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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  October 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> look at the cool temperatures. we don't have to tell you. you are going to feel a big difference when you head out the door this morning. first, good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's check in with storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell to find out what we're talking about here when it comes to the chill. >> it pushed temperatures way down this morning and this afternoon will be ten degrees or more colder than yesterday. cold and breezy this morning. it feels like it is in the upper stiff breeze is going nowhere until after the sunsets this evening and there is a frost freeze threat but a greater threat of a frost or freeze tomorrow morning. here is the way today is planning out. 30s and 40s now. mid to upper 40s by 9:00. plenty of sunshine today. the northwest wind will be with us all day long. temperatures only in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. i'm back in a few more minutes. i'll let you know which days
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lumber to the traffic report. it is a baseball talk. >> i'm glad i'm not responsible for this to be honest with you. chopper 4 over westbound icc before shady grove. look at the lumber as chopper 4 zooms in with the hd lens. it is all over the place. right now, just have the two left lanes getting by and they have a massive clean up there under way. metro, silver, blue delays to a change both ways because of the malfunction. shady grove to braddock road, the left lane gets by the crash. travel times in ten minutes. 61 people dead, more than 130 hurt in an attack on a pakistan police academy. militants ambushed the training center as the cadets were sleeping. many had to jump out of windows
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escape. the majority were killed when two attackers detonated explosive vests. still unclear who was behind the attack with both the pakistan, taliban and isis claiming responsibility. that is the latest from the live desk. aaron, back to you. it is 6:02. developing right now. montgomery police are trying to solve a murder in gaithersburg. a suspect broke into a home last night, shot the resident and ran off. news4's molette green is live near the home with more on the good morning to you. >> reporter: aaron, good morning, a man entered the home, shot another man at the residence, and got away. now, we have video from chopper 4 over the scene last night where you saw a large police presence all around muncaster mill road. they set-up a perimeter to track down a suspect and pick up clues in the area.
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night. when they got here, they found the wounded man. paramedics worked very hard to save him but he died a short time later, police wrapped up their investigation at the scene here. we're still working to find out a motive and suspect information but police are not giving up a lot of details this morning. if you know anything, montgomery county police are asking you to give them a call. that is the latest live here from the scene in gaithersburg. back to you. >> thank you. developing this morning, we're working to learn how an ice cream truck driver is doing after being shot in d.c. on alabama avenue southeast. d.c. police have not identified a suspect in the shooting. now to decision 2016, this morning it is battleground florida. donald trump and hillary clinton will campaign in the crucial state today. trump will hold rallies in sanford and tallahassee and
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coconut creek. donald trump is launching a new attack on hillary clinton and her e-mails. why he is trying to tie virginia governor to that in a few minutes. the decision 2016 vote wants you to vote your power, as a matter of fact, it is a preelection panel with a goal of getting young people to talk about the issues important to them. i'll be moderating that event on november 1st from 7 to 9:00 p.m. at the lisner auditorium at georgetown search vote your power. we just got new video in on a developing story in australia where police are investigating a deadly accident at a popular amusement park. you can see in this video that paramedics are on the conveyer belt of a raft ride at dreamworld. two were ejected during the ride two others were trapped inside. they were all adults. this is new video we got as the park was evacuating everyone
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on the ground. as of now, all investigators will say is that there was some kind of malfunction with the ride. they are still continuing to investigate. eun? >> thank you. it is 6:05. a man is in jail without bond charged with attempted murder. mont gomy county police arrested davon mogley in. police say he stole a neighbors car to get charity court. both victims have serious injuries. a fight between the owners white flint mall and lord & taylor heads back to court. they're appealing a decision that awarded the store $31 million. the decision found the mall breached a 1975 contract that required the owners to operate an enclosed mall around the store. they closed to make way for a new redevelopment project.
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on the trial today. bridget kelly was a member of the chief of staff when the bridge was closed. kelly testified that christy lied when he claimed none of the senior staff knew about the plot. he has not been charged. traffic is moving slowly as clean up continues on the icc in montgomery county. that is lumber spilled all over the road. that is a vantage from chopper 4. it fell out of a grove exit yesterday around 9:00. two westbound lanes are getting by. hazmat crews had to clean up a small fuel spill as well. the driver is expected to be okay. plans are in the work to extend the 359 express lanes in northern virginia but not all commuter think it will be help reduce traffic. they had a meeting in arlington last night. >> the heavy traffic that
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>> it will not only increase the amount of traffic to the district line, it will do it with less capability. >> v-dot wants to expand the express lanes from etzel road to eads street in arlington. you have time to attend a meeting. the next is scheduled for tomorrow night in alexandria. we're days away from metro's safetrack surge number 0. before the repair work gets under way. >> donald trump gets ready to officially open his hotel on pennsylvania avenue p. don't expect everyone who is invited show up, including an area official. a look at the current temperatures for you this morning where a lot of people are waking up in the 40s. some of you even seeing 30s. hello, luray. how many layers you will need if you're taking the dog out for a morning walk.
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it is 6:11. we're talking about a chill coming to our area. >> yes, indeed. very cool outside early this morning. some spots even down into the 30s and even the rest of the areas in the 40s. there is a windchill to contend with this morning. it will stay breezy and chilly all day today. tomorrow morning will be colder. i'll show you my forecasted lows in a few more minutes. rain more likely on the day for thursday but i'm optimistic that mild air will be back for the weekend. your fitness forecast for today rkts 30s and 40s for this morning. layer up. midday temperatures in the mid-50s appeared by 7:00 tonight. back down into the 50s. we'll look at the five day forecast and a look at competence weekend for the
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at 6:21. >> still have delays on the eastbound on the icc before shady grove road. chopper 4 over the scene. they were there last night as well. we're talking about a big lumber spill. you can see all of the clean up is under way. two left lanes, only thing getting by the situation there this morning. taking a look at travel times, 270 south. no problems. tom of the beltway also looking quite good. 66 inbound and 95 northbound very typical. listen to thanks melissa. it is 6:12. developing this morning, police investigating another explosion in turkey. a car blew up in the city, a resort town. a dozen people were hurt but should be okay. the mayor of the city says the explosion may not have been a terror attack but some kind of accident. in decision 2016, donald trump is citing a wall street journal report for his latest attack on hillary clinton and
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affiliated with virginia governor who is a clinton supporter gave a large donation to dr. jill mccabe. mccabe lost that race. andrew mccabe became deputy director of the fbi and helped oversee the clinton e-mail investigation. >> it is unbelievable how hillary clinton got away with the e-mail lie, the e-mail idea. >> a spokesman for governor mcauliffe said he had no connection to the e-mail issue. the statement goes on to say he supported dr. mccabe solely because she shared his vision for have acht and any insination otherwise is ridiculous at best. they want all of the governor's e-mails made public. donald trump will be in our area tomorrow for the grand opening of his new hotel here in
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is d.c. mayor muriel bowser. bowser is a democrats and supports hillary clinton for president. the formal opening may be too political this close to the election. the trump hotel had a soft opening last month. it has been the scene of several demonstrations and graffiti found spray painted on the walls this month. in montgomery county, a mysterious death of a woman has police asking the public for health. a man walking to the twin brook park lawn drive. this was around 6:30 in the morning. there was no trauma to the woman's body and she had no identification to her. an autopsy is under way but anyone with information is urged to contact police. covering virginia at 6:14 today. a pastor will argue to be released from jail as he awaits trial on charges that rips off his congregation. he is the senior pastor at victorious life church in alexandria.
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wife brenda and another woman to a $1.2 million fraud scheme. all three were arrested on sunday. brenda is already out of jail. be careful where you park in the district. enforcement is getting more strict along wisconsin and connecticut avenues in northwest. there are more cars than usual because of the beach drive closures. adam tuss was telling about them. two extra tow trucks will on those routes during the morning and afternoon rush hour. it ihe rush on wisconsin avenue now goes until 7:00 p.m. we'll check back in with adam at 6:30 with more on what d-dot is doing to keep traffic moving. this weekend, metro's safetrack program is switching to the red line. the change starts on saturday. the trains will run in two segments from shady grove to noma galladet. surge number 10 will run through november 22nd.
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the neighboring friends school according to the washington post, people who lived there tried to block the more than $32 million sale. they argued it violated a d.c. law which requires landlords to give tenants right of first refusal before a sale. the judge ruled that nursing homes are different than common housing. the sale is expected to be finalized in december. in news 4 your health. the obama administration says a key of 25% next year. the cost will also -- one in five consumers will only have plans from a single insurer after major carriers scaled back the roles. subsides will help most customers with the higher people yups. a new hip replacement surgical procedure can have patients back on their feet and at home on the same day.
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of the hip. they have patients up and walking hours after the operation because they don't have to cut any muscle. it is 6:17. the action is about to begin on the baseball's biggest stage. the world series starts tonight and thousands of fans can't wait for it to begin. tickets are in the thousands of dollars to see the cubs take on the cleveland indians. and they are the two teams with the longest championship drought so you know fans are ready to go. we saw bi ready to go. >> let's switch gears at 6:17, chuck bell is in the storm team4 weather center taking a look at this big cool down. autumn is officially under way. >> yeah, we are transitioning quickly to late fall around here and i took a long drive up the blue ridge parkway, the fall color is running later than the last couple of years. we have chances this weekend to get a look of it. it is a mostly clear sky over
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averaging really about five to 15 miles an hour this morning in the outlying areas are way colder than that. 39 in warrenton. 39 in luray. 37 in gaithersburg. 43 at dulles airport. 45 at joint based andrews. there is a noticeable windchill. layer up for it. frost and freeze advisories are con we'll probably have more of a frost, freeze issue tomorrow morning. get ready to cover up the cool sensitive plants or say bye-bye. way cooler than yesterday. 60 downtown, mid to upper 50s in the suburbs and again, the northwest wind, 15 to 20 miles an hour this afternoon. the wind lays down after the sunsets this evening and by tomorrow morning, a lot of
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can always stay ahead of of the weather by following me on social media or find my facebook page as well under chuck bell. for tomorrow, 30s in the morning, staying in the 50s tomorrow afternoon, mid to upper 50s across the area on your wednesday, rain likely for your thursday, here is your five day forecast. 60% chance of rain for thursday. friday dry, saturday on the milder side with temperatures in the 60s and for the 40,000 runners for the marine corps marathon. temperatures will be in the 60s by back to the 4 things you need to know coming up in ten. metro delays we want to remind you of this morning. so, on the blue and silver line here, wiehle franconia, malfunctions at capitol heights is the problem causing that. delays on both lines of the red line. eastbound, southeast, southwest freeway.
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westbound icc before shady grove road. you have to stay to the left. only the two left lanes get by because of the massive lumber spill from last night. eun? >> thank you. parents, you might want to hear this. before you go out and buy the halloween candy. >> the american dental association is releasing the list of the best and worst candies for your teeth. avoid those sour candies, dentists say -- >> sour patch kids. >> sour candy can be very acidic and teeth vulnerable to cavities. your best option, look at that. chocolate. >> i knew it was good for you. >> you knew that. >> chocolate washes off of your teeth easier. more easily than any other type of candy. there you go. >> and of course, the best kind of halloween candy right there. >> reeses cups. i have star bursts.
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though. >> some airlines offer you a whole lot. free checked baggage, in flight snacks. >> what about the kid free zone? the latest to accommodate certain passengers. >> chances are it is impacted you or someone you know. the construction on beach drive. what we can expect to learn in a
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks
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ed to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett
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welcome back at 6:24. so much excitement. more now on the world series getting under way today between the chicago cubs and the cleveland indians. the indians haven't won a world series since 1948 when president truman was in office. the last time the cubs won was more than 100 years ago in 1908. president teddy roosevelt was running the country at that time. that was a long time ago.
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the year the red sox broke the curse. cubs president epstein, cubs starting pitcher jon lester and terry franconia played key parts eight teams have nonwon the world series. the mets and seattle mariners have never even played in a world series. can i say go nats? >> never too soon. a big part of our job involves reading. we try to share that as often as we can. i had a chance to visit friends. third graders at barnaby elementary school in oxon hill. consists had good questions about what it takes to become a news anchor.
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>> what does it take. >> a list of long, difficult things. budget carrier indigo is the latest to introduce adult only section. drivers dealing with the closure of a popular short cut will learn when it will end. >> deadly home invasion. the guan call for help. we're live in the next 30 minutes. >> a frosty start to the morning. we're blaming it on canada. >> i thought you were going to say chuck.
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the beach drive closure has been tough for so many but today we'll get a look at the work actually being done. the work that is tying up your commute. i'm adam tuss much we'll tell you about it coming up. >> deadly defect. hundreds of thousands of drivers are not listening to warnings about the faulty air bags linked
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find out where the new fbi headquarters will move hundreds of local workers. it is 6:30. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we're following several of developing stories. a manhunt is under way for a killer in montgomery county. we're on the scene of a deadly home invasion. follow before her live report. >> it is a painful road project that shut down beach drive. there could be some relief for drivers stuck in rush hour gridlock. >> take a look at these temperatures. chilly out there. chuck bell has four things to know about the forecast. >> 71 degrees yesterday afternoon but that northwest wind that moved in yesterday has pushed temperatures way down here early this morning. a frostry, cold morning for northern maryland and the shenandoah valley.
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it will feel almost 20 degrees cooler outside than it did yesterday and a colder start is likely tomorrow morning, so cold, sensitive plants, if you have them outside, cover them up before we get to tonight as it is going to be colder by tomorrow morning. looking milder by the weekend. the highs this afternoon, only in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. could be a slow go up i-95. here is melissa with the details. >> a little slow. brand new problem here. 95 northbound there at city. you can see there is a service road on the right side. do have a crash with police activity but it is also slowing those main lanes here this morning. taking a look right now. eastbound, southeast, southwest freeway on the case bridge. the broken down vehicle in the right lane and brandy wine road. police blocked there for new activity. we'll take a look at this in a second. red line delays both ways malfunction outside of shady grove. travel times in ten. >> thank you, melissa.
6:32 am
we've been there, but commuter wheeze go through northwest each day are seeing more back-ups than ever. >> that is because parts of beach drive is being closed for the three year news project. adam tuss will get an update today. >> good morning, aaron, what we want to find out today if s if there are any major problems. we're a month into the project. you can see the closure point still here at the rock creek this has been really tough. we have about five to seven more months of this first stage of the beach drive work to figure out and so often when crews get in here and actually start doing this work, they can find other additional problems. we hope to not hear about that, but remember that the complete road surface is being resurfaced here so they're digging under the road basin and could potentially find more problems. traffic is has actually increased by 70% on some roads
6:33 am
construction crews have actually been tying up lanes of traffic during work. we talked to the head of d-dot about taking care of that problem. >> it is not allowed, but you know, we've got a lot of construction activity across the city and we don't have endless supply of inspectors, so, we try to police that. >> this is a coordinated effort from multiple agencies. the remember, the national park r here. we'll take the tour at 10:00 this morning. if you want a behind the scenes look at how everything is doing, follow me on twitter @adamtuss. i'll post video and pictures for all of you to see. >> thank to the closure on beach drive, parking is stricter on wisconsin and connecticut avenues. it is a story mark segraves told you on twitter. they're adding two tow trucks to
6:34 am
avenue now extends to 7:00 p.m. because of metro's safetrack program. it is 6:34. the obama administration says a key category of the affordable care act plan will go up an average of 25% next year. also, about one in five consumers will only have plans from a single insurer to pick from after major carriers scaled back their roles. higher premium. president obama appeared on jimmy kimmel live last night. he talked about the election and read mean tweets including one from donald trump. >> president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states. well, at real donald trump, at
6:35 am
president. ? i want to be forever young. ?? >> hillary clinton is adding more star power to her campaign efforts in the battle ground state of ohio. rapper jay z will hold a get out the vote concert in cleveland prior to election day. he is one of several stars hitting the campaign trail. miley cyrus knocked on doors at george mason university in virginia. donald trump went out of his way to defend himself against attackski questioning why he was constantly linked in with the kremlin. >> they always like to say, and by the way, how would you like to be, she always likes to tie me in with russia. i have nothing to do with russia, folks, okay. i'll give you a written statement. nothing to do. >> trump went on to defend russian president vladimir putin against attacks from fellow american politicians.
6:36 am
online tracking poll. shots fired! >> we showed you this video of a suspect shooting at a police car yesterday morning. today, we're seeing how close those bullets came to hitting someone. a woman was inside the squad car during a ride along there. 14 shots were fired into the car and no one was seriously hurt. >> physicalur basically none. she obviously had some scratches or minor injuries from the glass shards but other than that, the physical ailments, there are none. >> the shooter ditched the gun and is still on the run at this hour. a man died right on his back deck after someone entered his home and shot him. police are looking for clues this morning. we're live from the scene. >> and the man who helped make subway a household name is
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about it and did nothing. >> an i've been a soldier for 3 years. i've scaled the toughest terrain and faced plenty of my fears as part of my training. and for the past two years
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so even out here i can pay securely with mobile pay linked to my free checking account. i don't know about this, it's ... [screams] what did she say? she said "i don't know about this." i couldn't hear over my helmet. your ears are completely exposed. mm-hmm, yeah i just ... open to the armed forces, the dod and their families.
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good morning, everybody, i'm storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell. it is way colder this morning than we've been the last couple of mornings. in the mid-30s across parts of central virginia and montgomery county in the mid-30s. jeans on this morning. sunglasses approximately for later on today. it will be plenty sunny but it will be breezy and chilly all day long. afternoon temperatures only in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. milder by the weekend and a chance for rain before that. complete check of the exclusive ten day forecast comes up at 6:51. it was slow up i-95. how is 270 doing. >> southbound at montgomery village avenue. half of the crash is on the
6:41 am
look to the right at the flashing lights. 95 northbound at dale city, slow as well. we have the crash there in the right sort of local lanes. eastbound 66, crash in the right lane. let's look at travel times, fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 95 north. also slow from quantico to the beltway. going to take you ten extra minutes in each spot. 270 south. same thing. ten extra minutes south normal. 95 to 270 going to take you 24 minutes. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. >> thanks melissa. what started with a 911 call for help ended with murder. we're live in montgomery county in a neighborhood digging for answers about a home invasion manhunt. >> if you went to bed seeing this lumber spilled over the icc, see how the clean up seg
6:42 am
head out. >> the focus is on florida in the decision 2016. >> there is a devastating divide in the gop. your time is 6:42. y me ?? ?? stand b vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, it's helping neighbors.
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a deadly home invasion. the gunman is on the run. local police need your help catching a killer. >> theme park tragedy. what went wrong on a popular ride. >> jared's family drama. >> i had no idea that the nightmare was just beginning.
6:45 am
court. the restaurant chain is fighting back in this pedophile case. a lumber load mess. the clean up during your morning commute. >> and check our facebook feed. we're waking you up with thin mint cereal. 15 before the hour. a man is dead after someone broke into his home and killed him. >> this happened last night on muncaster mill road in gaithersburg. molette green is live with the reward police are offering this morning. >> reporter: good morning, the house is on busy muncaster mill road, an easy get away perhaps for the shooter. police are looking for him this morning. we went around the other side and it is kind of wooded in the back, difficult to navigate if you don't know this neighborhood very well. montgomery county police tell us a man entered the home in the 7900 block of muncaster mill road.
6:46 am
shot a man inside. the man died here on the scene. chopper 4 captured all of this video of the large police presence right after it happened. they got the 911 call for a shooting around 10:00 last night. police of course, still working to get more information. we're working to get suspect information and a clear motive in this case and police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. we're live from >> we have new information about a shooting in southeast d.c. as well. we now know it was an ice cream truck driver shot on alabama avenue yesterday evening. the man is still in the hospital and police have not identified a suspect in the shooting. montgomery county police charged this man was attempted murder. davon mobley is accused of stabbing a man and woman in germantown. he then stole a neighbors car to
6:47 am
they tracked him down on charity court. both victims have serious injuries. he is in jail without bond. breaking news right now. we're hearing from witnesses of a tragic accident in australia while you were sleeping. four people were killed in a theme park when a river rapids ride went haywire. two of the people were thrown off of the ride. the other two were trapped. listen to this brand new interview from someone who took his kids on the ride ju before the horrible accident. >> it was quite a tame ride. absolutely fine with it. i can't imagine. >> you're looking at a new video from when the park was evacuated. it has been closed until further notice. police say the victims were two women and two men. here at the live desk, conflicting reports on who was behind a deadly attack on a
6:48 am
61 people have died, most of them cadets and recruits. this is when militants stormed a dorm and started shooting. two of the attackers blew themselves up killing more people. more than 100 were injured in the attack which ended just early this morning. isis and pakistan's taliban, the branch of that, both claiming responsibility for the assault. aaron? >> all right, angie, thank you. we return to decision 2016 now where we are getting brand new numbers in the race for pde monkey tracking poll showing hillary clinton's lead is unchanged from last week. in the four way race, she is up five points over donald trump among likely voters nationwide and six points in the head to head match up. the battle ground state of florida will be the spotlight state today. >> both hillary clinton and donald trump will be campaigning in the state to get those last minute votes. nbc's hallie jackson is live in
6:49 am
hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning, i know it doesn't look like i'm dressed for florida weather but it is chilly here in tallahassee where donald trump will be later today. hillary clinton, as you mentioned, also in the state. the two candidates holding basically duelling rallies in what is now a must win. you talked about the new survey monkey online tracking poll numbers we have showing clinton with a lead. that is across the country here in florida. she also holds a lead by a slim margin. it is why donald trump is fighting hard for every vote in this state. his campaign knows more than half of republicans believe that all of the insight inside the republican party could create lasting fractures that could threaten trump's chances as winning the presidency. all of it as trump pushes the message of a rigged system, a rigged immediata. conspiracies about powers trying to work against him and he is launching what many see as trump tv. the campaign won't call it that but a nightly broadcast has a
6:50 am
eyebrows. >> we'll see your full report on "the today show." thanks. a quick correction as we let you know about an event that we're putting on with george washington university. it is a discussion with the goal of getting millennials to talk about issues important to them. i'll moderate that event happening november 1st from 7 to 9:00 p.m. at the lisner auditorium. the event is free but we would like you to rsvp head for the nbc washington app and search vote your power. subway is suedes by the wife of the ex-former pitchman. jared fogle pled guilty to child pornography charges. subway put her children in danger by failing to act.
6:51 am
least one complaint while continuing to utilize jared as the spokesperson and facilitate his visits to the hundreds of schools is beyond comprehension. >> she divorced fogle after he pled guilty. he is serving 15 years in prison. subway can not comment on pending lawsuits. it is 6:51. new this morning, the owners of more than 300,000 honda vehicles still need to repair their air bag inflators according to authorities. the auto regulators warned drivers that takata air bags have a high rate of inflating. one death was reported last week. 69 million inflators have been recalled. the search for the headquarters of the fbi became longer. the general services administration will not pick a location or builder until march of next year. three locations in greenbelt, landover and springfield are
6:52 am
to cost more than two billion dollars. 6:52. your time right now, if you love girl scout cookies, you might want to take a chance on a brand new girl scout cookie cereal. >> you have until january to decide what you think about this. general mills is making a carmel crunch cereal based off of samoas and the thin mints. those are based on two of the most popular girl scout cookie flavors and o cookies, just like some of the cookies, the proceeds will go to the girl scouts. >> pretty cool. >> impromptu poll on twitter, unscientific, people want to see tagalongs. >> that is the peanut butter in the middle. do we know our girl scout cookies? >> we know them well. we know them intimately well. i love those thin mints. nice, cool start here this morning. i brought it back with me from
6:53 am
there is the picture right there. there is my sister as a blushing bride. i was down in cherokee, north carolina, and it was cold. 35 degrees down there on sunday morning and that cold air has followed me back up here to home. congrats to her and outside this morning, it is really chilly and about the time of year we start to expect it. the first freeze at national airport, last year came november 23rd. the outlying areas, dulles airport and bwi first freezes were about the third week of be outside this morning, 30s and hom's with a noticeable breeze out there. frost and freeze advisories are holding in northern maryland in shenandoah valley this morning. tomorrow, with a clear sky and less wind, it is likely to be colder tomorrow morning so sensitive plants need to be covered up. frost freeze advisory may come into loudoun and prince william counties tomorrow. be ready for that. today, sunny, breezy and chilly.
6:54 am
if you're headed down to 17th street, the high heel drag race tonight. it will be chilly. get down there by 7 or 8:00 if you want a spot on the sidewalk along the race and speaking of running races, the marine corps marathon is this coming sunday morning. morning temperatures for that will be in the mid-50s and afternoon race time temperatures will be up into the low and mid-60s by noon. mid to upper 60s by sunday afternoon. good luck to all of the runners, we'll o again this year. come out to mile 4 and cheer on the runners. here is your ten day forecast. only chance for rain comes up on thursday. should be dry by the weekend. good morning, melissa. >> looking at chopper 4 over this problem in dillwood. this is the big mess chopper 4 was over last night with the lumber truck that spilled lumber all over the side of the road. you can still see it is a mess there this morning.
6:55 am
270 southbound at montgomery village avenue. that crash is on the shoulder, still seeing normal volume headed southbound on 270. 66 inbound before the beltway, crash there in the right lane. you can see that slow down. rest of 66 looking fairly normal here this morning. 95 north at dale city looking better than it was here. prince george's county seeing the normal slow downs. guys? >> thank you. 6:55. today we'll get an update on construction project that is causing a lot of traffic frustration. >> part of beach drive is s of a three year project. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss is here to fill us in on the latest. we have to be patient, adam. >> absolutely. and what we really want to hear is that there are no additional problems. look, the road closures are still in place here at rock creek parkway and take a look at the map. this is the area we've been talk being from tilden all the way down to rock creek parkway. that is the closure point but remember, the national park
6:56 am
the road service here. they're digging up a lot of stuff. hopefully they have not found anything underneath the road surface that creates any other delays. we still have about five to seven more months of this first phase of the project to go so it will require extra patience as traffic has gotten worse on the roads around here. back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:56. here are 4 things to know this morning. the annual 17th street high heel race is tonight in northwest washington. chuck street. several streets will be closed from 6:30 until 11:00. we have them listed in the nbc washington app. mgm officials will show how it plans to handle the extra traffic at the national harbor. montgomery police are searching for a man who shot another man. make sure you have the alerts turned on. >> the first game of the world series is tonight.
6:57 am
tickets still going for about 850 bucks and much, much more. >> it is a layer up morning. windchills are back in the 30s and 40s right now. be ready for that. much cooler weather today and tomorrow and cold, sensitive plan plants, cover them up. >> i don't like those 50s. >> that is broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> "the today show" is next. see you in 25 minutes for
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good morning. test. good morning. two weeks to go. the presidential race enters the homestretch. a new poll out this morning shows hillary clinton with a solid lead but donald trump not buying it. >> it's called voter will, gee, trump's out. folks, we're winning, we're winning. >> while the campaign focuses on winning both the white house and congress. breaking overnight, a river ride and popular theme park malfunctions killing four people. two thrown from their seats and two others trapped inside as investigators try to figure out what went wrong. manhunt, a frantic search for an


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