a bike rack in front of the white house fence. it happened around 7:00 last night. this happened around 7:00 last night. the secret service questioned the man after he was taken into custody. police did not say what that object was, but they did say it wasn't hazardous. officials have not released the man's name or anything else about him. i'm kristin wright at the live desk where we're gathering more information about a suicide bombing at a wedding in baghdad. at least 15 people were killed. right now, word is that isis is behind the attack. if this sounds familiar, there was another suicide attack at a wedding in turkey that killed more than 50 people. aaron, back to you. thank you. 6:06 our time right now. it is time to head
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public schools in montgomery, charles, and calvert counties reopened their doors today and in virginia, thousands of students returned to classrooms in loudon and prince williams counties as well as the city of manassas. we're bringing you team coverage this morning to make sure you are ready to head out on the roads as well. stay tuned for live reports from our team across the area. don't forget to snap a photo by the way of the kids before they head out the door. how adorable is she? we want to see your children. use the #first day face when you tag nbc washington on twitter or instagram. parents and teachers don't be shy. we want to see how you feel as well. chuck bell is monitoring the track of three storms. up next, what you need to know about the storm that may bring us some rain. plus, a bus driver with no license that slammed into a fire truck, killing a fire chief. find out where the fire crew
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welcome back. outer loop express lanes, we just had chopper over that. we are still shut down near gallows road but it is only the express lanes. traffic being pushed on to gallows and right now really t impacting things too much. brand-new problem, westbound 50 at columbia park road, crash on the left shoulder. eyes on that shortly. safe track surge number 8, running through 9/11. we're single tracking between franconia springfield and van dorn because of that. top of the belt, looking quite good. 66 inbound and 95 northbound, everybody there behaving themselves as well. more information on that crash
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on 50. in the weather and traffic office. >> in the weather and traffic penthouse. tropical depression in the florida straits expected to dump rain on the southern half of the peninsula and the florida keys. i know we talk about august being that time where thing seem to get busier in the tropics and that is the case. >> the statistic peak of hurricane season is september 4th. that's going to be the case again this year. things have really gotten warmed up here in the tropics the last couple of days. tropical depression 9. this is the same tropical wave which we've been following since it was way out in the middle of the atlantic last week and has made slow but steady progress. we're not showing any signs of organization at this point. this southern part of the gulf of mexico out here, the water temperatures are in the upper
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much warmth in the atmosphere and a little less in the way of wind shear should allow this storm to finally organize up to tropical storm strength as well. if it does be named, which i think is more likely now, it will take on the name hermine. it should be making a hook toward the florida coastline here. most likely place and time for landfall sometime during the day thursday north of the tampa bay area and racing on farther out to sea. it looks that it's going to continue well off the southeast atlantic coastline. could still have an impact for outer banks to have some rain there. may also be having a chance for windiness around our coastline as well. i'll get you a check of that five-day forecast in a few minutes. zika concerns are growing this morning and we just heard chuck talk about those storms that are heading toward south florida and the tropical weather
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problems worse. reporter michael spears is live in miami beach this morning with more. michael, this is really unnerving. >> reporter: it is and that's why miami beach is actively and aggressively going after folks who aren't doing their part to stop zika in its tracks. we're talking about the taxpayers. we're learned that code enforcers are handing out $1,000 violations for folks who let their pools go stag nan, who aren't taking care of pools or have junk in their yard that become the perfect breeding spot for mosquito, particularly this one that carries the zika virus. it only needs a little bit of an area of standing water to breed. so also in addition to that, if you have your first violation after that, it's $2,000. so far, code enforcement here on the beach has issued more than 20 of these violations within the last nine days. as code enforcement does that, this morning on miami beach, ocean drive, a busy tourist area.
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truck by to target the adult mosquitos. an all-inclusive effort to fight. help prevent the spread of it. 42 locally transmitted cases in florida, much of which is. prince george's county, the start comes after the program lost millions in federal funding amid allegations of abuse and neglect. the county's head start program will continue with improved oversight. computers stolen out of schools and it's not always at night. news 4 scott mac far lane tells us the trend you should know about. >> good morning. a lot of kids walking back into school for the first time today
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in many school districts. coming up tonight, a news team investigation showing a lot of computers have been walking out of schools. more than 200 of them stolen in one local school district alone. our investigation looks into when it's happening. weekend, late at night. sometimes during the school day, and why it's happening. and what parents in those school districts have to say about it. >> i suspect any type of computer theft affects the kids, affects the school. >> oh, absolutely. computers are used every day. parents have fought tooth-and-nail to get more into the school and classroom. >> how often these computers are disappearing for good and what other local school districts are doing to protect their computers and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. that's tonight on news 4 at 11:00. back to you. a warning for metro warnings this morning. safe track surge 8 is under way. it could cause packed
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the yellow and blue lines in virginia. blue line trains will single track between franconia springfield and varn -- van dorn street. on the yellow line there will be no additional trains into downtown during peak periods. the work should wrap up september 11th. and the district's department of transportation wants you to weigh in on the ongoing flooding problem near the cleveland park metro station in northwest. you might remember the station's escalator looked like a waterfall after a heavy rain earlier this summer. a public meeting starts at 6:30 on cleveland park library on connecticut avenue. new drone rules go into effect today. the rules will be detailed at a news conference later this morning. some of the regulations include a weight limit of 55 pounds and a time restriction flying in daylight only. the unmanned aircraft must also stay within the pilot's visual line of sight.
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cleaning up from that massive earthquake in italy, now people who have lost everything are being allowed back in to try to recover belongings they can. crews are using demolition equipment to destroy any buildings still standings but beyond repair. 290 people died in last week's earthquake. most of them in three small towns. today marks the 11th anniversary of hurricane katrina's destruction across new orleans. it slammed the gulf coast back in 2005. the storm surge overwhelmed the city's levee system. and the drainage canals there. 80% of that city flded. more than 1,800 people died and tens of thousands had to be rescued. 70% of the city's homes were damaged or destroyed. a deadly bus crash in louisiana, police say the driver has no drivers license. it
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another person on a car were killed. more than 40 people were hurt in in all, including some firefighters. >> all three firefighters were thrown into the water below. police say workers on the the bus were going to baton rouge to help with flood relief. no rain to speak of in our area this morning which i guess as you put kids out to the bus stop, that's a good thing, chuck. >> at least get a dry start to the of the new year. skies are mostly clear early this morning. honestly, not a bad looking day to be outside today. though it will be quite a bit warmer than average yet again. the u.s. capitol still waiting on sun rise which is about 20 minutes or so from now. 72 degrees in washington. winds for now out of the west at 5. those winds will be a little bit more noernl by later on this afternoon. that's important because noernl winds have a tendency to keep the air a little bi
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so still hot but not quite as oppressive as it's been much of the month of august. heading the kids out early this morning, 60s now. mid 70s for the kids to go in a little bit later like 8:00. most areas today, 90 degrees or higher. not much of a rain threat around here for today. future weather does carry the slightest little chance for rain today. i'll show you where that is. here it is on the -- this is our high resolution model. this thing is updated every hour on the hour. new run generating a slightest chance of showers across northern maryland and northern parts of the shenandoah valley. rain chances are very low. our bigger model look scarier. rain chances are 20% or less and little chance for rain is about 4:00 and 7:00, primarily across northern maryland. we dry out
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of on the hot side for the next couple of days. here's the five-day forecast. 90 tomorrow, 93 wednesday. best chance for rain comes up on thursday afternoon and thursday evening. see you in a few minutes with 4 things you naed to know about the forecast. first thing you need to know about traffic. chopper 4 go over this problem westbound 50 at columbia park road, it's a crash. we are seeing slowdowns as you approach the area. 66 in bound at the toll road, brand-new crash reported there causing delays there in the bend as we widen out, another problem here. outer loop at braddock road, brand-new crash reported there. southbound bw parkway at 202, left lane is blocked there because of an incident is what the report is. outer loop express lanes at
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gallows road. live look at 270, southbound here at 109, old hundred road. this morning, on the "today" show, nbc's joe fryer will sit down with the mother of natalie holloway. is. >> this is part of where are they now series. they talk about where the case is now and how she's dealt with extortion plots and taunts from the man suspected in her daughter's disappearance. here's a portion of that interview. >> you are never over feeling the loss of your loved one. >> has every avenue been exhausted at this point? do you still try to pursue new information? >> pretty much we have done it all, every avenue has been explored. >> you can see that full interview on the "today" show right after news 4 today. they are accused of being too drunk to fly and we're talking about the pilots. find out what
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you think a member of your flight crew may be impaired. ♪ ♪ >> are you hungry, aaron? you want some lemon nationwide? did you see her, beyonce. she crushed it there at the mtv music awards. we have a look at who ee stolels
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talented, i could never choose. i con tell you even if there was a gun to my head. [ laughter ] >> okay, last night's mtv held its annual video music awards and they did not disappointment. >> you saw jimmy fallon dressed as ryan lochte, beyonce stole the show. she picked up eight awards, including video of the year. these are some of the pictures from her instagram page. she performed a good portion from her lemonade album and walk the capture with daughter blue ivy and there is the mothers of trayvon martin. >> i felt bad for
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happy to see brittany back even though she was lip synching. >> entertaining. america's first win in five years and new york's first in 50. >> the little leaguers from inwell new york where waking up champions. >> they did it. little league world series. they beat south korea in the little league world sear liz last night. south korea won the whole thing a couple years ago. many of the players on this winning team were in their final season and just missed out on qualifying for the world series last year. so a big congratulations to them. >> huge win. congratulations for sure. a new study about concussions could have you thinking twice about putting your athlete on the field.
6:27 am
the injury doubles recovery time. teens who continued to play took 44 days to recovery. continuing to play worsensshirt-term mental function. there are 300,000 sports-related concussions in children and teens every year. donald trump is reaching out to minorities. find out where he hopes to get the undivided attention of some african-american voters. >> reporter: and i'm david culver in prince william county where they are getting ready to welcome students back to school and what better facility than a brand-new high school. we're going to show you around these new digs and let you see
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stroller, the latest victim of gun violence in chicago is a cousin of an nba star. how the nfl is reacting to the controversial statement made by one of its star players. first, it is a big day. summer is officially over for thousands of students in northern virginia and maryland. >> sorry, kids. we have live team coverage this morning to help you get back in the groove of things and back to school. >> that means you in montgomery, loudon, and prince william counties. >> and first we begin to a hot start for the week for students and we begin with chuck. >> good morning, everybody. kids that are getting ready to back up the buses and head on out to school for the first day, good luck everybody. sun is due up in four minutes. 6:35 this morning. skies are mostly clear. good day to be outside. however, it's going to continue to be hot. the heat goes on. 90 plus again today and tomorrow. there are some chances for rain coming in toward the middle
6:32 am
just in time for the holiday weekend. all eyes continue to be on the tropic. a whole lot going on, two different depressions and a tropical storm to be tracking. i'll show you the latest track on all those coming up in a few more minutes. as you are planning out your day today, off you go to school kids, temperatures in the low 90s, could feel as much like 93 or 4 by later on this morning. good morning, melissa. a little slow here in several spots. chopper 4 over southbound bw parkway at 202. this is a two-mile, 3-mile backup building. downtown, constitution and 14th due have a crash here. looks like covering part of the intersection down there in the distance this morning. 66 inbound at the toll road, crash reported there and you can see it's quite red as you head inbound. outer loop express lane diverted to gallows road because of that earlier problem. no problems on 66 or 95. travel times in 10
6:33 am
633 right now. it is back to school this morning for hundreds of thousands of students in our area. several districts across the region are returning to class. >> and that includes montgomery county, maryland, the largest school district, derrick ward has been at the bus depot as drivers get ready to head out for day one. derrick. >> reporter: good morning. as you can see, it's pretty busy here this morning at the clarksburg depot. these buses go out on their routes. joining me is superintendent of montgomery county schools, jack smith. thank you for joining us. this is the second year of growth for this system. what sort of challenges does it present? >> we're going to welcome back 2,500 more students than we ended with. we have a best and good learning environment and materials for every single student. >> any goals in terms of performance or things like that you are looking at this year? >> absolutely. montgomery county has a long
6:34 am
many, many students. we want to maintain and keep that and we also want to make sure that for those students who are not learning as much as they need to and struggling that we absolutely raise that level of learning for every single student so that all means all. >> and finally, and importantly, it's all what we're about here. these buses, you want to make people aware they are going to be out on the roads and there's a lot of things motorists need to look out for. >> absolutely. all the parent and people connected with students, they know the buses are out today. those of you out there driving, you don't pay attention to the school calendar. pay attention, 159,000 students need to be safe in our schools. >> thank you so much for joining us, sir. have a good year. >> we are live here in clarksburg. as you can see, kids, you are watching, here comes your bus, get ready. we're live in clarksburg. back to you. school bells also ringing in prince william county, virginia's second largest school district is getting a jump on the year ahead of labor day. >> david culver is there live for us th
6:35 am
he's got more on how many new faces are in the district this year. david. >> reporter: hey there, aaron and angie. usually you feel bad for kids having to wrap up summer break and start school anew except for students starting here at this new facility. this is a center for fine and performing arts. we're in the auditorium. this is one of many beautiful facilities as you will see if you walk in this building. behind hangar doors like this one, they have added more capacity for more seating and they are part of the lecture halls. follow me real quick. you can see access on this end as well. you mentioned new students. about 1,000 new students coming into prince william county this year. they have got 800 new teachers as well. having any facilities, that's become necessary here as it is growing rapidly and keeping up with that growth, well, it's proved challenging.
6:36 am
>> space is a premium now and so trying to acquire land is a big, big challenge, and you know trying to get communities involved in a way this they want to support a new school, that's become a bit more challenging. traffic is always a consideration with finding land and building new schools. >> so we're in one of two commons here in colgan high school. this is part of the increased technology. initially we saw this, we thought these were computer servers. they are lockboxes for smart phones,ism pads, all the new tech tools that students use and they will be use things like that to keep them safe and protected, as they start brand-new school, brand-new school years. in the manassas part of prince william county. back to you. if your child is headed back to class in loudon county today make sure their smart phone is charged up. >> this year, public schools are
6:37 am
technology initiative. superintendent eric williams told us the plan is to improve the quality of students work and its impact. he wants students to be able to connect with the world. >> teachers throughout our division are posing challenges to students and saying this is a real problem in the world and we want you to use technology to connect with information, resources, collaborators, and an audience beyond the teacher so you can solve those problems. >> doctor williams says this initiative will include students from third grade through high school. their work will be strongly guided and supported by teachers. the school district has also increased its supply to make sure every state of the union has access to devices. don't forget, get out your camera, snap a photo of the kids before they head out the door. we want to see them as well. use the #first day face. parents and teachers, we want to see how you feel about the school year a
6:38 am
a very frustrating story for more than 140 united airlines passengers. what the airline says it kept them safe after two pilots were arrested accused of drinking on the job. they were supposed to fly from scotland to new jersey on saturday. the entire crew was replaced and passengers sat through a ten-hour delay. the pilots are 35 and 45 years old is all we know. experts tell us if you are uncomfortable with any member of your crew, tell someone and don't fly with them. dwayne wade says something has to be done about the violence in chicago. his cousin, a mother who was pushing her baby in a stroller was shot and killed in chicago. nykea aldridge was only 32 years old. this morning, two brothers are charged with killing her. her family said nothing can bring her back.
6:39 am
too soon. she was taken away from us. >> there have been about 450 shootings in chicago this year. over the weekend, dwayne wade tweeted the city of chicago is hurting, needs more help and more hands on deck. a driver hit a woman crossing street and didn't bother to stop. why some people in this northern virginia community say this road is especially dangerous for walkers. plus donald trump wants the black vote and he's making a new aggressive move to win over minorities. and there are allegations of students being mistreated. what we're learning about the start of the head
6:40 am
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a clear sky out there. sun going up on what's going to be nor hot day today. shorts and t-shirts, lightweight, light colors, no need for the umbrella today. rain chances are very low. maybe you need to take the umbrella with you. in ten minutes, i'll let you know which day of the week is likely to be the rainiest. >> taking a look at travel times right now. 270 from germantown down to the spur, take you 14 minutes. top of the beltway, pretty typical, 20 minutes, going under 30 miles per hour through that area. 66, slow inbound, 95 northbound not terrible at 53 miles per hour. i'll see you in a few. time right now is 6:43. in our decision 2016 coverage. donald trump has a new challenge for hillary clinton. but she may already be celebrating a successful weekend. we're live in new york next.
6:44 am
luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers. i approve this message is one of those robots from an other bank, td bank's new intern, bart,
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right now, a hit-and-run near a retirement community. stop and look at this car to see if you can help this driver. we have a live report in minutes. plus we have more back-to-school team coverage. some things are changing for students and drivers navigating the roads with school buses. clinton make a haul in the hamptons
6:47 am
preparing for a much-anticipated speech on immigration. donald trump will make what his campaign is billing as a major speech on immigration. >> it comes one week after trump was initially supposed to speak on the subject in colorado, and when he's asked questions on the issue where he stands on the issue of deportion tags. hallie jackson has the very latest. >> reporter: hi. a lot going on over the weekend as donald trump's surrogates insist he's being consistent frankly on his immigration position and what to do with the roughly 11 million or so undocumented immigrants living here. trump has said he wants a deportation force to get those undocumented immigrants out of the country. now his campaign manager says he hasn't talked about a deportation force for a while. he's talking about doing something humaneely. there's some question markson
6:48 am
porpgs, we're looking ahead on wednesday when he should be heading to phoenix for this major speech on immigration. there are some question marks about that. we heard conflicting reports last week whether that appearance in arizona would happen as well. all of that happened as we're learning the trump campaign is expanding its ad buy. trump just went on the air, far later than hillary clinton's team. now, he's expanding that to more students, including your neck of the woods in virginia there, it is a $10 million investment from his team and he's got a new ad out. we have a look at it all coming up on the "today" show in just a bit. >> thank you so much. meanwhile, hillary clinton does not have any public events scheduled for today, but she did attend four fundraising events in the hamptons on sunday where she raised a total of at least $11.5 million. she has more fund-raisers also scheduled for today. and police are asking for your help in finding the person who hit a woman in reston on
6:49 am
now that woman is facing life-threatening injuries. news 4 meagan fitzgerald is live at the scene there in fairfax coin with more. >> reporter: fairfax county police say the crash scene is just behind us here. the woman was crossing the street when she was struck by a vehicle that continued on. now she's in hospital fighting for her life. i want to show you some video shortly after this accident happened. police officers gathering as much information as they can, talking to witnesses. we spoke with neighbors around here. just to paint the picture for you. very active community here. we know there's a senior citizen community. a lot of people that like to get out and about, walk around, especially around that time, this accident happened, which is 5:30 last night. people out walking and riding their bicycles which is why people are concerned about their own safety and the idea that a driver would hit someone and continue on. we want to show you a
6:50 am
description or a look of what the vehicle looked like. police tell us it was a black nissan altima with silver trim along the front of the vehicle. possibly with front end damage. anyone with information about this case, contact the fairfax county police department right away. meagan fitzgerald, news 4. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. drug maker mylan says it will make a generic version of the epipen and release it within the next few weeks. the generic version they say will cost $300 for that two pack which we've been telling you the drug maker raised to $600 over the past several years, prompting a lot of outrage everywhere. so some good news on that front. back to you. all right. thank you. let's get right to chuck bell. 300,000-plus kids going back
6:51 am
school today around here. >> get them on the bus. >> 179 days to summer vacation. you got to start that countdown early. outside is the good looking day for the first day of school. no rain to worry about across the area this morning. kids can leave the umbrellas at home. mostly sunny sky but man has it been warm. our fourth heat wave of the summer continues on into today, tomorrow, on into the middle of the week. august is still 4 1/2 degrees warmer than average and now still tied with august of 1980 for the warm he have august on record with a couple of hot days to finish we may end up in first place all by itself. 66 in gaithersburg, 66 in manassas and 69 in charles county, maryland. highs low 90s. not terribly humid. northerly breezes keeping humidity in check. this is gaston. tropicapr
6:52 am
coast of cape hatteras, north carolina, we'll keep a close eye on that the next couple of days. the one we're interested in is moving out into the southern part of gulf of mexico, tropical depression 9, likely to become tropical storm hermine if the one off north carolina doesn't get there first. if it goes to the "i" name it will be ian. we have a pretty breezy day around here, if you are going down to the beaches for labor day weekend. it could be on the breezy side on friday. ten-day forecast. 90s for the next couple of days. finally cooler later in the week and warmer average next week. first day of school for thousands of students. in virginia, the city of manassas and loudon and prince william county. >> maryland, day one for kids and teachers in charles, calv t
6:53 am
calvert, and montgomery counties. that's where derrick ward is live this morning. >> but david culver kicks off our coverage from prince william county. hey, guys. >> reporter: hey there. we're at colgan high school. a brand-new high school about to welcome 1,400 students through these brand-new beautiful doors but also about 800 new teachers starting here in prince william county. we talk to the superintendent a little bit earlier about what it takes to retain that quality. here's what he had to say. >> one of the things that we're proud of in prince william county is we do a lot to help develop those teachers. not just get them hired but we want them to stay. so we have what we called connect and we try to connect those teachers with each other and with professional development and we've had several days of that here before school starts to make sure they are prepared and excited about the school year as well. >> reporter: some numbers to put it all in perspective. virginia has two massive school districts, including
6:54 am
second largest school district. 88,000 new students starting. they have got a thousand new ones this year alone and nearly 100 schools altogether. a massive operation they have got going here. not only back to school as we told you here in prince william county also in montgomery county, that's where derrick ward is standing by in clarksburg. good morning. >> reporter: same deal going on here in clarksburg. 100,000 of those students going back to school in this area. we're looking at part of their bus fleet. new cameras inside and outside the buses. when you see flashing lights you stop. if there's a raised median, don't stop. if anyone is caught violating the rule of stopping behind the buses when the lights are flashing, $125 tick turns to a
6:55 am
$570 tick and three points on your license. be careful for the kids sake. share the road. let them get to school. we're live in clarksburg in montgomery county. derrick ward, back to you. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. microsoft is making it easier to report hate speech. the site is similar to the one microsoft created to report terrorists posts. this one focuses on content that advocates violence. since the site can be abused, it's also built another site where you can submit a request to reinstate contend. with your business reporter, i'm land con dowdy. here are 4 things to know this monday morning. chaos at the los angeles international airport after someone said they heard gunshots. police gave
6:56 am
midnight but dozens of flights were delayed. a new year of the head start program at prince george's county starts today after losing millions in federal funding. the county executive will welcome students this morning. a public meeting about a drainage project to prevent flooding near the cleveland station has been postponed. san francisco 49ers quarterback kaepernick is to sit during the national anthem again and again. taking a look at the roads right now, westbound 50 at columbia park road, chopper 4, bit of a delay. it's getting a bit better there. southbound bw parkway, 202, crash over the shoulder. 66 inbound at the toll road, a crash interest there.
6:57 am
outer loop express lane still closed at gallows road. extended forecast here in the 90s the next couple of days. best chance for rain this week comes up on thursday. only slightest chance for a shower today. cooler weather arrives just in time for labor day weekend, if you are going to the beach, friday, saturday, sunday, it looks breezy on friday, but it should be full of sunshine and temperatures near 80. looks good. thanks for starting your day with us. >> we'll be back at 7:25 with more local news, weather, and traffic. >> make it a great monday, everybody!
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good morning. breaking news. panic at l.a.x. all from a false alarm. passengers run onto the tarmac after mistaken reports of an active shooter. chaos, confusion and massive delays. what triggered it all and will it slow your travel today? we're there live. bracing for the storm. hurricane gaston gains strength in the atlantic as a separate storm system moves toward florida. a concern that all of the water could make the zika outbreak eefr wor even worse. a police officer puts his life on the line to save a stranger in the path of an oncoming train. >> i was bracing for the worst but hoping for the


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