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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  October 31, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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weather. now we head back to reality. >> storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell is here to explain it all to us in the weather headlines. >> good morning to both of you. back to more typical for late october, early november weather around here. the rain that we had late yesterday afternoon and evening is all gone. you can leave the umbrella at home and fear not of getting rained on today. temperatures mid to upper 50s now. not going to see much of a rise in temperatures today. we're morning and upper 50s and low 60s for the remainder of the afternoon. cool and dry by 7:00. trick or treat forecast coming up in just a few more minutes. for now, here is melissa mollet who says she is dressing up as a traffic jam. >> traffic jam. i have my jam in my hand. i thought of itself last night and thought i was so creative. i'm a traffic jam. taking a look at problems on the rails. marc, the brunswick line near
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departure from brunswick will be 20 to 30 minutes behind this morning. warn somebody if you're supposed to be somewhere on time. inner and outer loop, all of the work on the beltway has cleared ouft the way. in laurel route 1, we do have the left lane getting by the work zone there. angie goff at the live desk. we continue to follow breaking news. the story out of western oklahoma. we started following ago and now the man at the center of a nationwide manhunt is dead. michael vance, take a look, he is the guy that boasted about his crime spree on facebook live. he was killed in a shoot out with police last night and as we take you to the scene right there, this is video we got in overnight, an officer was injured, we've learned. vance, by the way, on the run since last monday after police say that he killed his aunt and uncle and shot another man during a carjacking and also
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police tracked vance down after a farmer tipped them off saying they saw him. a news conference may happen later this morning. we'll follow it. we turn to decision 2016 this morning. eight days remain until election day and it will be a busy one on the campaign trail today. donald trump returning to michigan for two rallies. hillary clinton will campaign in ohio. meanwhile, the fbi has obtained a warrant to review newly tied to the clinton e-mail investigation. the e-mails were discovered on anthony weiner's laptop during an unrelated sexting investigation into the former congressman. his wife is huma abedin. abedin used the laptop to send thousands of e-mails to clinton. it is not clear what connection, if any, the e-mails might have to the investigation. fbi director james comey coming under fire this morning,
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the law when he told congress about the newly discovered e-mails days before the election. he wrote a letter to comey saying he may have violated the hatch act which limits some political activities of federal employees. prepare for confusion on metro's red line this morning. surge 10 is in full swing this morning. that means there is no service between fort totten and noma-gallaudet. that will last for 25 days. trains between shady grove and noma will runve glenmont and fort totten. riders can take green and yellow as alternatives from fort totten. riders can hop a free metro shuttle bus. there are fremont gomry county ride on buses during peak hours. the circulator will have some routes beginning at 6:00 a.m. add this to the metro plan to
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>> reporter: a whole lot to the take. take a look over here. you can see the buses arriving. there is a sign that metro workers just put out for the free shuttle rides. back to the budget now. expect three things to happen if metro gets its way to close a $300 million hole in the budget. we're talking about number one fare hikes on bus and rail. from five to 25 cents more per trip. numbe be looking at longer rate times. trains that run every eight minutes now will run every six minutes at some stations and then some job cuts, slashing some 1,000 positions here and of course, some employee benefit cuts as well. >> that is absurd, like, why would you want that? it is not a change for the better. >> it is going to happen whether we like it or not.
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save a little more so i can ride the train. or get a car. >> reporter: of course, lots of discussions will have to happen between now and then. of course, none of this can happen without final approval of a budget plan by march in order for this to kick in by july of next year. that is the latest live from fort totten station, molette green, news4, back to you. 5:05. a new crackdown on drivers who falls city school buss will start using camera. they will record when cars illegally pass buses. it was illegal to mail tickets in virginia. that has changed and getting caught by a camera could cost you $250. the former mayor of the city of fairfax who was arrested in a sex for drugs bust is due in court today. scott silverthorne is facing drug possession charges.
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with an undercover officer in august. he resigned and was fired as a job as a substitute teacher. an election for his replacement is scheduled for february. two people remain in the hospital after a shooting in capitol heights on sunday. we're told one of them may not survive. this is the same shooting that took the lives of 18-year-old brian davis and 14-year-old todd webb. it happened outside an apartment building on walker mill road. police still need witnesses to come forward. >> it is and it is horrifying all in one. >> we're asking the public if they know anything at all, please give us a call. >> there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and indictment in this case. there is an investigation into a saint mary's county deputy involved in a fatal pedestrian crash. this happened just after 2:00 yesterday morning. we're still waiting to learn the names of the deputy and the stricts. what we do know is that the
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speed or alcohol do not seem to be contributing factors sheriff's office is asking anyone who may have seen the crash to call them right away. there are renewed calls to make changes along a busy prince george's county road after a man in a wheelchair was hit and killed. this happened as as he was returning to the rehabilitation center on friday night. residents have been giving reflective vests to wear when they run to prevent future crashes. >> they need sidewalks and lights. >> we called about it to see if there could be a better situation, a sidewalk or be it some type of transportation provided for the residents. >> a supervisor at the center would not comment. news4 will follow up today to see if it plans to make any changes. police are trying to figure out if the man killed was in the crosswalk at the time of the crash.
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the chicago cubs beat the cleveland indians last night to keep the world series championship hopes alive. >> he struck him out! there will be a game six. cubs win it 3-2. >> cubs closer aroldis chapman pitched eight hours. it was the longest relief appearance of his career. the indians lead the series 3-2 heading to cleveland on tuesday. great series. >> eight minutes after 5:00 and the redskins arrive back here overnight after a disappointing trip to london. >> they didn't lose but guess what, they didn't win either. the game they traveled all the way across the atlantic for ended in a tie. news4's pat collins talked to the fans who made the trip for their reaction. >> for redskins fans, it was moments of unbridled joy followed by heartbreaking concern, leading to sheer
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numbing tie. the redskins were up and you felt like -- >> like we were going to win, of course. >> reporter: and then the redskins were down and you felt like -- >> what in the world are they doing? >> reporter: and then it ended up tied and you felt like -- >> this is ridiculous. >> reporter: it was something to remember. loaded with, we should haves or they could haves and after a full period of overtime, it amounted to, as they say here, nil. we had plenty of opportunities to win and we blew it. >> we didn't get a loss. so that is the bright side. >> reporter: so long london and your elegant buildings, your palace guards with the special little moves, your crazy traffic, your fish, and your chips, it has been a smashing road trip, but the game, the
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back. cheerio. in london. pat collins, news4. >> pat has been so amazing in london, right. >> having a lot of fun out there. >> london will never be the same. he left his mark. >> he did. ten minutes after 5:00, it is halloween and kids can't wait to get out to trick or treat tonight. chuck is updating what they can expect going door-to-door. >> thankfully they won't have to deal with this. dozens are spinning and sliding as snow, yes, snow, brings a busy
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welcome hi today we're gonna be comparing these two truck beds. let's start over here with this aluminum bed. you put your toolbox up here... whoa! that's a big hole. that is unbelievable. now let's check out the roll formed steel bed of the silverado. same angle,same empty tool box.
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it's truck month! make a strong decision. find your tag and get over eleven thousand total value on this silverado all star. silverado proved it is the toughest truck here. vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney
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look at this video into the live desk. snow caused several crashes shutting down this interstate. this is i-80 in california's drivers who didn't have chains, this is happening to them. they were getting stuck and they had to be pulled out. all they could do, some of them, is watch the snow rise. this is early for such dangerous weather and it is not over. they're bracing for another round of wintry mix over the next 24 hours. you have to feel for them. aaron. nothing like that around
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it wasn't a record in washington but 83 at bw marshall was a record and 84 at dulles was a record yesterday. for today, the morning plans may be windblown here early this morning but after school, plenty of sunshine, chilly and dry for the trick or treat years. more cloud cover but staying dry. on the way out to get the morning jog in here early this morning. temperatures are in the 50s and most important part of the forecast for today, trick or treat forecast. sun goes down just before all of the ghosts and goblins are out 7, 8, 9:00, temperatures in the low 50s. it will be chilly but not cold. most important, it won't be rainy. how is 66 holding up? >> that is all i care about. no rain on halloween or trick or treating. that is good. 66 inbound. 28 gainesville. we have the car that hit and killed ail deer. we have one lane blocked. difficult to see. southbound sully and mclairen
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west, blocking the right lane. charles county, everything there rolling along just fine. aaron? >> thank you. 5:15 now. we're following a developing story in kansas this morning. police are looking for a person who killed three people left and their bodies in a driveway. officers arrived after calls from motorists. they found an 18 month old baby not harmed ins targeted the three victims. new questions this morning about who was driving during a deadly boating accident that killed a miami marlins pitcher. a newly released toxicology report shows jose fernandez had cocaine and alcohol in his system. they interviewed a man who was on the phone with fernandez. he heard the pitcher providing
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investigating a pedestrian crash that injured a girl in northeast. the girl was seriously hurt when a girl hit her on chillem place. one man died trying to save the 8-year-old. the man had a heart attack as he tried to prevent the girl from being hit. he has not been identified. we now know the name of the victim who died saturday night after a shooting in manassas. police have identified him as 22-year-old edwin ivan chikas. saturday night in the 7500 block of quail run lane. a d.c. man is facing charges after a horrific crime in pennsylvania. police say that 20-year-old theophlous washington put bleach in his pregnant girlfriend's water in order to hurt the fetus. he is a junior at a university and is charged with attempted murder. the fetus and mother are
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news 4 your health this morning, a duke university study finds nurses scrubs actually may be spreading potentially dangerous germs. researchers collected samples from the scrubs of 40 icu nurses. they found 22 incidents of antibiotic reresistant germs including mrsa. they spread from patients to the nurse's uniforms on the sleeves and pockets. researchers at john's hopkins say 10% of pediatrics, they listed the top household allergens that triggered the disease. that includes dusk mites and mold common in mumid advisories. pests and rodent allergens can trigger as well as cigarette smoke and certain household cleaners. the next time you are yelling at refs.
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this is according to a new study out of europe. 39 soccer refs were studied while they watched video. refs from top leagues from 15% more accurate in their calls compared to lower level refs. researchers say the top refs spent more time looking at body parts involved in the foul. keen eye apparently. >> okay. okay. the panthers, the carolina panthers cam newton is calling out the nfl refs. the quarterback meet with nfl commissioner roger goodell about what he feels are inconsistencies in calls on the field. he expressed his frustration with recent calls after the team's loss to the cardinals yesterday. newton says officials are not calling penalties on hits that could seriously hurt him and his career. >> it is a tough job. really, the refs, you can't win or lose. you know what i mean? >> yeah. come on, cam.
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>> you know melissa mollet? >> okay. >> i appeared out of nowhere. >> a lot of us spent the time carving pumpkins for halloween. >> hundreds will be lit up on door steps for trick or treaters. we have very one special pumpkin right here. >> this is my dad this weekend. somebody sent something out last weekend and said can we make an nbc peacock? ralphie can do anything. he is awesome at making cakes and pumpkin carving. he used a dremel tool. >> that is too advanced for us it was crazy. >> way too advanced. >> the baby was sleeping, look at that. >> she slept through all of that? >> she slept through it. thank you, thank you, dad p, for doing this for us. it will be on the set all day long. it will be on the set today as well. isn't that cool? >> that is talent. >> took him 20 minutes. >> i was told i wasn't allowed to light it in the studio. >> i tried a flashlight.
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battery powered candles. >> i was going to say i did but it is obvious that i didn't. >> we would have kept your secret for you. >> we'll find some place to put it. >> thanks, dad. let turn to chuck bell now. what do you have for us, chuck? can you top that? >> well, no, i can't carve a pumpkin any better than her dad can. for me, i'll be putting up my facebook page a little bit of a costume contest. follow me and give me a like on picture of a halloween costume gets a free forecast. absolutely no charge to whoever has the best looking pictures. temperatures this morning, we're mostly in the 50s now, certainly not cold by late october standards. 55 now downtown. a little cooler in some of the suburbs. your planner then, dry, getting home from work and school this afternoon, getting home a little
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halloween. it will be in the low 50s for trick or treating but the rain drops impacting us late afternoon and evening yesterday are all gone. we have mostly sunny skies early today. fair skies early this evening. more clouds for tomorrow but we stay dry for tomorrow, dry on wednesday with a warm up back in place and then thursday, another warm day but by thursday afternoon, evening, our next chance for much needed rain fall around here arrives so that will be our best chance. 60s today and tomorrow. way into the 70s on wednesday and thursday and again, there is the chance for showers on thursday. more about the weekend, coming up in a few more minutes. good morning, chuck, taking a look right now at the problem on marc line. i should say on the brunswick line. train 870 is expected to be 20 to 30 minutes late this morning. a warning for you there. southbound 1 at bowie road. we have the left lane getting by
5:22 am
traffic alternaing through the paving this morning and taking a look 95, quantico to the beltway, you're on time. i'll see you right back here just after 5:30. developing right now, thousands in need from a devastating earthquake. the damage and the new concerns
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. thank you. for all their new devices. you want a piece of cake? you can't break me. switching to fios is easier than ever. now get 100 meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. hurry, this is the final week to get our best offer ever. northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress:
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and i approve this message. we have a developing story out aftershocks hit central italy following another huge earthquake over the weekend. take a look at some of the damage done. it completely destroyed some buildings. we're hearing that some collapsed on the spot. sunday's 6.6 magnitude quake has left 8,000 people, that is the latest number we've received, looking for a safe place to stay. but that is difficult. they're having a difficult search. those who can't get into a
5:26 am
followed the devastating earthquake that happened in august that killed nearly 300 people. aaron, eun? >> thank you. i team of astronauts remains high above us at the international space station while three crew members are safely back on earth. >> they returned home after a four month old mission in space. they made a parachute landing in taxis. >> chuck is updating four things to know about the forecast. >> new controversy in decision 2016, the latest twist in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation and how it is
5:27 am
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l right now at 5:30, a new warrant and new attacks tied to the clinton e-mail investigation. how it is impacting the election with eight days to go. >> race day danger. a car slams into dozens of people at a virginia speedway sending multiple people to the hospital. >> struck him out! there will be a game six! bring on game six. the world series pushes on as the cubs hold off the indians
5:30 am
5:30 right now. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're talking about our weather and after enjoying a beautiful weekend, we'll find out what the rest of the week looks like. >> storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell with four things to know. >> hope you enjoyed the weekend. 70s on saturday. 80s across the area yesterday and even today, though it won't be anywhere near that wa temperatures back closer to average. no rain gear needed. you'll be trick or treating under dry conditions for this evening with temperatures in the 50s. more mild, mild days. we have another shot. maybe two shots at 80 degrees this week before some rain showers come on in as well. we'll detail which days will be most likely rained on coming up. temperatures in maryland back to 62.
5:31 am
295. >> 295 northbound here after the 11th street bridge. brand new problem, broken down vehicle blocking the right lane. a warning for you there. it a look. hard to see here. this is 66 near 28 gainesville. we have a lane blocked because of a vehicle that hit a deer here. southbound sully. have a crash blocking the lane. that has gotten out of the way. don't have to worry about that any longer. 50 before east west highway. crash blocking the right lane little slow from 70. right there a little south. two miles south on 270 and then you're clear all the way down to the spur there. this morning, travel times in ten minutes. topping our decision 2016 coverage this morning, democrats are demanding that fbi director james comey provide details today about the review of additional e-mails that could be related to the clinton e-mail investigation. news4's tracie potts on capitol
5:32 am
the fbi director. >> everything at this point, aaron. too little, too late is the message that democrats are sending to the fbi in a letter the top democrat here on capitol hill, on the senate side, harry reid said that this could be a violation of the hatch act where public officials, government officials are not supposed to interfere with elections eight days now before the election, and we have vague information about some e-mails that popped up in clinton. what we don't know is it a bomb shell, some suggestion that or some evidence that there were classified materials transferred
5:33 am
clinton while all of this is still up in the air. >> all right, tracie potts on capitol hill for us. thank you. 5:33 now. developing this morning, over seas, we're learning iraqi forces may enter mosul later today. the ap is reporting that special forces are und isis held city. since the operation began two weeks ago, iraq's military has liberated 61 villages from isis. and today, the man accused of killing a wedding caterer is due back in court. kempton bonds says he was acting in self defense when he stabbed jones in august. the 19-year-old was granted bonds. cell phone recordings prove the
5:34 am
friends after a fight over chairs during a wedding. jury selection begins in the case of a white former police officer who allegedly shot an unarmed black man in south carolina in 2015. michael slager pulled over walter scott for a broken taillight. the incident came to light after a bystander released his cell phone video of the event. slager's attorneys say there is more to the incident than what is shown in the video, including a fight. slager faces 30 years to life in prison if convi. injured at the martinsville speedway. virginia state police say after yesterday's race, a driver tried to pass another vehicle. that is when the fans were hit. most of the injuries were minor. police arrested the driver. no word on any charges. police say alcohol does not appear to be a factor. a family is asking for help paying fort funeral of a grandmother killed in a hit and run. kim moore died saturday after her car was rear ended in
5:35 am
d.c. police say the driver who hit them ran away but was later caught. he is still in the hospital along with moore's daughter. her grandson is okay. we posted a link to the go fund me account for moore's family on the nbc washington website. 5:35. for millions of americans, open enrollment for the affordable care act and other health insurance plans begins tomorrow. picking your plan can be confusing. experts say a common mistake that people make in right health insurance splan paying too much attention to the monthly premiums. >> you can actually end of up paying more out of pocket to fill prescriptions or see your physician. even when you pick what is seemingly the least expensive plan. >> 93% of insured americans are covered through either employer based health insurance, medicare, or medicaid. all of which offer incentives
5:36 am
do. the big accomplishment and the added challenge for one racer. >> it may be halloween, but kids still got to go to school today. chuck is updating the bus stop forecast and what to expect for
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good morning, everybody, monday is here. the weekend is over. it is now 5:39 on your monday morning. temperatures are back down into the low and mid-50s here this morning. a bit of a northwesterly breeze out there. it will be cooler feeling for sure with temperatures only in the low 50s. it will feel almost 30 degrees colder than yesterday afternoon, so a little bit of a layer needed early this morning. we'll be back up to near 60 degrees for afternoon highs today. so what to wear for the kids who need the wi well. trick or treat temperatures will be mostly in the low 50s. that trick on 295 continues. here is melissa. >> northbound 295 here after the 11th street bridge. we have a broken down vehicle that is blocking a lane. the right lane is blocked. we'll start seeing slow downs. if they don't get that one out of the way for sure. 50 westbound before east west highway. have a crash blocking the right lane. not seeing too much of a slow down here this morning. travel times 270 looks good.
5:40 am
95 over to 270. no worries. 66 inbound and 95 north. looking okay as well. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. aches and pains might be plaguing you this morning if you were one of the competitors in yesterday's marine corps marathon. >> the fact that you finished is an accomplishment all on its own. thousands of runners took to the streets for the event's 41st year. perry shoemaker from northern virginia finished first for the women. hun over the two hour and 51 minute mark. and for the second time, samuel koskai from kansas won. he finished in two hours and 23 minutes and 52 seconds. >> i want -- since i won two years ago, i came here to do the best. >> i probably won't eat much for a little bit. i'll lay on the couch and relax.
5:41 am
the race wearing her full firefighting gear. she did it to honor a colleague killed in iraq. two teens killed, others left wounded. what police in prince george's county are uncovering about a shooting into a crowd. >> a lot of people make money renting out their homes. in a news4 i-team report, the problems some local renters are
5:42 am
vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney and i approve this message. northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government
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comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett and i approve this message. welcome hi today we're gonna be comparing these two truck beds. let's start over here with this aluminum bed. you put your toolbox up here... whoa! that's a big hole. that is unbelievable. now let's check out the roll formed steel bed of the silverado. same angle,same empty tool box. the steel held up. it's truck month! make a strong decision. find your tag and get over eleven thousand total value on this silverado all star.
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now at 5:44, major new metro work for the morning rush. ahead at 6:00, safetrack shifts it to a new section and why riders will soon be paying more and waiting longer. >> two teens killed and family and friends in mourning. in moments, what police in prince george's county are finding out about a deadly crowd shooting. >> good morning, everybody, the 80s are gone. we're back into the 40s and 50s here on a halloween morning.
5:45 am
your trick or treat forecast and a look at the next ten days coming right up. right now, eastbound 66, the ramps are to 123 medical call on the ramp to 123 southbound here this morning. also going to update you on the northbound d.c. 295 situation after the 11th street bridge. broken down car in the right lane. an update on the two problems in virginia coming up. 5:45 now. the search for a gunman continues after a deadly shooting in prince george's county. two teenagers werel >> right now, two other victims are still in the hospital. news4's derrick ward brought you the story as breaking news yesterday. he joins us now live with the latest developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. we're here at police headquarters in palmer park and what we're learning now is police are obviously still investigating this but they do not believe that this shooting, this multiple shooting, was random. at least preliminary. this all started with gunfire
5:46 am
of the two people who died in that shooting. the other victim, 14-year-old todd james webb junior, also died in that shooting that happened. there is an adult male who is in serious condition in the hospital. another is in serious condition as well but is expected to pull through. two others have been treated and released. this all stems from the incident that started at 2:45 when there was a crowd of people in the parking lot on the road apartment complex. police don't know at this point whether there was one shooter, multiple shooters, whether it was an exchange of gunfire or the circumstances, but again, they do know this happened in the parking lot of the apartment complex and they do not believe it was random. this all happened after a party. we're live at police headquarters in prince george's county. derrick ward, news4, back to you. >> thank you, derrick. a house fire mystery is developing this morning in indianapolis. six people are missing after
5:47 am
neighbors say they heard people screaming that they were trapped inside yesterday morning but firefighters searched the rubble for hours and say there is no sign of any human remains. >> it is scary not knowing if they were home or what. i'm just, i'm just keeping them in my prayer that's they got out safe. >> no one has heard from anyone who lives there. their truck is parked in the driveway as officials try to >> people who live in flint michigan may feel safer to drink the water at home. 800 new homes will receive new pipes. the state is spending millions of dollars to install the pipe. they will study the water before and after the new pipes go in. officials failed to treat drinking water that leaked lead into the drinking water. there is a problem that is
5:48 am
firefighters. ptsd. eight years ago, one of the colleagues committed suicide. in fact, more than 100 firefighters across the country suffering with ptsd have taken their own lives. now michigan fire chiefs are raising awareness about the problem. >> the stuff we kind of see and deal with on a daily bis running fire and ems calms from medical to accidents, traumas. it adds up overtime and keeps piling on. you need somebody of move on and deal. >> chief headily says talking to someone can make a huge difference. you may be thinking about renting your home out this holiday season but some d.c. residents are in hot water after posting the place on popular sites such as air bnb it is a new legal battle uncovered by the news4 i-team. bradford burke started renting out his two bedroom basement apartment and says it stays
5:49 am
he found a man sued him for discrimination for not renting to families with children. they uncovered dozens of other lawsuits by same plaintiff. >> you can't express a preference and the more you say and try to suggest, this is not a good place for kids, the more it looks like you're expressing a preference. so the less you say, the better. >> tonight on news4 at 11, we'll tell you how most of the lawsuits ended and what you need to know before renting your own property. d.c. police are searching for three robbery suspects. two of them were in halloween costumes at 8:30 last night at third and u streets. police say one man was in a turtle costume. another was dressed as a skeleton. the third suspect, a woman in her 20s was not wearing a costume. police have not said what was stolen but they ask that you call them if you know anything about this case. a prank or an abduction? any surveillance video raising a question now. prince william county police release these images on saturday. you can see in the video here,
5:50 am
into the car and then they drove away. police say the video is from about 10:00 friday night at the walmart on worth avenue in wood bridge. it is possible these men were just joking around. 5:50, our time right now. you may see day of the dead celebrations around town this week. dia de los muertos is >> many pay tribute with face painting and sharing the favorite foods of those passed away. most will celebrate tomorrow for wednesday. >> people think it is connected to halloween it is not. no connection other than the timing of year, i guess. >> right. kids will be filling buckets today with candy and then taking all of those sweet treats home. >> and then guess who will be eating some of the candy. it is the price you pay for living in my house, right?
5:51 am
nerds. pepper mint patties. vote for your favorites right now on the nbc washington facebook page. >> i'm appreciative of the fact that tomorrow you will bring your extra candy to work. >> you know it. >> appreciative or curse me because you've had 25 pieces of candy before noon? >> a little bit of both. let's turn to meteorologist chuck bell keeping an eye on the forecast. a lot of people want to make sure that things will be good for tonight, chuck.
5:52 am
yorks pepper mint patty. you can't go wrong with one in my opinion. here is what i should be going out as halloween. jeremy renne rchlt how much does this look like me? >> that is not jeremy renner. that was the bad guy in that movie. >> played by jeremy renner. >> i don't know. >> anyway -- >> fantastic. fantastic. >> i'm going rogue. if you're going to be doing picture of your kids or your favorite costume and put it on my facebook page and we'll be sharing those on social media all through the day tomorrow. but trick or treating tonight will be nice and cool. most important thing, it will not be raining on trick or treating activities tonight. the other thing is, not going to be anywhere near as warm as it was yesterday today. yesterday we made 80 at national airport, missed the record by two but dulles and bwi, both set record highs yesterday. yesterday's record was 85.
5:53 am
skies. clouds will be gone for long. clouds will come back late tonight into tomorrow. here is future weather to show you, no chance for rain today. clouds sneaking back into the skies by this time tomorrow morning. any rain chances tomorrow, i do think stay well to our west in the shenandoah valley. more into the mountains of west virginia. our next chance for showers doesn't roll in here until we get to thursday afternoon so here is your exclusive news4 ten day forecast. 60s today and tomorrow, back
5:54 am
and again, there is our best chance for rain is on thursday and it is clocks back time this coming weekend. say goodbye to daylight saving time. let's say hello to melissa mollet. >> good morning, chopper 4 right now over the earlier problem we were talking about here, westbound 50 there at east west highway 410. it is on the right shoulder not causing any other problems. you can see a little bit of a delay but it is okay here right now. inner and outer loop of the beltway. no problems street bridge. the disabled vehicle is out of the way. 66 inbound looking good. 95 northbound, slow, slower than normal as you're headed northbound here through the wood bridge area. we'll look at 270 coming up. >> thank you. changes are happening today at the he are f -- herndon monroe parking lot. that means you may have to find a new place to park.
5:55 am
relocated to the level one of the parking garage. the latest stretch of the anacostia river walk opens in washington. they extend the trail from benning road to the d.c. quarter where it will connect to bladens burg. it connects 26 miles of existing miles with 10 miles of existing trial along in d.c. we want to show you amazing video of a man climbing up the side of a building trying to save a child. you can see the kid up there, this happened in china. everyone ends up okay. the two-year-old boy fell out of the apartment. the boy got stick in the window security bars and is dangling. his parents were not home at the time. a passerby called for help and that is when a neighbor jumped into action here, he scaled up
5:56 am
equipment and he held onto the boy until firefighters got there. >> he is a hero. >> absolutely. it is 5:56. a tribute for a friend caused a terrorism scare at the metropolitan opera over the weekend. police in new york city say someone from texas scattered their friends ashes in the orchestra pit on saturday. they say the friend loved opera. investigators at first thought the substance could have been anthrax or something worse. police don't think the person was t this morning, north dakota police are investigating a fire near the north dakota pipeline protest camps. the fire broke out yesterday morning. crews were forced to call in the national guard because of the rugged terrain there. they used two black hawk helicopters with 600 gallon water buckets to put out the fire. no one was hurt. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. draft kings and fan duel are
5:57 am
the daily fantasy sites are hammering out the final details and announcement is imminent. some states argue they operate gambling businesses and not games of skill. they reached a $12 million settlement with new york over false advertisement claims. i'm landon dowdy. the latest safetrack surge is under way and it could surprise some metro riders. what to know before you leave for work. > and this morning, there are several new developments in both campaigns. >> arrested in a sex for drugs case. what is expected to happen in a matter of hours for the former mayor of fairfax. the redskins kicking themselves after missing a game winning kick. >> i need to make those kicks.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. now at 6:00 a.m. -- >> how metro's safetrack surge number 10 is impacting your morning ride. >> i'm angie goff here at the decision desk. major developments and major accusations just eight days out from election day. will any of it have an impact on
6:00 am
i go out and that is the only standard i can hold myself to. >> the redskins return after a disappointing tie in london. >> first, let's check in with storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell and your weather headlines. chuck? >> nobody was happy with that sister kissing tie yesterday. couple of clouds early this morning but those light rain showers we had as the sun went down, those are gone. not too terribly cold. won't warm up a whole lot today. there are more threats of getting close to 80 degrees before the week is done. from clouds this morning to sunshine this afternoon, afternoon highs today, upper 50s and low 60s. it is about 25 degrees cooler than yesterday. so you'll notice it. trick or treat forecast also coming up in a few more minutes. melissa mollet has new trouble on i-70. >> on i-70 here, 70 east, just


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