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tv   Today  NBC  November 9, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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good morning. . good morning. it's trump. >> usa! usa! usa! >> donald trump will be the next president of the united states. an astonishing victory and opponent, president obama, the washington establishment and the media. trump speaking to his supporters early this morning. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. [ applause ] >> hillary clinton calling him to concede but no speech from her overnight. her supporters devastated. his, overjoyed. america as we know it has changed. the billionaire businessman and
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he's set to take over the nation's highest office, today, wednesday, november 9th, 2016. >> from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," decision 2016, with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from rockefeller plaza. >> and g wednesday morning. the nation is waing up to a stunning upset. donald trump is the president-elect of the united states. anything new happen in your political world overnight? >> the voters have spoken and done so in resounding fashion. the political world remade, the map remade. every assumption people make about politics undone. people have called it a political earthquake, i'd say, in a magnitude of quite a scale.
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the evening. it finally culminated in the wee hours of the morning. hillary clinton conceded the presidency to donald trump in a phone call. that came at about 2:30 a.m. in a surpriing move, she did not appear at her campaign's watch party and did not make an election nights concession speech. she is, however, scheduled to deliver one later this morning. of course, we'll have that for you live. >> let's take a look where things stand if you're just waking up. hour -- 278 electoral votes at this hour, 218 for clinton. we've yet to call, arizona, michigan and new hampshire. >> it is a razor in the margin in popular vote. clinton is leading this morning by several thousand sand votes. >> and a major headline boosted by trump's performance, republicans were able to fend off democratic rivals and they maintain control of the u.s.
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wisconsin and pennsylvania and republicans hold onto the house. you have the trifecta for donald trump. our decision 2016 team ready to go this morning. let's start with peter alexander, at trump tower, peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you. no better way to put it other than a political earthquake. we are still feeling the shock waves of this. this was both a trump trump. trump this morning is still celebraing his victory from last night already returned to his favorite, twitter now changing it to read president-elect of the united states. he also put out a message, his first words of this new day, such a beautiful and important evening the forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. we will all come together as never before. >> sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business.
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trump, a dramatic and sweeping victory. >> as i've said from the beginning, ours was not a campaign, but rather, an incredible and great movement, made up of millions of hard working men and women who love their country and want a better brighter future for themselves and for their family. >> reporter: just before 3:00 in the morning on the east coast, trump announced here call from his fierce rival. >> the congratulated us. it's about us, on our victory, and i congratulated her and her family on a very very hard fought campaign. >> reporter: after a brutal and divisive campaign, trump is pleding to bring the country together. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. [ applause ] >> i pledge to every citizen of
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this is so important to me. >> as his aides wrapped the improbable victory take place, sources at trump tower tell nbc news there was euphoria, hugs an high-fives. campaign manager, kellyanne conway ticking off the ingredients of an upset, rally crowds matter, we expanded the map. trump's victory built on the back of white working class t >> every single american will have the ability to realize his fullest potential. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. >> reporter: more than 500 days after ascending that escalator, trump propelled into the offensively office as the next president concluing his first ever political campaign. >> it's been what's called an
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you down, we will do a great job. we will do a great job. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway, tells nbc news president obama called president-elect trump last night. it was unclear whether the two men were able to speak. trump will be inaugurated at which time he will move from one great avenue to another, from 5th avenue in manhattan to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. kellyanne conway, speaking of trump's campaign manager. good morning. i know it's a late night, congratulations to you on the campaign. >> thank you, savannah. >> can you tell us anything about this phone call reported between president obama and mr. trump, what was said, how would you characterize it? >> it was a very warm conversation. we were happy to receive the call from the president.
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victory. he was congratulated. i think they resolved to work together which is exactly what this country needs to get the current president and president-elect and others in leadership positions to help unify and heal the country. we expect the two gentleman will be meeting soon. >> kellyanne, i have to ask you a question. for months and months, donald trump has been saying that the election is rigged. would president-elect trump now agree that the election is not, was >> he certainly would say the system is rigged. it proved last night he's got millions of people who agree with him. when he says the election is rigged, matt, what he was talking about, he couldn't believe he wasn't winning, look at these polls and hear irving -- everybody on tv constantly say he want win, she's a shoo-in. look what happened. there's a frustration for those
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talking to each other and not talking to people. he was able to put together a campaign, he and governor pence that talked with people and not at people. >> can we go back to last night? i know hillary clinton placed a call to mr. trump? can you tell us anything about that call? was your campaign disappointed she didn't come out and concede in the that traditionally losing candidates do? >> it's not for us to judge her conduct. i would expect and seen reported, savannah, that the nation indeed today. i don't know if they're true, makes sense to me. she has toe do that on her own comfortable timeline. we had made our way to the hotel to see our supporters and doing what we had been doing and eventually the victor of the president of the united states. while we were getting ready to do that, we received a conversation from secretary
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conversation and she commended mr. trump and he commended her for having a smart hard run campaign. >> let me ask you a personal question. in your heart when you sat with us yesterday morning and said you thought you would win this election and michigan and some states it appears you actually would have won, did you believe it or do you have that good a poker face? >> i did believe it. we've seen that happening for while now. we model the electorate than conventional pollster do. sometimes there are conclusions in search of evidence. if everybody around you is saying the same thing you convince yourself it must be true. we wanted the people to tell us who they were, what motivated them and their fear and frustrations. we ew could flip one of these blue states because donald trump is not a conventional messenger.
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reagan, a lot of putting america first, putting jobs first and renegotiaing bad trade jobs. you heard him last night, he wants to be a uniier and wants to help heal and bind the nation. the most important thing mr. trump said last night in his victory speech was he wants to be the president of all americans. that includes the many who did not vote for him. >> we knew who ever one they would have that tall order before them right away, so it is. kellyanne conway, some sleep. appreciate it. >> we do expect to hear from hillary clinton later this morning. nbc's kristen welker korveg her campaign. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. shock, anger and disbelief, those are a few of the words democrats are using to describe their mood this morning. they thought secretary clinton was on the cusp of history instead suffered a stinging
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across the world. she was poised to make history, early this morning, hillary clinton's white house hopes ending. clinton calling donald trump to concede the election just moments before he took the stage. but clinton did not concede publicly, instead, sending her campaign chair, john 0 podesta to address stunned supporters. >> it's been a long night and it's been a long campaign. but i can say, we can wait a little longer, can't we? >> reporter: facing a slinking electoral map clinton didn't attend the group for her and some shocked and some openly weeping. >> we got a lot wrong. i'm not sure how or why, there's a lot of divide. >> reporter: state after state turning the election map into a sea of red. the billionaire chipping away at her so-called blue wall wing in
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democratic strongholds in key battle grounds. in florida, disbelief from latino voters, after trump, who vowed to build a wall during the campaign, surged to victory. >> it's very hard for me to accept a man of his caliber is going to be our president. >> reporter: this morning, there is still uncertainty over a future trump presidency. dow futures plummeting overnight. an anxious crowd gathering at the white house and president obamho for clinton faing a stunning rebuke. clinton's white house hopes were dashed in 2008 by a newcomer from her own party seemed often to be on a glide path to victory but she was dogged by voters' lack of trust in her and e-mail controversy that wouldn't go away and the glass ceiling for women still unbroken as they pick up the pieces. and we're also waiting for an
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president obama and donald trump are bitter political rivals and they inevitably have to find common ground as the transition gets under way. thank you very much. >> that will happen sooner than later. the white house tomorrow will meet with president obama, something that traditionally happens and the white house just released that information, yes, that meeting will take place at the white house between the president and president-elect. >> to steve kornacki the different paths to victory for both campaigns. take a look at pennsylvania which was thought be an absolute firewall for the clinton campaign. what can you tell us? >> pennsylvania tells you a lot of the national story. you see donald trump winning the state, the first time in 20 years a republican has done it. the black vote, it was there for obama and would it be there in
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clinton. look at philadelphia, where they had the big rally on election eve. it was a little north of 450,000 votes. by comparison in 2012, bo won philadelphia by 490,000. they lost some ground there and were ready for that, they thought. they thought what would insulate them were the white college educated voters in the suburbs outside philadelphia. this was supposed to be what really drove the margin up for hillary clinton. check this out. donald trump. that is unchange from four years ago, no progress for the democrats. go right next door in montgomery county, that is only a little bit of progress. they made some gains, democrats did in philadelphia suburbs but didn't make any near the kind of gains with white college educated voters they thought and allowed donald trump, two things, look in the rural parts
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republicans or used to. he basically doubled the margin in counties like these. think of scranton pennsylvania, lackawanna county. it's blue on this map. four years ago, barack obama won it by nearly 30 points. last night, it with a-it was a nail biter. look at the ground donald trump made up, white blue collar part of pennsylvania, a story we saw all over the map last come over, steve. >> there's somebody very familiar from scranton, pennsylvania. >> joe biden, if only. >> a lot of people are thinking about that. if only about joe biden and sanders, you know, woe-- we were talking to these voters and second-guessing whether tim kaine was the right running mate? should she have picked somebody who would have fired up more of
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second-guessing going on. >> you look at what steve was pointing out in pennsylvania, a what specifically was it about the trump message that resonated? >> a couple things. he closed very strong. the news, the comey letter that came out representing his most disciplined period as a candidate. he settled on this cloing message of the forgotten man and woman. talking about joe biden. forgotten man and woman. kellyanne conway, i don't think we modeled incorrectly, we underestimated to the forgotten man and woman, her ethical lapses were equal in their mind to his outlandish statements of racial undertones. and they got that wrong. the muslim ban and divisive
7:17 am
woman, her ethical lapses were greater than that. >> it's not as though when we see this trump sweep people decided, he's a great guy. 60% in our exit poll still had an unfavorable opinion of trump. it's really about the message that trump sent as much as the messenger. >> this was supposed to be a change election environment. right. it turned out to be a change election environment. we had saying we're headed in the wrong direction and by the way, we've a had eight years of a democratic president. sometimes we naturally are looking to change. this was always an environment that wanted to be for change. i think trump held himself back for a long time. it may be that the comey letter reoriented folks to say, that's right, she's status quo and he's not. >> chuck, thank you, steve,
7:18 am
while. >> as the prospect of a trump presidency became clear, markets plummeted and dowsett to open down hundreds of points. how much, we'll see. jim cramer is at the stock exchange this morning. good morning. what do you expect? >> i got to tell you last night obviously around midnight, it was pure panic. it looked like we were down 5%. that changed dramatically. markets rallied, look to be down 1 1/2 to 2%. that's vindicated hillary clinton. i suspect we give back those two. i don't think that anything really dangerous is going to happen. in the stock market, he is a businessman and pro growth and those are the things the stock market really does like. >> jim, thank you very much. we appreciate it. let's get a quick check of the weather from roker. >> that's one thing that always changes.
7:19 am
warmth. that jet stream way up to the north. look at this swath above normal temperatures, san diego. chicago at 57, birmingham, 71. for tomorrow, the heat continues from las vegas, minneapolis, cleveland, all the way to atlanta. one exception is the northeast, great lakes, big changes heading to the week. temperatures anywhere from 5 to 10 we get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30
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good morning. i'm storm team 4, meteorologist, chuck bell. cloudy start this morning and lots of rain up and down the i-4 corridor, the light rain will continue the next hour and a half or so. future weather carrying rain out of here. we should be dry a couple hours, light rain around lunchtime. chance of rain late this afternoon and this evening. om handy. in the 50s. sunshine for veterans day. thank you very much. coming up, republican chairman, reince priebus with a surprise on the trump victory and could he be looking for a new job in the trump administration? >> and what ivanka's role might
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7:26 is your time now on this wednesday, november 9th, 2016. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. in the news, the trump hotel became a gathering spot overnight as we learned hillary clinton supporters held a small protest after learning their candidate had conceded. she has not addressed the public and they are still waiting for her to make an announcement. we hear from maryland senator waiting to address the rival. it was the first time a senate seat has been open in maryland in 10 years.
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results in 2016 if you don't have it already, download the latest app. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. rainy morning making a slow commute. a new crash reported here, the two other problems on the outer loop have cleared out of the way, 270 at democracy crashed there on the right shoulder. >> thank you, melissa. we'll take a break and check
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gusty wind tonight and back to sunshine tomorrow. thanks. an update in 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show after this short break. have a great day. if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert.
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to those for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, there were still a few people, i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help, so that we can our great country. we're back. it's 7:30 wednesday morning, day after election day, that was just part of president-elect donald trump's victory speech after his stunning victory that surprised the whole world. >> people are waing up. the reaction is incredible in this country. it's also coming in from around the world this morning. british prime minister theresa may has offered her
7:31 am
its relationship with the u.s. has a solid base and shouldn't change with donald trump's election. >> someone who was mentioned a lot during the campaign, the russian president, vladimir putin weighing in, sent a telegram of congratulations to donald trump and in his statement he said he hopes to work together for remoing russian-american relations from their crisis state. >> it goes without saying trump's unexpected surge of support was shocking to what seemed like an endless campaign. hallie jackson is here with our nbc news election center and she has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump has surprised a lot of people but not all of them, the supporters who backed him from the beginning. trump always said the army of backers would mobilize the polls. it is reshaing politics as we know it. >> it is time for us to come
7:32 am
>> and ending fit for the most unexpected presidential race is in history. >> i'm excited, it's not the elite, it's the people. >> one of the most amazing things to watch and be a part of. >> listen, we predicted he would be the 45th president united states. >> that's right. >> booya. >> and hiing the reality tv host, the most unconventional candidate who heads to the white house based on a simple pledge. >> we will make america great again. >> reporter: his path to victory, shaing up american politics despite unapologetically stirrg un controversy that might have been the end for any candidate. >> they're bringing drugs and
7:33 am
>> a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> i love the poorly educated. >> reporter: trump unshackled and unphased to voters who flocked to his rally. >> it's time to fight for america. i'm not a politician, i can say proudly, my only special interest is you. >> reporter: focusing on lost jobs, he shared common enemies for his supporters from the government to the media. >> some of the media is terrific. most of it, 75% is absolutely dishonest, absolute scum. >> while the late night comics tried to avoid a somber note. >> it found like we're trying to avoid the apocalypse. >> reporter: they made good to quote drain the swamp and make change in washington they have
7:34 am
campaign is over, our work on this movement is now really only just beginning. >> reporter: here's the challenge for trump now after a campaign slog in which both candidates tried to paint the other as unfit to take office, our exit polls believe two-thirds of the country do not believe trump is trustworthy. he has the job of trying to bridge that gap. that is something you have heard him talk about already. >> we late night for you. >> you just heard talk out of the white house that donald trump and president obama will meet tomorrow. we don't know the time. can you imagine being a fly on the wall that meeting, especially considering some of the things president obama has said about donald trump in the recent past. >> said it to you, basically all but saying, this day will never come. take a look. >> reporter: do you feel you're responsible for a certain hunger out there for the message donald
7:35 am
putting out has had adherence a lot of times during the course of our history. he'll talk to me if he wins, then we'll have a conversation how responsible i feel about it. but i'm pretty confident -- >> when you stand and deliver that "state of the union" address and in no part of your mind or brain can you imagine donald trump standing up and delivering a "state of the union" ass saturday night skit. look, anything's possible. i think we shouldn't be complacent. i think everybody's got to work hard. >> i think it's safe to say this is a day president obama did not think would come. >> he's in good company. there are about 16 primary candidates that said something very similar that donald trump would never be the republican nominee.
7:36 am
beginning saw this coming. >> it's true. we will speak to the head of the national republican committee in a few minutes. first to al. >> you can see a frontal system stretching from brownsville, panama city, jacksonville all the way to the northeast, looking at wet weather making its way. nothing too horrible. as the morning wears on, low pressure develops, brief heavy rains as this thing moves offshore, moving from boston to from the plains on into the southwest and we have wet weather in the northeast and leftover showers down through southern texas. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist, chuck bell. we are in mid 50s, full cloud cover and radar, and pockets moving through the heart of the city. this will be out in a little
7:37 am
might even see a glimmer of sunshine. and wet rain in pennsylvania and brings us another chance for rain this afternoon. have your umbrella ready with temperatures staying in the 50s. sunshine tomorrow. >> track that weather any time, go to the weather channel 24/7. y right-hand side chairman, reince priebus. good morning to you. >> hey, good morning. >> i want a sense >> good morning. >> i want a sense of what it was like last night. give me some of the color he scenes, what was going on? >> obviously when we started out in the exit polling, little concerned about what we were seeing. like all elections, you get that exit polling, to me, it's pure poison, everyone starts chaing it down, you don't know how scientific it is. you know what your vote count is, feel good about that and those come into play. we kept our head down and i
7:38 am
forget about that, keep your head straight, we will do our job, let's not get down and move forward. we did. and state after state after state, donald trump and mike pence delivers and we delivered on the plan the team did a great job and i was honored to be part of it. >> can you share at all what mr. trump's reaction was? were you there in the room the moment that happened and it dawned on him, this is real, this is happening, i'm about to be elected president of the to people, the donald trump behind the scenes, one-on-one, just like this, is the guy we always wanted america to see. it wasn't necessarily the guy that the media portrayed, but the guy in private we knew was the guy that could be a great president. >> maybe it wasn't the guy he portrayed either. do you think you will see a different side of donald trump? >> he was steady the whole night
7:39 am
acting. he knew and understood what it was to be president of the united states, even prepaing for that speech last night, he knew he wanted to deliver a calm measured response, and he did it. >> let me ask you the bigger picture question. the people have described this as a re-intervention of the republican party, others have described it as a hostile takeover of the republican party. what is it? >> look, i think in some ways, i midwest. there's a lot of people that feel they were left behind, a lot of people feel like politicians have delivered things, that have said things and never delivered. i think he captured the frustration of the american people. i think also donald trump understands that he made a commitment and he's going to deliver on that commitment. i have to tell you, my own -- from my own experience, he gets it.
7:40 am
and i think he wants to really deliver and he wants to be a great president. >> a couple things. your name has been mentioned as potential chief of staff in the white house, having some role in the white house. is that a discussion that's happened number one and number two, do you feel the trump team is ready, the transition work has begun in ernest and they're ready to take the reins. >> first, no conversation about that. >> he part of the transition team, from rnc campaign, nothing. those are things we have to slow down on. this is like three or four hours you and i are going on the same amount of sleep. >> yes, we are. >> mine was by accident by falling asleep on a chair and then getting ready for this interview. i just think what you're seeing from donald trump and that team is just to be calm, measured,
7:41 am
the world. that's what you saw last night in the speech. >> do you want a role in the trump administration? >> honestly, i know people say it can't be possible, i hadn't thought about it. right now, i'm chairman of the party. i'm excited about that job, we delivered on what we promised, a supporter nominee like we've never done before. donald trump himself made this happen and the american people made this happen and we're just a small part of it. >> high praise for you last thank you for getting up early. we appreciate it. >> up next, hello washington and a look at trump's plans for his family when he moves into the white house. first, these messages. (vo) what if the sweet stevia leaf was discovered before the sugar cane? after people were enjoying truvia in their coffee and everything else. sugar would come along and go...
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family's role be in the new trump white house. >> i want to thank my family very much. >> celebraing his big win, president-elect trump was once again flanked by his close-knit family all critical players in his campaign. his wife, melania trump, the first foreign born first lady since john quincy adams' wife, louisa. turned reluctant political wife.
7:47 am
for this country since we first met. >> she retreated from the spotlight after being criticized for lifting part of her rnc speech from michelle obama. she made an appearance to protect children from cyberbullying. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other. >> it, too, with guarded criticism given her husband's insult mother of baron, the same age as melania when -- ne of his closest advisers. >> he will fight for equal pay president obama's moved into the white house. >> i will fight right alongside of him. >> everybody said, put ivanka in, she's very popular and done
7:48 am
>> another possible is his son-in-law, a chief advisor to his campaign reportedly responsible for his social media strategy. trump has said if elected he'd separate himself of his real estate company by turning over control to his sons, 38-year-old donald jr. and 32-year-old eric. >> i have eric and ivanka sitting there. run the company, kids, have a good time. i would put it in a being commander in chief. >> if ivanka is not recruited for her father's organization she would run the organization. having kids run the company is not a blind trust. it is perfectly legal. the treasury secretary, by way of example, to separate himself from his company. >> if the kids run the company, none of the kids can have anything to do in an
7:49 am
this is new territory. the president is not obliged to separate himself. they couldn't be treasury secretary, that much we know. >> cynthia, thank you very much. coming up, how the rest of the world is reacting this morning to one of the most political stunners in history. first, these messages. o get ur . get your appreciation on. where right now, you'll save up to 30% on select in rhythm... stunning diamond fashions. ...and this charmed memories gift set. so go to kay... the number one jewelry store in america... ...and get your kiss on.
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weather and these messages.
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this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> welcome to november 9th, 2016. i'm eun yang. we want to get right too melissa mollet for traffic on the roads. >> well all over the place. causing a lot of problems here. connect avenue crash, boot tom of the beltway on the woodrow wilson bridge. live look at the lanes. and 95 after lorton, we have a crash adding to the pain. >> we will take a break and check your forecast after the break.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
a. good morning, everybody. light rain move through washington. the rain has tapered off a bit in the shenandoah valley. a light layer of showers today. don't leave that umbrella at home or yo >> donald trump is the new president of the united states. find all our election coverage on the washington nbc app. we'll have an update in 25 minutes.
8:00 am
8:00 on "today." coming up, shocker. donald trump pulls off the biggest upset in modern political history, beating hillary clinton handily. the president-elect holding an early morning rally in friends, family and supporters, calling for the nation to come together after a brutal campaign. >> working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. >> his opponent, hillary clinton, calling him overnight to concede, but failing to address the nation. so what's next for the billionaire businessman, turned 45th president of the united states and how will the democrats recover from the
8:01 am
and the senate, and now the white house? we have reaction from across the nation and around the world, today, wednesday, november 9th, 2016. >> good morning again, everyone. this election went well into the wee hours of the morning. if you crashed, if you went to sleep around midnight and you're just waing up, yes, threats the graphic you need to see, donald trumpec >> the republicans hold onto the senate and the house. there is a new wave in washington. we heard from mr. trump last night. we will hear from hillary clinton a little bit later this morning. the white house has announced this morning that the president will also speak out today. he's also going to meet with mr. trump at the white house tomorrow. we will bring all these speeches live as the morning rolls on here. >> let's focus in on the votes.
8:02 am
278 electoral votes. we expect as the dust settles in arizona, michigan and new hampshire. >> hillary clinton has the popular vote lead, expanding throughout the morning, her margin now nearly 150,000. >> as savannah mentioned president-elect trump will enter the white house with republicans in control of congress and gop managing to hold onto the senate. this morning, hi, good morning to you. >> matt and savannah, good morning to you. i just spoke to a top official close to donald trump who tells me as they watched the results come in last night, they were simply stunned. the aides thought the race would be close but never thought donald trump would come out on top. trump proving to be the great disruptor of american politics single-handedly overthrowing the status quo.
8:03 am
americans expected to hear. >> i just received a call from secretary clinton. >> reporter: at 2:50 wednesday morning, donald trump delivering a very victory speech after compleing a shocking upset of hillary clinton to win the white house. in the departure from the historically nasty tone of this campaign, a humble trump praised clinton and preached a message of unity for the country. >> hillary has worked very we owe a debt of gratitude for her service to our country. >> reporter: reaching out to all americans. >> for those who have chosen not to support me, i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help, so that we can work together. >> doubing down on his pledge to make america great again. >> we have great economic plan.
8:04 am
anywhere in the world. >> reporter: trump surprised everyone by sweeping battle grounds, florida, pennsylvania, michigan, ohio, wisconsin and north carolina, white working class voters in rural areas of the so-called big blue wall carrying trump to victory. the election a transformative event. a slam-dunk win for republicans countries the board. -- across the board. >> let's make it official, republicans told the senate. >> reporter: for hillary clinton and supporters to fathom one she didn't acknowledge on stage. >> it's been a long night and it's been a long campaign. but i can say, we can wait a little longer, can't we? >> shortly after the announcement, clinton conceing on the phone. >> she congratulated us. it's about us, on our victory. i congratulated her and her family on a very very hard fought campaign.
8:05 am
i kept looking up at the glass ceiling and it's still just solid. >> reporter: for trump backers, validation. >> it's huge! >> reporter: in an election that seemed to break down along class and cultual division, trump's win is seen as statement by the american people against the status quo and a vote to take the country in a new direction. >> no dream is too big, no challenge too great. nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach. for anything less than the best. >> reporter: donald trump returning to twitter this morning, chaning the bio-that now reads president-elect of the united states, describing last night as a beautiful and important evening. as for that conversation, president obama did call the president-elect, president-elect trump last night to congratulate him, inviing him to come to the white house tomorrow while he will update him on the planning
8:06 am
transition of power. matt and savannah. >> peter alexander at the trump tower. >> good to see you all. michael, let me start with you. this is the time of the morning we need perspective. what do you compare this to? >> thanks a lot, matt. no one will argue donald trump is andrew jackson but that was president that ran against elites. maybe a better comparison unemployment in this country was still just under 20%. franklin roosevelt was president and huey long was running against fdr saying a every man is a king, i will redistribute wealth. had he lived, could have really given roosevelt a run for his money in 1936. >> tom, a lot of people were thinking about the year 2000. i know you have ptsd from 2000. we may have that situation again
8:07 am
of the electoral vote. to see that happen again in such a relatively short amount of time. >> the big difference is hillary clinton has called him and acknowledged what happened. we'll hear from her this morning what she has to say. 24 hours ago we were sitting around saying, how does the republican party put itself back together again after this devastating loss that will come tonight and what will happen to donald trump in the future. 24 hours later we're saying how does the democratic party put what will they deal with in congress? he made a very gracious speech last night and yesterday morning i was talking about the importance of public works projects, the first thing he talked about. there was a whole trail behind that and the kind of language he used and how he treated people and how he friends that and binds up those wounds is a high priority for him if he wants to move forward, i really do. >> if you're one of those republicans over the last six
8:08 am
congress and house and senate, in a statehouse around the country, how's your week going? >> well, you're shocked and stunned like everybody. in a larger sense we have to bring the country together and we all want our president to succeed. one thing about one party government is it's a team. you have two very experienced people in mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. i think republicans have to come together and encourage donald trump like they did last night. >> we know donald trump has a long is he going to reach out? he says it now but will he reach out to those people who shunned him over the course of this election? >> that is the huge question and he has an awesome responsibility and people tend to rise to it and i think he did last night and i will take gop and bury the transmitter for a while. we will do one last broadcast on the election and then the resistance will shut down and let's hope for the best and hope trump does that, president-elect
8:09 am
hope he does that and think our leaders ought to fall in. >> a really important thing, we've gotten ourselves deeply involved in what i call tribal politics, we're playing one tribe against the other, against the african-americans, mexican-american vote or hispanic vote, whatever you choose to call it, we have to get the white working class vote. what you have to do is find a way to a common goal and common way to get to that goal. elections are about separa of bodies on the field and hope yours survive and get you where you need to get to. that's the single biggest issue for this country beyond everything else. >> talking about the shifting of the tectonic plate, the redefinition potentially what it means to the republican party, yes, we will redefine the democratic party, is there a precedent for that in history? >> absolutely not in this case.
8:10 am
year from now will be donald trump's party and people will try to be like him in all sorts of ways. the interesting thing though is this is a president-elect who has worn as a badge of honor, i've never had any military experience, never had experience in political office. it will be fascinaing to see how he will be able to do that without that kind of background. >> he has had the lowest expectations of any candidate ever seen and exceeded them. he now has low presidential expectations. he'll evolve into the job. >> thank you so much. just ahead, what will a trump administration look like? who will he bring in to fill his cabinet? we'll talk more about that. the world was watching and reacting, strong opinions pouring in from around the globe. first on this wednesday morning,
8:11 am
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8:16 am
8:15. democracy plaza there. when donald trump is sworn in as president early next year, he will be a true out cider, the fist one with no government or military experience. >> but he has side what he hopes to accomplish when he's in the white house. >> good morning. now that we know who will be in the oval office come january, the question becomes, what will donald trump do when he ge here. we dove into what he promised for the first 100 days and his closest advisors and what other republicans who never backed trump could do now. >> hours was not a campaign but rather an incredible and great movement, made up of millions of hard working men and women. >> reporter: donald trump declaing victory in his unprecedented run for the white house.
8:17 am
>> the non-traditional candidate now getting his chance to make good on some campaign promises starting on day one. >> that begins with immediately repealing and replaing the disaster known as obamacare! on day one, we will begin working on an inpenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall. whwe syrian refuge program. >> a top administration will stop the horrible horrible horrible transpacific partnership. we will renegotiate nafta and we are going to stand up to china's currency manipulation. >> pass massive tax reform to create millions of new jobs and lower taxes for everyone.
8:18 am
drain the swamp in washington, d.c. >> along with promises, a threat to his now formal rival. during the presidential debate, trump said he would seek to investigate hillary clinton over her e-mail controversy. >> if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> how will president trump work with his party's leadership? >> i know this election has taken some dark, sometimes some very dark reluctant to support trump from the start, overnight, calling to congratulate the winner. while nothing has been officially announced yet, trump campaign advisors hinted at who he might appoint to his cabinet, possibly rudy guiliani for attorney general, newt gingrich for secretary of state. retired general michael flynn for defense secretary or national security advisor. last night's shocker leaving
8:19 am
>> obamacare is done. dodd-frank is done. it's hard to imagine what this means. no sense in sugarcoating to it people. >> democrats have questions, republicans will have some questions, too, about their leadership, for example, not just house speaker, paul ryan, what happens to people like ohio governor, john kasich, who opposed donald trump's candidacy and people like jeb bush, who trump has hit on the campaign trail and who this morning a couple minutes ago is now will pray for him. >> thank you very much. let's bring in steve schmidt and mark halprin. good morning. i think hallie did a good job laying out the promises made by donald trump in this campaign. mark, he went into the rust belt and told people out there that watched manufacturing go out and jobs go out, he will bring the jobs back and return them to their glory days, can he do it.
8:20 am
he,000 republican had lots of specific issues. >> he didn't do it in the campaign, i think he will do it now. working with mike pence, the capitol hill liaison in chief, i think they might say to the house and senate republicans, show us what you've got and a lot of things will be signed into lew. >> he made promises, build a wall and dispatch isis and bringing jobs back to the midwest. he has a republican congress. he doesn't have the r well, i wanted to but i have these obstacles. it's all his to do, but, of course, the devil is in the details. >> some things are fantastic, it won't happen, there won't be a wall paid by mexico. you have two experienced speakers, paul ryan and mcconnell. the leader of the united states, awesome power and awesome
8:21 am
now, what does that first hour look like, signing executive orders? what does the legislative package look like? i think they will be hard at work over the next weeks trying to make him be successful. >> as little as donald trump understands how washington works, mike pence really does. >> and mitch mcconnell does and paul ryan, and this is the moment to see how it all develops. >> you roker. >> there you go. as we look right now, we have wet weather stretching from the gulf coast to the northeast and showers move though pacific northwest. temperature-wise, hot in the southwest with 90s in southern california and 50s in the southwest and parts of the rockies where we have showers, 40s in northern new england. for today, big trouble spots. nothing too terrible. wet weather in the mid-atlantic and northeast and record highs
8:22 am
the country. here's your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm chuck bell dealing with moderate rain and we will have a brief reaction at lunchtime and a chance of more showers moderate later this afternoon. temperatures in the 50s now and we'll stay in the 50s with clouds and rain chances all day today. back in the sunshine for tomorrow, veterans day nice and sunny and the weekend will be especially saturday. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. more than 18 months, america has been gripped by grueling and divisive and dramatic race. by the way, the rest of the world was watching. >> how has the election of donald trump been playing overseas. keir simmons on duty in london with more on that. hi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. folks around the world have been
8:23 am
morning, what does it mean for my family, what does it mean for my country? let me show you international newspapers. here, the sidney morning herald, revolution, it says. there's another one, if i can get to it, the wall street journal, president trump. many newspapers trying to make sense what this means around the world. the simple truth is, guy, many people here simply don't >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> america's political earthquake shaing the world this morning. >> he is the 45th president. >> few understanding what a president trump will mean internationally. the uncertainty sending a jolt through global markets, americans overseas stunned. >> no one thought it could happen. it happened. >> one man in one election year in one branch of government is
8:24 am
>> trump making news in the world, the battle of isis and iraq battle under way. the strategy questioned by donald trump on the campaign trail. now, he will be commander in chief. across the middle east, they watched the results live. the region's strong men like egypt's president, rushing to congratulate america's president-elect. in is real, surprise and mixed reactions. >> shocked, but in truth i was very happy. >> reporter: in mexico, where he promised to build a wall on the border, the pay so plummeting this morning. in europe, one french diplomat tweeting the world is collaping before our eyes. here in britain, they're calling this america's brexit, after this country's unexpecteded to vote to leave the european union, trump transforming the landscape, not just here. >> counties like canada shaing a border with the u.s., impacted
8:25 am
and politically. here in russia, relations with america increasingly tense from the kremlin, president putin watching closely. putin sending a personal message to trump this morning and calling for dialogue. putin, accused of supporting hackers targeting the election, will be tough to deal with. while in china, questions over the future of world trade. >> we're seeing it >> i think pretty good. he knows how to do business. >> reporter: iran, north korea, syria, the list of global challenges is long. this morning, trump promises great international relations. america a beacon of democracy so long are watched anxiously around the world. >> the world is so fragile right now, you think of the world as like a jigsaw, donald trump just
8:26 am
coming up, donald trump's rise from his businesses to reality tv, now to the white house. back to your local news and weather. >> this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> good morning. november 9th. a check on the morning commute. >> cauing problems. gw parkway, he ramp to to get onto the inner loop of the beltway. all the green is moisture falling out. a new crash there, slow at much to the beltway and gw parkway as well. >> thank you. a check on your forecast when we
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. we're still getting rain. drying out a little bit. a lot of clouds in the shenandoah valley. another chance for rain coming in this afternoon. don't leave your umbrella
8:29 am
to come through between 3:00 and 6:00 this evening. be rainfall ready. >> news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. back to "today." hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen? i do! thanks, sweetie. the veterans day preview is on now at havertys.
8:30 am
it's 8:30, wednesday morning. 50 degrees in midtown manhattan as we check out the view on democracy plaza after an historic election where the voters of the united states have spoken and spoken loudly. >> that rink worked well last night with the graphic showing state by state results. you did a great job, interesting
8:31 am
to brash businessman to now president-elect. the glass ceiling still in tact for now where hillary clinton fell short in her mission to break the ultimate barrier in politics. >> tamron will take a look how the drama of this election and results playing out in social media this morning. first, roker is here with a check of the weather. >> good morning. let's see what we've got as we make our way to the weather wall, highs stretching from the plains to the wet weather in texas and showers making their way from the northeast to mid-atlantic states. tomorrow, the system moves offshore. sunshine returns to the east. gusty winds ahead of this front around the great lakes unseasonably mild for the western half of the country, plenty of sunshine, very quiet tomorrow, a few showers and thunderstorms in southern texas. that's what's going on around the country. now your neck of the woods. >> good morning.
8:32 am
washington. that rain is pulling out and another chance for rain. the future weather forecast, a little chance to dry out late this morning to lunchtime. another round of scattered showers and sunshine to come through mid to late afternoon. the last of the rain showers should be out of here 8:00 to 9:00 tonight. for now, cloudy and rainy with temperatures in the 50s. >> don't forget to get that weather any time you need it, check out the weather channel on much. now to hillary clinton's attempt to break >> thank you very much, al. hillary clinton's attempt to break the glass ceiling that fell short. you covered the clinton campaign in 2008 and now here again. >> good morning. even as hillary clinton lost much of her ground in recent polls, yesterday, her team was still optimistic they would prevail, instead they're now
8:33 am
put on hold yet again. >> reporter: at clinton headquarters, heartbreak. >> my gosh, looking up at the glass ceiling, it's still just solid. >> reporter: eight years after her concession speech and the famous glass ceiling. thanks to you, it has about 18 million crack in it. >> reporter: clinton last night a no show instead sending her campaign manager, john podesta out. >> we t >> she has done an amazing job and she is not done yet! >> reporter: unlike her 2008 bid for the white house, this time, clinton embraced the historic nature of her run from the beginning. >> if america is going to lead we need to learn from the women of the world who have blazed new paths.
8:34 am
>> human rights are women's rights. >> reporter: a quarter of century in the spotlight one of clinton's biggest obstacles as she struggles to win the public's trust despite a deeply unpopular opponent and the use of a private e-mail server. >> it would have been better if i had two separate accounts to begin with. >> reporter: the announcement on october 28th bringing the scandal back into the spotlight. knocking from what seemed a comfol despite a massive ground game and numerous polls putting her ahead, analysts say her campaign vastly underestimaing the depth of trump support among white voters in suburban and rural areas. another weakness in rural areas, many flocked to bernie sanders in the democratic primary, women voters hoing this would be their year shocked and distraught. >> somebody has to win and somebody has to lose and you
8:35 am
need more women running, right? >> the wait for the country's first commander in chief 240 years and still counting. >> and the woman president obama called the most qualified person ever to run for the white house couldn't break through, the question remains, who can? >> we will hear from secretary clinton in just a little while. >> thank you. just ahead, the other side of the coin, a look at donald
8:36 am
8:37 am
welcome back, for donald trump what started as an unexpected campaign ended in a stunning victory, one bound to change the future of american politics. >> how did he and we get here?
8:38 am
billionaire's rise to the highest office in the nation. >> didate few saw coming, and t usa, usa. >> thank you. >> the candidate many imagined would never make it this far. >> ours was not a campaign but rather an incredible and great movement. >> his rice was improbable, his impact unprecedented. >> sadly, the american dream is better and stronger than ever before, and we will make america great again. >> donald j. trump grew up in queens, new york, the second youngest of five children and the son of a successful self-made real estate developer. >> i grew up with a wonderful family. i believe that's had a lot to do
8:39 am
i have done. >> his father, fred, was an early influence. >> my father was great, good salesman, good builder, i learned so much from him. a great guy, lovely guy, i loved my father. >> trump followed in his footsteps in the family business and later taking over the company. his ambitions were big manhattan's tough real estate market. and he did. erecting a 58-story ode to himsel his name was everywhere. >> trump, it's taking on new meaning. it's written all over new york and atlantic city. >> and the young tycoon quickly found himself at the helm of a burgeoning empire. >> i believe to a certain extent you can make your own luck. >> but as luck would have it, the real estate market took a sharp turn in the early 1990s. >> finally the high-flying life style and hands-on management style of donald trump appear to be history. >> it left donald trump and his investments in financial ruin,
8:40 am
>> how much of a blow was it personally to have so much detail about your finances made public? >> i think i've become very resilient over the years. >> with that resiliency, trump mounted his comeback, one he called bigger and better than before. >> now, trump is calling himself "the comeback kid." >> i didn't stop, i didn't give up. i worked harder than i did when i started the company and it
8:41 am
the biggest cons in the history of politics. >> in the early days, his aspirations were merely rumors. >> you have flirted with the idea of politics and you're at your first convention. >> let me ask you something, who told you i flirted. >> in 1999. >> no jokes, presidential race, are you serious? >> i am serious. i've seen what's happened. i've seen polls come out that say i'd win. >> again in 2011.
8:42 am
to really prove to people that you are serious, that you are a contender? >> i think i'm presidential. i think i have a very high aptitude. >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> the third time proved to be the charm. >> i am officially running for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again. >> suppor f unconventional candidate reached a fever pitch early on. >> usa! >> though his brash off-the-cuff style garnered just as many critics and sharply divideed the republican part. >> i you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator and you work with these people. you should be ashamed of yourself. >> ultimately he would go head-to-head with hillary clinton. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. >> wrong. that is absolutely -- >> wrong.
8:43 am
>> together, they became the most polariing nominees in election history. >> america is tired of waiting. the moment is now. there has never been a movement like this in our country's history. >> today, the country has voted in a president whose rise to the highest office, though unexpected, has left a lasting mark on american politics. >> it's an amazing story. >> it really >> to where we are now. >> it's kind of just getting started, at least chapter two. let's get to other voter measures on the ballot last night getting a lot of attention. california, massachusetts and nevada have voted now to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, that gives a huge boost to the campaign to allow pot nationwide. arizona voted no on its marijuana ballot measure. >> california and washington state voted to toughen gun
8:44 am
penalty and the legislator's decision last year on capitol punishment. >> and social media, that should be fun to hear. >> interesting.
8:45 am
i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now.
8:46 am
at hhgregg. we're back at 8:46. and shaing their thoughts on the outcome. >> i'm sure there wasn't a peep. this has been interesting to watch, twitter, instagram, facebook, all over the placing, americans wake up to the news donald trump will be our next president. they've turned to social media to react, comfort, express joy, all across the board. in the last 24 hours alone, there have been more than 40
8:47 am
the #election2016. that shattered the number we saw four years ago. speaker of the house, paul ryan said i want to congratulate donald trump on his incredible victory. this has been a great night for our party and now we must turn the focus bringing the country together. and even this one, cross-examination to everyone who supported trump. i voted for hillary but this is a democracy, i respect the process. he achieved the impossible. despite this race there people contesting. the top search on google was this. can damegration. showing canadian official immigration site crashed and still experiening erratic issues this morning. branden regardless who you voted for wish the best for trump, pray he does well. if he does well we do well. it's our country. >> people were going into so-called safe rooms on facebook where they were not allowing their friends to talk about
8:48 am
ended friendships because of this election on social media dialogue. we'll keep an eye on it. if you log onto twitter, brace yourself. >> some are ready for the election to be over with and find common ground. >> all right, tamron. thank you. coming up next, sights and sounds from a ground breaking election night, first, this is
8:49 am
dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
8:50 am
victory against clinton. "people" magazine kept it simple, just says, president trump. the new york "daily news" had a different reaction suggesting 1600 pennsylvania avenue will be a quote house of horrors, just like anything else in this campaign, choose your own news source depending what your point of view. >> the new york "daily news" has not been bashful over the last year or so.
8:51 am
unexpected twists and the ultimate at the very end. donald trump, now your president-elect. here's how it all unfolded last night. >> here we go, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to decision night in america here at nbc's draerk plaza. >> we will know early how late of a night this is going to be. florida is going to tell us everything tonight, as far as the path for donald trump. >> no one thought it would be this close at this point. trump can still win this thing at 9: setting in at clinton headquarters right now. >> this map is suddenly 50-50. >> the presidency is up for grabs and the american people have a funny way of making sure they get heard and they are being heard tonight. >> we have overlooked rural america a bit too much. >> ohio will go to donald trump. >> we have a major projection. in the state of virginia, the projected winner is hillary clinton. >> there are paths to 270 that are opening up for donald trump
8:52 am
single vote total estimate that democrats had and frankly even republicans. he's sending a message. my vote for donald trump says something to the establishment. >> at the 11:00 hour, nbc news projects hillary clinton wins the state of california. two election paries hoping to be celebrations in manhattan. no one going home in eith them. >> wisconsin could be going republican for the first time in 32 years. >> it is 11:30 in the east. an as we look at democracy plaza, nbc news is projecting donald trump is the apparent winner in florida. >> trump wins iowa. >> reporter: they're chanting usa, usa. they're really feeling like donald trump has a very good chance of winning. >> people standing shell-shocked.
8:53 am
you can sense it. it is quiet here, anything but a victory party. >> those faces at the clinton victory party say it all. >> she needs a miracle. >> it's been a long campaign. i can say we can wait a little longer, can't we? we won't have anything more to say tonight. >> a source saying clinton has called trump to concede the election. >> it is my high honor to introduce to you the president-elect of the united states of america, donald >> we have to do a great job. i promise you i will not let you down. it's my honor. it's an amazing evening, it's been an amazing two year period, and i love this country. thank you. thank you very much. >> a political earthquake, a come from behind story for the ages, a man who defied political gravity, to walk on that stage
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
with. this is a "news4 today" newsbreak. >> 8:56 is your time this wednesday. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. we will check on your morning commute with melissa mollet and first 4 traffic. good morning. >> outer loop at vandorne street, we still have that crash. you can see the bottom of the beltway, inner loop as you pass
8:57 am
we have an accident slowing things just a bit on shady ramp road and a ramp to 295 and hit there on the ramp to the inner
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. first rounds of light raindrops getting ready to come to an end in the d.c. metro area. don't be fooled. rain chances going forward, still an 80% chance you get rained on today. temperatures in the 50s and sunshine back near 60 tomorrow. great weather for veterans day. >> thank you, chuck. any time in the latest nbc washington app. see you in 25 minutes for a
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," donald trump stunning the nation with an an historic victory. what happens next. dr. oz and his step-by-step plan to prevent and reverse wrinkles. the hottest looks in leisurewear, coming up. from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome on a wednesday morning, november 9th, 2016, i'm along with tamron and dylan still chuckling on our open right now, one of the most momentous elections in a generation probably and we will help you with your wrinkles.
9:01 am
life goes on. doing a hit on social media and reaction from people, we kept saying, when is this going to happen? it happened and you realize you still have to get up with your children and still have to look forward to the birth of your child and next halloween for costumes and life goes on, a democratic. >> 16 years ago we had a split between the popular vote and electoral college. results, again, it seems right now, as we look at democracy plaza, even though donald trump leads obviously has won in the electoral college, in the popular vote, hillary clinton leads. >> currently. we've not finalized those numbers. a lot of people went to bed, it was a very long night. there were predictions it would be early depending how florida went. that is not true.
9:02 am
it was an historic victory for donald trump. look at the headlines from the papers, the daily news. the "new york times". they're all over the place and point in one direction, a victory for donald trump last night. people woke up this morning on social media, what just happened? >> i was watching last night and around 11:30, i'm going to bed, clearly this isn't going to -- there's no answer right away. then i kept dreaming, like when you fas not knowing or it is snowing, it is weird, snowing. >> and i had dreams and checked my phone. i had no idea what was going on by my mind was going crazy all night. >> you look at not just here but response around the world, incredible. you have [ speaking foreign language ]
9:03 am
>> and "evening standard" trump shocks the world and then simply, president trump. >> the question is what does this victory mean not just for donald trump, but the general public. you have now the senate and house controlled by republicans. this is the first time someone who has never held office, never served in the military will the victory was taken at 2:50 local time after receiing a concession call from secretary clinton. >> now, it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. get together, to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as
9:04 am
i pledge to every citizen of our land i will be president for all americans. this is so important to me. for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so we can work together and unify our great historic event, but to be really historic, we have to do great job. i promise you i will not let you down. we will do a great job. >> there you have it, a very subdued speech, one pinched with humility. one has to -- at the end of the day, you want a president to
9:05 am
becomes the first foreign born first lady since louisa adams. on the question also of what role his daughter ivanka trump will play. he has said the company, the trump brand will be in a blind trust. this is all new territory for this country to have a president who has privately held company. melania trump said in the speech she gave last week she wanted to focus in on cyber bullying and president-elect trump has laid out a very ambitious firsten 100 days, repealing and replaing obamacare and the southern border keeping out illegal immigrants and ripping up the trade deal and nominaing supreme court justices for the supreme court and the total ban of -- he called for a total and complete shutdown of muslims
9:06 am
going on. >> an extraordinary event also for house speaker paul ryan, who said he voted for donald trump but refused to campaign for him. very few republicans running for re-election or office campaigned with him. he had very few celebrities. the party was divided against him. it was in some ways, a political analysis align theirselves publicly with him. >> you look at what happened. the two outsiders who made the biggest amount of noise, donald trump and bernie sanders. in certain ways, they were very sim patco, as far as the people they tapped into. that makes you wonder how did these polls get it so wrong? there was a whole group of people. i think there was a lot of people who were nervous saying
9:07 am
had secret support, people who in polite company, as they call it in the cable news world, did not want to admit it, women, educated women particularly. we don't know, we'll look at the analysis of it. this is the second election cycle where polls were completely off kilter, other than nate silver. >> i don't know how the polls even work, i don't really understand who they tapped into. >> they don't understand either. not so easy now, is it, pollsters? huh? >> it was fun flipping between channels and watching, you could see all the pundits and just like -- welcome to our world! >> nate silver -- >> you have science. >> nate silver says he has science, a popular pollster.
9:08 am
democrats cardiac arrest. he actually said, this is not right. he uses a scientific formula and turns out he was on it. >> i think the three people you want this morning waing up, what are they thinking? i think for donald trump, president-elect trump, the enormity of it is settling in. obviously for hillary clinton, what happened and i also have to think, president a >> take a listen to what he talked about with matt back in january. >> do you feel you're responsible for a certain hunger out there for the message that donald trump is putting out? >> yeah, the message donald trump is putting out has had adherence a lot of times during the course of our history. talk to me if he win, then we'll have a conversation about how responsible i feel about it. >> when you stand and deliver
9:09 am
can you imagine donald trump standing up one day and delivering a "state of the union" address? >> i can imagine it in a saturday night skit. look, anything's possible. i think we shouldn't be complacent. i think everybody has to work hard. >> i want you to focus because the choice you face, when you step into that voing booth could not be donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. >> ironically "saturday night live" became such a big part of the national discussion, when we come back, not only will we talk about what it means for hillary clinton's future. we will also hear from alec baldwin who talked about what it would mean for donald trump and his acting career. more after this.
9:10 am
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9:13 am
"today's take." hillary clinton has not given a concession speech last night, waiting until this morning. i guess there was a tweet. >> there was a tweet last night before the poll closed. she said this team has so much to be proud of. whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything. what does it mean for her? first lady, senator of new york, the secretary of state. the first woman to lead a major political party. with the clinton foundation? what does it mean? really, what does the conversation about gender in our politics? we still have not had a female president. >> i don't think it was -- i don't think people were saying i'm not ready for a female president. i think they just weren't ready for this female. >> clearly. women voted, going back to the stats, the way women voters went.
9:14 am
necessarily voing against her but understanding some of the conversation that happened. do i have people tweeting into us saying, what do i tell my daughter? no matter how things came out there are things that came up in the last 20 months, if you have a teenage daughter or son are complicated things to talk about. >> absolutely. we're wondering what this means clinton and president obama. the other thing could be alec baldwin who did that donald trump impersonation. i was actually listening to bri lehrer on wnyc, had alec on as a guest before the election. >> is the run as trump over now or are you back on this saturday night? >> i hope not. i hope it's over.
9:15 am
wet weather making its way to the pacific northwest and stretching from the gulf to new england, bringing showers, nothing too horrible, the good news. look at the heat in southern california, 90s there and 40s and 50s in the northeast. 60s in the atlantic states and looking at unseasonably warm weather, record highs in the plains to the central rockies, look for wet weather in the mid-atlantic states and showers down through southern texas. again, we will see that warm
9:16 am
plains, midwest and to the gulf coast, southeast and right to the end of the week. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. all the cloud cover, rain quickly coming to an end in washington but more chances until the day is done. keep your umbrella handy. highs today in the 50s and early evening hours. a gusty northwest wind will keep us sunny and dry and on side are, 60 degrees and another shot of even colder air arrives through the weekend. >> and that is your latest weather. coming up next, did the election cause you to get a few more wrinkles and need more sleep? dr. oz will reveal his plan to help you reverse your wrinkles so we will all look like a baby's bottom.
9:17 am
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9:20 am
>> anything to look younger or stop looking older so we brought in dr. mehmet oz and he's going to before we reveal his anti-aging secrets, the good doctor is going test my skin smarts. i will probably fail. good to see you. you have a food investigation going on? >> all access food pass to tell you what's happening to food and
9:21 am
today, we will focus on the breakfast sandwiches so many americans love, how do they really make those eggs and how are they so circular and chemicals they add. and sausages patties and a lot of fat in that. can due better? and food hacks and how you can get your food quickly. one way to tell if the inside of your body is not happy the outside is not happy. >> the skin. >> that's what beauty does, represents to us we on the inside. i can look at you and see the color of your eyes and rouge on your cheeks and skin and say you must be healthy on the inside because the barometer of health is your skin. >> first question? >> what is the top cause of wrinkles? aging, smoking, the sun? or repeated facial expressions that did not get on the screen. that's one of them as well. >> the sun? >> you confident? how confident are you? >> the thing we're all most exposed to. not everyone spokes.
9:22 am
various. >> so smart. so smart. >> medical school boards don't just want you to know the answer, know how confident you are. you're right. it is the sun. aging causes a problem and smoking causes vertical lines, big issue, but the sun is number one. and question number two, ready? >> i'm ready. >> what is the main way the sun damages your skin? does it dry out the skin? break protein is in the skin or cause build-up of toxins because your face. >> i'm not confident in any of these. i will go with it causes the build-up of toxins. clearly i got it wrong. >> that's wrong. >> i was going do go for that! >> the proteins in the skin are called collagen and elast tin. when we come back, we will talk about it. i love it when you do this? >> i do this because i'm trying to fill it out right now. >> my mom does this all the
9:23 am
collagen. what is the best secret ingredient to preserve collagen? >> antioxidants. >> good! healthy fats are good for the skin, bulk it up, fiber helps build it up and the third and last question is important. the antioxidants on the outside or inside? do you eat them or ply them directly to the skin. >> eat them? you said it is inside-out. >> you need to do >> you got it right. you do both of these things, build it from the inside-out and put it on top of your face, you will get it better. there are lots of inexpensive things you can do. when we come back i will walk you through a four-step skin program well vetted and if you're all stressed out like many people staying up all night long watching the results. >> i'll be honest i've been putting on a facial mask since my 20s. i got this advice from a woman
9:24 am
was 16. >> the key is how much do you put on and what products do you use and what tricks do you want to add to that concoction? >> dr. oz, more ahead with local news and weather. what a lovely home you have. is this your family? yea, that's my daughter, my son, and that's my... hey, kool-aid man! ...husband. oh yeah!!! [ electricity crackles ] hey at least you got your homeowners insurance through progressive. by bundling it with your car insurance you saved a ton! yeah. do you want to see the rest of the house? -i can actually see a lot of it. -oh. when you ache and haven't slept... you're not you. tylenol? pm relieves pain
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9:26 am
?? ?? good morning, 9:26 on this wednesday, november 9th, i'm aaron gilchrist. in the headlines we will hear from maryland's senator elect, chris van hollen, expect senator barbara mikulski and beating republican rival last night and the first time a republican seat was open in 10 years. if you don't have the results from decision 2016, download it and it's all there. a look at your forecast after
9:27 am
9:28 am
light rain slowly coming to and for now across the washington area. and in pennsylvania, it will likely impact your afternoon plans. it is still required. chance is about 80%. on the whole, 80% chance because
9:29 am
now. breezy weather for thursday, friday and the weekend. >> all right, chuck, thank you. you can get the latest news and weather any time, open the washington nbc app in about 25
9:30 am
and we're back w and we're back with the one and only dr. oz. the the good doctor is about to unveil a step-by-step plan to combat and reverse wrinkles. >> good morning. >> this is an explainer how our skin works with wrinkles. >> tamron did so well on the quiz, i thought we would work on it together. push on it, tamron. that's the elasticity of our skin. the reason it bounces because you have elastin and cola gin. when collagen is not doing well because of sun exposure and aging and nobody wants to dimple like this. i will walk you through the advice we give to all americans
9:31 am
better than it was before. >> you can reverse wrinkles, you can. >> you don't want to look like you're 20 at 60. you want to look really good at 60 or whatever able. >> there is a saying we have in the black community, black don't crack. people of color tend to wrinkle less. is that -- >> 100% true. >> really? >> when i see patients in my office, i still operate one day a week, i am no better now than when i started at guessing the age african-american. the reason is you're automatically wearing an spf 20 to 30 because you have more mellanine in the skin. it's important to protect damage to the sun and you want sun to go in your skin to protect us from illnesses. over a few generations, your skin color will begin to change as well because of sun exposure.
9:32 am
>> this lubricates the skin. most people don't appreciate how fundamentally critical it is. i recommend a moisture more of ointment than lotion. you they go on better to that reason and i recommend one with spf at least 15 preferably 30. i put on a moisture every day, once in the morning and once in the evening. >> you go to department stores and see these rea jelly-based moisture? >> you can use inexpensive moisturizers. there are drugstore chain products now 15, 20 bucks at most inexpensive that will last you the whole month. it's the best investment you can make. the second best investment is together that has retinol in it. retinol is available over the counter, doctors will give you a higher dose if they think you need it. you can buy it inexpensively.
9:33 am
under the eye. do it once or twice a week and be careful of redness. i think this is better off in the evening, you do it in the morning the sun affects it. you want have chemicals in the sun influening the retinols. >> i do retinal monday, wednesday, friday, three days a week, at night. >> exfoliated. >> exfoliation is critical nor a bunch of reasons. we talked a everything i'm talking about changes collagen levels. retinol and exfoliation does it as well why you should exfoliate once or twice a week. you don't have to spend a lot of money. all these things you have should do once or twice a week. and you should do both. >> do both. >> this has a little roughness to it.
9:34 am
citrusy fruits and berries, have the ability to irritate your skin and it responds to making the collagen and the trampoline effect we had. >> do the honors. >> on your face? >> see the pattern you will make on my face. >> i'll do quality control here. >> i asked you one thing. >> one job. ? >> like being in the operaing room. >> can we get some chips over >> it's something called glycolic acid, which is naturally present in a lot of foods. you apply to it your face and leave it there 10 or 15 minutes, doing two things, stimulaing your skin, glycolic acid, reaction in the skin. when you're watching the face, debredding the old skin on the surface allows the younger skin to reflect light more accurately and gives you the shine and body
9:35 am
will be appearing in "wicked." >> such a good line, i love that. we have to get you cleaned up. be sure to watch dr. oz minus the avocado facial, food investigation, on his show today, we're learning more about what we eat and how to get rid of these lines. academic your local listings for that. coming up next, big movies like "divergence," a comeback story after these messages. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened;
9:36 am
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9:39 am
yes, miles teller has been described as having the "it factor" as one o yes. miles has ben scribed as having the "it factor" and he was in "divergent" playing the lead role. >> and he won critical acclaim in the 2014 oscar winning film, "whiplash." >> miles is make one of the most ambitious comebacks in sports history after breaking his neck in a near fatal car accident. >> i'm getting pretty sick of people talking about the like i'm dead, like iodide in that car wreck, like it's just over for me.
9:40 am
>> no you aren't. that's what everybody here knows, afraid to say it to your face. you're not going to fight again. >> congratulations on this movie. it really, at its heart, it's a comeback movie, not really a sports movie. about an amazing come back in human spirit. >> absolutely. i think boxing more so than any other sport has been brought to the big screen. it's a very pleasing sport but with this, it transcends the sport of boxing. vinnie achieved what he was told was impossible. he broke his neck and said you'll never walk again and certainly never box again. in real life, five days after
9:41 am
ir his basement and started trying to bench press and worked out the entire six months he was in that and comes back a year later and wins the title and in real life, won three more world titles afterwards. an incredible story about a guy with will and perseverance, sense of self. that's what i takeaway from him, a sense of self nobody else knew, doctors telling him, this done, you need to find something else. he told me, i knew i was meant to be a fighter. if i couldn't fight, i didn't care about walking. unreal. >> i worked in rhode island a couple years and lived in cranston. his pictures would be up in different restaurants. did you go to vinnie for guidance? you crushed the accent. >> it's interesting, it's the
9:42 am
i've seen these kind of movies before and know they will find archival footage at some point. you want to be pretty close to the guy. yeah, i don't know, once i was on set, absolutely. vinnie is the only person who can tell you how to bench press with a halo on. there's no other person in the world that can speak with any authority on that. it was really special. very rarely is someone rarely are you in your 50s and still old enough or young enough to really appreciate it. vinnie retired 15 years ago and already a movie produced by martin scorcese is in theaters. >> tell us about the physical transfer. al can bench press 400 and 450 with one arm. does it like this. what you got? what you got physically there? >> i'm not going to try and go -- i'm not going to try and
9:43 am
i don't need to feed my ego that way. >> but you did some physical training. >> yes, for sure. you can see in that "divergent" clip, i filmed this movie not long after that. i was not -- certainly don't think i was the guy studios were calling to be a five time champion boxer. we did this a few years ago, i lost 20 pounds to 6% body fat and had while filming. >> that was tough. >> the biggest problem was growing the mustache. >> i wish i system looked like that. that was a fleeting moment in my life. >> couldn't keep up with the training? >> this movie is the moment in your life, congratulations, opens next friday, november 18th. bench press, show them what you've got. >> get it, al. i'll help. let's go.
9:44 am
>> that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> hello. it is a cloudy day outside right now, raining outside as well, still more rain likely to come our way later this afternoon. we're in the 50s now and in the 50s all day today, not much in the form of sunshine. another round of scattered showers around this afternoon. keep your umbrellady coming today. have a good one. >> that's your latest -- all right. comi coming up next, one of the hottest trends of 2016. at leisure. we're creaing new words, i love it. the biggest trends for men and women, sporty and stylish. much . here's how benefiber? works.
9:45 am
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new infallible pro-glow foundation. from l'oreal makeup designer/paris. rm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers
9:48 am
at the grocery pickup line, the gym, at leisure is everywhere. it's sporty, styish and above all, comfortable. >> and it has a stupid word. we have some perfect for the cooler weather. good morning. >> comfy. >> al does not love the word athleisure. >> the style.
9:49 am
we've been comfortable and not going back for men and women. >> the cardiochic look. >> here we have shana. this look was inspired by dance. let's start with her legging. two things we love about it. high waist, so flattering and keeps you tucked in and these are by reebok. it features gigi had doesn't want to wear what she's wearing. it looks like a crop top and you don't have to show the trend, wearable. lastly, the bomber jacket. it has been updated in mesh, perfect for going to the gym and perfect at the gym, just $17. >> if you sew it together, almost like a laundry bag. >> almost like a laundry bag. >> double use. >> love this look on shana. >> thank you.
9:50 am
bright. here we have cristina coming in. >> there she is. this look is inspired by one of our favorite athletic athleisure styles, by beyonce. it's a graphic tee from ivy park, beyonce's line. just $25. a great way to get in on that graphic bold look we're seeing in and outside the gym. color, a big deal at the gym. you really want to stand out. this is a high-tech oversized take on the hoodie. she can pull her hood up and she looks so sporty and cool. >> those bright colors really are all the rage right now. >> isn't that fun? lastly, let's talk about the biggest trepd in leggings, she's wearing mesh insert leggings.
9:51 am
wardrobe and sweater and the street star favorite, adidas superstar. we see it everywhere. >> from big color to monochromatic. >> the monochromatic look i just love. i want to wear that everyday. so comfy. i love it. like an updated take on the grey sweatshirt and the jacquard quilting and the fashion versus function. you can pull it all the way over your head if you want. it's from the gap. >> for the ladies, here's another thing we love about this top. it's the perfect legitimate for -- perfect length for running around town. she could be going to a movie. guys are loing the athleisure trend, too.
9:52 am
the t-shirt is a marino wool tee from outdoor voices. this natural fabric actually keeps you warm when it's outside and cool when it's hot outside and actually odor absorbing. doesn't it? >> al, you have touch this jacket. so soft, another piece by outdoor voices. it's high style but also four-way stretch and built to take away sweat, what all the guys are wearing. >> that's not happening. >> a new trend. >> no, not for me. thank you so much. bring all the models back in here. other than that, you're okay, steven, until the leggings. back in a moment.
9:53 am
9:54 am
the ladies of 10:00 are
9:55 am
here. we have a little something for friends of our control room, more specifically, our executive producer, miss tammy filler. for tammy. >> happy birthday! >> elvis duran is there. tammy won't be here on friday. she thought we would forget. happy birthday, tammy! >> happy birthday! >> elvis -- oh! what a great birthday outfit. >> happy birthday. >> al, do you see what tammy has on for her birthday? >> that's right. >> and to help you set your thanksgiving table -- >> mannequin, tammy.
9:56 am
9:57 am
newsbreak. >> go mng i'm eun yang. the possibility of d.c. statehood is moving forward but a long way to go before it's a reality. d.c. voters voted overwhelmingly for state hood and state constitution. referendum b passed with 86% of the vote. it is non-binding and needs congressional approval.
9:58 am
>> our first raindrops are coming to an end. clouds mostly cloudy and couldn't rule out a peek or two of sunshine and later on this afternoon between about 3:00 and 6:00. your chances of needing the umbrella again today, at least 80%. keep it with you. temperatures in the 50s today, breezy and sunny tomorrow and veterans day, chilly and down right cold by sunday morning. >> thank you. coming up onne much more on post election coverage including reaction to the results. at 11:00. it's our gift to you. plus, you'll enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. mom...have you seen my iguana? the veterans day preview is on now at havertys.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockeer it's wines-day wednesday. november 9th, actually billy graham he's 98th birthday today. >> happy birthday. >> i want to wish him well. big day after the historic election. >> billy from the street is here, he has that funny bit he does. >> his fifth, right? >> if you thought he couldn't


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