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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 31, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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? ? this is the biggest political scandal since water gate. >> we won't be distracted no matter what our opponents throw at us. nbc news confirms an warrant has been issued to search emails related to clinton's server. a bazar scene. a possible abduction cabtured on surveillance video. new details on what may have caused a massive inferno. and the cubies stay alive on this halloween monday.
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>> it is a halloween trick or treat depending on your policies and it's shaking up the presidential race with just eight days to go. the fbi has obtained a new warrant to review the emails related to hillary clinton's private email server. those emails were found on a device shared between disgraced former congressman's wiener's sexting scandal. the couple are now separated. director comey is taking a look at emails that may be pertinent into the secretary of state's handling due to the emails, which he announced via a letter to congressional republicans on friday. and this morning, former attorney general erick holder with a new opedcalling him a
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mistake. writing quote he has made a serious error with implications and now a new poll shows hillary clinton just one point above donald trump. it comes as both clinton and trump made the renewed investigation the very center of the campaign. >> we never thought we were going to say thank you to anthony wiener. this is the biggest political scandal since water gate. >> the direc emails referenced in his letter are significant or not. >> in fact, it's not just strange, it's unprecedented and deeply troubling. >> hillary clinton is not the victim. you, the american people, are the victims. now the fbi has found -- you're not going to believe this one --
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matter what our opone nlts throw us at us. we know how much this election matters and we know how many people are counting on us. >> meanwhile, clinton's advisors have hammered fbi director comey to release more information about the emails, including whether the director has even reviewed them himself. top democrat suggesting the director is consealing information about trump's connections to russia writing quote. and now a democratic congressman is demanding comey's resignation. the fbi has not responded to reed's letter or the congressman's demand but clinton continues to campaign on holding concerts and getting out
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the next and first female president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> but now republican mike pence and like mike pence are nailing democrats for the recent email controversy and using it as a way to maintain control of congress. >> we need you to re to represent us in washington d.c. and the state house. we need to make sure nancy pulo pelosi get anywhere near that gavel. >> and 63% of voters now say the recent news makes no difference regarding their vote to support clinton while 34% say it's less likely to impact their vote and
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benefitting both candidates with over 21 million voters already casting their ballots with democrats out pacing republicans in key swing states. as republicans in arizona, florida and georgia and pennsylvania. now to overnight breaking news. the intense man hunt for the man wanted in the brutal double murdered is over. he was killed overnight during a pair of shootouts with police in western those exchanges. they're non-life threatening. vance had been on the run since october 23rd after he shot and injured two officers before stealing their cop car and streaming it on facebook. and killing his aunt and uncle, both whom he may have tried to dismember. the chicago cubs are still
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front of an emotional home crowd. they're looking to become the sixth team to come back to win the world series. the indians will have another chance to wrap up their first world series title in 71 years. that's at home in cleveland on tuesday. police in northern virginia are investigating an unnerving abduction after they caught two men in a brazen abduction walmart. it shows themopening the driver's side, the trunk then moments later does as well. and he returns with another. they can be seen man handling another person before forcing him in the trunk and driving home. eye witnesses say they appeared to be playing before being put in the trunk and all engaged in
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abduction. we have new information. according to investigators the serious engine malfunction that caused this fire to rip through the plane has effected at least four other planes in the last 16 years. it began when a disk broke in an engine a half mile away. and ignited just before the boeing plane was set to take incident is on going. italy's prime minister vows to rebuild after the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in three decades decimated towns and villages. it struck central italy sunday. it's the third earthquake and months. about 20 people were injured. the area was rocked by a pair of
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earthquakes are expected. just ahead, a live report on the military defensive to take down isis in iraq and also uncertainty for investors as stocks around the globe react to the new search and review of hillary clinton's emails. but first a halloween heat wave for trick or treaters. bill karins has the details. >> not the year for the record breaking heat right through the end of the week. mid-80s, even 90 in kansas. it continues into tomorrow with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. unusual to last this long. we finally cooled off a little bit by the time we got to friday but it's an incredibly warm halloween. now a closer look at your day ahead.
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is about as good as it gets this time of year. all through it state of texas and enjoyable in many areas of new mexico and here's your fun fact for today. at 7:29 p.m. netflix is saying that's the busiest time of night to expect trick or treaters to knock on your door. >> that's an interesting method. i guess they know pausing. just ahead, tom hanks and ron howard's third installment of "inferno" with just 15 million in second place. they surprised everyone by choosing tyler perry's "boo." for the second straight week. "early today" is back in two. "early today" is back in two.
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saudi arabia just thwarted multiple isis terror plots after they planned to kill security officials and civilians. they announced the arrest of at least eight islamic state militants. some were planning to kill officials in a town north of the capital. the others allegedly sought to attack civilians and planned to use a car bomb to attack the united arab emirates soccer team while in the royal family has offered millions in rewards that lead to their arrest. militias are joining iraqi forces to retake mosul. nbc's matt bradley live with the latest. >> reporter: thanks. as you mentioned, the militias are being deployed but to the east of the city.
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once again resumed fighting and pushing inwards towards mosul, away from some of the christian towns they've retaken. but if fighting is continued to the west, that's the anvil to the hammer by these counter terrorism forces. but the ad vent of the shiite militia forces is a troubling new development. some hav humanitarian issues in the past. but it's a very complicated area and these shiite militia groups are expected to have some role in this fight. they want to secure their position politically in the future of this country and that's troubling for a lot of the civilians. i was out yesterday at a camp close to where i am now and a
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around mosul and they said it's very troubling to see all these different forces moving in this area and they're worried after isis is expelled from mosul and its surroundings that they won't be able to return. >> matt bradley live for us. thanks. just ahead, wall street hates uncertainty and the fbi warrant may just throw the election into a tizzy. you're watching "early today." more "stay" per roll. more "who's training who" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. and try bounty napkins. if your sneezes are a force to be reckoned with...
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? fast forwarding today. children in north carolina are finally returning back to school after hurricane matthew ravaged the area last month. several counties were underwater for more than a week aftermathue swung through. jury selection begins in the 2015 death of walter scot in south carolina. they will decide whether a white former police officer is guilty in the murder of unarmed black drivertop a bistander released cell phone video which showed a fight between the pair and scott's eventual shooting. and pope francis said he journeyed to sweden in an attempt to unite all christians. and conservative catholics are criticizing the pontiff lady gaga did something not
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repressing that news and going to his happy place which i assume is this actual picture of him eating ice cream, wearing sunglasses and holding a fist full of money. >> there's got to be something to be said about the sheer honesty. >> and there's reports that if hillary clinton were to win, he'd become secretary of state. so, it could make for a lot of interesting mts least. >> and we like everybody sometimes when it comes to being frank and telling it like it is. >> it's refreshing to have somebody so candid and honest. prince harry is working to save these elephants. he has joined the 500 elfnlepha
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populations in mulowy. >> they know we're here to help. and they're so calm and so relaxed. i can tell you after three weeks there's zero stress on these animals and they're going from one beautiful place to another beautiful place. >> he's not alone. leonardo dicaprio is on a documentary called "the ivory game". it and watching the out reach for the prince and what he's doing. >> it's remarkable when you see a-list hollywood actors like leo or royals and that's something beneficial. public awareness. well, lady gaga has scored her fourth number one album on the billboard 200 chart.
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the most popular album in the united states. she's only the fourth with four number one albums this decade which surpasses names like beyonce and taylor swift. the pop sensation took to twitter calling the achievement a grand slam. so hats off to lady gaga for that and that's a remarkable feet when you put in the names of people in that category, it shows you how accomplished they all are but how much raised the bar with this album. >> she just did the car pool karaoke karaoke. >> and she's performing at the super bowl. >> and in the news with this whole lady gaga/madonna comparison. she said one difference i write my own music and lyrics and play instruments. >> very big year.
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i'm sure you're exhausted. and today is halloween, so there's more to come. look at these celebrities, they go all out with their costumes. you know who they're supposed to be, right? hillary clinton and bill clinton. katy perry and orlando bloom teamed up for that couple's costume. and then how's that bette midler in her own character from boyfriend dressed up as characters from netflix's stranger things." how cool does that look? >> i was looking at some of these pictures. it's incredible. >> that's my family. that's me. just ahead, a heat wave for much of the country this halloween but not everyone is enjoying it. e is enjoying it.
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now on news4 today, eight days to go and a new warrant tied to the clinton e-mail investigation. the familiar controversy and how it is impacting the election. new metro wo the new plan to make riders pay more. struck him out! there will be a game six. >> the world series lives on. the cubs hold off the indians and make history at wrigley field to push game six. it is 4:26 right now. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we want to check on our forecast. did you enjoy this weekend? 80 degrees yesterday! >> it was really amazing.
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meteorologist chuck bell with a look at the weather headlines. >> what an amazing day yesterday was. 80 degrees yesterday afternoon. those are all now gone. we're off to a dry start. your rain chances are back down to zero for the next couple of days so the rain is over. kind of on the milder side for this morning, but temperatures really won't be climbing much. we're in the mid-50s now, getting to the upper 50s ahead and soon. more about that coming up in a few more minutes. melissa mollet says there are troubles on the red line. >> a reminder here, safetrack kicked off the surge number 10 on saturday and this is going to impact about 200,000 peak travel time riders. safetrack surge 10 red line shut down between noma-gallaudet and fort totten until the end of november pretty much. going to make other plans there.
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gets by the paving here. 66 coming in to town from the fairfax parkway, nice and on time. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car this morning. hi, angie goff at the live desk with breaking news out of the state of oklahoma where a man wanted for killing two family members is dead after leading police on a week long manhunt. take a look at some of the new video we got overnight of the scene. in a shoot out with police there. an officer was hurt in the gunfire but is expected to be okay. looking at some of this video. vance boasted about his crime on facebook live as he ran from police over the past week. he was wanted on the double murder charge among other charges including shooting two police officers last week and hurting them. vance recently was released from jail after being accused of child sex abuse. he also said on facebook that he was angry and that everything was all set-up.
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aaron, back to you. it is 4:29. turning to decision 2016, we're eight days from the election and it will be a busy day on the campaign trail. donald trump returns to michigan today for two rallies while hillary clinton will campaign in ohio. meanwhile, the fbi has obtained a warrant to review newly released, rather, newly discovered e-mails that may be tied to the clinton e-mail investigation. the e-mails were discovered on former congressman anthony weiner's desktop. his estranged wife is top clinton aide huma abedin. abedin used the laptop to send thousands of e-mails to clinton. it is not clear what connection it might have to the e-mail investigation. comey may have broken the law when he told congress about the newly discovered e-mail days before the election.
4:30 am
have violated the hatch act which limits some activities of federal employees. we'll have more on this including how eric holder is reacting in a few minutes. it is 4:30. you want to get a head start on metro this morning. a safetrack surge 10 gets the first rush hour test today. the red line is shut down between fort totten and noma-gallaudet. that means the brookland will be shut down for 25 days. red line trainsll


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