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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now today the little boy with a lasting legacy. his story captured the country. today his family lays him to rest. fighting to donald trump and hillary clinton are focusing their attention with 17 days left until election day. clear out your medicine cabinets. the nationwide efforts and where you can get rid of your expired prescription drugs today. good saturday morning. >> welcome and wow, wind. >> you have to hold on to your hat today. you have to be cautious when you
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let's check in with tom. >> good morning. fall fell on it overnight with those strong winds ushering in the chilly temperatures. we dropped from the 70s yesterday afternoon and the rain and in the 60s. we still have some sprinkles showing up on radar producing wet snowflakes in southern west these will be gone by dawn. temperatures are in low 50s to near 50 degrees. we're going to stay stuck here in the low 50s through much of the morning reaching the upper 50s this afternoon. we'll look at the trends in the next few minutes. the family of a virginia boy that captured the hearts of people across the country will
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battling years of cancer. his family fought a drug maker to get an experimental drug for him. many attended a memorial for him. if you have unneeded or expired prescription drugs today you have a chance to get rid of them, no questions asked. the national prescription drug take back day is happening. the it runs between 10:00 and 2:00 p.m. nearly 130 people die every day. previous take back days have collected more than 600 pounds of prescription drugs. we have a list of places where
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voting begins in d.c. you can cast your vote at old judicial chambers. eight additional locations will open on october 15th. the mayor will hold a rally for d.c. statehood today at noon. with 17 days left in the race for president, today donald trump will begin laying out his closing arguments. he's making stops in beach. hillary clinton and tim kaine will appear together in pennsylvania. nbc's brian moore has the latest. >> reporter: with two weeks left before election day, time is on hillary clinton's side and she's hoping the numbers are with 200 million americans now registered to vote. >> that is more than we've ever had in our entire history and that is really good news for our
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donald trump's white house hopes, she spoke directly to his supporters who are losing faith. >> i know you may still have questions for me. i respect that. i want to answer them. i want to earn your vote. >> she's the most corrupt person ever to run for the presidency of the united states. >> reporter: in swing states north carolina and pennsylvania, trump took turns criticizing clinton, the dishonest media and message that was far from a scorched earth. >> i'm going to fight to bring us together. as americans we are a divided nation. we are going to be a nation of spirit. we will love everybody. >> reporter: for the next two weeks it's war between trump and clinton. trump is scheduled to have a saturday event this pennsylvania. one aid calls it trump's closing
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news 4. hannah montana coming to northern virginia campaigning for hillary clinton. milely cyrus is headed to george mason university. the clinton campaign says cyrus will knock door to door and speak with students about the stakes in this election. vice president joe biden did not hold anything about against donald trump on friday. he tore into the reic nominee over those lewd comments trump made in that 2005 access hollywood taped and said the comments were disgusting. >> don't i wish i were debating him? no, i wish i were in high school and i could take him behind the gym. >> biden went on to call trump's comments a textbook version of sexual assault.
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10:30 after the news. a hacker group called new world hackers is claiming responsibility for a massive cyber attack on friday. that's way cording to the associated press, but it could not be verified. the attack interrupted access to major web sites and smart dvrs and printers and an internet switchboard connecting users to web sites. officials are >> there are a host of add sears that could launch these type of attacks and we have to be sure we have a network that is able to withstand these types of probes. >> intelligence officials say
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vandalism. harold martin was arrested in august accused of stealing top secret government information over the course of 20 years. the former nsa contractor is a flight risk and should stay in jail. his attorney says there is no evidence to suggest martin was going to give that information to a foreign country. i will be honest, this is one of the perks of the job that i will miss most, along with force one. >> pretty sweet ride, you have to admit. one of the last events president obama says he will most the miss, the final celebration and why it's so special to him and the first lady. a decision that could have cost these drivers their lives.
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it's with a little bit of bitter sweetness that this is our final musical evening as president and first lady. i know. it's going to be all right. >> president obama last night reflecting on his final musical it featured performances by jill scott and usher. the president said there will be no twerking tonight. at least by me, i don't know about usher. the event will be on b.e.t. on november 15th. construction on the silver line will tie up traffic at least through the weekend in a
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water work will be done near the metro station. a flagger will help direct traffic in that area until the project is finished. central massachusetts hit hard with harsh weather that led to severe flooding in the area. the city got three inches of rain. firefighters spent the night helping cars stuck in floodwater there. power ou severe thunderstorm warnings for much of the state. the time is 6:11. some of us here seeing a little bit of sprinkles out there, but the rain is quickly moving out. tom is tracking what you can expect hour by hour to plan your weekend. a news 4 exclusive, her search for justice went nowhere for nearly four years.
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good morning. a blustery wind on radar showing some sprinkles that have been passing through the metro area over the last couple of hours. they're south and east and they are tracking across southern maryland into the bay. we have clouds with gusty winds.
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in a few minutes. >> tom, thank you. now to a news 4 exclusive. a d.c. judge makes a surprising ruling in a jail rape case. a transgender woman claims the corrections officers placed her inside a cell with a known jailhouse rapist. he sexually assaulted her. her efforts to get justice went nowhere for nearly four years until now. >> because every day about i was traumatized, i was raped. i can't -- i can't -- i can't deal with it. >> reporter: those are the words of the victim when she spoke to news 4 in 2013. it was shortly after two attorneys, former civil rights lawyers, began representing her in a lawsuit that faced many hurdles, the fact that
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>> the job prevented the case from going to trial claiming first amendment claims. >> reporter: in july 2012 jane dough was serving time for an unlawful entry charge. her file contained the alert ks, transgenr. the lawsuit alleges that two correction officers placed another inmate in her cell, a man who had a known history of sexual violence in the d.c. jail. >> the guards knew what they were doing. this wasn't just an accident. >> reporter: the lawsuits claims that a review of security footage of that night during
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reviews done. >> a spokesperson says the agency does not comment on pending lawsuits. the trial is scheduled for december. time right now is 6:17. nbc 4 working for you in the community today doing what we can to try to prevent suicide. the out of the darkness walk starts at the washington the event has raised more than $200,000 for the american foundation for suicide prevention. a resurgence in prince george's county is expected with a new hospital that is replacing the current county hospital. that development became a casualty of the economic crisis several years back. officials saying that the new hospital will stabilize the area
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commercial development. >> in the same time we're bringing world class health care, we're revitalizing economic development. we're fixing that. >> this is a partnership with dimensions health care and the university of maryland medical system. crews plan to break ground this spring and finish by 2020. you can call it a hair raising moment in west virginia. someone thought they saw a child trapped inside a car. they called the window there in an effort to save what they thought was a child, but she doesn't have any kids and it was just her wig resting on a pile of blankets. she's upset and she wants the police to pay for a new window. i think she might get that. twin panda cubs in a zoo in southwest china celebrate their
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first babies for their 14-year-old mom. you cannot get enough. i'm sorry, there's nothing better than this. i don't need to say anything. >> pandas rolling around. >> they are in great conditions. there are 15 giants pandas in the zoo and it's common for panda moms to have twins. >> we're losing one at the zoo. >> by social media was in an uproar. >> they're going to have to keep having babies. >> keep cranking them out. talking about the weather, we noticed a significant change in the air. >> that's right. your hair it looks great now, but coming in it was probably flying all over the place. >> it was like bay watch. >> we have a lot of clouds around this morning.
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washington that have been producing sprinkles over the last couple of hours, but now most of those are pulling away from the metro area. temperatures are down around 50 degrees to the mid 50s and we'll stay blustery here this morning. wind gusts have been around 40 miles an hour. they're going to be this blustery for the rest of the day getting very windy with over 40 miles an hour. temperatures hovering in the 50s all day long. by 10:00 it will be chilly near 50s. off to the west we have peak color now. parts of west virginia to maryland. this is a photo i took yesterday after we had the rain and a little bit of sunshine broke out late afternoon.
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there. beautiful day tomorrow. great for leaf peeping, pumpkin hunting. we'll have a little bit of a breeze. not as windy today with sunshine and in the 60s. cooler wednesday and tuesday and next chance have rain looks to be thursday to friday and the weekend looks nice. a small town business with a big legacy. how generations have found
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a new mega merger could be in the works.
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giant. it would include wireless broadband. the deal could be announced as early as monday. a virginia pharmacy that's been around since before the civil war is celebrating a big week this week. >> they have been in business for 160 years and still the only place to get a prescription filled in m near the shenandoah national park. tom paid the park a visit. >> reporter: you might call the sound coming from the inside of madison drug a tradition. at lunch time -- >> i've been doing this for 14 years. >> reporter: the old soda counter is where family recipes are recreated every day.
6:25 am
other counter organization is everything. >> we try to met and service our customers with a personal touch. can you verify the address. >> reporter: for 16 decades, madison drug has been a place to get your medicine, a spot to sit and socialize. >> it's just a great place to live. >> reporter: and of course, one of the best stops in madison for a quick bite to eat. >> we call people by name. we greet everybody that comes in the dates back to the 1850s, madison has remained central to what the drug owner's provide. >> primary reason is to serve the needs of the community. >> reporter: working together, the current ownership group has quite a run, 60 years, but that's nothing compared to the century of business that predates them, all on the same footprint. the original building burned down years ago. >> to me it's an interesting
6:26 am
since 1856. >> reporter: in an industry dominated by national chains, providing prescriptions hasn't always been easy. >> very disturbed by some of the insurance plans that we have to accept or not accept because we lose money on them. >> reporter: but madison drug says the level of service you get makes it worth it and the prices, pharmacists say they're not what you might think. >> we have to meet the not cheaper. >> reporter: as the store marks the big 160, the owners have no reason to believe this institution is going anywhere. >> we want to keep it going as long as we can. showers. look at the radar. they're moving out of the area, but it's the wind you have to watch out for today.
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safety inspectors jumping for their lives. why the train came speeding through. it's one of the most anticipated events of the year at howard university, the major security plan in place this
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here are the top stories that we're following for you this morning. family and friends preparing to
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the 10-year-old boy died last month after battles years of cancer. a hacker group is claiming responsibility for a massive cyber attack on friday. the group's claim has not been verified. today there's a chance for you to get rid of the unwanted or unneeded prescription drugs you might have in your house. it's national drug takeback day. we have a list of locations in our area where the take back events are being held. nbc washington app. news 4 today starts now. man, windy, right? >> that's right. all night long you heard it. walking in here you could hear it blowing through the tv tower outside. >> things are going to get gustier. >> tom is gusier a word. >> it is and it's a reality.
6:31 am
an hour. these are the most recent reports of wind gusts around the region. regan international had a gust of 31 miles an hour, but at andrews joint base they had 30 miles an hour gusts. the winds may be increasing a bit. what to wear this saturday. you'll need a windbreaker and sunglasses later inhi should be crossing the bay and pulling away over the hour or so as things improve. coming up this half hour, a look at this cool pattern continuing over the next ten days. two metro train operators are not allowed to work after an incident thursday near reagan international airport.
6:32 am
place but the train did not stop or slow down. two months ago the fta slammed metro with repeated problems with train operators running stations. trains came close to hitting other trains or track workers. the fta has oversight right now. to a developing story, u.s. defense secretary ash carter progress in mosul. u.s. naval chief petty officer jason finan died after a roadside bomb attack in mosul. he was assisting iraqi kurd fighters. he is the first u.s. member to
6:33 am
retake mosul earlier this week. doctors pcp and kpan action in the baby's system. the hospital was doing retain blood work when they found the drugs in the child's system. a mother is demanding answers this son was shot by d.c. police. this happened just more than a week ago in southeast. the 23-year-old man was shot multiple times. police say when they approached him he ran away. they chased him and he pulled out a gun and the officer opened fire. her son is fighting for her life right now and police won't let her see him because he's under arrest. >> as a mother you want to be there for your child. you would want to go to the
6:34 am
beside him and be able to hold his hand and kiss him when you want to. >> her attorney is demanding the police release body cam video from the incident. the police have said the police at the scene were not wearing cameras because most were undercover. the police denied a request for an interviewed, but say george had a loaded gun when officers shot him. the family does not believe that. a big show down is on the ba homecoming. >> the byson will tie on the north carolina aggies. we report it's just one highlight at one of the biggest homecoming celebrations ever. >> reporter: it's one of the most anticipated events of the
6:35 am
>> we try to have a secure environment. we have a plan that's set up for today. >> reporter: the university president says the campus is always safe, but this year they revised their security plans so uniformed officers are everywhere you can see and in places you can't. >> i think that's a fact, but at the same time we win in the classroom. >> reporter: while alumni come
6:36 am
celebrate the end of mid terms, police officers will be on duty making sure everyone is safe. >> i'm ready to have fun. >> reporter: reporting on the campus of howard university, news 4. coming up, sabotage in the office. why a woman was trying to poison her coworkers and what they discovered being slipped into the coffee. have you picked out your halloween custom yet? if you want to be original we'll
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smoke advisory is in effect in south carolina after a fire burned through a recycling plant in ontario.
6:39 am
could be seen for miles. the cause of the fire is not known. an unusual visitor is caught on video in new jersey. a deer runs into a bus and bolts into the school lobby. watch that. boom. you can clearly see the animal struggling to stand on the newly waxed floors. here is inside video. the deer is scared, disoriented and stuck in the lobby for about five minutes before it was able >> interesting. timing is everything if you want to go for a run or bike ride today, tom is updating his fitness forecast with the most comfortable times to get outside. if you have kids, it's a common debate. how long should they be glued to
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>> on a morning run or a bike ride, you'll be dealing with some slippery leaves from overnight sprinkles so some of the areas might be a little slippery. sunshine by mid morning and by noon time in the 50s and 60s in the afternoon. those winds will gust up to 40 miles an hour.
6:43 am
minutes. the "today" show is next. we want to get a preview. coming. coming up today, we're live on the campaign trail as donald trump promises a big announcement today about his first 100 days in office if elected. an overnight scare at hillary clinton's campaign office in new york after an envelope with a suspicious substance is discovered. it's never too early to start saving for your holiday shopping. one financial expert tells us what sure you don't break the bank during the holidays. if you notice beer is getting fancier you're not alone. craft beer has exploded. i got a chance to go inside a secret testing lab to see what it's like to make a new brew. we made our own. it will debut this morning. those stories and more on "today." >> did you get to meet jim cook?
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it's a fantastic fellow to say the least. a lot of us get to work, we hid for the coffee machine, but you don't expect that coffee to make you sick. a woman is behind bars after police say that she poisoned her coworkers. news 4 takes us for a look at how investigators say she did it. >> reporter: i'm sure most of you have a coffee maker at your office with creamer, sugar and cs, she's accused of using the coffee machine to poison her coworkers at jazz forwarding worldwide, a freight company in virginia. she's in jail charged with felony assault. >> just a messy situation. >> reporter: doug hatch works next door. >> it's crazy. we share a coffee pot here and i can't tell you how many times
6:45 am
cleaner and poured it into the coffee maker over several weeks. deputies arrested her after employees drank the coffee and became sick. she doesn't work here anymore. >> we used to go there and say hello all the time with packages that get delivered over here. we were shocked to hear it. >> reporter: investigators didn't tell us a motive. we tried to talk to someone from >> i hope everyone is well with what happened and i hope the lady gets well. >> reporter: the woman is being held without bond at the detention center. if you have kids or grandkids, there's new research on how much they should be exposed to media like cell phones, lap tops, tvs. >> i think it's something we all
6:46 am
the american academy of pediatrics relaxed guidelines while giving families flexibility and setting limits. >> reporter: in virginia this afternoon this 3-year-old and 18-month-old children were face timing grandma and grandpa. >> our family motto is everything in moderation. you want to have a well rounded kid and you can't keep them away from technology. >> reporter: for nearly 20 years pediatricians have recommende 2, but in a world with cell phones, tablets, computers and tv, the academy is adjusting some guidelines. for children under 18 months, video chatting is fine, but no other screen time. >> if you want to introduce media as young as 18 months, that's fine but use it together with your child and choose really good media. >> reporter: here's why. researchers have found that starting at 17 months children
6:47 am
learning over video chats. >> children learn from meaningful interaction with people who are in social relationships with them. >> reporter: for 2 to 5-year-olds the academy recommends no more than an hour a day of screen time. children 6 and older can have more, but they need an hour of exercise. families should establish media-free time together like dinner and no devices within an hour before bed. >> when kids consume infants, later into the hours of day they have fewer hours per sleep per night. >> reporter: screen time should not be a baby-sitter. used wisely it can bring families together. nbc news virginia. an old prison and halloween seem to be a perfect match for some horror hunters in our area. the art center is hosting the
6:48 am
terror and the event raises money for the flight 93 memorial. >> some people jump at their own shadow so they scare all the way through the attraction and some people are tougher. they come in with the attitude you're not going to get me so with he have to try harder with those folks. >> the haunted house operates again tonight from 7:00 to 10:30 p.m. for more halloween events as a child we loved haunted houses and now i'm a scaredy cat. >> the haunted hay rides and all that stuff. if you are stuck on what to dress up as, google may have what you need. >> google, a fight goois is a trends power map that reveals the most popular customs
6:49 am
harl harlly quinns. along with wonder woman and the witch. >> the witch never goes out of style. the lawn mower man. >> was there a lawn mower man? >> that's the new one. >> i saw some kids one of the schools dressed as thunderstorms. >> really? >> had lightening shooting out. it was awesome. >> you could be the care bear, the grumpy bear that has a rain cloud. >> no it's my time. if you look at the sky there is capital hill. we've got a lot of clouds around this morning and the clouds will break up and by 10:00 we'll in
6:50 am
hour into late afternoon. we'll stay in the 50s all day only peaking near 60 and then by 10:00 around 50. it's down to the low 40s in the mountains and 50 in the western suburbs and in the beltway is in the mid 50s. there are a few scattered sprinkles showing up here in southern maryland, most of it's pulling south and east to got some nice autumn color out of the mountains and we're getting nice color around the metro area, but we're still about ten days away from peak color here in the area. look at the view here. this was taken a couple of days ago. they are starting to get good color there, but yet to have peak color there along skyline drive. tomorrow is will be a nice day.
6:51 am
beautiful start to the week. highs in the 50s. next chance of rain is thursday and friday. that's the way it looks. you may see them every day, but few are ever recognized. the unique way students at one
6:52 am
6:53 am
now to a story about tearing
6:54 am
friendship to one of the workers to keep the university running and that act started a movement that inspired the country. >> nbc reports. >> reporter: at georgetown learning is rooted in caring. this man is taking it to heart. >> i see the same worker. i eventually struck up a conversation with him and said how are you doing and shook his hand. >> reporter: was studying in the library. the janitor was cleaning up. both are immigrants and both had big dreams. >> my dream is to open a restaurant and i love cooking and i explained to him. he supported it. he said, man, i'm going to do everything i can to help. >> reporter: he did. he started a facebook page called unsung heros telling the stories of the workers who keep
6:55 am
sometimes. i wanted to use this opportunity to share his story with other students to see they're human beings like us, the only difference is the color of their uniform. >> reporter: students responded welcoming the chance to make new friends and make an impact. they helped raise $2,500 for o'neal to jump start his catering business. he had to be over the moon with that. >> he was on a cloud. >> reporter: unsung heros this man, a dining hall cashier. students raised more than $5,000 so he can visit family in south sudan he hasn't seen in more than five years. >> imagine what can happen if you interact more on a daily basis. >> reporter: unsung heros are everywhere and so are people who care. nbc news, washington.
6:56 am
profiled the calfatoria worker you saw in that piece. for more on his story search unsung heros. here are the four things you need to know. family and friends preparing to say good bye to josh hardy. the 10-year-old died last month after battling cancer. donald trump and hillary clinton are hitting the battleground states today. clinton heads to pennsylvania ohio and virginia. a group called new world hackers is claiming responsibility for a massive cyber attack friday with according to the associated press. the group's claim has not been verified. national prescription drug take back day. you can get rid of those unwanted or needed prescription drugs. there's a list of drop off locations in our nbc washington app. this is windy outside this morning. >> summer in october is over.
6:57 am
gusting to 40 miles an hour. it will be chilly today and then tomorrow a nicer day, and lighter winds. a pleasant week coming up and a cooler than average temperatures as we get into the week ahead. our next chance of rain may not be until thursday and friday. highs around 60. next weekend looks nice, a little bit warmer. we'll be in the 60s a week from today. i know a family that had to cancel a bounce house because it's so windy. that will do it for today. we're back in 25 mites with an
6:58 am
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good morning. swinging through the swing states. donald trump and hillary clinton hitting the key battlegrounds over the weekend as the race hits the home stretch with the polls looking ominous for the republican candidate. today,al closing argument to remember. >> we are going to do something very special. >> clinton set to bring out serious star power today after 24 hours of a suspicious stance in the headquarters. and popular web sites trying to recover after a massive series of attacks shut them down coast to coast.


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