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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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with election day a week away, candidates have some explaining to do. we're starting at the decision desk because where the candidates spend the last seven days is where they will win or lose the white house. here's a look at four things to know. hillary clinton is barn storming florida and right now holding a rally in the western side of the state in dade city. she'll also make stops in sanford and fort lauderdale. all of clinton's surrogates have obama will hold a a rolly in columbus, ohio. bernie sanders has been campaigning for clinton in new hampshire. former president bill clinton is speaking to voters in florida. and vice president joe biden is holding an event in north carolina. donald trump is splitting his time between two states. this morning he was outside philadelphia telling voters that obamacare will give them fewer
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tonight trump will be holding a rally in wisconsin. all the campaigning coming as a new abc news "washington post" poll shows this race has now tightened to a statistical dead heat. donald trump is up 1 point, 46% to 45%. but that's not the case across all the polls. an nbc news survey monkey poll has hillary clinton up by a big 6 points. is steve handlesman is tracking the race. >> donald trump figures a lot of voters finding out now health care premiums are rising with help him when he needs it the most and where he needs to win. >> donald trump calculates he has to win. he's focused not on e-mails but
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>> premiums are soaring. doctors are quitting. companies are fleeing. >> trump promised a special session of congress to repeal obamacare that he said hillary clinton would expand. >> it's one of the reasons we must win on november 8th. e we must win. >> check out 270 to win. ohio, iowa and or nevada and utah. or wisconsin. to get more than 270 electoral votes. trump heads to wisconsin encouraged by taking the lead in today's abc news "washington post" poll. trump at 46% and clinton at 45% nationally. the poll found strong enthusiasm declining since the fbi revised her e-mail investigation. she headed to the biggest battleground in florida where
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>> i will repeal the health care law. i will replace it that will be better. >> reporter: turnout is the question now. will the bad news on obamacare premiums and the renewed e-mail probe prompt enough voters to stay home that donald trump can win all those swing states. meanwhile here in washington, both sides are pressuring the fbi to make public as much as possible about the e investigation. this week be fair to clinton said senior republican senator chuck grassley who wants trump to win. i'm steve handlesman, news 4, capitol hill. >> steve, thank you. now to a developing story in baltimore where six people are dead after a school bus collided with a maryland transit bus. the school bus didn't have any children on board. maryland governor larry hughes called it a tragedy saying our
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continue to pray for those injured as well as the first responders who work swiftly and continue to care for the injured. meagan fitzgerald is live now at the scene. >> reporter: here's what we know. ntsb and police have been out here for seven hours investigating trying to figure out how this all happened. we are expecting an update in the next 30 minutes or so. here's what we know now. investigators tell us yellow school bus was coming down the road. it crashed into the back of a mustang and it hit the fence. then it slid into the center of the roadway here. that bus continued on down frederick road. we talked to the wife of the driver of the mustang who says she's happy her husband is
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investigators say this yellow school bus crashed sbo the driver's side of the citi bus. the driver died along with at least five people on board th mta bus. but minutes before this crash happened, police say the school bus slammed into the back of the mustang. the driver made it out alive and his wife says she was the first person he called. >> i jumped in my car and i dropped to my knees. i was like there's no way my husband lived through that. by the grace of god. hug your loved ones. every minute of every day. that's the takeaway. >> reporter: we are told one person is in critical condition. four others are in stable condition at this hour. it's still an ongoing investigation as conditions are
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youm hear from the driver. he described the moment where he was hit by the school bus and what happened shortly after. >> police are trying to figure out who is behind several snatch and grab robberies. five happened in northwest d.c. last night mostly in and around georgetown. it was mixed in with halloween candy but did not have a needle. right now in charlottes ville, lawyers are delivering closing arguments in the defamation trial against "rolling stone" magazine. an administrator is suing the magazine because of the botched story about a gang rape at the
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the story of rape on campus was true. the administrator wants $7.5 million from "rolling stone" because of the way she says she was portrayed in the article. she has to prove that "rolling stone" knew what it was writing about her was false or should have known it was false. attorneys argue they never doubted the credibility of the alleged victim in that story. emotions are running high in the district this afternoon after the d.c. council voted today in favor of a bill. the measure would allow terminally ill patients with less than sixes no live the means to end their own lives. it was preliminary vote. the bill faces a second vote in two weeks. tom sherwood was in the council chambers today. we have the clouds across the area. temperatures are on the cool
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look at these numbers. 61 right now in d.c. 58 in ocean city. 59 in richmond. but hello, 80s. 80 in jackson. morgantown at 80 degrees. that's the air we have coming our way. we're talking about getting the kol weather out of here. hello to the warm air again. we're going for record breaking high temperatures again coming holt things are going to get. it will be hot for this time of year. i'll see you back here laurt. remember the red starbucks cups that got people talking last holiday season. the company just unveiled new cups and let's say they are getting a mixed reaction. plus making waves. what pope francis says women
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vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics.
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first at 4:00, a major admission from pope frs. history, but he does not think the church will ever ordain women. the topic came up this morning during his flight from sweden to rome. a female journalist on board asked the pope if the church might one day have women as priests and. bishops. the ban will stand forever he says. he made a reference to the document that was written in 1994. it states that since jesus only chose men as apostles the order
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bill cosby is in court for a pretrial hearing in pennsylvania. he's accused of drugging and molesting a former employee at temple university. prosecutors are questioning 13 accusers trying to prove a criminal pattern that spans five decades. the women's memories are tainted in unreliable. they are alleging racial discrimination in the case. he pled not guilty and his trial is scheduled for june. flames and smoke shooting into the air. if that weren't bad enough, now we have learned how it could impact fuel prices and even the travel industry. a major intersection could be in for a total transformation. what it means for mall shoppers who will be trying toet around
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a horrible sexual assault in northern virginia. this afternoon the stafford county sheriffs office has new clues you can use to h a man smashed sbo a woman's car yesterday and then sexually assaulted her. it happened on kings highway near sherwood forest farm rod. julie carey was on the scene today when investigators found new evidence. >> reporter: investigators and a canine on the scene of what was a very frightening sexual assault early monday morning.
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a.m., a woman was driving down this rural stretch of route 3 when someone hit her car. you can still see the tire marks left from the crash. but when the victim's car rolled to a stop, the man who hit her dragged her out of her vehicle into a ditch and for two hours sexually assaulted her. he finally left and she called 911. this is hear from anyone who travelled in that stretch of road between 2:30 and 5:00 a.m. monday morning. we're just really asking everyone to take a moment through their busy day and stop and think, did they see a man matching this description earlier in the evening. where was that?
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tell you what investigators found as they searched through this brushy area when they were back at the scene today. julie carey, news 4. a short while ago the sheriffs office showed some of what they found at the crime scene. this is the shirt worn by the attacker. it's a blue, orange and white blad shirt. they hope this along with a composite sketch will help them identify suspect. following a developing story in alabama that could affect everything from airports to the price causing an explosion that killed one worker. it's the second explosion in the past two months. the pipeline is responsible for a lot of the gasoline in the south. the last explosion caused major shortages in places like north carolina. experts say the latest incident could disrupt flights from baltimore to raleigh. nbc 4 is working for you in the community. >> and winter is coming. we're all going to need nice, warm coats.
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the salvation army's share the warmth coat drive. e we hope you can take a moment and clean out the closet. donate the gently worn coats for families in need. they will be appreciated. you can drop the coats off at any bank branch throughout northern virginia or take those coats to any of the three ace hardware stores they will clean them for free. >> we have families who come at this time of year with children and they are trying to decide whether they are going to pay their light bill or rent or provide warm coats. help support these families. >> the salvation army will distribute the coats november 23rd during an event at washington convention center. we posted a list of all of the
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just search coat drive. >> they are going to have a few days to get that together. we're not going to need our coats coming up here. >> what's with the summer weather in november? >> i know. it's moving right back in here. we have seen a little bit of a roller coaster. ups and downs. tonight we're in a down. tomorrow we're right back up. you mentioned winter forecast. officially coming out next thursday at 5:00 and 11:00. you're not going to want to miss that out there right now, we have seen the clouds all die long. they have kept the temperatures down. temperatures right now at 61 degrees. winds out of the south. take a look at the rest of the region. 59 in dulles. notice at 70. the reason is some sunshine back to the west of the blue ridge. all clouds to the east is why we are e seeing the cooler numbers. if you're heading out this evening, you're going to need the jacket. temperature at 59 degrees at 7:00.
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many of the suburbs will be cooler than this if you're going to be out and a about. no rain. you don't need the umbrellas any time soon. the next chance for rain will be on thursday. thursday night. that's when the next big change comes. the first one has to do with what's happening tomorrow. the clouds across our region is what helped to keep our temperatures down. take a look back to the west here. big ridge of high pressure once again building. allhe canada. what does that give us? the influx of warmer air and that warmer air is coming from the west. 87 in nashville. 81 in kentucky u. 80 in columbus, ohio. going to be a great night for the world series. 61 degrees right now in the d.c. area. that's the high so far today. but tomorrow, a completely different day. high temperatures tomorrow at 15
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look at the numbers back to the west. 81 in winchester. 82 towards charlottesville. cooler towards the bay. temperature around 73 in annapolis. an i maizing afternoon. we get warmer on thursday. thursday's high of 80 degrees. that would tie a record and set records in other locations. we have a good chance of storms late in the day on thursday. that's something we'll be watching. that front comes through on thursday and notice the difference. we drop 20 degree then we set up for a nice weekend. then we're back in the 70s for next week. look at election day. 72 degrees on tuesday. i adopt e know. it doesn't get better than this. the winter forecast says you have to wait until next week. >> you know that's not fair u. but okay. 24 days to go until black friday. it looks like you don't need to wait for the door busters and
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shopping right now and save some cash. as starbucks gets ready for the holidays, it could be the on the brink of another cup controversy. tomorrow morning, this election, would you vote to pay more when you go out to eat. it's on the ballot and we're working for you with what you need to know before you vote. >> we're tracking a warm-up and
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you will soon be able to sit pretty at the movies in fairfax. some of you will. on friday e we told you about the family-owned cinema arts theaters kick starter campaign ta raise money for new seats. they have until midnight to make their $100,000 goal and they did. >> e we want to thank all our because they have all contributed to make this happen and here we are. we are going to get new seats and everyone is going to be comfortable. everyone is going to enjoy the movies more. it's going to be fantastic. >> the theater is hoping to have the new seats in place by the end of the year. a holiday drink has returned to starbucks and so has the controversy over holiday cups.
4:26 pm
starbucks rolled out the unity cup. it's green with the mosaic of more than 100 people. the ceo says it represents our shared values during a divisive time in. our country. i put this on my facebook page. the comments are all over the place saying bring back my red cup holiday cheer. one guy saying, another cup for people to complain about. it's green this year. think. weigh in on our facebook page. >> i like them all. >> the thing is it's not clear if this is the actual holiday cup. our general says her barista told her there's actually a second shipment on the way. >> the mystery deepens. i kind of like this cup. i like the mosaic of all the
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>> as long as they can put that chestnut pra lean latt?, they could put it in a dixie cup for all i care. home rental sites are a great way to find your family a cheap place to stay and for owners a quick way to make a buck. the i-team discovers some homeowners are being sued by people they never even met. what homeowners and renters need to know. seven days, two very different races and some conflicting polls. we're breaking down the vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics.
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developing at 4:30, investigators are on the scene of the deadly bus crash. some first responders say is the worst they have ever seen. the school bus with no students on board his a mustang and then an mta bus. six people died including the driver. the ntsb is getting update its investigation. we'll keep you updated here on news 4 and in the nbc washington app. it's crunch time on the campaign trail just seven days before the last votes are tallied. the fbi continues to comb through e e-mails, hillary clinton is campaigning in florida. donald trump is splitting his time between two states leaning democrat.
4:31 pm
these e-mails, what is clinton's strategy in this final week? >> try to get through the next seven days going on offense. that's what you are seeing from a new ad that she has out today. she's trying to go after donald trump on his past comments about women to set up an argument, a contrast argument why people should pick her to be commander-in-chief, to take the oval office. this comes on the heels of ads trying to portray trump as a danger to commander-in-chief. addition to trying to go on offense, she's trying to expand the map. you're going to see her and her running mate in arizona, which is more of a red state trying to put trump on defense. seven days to go. definitely crunch time. >> trump has called this the biggest scandal since watergate. does he continue to focus on those e e-mails or does he change his message and tone in
4:32 pm
about it. we have seen it on the road. we have seen it at the a lot of his ral lees. here's what his campaign thinks is the most effective attack line. going after the affordable care act and those premium rate hikes. he wants to focus on that because his campaign believes they saw some of the polls tightening up last week even trump started hammering obamacare. if he can stay on message, it's possible he could really make this more competitive than it is right now. >> the nbc news survey monkey poll showed clinton up 6 points. abc news has the candidates in a a statistical tie. do you think the fbi bomb shell
4:33 pm
with the numbers? >> from friday when the news came out, there hasn't been much evidence. that's based on our tracking poll and a couple other polls in the field. the tracking poll is one that donald trump sees. it e shows him up by a point or the margin of error. he's talking about that as evidence he's doing better. nine or ten days ago, it showed him down like 12 points. it's a swing that we don't deep breath on before you point to too much. >> hallie jackson, thank you. we'll have more analysis and the day's campaign news ahead on "nbc nightly news" at 7:00 right after news 4 at 6:00. are you one of the thousands of people using sites like home away to rent out your home for extra cash? the i-team found residents at the center of a new legal battle.
4:34 pm
why they are being accused of discrimination. >> his basement apartment in the trinidad neighborhood has turned into a a moneymaker. >> four nights is the average stay. >> to make that extra cash, he started renting it out a year and a half ago on airbnb. >> i have rented to families, same-sex couple adopting a child. >> might hurt themselves on the hanging rope shelves filled with glassware so he wrote the space wasn't child proof requesting no children under 5. but that renters could reach out to him on a case by case bsis. . >> did you have anybody with a child under 5 actually stay here? >> absolutely. >> reporter: a month ago these sticky notes started showing up on his front door informing him he had been sued for
4:35 pm
sglif never heard from this guy. >> reporter: after he contacted the i-team we found more than 40 similar lawsuits filed in d.c. since 2013 by a rockville man named daryl rogers and his attorney with the social justice law collective. >> denying housing opportunities to families with children is illegal and wrong. >> reporter: they targeted ads stating no children rental, adults only please, dwelling not sultable for children, not infant friendly and discounts for claiming rogers was emotionally distraught and extremely insulted by the ads. >> it's a way to ensure that discriminatory advertisement comes to an end through either settlement agreement or judgment. >> e he says rogers doesn't have to try to rent the property to file suit because he's what's called a tester. >> courts have recognized that testers often times have increased damages over people
4:36 pm
care about fair housing law enforcement. any time our clients see another discriminatory ad, it piles on and makes them additionally upset and insulted. >> this is not a money-making operation. the i-team found almost every case we reviewed did end with a settlement, multiple defendants telling us the amounts ranged between $7 and $14,000. >> he must be doing it just to make her second home didn't know she was also being sued after posting her place was not suitable for children until we called her. >> i had some parents who were upset about some of my art. >> she told the i-team she worries about her antiques and a potential risk with an open deck that a child could slip through. >> i think i have the perfect right to do this. >> it is a a few fe normal nan. >> reporter: but robert says
4:37 pm
what they write. because e he say when is you put your home into the rental market, it becomes a business. >> it can't express a preference. the more you say and suggest this is not a good place for kids, the more. it looks i like you're expressing a preference. president less you say the better. >> the parents are the ones empowered to make these decisions. >> e he has changed the language in his ad. >> i fully intend to try to fight this until the end. >> reporter: but doesn't believe anyone. tisha thompson, news 4 i-team. >> it's an effort to stop discrimination, airbnb announced hosts will be required to sign a community commitment agreeing to treat everyone with respect and without bias. in our next hour, consumer reporter susan hogan takes a look at other potential legal issues to think about before renting your home. for more information on how to protect yourself when you do
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app and click on investigations. talk about coming home, the local author behind the diary of a women pi kid returns to his roots. what he told students when he first discovered a a love of story telling. and why a popular local bakery says the outcome of the election could come down to your sweet tooth. clouds clearing, temperatures dropping from near 60 where we are now back to the 50s. then warmer weather on the way tomorr. s. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. only fios lets you upload as fast as you can download. this is your last chance to go online to get our best offer ever.
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there's a sweeter side to our presidential race. it's from katherine and so if i known as the cup cake sisters. in the spirit of the election, they created images of the two presidential candidates using 916 cup cakes and 16 different shades of van hours to complete this. the sdrs stopped by news 4 midday this morning and say their republican and democratic cup cakes are a big hit during election time. >> we have done it for the past two elections. we have sold our democratic donkey and our republican
4:42 pm
>> we have predicted the winner in the last two elections. people are voting with their palate. >> we posted the recipe and link to this candidate cup cake video in it our nbc washington app. fun to look at. search "cupcakes." it was a pretty cool day for some elementary students and a best selling author. >> he was able to t washington. the students got a chance to ask him all kinds of questions. the bureau chief tracee wilkins was there to see it all. >> it was a special day here in fort washington because they had the opportunity to meet the author of diary of a whimpy kid. they are some of the best in the country and these students had an opportunity to meet the author because this is where he
4:43 pm
was like being a kid growing up here. he says that a lot of his experiences are played out in his books. there was great inspiration for what can happen in their own lives. here's what he had to say about his time here in prince georges county. >> i came back just to walk the streets that i walked as a child. just to see what kind of ideas i had would come to me from my childhood. >> coming up at 5:00, we talk with one student who was especially inspired by meeting this author that he dressed up like the lead character a couple weeks ago. in fort washington, tracee wilkins, news 4. we're just barely past halloween, but retailers are already focusing on black
4:44 pm
4:46 pm
known for some pretty busy traffic circle, but wait nel you get a look at a new circle. >> this planned for tyson. adam tuss takes a look atd how this would work. >> reporter: there are traffic circles in our region and there are traffic circles that are planned for our region. here at the busy intersection of
4:47 pm
like. nothing too exciting. take a look at the proposed plans for the traffic circle that would go in what is basically the heart of tyson's corner and become a new center miss for this place. we're talking about an underground circle potentially with a park on top that would connect all sides of the new tysons. this is an idea gaining a lot of electricity here in the tysons area. >> become more than a corner. it's about to become a circle. >> tonight on news 4, plus a look above this busy intersection from chopper 4. stay tuned for that. back to you. halloween is behind us and we're sure you probably haven't bought your turkey yet, but are you ready for black friday? >> i'm not, but a.m. son is. today they launched their deal store with the first of the holiday deals. a.m. son will be offering tens
4:48 pm
ones coming as often as every five minutes. there will be deals of the day and nose are going to run through december 22nd. as you do your online shopping, keep this in mind. thieves picked up more than 11 million packages from people's homes within the past year. experts suggest you know when to expect your package and consider having a neighbor pick it up if you're not going to be home or require a signature before it's dropped off. bank wells fargo. the bank agreed to pay a $50 million settlement for hiking appraisal fees for homeowners who defaulted. it's usually $30 or less. the lawsuit claims to charge between 95 to $125. now it's up to a judge to accept that settlement. this lawsuit is coming as the bank is still dealing with the scandal in which employees
4:49 pm
for customers. good afternoon. still a bit of a chill in the air. we're seeing some sunshine breaking out off to our west. the view from our tower camera showing that way off into the western suburbs near loudoun county. we can see a golden glow on the horizon. the cloud cover hanging in over washington. the le camera. you can see some autumn color. 8:00 tonight we'll be in the upper 50s. . not as chilly as it was this morning. back down to the low 50s by dawn tomorrow. then by 8:00 in the morning the mid-50s and by 10:00 getting mild after that chilly start. climbing sbot 60s by mid-morning and continuing to climb. we have a few of these clouds coming in. they are hanging in over the metro area. it's clear off to our west. no showers in the vicinity. staying dry here through the rest of the afternoon.
4:50 pm
drive, all the red zone into the mountains. very nice color in our north and western suburbs as well. i took this photo e yesterday morning. it's streaming through the autumn woods in montgomery county where there's peak color now. it looks really nice. post your picks on facebook and twitter. we will have our temperatures in the 50s in the morning a noontime climbing to 70 degrees. and then by 5:00 we'll be in the mid-70s tomorrow afternoon. it may be peaking. as we get into thursday, even warmer. . we'll be near 80 degrees on thursday afternoon. doug was just asking on his facebook page if you're ready for a warm-up. and most people are saying no. let's keep it cool.
4:51 pm
it's going to be feeling almost summer like with temperatures around 80 degrees as we get near 80 on thursday. that's @ record. then on friday, much cooler. front coming in triggering showers thursday night. highs only in the 50s. a bit of a breeze too. that wind will settle down on friday afternoon. then a cool start to the weekend. saturday into the mid-60s. outdoor plans for the weekend look nice. sunday should be climbing into the 60s. with hour of sleep. not trick or treating. that's the wrong one. i'll reset that. the sunset time on sunday is 5:02. we're going to have it early sunsets and a warming trend for next week. good weather for election day. highs in the low 70s. remaining dry the following week. that's the way it looks. we are getting some concerning news coming out of the march of dimes. after nearly a decade of
4:52 pm
erika edwards has more. >> reporter: for the first time in eight years, the march of dimes reports the premature birth rate has riszen. 9.57 to 9.63%. that represents 2,000 more babies born too soon before 37 weeks and before their lungs and brains are fully ev grade in this year's march of dimes birth report card. states in purple and blue earned a's and b's respectively. orange and red all in the southeast represent d's and f's. >> fst hard work getting the preterm birth rate down. we have always known that. and this year shows us with the uptick in preterm birth rate. we have to work harder. >> part of that work will
4:53 pm
african-american and other women in racial and ethnic minority groups. that's where the rise in preterm births was most pronounced. the march of dimes says elective c sections should not occur before 3 weeks. that's the point at which the brain is most likely to be fully developed. erika edwards, nbc news. >> when we look at our area, virginia received the highest score with a b. a high school leads the nation in the number of perfect scores on advanced placement exams. six students at thomas jefferson got perfect scores. two each on tests in computer science, spanish and u.s. government and politics. achieving a perfect score is rare. only 143 students out of 500,000 who took the test got all those
4:54 pm
this high school is the only public public school in the state of maryland offering it as
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
it's officially the day of the dead in mexico. a lot of people associate this
4:57 pm
have died and pray for their spiritual journey. early this morning people around mexico city took flowers, toys and other special things to present it to the graves of their dead relatives. some actually spent the night at the cemetery with their children who have passed away. tomorrow the celebrations continue this time honoring the adults who have passed on. prince georges county public schools making history with a brand new foreign language write and speak korean. >> mollet green spoke with students. >> these students are excited to learn to speak, read and write korean.
4:58 pm
boasts of being the only public school offering the foreign language and its culture. >> it's easier to learn korean. once you get the alphabet down, it's easy. it's understand whag it means and translates to. >> not a hard language at all. especially when you start it's probably one of the easier and fun language to learn. >> this only some kind of critical thinking skills. >> these lessons are designed to work outside of the classroom with some estimated 93,000 korean-americans who live right here in the baltimore, washington, metropolitan region. >> it's a br ber shop or restaurant. it makes sense.
4:59 pm
opportunities. i like to travel and do other things. so i think this language would really help. right now at 5:00, the tightening race one week out from election day. the new poll that finds hillary clinton now trailing and donald trump campaigning in some blue states. investigators back on the assault earlier yesterday morning after a woman's car was struck here on route 3. the man who hit her grabbed her, pulled her out of the vehicle, took her into the ditch and sexually assaulted her. investigators are k loing for the public's help to identify that attacker. easing congestion in one of the busiest areas. the plan being considered to transform tie sons. our top story at 5:00, a deadly collision between a
5:00 pm
in. baltimore. good evening, everybody, i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. six people are dead, five others in the hospital. this investigation is just getting underway. >> tonight maryland's governor among those reak acting to this crash calling it a tragedy. the scope of the accident, a shock to all who saw it. >> it looks like a bomb exploded in the bus. >> it got me all choked up. this is something. hi >> just a few moments ago, a news conference with the investigators just wrapping up. news 4's meagan fitzgerald is there joining us live with the latest. >> reporter: what we learned is that the bus driver of the mta is among the six who died. we knew earlier as we have been reporting that the school bus driver -- the school bus was


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