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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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make. it's between eight inches of rain and sunshine. >> that's what's going on in the carolinas where the storm is. in south carolina, turning just to the north of charleston now, that's where the center of circulation is. you can track it moving to the north of charleston. heavy rain bands, too. extremely heavy rain around columbia, south carolina area. greenville north carolina and south carolina, nothing there. that's how it is going to be. the rain gradient is big around the region. again, here comes the storm making its way up the coast and out to sea. you can see that with the latest advisory from the hurricane center. winds of 50 miles an hour. they have not come down over the last couple hours. winds moving to the northeast at 20 miles per hour. it will stay along the coast. actually, intensifying as it gets off the coast and then where does it go from here? all the computer models off the
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the area. amelia is here with the impact where you live. >> here in the d.c. meet tmetro area. if you have the umbrella handy, you may need it at times. the majority of the weekend will be dry. showers at time, especially tomorrow morning and midday. rain later in the day sunday. breezy tomorrow, sunday and monday. labor day right now is looking okay. doug, we have been talking about this, frederick, loudoun -- upper 80s labor day, virtually dry west. >> if you live in the western zone or west of the blue ridge, don't cancel your golf game or camping outing. it's going to be great there. we are tracking this system. the beaches will be hugely affected. the bay also affected. much more on those impacts coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks. co
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there's widespread storm related outages in the area. they have hundreds of workers and contractors ready to deploy. a merger with exelon makes it easier to share resources. a story you saw first on 4. a move by metro that could change how you pay for your commute. metro wants to hand over control of parking lots and garages to a private contractor. scott macfarlane reports, it could have a major impact on you. he's live near the grove station tonight. >> reporter: this is one of the dozens of parking lots and garages metro wants to privatize z. they want to privatize for 50 years. they hope to earn more revenue by doing so. it could impact how much you pay for parking and when you pay for parking. metro's parking system is a giant, about 60,000 spaces and more than
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the agency operates them all, but want out of the parking business. metro wants a contractor to run and manage parking, beginning july 1st. >> we want a safe, reliable ride. marking is really not in that. >> reporter: it's a system so many passengers rely. >> turning it over to a private contractor, i don't think that's a good way to help out financially. >> reporter: they have opened the door to hiking the price of parking. in a formal request, metro wrote they may propose changes to the hours of operation for revenue collection. the agency tells news 4 if they want to increase fares, the metro board must first approve. montgomery county councilmember says would hammer red line passengers who must park to ride. >> if you are increasing the fees, which people are already complaining about are quite high, people start to say, why
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driving? >> reporter: if improvements need to be made, a private contractor would make them. would this impact you if you have a smart trip card? that's part of the story tonight on news 4. scott macfarlane news 4. adam, back to you. >> thanks. more news involving metro. the rhode island avenue station in northeast d.c. is going to be closed through sunday. crews are still inspecting and making repairs there after pieces of concrete and metal fell twice this week. red line trains are going to bypass the station. we are ghouoing to have more on what metro is doing in a live report at 5:30. we have details on a teenager shot in the district. police identified him in southeast d.c. an adult was injured in that shooting. darcy spencer is live outside d.c. police headquarters where she spoke with the police.
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darcy? >> reporter: that's right. d.c. police, earlier this afternoon released the identity of this young person who was killed yesterday afternoon in a short time ago d.c. police came out here at headquarters and put out a plea for help in getting the case solved. first with the identity. the victim was kevin anthony jackson ii. he was 17 years old and lived in southeast washington. the gunfire erupted after 2:00 yesterday afternoon in the 1900 block of 60th street in southeast. it's where jackson was shot. a pizza delivery man was shot a short distance away. he is in critical condition and expected to survive. police are reviewing crime camera footage in the neighborhood but say they need the community's help. >> it was 2:30, 2:20-2:30 in the afternoon. many individuals out there. if it was your child, i'm sure you would want this case closed. anyone with any information, i
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202-727-909999 or text 50411. >> reporter: police are offering a $25,000 reward for information and help solving the case. wendy, back to you. >> thank you, darcy. a man accused of killing his wife and two other people in a shooting spree reminded some of the beltway sniper case was in court today. police say he shot and killed his estranged wife in a high school parking lot in may. the next day he killed two other people, one outside westfield montgomery mall, the other at a shopping center. the hearing pushed back the start of the trial from november to april. >> this is a fairly complex case and involves multiple homicides in multiple jurisdictions. thousands of paper, dna experts.
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guilty plea on his behalf. one of several employees recommended for termination in prince george's county after allegations of abuse in the head start program. we have what happened within the program. >> tracee wilkins is in landover with the latest. >> reporter: this employee tells me when there were issues and they were reported to her, she reported them to her superior. she says that federal investigation was a surprise to her since she knows she has been doing her job. >> this is my name. this is my reputation. i would like to be vindicated. >> reporter: she got her termination letter on wednesday. she's among the six prince george's county employees fired after a head start scandal erupted, causing the county to lose $6.4 million in federal money. she was a family service worker whose job was to report inproprietaries to head
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she took the job seriously. >> i have been doing it 18 years. i am a product of head start. i love head start. i love children's families, i service them diligently. >> reporter: with every issue she was aware of, she filed them with her supervisor. she doesn't know what happened after that. her boss is one of the six that faced disciplinary action. >> have you ever failed to report an incident that was reported to you? >> never. never. >> reporter: to get the own investigation after allegations of child abuse surfaced and a federal review of the head start program. a source with knowledge of the school's investigation says deal. her direct supervise zer, a nurse, two teacher aids and certified teacher were fired or recommended. >> it was reported. a lot of people knew. it was like, what is this? this has b
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i was surprised. they were acting as if -- >> one of the first incidents that sparked the investigation is the one -- in front of the classroom. i spoke with the mother of the child that told me fields was her only advocate through all of this. tracee wilkins, back to you all in the studio. adam? >> thank you. it's a routine we all do, sometimes multiple times a day. guidance on the fda on why to ditch the anti bacterial soap. >> how much worse is your commute about to get. we are keeping an eye on radar from our storm ranger. check that thing out. so cool as tropical storm
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in news 4 your health, the fda is finally putting to rest the debate over antibacterial soap versus plain old soap and water. the administration announced the products are no more effective than conventional soap. now, the fda is making changes. susan hogan has been looking nt
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developing story. >> the fda not only says anti-bacterial is ineffective, it is banning the sale of those saying they may not be safe to use over longer periods. the fda says products containing certain active ingredients no longer will be marketed. 93% of liquid products that have the label anti-bacterial or antant anti-microbial. the agency says manufacturers did not provide them with scientific evidence that the anti-bacterial soaps are any better than plain old soap and water. >> soap is fantastic. soap is a detergent. it's very difficult to say why do you need
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cleaning says antibacterial are safe and effective. in a statement, it says washing the hands with an anti-septic soap reduces the risk of infection. the fda ruling does not affect hand sanitizers, wipes and other products. >> thank you very much. in d.c., detectives are looking for a person who shot and killed a teenager earlier this morning. it happened on 14th street in northeast. someone heard gunshots and called police after 12:30 this morning. first responders found him unconscious after being shot multiple times. they have not released information on a possible motive. a d.c. school principipal h been placed on leave after misconduct. >> the
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here -- a d.c. public spokesperson would not comment on personnel matters, but issued this statement. we are proud of the progress at leckie education campus. we look forward to more progress this year. a rare move from the fbi today. it released notes from an interview with hillary clinton concerning the use of private e-mails while secretary of state. the fbi says it released the notes in order to be more transparent. it is heavily redacted. the notes show clinton was not aware of the challenges, problems and questions that resulted from her using a private e-mail server. they found in security breaches, but many failed attempts to get into her e-mail. she said her use of private e-mails was allowed. the campaign says it is pleased the fbi released these
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>> donald trump's campaign weighing in. this reinforces clinton's bad judgment and dishonesty as he courts black voters. he spoke in philadelphia. tomorrow, he will meet with a pastor at a church in detroit. crits call this lip service. trump is playing to his base of predominantly white voters who are leery of supporting someone accused of racial bias. >> going in now, it takes that stink of him being a racist off. he can say i'm not a racist, i talked to them. >> it comes on the heels of the trip to mexico which some hoped would soften his stance on illegal immigration. the presidential and vice presidential candidates are gearing up for the debate. lester holt will moderate the
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first debate september 26 in long island. three presidential and one vice presidential debate scheduled. time is 5:17. here is a live look over the bay bridge. not too bad. chopper 4 taking a look at the traffic as you prepare for the holiday weekend. we hope everyone gets there safely. hey, if you have lived here for a while, by now, traffic picks up heavily throughout the month of september. it could mean more time for you behind the wheel. it is a phenomenon local experts call the september shock. longer and longer and longer in the car. >> it is brutal, yes. it's definitely sometimes very painful. i try to avoid it as best i can. >> kathryn knows what is right around the corner. here is how she sums up september shock. on mondays and fridays they are good.
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is like where did all the traffic come from. i have no idea. >> reporter: it is a result of summer vacations ending, school back in session, congress coming back to town. the morning routine changes for a lot of people. that's what puts more vehicles back on the road all at once. how bad could things get? you could probably notice 15% to 45% difference in your commute. translation, maybe an extra hour in the car. this year, metro's ongoing track program could add more traffic to streets and highways. >> the best thing to do is leave early. if i go in at 6:00, i wake up around 4:30 to make it on time. >> reporter: how can you beat the september shock? now is a good time to ask your boss about telework. >> really? >> yeah. >> let's do it right now. >> see if it works. right now, we are following the breaking news impacting the evening commute.
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falling debris. how long that shutdown is going to last. out on jail early. the controversy surrounding the stanford swimmer. it's far from over. >> you know storm team 4 is tracking tropical storm hermine. look at this picture here. the impact that storm might have on your weekend. stay with us. i'm melissa mollet with your look at traffic and metro this labor bay weekend. of course we have eight running through sunday, september 11. the blue line is still tracking for that duration. on the red line, single tracking between silver springs and glen month. the orange line, every 15 minutes. new carrollton every 15 minutes. trains run on the silver line
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on the yellow line, weekend service. on the green line, actual regular weekend service. one thing to think about if you are headed out to the labor daikon sert sunday at 3:30, union station on the red line, blue, orge andan
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all right. right now, we are tracking tropical storm hermine, making its way up the east coast. earlier today destroying buildings, toppling trees. look at that, knocking down
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>> the storm is expected to have an impact on our area beaches this weekend. look at storm team 4 x 4 in north carolina. doug kammerer and amelia watching the storm for us as we go into our labor day weekend. how is it looking now? >> to the north of charleston, i love that we have storm team 4 x 4 and storm ranger. >> they are getting a good picture of what it is like out there, the wind and the rain and the areas of very, very heavy rainfall. >> they will move into our location. let's look at where the storm is. our weather today, beautiful. we are looking at a beautiful friday afternoon. of course, we are all watching what the storm is going to mean for the labor day weekend. it's looking okay. the radar picture is showing where the heaviest rain is in the coastal portions of the carolinas down toward the north of charleston near
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now, we have, look at this, you don't see a lot of radar returns. that's where the storm ranger is. i want to show you what's going on with storm ranger. look at this band here. this is something you would not see on other national service, national weather service radars. they are too far away. ours is over elizabeth city. the band of heavy rain off the ocean. let's take a live picture of the storm ranger. you can see it down there where we are seeing rain. there's one of our technicians making sure this is up and running and keeping ahead of the storm. this is going to make its way up the coast as hermine does the same. now, look at the wider picture here. you can see how big the storm is and the impact it has. still in parts of florida with heavy rainfall. it's actually expected to move off the coast and have 60-mile-an-hour winds as it moves off and may strengthen close to hurricane strength. this is going to have major
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it will stall and retro grade or move back toward the ocean or back toward the coastline. a lot of the computer models are bringing the hurricane toward ocean city and toward the jersey shore. could be impacted greatly, may have higher tides than sandy, than hurricane sandy. this is going to have major impact along the beaches. for us, inland, not nearly as much of an impact. one of the places that will be impacted the most is southern maryland. amelia is here to talk about that. >> st. mary's county with the tropical storm warning, flooding along the coast. all in all, we are not talking a high impact event on the area. southern maryland, st. mary's, charles, an run dell and rain on saturday. concerns of coastal flooding mainly in st. mary's county, only. of course that could change. right now, not as big of a
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concern in the counties. it's windy tomorrow, sunday as well as monday. it's looking mainly dry on labor day. talking sunday into monday, we are going to have rain later in the day on sunday, maybe a lingering shower early on monday for your labor day. most of labor day looking dry. it's tomorrow here in the d.c. metro area where we are talking about the best chance of rain. >> depends on how far it comes back. the models have it coming on shore. that gave everybody rain, even the d.c. metro area. you have some rain, more to the east of i-95, 20 to 30. we get that on a daily basis. minor impact in d.c. do not cancel your plans in or around the d.c. area and points to the west. this is where you want to cancel your plans. thinking maybe we'll go to the store, i don't think so, guys. we are going to see major issues here. heavy rain. three to six inches of rain, at least ten
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locations. major impacts, we have seen flooding from hurricane sandy in the back coming up. we expect to see that again. many of the roads may be shut down. you may go and not get back for a couple days. this is something to think about. next thing to think about on labor day, we have a good forecast then the ten-day forecast showing a heat wave, a record breaking heat wave as we move toward the middle of next week. the rhode island avenue metro station locked and closed, again, after more falling debris from the ceiling. what metro is saying about the problem and when we
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minutes ago, we told you about a new mission for metro to give up control of parking lots and garages to a private contractor. it could cost you more to park. when it comes to washing your hands, soap and water does fine. that's what the fda says after it banned ingredients used in anti-bacterial soap. hurricane hermine the first to hit florida in a decade. >> a strong likelihood of
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coming to the hampton roads region. >> details about the falling debris at the rhode island metro station. >> metro said the metro station will remain closed until sunday night. a red line train will bypass the station and free bus service will be provided between rhode island avenue and brook line station. kristin wright is live with what metro is doing to fix the problem. what have they said? >> reporter: adam, more problems for metro means more problems for everyone else. so, here is what metro says they are going to do about the issues here at the rhode island avenue metro station. i'm going to read it from my phone coming directly from metro. complete inspections of the mezzanine, the platform overhangs, columns and beams. they are going to remove and replace all loose concrete and install netting across the entire length of the station and the bus loop area. ck
5:32 pm
and partially blind. he couldn't get on the rhode island train. the station is closed, again. for the second time this week, the ceiling was falling. >> my god, wow. wow. >> reporter: pieces of concrete and metal near the escalator came down last night and on wednesday. he is worried about the next time. >> we don't know when the next accident will happen. it's a great concern. >> reporter: metro says they are doing full inspects and replacing the loose concrete. they will open next monday. >> it goes with the motto we have. we are placing safety first. we need to ensure that the structure is sound and we need to ensure that we are limiting all the hazards to customers traveling through those stations. >> reporter: he walks with a cane and says he doesn't feel safe. >> run that fast. can't get
5:33 pm
it's a difference. >> reporter: what we are seeing here today at the rhode island metro station, as a result of the closures and falling concrete is more people riding the bus. now the station, again, will be closed through sunday. it will reopen monday morning at 7:00. coming up at 6:00, more on what metro is saying about the problem and what they think caused it. back to you. >> thanks, kristin. right now, police are canvassing fairfax county hoping to find someone with more information about a deadly hit and run. this yellow ford escape may have struck a pedestrian right around this time last sunday, near north shore drive and village road in reston. investigators say it's likely that it has damage to the driver's side. we shared the image of the car on facebook for you to help get the word out. the jail sentence of a former stanford student convicted of rape is over. >> the
5:34 pm
certainly is not. brock turner left jail in santa clara county today after serving three months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. he got out three months early for good behavior. the punishment set off a storm of protest that many called too lenient. >> this case shows if you commit sexual assault to an unconscious woman on stanford campus, you spend the summer in jail. >> they urged the removal of the judge who handed down the sentence. turner will be on probation for three years and a registered sex offender for life. cathy lanier plans to retire from the d.c. department. they are taking note. >> they are planning a special tribute monday. the chief will deliver the game ball to the starting
5:35 pm
line the field during that pregame ceremony. lanier is leaving the department after nearly a decade as chief to become the head of security for the national football league. >> sunday morning at 11:30, join aaron gilchrist and pat lawson mu muse. we are going to take a closer look at a number of issues in the county, including the traffic, the mgm casino and medical center. the annoyanuncement from samsun. we are looking at the accident in louun do
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luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that--
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i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers.
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tropical storm hermine messing with labor day weekend plans at popular vacation spots in south carolina. look at this, hilton head island earlier today. flooding is the main concern right now there. nearly 500 homes have lost power in that area. in the nbc washington app, chuck bell has looked at each beach in our area, one by one and given his forecast for each. open the nbc washington app and search beach forecast. two weeks after its debut, samsung is recalling the latest edition of the galaxy note because of fi
5:39 pm
let's get the latest from nbc's joleen kent. >> samsung under fire because 35 of their phones have caught fire, millions of them recalled in an unprecedented move by the south korean giant. coming up on "nightly news" we are going to talk about what happened to the phones and what to do if you have a galaxy note 11. this is one of the most popular phones out there. they say it is one of the best available. coming up on "nightly news," we are going to talk about what it means for samsung and apple. we are expecting to see an iphone 7 next wednesday here in california. this means that dead key race between samsung and apple is more interesting. back to you guys. early bird can begin their holiday shopping. walmart, already launching the lay away program today. you can put items away and pay fo
5:40 pm
you have until december 12th to pay off the account. we have learned from search warrant documents distracted driving could have been a factor in the crash that killed a 5-month-old baby and seriously injured his mom. what the documents say, coming up. with florida in its wake, hurricane hermine back to being a tropical storm. it's focusing on the east coast for the holiday weekend. amelia? >> right now, we have the storm ranger enroute in elizabeth. we have our 4 x
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there are new details this evening about what a driver may have been doing in the moments before he struck a woman and her baby in a crosswalk killing the baby. we have now learned distracted driving may have been a factor. our northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey with the details on that. >> reporter: blue ribbons tied around mailboxes in this neighborhood, a way to remember the 5-month-old boy killed earlier this week when an suv struck him and his mother as she pushed the stroller through the crosswalk. the gofundme at
5:44 pm
just before the crash. a teenage witness was driving just behind the suv that turned left from cotton man nor drive. he tells investigators he observed the male driver of the jeep and could see he was holding a phone in his left hand as if he was watching or reading something. the witness also says the jeep was tailgating the vehicle in front of him, appeared he was trying to beat the mom with the stroller and sped up fast fast as if to go in front of her. instead they were struck. the man in the jeep pulled over and crouched down next to the jeep. by the time police arrived, he had a lawyer on the scene. the driver would be invoking his privilege and would not be providing a statement to investigators. the lawyer told police the jeep's driver had not one, but two cell phones in his vehicle. they refused to turn them over,
5:45 pm
search warrant first. now, investigators are pouring through the two phones to see if there is evidence important to the case, to see if the man was using his phone before the fatal crash. i checked in with police and the commonwealth east attorney's office. coming up at 6:00, the timetable ahead for possible charges. i'm julie carey, news 4. this storm is starting to wobble, again. it's starting to -- it really wants to come to d.c. >> people have weddings. we have things to do this weekend. >> married sunday evening outside z. they are going crazy over this. >> it's a nuisance forecast. >> yes, it is. >> it's like, are we going to have showers or dry. that timing is difficult. what we are thinking right now, the best chance of rain here in washington will be tomorrow morning on into the midday and again later in the day on sunday. more on that in a moment. first, i want to take you to
5:46 pm
north carolina where we have our amazing photographer down there with our storm team 4 x 4. he's driving on wet roads under a flash flood watch, rain temperature from the storm team 4 x 4 coming in around 73 degrees. as we look here this weekend, it's going to be breezy with plenty of clouds. we'll have some rain at times, but more time dry than wet. beaches are going to be the hardest hit. after that, near record heat fall. why not? we can take it. here is a look at storm team 4 radar where you can see the latest on the tropical storm. maximum winds 50 miles per hour passing the outer banks to the mid-atlantic. it is going to strengthen due to the warm waters there. we are starting you off tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. clourds already in place and rain in the northern neck, southern maryland, the eastern shore and beaches as well. we get light srs
5:47 pm
southern maryland, areas to the east. by lunchtime, we see the metro potentially drying out. by 5:00 p.m., the area is getting a break from the heavy rain, including the beaches. the brighter colors, that's where the heavy rain is falling. areas to the west, college football. the game played in annapolis, can't rule out a shower there. the opener is going to be just fine. heading to the pool, not bad, not great. monday, barbecue, maybe a morning shower. labor day here looking dry. if you are heading to the beach, i don't know if you should be staying here or heading to the west. currently, the temperatures in the 70s. 79 in washington. 78 up in jesup. it's beautiful out there right now. a lot of reports of the sun dial. i retweeted that. you can find it on twitter doug explain whag it is on his twitter page. it's going to be gorgeous this evening. sunday into early
5:48 pm
washington, cloudy, dry, temperatures in the 60s. around lunchtime on sunday, we are in the low 70s. it's breezy. it's going to be breezy all weekend from hermine. hopefully we can get them out of the area for you so it is dry for your friend's wedding sunday evening. monday morning, labor day, maybe a shower here in town. labor day looking mainly dry. not too bad. the storm is going to have the biggest impact on the beaches. we can't say that enough. here in town, freezing with showers at times. it will be windy today. the western zones, virtually dry. frederi frederick, loudoun, and areas to the west. here is a look at the ten day forecast. 70s saturday and sunday. monday, mid-80s. after that, the heat is on. upper 90s next thursday and friday. >> thank you very much. tropical storm hermine damaging homes and communities throughout
5:49 pm
people evacuated ahead ocht storm and they are going home to assess the damage. we have the story. >> reporter: take a look at these dramatic pictures and hurricane hermine zeroed in on florida's coast. fierce winds and buckets of rain hammered residents from the panhandle down. the first storm to make land fall in 11 years making its mark. >> we are going to lose the power line. >> the once weak and unstable system in florida curled around the atlantic into the gulf, slamming the west coast. >> stay safe. do not drive in standing water. stay away from downed power lines. >> reporter: in taylor county, operations from people who defied evacuation orders and stayed behind. >> heroes answered the call to help those in need. for example, in pasco county, fire
5:50 pm
deputies saved 17 people and got them to safety. >> reporter: residents who chose to leave are glad they did. he wasn't happy about what he found. did you underestimate the strength of the storm? >> yes. yeah. well, when it moved, i think that's when we found out it was going to be worse. >> reporter: as the flooding recedes, all the residents here, what they want is relief, relief from the water, relief from fema and hopefully they will get the help they are seeking. >> right now, storm ranger 4 is in elizabeth city, north carolina where the rain is coming down. you can keep up with the radar on our app. >> click on the layers button. you will see it there. the truck's radar is on, you can track the storm with a new level of accuracy. now, nbc 4 responds to
5:51 pm
weak's worth of consumer problems. problems that otherwise would not have been resolved without the help of susan and her team. >> hundreds of consumers looking for resolutions and answers from a wedding ring that almost didn't make it to the big day and transferring money to a fare card. these local newlyweds are filing today. weeks ago, the bride feared she would be without a wedding band for their ceremony. the jewelry store never ordered it. they ended up buying a ring somewhere else after thousands of dollars spent, the couple needed our help. >> i reached out to nbc. it was an instantaneous response. >> reporter: the jewelry apologized and gave the couple a full refund and reimbursed them the cost for the second ring, a total of more than $6,000. we warned you before about computer fix-it scams targeting consumers and it's happened again thiwe
5:52 pm
this time to a viewer in takoma park, maryland. she contacted nbc 4 response. soon afterward, the bank reimbursed her $300. remember jeanette hall? she needed dental implants and her insurance didn't cover them. she never receive d a benefit statement in the mail and was unaware of the coverage. they understood how she misunderstood the coverage exclusions and refunded nearly $800 worth of premiums. >> i'll have teeth and be able to chew my food. >> the last day to add paper to the smart strip card was june 30th. a local rider had trouble loading hers. the machine would not read the magnetic strip and denied the transaction worth $180. after calling nbc 4 response, metro mailed the rider a new trip card worth
5:53 pm
you need help solving, let us know. open up the nbc washington app and search respond. since jim is not here, you have to help me out. he does the drum roll. we have a tally of money recovered. here is the latest, 613,000 and lots and lots of change. >> do you feel like people are afraid of you like you are going to come after them? >> if i call them, i say this is a good thing, not a bad thing. the bottom line is, you only go after businesses that really wronged consumers. >> 100%. >> it's good for the consumer and everybody. >> yeah, susan. >> you are welcome. >> next at 5:00, a piece of national history that is about to be featured in a major motion picture. the unlikely place where you can see firsthand this piece of artifact and it's very neat. tonight at 6:00, the news 4 i-team asking about
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fountains around the town.
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5:57 pm
a nurse was driving by and helped. they administered multiple doses of narcam. they charged the driver with driving under the influence of drugs. an unlikely place where you can get caught up in a close look at the history. d.c. superior court. on display, rare artifacts that tell the history of our country and the nation's capital. mark segraves shows us one of the most powerful items is the marriage license of richard and mildred. >> this person to be wedded -- >> reporter: an almost daily o occurrence inside the courthouse. >> that same theme from 1968 when an interracial couple was married. the movie recounts the scene
5:58 pm
into their room. today, the license hangs in the waiting room of the d.c. family court. >> how aggressive the district is. >> reporter: explaining the marriage certificate has meaning to him. >> my wife and i are interracial. i have been married 24 years. president richard nixon's daughter patricia. grover cleveland was married in d.c. >> they are cool. for me and the staff, we feel like we are all a piece of history. i don't know which application we will take today that will be on the wall in 50 years. >> reporter: across the street from the main courthouse is the office of the registrar of wills where you can see the wills project. several notable wills hang on the walls, including the handwritten will of
5:59 pm
douglass where he specified who he wants to get his money and his books. alongside of his will, inventor, alexander grand bell's will and who dolly madison wanted to leave her belongings to. it's all free at the d.c. superior court, mark segraves news 4. right now at 6:00, new developments as we track tropical storm hermine. a live look at the krar lcaroli the storm barrels up the coast. so far, no major damage. hermine slammed into florida overnight leaving behind a path of destruction. hours later, we are seeing the aftermath and looking ahead to what's next. doug and amelia keeping an eye on how the storm will affect us. jay gray is on the ground in georgia with a look at the damage there. >> here is a look at hermine by the numbers.
6:00 pm
250,000 people without power. 22 million up and down the east coast could be impacted. virginia's governor, terry mccall declaring a state of emergency. our team coverage begins with storm team 4 and a look at the path. >> the track has not changed that much the last 24 hours or so. we are getting another potential warning. we have seen these. a tropical storm warning is in effect. most likely what we heard right there. now, what we are going to continue to see is the storm. it is just to the north of charleston. it doesn't look as good as a normal tropical storm here. once it moves over the open waters and the gulf stream, it may intensify and is expected to do so. here it is.


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