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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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another eight models. you are looking at the official portrait of mother teresa. it's going on display at st. peter's during a canonization ceremony on sunday. stay with us. news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. breaking news, at 5:00 a.m., her mean has just been down graded to a tropical storm. that's after it became the first hurricane to hit florida in more than a decade, bringing rain, strong winds to the gulf coast. it is 5:00 a.m. >> we want to start talking about the weather and its impacts for so many of us, whether you are staying in town or you are planning to head out. this could be something major for a bunch of us, chuck. >> absolutely right. the new
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coming in as of the 5:00 hour is now that hermine has been down graded from hurricane to tropical storm. winds at 70 miles per hour. still a strong tropical storm. here's the newest forecast track, saturday afternoon, moving off the outer banks of north carolina, that's good news. it's farther off shore and less of a rehook back to the coastline. that's critically important for how long the impacts are going to be on the beach and how far west ward those impacts will be felt. d.c. area, not a huge impact. gusty winds, tomorrow into sunday. more rain the farther east you go. i-95 corridor eastbound to the eastern shore could see tremendous amounts of rain. out toward the beaches, 3 to 6 inches of rain possible at the coastline with 50 to 60-mile-per-hour winds.
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almost no impact out toward the shenandoah valley. temperatures looks fine, sunny, nice and highs near 80. more about the storm coming up. oh, i wish i could say that the bw parkway looks as good as some of your flaft. mid between 198 and 197, there is a problem. an incident blocking both sides. the road island avenue station is going to be closed today for red line inspections. shuttles are available through the morning rush hour. we'll keep you posted if they are making any kind of progress. back to you. jack, thank you. we're seeing widespread warnings and some serious damage from that major storm hermine. >> but it's getting weaker so perhaps we could be spared. molette green tracking the storm and has
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live desk. >> hermine now a tropical with 70-mile-per-hour winds that can still do a lot of damage. the storm slammed ashore, florida's first hurricane in a decade. thousands without power. downed trees fell on cars and on homes. parts of cedar keys pounded by the high winds. hermine now farther inland, moving across southern georgia, into the carolinas. chuck bell keeping an eye on the latest track and farther off shore. we'll stay on top of the latest. the storm may be getting weaker but it is still quite strong as molette just mentioned. we're sending storm ranger 4 to north carolina now where a third of the state is under a state of emergency at this hour. the truck is incredibly powerful, one of a kind and gives us the ability to track storms anywhere. we'll be using it to make our coverage the most accura
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right there on the back of the truck. now is the time to download the nbc washington app. you can get forecasts and weather in your neighborhood or wherever you are headed for the holiday weekend, always updated for storm team 4. >> new information just in on two overnight shootings in the district. we now know this one in northeast took a man's life. police are still there looking for clues in the 2500 block of 14th street. the shooting happened just before 1:00 a.m. police also investigating a shooting in the deanwood community on the 3400 block of dick street. this happened around 10:30 last night. they found a male victim shot. he's in the hospital. when we get more information, we'll bring it right to you here and inside our nbc washington app. following a developing story out of laurel this morning, howard coin police are investigating a double murder. they found two people dead inside a home on
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we want to show you some video from the scene overnight as detectives collected evidence from that home. a family member of the victims has been taken into custody. police have not identified the victims or the suspect. we're following two metro issues that could affect your commute. first, an investigation into a derailment at a virginia storage yard. at least one train went off a nonpassenger track at alexandria yard last night around 9:40. nobody was hurt there. metro transit police say it doesn't appear to be affecting any machine systems. we're still going to try to find out if this will impact any service for you this morning. there will be trouble on the red line all day today. the rhode island avenue station is closed after concrete fell from the ceiling again. the station did open yesterday after concrete fell from another part of the ceiling on wednesday. shuttle buses will be provided. metro feeling the pressure
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to bring back late night service. elected officials in prince george's and montgomery counties are making a call for change. 40 of them have asked for a return of some form of late night hours on weekend. they say service endeding at midnight prevents thousands of people to get where they are to go. >> this is a big issue last night when thousands of people were trying to get home from a concert at nats park. it's standing firm on providing no changes for special events. this morning, students in anacostia high school will learn that one of their classmates has died. the student was killed in a double shooting in southeast washington. police are not identifying the victim at this point. a pizza delivery man who was shot and seriously hurt. we spoke to one neighbor who said her kids aren't allowed outside because of thgo
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>> >> it's gotten to the point where my kids play in the house. >> they can't come outside? >> they cannot come outside. >> police are offering a $25,000 reward for information on a suspect that leads to an arrest and conviction. she's had an amazing career and now she's leaving the city she's served for 26 years. outgoing police chief cathy lanier sat down one on one with our doreen gentzler. one thing they talked about the challenges she hfaced. lanier dropped out of high school at the age of 14 and had a son, raised him as a single mom, went on to earn her ged, went to college, got two masters degrees. her last day it will be september 17th. before you
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cell, we're learning details about a recall. samsung issuing a worldwide recall, a call back after its galley note 7 after reports of battery fires. some of the gadgets exploded while they were charging. the company has suspended sales of the smart phone just two weeks after launching its latest flagship device. if you already have one, the company says you can swap it out for another smart phone regardless of the purchasing date. back to you, erika. thank you, molette. hermine has been down graded but the threat has is far from over. the danger as tremendous amounts of rain and wind hit the gulf and continue to move up the coast. the storm could make a big difference in your labor day weekend plans. victims of the colorado thea te
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5:11 our time right now. chuck bell is in the storm team 4 center keeping us upto date for the weekend. >> monday isn't looking bad. saturday, sunday and is what we're focus ged on. tpses are mostly in the 60s. it feels a lot cooler than the last few mornings.
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be. afternoon temperatures today, upper 70s and low 80s. a couple of clouds around, nothing bothering anybody. outdoor planner, not too hot. a gorgeous day to have lunch outside. although football tonight in the comfy 70s for sure. now the beaches is a whole other story, saturday, sunday, and monday, periods of heavy, heavy rain, squally rain and windy weather and beach erosion more a huge problem. more of all that and the latest storm track is coming up at 5:21. between now and then, you should download that nbc washington app and have it ready to go. let's good to jack taylor to see how we can plan out that traffic. >> if you are going to plan it, take 95. we've got two trouble spots in the baltimore washington parksway, two accidents each other. it's causesing bigger delays than expected. to have this delay, be aware, plan ahead if at all possible if
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50 eastbound, headed toward annapolis, after freeway airport the work is still in place along the right side of the roadway, you should find two left lanes getting by. hopefully they will lift it early if we have folks lucky enough to head out to the eastern shore. this holiday weekend, montgomery county police and other law enforcement agencies have a personal message about the dangers of drunk drive. in memory of noah leotta police held a traffic checkpoint. each driver received a card with his photo and a reminder not to drink and drive. next month, tougher drunk dr. driver laws go into effect.
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d.c. police need your help finding three people who broke into a school to steal electronics. they just released the video. the thieves pried open the basement door in the middle of day on saturday to load up equipment in a car and took off. anybody who thinks they if you recognize the suspects, they are asked to call police. we will never forget the u.s. terrorist attacks. a piece of limestone was unveiled that was go on display at dulles national airport. it was pulled from the pentagon. >> this memorial will serve as a constant reminder of those that paid the ultimate price. we will never forget and the loss will not be forgotten. >> the department of defense awarded the art fact to the tsa office in dulles. china will play host to the g-20 summit this weekend. ahead of the summit, security
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police and soldiers are blocking roads that lead to the event's venues. president obama will be in attendance. howard university students were in for a treat when two nbc hosts took the stage but then there was a surprise guest. >> give it up for the first lady. [ cheers and applause ] >> i don't know how you can keep that a surprise. think about the security detail. >> the swarm of cars outside howard. >> the audience erupting into cheers when the first lady, michelle obama appeared on stage here. the crowd rows to their feet to give her a standing ovation. mrs. obama offered advice to students. >> nobody up here went straight-line to success. there are bumps and flip-ups and embarrassments. >> nearly 250 students packed the event at the business school there. americas got talent host n
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at the university a couple of weeks ago. the controversial release of the man who shot president ronald reagan will happen next week. john hinkley jr will be allowed to leave saint elizabeth's psychiatrist hospital. the 61-year-old who will live with his you are mother in willamsburg, virginia, he will be required to return to d.c. at least once a month for evaluations. >> this morning, georgetown university is trying to make amends for selling slaves in the 1800s. they sold 272 slaves in 1838 to pay off debts of the school. now the descendants of those slaves and anyone who help build the school will get preferential treatment when applying.
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georgetown family and we need to get what's in effect. >> the school will build a memorial to the slaves and create a center to study slavery. georgetown will remain two buildings that once paid attributes to the president of the university involved in that slave sale. the victims of the colorado movie theater shooting owe the theater change nearly $700,000. survivors and their families had sued cinemark saying it did not do enough. the a jury cited with cinemark. they won't have to pay the attorney fees they owe as long as the suit is dropped. one of the victims are to blame for the emotional
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pornography in jared fogle's case. fogle is currently serving 15 half years in prison for receiving child pornography and traveling to engage in sexual conduct with a minor. in news 4 your health, ipads can work just as well as medications undergoing surgery. those who played with an ipad had similar anxiety levels to those who were given a sedative. the ipad group also had no side effects. breaking news in last 15 minutes. hermine has been down graded now to a tropical storm. that doesn't mean it's no longer paul, though. ja g
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us. we know they are feeling the storm too. what are you expecting there? >> reporter: hey, aaron. we're getting one of the outer bands, the far outer bands of hermine right now moving through the savannah area. we've seen intense rain over the last 20 and 30 minutes here. the wind picking up and whirling a bit at times. we expect the rain to intensify, winds to gust at 30, 45 miles an hour or even more through the midday period. that's the big issue. there are a lot of trees here. strong win expected to pull down branches if not entire trees and with that power lines, we know already about 130,000 people without power in florida as this storm continues to churn across and into georgia right now. it's something that's going to continue through the carolinas and up the eastern seaboard. this is going to be an issue throughout the
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that area as well through the weekend right now we're seeing some low-lying areas with flooding here, but again it's that stronger rain later in the day as well as the winds that going to cause the biggest problem here. we'll keep watching things. for now, that's the latest live in savannah, georgia. >> it's all but a certainty that the storm will affect millions of people this labor day weekend and their plans, but we want you to be as prepared as you possibly can be. i want you to take a look at the screen. these are the best times to leave to avoid traffic if you are heading out this morning, before 10:00 a.m. is going to be your best bet. after that, you should wait until after 9:00 tonight. tomorrow, you need to get up, get out early and get out the door before 7:00 to be able to avoid traffic. when you are coming home sunday, monday, leave before 10:00, otherwise you got to wait until midnight. i want to make sure you have all the
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chuck bell. >> we're keeping a very close eye. the latest track for hermine is a favorable one for the d.c. metro area and points to the west. it's a good reminder to have your nbc washington app downloaded and ready to go. all the latest information is available on the app and also on our nbc website. what's new with hermine? as of the 5:00 hour, the track is a little bit farther off the coastline. that is excellent news. large field of wind and rain, though. the wind field goes out several hundred miles and a big rain impact as well. it will be have a huge impact on the beaches. coastal flooding will be annive and the impacts could last 3 to 4 days along the beaches. tropical storm watches are posted for ocean city, rehoboth. winds possibly more than 40 miles per hour. here's the latest track now as we get into saay
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outer banks of north carolina. it's after that that things get a little dicey. by sunday afternoon, notice how the forward progress is starting to slow, sun, monday, into tuesday, the storm may hang off the jersey coast for many days to come. so that's a big problem for the coast. for us, rain could start as early as tomorrow morning, especially southern maryland and out into lower parts of the eastern shore. and this model doesn't look like a lot of rain here in the immediate washington metro area, nonetheless, we should get up wards to an inch of rain down toward southern maryland. keeping aa close eye on that. the next update is do you out at 8:00 this morning. saturday, showers. steadier rain on sunday. breezy saturday, stronger winds sunday into monday, but any flooding concerns will be confined mainly to the beaches. 82 today nothing to worry about at all. enjoy today, and most of monday looks pretty nice as well. it's that saturday night into
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around here. just know that it won't be all that pretty of a day to be outside as we get toward the middle of next week, though, heat wave of september is getting ready to move in. that's the check on the tropic. more on the latest for hermine coming up in ten minutes. breaking news with jack taylor. the tough part is going to be the bw parkway this morning. two accidents, opposite each other on the parkway, between 1i78 and 198, the left lane is closed both ways. tow trucks hopefully. we've got a delay northbound from 197, southbound on 198. two separate incidents blocking the left lane. a big new change from walmart. how the retail chain is planning to upgr grade and whyhousands t
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of job cuts but the chain says it's all to benefit workers and its stores. nearly 7,000 people will lose their jobs in the next few months. most of them work in accounting and stwoising positions. they will increase the number of employees on its sales floors and some will be paid more money. workers who complete a six-month training program will be paid $10 per hour. colin kaepernick takes a knee. how football fans reacted. we're keeping you up-to-date on tropical storm hermine.
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breaking news, major concerns this morning in florida where hurricane hermine made landfall around 1:30 this morning. it is now a tropical storm. gulf coast residents are dealing with heavy rain, though, winds, and strong storm surge. i want to show you a look at storm team 4 radar. look at that spin there. hermine is moving into georgia and the carolinas are next and the storm could wash out plans for thousands of people headed to the beaches up and down the east coast for the holiday weekend. good morning, everybody, i'm erika gonzalez in for eun
5:31 am
>> i'm aaron gilchrist. we want to get to chuck bell. what's the latest? >> today and monday look nice but saturday night into sunday is when we're going to have to pay close attention to every tiny are little tweak in the forecast track. today and monday look good. wide range of impacts. almost no impact in the shenandoah valley. a devastating blow to parts of the coastline though. very rough weather at the beaches and there's a big time heat wave coming our way next week. today, enjoy. sunny and nice. temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. the weekend, saturday and sunday, drier weather to the west. heavier impacts and rain out to the beaches. just know that really where you go is going to have the biggest impact. the storm now is essentially about 600 miles southwest of ocean city maryland. we'll be tracking the course of this over the next couple of days and then what it does, monday, tuesday, it may sit and spin off the jersey coast. this is going to be a devastating blow from a b
5:32 am
erosion perspective from the coastline. more on those impacts in a few minutes from now. here's jack taylor with the latest zblxt there are two accidents happened opposite of each other. left lanes blocked on both sides. we've got a delay northbound before 197, southbound after 32. left lane blocked in both directions. two accidents opposite each other on the baltimore washington parkway. 95 is wide open. red line riders, rhode island avenue closed today for inspections. shuttles are running between long island avenue and brooklyn. donald trump is expected to get his second intelligence briefing today. it follows a push by the gop nominee to stand firm on his immigration comments in recent days. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill now with more on what this all means for the trump cagn
5:33 am
not quite sure where he stands on the millions people in this country who are undocumented but they are not criminals. he says he wants to get the criminals out first and immediately. he said on wednesday, that everyone who is here without papers, undocumented, illegally is subject to deportation. yesterday, 24 hours after that speech, he reversed that. they haven't quite decided what to do about people who have not committed crimes. so still some confusion about what his policy actually is. for the bulk of people who are here illegally. >> tracy, let's turn to hillary clinton now. a boost for her in fundraising. does this signal anything about support for her pain? >> a huge -- her campaign. >> a huge jump in august. she's been doing more fundraising than public events. only two public event in the last two weeks. does it say something about her campaign in it says that
5:34 am
campaign is strategically trying to get a big pot of money together for this fall campaign. obviously she spends a lot of that media. we've seen much more money spent by the clinton campaign than trump. trump's wife melania is suing a online blogger and a newspaper who published fuls statements regarding her involvement with an escort service. they retracted the article and apologize. they once worked directly with children, now six people from prince george's head start program are band from the classrooms. three are fired and three are recommended for termination. the board of education has vowed to keep that program going. the ceo
5:35 am
yesterday, saying i have taken disciplinary action against six individuals, including certified teachers, classroom aides, and an administrative supervisor. these individuals will no longer be in front of any child in prince george's county public schools. officials are doing everything they can to spread the -- to stop the spread of zika. they say mosquitos breed in tropical plants, so they are now ripping them out of the ground. they are fining people who leave standing water on their property. in south carolina, the efforts to kill mosquitos and prevent zika has had a major consequence. crews are using insecticides and local bee keepers say 2 million honey bees have died. scientists are
5:36 am
confirm that insecticides is what killing the bees. all eyes on northern california today. 20-year-old sex offender brock turner going free. he was sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman after a frat party and is being let out for good behavior after just 90 days behind bars. the county sheriff's office is expecting protests especially from people who thought the original sentence was too short. once he's out, turner will be on probation for three years. he will also have to attend drug and alcohol counselling and register as a sex offender. colin kaepernick says he won't stand for the national anthem until he feels the flag represents what it's supposed to do. ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ >> now, other players are kneeling with him. during the 49ers preseason game last night, kaepernick and his teammate, eric reid both refused to stand. kaepernick says he's protesting
5:37 am
how minorities are treated in the country but he means no disrespect to the united states military. >> i have the utmost respect for them and i think what i did was taken out of context and spun a different way. >> sooettle seahawks -- seattle seahawks jeremy lane also sat during the national anthem last night. the protest has been incredibly divisive. samsung is halting sales of its brand-new smart phone and there are reports this morning that the company is preparing to announce a massive and global recall. we'll go live for an update from cnbc. and breaking news, hermine is tracking to the northeast after making landfall this morning in florida. georgia and the carolinas will be dealing with the storm today. our friday forecast, looking good. chuck is back after the break with how long that will lt, thoughas.
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breaking news attitude 5:40. hermine is now a tropical storm and headed through georgia. >> let's check with chuck bell. does it make it any less of a threat for us? >> absolutely not. it has nothing to do with the forecast. allon
5:41 am
as a tropical storm off the outer banks of north carolina and the delaware beaches. no change whatsoever just because it's been renamed from hurricane to tropical storm. temperatures are in the low to mid 60s. pleasant day to get out to school and work. 65 at 57 a.m., highs, upper 80s for today. jeans, short sleeves, sunglasses and your spf for today. perfect weather for high school football tonight. saturday into sunday. this is what we're watching when the storm comes up the coastline here. more rain toward the east of i-95. in the d.c. metro area, could have winds easily 20 to 30 miles per hour. on the whole because the storm is farther off the coast, we'll call the impacts minor the d.c. metro area. a whole other story on the eastern shore and the beaches could easily see 3 to 6 inches of rain and 60-mile-per-hour
5:42 am
coastal erosion a huge problem. big impact on the beaches. very latest track on hermine in the last few minutes. between now and then, download the nbc washington app to help you stay ahead of the forecast. it's a slow go coming in from the northeast. this is not good. bw parkway, two accidents that occurred exactly opposite of each other. the left lane is closed in both directions on the bw parkway. chopper 4 is on scene. the traffic you are seeing here on the southbound side, the accident activity also northbound. big delays both ways. what's happening is further southbound down near potter mill we're hearing word of an overturn suv along the right side of the roadway. not sure if that's in the roadway or off, but there is also foot pursuit along with this accident. rhis
5:43 am
it's the beginning of a big week for star trek fans. run, don't walk to your nearest post office to mark 50 years since the beginning of the scooi fie -- sci-fi show. they are unveiling the star trek forever stamps. there's a three-day celebration expected to draw millions of fans around the globe. >> i got to show you something. can we get a camera on aaron. >> my cuff links. >> can you zoom in here. can you see this? >> that's the emblem from the new star trek movies. best gift i've ever gotten ever from melissa mollet. we're following two breaking news stories this morning on news 4 today. the first in northeast d.c.
5:44 am
of a shooting. one person is dead. and there's breaking news in florida as well. hermine making landfall early this morning as a hurricane and moving through georgia and latest damage reports and how other east coast states are preparing for the arrival. there are calls for a federal investigation into a major airline
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5:47 am
breaking news as you were sleeping, hurricane hermine made landfall near saint marks florida. it is now a tropical storm and is weakening as it moves into southern georgia this morning. we're getting reports of damage with projected storm surge of up to 12 feet, heavy rain and win. we'll have a live report from georgia in just a few minutes. our other breaking story this morning.
5:48 am
morning shooting in northeast washington. this happened along shth street -- 14th street at sarah towing at that ga -- saratoga avenue. derrick ward is there with an update. >> reporter: we're in the montana terrace area of this. take a look down there. you see detectives remain on the scene there. we're calling this a homicide at this point. no information on the victim or a suspect. they expect once the sun comes up, they will do a more thorough investigation of the scene. they have brought the portable lines to help them out. the medical examiner arrived on the scene not too long ago. the homicide here in the area of 14th and saratoga in northeast. we'll have details as it becomes available. back to you. and we're also
5:49 am
top of another late night shooting we told you about at the top of the hour. this one in the deanwood neighborhood. a male victim is in the hospital. police are looking for clues in the 3400 block of dix street last night. as soon as we get details we'll tell you right here at the live desk and keep you posted inside our nbc washington app. we're hearing from d.c.'s outgoing police chief about her feelings on the relationship between the police and the community. chief lanier's last day is september 17th. she told noreen gentzler her department's relationship with the community is one of things of which she's most proud. >> i feel very good with our relationship with the community and that stands out the most because of what's happening nationally. >> now, lanier is one of the district's most popular public figures because she gets out there, attends vigils for crime victims and talks to the
5:50 am
she sat down one on one and you can see more of what she said and including the challenges she faced and overcome earlier in her year. a fairfax county deputy who shot and killed a man outside i nova hospital. police say martinez had some type of a mental episode and mcpartlin fired his service weapon when martinez ran toward him with a sign post. he was also involved in the struggle last year with mckenna. she was shot several times with a stun gun. metro is feeling pressure no bring back late night service.
5:51 am
elected officials in prince george's and montgomery counties are making a call for change. 40 of them have asked for a return of some form of late night hours on weekend. they say service ending at midnight prevents thousands of people to get where they are to go. thousands of people were trying to get home last night from nats park. >> it's totally unreliable. renow rely on uber. >> metro is standing firm on providing no changes for special events. major story in florida today, the tropical storm causing power outages, flight delays, evacuations, hermine made landfall overnight and it's going to sweep across several states. jay gray is live for us in savannah, georgia, where the rain is coming down a lot harder, jay. >> reporter: it really is. we're getting the outer bands of hermine starting to move through, a steady rain and a swirling in
5:52 am
throughout the day here. we expect flooding rain, wind gusts up to 40, 45 miles an hour by midday. big concern, 56 georgia counties with a state of emergency right now. that number could grow if conditions intensify. we're getting even more rain now, and we're going to see power outages, 140,000 or so without power in florida and now the storm moving through this area. it will cut through georgia, it will go through the carolinas and continue to move up the eastern seaboard through the holiday weekend. so while it's been down graded to a tropical storm, hermine still causing a lot of problems and will for an extended period of time. we'll continue to watch things, but, aaron, for right now, that's the latest on conditions here in savannah. back to you. all right, jay gray rif for us. thank you, gray. turn now to chuck bell. i think his live shot was probably one of the best scenes we've seen this morning of how hard that rain is coming down in most
5:53 am
>> coming down in buckets there in southern georgia, northern florida, some places along the florida coast have already had more than 12 inches of rain out of this storm. parts of tampa bay over 6 inches of rain. we're not going to get anywhere near that here. on the delaware and maryland beaches, those kind of rainfall amounts, six inches or more are a real possibility. the center of hermine is 600 miles southwest of ocean city, maryland as it comes up. tropical storm watches have been posted from the jersey shore. our coastline could see winds of 40 to 60 miles per hour. big waves. dangerous rip currents. going to the beach this weekend, not fit for surfing or swimming. the very latest forecast track by saturday afternoon has the storm going out to sea off the outer banks of north carolina, but then it really slows down. by sunday, only hanging off the jersey coast and
5:54 am
somewhere off the jersey coast, monday, tuesday, wednesday, of next week. this is going to be a long duration event along the coastline. for us, around here, labor day week, saturday, showers, if we're going to get steady rain and this is not a guarantee. if we're getting to get any steady rain, it will be late saturday into sunday. there will be strong winds sunday into monday. biggest impacts will be mostly confined down to the coastline here. as far as rainfall, heavy rain at the beaches, but from washington westbound to the blue ridge, rainfall amounts may be next to nothing around here. that storm staying farther off shore could really cut back on the rainfall amounts. i'll tell you what's new about the storm track coming up at the top of the hour. there's a quick peek at your ten-day forecast. here's wa we know for sure. big time heat coming our way. jack taylor is coming up right now. do we have a ton of equipment on the baltimore washington parkway this morning. first of all, t
5:55 am
the assumption at this point is chopper 4 is on scene, the southbound lanes are open, but there's an enormous am of equipment within a stretch moving north of 197 headed to that point near 198. we've got flashing lights all over the place on the bw parkway. we know for a falk there's activity along the right side of the roadway. 198, there's activity on the left side of the roadway, this is causing big delays on the bw parkway. northbound between 197, rubber necking we believe at this stage south of 198. avoid, avoid, avoid. back to you. only on news 4. three local postal workers are accused of stealing or tossing out your mail. a mail clerk in gaithersburg is due in court next month and she's charged with opening mail and taking a gift card. a worker in bethesda accused of tossing 100 pieces of mail into the did dumpster.
5:56 am
being unreturned mail back to the office. a worker in temple hill tossed a sack of mail in a trash can. grng, i'm landon dowdy. samsung is halting sales of its new galaxy 7 smart phone following reports batteries exploded or caught fire while charging. it's found 35 cases of battery problems. there will be a global exchange program for phones to be sold. it will take two week to get replacements ready. it's a mother's worst nightmare. your child is put on the wrong plane and ends up in a strange city. it happened last month. two five-year-old boys were put on the wrong flights. one five-year-old was supposed to be in jfk in new york,
5:57 am
his passport and that was not my son. >> i was given another boy and they asked me is this your son and i said this is not my son. >> the children had flown from the caribbean. jetblue got the kids to the right destination. refunded the families their money. the families want the federal government to investigate how this could happen. tracking hermine, the storm is headed up the east coast ahead of a very busy hoil weekend. >> i'm megan mcgrath at the bay bridge. if you are planning to go to the beach, i'll have everything you need to know to get there safely. we've got important information for metro riders. more falling debris means a busy station is shut down all day. and where you live does matter. the maryland drivers dealing with the worst commute in our area.
5:58 am
i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
5:59 am
breaking news out of florida where hermine made landfall early this morning as a hurricane. winds starting to diminish a bit but not before causing damage and power outages. it is now a tropical storm making its way into and through georgia. hermine expected to move into the carolinas and then right up the east coast through the holiday weekend. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and
6:00 am
eun yang. here's what we know right now. flooding is one of the major concerns. at least 18 people have had to escape their own homes in one county in florida. there have been several water rescues as well and a number of roads are closed. more than 100,000 people do not have power right now. most of those are in florida, but we could see even more outages as the storm moves across state lines. we just talked to nbc's jay gray and saw the weather is already very strong in georgia, where the storm is centered right now. >> now, this storm may be getting weaker, but it is still quite strong. we're sending our storm ranger 4 to north carolina where a third state is under a state of emergency right now. this truck is incredibly powerful. one of a kind. gives us the ability to track storms literally anywhere. we'll be using it to make our coverage the most accurate it can possibly be. right now, we turn to chuck bell who has the latest track on this storm. chuck, good morning. >> thanks, aaron, yeah, the newest information and so


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